Vanessa “There’s been talk of JMac not making it too much further, unless he wins an HOH”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 11-02-59-788

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10am – 10:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Vanessa and Steve are talking in the backyard. Steve says it sounds like what Shelli wants to do is me, you, her/remaining person and Johnny Mac. Vanessa asks remaining person as in? Steve says Clelli. Because Johnny Mac is super close with them, Johnny Mac is close with me. I’m close with you and everything works. Do you like that? Vanessa says yeah but I don’t think its necessary to have an alliance because its already kind of a thing. Steve says right but I like that group. Vanesssa says yeah I like it but I don’t think its extremely likely to get deep with that group. Steve says I think it could be a good group of people. Vanessa says definitely. Steve says we would talk once the eviction happens. Vanessa asks did you give her your vote? Steve says no, it was Clelli. Vanessa says well be very careful about what strategy you talk with them because its going to get dirty. Steve says they talked to me. Vanessa says good because if it gets dirty you don’t want to other one to have info. You just have to be careful and think 2 steps ahead. Steve says I have been. Vanessa asks did Clay ask you who you would target? Steve says no. They told me I should go after one of the four. (Meg, Jackie, Becky, James) But I didn’t say anything. Vanessa asks was it Clay that said it should be with Johnny Mac or Shelli? Steve says kind of both of them together and then Shelli added that I should be close with you. Vanessa says well that is good because that means she doesn’t know. Steve says would you tell me if you hate it? Vanessa says no not at all but there has been talk of Johnny Mac not making it too much further .. unless he wins an HOH. Steve asks you think so? Vanessa says he’s floating hard! I’ve heard it on both sides of the house. Steve says really. Who wants Johnny Mac out? Vanessa says all this talk about the floaters. Steve asks who are seen as the floaters? Vanessa says Aghhhh.. we already talked about this! You, Johnny Mac and Becky. Steve asks Becky? Okay?! What are you thinking about? Vanessa says about that thing.. Johnny Mac being related to Clay’s cousin or something. Steve asks you think Johnny Mac and Clay are related? Vanessa says could be. Steve says they did that with project DNA too.. Nakomis and Cowboy. Steve asks why Johnny Mac and Clay. Vanessa says because there’s some bond there between them. You know when Johnny Mac went up as a pawn .. Clay stormed up and volunteered instead. That always stuck out to me. Vanessa says Johnny Mac and Meg look like they could be related. You and Clay look like you could be related. Steve says you mentioned that .. the nose. We’re too close in age though. Vanessa says not brothers but maybe cousins. Steve you got me there! Shhhh. Vanessa gets called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 10-58-11-311

11:10am All the cameras are on the house guests sleeping..

11:30am – 11:55am James gets the HOH camera. He starts taking photos of the sleeping house guests. James goes into the havenot room and sits in the dental chair. Austin asks what he’s doing? James says sleeping. James then pulls out the camera and starts snapping photos. James joins Johnny Mac on the backyard couch. James talks about how some of the people like that went home would have made it further if they didn’t play so hard.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 11-35-34-924

12:15pm The backyard photo time continues.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 12-14-59-195

Becky, Meg and Jackie complain about having to clean up after people. Meg suggests they do a big clean tomorrow. Becky says I’m just going to clean up after myself from now on. Its disgusting how there are ants in the sink now. Becky and Liz head inside. They comment to Steve to not do the dishes or clean up .. let it be ant-y and let one of the others clean it up.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 12-57-53-616
12:50pm Austin tells Johnny that Clay is freaking him out how he won’t look or talk to him. I don’t know if he’s coming after me. I’m going to tell James unless Clay comes to talk to me .. I don’t know man. Shelli has already apologized to me. Clay is making it sound like I should have gone up to sacrifice myself. That was the only other option. Johnny says yeah you can’t do that. Austin says I’m going to give it the rest of the day. Johnny says I don’t want to be left in the dark. Austin says no I’ll let you know what way I’m going. Austin says Right now he is giving me the eyes like I’m coming after you bro! I’m like whoa.. I didn’t put you up! Austin says I didn’t have a chance for the veto. When you don’t have the veto and you’re not the HOH .. there’s only so much you can do. I hope he understands that. I don’t even know if he wants to stay or not.. 2 days ago he wanted me to vote him out and since then he hasn’t talked to me. Johnny says we need to win this HOH.. You guys are definitely the only showmance left.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 12-51-55-768

1pm Feeds cut to the live feed highlights ..

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You have no chill Vanessa. Johnny Mac is gonna win this whole thing

Vampire Lawyer

JMac is Austins uncle. Shelli is Megs insurance agent. James is Chenbots love child.

Canadian Kevin

James is your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate!!

I hate that Vanessa is in everyone’s ear. It’s great game play, but i don’t like that she is basically running the game. You can almost bank on what she says happening.

