“Late night tonight Operation Trojan horse is in effect”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 16-08-26-240_jpg

4:04pm Goblins talking about Trojan horse
James- Late night tonight Operation Trojan horse is in effect
Meg – the good thing is he’ll be honest about it
Meg – Be like I can’t do that
James says if Austin is down this plan is golden unless someone snitches
Meg – Johnnymac
James sighs.. “Johnnymac
James- I‘m going to tell Austin this isn’t the only white lie you’ll tell Liz.. one day she’ll be fat but you’ll say she looks great
James- Austin told me in the bathroom that Liz should be understanding if they get split apart.
James – If I win the MOney Liz should look at it in a way that I’m spending your money
James – He’s like If I win baby you can spend my money as long as I win (I = Austin)
Jmac comes in “Nappy time finally”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 16-25-13-990_jpg
4:09pm Chess

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 16-29-19-074_jpg
4:27pm The Austin Liz showmance is wrestling around on the bed
Austin – You’re so frisky today
4:34pm Back to Chess and JUJU Cleaning the kitchen.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 17-39-59-334_jpg

5:08pm Vanessa now plays Austin in Chess
5:38pm More CHess…

Ends at 6:08 Vanessa wins..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 18-11-40-327_jpg

6:04pm Twins in the hot tub Meg swinging on the hammock.
Liz says Meg is enjoying her last days on the hammock.
Liz – She should know this is your time to go BOO HOO, you chose the wrong side
Julia says she’s thinking of telling JOhnnymac if he’s on the block next to Meg he’s going home. She going to do exactly to
Liz – You don’t need to promise too much you don’t need his vote
Julia – If I win HOH next week my nominations are James and JOhn

Liz – Meg you had a good run nut unfortunately you chose to Jackie’s, Jason, Jeff they didn’t win straight up
Julia says she hated Jeff “He was a big bully”
Vanessa and Asutin join them Julia says she’s talking about Jeff how she didn’t like him because hew as a bully
Julia – how do you think Johnnymac is going to vote
vanessa – the way we want him to
Julia – you think
Vanessa says Steve is good he’ll vote their way.
Vanessa is suggesting Julia makes a deal with Jmac that she won’t put him up for his vote. Adds that Julia can put up Steve and James.
Liz doesn’t like that plan.
Julia says Jmac is the target after James is gone.

Vanessa says Johnnymac is very workable she’s thinking he’s better for them to bring along than Steve. She adds that Steve will win more competitions.
Vanessa – he’s desperado, he’s definitely taxi driver

Steve joins them
Austin – Whats up BOY

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 18-21-47-593_jpg

(It’s slow)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 18-48-01-131_jpg

6:46pm Vanessa applies the hobo mask

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 19-20-40-255_jpg

7:03pm Hammock Julia and Liz
One of them says it’s so lovely in LA “We’re moving here”
They start studying..

7:10pm Shit got real

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Will Trojan Horse be a success? Will JMac be loyal to Vanessa?

What do you all think?


I hope it’s a success and I hope jmac is the one to get Vanessa out. Julia and Liz this week though

Vanessa's Hobo Mask...

OMG Simon–that was hysterical. And Steve’s exercising captioned shit be gettin serious! She’s got stress break outs anticipating Twin catfights & tryin hard to look like she’s not a millionaire. He’s literally running for his life.

Your updates are fab, and keep it funny when we’re ready to throw in the towel.

At the end of the day

Trojan will fail, John will be loyal to Van as long as he needs her.
Twins now throwing Steve and John under the bus. Learning that’s their intent, Steve will pull the trigger. That’s already Johns plan.

Canadian Kevin

I feel like it will fail too; but more so, because Austin is a pussy.

Is anyone else annoyed at his BOY shit with Steve? It’s very derogatory. Like shit son, your lifes ambition is to be a professional wrestler. Steve is at least a student at Cornell – can Austin even spell Cornell??

Austn just rubs me the wrong way, all around.

He’s obnoxious, arrogant, and a cheating piece of shit on national television.

But he’s also a dumbass. The only reason he’s in the game is Vanessa globbed onto him as a meat shield.

Once the twins start disappearing, he’ll be useless. Hell he already is useless, except for numbers.

