Vanessa “What if James, JMac, Austin vote the other way & it gets pinned on you?” Steve “NO! That’s dirty!”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 14-24-29-197

2:15pm – 2:40pm Steve heads up to the HOH room. Vanessa tells Steve that Julia and Liz were freaking out. Steve says yeah I calmed them down. Vanessa asks why were they freaking out? Steve says because I talked to them last night. She wasn’t even campaigning. Vanessa asks what were you talking about? Steve says most of it wasn’t game at all. She said she had one person that would win. She didn’t say who. She said she is going to do some hardcore campaigning but it hasn’t happened yet. Vanessa asks I wonder if we got played a little bit. DO you ever think its in Austin’s incentive if Julia is gone. Steve says no. Vanessa says it is, Liz is never taking Austin unless Julia is gone. Vanessa says what if James, Johnny Mac, and Austin vote the other way and it gets pinned on you. (LOL Vanessa just figured out Meg & James plan “Operation Trojan Horse”) Steve says nooooo! I can’t see that happening. What!? And Austin blames it on me? Vanessa says yes, he would never admit it. Steve says that’s dirty!! Vanessa says Johnny Mac would have to do it with out telling us. I don’t think it will happen. Its sinister but.. Steve says I can’t see Austin doing that. Vanessa says I am also nervous about Austin being on to you, me and Johnny so I have started throwing out negative comments about Johnny. I think you should do the same thing like I don’t know where his head is at. Vanessa says if we had a preference to move forward.. If you won HOH the easy play is to target James. Vanessa says getting deeper with people that are less likely to win is better. Do you think Johnny Mac could win? Win the game? Steve says its not likely. But people like him. Vanessa says Meg was probably hinting to you that Austin is going to win …she is setting it up that argument right now so that you will vote against Liz to weaken Austin. Steve says ohhhh! Vanessa says people .. except me… no one will say an honest opinion. Everything has a reason. Vanessa asks do you think James will come after me? Steve says No, I think he is more scared of Aus-twins. Especially after my conversation with Meg. Vanessa says good then you can’t vote out Julia because then guess who would go up you and me. Steve says I wouldn’t vote her out. Steve gets called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 14-36-48-033

2:25pm – 3pm Backyard – Julia tells Liz if Steve dares vote against me after we saved him … he would look like the shittiest person. Liz helps Julia think about what to say in her speech. Just don’t choke that would be so embarrassing. Julia and Liz head to the hammock. Julia says I had a wake up call last night seeing them talking.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 14-28-40-993

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 15-03-36-552_jpg

3:03pm Have nots Goblins
talking about how operation Trojan Horse will go down. They agree to go talk to Jmac and Austin separately. This way James can keep “Boy” and Vanessa occupied.
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 15-15-14-836_jpg

3:13pm Hot Tub Vanessa and the twins
Julia is nervous that the vote might flip
Vanessa doesn’t think it will as long as everyone keep their word.
Vanessa knows it’s going to be a couple rough days, Says there’s no reason for them to flip.
Vanessa- They can’t use the argument that Meg hasn’t won a comp but you haven’t won a comp
Julia says she talked to Steve this morning and Cried.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 15-22-54-828_jpg

3:22pm Indoor Lockdown called
Freaks everyone out

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 15-47-08-959_jpg

3:53pm playing around with candy.. chit chat

Austin is trying all the Candy

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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I am really sick of Production leaking things to the HG. There is NO WAY that Vanessa would have come up with the Trojan Horse Theory without someone from Production giving it to her. She is just NOT THAT SMART! I’m done with this!


It’s really not THAT hard to figure out. It was one of the first things I thought about when Julia went on the block, prior to James/Meg coming up with the plan to try to get him to do just that “Hmm… Austin could vote out Julia & pin it on Steve.”

Yeah, she doesn’t have to be a genius to figure it out.


You had the benefit of knowing that Austin had already told James and I think JMac that he would be better off if Julia wasn’t there. Vanessa has no reason to think he would betray the twits.


