Operation Trojan Horse – “If Steve isn’t going to get his hands dirty, we’ll get them dirty for him”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 02-50-15-214
12am Meg heads out to the backyard to play a game of pool with James. She says that she can’t sit there and watch that. Even if I was on good terms I couldn’t sit there and watch that. Not that I’m not on good terms. James starts giving Meg pointers on shots. He gets behind her to “look at how she grabs the pole.” Meg asks are you done yet?! James say that brings back memories. Meg says oh my god James!? James asks what its been 75 days! They finish their game and head inside. James brags that he’s good at chess and could stomp their a$$ if he played them. Meg tells him to go play chess with them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 02-52-42-586

12am – 1:40am Outside the HOH room – Austin and Steve are playing a game of chess. Johnny Mac plays Austin next. James joins them and plays Austin.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 03-05-00-376

1:10am Backyard – Johnny Mac and Meg are sitting with their feet in the hot tub. Johnny Mac asks how she’s doing? Meg says oh alright, hanging in there. I just felt like there was really .. its like a friendly fire. There was nothing I could do with nomination stuff. Johnny says right. Meg says that’s the only thing that is really driving me nuts about it because trust me I put up the best fight I possibly could. Johnny says Me last week. She (Vanessa) was supposed to get backdoored. She won it (veto). Meg says now noms are done, now its time to figure out what the hell I’m going to do. Johnny says think about it, maybe change people’s minds. Meg says oh I will, I’ll be talking to you. Its too early now though. It almost blew up last week. Johnny says yeah I came back in angry at everyone. Johnny says I’m still pissed off at Vanessa and Steve. James needs to stay and fight like a wolverine or mongoose. Johnny asks what was the reasoning for you to go up. Meg says something about week 5 and then turned to wanting to break us up. Johnny says when I win HOH I’ll be like “You evicted me!” Meg tells Johnny to watch out for James. (Watch out for his back) Johnny asks if James is good at the days? Meg says no. I’ve been trying to teach him. Johnny says I am ready to put Steve and Vanessa up. Meg asks I thought you two were okay. Johnny says he blew up my game. Meg tells Johnny that Austin and Steve wanted you to go up next to Meg. Meg says she said she wanted to break up the duo. She says when there is a trio. Johnny says they’re going to bully us all out of here. Meg wonders what Steve’s game play is. Johnny says he is going to have to win final 4 and 3. Meg says numbers are important right now. Johnny says I’ve made so many enemies. Steve joins them. He talks about his stuffed animal and they about survivor.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 03-12-26-445

2:10am Bathroom – James and Austin are talking. James says I pretty much came to terms with Meg going home. I knew once Julia went up it sealed her fate. Austin says it opens you up now. Austin says I’m in a tough spot right now. Its at the point where I can’t make deal or protect 3 any more. James says yeah Vanessa said that. Austin says I need to protect myself right now. Hopefully it doesn’t come to a point where I have to choose between them or I’m f**ked. Or like she has to choose between me and her sister. James says at one point in time or another you’re going to have to. Austin says I am hoping someone does it for me and its out of my control. I don’t want to scumbag them. Or they can just keep winning HOHs. I hope you and I can be good going forward. James says oh yeah. Meg thinks that Vanessa is going to try and pull me in. Austin says it makes sense that she would pull you in. If I win HOH I am not putting you up. James says next week is going to be crazy before we go into Taxi car driver bang bang style! Austin tells James he wouldn’t put him up. Austin says as long as you’re here Vanessa will probably go after you. James says oh I see, use me as a meat shield. I understand. Austin says he didn’t want Meg to go. Final 6, final 5 is when we start going after each other. James says if I did win HOH, Vanessa said she wanted to run scenarios by me. Maybe she is thinking about taking Steve and Johnny Mac out .. or maybe you and the twins. James wonders once Meg goes is anyone going to try and pull me in or is everyone going to try to take me out. Austin says I wont be trying to take you out. I’m not going to be a hot head.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 03-30-03-910