That’s why this week was so great, because James completely flipped the script. Which is also why i hope Jackie wins next HoH, and takes out Vanessa.

JMac has got to get his head out of his ass. i like him – i love his DR’s – but dude, unchain yourself from the albatrosse already; it’s gonna sink you.

I was hoping that the fact that Clay and Shelli were wanting to put Steve up might encourage him to distance himself from Vanessa a bit – but that was obviously wasted hope.

Vanessa is so paranoid, it’s dizzying just trying to follow what she tells people, never mind what she’s thinking.

Big Jacket

Vanessa, I am your faaather…. use the misssst…


LOL… Noooooo, Meg is James’ secretary…

Like...I'm Jackie

Floaters are the people that win nothing…correct? So how is johnnymac clumped in with the floaters? He won the povs when he needed to and he obviously knows when to sit back and let everyone else do the work. He might just win the whole thing!


Floaters are people that has no clear allegiance and will go (float) towards the power. Jmac, Steve and Becky are floaters because they haven’t won an HOH (or stuck to one) that defined their position in the house. There is actually nothing wrong being a floater, Rachelle Reilly just put a negative connotation to it. Also while watching floater socially maneuver to the top is interesting, it is honestly more fun to watch a competitive person fight his/her way with targets on his/her back (Dick and Daniele, Janelle, Jordan, BBCAN Jeda etc).

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Winning veto comps is impressive, but it does not require you to get your hands dirty. I think that’s what annoys the other houseguests. JohnnyMAC is put on the block, he wins the veto and then sits back. He doesn’t really initiate strategy talk, and is very vague when it comes to sharing his plans for the rest of the game. He kind of just goes with the flow and doesn’t really contribute anything. The other houseguests need to target him soon, because as the weeks go by, it will become harder and harder to get him out. A comp threat with no blood on his or her hands…in the final 2…way too risky. Anyone sitting next to JohnnyMAC in the final 2 will lose.


In most cases…. Final Two winner does need some blood on their hands. You don’t even need to be HoH to be have buckets of Blood all over your hands… like Derrick, he took blood showers.

Johnny Mac does not go up to the HoH and make fake deals, he win comps, he does not kiss ass like a real floater. He does have a side of the house he just doesn’t have a big freaking mouth. Too many people gab their way out the house.

For the record Johnny Mac does have a side and he is not a floater. He has thrown BoB’s for his Team and then won the PoV. He has talked game with his team just not overtly and he has voted against the house… Floaters don’t vote against the house… that is so not floater.

Johnny Mac s gonna have tons of blood all over him and that is something that worries Vanessa. He does need to win this next HoH bad.


if JMac continues to lay low until final two I don’t see him winning against many of the others left in the game.
The cast this year seems too involved in the big move game.
Look at the make up of the jury. Look at how they consider floaters.
If he can’t argue his game in terms of broad plays, most of them won’t respect it if against someone that played ‘harder.’ The jury never sees JMac’s diary personae. If that personae is where he delivers his game, the jury will never know about it when it’s time to vote.
The invisible game isn’t respected when against someone that played a partly out in the open game, because the jury has seen how their game progressed.

Tony B

Floaters are people who don’t pick a side or get involved in the drama and therefore do not get targeted. AKA, a very smart way to play.


uhm actually floaters are the players that have no alliances… winning does not exempt you from being a floater…. duh


Really? Cuz I thought a floater was a piece of poop that wont stay down after you flush.

Help Me Understand!

Okay…apparently Meg’s intellect & understanding of the game is rubbing off on me…if James or Jackie (Ha!) or any other house guest get evicted next week, they’ll go to jury right? And double eviction should happen next week…right!?!? #dontjudge #dontlaughatme

I survived last seasons BB

Ughhh Here We go again, Vanessa starting crap and Steve falling for it..

You Said It...

HaHaHa…Vanessa is really good at the lies & manipulation, isn’t she!?!? Better than Audrey’s lies & manipulation…can’t wait for this to blow up in her face…except she’ll direct it towards someone else. I hate her, but I luv how she’s playing the game like BB should be.


All these folks are crazy!
I didn’t like Jackie before… but now I want her to get further. Her actions and statements have been the most consistent.

Clay & Shelli: Two entitled




Vanessa do me a favor….shut up. Paranoid schizo.


Your voice is sexy in the morning….

Shelli's Chompers

It sounds like a man. Mm mm, I like that.

Angela M

last week they thought it was 9 against 3 and one of the 3 won. Odds are against the 3 again. But in the mere chance that Jackie or Meg (bless her heart) does win HOH. Maybe voting to keep Shelli isn’t such a good idea for Vanessa. Just a thought.

Just Mauid

Looking at the grid pictures (Jace has been replaced by Julia), Shelli and Clay have very similar chins and noses. But the thought of them being related is wrong on so many levels. I do, however, think that the twins aren’t the only HG’s that are related. Didn’t Julie Chen make a reference to this at the beginning of the season?