If this is what casting is going to be like, BBUS is done.

And his ever so obvious hints about Bold and Beautiful?

Dude, get a clue.

Liz is dumping his ass as soon as he isn’t useful anymore.

Sure picked a winner there, Austin. Potential future wife. What a joke


And Austin rubs Liz and that rubs all of us the wrong way. Seriously, it needs to stop, I haven’t been able to keep a meal down since his fingers got overly adventurous. Woof.


I so agree! I don’t especially care for Steve, but calling him “Boy” has totally gotten old and was never funny…in addition to being derogatory. Not sure if James or Austin started in, but wish someone would end it!

Speaking of casting, did anyone watch that show, “Utopia” last year? Probably didn’t air in Canada, only lasted a few episodes before they yanked it. But talk about some casting “jewels”! It was a trainwreck that even Becky wouldn’t survive!

freud's cigar

Damn. Utopia.
I’d almost managed to forget about that….
their alcohol delivery involved paramedics, not five people splitting a beer.


Austin has a Master’s degree in Medieval history.


Until now I had no idea a medieval degree was a real thing, and yet, it makes so much sense that he has one.


I don’t know that he’s cheating actually. It seems from a few things online and from what he said that his girlfriend is moving around and he’s been having to chase her. Sounded to me she wasn’t invested in the relationship. She wasn’t supportive of him going on the show. They weren’t living together or engaged. That’s what sometimes happens. I think many of us have been in dating relationships that just part away without a formal breakup.

He's Cheating She Posted His Love Letters from Sequester Online

Jen his GF now Ex of 2+ years posted his love letters online. He’s been horrible, promising her to share winnings, he’s the knight, slaying the dragon and bringing treasures home, thank you for supporting me financially through all my career ups and downs. All these analogies to Game of Thrones you’re my princess, my queen the same crap he blathers on about to Liz. Online Jen posted pictures of throwing his belongings out on the lawn.

James also showed a close up of Austins HOH letter which had a section from Jen sending her love. He’s been lying his ass off, and about his wrestling career too. You can Google lots of unpleasant things about him, filing lawsuits for getting fired–and I’m sure Liz family will fill her in. Unless they are as sick of her as we are, she says they cost their parents a fortune living at home.

Sounds like she’ll continue to prostitute herself and live with Austin in LA in his parents house with his sister and Julia?? Crazy! 30-year old bringing future wives into parents house after breaking up on live TV. Classy. What are the chances he’s gonna support Liz and Julia on his personal trainer salary? Zero. That’s why he’s focused on airtime and advertising Judas ad nauseum-he doesn’t want the money he needs a job!


While it’s possible Austins girlfriend considered their relationship over, Austin sure didn’t while giving interviews prior to going into the BB house. He waxed poetic about his relationship, how he’s definitely not open to shomances because she is his maiden waiting for him in a tower or whatever because he’s a romantic and believes in true love and some other medieval sounding nonsense. So even if his outside GF classified their relationship as over, his remarks going in show that he thought otherwise, still making him a cheater.


Austin says they were in a relationship for 18 months, thats too long to just drift apart without a formal break up; shit, 18 dates it would be a dick move to just never call again.
He is acting shamelessly, and Liz acts even worse. Like she wished his HOH letter was from her? He is a fall on the sword type dude, and probably minimizing their relationship to make himself look better… He must have JUST started to date her when he declined BB last year. So its not like she had her hooks in him, and made him not go.
Hes greasy though, literally and figuratively!


Austin is probably making his gf look bad on purpose to save his own ass from looking guilty!


Although I cannot stand Austin I imagine he can spell Cornell. He holds a master’s degree in medieval literature.

Maybe - Maybe not

It’s a brilliant plan, but unfortunately they will all chicken out. After this week, if the Austwins stay untouched, they will gain power exponentially. It’s a number’s game and they stayed there for too long.


Trojan Horse won’t be a success simply cause Jmac is involved. Vanessa has him eating out of the palm of her hand. He is too dumb to see Vanessa is just using him until she doesn’t need him anymore. Yes, I feel he will remain loyal to Vanessa cause he stupidly believes she will help him float to the end. I predict Jmac will go home during the double eviction because he already told Steve he is throwing it.