Austin did tell Jason it would be OK to vote out Julia . Austin has done hinky
Votes before could happen he’s all ready saying he can’t carry them twins anymore needs to play solo.


Wrong, Vanessa does know that. He’s been talking about breaking from the twins for the last few days…


Austin has told Vanessa plenty of times that he knows he wouldn’t be taken to final two by either Liz/Julia and that he’s bottom of the totem pole in that group.

Again, it really doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. I’m not trying to be rude.

I think people dislike Vanessa so much that anytime she makes a good move or figures something out on her own, fans of the show are quick to blame it on production. They can’t fathom that she fthought of something on her own, that really wasn’t that hard to think of, unless I’m a genius too. 😉


Well thank you Ash for bringing that to my attention. It just rattled me when she said it as if she knew word for word and that just sounded as if someone gave her that information. But we shall see….at least there is a little more suspense going on instead of just waiting for Thursday and everyone already knows who’s leaving. Which reminds me, I think one year, someone was in a Julia situation and didn’t bother to pack because he/she knew they were not going anywhere? hahahaha


When I first read the headline I was like: WHO TOLD HER??
But after reading and remembering this is Vanessa, I’m leaning towards her entertaining this idea ever since Austin said he had to start thinking of HIS game and not for three people.
She can tell Austin to flip his vote and blame it on Steve, and tell JohnnyMac to give Meg a sympathy vote…Julia still has three votes to stay.
Already Van is planting seeds, basically telling Steve what is going to happen.
She starts the destruction of the trio during DE and gets no blood on her hands.
Only thing is..who divulges the plan first: Vanessa or the Goblins?


well actually, im gonna defend vanessa for once.
this is my argument
vanessa has always been thinking about scenarios and from what we know, we know 100% that she is paranoid and just crazy
but for once she thinks of a scenario that is right, and everyone just suspects its the DR who told her


Not sure if you have the feeds or not, but this is what Vanessa does. She literally sits and speculates the majority of the day. She sits or lays and just thinks. I’m not surprised at all that this scenario crossed her mind for 3 simple reasons.

1. The Judas factor, she knows Austin could pull this at anytime
2. Austin has said he wants Julia out in the past, and its logical because Julia would always take precedence over Austin as far as Liz is concerned.
3. There have been 2 evictions in the past with a random vote that people have used to attempt to create confusion/drama

Honestly, I don’t think its far fetched at all that this was all considered by Vanessa. I mean Meg came up with it but you don’t think Vanessa can? lolololol

freud's cigar

Austin told Clay, Shelli and Vanessa that he was the weird Audrey vote when he was coming clean about being a good little boy to them after Liz told him he’d sketched Vanessa right out with his Jason talk and lying about it. He begged Vanessa to forgive him. She sent him to Clay and Shelli to get their forgiveness because they were sketched too (she thought Clay and Shelli would never forgive him, and she could go through with evicting Judas, but they caved instead leaving Vanessa to come up with another target. She was all about doing what the alliance needed done for their safety back then). He admitted he was the Judas vote for Audrey to create chaos and suspicion. Clay liked the move, but said Austin should have told the alliance.
She knows he’s voted against the grain before.



Vanessa Didn't Figure It Out, She Planted the Seed!

Vanessa has been playing Chess all along, pushing everyone around her to do her dirty work so she can blame others the whole game, James & Meg were the slowest to catch on or think of out themselves bc CBS recruit people who never saw the game. She has the most to gain if Austwits blow up.
? Van bribes Julia (bait) for the renom
? Van tells Austin to get his own game
? Van gets JMAC as lone wolf hitman
? Van stages Steve JMAC fight
? Van fights with James & Meg, boom
? Van reinforces Twins can’t stay
? Van asks JMAC to take Twins out
? Van tells Austin to watch his back
? Van voices distrust of everyone

She can’t play HOH but has set bombs and lit fuses for WW3 so she’s not the target @DE. Van wins no matter who goes out, as usual she promotes distrust of everyone to increase dependence on her, and she can say, I warned you, I did everything that I could, I couldn’t even vote, don’t blame me….blah blah blah.