2:20am 3am Meg and Steve are alone. She says I don’t get how people expect to win. Steve says do you mean me? Meg says yes but I don’t know your game. Steve says exactly. I know why you are saying what you’re saying. From your perspective. How many people do you think have a shot at winning. Meg says four. There are really only 2 people that have a shot. Steve asks why do you think I don’t have a chance? Meg says numbers. Votes are extremely important. Meg says what happened this week, I feel jipped. I feel like I am going home because I am the expendable one. Meg says if Vanessa wasn’t convinced she wanted me to go home, it would have been you or Johnny Mac up. Meg says lets just keep this between us. Steve says you didn’t tell me anything other than the number 4 but I didn’t want to ask names and you didn’t want to say them. Meg says I don’t know your game. I’m just looking from the outside but for you to win you would need to win from here on out. Steve say to quote Peter Brown from BBcan1 .. if you have to win there is something wrong with your game. They head inside to go to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-01 03-36-19-256

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Jake K.

Cmon JMac work your game. Get Julia out, team up with Steve James and Meg and Vanessa. Get the twins out, keep Nessa comfortable, and then at final 5 drop her! This game is literally inches away from turning around!!!! Ahhhh! Let’s go BB17! Strong finish!

Canadian newbie

I hope they can convince Austin to get out Julia! Seems they never do what us couch viewers want though. :-/

Ryan in Miami

I miss having the twins around. Since they left the mosquitos and flies are taking over this place. But I’m sure they’re enjoying the ants in the BB house.


I’m glad they’re trying but it’s pointless. JM never had game. Vanessa was able to convince JM that Meg was a threat and JM even told Julie he thought he would put Liz/Austin but that he would target Meg. Meg! Why are people giving JM credit? He never played his own game: Shelli/Clay made all the game moves for him, then Steve made all the game moves for him, and now Vanessa is making all the game moves for him.

I don’t know how much JM I could take. His ridiculousness is over the top.

Pot Kettle Black

Originally I was a JMac fan. Not anymore…he’s nothing but a puppet. I would much rather see James pull out the win. He needs to align with Steve or one of the twins at final two to have enough jury votes.


I don’t think Vanessa had to convince Jmac to go for Meg. When he was evicted, he knew it was because Meg went and spilled the beans to Austin. That is why he flipped. Meg screwed his plan up, thus she has to go. I don’t think he would have targeted her had she not spilled the beans.


THUS? Ugh. who are you Andy? That is the only houseguest who said that word so much.

Operation Trojan Condom

JMAC is playing smart & saying whatever Vanessa & Steve want to hear! He just got back in the house, and told Meg he’s putting up Steve & Van. He tells Van & Steve he’s targeting Austin & Liz so they will keep him to do their dirty work without taking blame in Jury House. Even playing hitman role JMac just barely stopped him from getting evicted this week.

So now that the James/Austin/JMAC/ Meg team are together, they can set the house on fire right before DE. Without time to figure it out, Steve will go down in flames over a bogus manufactured REASON like Steve did to Jackie and Van did to everyone else. Thank god, James, Meg, Austin are getting their crap together. And JMAC has been waiting to talk to anybody who won’t sell him out to Van. They’ve finally listened to everything we’ve been saying. It’s do or die. The revolution begins.

LOVE it when Austin says he’s not giving up his game to someone he’s just met. LOVE it when JMAC says Steve blew up my game, I’m putting them up. LOVE it when Steve gives shout outs to his teddy bear, and says he’s going to grad school so he can stay home with Mommy and never grow up. You’re going home all right. LOVE it when Meg promises James kisses if Julia gets gets evicted Thursday. LOVE it when James gets fired up and says he’s gonna get Vanessa mad til her head explodes.

Operation Trojan Condom means a happy ending for everyone.


So all these people who are so brilliant what should have Jmac done this whole time. reach out to the goblins? Oh he did that and Meg went running back to Austin . He was mad he said it himself we he got voted out. Meg ran back to Austin and laughed about it and talked crap. So you are telling me that you would have been calm and like oh that is alright Meg we can be Bff. Meg has wanted him out because she jealous of his Dr time. Meg controls James she said it herself when she talked to Van. James likes her. Jmac has calmed down and now is working with V some what. They are using each other because she now knows she’s on the bottom thanks to Jmac who d did that because it only benefits him. So what should have Jmac done differently?