Like...I'm Jackie

I have a sickening feeling that it’s going to go horribly wrong and James and Meg will be the focus of bitchiness and anger. God forbid Meg try and save herself.


I don’t like Vanessa


JMac and Steve need to boot Julia. JMac needs to say that he did it to improve Vanessa’s status on the totem pole… Keep her moving up, letting her keep her hands clean. Next HOH needs to split up Liz & Austin, then they take out Vanessa. At this pace I think James has the lead to win


I think that operation Trojan Horse will turn into Operation Ruin James’ Game.

Julia is a SHARK!

She is one of the most knowledgable people to ever play BB. Listen to her conversations and read between the words. She isn’t just beautiful. She could be the most complete player in BB history. I am in love with that girl.


Who are you talking about. Sounds like your talking about vanessa when u say how smart she is but when you say how beautiful then it sounds like your talking about julia.


Are you being sarcastic?


So, if you say something good about Van you get called Mel. I like Van, so I guess I’m Mel.

The Real Mel

I am Mel.


I am Spartacus


I’m Spartacus


I’m not Mel


I am also Mel.

Spice Girls

2 of us are Mel.

Mel Gibson

I’m Mel.

Dirk Nowitzki

Ich bin Mel….Ja!

Lebron James

Yep…110% Mel.


I’m Mel and I’m straight.

Justin Bieber



u r a sorrya$$ ahole

Desi Arnaz

Aye ya aye aye aye!

Cecil the Lion

I am Cecil.

Trojan Horse

Back off…you hear me? Not feeling so good.

Trojan Sheep

Horse aint well.


Can’t stand Vanessaa

Bob Cobb

I think Liz and Julia would make excellent Jerry Springer candidates!


I really hope this plan works. If they were smart they would get Julia this week and Liz at the double eviction.


Why can’t meg, JMac and the twins all leave at once…

is it just me

they can
on your remote control there is this little red button usually at the top. press it once when big brother starts and its like magic it makes all the bad people go away.


I am pretty sure it was you who made me literally lol recently. you did it again!!!

Valentina Corleone

I’m pretty much over the cool kids calling Steve “boy.” Steve, as needy and annoying as he is, deserves better. Also, Production now has to burn the sheets and mattress in the purple room. Those 2 horndogs are costing the show a bundle.

Captain Crunch

Julia – If I win HOH next week my nominations are James and JOhn.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I needed a laugh

Maybe - Maybe not

Yup, she’ll be nominating them from the Jury House.

They Call Me Boy...

Vanessa is gonna order the hit on Julia herself instead of leaving a trail of bread crumbs! Julia has a mouth on her, spills the beans, threatens instead of cultivates and wants Vanessa’s favorite out? After all those bribes and carefully constructed REASONS??Listen to Van sell Steve as the sketcher that needs evicted with Steve. Oh no, Jump Off JuJu says NO WAY-she’s putting James & JMac up and she’s gonna march over and threaten them for their votes.

OH NO she di-ent! Did she just tell Vanessa NO?? This should be a big red flag for Van, JuJu is gonna keep screwing up her plans and she’s not got a chance in hell of winning a comp anyway. You know what to do Vanessa, pull the trigger on the spoiled entitled brat yourself! Send a message- that’s what happens to defectors. Meg isn’t a threat, hell Meg is a sell out, and you don’t even have to bribe her. Van can’t let JuJu force her hand to take Steve to Finals! Get your little monster out Vanessa, talk to Liz, give Austin permission, sick them all on her. Van didn’t do ask this wrangling to let Julia boss HER around! And she needs BOY out before he wakes out of his stupor and realizes Van’s after him, or he & JuJu became another dreaded duo, cuddle couple.


Glad to see that the Goblins know JMac isn’t as trustworthy as they one thought.
And loving this line:
“Julia – how do you think Johnnymac is going to vote
vanessa – the way we want him to”
Vanessa is on her way to hijacking Operation Trojan Horse!


I hope austwins go on the double and then vanessa. Jmac is being smart or just plain dumb. Even julie gave him a clue on targets and he is playing dumb. Certainly if james and meg leave jmac does not do something he will not receive my vote for afp. He said he will throw the next hoh after double.