It’s not masterful, it’s age old trick, put safe pawn on block, start rumor mills, fan distrust, flip vote, piss people off, distract, deflect, duck through the Noms. JMAC is the only other strategist in the house. Everyone else is literally still living with mom and dad expecting the game to be handed to them, or Production who recruited them from the bus depot to lead them. Vanessa is shooting fish in a barrel and just has to throw enough sh*t around to make them dirtier than her fir Jury votes.



twistin with the twins

Excellent analogy! I believe this is exactly what is in motion. Nessie is the master manipulator and she knows how to create chaos. Never underestimate Nessie.

Van Bribed Julia to Leave

Jeez people! Are you forgetting Vanessa bribed Julia to get evicted? A new car, $10,000 out of her pocket or stipend, DJ school and gigs, a trip to Vegas! Vanessa knows she’s not even going to make it to Finals unless the Twins are gone, so she risked getting fired from BB for cheating to bribe her just a couple of days ago.

Productions last cheating warning for Van, now she better make it count and get Julia out. She set it up and gave everyone PERMISSION to vote her out, by saying: the Twins can’t stay through DE, it doesn’t matter which one goes, but I should follow through, the Twins are bad for Austins game, everybody blames me, Jury hates me, Steve babysit Julia so she thinks we give a shit…James Meg told her Van & Steve are big targets so better get Julia out, start a war and point fingers to Steve. She told Austin Steve needs to go, can’t make it to Finals & need to get comp winners & people popular with the Jury out. That’s why JMAC wants to appear the villain.

So nobodies a genius, but DR probably told Vanessa campaigning has begun & more and now Van is covering her ass and setting up lies staging fights so everyone appears shocked awed and pointing fingers while she sits back during DE. I tried to warn you Steve & Austin… It will be a 3-fer taking down Julia Steve & Austin at once. Van can clean up the rest herself.


Rats! The vieja’s on to us!


I don’t think it is usual for Vanessa to think that, remember way back to when Austin almost got backdoored by Vanessa and ending up with Jason getting voting out. It was all because of a Austin talking to Jason about him wanting Julia out. Vanessa is smart, her mind is moving all the time unlike some of the other HGs.


Vanessa is a paranoid person and she runs all sorts of scenarios through her head. I can see this going through her head without prompting.

Beast Mode Cowpie

It’s also possible that production gave James the idea for the Trojan Horse plan. Now don’t get me wrong – I am rooting for James and I would LOVE to see this plan happen. But he hasn’t really shown that kind of game savvy until now. Big stones, yes, but not so much savvy. Maybe the light bulb finally clicked on for him, or maybe he had some help. The way Vanessa obsesses over every game move I do think it’s possible that she could consider this possibility but the timing does seem a little too coincidental. For the record I am a firm believer of production tampering in past seasons and this does smell fishy. But I’d say it’s about 50-50 as to whether they helped James or Vanessa (if either) in this case.

Beast Mode Cowpie

I’d say her diary session went down something like this:
Production: “Vanessa, what if Austin is conspiring to vote out Julia”
Vanessa: “Ha ha, that’s rich! Liz would kill him! Ha ha.”
Production: “What if he blamed it on someone else?”
Vanessa: “Oh shit!” (quickly runs through the list of possible blamees – has to be Steve or JMac; does a quick risk assessment in her head resulting in 82.6667% probability for Steve, 17.3333% probability for JMac). “Oh shit!”
Production: “What’s the matter Vanessa?”
Vanessa: “Nothing. Gotta go talk to Steve now. Bye!”


If Vanessa wants Julia gone she’s gone. Is this a set up? Hmmmmmmm. It would make a lot of fans happy if someone took a bite out of the Austwits, this would be a very popular move.