Watching twin’s cousin in a GEICO commercial.

Ian's lament

People hate on Jmac trying to get Meg out but its a smart move for him. With her and Julia out he becomes the person with the weakest resume ( in the minds of the houseguests). Not to mention every stupid inane idea that has popped in Meg’s pea brain has screwed over Jmacs friends and allies. The plan would never work without Vanesse knowing because she would literally interrogate every person involved until the cracked. With how things with her and Steve are going I think the next step would be waterboarding…… We have already seen Austin crack at the smallest Vanessa crazy spell so there is zero chance this plan even gets traction.

JMAC Tells Van He's Putting Her Up

Taxi Driver is telling Van he’s putting her and Steve up on Thursday, that’s what he told James & Meg…maintaining great cover he’s says I’m really hoping to throw HOH unless you want me to put up Liz & Julia….all this while they study for Days & Egg comp. JMAC is impressing Van and hasn’t divulged Trojan Horse plan yet. But Van discusses Steve like she doesn’t trust him which is good! JMAC is playing, don’t worry.


And jmac is going to go straight to Steve and Vanessa on this one. Now James will have Liz and Julia going nuts lol.


It would damage Austin for just considering it.

That’s a crack he’ll have a hard time getting out of.


…or they can go along with it and the vote will be 4-1 to evict Julia and then Liz will know Austin voted her sister out…let the fireworks begin


I doubt it. Meg has lied to, lied on or told on John and Becky on several occasions. John was trying last week to get these two to flip and Meg went running to Austin and James let her!

A part of me would LOVVVEEAHHH to see Trojan Horse work because I can’t stand those three knuckleheads but at the same time a tiny part would love to punch Meg and James in the head for not doing this earlier. In the beginning I was hoping for John, Becky, Jackie, James and Meg. Meg has disappointed me several times.

A lot of people think John doesn’t have a strategy but I believe he does. He threw and won games to gain trust at the same time dodging stones from those he thought he had his back. He’s been on the block, what 5 times? I am rooting for the underdog and I think that John.


You doubt what? Johnny has been telling Van/Steve everything every single houseguest has been saying. He won’t keep this info to himself. He’ll tell at least one of them, then they’ll tell another ect ect.

Then the shit will hit the fan. James should just stay quiet and let Meg do all the talking when it comes to this plan, then he can just pawn it off on her as campaigning.


lol johnny lover

johnny not only ratted on everyone (um, duh, johnny told austin and liz during their hoh that james mentioned working with johnny, also told that james said he’ll throw the comp, said meg suggested if he had any dirt on vanessa to tell liz – meg just trying to help johnny out while he was on the block but oh well)

johnny called steve a lapdog, told about the rockstars,

ya i be trying to work w johnny the rat haha a joke


Yup! jmac the rat. playing the rat game.


Good lord james and Meg have got to stop being so gullible In this game. You can’t just take what people say at face value. This is big brother!

Meg is falling for jmacks lies about Steve/Vanessa hook, line, and sinker. And she’s going to end up screwing James over with her stupidity

Not really

I dont think she can do serious damage to James, at this point nor Steve nor JMAC can go after James if they win HOH coz then there would be no one left to target if Austwins win HOH. Also I believe JMAc and Steve both dislike Meg enough to blame this whole plan on her and look at James like a lovestruck puppy who didn t know what he was doing. But I agree that this plan won t work, but what plan would? I think all of them are too far up Vanessa s and Liz s ass to do their own move.


Ideally, they go ahead and vote Meg out. Target Austin/Liz on de. Break them up. Then James will have several options. I really hope he doesn’t try to go with Austin


When Meg starts playing, she really starts playing. Having Austin vote for Julia and pinning it on Steve is the best move that I have heard all summer.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Playing? What is she playing with? Do it involve a couple of “D” size batteries?


I’ve got to give it to Johnny Mack, he’s actually doing a pretty good job of hiding his relationships and selling that he has it out for Steve ect. He’s kind of surprising me, I like it.

No Flex Zone

James is actually smarter than I thought saying that Austin should evict Julia and blame it on steve


James and Meg seem to have been in the Have-not room the entire game!!! How could they be that stupid??? Their plan will never work!