Don't Worry Be Happy

JMAC is playing smart. Timing and keeping your mouth shut is everything. He had made people who blew up his game obvious targets, Meg, Steve–people would expect this and makes him less of a target, his real targets oblivious. He tells Vanessa who’s in charge of hers and Austins HOH, what keeps him there–he’ll take out the Twins for her, he’ll follow the party line–they’re 2 desperados while Austin & Steve go AWOL, and James/Meg go off half cocked. JMAC will not disappoint, he’s not going to stick his head out anymore, like he did with Becky, cuz it got chopped once. He’s lucky he’s still alive.

Vanessa has enough people targeting her, he’s got to get the numbers down. Twin this and/or next week. Austin/Julia can’t win a comp, their easy hits later. But he can’t get picked off during DE, he’s been the go to pawn, not taking any chances.


Jmac is playing an absolutely awful game! He’s as much of a gossip queen as Jason was…I like him but he needs to go. James ftw!


Steve needs to be a man and take out the twins. Its about damn time to change scenarios. MEg campaign would be to tell steve and jmac they are the next duos to be taken out.

Big sexy 40

I know it’s a long shot . But just think of the face thurs . If they quietly evict Julia . Every seen a lizards eyes explode out of their head ? Not only that, the freak out that could ensue on national tv . Legendary . Comment section is definitely tuned in to the twins utter ridiculousness, but honestly, not sure how utterly fucking bananas she may go if she kicks rocks Thursday . Girls like that have no social cueing skills . With no time to even prepare? Haha . Full meltdown ! Can’t wait. Can’t articulate my distain for either of those two. No chance she can compose herself. Oh my ! Please !


If vanessa was smart getting rid of julia is good for her game a little bit why she could james meg I campaign for her in secret then be good with austin liz, steve jmac, and meg james. 3 duos where she will be safe with each one.


I think it be a terrible play. If vennessa flips it shes gonna have austin and liz after her and james will always be gunning for vannessa. Vannessa just needs jmac to win this week and take oit austin or james


If Vanessa flips it she’ll play it like it was a huge betrayal to Austin and Liz putting the target squarely on John and Steve. To James and Meg, she’ll let them know she flipped it to save Meg and pointing them to Austin and Liz. To Steve and John she’ll tell them we got final three now, we just need to take out the pairs! Once again Vanessa’s golden.

As much as I dislike her, she is really out playing these people. I’d like to see her go in the double.


Meg and James have to get Operation Trojan Horse into effect before they fall asleep for another 18 hours.


Its more like operation James is next, why risk pissing of Steve and Austin, cause most likely Austin will tell the twins and steve what they planned. James is risking to much for Meg.


Poor steve, he has poor social skills and clings to any chance at making friends (and with people who probably don’t wanna be his friend after bb).
Vanessa sees this and uses it to her advantage, she is definitely his puppetmaster.
Its sad bc Steve coulda been amazing – he is supposedly intelligent and a huge bb fan afterall.
What a waste!

is it just me

yup he could have been amazing if he played alone but playing with people not so much
just like myself i’m an amazing painter its just i got god awful brush strokes


Wouldn’t it be great if everyone voted for julia to leave and made it look like Vanessa’s doing (like a backdoor plan).


Oops! Hit thumbs down by mistake. That comment DEFINITELY does not deserve a thumbs down!!!!!!


It says a lot about the decline of this once promising season that the most excitement in weeks is over which two floaters is going to be evicted.


I always find double evictions exciting. Usually a ‘big’ player gets sent out on the 2nd eviction. I think one of Van, James or Austin will follow Meg out the door.

freud's cigar

I wouldn’t mind if Julia were evicted, but it means that Meg stays….
Can’t they both go?
Come on, why not? Everyone wants a twist. Triple elimination night.
It’s been done before…. .

freud's cigar

well it’s been done before on bbcanada. so why not.


I guess the word for this week is “taxi driver” by Thursday it will probably be “Trojan horse”


Brass tacks was getting on my nerves.


Would’ve been a whole different game if Austan had gone instead of Jason that week


It would have been a different game if Jace was still here…


Would have been a totally different game if Austank had gone that week instead of Jason. Could have been spared a lot of things I wish I’d never seen.


1000 thumbs up for that !