I don’t know if it’s a setup per se, but I think she basically has two pawns on the block and it ends up being a win for Vanessa whoever goes. If Meg leaves, James is by himself, if Julia leaves that takes away one member of the Autwins threesome alliance. Right now Vanessa is part of their alliance, but she is the fourth member which means she’s on the bottom and if they make it to final 4 they’ll vote her out first, so Julia leaving betters her position that way. Plus she’s also getting rid of one person that will potentially get carried to the end b/c they have won nothing and done next to nothing so they’ll be easy to win against. Personally, I would like to see the vote get flipped and see Julia, Liz, Austin, and Vanessa’s rxns when the blindside happens.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Yep – hedging her bets like the professional gambler that she is. She would probably prefer Meg to go because it will be less “blood on her hands” (she would probably get some blowback from Liz if Julia goes). But once the dust settles from this eviction (no matter which one goes) she will be a stronger overall position in the game. Nicely played Vanessa (but still don’t like you)


Van needs to go for DE, she is way too smart. She is 10 steps ahead of these kids. If Van goes its Steve, Jmac, & James vs. Austwins.
If Van doesnt go, she really can decide which alliance she wants to go with more. One side will be wounded after the DE, and numbers will be off if she stays, because she is on both sides. Her entire game play has been about her integrity. She has never swayed from the twins, and I dont think she ever plans to.
Jmac, Steve & James… Beware.


Please she’s smart but not that smart. I’m positive it was ‘the fairies’ aka Production hinting at the Trojan Horse Plan during a DR session.


It could be a simple hint like, “do you think someone could flip their vote and blame it on someone else?”

Then Vanessa is smart enough to come up with the details.


She’s not just smart, she is brilliant. I get that she is disliked but the women is scary smart. Look at her accomplishments in real life. She may rub many the wrong way but arguing that she isn’t more intelligent than most is absurd. Also her memory is uncanny. She can quote things that were said on day 1 with 100% accuracy. Many may not like her but certain things are undeniable.

Meg sucks

Shes obviously intelligent, those who think otherwise want James and Meg to win (blinded homers) or are inbred trash. Megs family must have voted a lot on the bashing Vanessa’s intellect

Ariana Grande stinks!

No she isn’t particularly smart. She’s just heartless bitch with no empathy whatsoever.
This is why she’s good at being a professional poker player. Just a sheer asshole. She’s the biggest asshole in the house and since the winner is to be the most conniving off all the assholes she definitely has a shot at winning the whole thing.


She’s not smart?

graduated as valedictorian of her high school in Wellington, Florida. She maintained a 4.0 GPA at Wellington High School while participating in the National Honor Society, and French Honor Society. She founded the Environmental Club and served as its president. She was also active as a violinist, varsity swimmer, and volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

She graduated early from Duke University after two and a half years with a major in economics and a minor in political science in December 2003. Her collegiate duration of two and a half years was the shortest time to graduate in the HISTORY of DUKE. Rousso began law school in 2004 and was the inaugural recipient of the Chaplin Scholarship from the University of Miami.During Law School at the University of Miami School of Law, she served on the editorial board of the University of Miami Law Review.

Yeah, she’s a real ditz…

got something on ur nose

damn, you forgot to tell us when she’s on her monthly cycle???

your either MEL or another person blinded by her “word” who doesn’t see her for the hypocrite that she is! She’s a poker player…AKA NATURAL BORN LIAR!!! but hey, it is BB…she fits RIGHT in!


Nope, I’m not Mel or “blinded” by her word or anyone else’s for that fact. I’m simply pointing out that she clearly is “that smart”.

I found all this info out by people on the feeds and simply fact checked

Uncle San

Wow! Impressive data gathering skills. We’re looking for people like you.

Ariana Grande stinks!

No one said she was ditz. Her degrees are only a passport to be more damageable. She used her degree in law to become… a professional poker player!!! Not to produce anything, generate common wealth or improve life, protect people… She’s a professional poker player — it is hard to imagine a profession lower than that [OK mercenary soldiers who kill innocent people, terrorists and that kind… are arguably worse — I’ll give you that much!]