Won’t work. Austin knows Liz will find out after the game is over. I’m sure the twins have family and friends who watch the show. And for sure she will be mad.


To many people will know the plan and use it against Austin. He has to pretend to entertain the idea then tell Liztin about it.

AKA Twistin'...

And you’re saying that to say what? When Austin sees all the nasty things she (and her sister) have said about him Liz will be a non-factor to him. Liz and her sister are trash.

another name

The problem with trying to get Judas to betray Julia this week? Guess it would test if Austin truly wants a relationship with Liz after the show. Because the twins don’t seem petty and vindictive at all, do they?(pre-coffee morning sarcasm). Vote out Julia in a non save one or the other situation and let’s see how far that relationship goes outside the house. Go against a twin and see what happens.
The sort of funny part, as far as Vanessa is truly concerned… I don’t think she actually cares. She’d prefer Meg to go, but someone that thinks game never pawns someone they aren’t willing to lose. Look at how much harder she manipulated to keep Steve and Jmac off the hotseat, and how little manipulating she’s doing now that pov is over. She’s sitting in her room, playing chess, playing pool, hasn’t really been concerned with the vote. She’s already laying ground work for next week.
I get an odd feeling that Jmac would play along, say he would vote to keep Meg, then vote out Meg and reveal Austin as the second vote. Just to get some dirt under his fingernails in the game. Cause complete chaos in the process. That won’t be a popular opinion. But I could see it happen.


You’re right, she doesn’t seem to care at all if Julia gets voted out. Lol it’s kinda funny.


“Because the twins don’t seem petty and vindictive at all, do they?(pre-coffee morning sarcasm)”

Oh boy did I have my typing hands ready for a second there!

another name

thanks for holding back until you read the sarcasm part.
I may write a lot of things that are disagreeable, mostly because i don’t think the games of the heroes of the season are particularly heroic, and I don’t think the villain’s games are as bad as they are thought to be, but… I’m not so far gone that i’d try to paint the twins as sweet and genteel young ladies. I’d probably combust first.


No hate on Vanessa, but if she don’t use this platinum opportunity toke out Julia, she can kiss that 500k goodbye, because Austwins already plan on voting her out if she’s on the block. Austwins control the votes from here on out.

freud's cigar

Funny thing: she’s led them all to water and you want her to teach them to drink.
She’s not doing her usual hoh tell everyone why they should vote her way 70 million times at 5000rpms like she’s done on both of her other hoh’s post pov. She’s just sitting there in her ivory tower trying to wash her hands like Lady Macbeth.
At this point it has nothing to do with Vanessa.

Canadian Kevin

I’d like to see James and Meg’s plan work.

But just cause i want to see it happen, i know it won’t.

These guys never seem to do the smart thing; just the easy thing.

And no i didn’t mean Liz that time – though if the shoe fits..

Asian Hillbilly Bossman

Wow Meg, that’s almost ridiculous enough to work. Oh wait no, just ridiculous.


We will now see If JMac and Austin want to win this game! Austin should know he is going to lose a twin along the way, it might as well be JUJU, and this is as good a time as any. Vanessa won’t really care if JUJU goes, her and JMac have run the scenario.
JMac and Steve are planning on getting rid of Vanessa, this could help them. James will be after Vanessa, and why not let him take her out, double eviction is a good place for this. Then they will take out Austin, then Liz, and hopefully Steve. I could live with JMac, James and Meg in the final 3. J Mac will have to win, because James will take Meg all the way, LOL but JMac will take Meg also.

Asian Hillbilly Bossman

I feel that, gamewise, Jonny Mac is the Godfrey of BBCan3. Final 3 for sure and for the win out of Jury spite.


Except Godfrey lost…picked Sarah for the finals because he thought she’d have more enemies in Jury. But usually players let their emotions go and vote for the best game. JMac would only win if he’s against Julia/Meg and maybe Steve.