I don’t understand Vanessa’s logic in telling Steve they might flip the vote and blame it on him. Then going to Austin and the twins and saying he needs to go cuz he wins comps. You think she would just let it happen. Unless she wants the Trojan horse to work but wants Steve to believe she had nothing to do with so she gets his jury vote since she gave him the heads up.


Vanessa wants everyone to be a bigger target than her. That is why she is putting doubt in each of the other’s minds about one person so that person is their top priory.


Let me start by stating that I don’t like any of these hg’s as people. So putting my personal feelings aside, I judge them (almost) solely on gameplay. That being said Vanessa is playing the best game by far and has been playing hardcore from the beginning. (I’m not a fan of her crying histrionics and can’t figure out if it’s all real or partially fake/game).
But at this point every single one of the jury members will be bitter (casting recruits is part of that problem) so unfortunately Vanessa is playing for 2nd place at best. It is the equivalent of Russell Hantz first season of Survivor, where he was the most deserving yet Natalie won. ( which never made much sense to me considering she voted the dame way as Russell throughout the entire game and made all of the same game moves as Russell, only she was too stupid to figure them out herself so she just followed R’s lead)
If, and that’s a big IF JMac realizes that Van is the Russell Hantz of this season combined with her great ability to strategize and her awesome ability to read people and figure out what their next move is before they have even figured it out, then Jmac’s best move us to stick with Van all the way to F2 , and he would be guaranteed to win.

Sidenote: please get useless Meg out of that house asap! I can’t stand the thought of that goat being drug to F2 just to ensure a win for the person who drags her there. Meg has done nothing but sleep, apply lipstick, talk shit about people, gossip and ruin all of her “peeps” games with her stupid ideas and theories. Laying around all summer like a sloth does not deserve the $50k second place prize. I don’t think that MegCity has even earned her stipend.
And while I feel sorry for James (aka Peking-Duck Dynasty) bring left alone after Meg leaves, I honestly think that MegCity leaving is best for James’ game. Every time that he comes close to figuring out what’s going on in the house (alliances, dynamics, hg’s lies, hg’s loyalties or any type of useful strategy) dumb as rocks (sorry rocks, don’t mean to insult rocks) MegCity steers him from his rightful thoughts and pushes her stupid “logic” on him and pushes him into doing something that is horrible for his game.
Get MegCity the eff out of there and maybe James can go back to playing a better game? But it may be too late for that because she has already started to brainwash him into what she thinks he should do and who he should align with after she leaves; most of it has been horrible advice.
It’s unfathomable for me to accept thst anyone could be as clueless as MegCity but the only other option is that she is the saboteur there to sabotage James’ game.


Well said. You will probably get a lot of thumbs down because you don’t hate Vanessa or love James unconditionally but what you wrote was bang on. When I first found this site there used to be many great comments like yours but the last few years it has just become a hate fest.


Thanks RJ. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t care about thumbs up/down, that kind of b.s. isn’t going to sway my opinion one bit.
By the second episode I realized that there wasn’t a single person that I liked;
Jason the superfan who did nothing but chain smoke, talk shit and gossip about everyone, not to mention it was his great idea to let the twins into the game because then they would not have any returning evicted houseguests, then all of the idiot recruits nodded in agreement.How did that work out for you? Ever considered that one of those returning hg’s might be you? Or were positive that your lazy ass would never be evicted? Superfan idiot! Even when he had useful information he couldn’t resist blabbing it to anyone and everyone, he never once held onto any info to use at a later date. smh

Da’vonne, I thought had great potential. She was very perceptive and had a good read on the house and who was aligned with who. Maybe if she was more wise with who she shared her info with it would’ve helped her game? Unfortunately she was a confrontational loud mouth, not a good game move.
Jeff was a douche bag.
Jace? Who cares? Annoying as fuck and ecstatic he was the first to go.

I could make a list of unlikable personal traits for every single player that was cast this year. I don’t find any of them likeable. James can be funny and he was the only one that showed any sympathy toward Audrey when she had clearly had a breakdown. But James is also a disgusting, perverted pig. And if he cares so much about his daughter, then why not get a better job? Or a second job? Or start with staying home instead of partying at bars all of the time and give his party money to his daughter?