So no, she’s NOT particularly smart. She’s just an evil bitch, a huge liar and asshole with a degree, completely deprived of empathy but perfectly capable to act the victim card to play on other people’s empathy — wasn’t she “a victim” each time she stabbed completely innocent people in the back?! #theWORSTfilthEVER


Please! I wasnt calling her smart for figuring out this plan. I was calling her smart, because she is… She has been 10 steps ahead the entire game, if you hadn’t noticed. What I said has nothing to do with this eviction, its for the DE. Van needs to go, for everybody’s game!
Austin has already said he wanted Julia out, he almost was backdoored for it! Its not far fetched for her to come up with this scenario herself, like Meg thought it up… now are you saying Meg is a mastermind, and this plan is genius? Come on now.

Meg sucks

Professional poker player, what would she know about reading situations and people. Im sure you are much more intelligent than she is.

is it just me

the amount of lamenes here is astounding sometimes its hilarious to see how losers downvote facts. poster simply stated facts no bias and it gets downvoted. why all the hate? poker players are evil boo hoo they make money and i dont boo hoo. someone smarter then me has success in life at an early age that bitch how dare she use her brains. time to downvote facts.
you losers are the same idiots who post shit on facebook ” Like if you hate cancer “. shit we cured als didn’t you know? cause all those idiots were dumping ice water on themselves for a summer (too bad 90% of them never donated a dime but hey they got likes thats whats inportant)
please don’t downvote this cause my self esteem is based on getting likes from strangers online so it will crush me if i don’t.
thumbs up if you like kittens and babies please i need fake social approval i’ll post useless ridiculous shit to get it

Houseguest wannabe

I said what Vanessa said earlier in a comment. Things that make you go hmmmmmm….. What if Judas shows up on Thursday. He would of course not admit that he voted Julia out. Blame Steve and Jmac. He said earlier to James that he would not be upset if Julia got sent to Jury as long as Liz stayed. Told Jmac yesterday that he would not fall on a sword like Clay did for someone he just met. Would benefit him to get to the end if Julia is sent to the Jury. He knows the twins will never vote each other out and keep him.


No….you couldn’t have thought of that. Production told you! No one on earth could’ve came up with that idea, except Meg. LOL (Yes it’s sarcasm)

Houseguest wannabe

Look back on the other boards. I came up with this but do the guys have the cajones…. Who knows cause no one has had the cajones yet this season. I hope it goes down just to witness the chaos ensue. Not counting on it though


No, I believe you 100%. I’m being sarcastic as it seems some people believe no one could figure out this scenario without production telling them.

I think anyone thinking strategically about the current situation would have thought of that considering the past events in the house and who it involves


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ok now Trojan Horse is expected….Now Steve you can Flip and they will blame Austin!!! DO IT STEVE…IF YOU HAVE A BB GAME BRAIN…
perfect….Austin will be blamed lol


That’s even better!


Austin and Steve both want the other to get blamed so they both vote out Julia, and JMac and James vote because they’re doing the Trojan Horse fliperoo. Julia leaves with a vote of 4 to 1.


that would be EPIC!!! I am trying to think of what Barney used to say in “How I Met Your Mother”? ( i dont wanna google) lol…its something like Epic…


it would be legen……wait for it………dary! lol


Had to thumbs down you for referencing a horrible show.


Legend, wait for it, ary

NYC Goblin

It’s Legen -wait for it – dary .. Legendary


YES! This would be huge as it would expose Austin to Liz. I don’t think it would happen, but if it did, it could be one of the biggest shakeups thus far. Liz would dump Austin in a second if she knew he voted out Julia. They’d both be left to scramble and who knows who would end up where.

Steve/JM vs. Meg/James vs. Austin, Liz, and Vanessa, each as free agents in a way. Whoever could snatch up the betrayed and vengeful Liz would be sitting pretty.

One can only hope… #fanfiction 😉

Ariana Grande stinks!

Nah, his brain doesn’t operate that fast. He’s just a boogereating bastard, a chihuahua in Vanessa’s lap….