I don’t understand how they feel it’s OK to have a trio alliance this late in the game going into DE


Because keeping the trio means there’s a bigger target than everyone else! You go after the trio next week…or the week after that…or when’s finale night again?

meg's always laughing

Come on people, get out one of those gross annoying twins when you have the effing chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Operation Trojan Horse all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If they don’t work together to peel back the austwins onion now they are leaving a lot up to chance later on… I can not understand why they can’t see what a danger it is to leave that trio together. Everyone goes on and on as to what a threat that a showman couple has, and here we have a three way that is out in the fricken open. On top of that they have Venessa . All four of these targets are huge threats at the end of the game, if Jmac don’t see that he’s not as bright as I thought. They need to pick off Julia, Venessa, and then Austin.


julia, vanessa and THEN austin? i agree they need to take down the austwins, but austin or liz should go home first. period.


I’ve been a Jonny Mac fan since week 2 but right now I’m kind of wishing Jackie was the one who came back in. I don’t really care if Meg goes or stays but no one is going after the Austwins. Jonny came back in with a grudge against everyone. Time to start a new game, the one you were playing didn’t work. Put your previous issues aside, team up with James and Vanessa. Vanessa can easily manipulate Steve with you on her side into doing what’s best, and that’s splitting up the Austwins.


That’s what Jmac is doing with Vanessa. John is with Van and Steve and will work to pull in James.


Final 3 Vanessa, James and Jonny Mac.

Asian Hillbilly Bossman

I agree, but I see Steve being saved for final 3 over Vanessa.


I hope JMac says he will do it but runs to Vanessa and Steve and tells of the plan. Then when Austin votes to keep Meg over Julia the Sh!t will hit Austin from all sides. Perfect reason to have Austin on the block next especially since it is DE and he won’t have time to calm people down.


Great point. I love it! Hope that happens. Fingers crossed.


If Jmac/Steve/Van/James want a chance to take over this game then GET RID OFJULIA!! The 3-headed monster needs to be taken down!!!!!


Simon/Dawg, Another donation just sent to your tip jar. Best coverage on the net…Thanks!


Thanks No name!


It’s the 1st day of September, the final month of BB folks!!!! We’re getting there!!!!


To quote Peter Brown?!?! Steve, you are dead to me. BBCan Peter Brown is a blowhard.

GeekSquad McGee

“If you have to win comps, there’s something wrong with your game”

-Peter Brown. The wise words of someone who sucked at comps and came in 6th place. Try telling that to Jillian who won the game on account of all her comp wins.

freud's cigar

Jillian didn’t win because of her comp wins.
Jillian won because of the TOPAZ effect.


That’s not why she one though. She one because a juror didn’t grasp that you were suppossed to vote for the winner and voted for Jillian unintentioanlly.


Jillian? Didn’t she win by ACCIDENT? They even gave glitter gary a bunch of TV gigs post-bbcan to appease the fans (and to avoid getting sued probably). Jillian was a terrible person and player and will never be a true bb winner in my books.

GeekSquad McGee

You guys are missing the point. She made it to final 2 because her and Emmett were comp beasts. And she did deserve it more than Gary IMO.

This notion that winning comps is a bad thing is completely ridiculous. It comes from the Dr. Will school of BB, but it only works if you have the charisma and social game to pull it off. Peter and Alec hero worship Dr. Will and tried to model their games after him, but they were missing the key component; his charisma. Players like Will, Dan and Derrick can’t be imitated. Their ability to manipulate people is something that you either have or you don’t, and most people trying to copy them just don’t have it.

If your social game is average at best, like Peter, Alec and Steve, then you best win some damn comps.

freud's cigar

I think the example of Jillian is the problem.
Jillian and Emmett lost the final HOH to Gary.
Gary chose Jillian over Emmett for final two because Emmett had finessed each jury member before they left the game, while Jillian had lied to or back stabbed each jury member on the way out the door.
The jury members leaving before Gary was revived back into the game were bitter beyond belief (Peter, Alec and Topaz spearheaded a campaign to attack Jillian if she was in final two). Jillian had the comps thing down cold. She was in a showmance that got her to do all of his dirty work, and she would have lost if not for the Topaz effect.
I’m not saying that winning comps isn’t important. Not at all. I’m saying that the example of Jillian as benchmark for the argument is flawed.
If you put the emphasis on the word HAVE in the contentious sentence you have the original intent of the Peter Brown quote. ‘If you are in a position where your game comes down to winning a comp being your only option in the game, your game is already in trouble’ was how Brown later explained the quote.