So since I don’t find any of them likeable I judge them on gameplay, which is what we should be judging them on and discussing with one another.
Vanessa is over emotional and a huge hypocrite, but she is playing the best game of this season. She is the only one that deserves the money at this point.
I couldn’t stand Shelli and Chelli made me puke in my mouth, but up until shirtgate Shelli was also playing a good game.
James has made two bold and good moves and he’s not afraid to make them but he really has no clue on how to strategize. He can’t lie worth shit, and can’t tell when someone is lying to him. He also aligned himself with the most useless person in the house.
I couldn’t stand JMac or the JMac love and I still can’t figure out why he’s a fan favorite? Is it because he huffs laughing gas before he goes into the dr? But now that he’s finally awake for more than 1hour a day and let Meg win the sleeping contest (wow! Meg finally won something, sleeping more than any other hg ever!) we might actually get to see if he knows how to do anything besides throwing comps. So far he has impressed me by finally putting aside his weird Vanessa hate, realizing that she’s running this game and aligning with her. If he actually has any more game than that is a great question.
Steve hasn’t played a bad game; he got away with evicting Jackie without anyone being mad at him and actually came out of it with more allies. I can’t stand his rat game or his poor awkward friendless game. His constant need for hugs is creepy and he’s too big of a wuss to make any big game moves, but by throwing comps and not making big moves he’s kept himself in the game way longer than I ever thought he would. I think that his biggest mistake was getting paranoid and backstabbing Vanessa. I think if he had been 100% loyal to Vanessa there we a great chance that she would’ve honored her f2 with him.
The twins have no game, they don’t even know what game they are playing.
Austin is an idiot. Now if he dumps the twits, grows a set of balls and quits playing like a pussy, he might, repeat might be able to play a good game. But I don’t think that I could ever root for him; the Judas crap, pandering to the cameras trying to get a wrestling gig, soap opera gig, Irish Spring commercial, etc, etc. He is just so disgusting and doesn’t have the gameplay to go with it. He has a lot of work to do to make him a deserving winner in my eyes and I’m not sure that there is enough time left for him to redeem himself.

James Other Head: Long Duck Dong

Agree with lots, except how Meg pushes her views on James — she pushes him away. He doesn’t talk strategy with anyone, shies away from it, hates confrontation, and has extremely short attention span. He facts emotionally jealously and gets into dick measuring contests rather than focus on the game. JAMES kept Vanessa because JAMES was AFRAID OF SHELLI after fighting over Clay’s shirt. MEG kept telling him to stop stealing Clay’s clothes and flaunting them in front of Shelli–while Vanessa picks his alliance off one-by-one?? He let Clay, who’d never won a comp, and would be free agent without Shelli, self evict on HIS HOH? He doesn’t fight for Becky, deciding he’ll be chocolate warrior AFP instead of targeting Vanessa again? He’s more interested in hooking up, with Meg or anyone, flipping his Herpes pills like coins to choose who to evict. Don’t get amnesia about what James did to ruin his game and the entire season. Meg didn’t help him aoologize to Vanessa for winning POV– the only balls he’s focused on using are his blue balls. Megs killer tits strangled the sense out of him? She pushes him away at every turn. He isolated himself with her and thinks if he agrees with her hair-brained ideas, she’ll have sex with him–that’s all he cares about. And his one-way bro-mances with Austin & Clay. Serority Girl + Frat Boy = Trainwreck


I agree with everything that you said about James. He’s not very smart which is why he’s so easily swayed and manipulated. Although he is always isolated somewhere with MegCity, even if he spent more time with the other hg’s I still don’t think that he would be doing better at figuring anything out. Audrey told him about the 6 person alliance before she was evicted. She even told him to look at who was always in the hoh room and who were the people going home every week and he didn’t believe her. Everything that has happened since has confirmed the big alliance. And he is still wondering IF there is a big alliance. Wtf?? So with James already being an idiot himself the last thing he needs is MegCity presenting the dumbest theories ever heard of as fact. I get that James wants to give Meg the gift that never goes away (herpes) while “camping” with her, but why not just pretend to entertain her stupid ideas? Has it ever crossed his mind that there’s no way that MegCity knows jack shit about anything about anything when she sleeps for 22hrs a day? When she’s not sleeping she’s either laying in bed laughing or applying more lipstick. How could she possibly know anything other than the shade of red her lipstick is? I wonder if she can even remember that or would she have to check the label on the bottom of the tube?