Austin is forgetting if he votes out Julia, Liz will see it when she watches the show back…so she’ll know eventually. I sooooooooo want Meg to go, I like her as a person, but they need to split her and James up. Don’t understand why they keep moaning about how Vanessa is using reasons about stuff they did from way back as justification for putting them up, the bottom line is they are a duo and need to be split…AND they are so full of it if they try to say they have never targetted her! Vanessa is doing the right thing for her game. Now either Johnny Mac or Steve have to win and put up the Twins!!!! Either one of them would go or they can back door James. Would love to see final 4 be Vanessa, Austin, Johnny mac and Steve!!!! They are the 4 who deserve to win the most and have played the game well, both socially and comp-wise.


Cant stand Juliaaaaaah, But Meg needs to go. Stop bitching and making fun of people. I was never a fan of the Joker smile and New Yawk attitude. When you (along w/ that douchebag jason) teased Steve earlier this season, that’s when I was very pleased to see you. Picked. Off. One. By. One. So I hope you read this site when you get out and read these words. Go fuck yourself Meg.


By the time Liz sees the episode she’ll have gone through Jeff and Jace and taken a run at Jason, maybe a couple camera guys.

True but...

Austin will also see his ass has been played all summer. This showmance won’t make it past the wrap party. GROW A PAIR AND VOTE THAT SKANKY STANKY JULIA OUT!


Is production feeding her EVERYTHING? This show is so tiresome! It needs a total revamp.


Kinda funny Vanessa hinted to JMAC about a double evic as soon as she came out of the diary room as well this morning…. they totally hinted to her. As much as I hate to admit it, she will go the easy route convince Steve and JMAC to still vote out Meg, and hope the boys will do her dirty work in the DE. She wont take out Julia she will let Steve or JMAC fall on that sword! Getting so predictable Im getting so frustrated. What does production have against Meg/James?!

Meg sucks

in the case of meg, its pretty easy to want to get rid of a slob that cant win, cries at everything, doesn’t pick up after herself and thinks the BB world revolves around her (have you listened or read any of her delusional comments)…of course you have you, you are anonymous because you are a relative or friend of her?

Give me a break

When have you ever seen Vanessa do anything but run her Mouth? She sits around telling everyone what to say and do, sit’s back while someone else cooks for her, gets her food and when done, throw it in the sink for someone else to do her dishes.


Wrong, wrong, wrong. Vanessa has already discussed the fact that this week could possibly be DE two nights ago. And she told Johnny COULD be this week or next.

Which is exactly what Steve told her and where she got the idea that it could possibly be this week.


Well if Julia keeps on voicing her lack of trust and being a spoiled little priss, then its a no brainer to bounce her like basketballs. She needs to be quiet and knock off the bullshit. Excellent site Dawg and Simon. I always always come here to get the gist of what’s happening. Other sites just give quick summarys of conversations and then their own pathetic opinions on what should/could/would happen. You are above and beyond what we hope for. Kudos.


Vanessa’s has always said one thing and done another. Putting up and voting out Julia was planned. She just needed to wait until the others could stomach the possibility.

Why does Vanessa say “…it is not the (insert name here)’s incentive to…”

Linda Lou

Do they ever tape the first part of a double eviction?


I’m going to have to agree that production tipped Van off on the Trojan thing. No matter how, she could not have come up with that exact scenario, paranoid or not, smart or not. Don’t believe it, no way…And how disappointing. We all know production mixes it up in the DR to a point but come on! So are they positioning her to take the win? Hope like hell not, let it play out, jeez.


I believe that she could have come up with it by herself. I was thinking the same thing. Austin may be thinking about it but it is too risky for him to say it to anybody.


It’s the blame it on Steve part that is just too exact to think that she picked up on the plan all by herself


Jmac I liked his game but teaming up with vanessa is the dumbest move, if he was smart vanessa is playing all sides of the house except with james and meg. Jmac throws the next hoh or steve they will not have the numbers because vanessa will throw the hoh because she know she is safe with everyone except james. I wonder why austin wants the twins out I am confused. Is it an act or just his new gameplay. Liz for sure will not date him if he becomes judas on her or her sister. I hope we see james and meg in the bold and beautiful episode that will be great they are so cute like an odd couple. And how does jmac think to beat vanessa in the final hoh comp. I voting for james in america favorite houseguest.