Steve's Chocked Full of Bad Information

Steve is one of those Geeks whose lived with Mommy so long and heard he’s sooooo smart he believes he’s Einstein. Spews historical facts about BB and nothing else, picks his nose, farts volcanic proportions and mumbles to himself with shouts out to mommy and his teddy bear. Find your life at Disneyworld with your masters degree in trombones! As far as BB advice and mining Vanessa’s ass full time, I’m not buying his game. Evict Vanessa and take Steve to Finals he’s not winning.


If James tells Austin his plan now I think Austin is going to run and tell Vanessa, Julia, and Steve. Weeks ago he might of tried it but right now he is being such a chicken shit. He doesn’t want to get Liz mad at him. Liz wont go for it unless its her idea. Austin is closer to Steve than jmac. Austin will think if he tells on James it will show Vanessa and Steve that he’s loyal to them. He is so scared of Vanessa all he wants right now is her approval. I’m afraid it will back fire on James. He would have a better chance trying to get Steve and jmac to do it and blame it on Austin. That way he takes out Julia and puts a wedge between Liz and Austin. Right now if James don’t win HoH he’s on everyone’s list to put on the block. Unless jmac was telling Meg the truth and lying to Vanessa which is getting hard to tell. They did just evict him.

Art Teach

What would be even better is if you get Austin to vote Julia out and separately have Steve agree to also do so. It would blow everyone’s game wide open and in favor of the goblins. Austin would be blindsided and have Liz pissed at him. Vanessa would really have no one and the goblins could sweep up JMac and Steve. Lets see some fireworks this week!


People make me laugh in here. Year after year people hate the strong players, players like vennessa who puts in 100% to this game but people hate her. For me i hate people like steve and meg who do nothing but hide behind someone, if i was in bb id wanna be a player like venness, dan, will. Its better to see a final 2 with vannessa and james or even austin atleast they have earned it, if the final 2 dont have any of those 3 then its a shame. Hate vennessa or not but she deserves the bb17 win.

You all crack me up wanting all the game players gone so the weak non players win.

Art Teach

People like you crack me up too, caring so much about ones posted opinion that you feel the need to comment. So I have favorites, sure I tend to like people that are good willed. Do I dislike some players? yes I have been rooting against Vanessa well before she became the game player she is now. Did I mention anything about her being a bad game player? No, I give her props for her control of most situations but she’s done it with crazy paranoia and real crying emotion that is who she is and not game play. And for Austin he doesn’t have as much game as you give him credit, his last HOH was a wimpy move in which his evictee came back in, he hides behind Vanessa’s game moves and ideas.

Steve asks

“which countries allow you to marry a stuffed animal?”


Perfect chance to split the twins, driving a stake through their one heart. Then everyone will need to avoid Vanessa until HOH is done so she cant work her voodoo on you.


I really think they should get out Julia, but I understand their plan, and ultimately w/ Meg & Julia its potato vs. potato
Jmac should really give her the gears though… Like, you mean I should flip, like I asked you to do in week 9? And week 8…. AND WEEK 7! You ran to Austin and told, then, wait… Its all coming back to me.
Actually, forget it, evict Meg. JMac evict Meg! Shes playing for the austwins anyways, and her ideas are the worst. Keep on with your plan with/against vanessa.

Liz confesses she is Trans

“Austin, there is something you need to know about me and Julia.” “What is it?” “Well, we haven’t always been guurls.” “You used to be guys???” “Nooohuh, silly! We used to be lizards!” “Oh…Okay…I can work with that.

liz Lover

Liz will find out and put a nail in megs coffin. Sorry to deflate your hopes peeps. Liz owns this years bb.

The queen of hotness will pull this one out.