Long Duck Dong

Agree with lots, except how Meg pushes her views on James — she pushes him away. He doesn’t talk strategy with anyone, shies away from it, hates confrontation, and has extremely short attention span for running scenarios. He is emotional, jealous and gets into dick measuring contests rather than focus on the game. JAMES kept Vanessa because JAMES was AFRAID OF SHELLI after fighting over Clay’s shirt. MEG kept telling him to stop stealing Clay’s clothes and flaunting them in front of Shelli–while Vanessa picks his alliance off one-by-one?? He let his bro Clay, who’d never won a comp, and would be free agent without Shelli, self evict on HIS HOH? He doesn’t fight for Becky, deciding he’ll be chocolate warrior AFP instead of targeting Vanessa again?

He’s more interested in hooking up, with Meg or anyone, flipping his Herpes pills like coins to choose who to evict. Don’t get amnesia about what James did to ruin his game and the entire season. Meg didn’t help him apologize to Vanessa for winning POV– the only balls he’s focused on using are his blue balls. Megs killer tits strangled the sense out of him? She pushes him away at every turn. He isolated himself with her and thinks if he agrees with her hair-brained ideas, she’ll have sex with him–that’s all he cares about. And his one-way bro-mances with Austin & Clay. Serority Girl + Frat Boy = Trainwreck. Think with your other head James!


Honest question . Would you leave your pet with any HG for a week ? If so who and why : note ; if pet is small rodent or small size, this doesn’t apply because Liz may eat it . Zing

Who cares

Simon who do you think going home this week, Juliya Or Meg?

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hey simon, i just got a retweet about somebody yelling things over the back wall to houseguests. Is this an actual thing or a joke?
“Austin wants Julia Out”
“Vanessa has final 2 with everyone”
“They do more than kiss Julia”
“Most of you aren’t even liked”
“You’re all getting derrick’d”
Does this happen often and how does this affect the actual game?

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from the messages i got:
Jmac James and Meg heard the first yell (Austin wants Julia out at about 914-916 feed time
by 918 Austin and Liz were outside with James, Meg and Jmac
for the second salvo of megaphone yells. first call for lockdown.
2nd and third calls for lockdown by 921-924 feed time.
Sorry. i’ve never actually been on feeds when it has happened so i didn’t know if it was a joke.
At least they were locked down before “meg sucks at everything”… like that’s a shock.

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I could be wrong… they might have shouted the same things over and over
and someone could be sending me joke shout outs along with the austin wants julia out.
i guess i’m asking because i’m away from feeds and i don’t trust twitter. or retweets.


James heard incorrectly. This is exactly what was said outside on the megaphone. So far, (thankfully) Jmac, James & Meg have NOT shared what they ‘thought’ they heard with the rest of the house (Austin wants Julia out). But, I am SO THANKFUL that the fans are going out there and letting the BIG BROTHER production crew how badly we HATE these damn TWITWINS..

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Thanks for clarifying Laura.
I like watching the game to see how people strategize and adapt their strategy as time goes by in a bubble, so i disagree with affecting the game from outside of the bubble.
Write letters. Send emails. Stop supporting sponsor’s products. Send letters to sponsors. Unfairly biasing the game seems to me to be the inherently wrong thing for a fan of the premise behind the program and the game itself to do.
I’m sorry that we disagree in that regard. But i am Very thankful for your clarification. 🙂


I don’t think we really disagree. I have been a fan of the game for many many years. The game has changed and production has manipulated it. Therefore, I feel that the only way we can get the game back to being ‘honest’ is to enlighten some of these houseguests to what we REALLY think of them. Production has an agenda, they want Vanessa to win and/or help keep the TwiNS safe for as long as possible. Steve to me is not even worthy of being compared to Ian. He had game at least. Steve is a lap dop. I wish Jmac would re-align with James. HE really has a good heart but has been completely blinded by all the lies circling around him. This is season is very different from the way past seasons interacted. It’s a different dynamic with Vanessa in the house. I don’t care for recruits. They should cast just like SURVIVOR does – fans only. People who know the game. Those TWINS are in summer camp acting like MEAN GIRLS and trash talking everyone. Makes me so angry. Big brother All stars with boogie, jannelle, dr. will, and howie. Now that was a season. The POV comp was also extremely different. Bring back the old production staff to rewrite this show. It sucks compared to the first 8 seasons.