Liz is not going to date Austin and he knows it.

He wants the 1/2 million.

Better to piss Liz off in the game (and maybe win) and use it as the excuse for why she “dumped” him.


If they put James and Meg on Bold & Beautiful, they could be in a bar, shooting pool!!!
I think that would be great!


I am totally all for van letting jmac do her dirty work. He needs that big move if he wants to win this game. Him and James are the only two in this house willing to make a big move. I’m hoping jmac wins and puts the austwins up and then survives the next eviction!


Hey can’t we give Simon some love, he is dead last in the poll.


I didn’t even know I was on this weeks Poll.. LOL not even 1%


Glad you are there, now we only have to pick one houseguest – hard to pick 3 favourites out of that bunch

kathie from canada

Dawg has drawn line in the sand because he knows he is comfortably ahead in the polls! Let the games begin.


LMFAO. Everyone just needs to remember you can’t even imply the slightest positive thing about Vanessa or the haters lose their mind.

It is amusing at times but yoh havent noticed the traffic on this site has gone down since it became known as the We creepily obsess on Vanessa site. Get over her already haters. You look like total obsessive jealous stalkers of hers. It ruins a very good board and site.


Vanessa is a treat to have on the feeds. She’s crazy and annoying but brings a lot of activity for us to watch. Everyone in the cast has some great points about them and some really annoying points.


To quote the immortal Joan Rivers, “she’s a poka playa, a poka playa for god sake!” (from the apprentice)


Every word that comes out of James mouth has something to do with camping .. Makes me sick!!


He’s a nature lover.

V's 80s makeup

Production is definitely pushing Vanessa to win just so they can prove their theory of the “secret poker player outsmarting everyone else”. It’s sensationalism. Puke.


It’s a conspiracy!!!! We have empirical evidence!


No evidence required. This show has become too predictable.

Min O'Pause

I like 80’s makeup. And big hair and shoulder pads. And Duran Duran. Sorry…..


and Bananarama!


Wow . Everyone knows Vanessa is a kook. Drives the viewers nuts. And yes I have read this point before , but man I fucking loathe Liz . Used to drive me nuts when viewers said they could not even stand to watch her on AD, but you were right . Can’t quite pin point it ? Lack of awareness? Attitude ? Spoiled? Voice? Sawry, sound like a whiny baby complaining about her, but I jus hate her so fucking bad . I can’t even put it into words. It’s like un healthy

another name

Steve and Vanessa talked about the possibility of double eviction twice in the past two days. So discussing it with Jmac today isn’t a stretch.
Austin and Vanessa have a discussion about the appropriate time to get rid of Julia after Vanessa hears that James and Meg talked to Steve, Jmac and Austin last night. Putting together the trojan horse concept just from that isn’t a stretch either.
None of the discussions today are anything beyond the usual extension of train of thought that Vanessa makes… but give her time. She’ll spin from probable to possible and that’s where the paranoia train to greenbeany marooned cocoon leaves the station.


I totally agree that this great site has been ruined by all the obsessed Vanessa haters. When I want online BB info and chat or message boards I normally go elsewhere now.

Shame on you all for ruining Simon and Dawgs site with your obsession with and jealousy of Vanessa.


You sound just like Vanessa and her crocodile tears. She’s all alone! You hear me, ALONE! She’s always being bullied!! Not only in the house but, in the comments too!!. She’s like…a nice person how can this be happening?!?!?


Haha the funny thing is you sound just like some of the commenters on this board when they carry on about Vanessa.

Bully this and bully that. Wahhh she’s cheating ( we won’t point that james has said very similar things)

Vegas Dad

Pay no attention to the girls mother. She’s been grumpy ever since the rubber broke. Not my fault she raised a paranoid crybaby.

All right then...

If that’s how you really FEEL; get to stepping- go on to those other sites, no one is holding you back. Do what you do; we’ll do whatever the F we want to do. Shameful my ass

Hey Genius

You do realize this is Simon and Dawgs job? I’m pretty sure the more people the better when a website is your source of income.