Hiiiuhh Ryan & Diego

(Or one of the other million guys Liz has bagged). Thanks to my Baes in Miami who always got my back, and my face and everywhere else they Unload on me. See what a good actress I aaammmmuh? letting Asstink work me over, when I’m rolling arooouuundduh moaning, and arching my back I’m just trying to get away from his smelly hairrruuhh. I got him ready to give me allll the moneyyyuuhh and that crazy biotch Vanessa ugh tooo. I’m sick of kissing her assssuuh. But she pays me sooo goooodduh. Start shopping for that new car she gonna buy usssuhh. And call my agent, I’m sure we can use these BB shots in Vivids fall line up and my Instagram BikiniBang-a-Day Byuuuh my LizLover.


Another Meg plan that is going to kill James game. I don’t see Austin agreeing to this. If anything he uses is to put bigger targets on James and Johnny Mac. (if Johnny even decides to flip).

On a side note i was youtubing Austins wrestling vids to see if he was any good, And i stumbled on this episode of a Big brother aftershow which he hosted. (only saw 1 so might have been only 1 week). It was BB15 after the last double eviction that got Amanda & Elissa out. Pretty interesting his point of view on it. I cant remember anything BIG he said. but he did say at that point (in bb15 5 players left) there wasn’t anyone to root for.

At the end of the day

Trojan horse idea is hilarious. It’s going to get everyone scrambling the next two days running through scenarios.


Steve acts like Vanessa is his mother…. Or master.
What are the chances he’ll run to mom about his convo with Meg….


I think he figures the only way to deal with crazy is to bow to her every demand.


Bye Meg


It would be awesome if they pull it off and it weakens Vanessa and Steve’s game, which I am all for!


Ambitious plan but it’s probably not gonna work, but it would make for some good drama! Here’s to hoping.


Comment moderation…

Comments do not appear live on the site until Dawg or myself hit the approve button. When it’s busy we just skim the comments searching for our name. Trollish words etc.

We both live on the west coast there’s bound to be times in the early morning that comments sit in moderation for a couple hours. For example this morning there was 55 comments waiting for the last 2 hours.


So stop sleeping! Get at it! :p

Judd's Granny

You do a great job, considering you don’t have thumbs. KUTGW!!


Austin’s best game move of the season would be to get rid of Julia now. How has this Sasquatch not realized that the girl he is humping 24/7 will never eeever take him to the end as long as her nasty other half is there. Unfortunately other than James and Becky nobody has any balls this season. Good thing for Liz, its one less thing of Austin’s for her to deal with. The idiot is so horned up for the twit that he is going to throw away a decent chance at winning the game all for some tail that he will never get.

I thought Vanessa would be smart enough to figure out that getting Julia out now would help her as well. She needs to try to inch up in that alliance and as long as the twins are there she is out at 3rd or 4th at best unless she goes on a hot winning streak. She probably doesn’t want to rock the boat too much and god forbid (insert overused blood/hands phrase here) but she is not going to last much longer with Austin and the twits all still there. She won’t take a direct hit at the unholy trinity and this is an easy way to get rid of Julia and blame others.

How in the world are Steve and JohnnyMac super fans if they don’t see this opportunity and take it while they still can? They are one James win away from being the next ones gone.


I think that’s part of her plan. Vanessa doesn’t care which goes home ultimately. If Julia goes home she’ll blow up and rail against the traitors to pull Liz and Austin back in. She’ll blame Steve and John for the betrayal, while saying how awesome it is that Julia’s gone now to Steve and John. She’ll tell James she pulled for Meg at the end so they could take out the big trio. She can paint it as if there are now duo’s with Steve and John, Austin and Liz, and Meg and James. She’s all alone!

It’s actually not a bad scenario for her. I actually hate the fact she can come out of this in a good game spot no matter what happens.

Jersey Girl

If Julia goes home Vanessa owes her 10,000 bucks!


I’m starting to think Vanessa never actually asked the Diary Room about splitting the prize money. Instead she just told that to Austin and the Twins hoping they would fall for it. Then after the show she could say oh that’s actually illegal so i don’t owe you anything.