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While I’ve had a spotty history with Big Brother (hated season 1, watched 2-8 religiously, skipped 9, watched parts of 10-15 when i wasn’t working a second job or nights, watched 16 and this season) I do consider myself a fan.
My view of this season and the production motivations is a little different from yours. Every year i see the editing of the episodes as a way production pushes its agenda. The production team always seems to want to push a good versus evil type dichotomy. The editing of the episodes began with a strong Shelli /Clay bent while using Jmac as the d/r favorite to heighten entertainment value. Within a few weeks, The program edit became the James the loveable ewok forum, and the how will James survive forum mixed with the can mastermind evil genius Vanessa get through another week edit. Jmac and James have been groomed by edits for the season. If one of them isn’t in the final two, that one is automatically winning 25k as America’s fave. That’s part of the agenda everyone so fixated on Vanessa and the twins keeps glossing over.
Regardless, I think shouting information over the wall actually harms the game. Now, if operation trojan horse works, the big question in everyone’s mind HAS to be would it have worked without outside influence. A question that can’t be answered because there HAS been outside influence. So if the game changes due to Operation Trojan Horse, causing new alliances to form, and new directions in the game, that calls into question the validity of the season itself.
As much as a fan may hate what is going on in the game, I think a fan should be just as outraged that the integrity of the game has been further compromised. What if it had been someone yelling information that harmed James’ game? There would have been hell to pay on fan boards and fan chats. As more of a fan of the game than any individual player, I don’t support the idea of interfering with the progression of the game.


Has anybody been talking about the cheers JMac received when he left the house? Austin mentioned something right afterwards, but wondered if it’s been talked about more.

JMAC Target for AFP

They have brought it up as a reason to get him out before the Finals. Austin is more threatened by his popularity, and lack of enemies, while Vanessa thinks he’s got no game, she’ll be viewed as puppetmaster. JMAC told her he doesn’t care if he wins, he just wants Final 3. We’ve heard that before. JMAC said he needs more enemies in Jury ie) he’s willing to do Van’s dirty work or he’ll get evicted for being popular.


Thursday night, Julie says by a vote of 3-2, Meg you…….are safe, Julia you have been evicted from the Big Brother House. Jaws hit the floor, spoiled brat twins start crying and epicness ensues!


I honestly cannot stand the twins. I would rather see a rat win than those two. I hope James and Meg can flip the votes, But with Vanessa it won’t be easy. I do also hope at least one of Austin’s Angels goes home during the double eviction. Fingers crossed!


It looks like James and Meg will try to stay up for operation Trojan horse. Julia is also annoyed that she might have to stay awake to see what’s going on. James should make a horse head out of foil and put it in the bed next to Julia after she falls asleep. That would freak her out. Unless she has no idea what it means but we all know Vanessa does I’m sure she will explain it to her.


It is so painfull watching the twins eat. They stuff their cheeks full and chew so fast and talk with their mouth full. Eww foullllla


And watch JUJU drink her drink


Maybe Vanessa will have an epiphany and decide better to take a head off the three headed monster and direct Steve and John to vote Julia out since they will be her target should she win. Meg would be more useful to Vanessa than working against three votes.


Austin is probably making up lies about his gf not caring about him to make himself look good! gross

Chess Timer?

2 years of mechanical engineering?? Thought he’d be a little more inventive.. Come on Steve! And everyone had to move you away from the rag, water and grape!!


Is it just me, or does Operation Trojan Horse sound like a condom….LMAO


So jmac, James and meg were outside playing pool, and they heard someone outside of the house yell “Austin wants Julia out”! Hmmm and of course right after it happened feeds cut, but Jmac and James are in the have not room talking about it now.


Steve was acting child like. Is it a wonder the HGs started calling him “BOY”. He can’t have it both ways. He really is annoying to watch sometimes because he acts like he’s going to win everything. That he’s so much smarter than everybody. His arrogance shows once in a while.


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