And “we’ll do whatever the F we want to do” lol. Internet warrior. You literally sound like a big tough 12 year old. Get real.

Backseat Driver

No…no….don’t go elsewhere……this is the #1 place to get all the info Simon and Dawg work so hard to report to us……everybody is just venting, frustrated and angry at some of he crap that goes on in the BB House…….it’s what we do every summer.


If van really knows or feels that thurs is DE she will put a show on Wed night in the house to avoid any “Dum dums” doing anything dirty or lacking in integrity. Like putting up someone that Vanessa doesn’t pick. She will be putting her foot on each HG’s neck as she mumbles thier personalized target/reason mantra to them over and over. Faster she mumbles…she stops and opens her mouth and black shark eyes, an expression that says to the victim “Duh, what I am saying is so blatantly obvious…but maybe I’m a Dum Dum!”
She will have Steve, John, and Austin wandering around mumbling her targets she chose over and over again so they don’t blurt out “something stupid” like their own choices….

freud's cigar

Bizarre thought:
Pinning an eviction on someone else didn’t seem so dirty when Steve let Vanessa take the fall for Jackie’s demise.
Sure Vanessa mentioned three weeks earlier that Jackie had brought him up as a possible target during their co-hoh (Jackie did say she had no problem with Steve leaving), but she didn’t tell him to get rid of Jackie. He’s allowed everyone to believe that since double elimination.
Now it’s dirty. hmmmm.


did i miss something? when did vanessa stage a fight? today? or are youz talking about the jeff thing weeks ago?

It's only a tv show

Who gives a crap who hates who, people! It’s a great site. It seems more about how many likes or dislikes all you complainers are getting. Everyone is entitled to be loved or hated, so get over yourselves. This is by hands down the best site for all opinions. Thank you Simon and Dawg


I love James sense of humor!!!


I love Amy Shumer’s legs.

Min O'Pause

Could I offer anyone some Midol? A group hug? Maybe some cheesecakes to calm the nerves? No? Perhaps an estrogen diffuser…..


Min O’Pause, looks like you talk from personal experience.


I want Jmac to agree to the plan but not really do it. That way when Meg ends up with 2 votes they will know it is Austin. Once Jmac with Vanessa urging tells Liz and Julia that Austin was pushing for it they will be furious. With DE coming Austin won’t have time to work (or beg) his way out of it. I could see Austin going on the block with anyone but James winning HOH.


I hope steve and jmac vote out julia. I will not vote for afp to jmac if he doesn’t. He not think vanessa is protect if she wins hoh or not. She does not care until final 4 or final hoh.She will the last final hoh comps.


Big Brother 17 – Schedule of Final Weeks:
9/2 – Wednesday 8/7c
9/3 – Thursday 9/8c – Double Eviction
9/6 – Sunday 8/7c
9/9 – Wednesday 8/7c
9/10 – Thursday 9/8c – Live Eviction
9/13 – Sunday 8/7c
9/15 – Tuesday 8/7c
9/16 – Wednesday 8/7c – Special Live Eviction
9/17 – No episode – Thursday night NFL
9/20 – Sunday 8/7c
9/23 – Wednesday 9:30/8:30c – Season Finale, 90 minutes


Simon or Dawg, can one of you good gentleman please post a link or two to watch Big Brother online for Thursday? Football is upon us once again. I don’t want to wait till the last minute to find a website. Thank you.


these have worked in the past



Everyone already knows about the Judas thing. Why would he try it this late in the game? It would weaken his game. What I don’t understand is how JMac all of a sudden is some sort of genius that everyone is supposedly afraid of, when he has not done anything in the game until a week ago. Also why would Vanessa want to take JMac to the end with her. When he’s the one with the friends in jury. Production made sure that JMAC stayed, just like they made sure James stayed. All for the FANS!!! There’s a lot of bullshitting going round on all fronts.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh Steve…. Ssssssteve… a snake in the grass. I think I’d even prefer to see one of the Jiz sisters win than him or Vanessa. #disgustingBOOGEREATER