If Austin votes out Julia, his chances of going “camping” with Liz in the bb house is greatly improved…
Maybe if Meg mentions that to him he’ll reconcider voting J out (ewwww)

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Chima, where’s Chima? Bring her in, she would add life to the game. She would b!tch slap the twins into reality and she would rip Steve’s scrotum right off!

brotalk to human dictionary

From the brilliant minds that brought you Operation Backstab Becky (aka Shelli’s worse than Vanessa)…. It’s Operation Trojan Horse. I’m semi-joking.
Seems like an awful lot of work. Get Austin to flip. Convince John to flip and work with Austin the guy that evicted him. Get your hands dirty framing Steve. When they haven’t even considered whether Steve would be willing to play along. And two days ago they decided and then undecided twice that Steve and John were working together again.
And all of this to save a girl that’s sat in bed for 75 days. A girl that would be a sure vote in jury for James. A girl that can’t even come up with her own campaign. but hey, okay.
Btw, Meg’s watch out for James plea to Jmac… I can see the d/r cut in comment now, “RRRRarkkkk, yeah, like you two looked out for me last week heh heh heh… grrrraowwwwyaya.”


100 thumbs up. Would it be so hard to go direct to Johnny and Steve with a final 4 deal? See ya Meg, you fruit loop dingus.

Houseguest wannabe

Wonder if “Judas” will re appear and take out Julia??? Remember he was working to get Julia sent to Jury early to guarantee Liz to remain?? Now he says he will not fall on a sword like Clay did for someone he just met. Said that yesterday. Wonder if he would do it and then blame others, of course. Things that make you go hmmmm…..


i love DVR. just fast forward past the tuhhhhwinzzzz


As much as I would love to see them pull off Operation Trojan Horse, I’m afraid this will only hurt James’s game further. JMac or Aus will run to Van about it, then Van will go rabid…her head twisting around like someone is performing an exercisim on her while foaming at the mouth. This has the potential to go very wrong because no one in that house can keep there mouth shut. Also Meg herself might be the one tattling. This could be bad for James. I’d love to see it work but I don’t see that happening.

freud's cigar

OR she’d just tell Cruella and Thickums.
Let them go rabid, and stay in her hoh cocoon.


Cruella and Thickums? Genius

twistin with the twins

Its a great plan if it works. It sure would put some new life into the remaining weeks. Meg and James really have nothing to lose so may as well swing for the bleachers. They are right about one thing Austin loves putting on the Judas hat. It would be epic to watch a Vanessa, liz and Steve meltdown if Julia walks out the door. It would salvage the season.

Vanessa might pretend to have a meltdown...

But she doesn’t really care which of the two stay. If Meg goes out, she’s good, because she looks successful in her strategy. If Julia goes out she’s good, because the twins are broken up and she has a better change to go f3. Of course she’ll feign outrage to placate Liz, but she really won’t care, and she’ll be pleased with whoever did it, since she didn’t have to get her hands bloody.


For the people that don’t have the live fees, relax this plan is never going to happen. Matter of fact it is going to solidify Meg going home and make James an even stronger enemy out of the twins.

Attention twins haters...

Jmac and Steve will both put up the twins if they win next hoh.

The other night when Steve was in backyard talking to himself. He was going to through all the scenarios out loud. He said he has to put up Liz and Julia.

Jmac will also go after the twins, has said it numerous times. He is solid with Vanessa and is bullsh*tting eveyone else.


If Julia offers Steve another back rub for safety then she can probably avoid going on the block.
If she gives him a kiss on the cheek, he’ll probably fight for her to the end.


Good plan but Austin isn’t going to do it no way, I would be shocked if he did it! Also I doubt Johnny Mac will be on board since his biggest allie is Steve. The best move is getting out Julia right now but everyone is too scared or whatever to execute getting out one of the 3…why wait at this point take one out then the other 2 at double eviction…they will regret not getting out one of them now!


Meg and James’s plan won’t work on JMAC (or Austin). There was a conversation between Steve and JMAC the other day after noms. They were saying they don’t want Meg to stay this week and take out Julia because they’re fearful that Meg, James, Austin and Liz will become a foursome….

At the end of the day

Trojan is perfect for Jmac to gain the trust of the entire house. He tells James he’s in if Austin goes for it. Austin won’t go for it but James becomes Jmac’s ally even though it falls through. Jmac goes to Austin tells him he’ll only do it if Austin really, really wants him to. Fills in Vanessa showing loyalty by giving her info and letting her strategize. Goes tells Steve how he was going to be set up.