Shelli told Clay that he looks exactly like her twin brother. Maybe he is a half brother, but CBS killed the project DNA twist when they immediately fell into a flirtmance before the feeds even started, because you can’t show that on TV without getting a lot of backlash. They do remind me of Cercei and Jamie Lannister, even before I knew about Shelli’s twin brother. Even if they aren’t really related, the idea that a woman could be attracted to a guy that looks like her twin brother makes me cringe. At the very least it shows a very narcissistic personality.


Yer an idiote.


So you don’t think it’s creepy that Shelli is attracted to someone that looks like her twin brother? I didn’t make that up, she said it. I think it is very creepy. At least I am an “idiote” that can spell.

Vampire Lawyer

Austin is the twins stepfather.

AKA Twistin'...

Shit’s gross. LOL


Didn’t JMAC have a twin? I was positive he had one, but during Thursday’s Episode they showed JMAC’s family but never once mentioned his twin brother or anything? They showed his younger brother and father but not the twin. Maybe he and JMAC have been switching out this whole time too and they’re trying to keep that one a secret?


He does have a twin and I also thought it was odd that no mention whatsoever of his twin when they showed his family.


Oh for Pete’s sake. Vanessa – Word of advice – SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Geez i hope she’s next!


James and Jackie need to throw a little shade on Shelli with Vanessa, but he shouldn’t do it until tomorrow night. He needs to let Vanessa know that Shelli was the most coherent of the two and she threw everyone in the house including Vanessa under the bus to try and keep both of them in the game. He needs to lie and tell Vanessa they said her name, but he really wants to work with Vanessa and shot that down. He needs to tell Vanessa that the order that Clellie threw people under the bus was Steve, Vanessa, and finally Austwins. This should cause her to question whether Shelli is her best option. The others will all vote the way Vanessa tells them. I would have liked to see a normal season with no BOB. Maybe we would have had more different HOHs than we had, and maybe anyone not in Vanessa’s alliance would have had a better shot at forming an alliance. They couldn’t because for 4 weeks they were in individual survival mode against each other. I hope they never bring the BOB back, it ruined last season and damaged this season. If anyone in the 6 win next week, this could go back to being a steamroll by Vanessa and Clelli, which would be extremely boring.

Liz needs to go next. Without Liz, Julia will not want to work with Austin. Both of their games will be better without her. I am still holding onto hope that Clay stays. I don’t see why the HG, even Vanessa would prefer to keep Shelli, who is a comp beast and has shown many times that she will throw anyone under the bus over Clay who can’t think for himself and who is going to be so angry that he will be unlikely to get back in the game. Taking out Shelli is like getting rid of 2 people. The only reason why Vanessa would want to keep Shelli and ride to the end is because her social game is better than Shelli’s and Shelli would probably stick with her and keep her safe. If you are anyone but Vanessa, keeping Shelli makes no sense at all. They might not get another chance to get her out, and sooner or later she will be HOH again and send them to jury.


James and Jackie think Shelli is going home why would they need to throw a little shade on Shelli with Vanessa?

Gordon Ramsey

Vanessa would get steamrolled by better players.

Bobby Flay


Stephanie March

Yesss yesss Bobby’s money, mmmm Bobby’s money, feels so good on my skin,mmmm


Don’t burn the risotto !


Wouldn’t anyone get steam rolled by a “better” player?? Your statement makes no sense.

I survived last seasons BB

Touch that !!! All of You touch that !! The Scallops are Raw !! RAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Would anyone know how I could watch Sunday nights episode, sometimes youtube puts it up? I can’t find it there. It would be much appreciated.


Just go to the CBS website, you can watch it from there even if you’re not subscribed to the feeds.


Thank you!


Please Vanessa, do what all bad witches do!!! MELT!!


Vanessa is annoying, unstable, and a narcissist….I hope Team James/Meg/Jackie win HOH, only Jackie has a shot, Meg can’t win squat. At this point Shelli or Clay, could care less who goes home. If Shelli stays I hope turns on Vanessa and Austin, not james.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I don’t have much faith in Meg either. She doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to comps, but I won’t write her off completely. She might surprise us. I think some of the houseguests want to take Meg to the final 3. If she makes it to the final 3, she might just win the last HOH comp. Meg…someone who couldn’t win a comp all season…in the final 2. It could happen…


Haha she’s going after James with a vengeance. She knows he’s telling everyone everything she and Clay have told him. But because she’s so pissed it could depend on how she handles being mad, does it light a fire or fluster her? If it’s lights a fire, then I would say so long to James or Jackie for sure.

vanessa land

I got to admit Vanessa is good at planting seeds in people’s head about manipulating them into what she wants them to do…Not as good as Derrick, (hell Derrick had them all out of the palm of his hand, Even Clay), and if you remember Derrick never got emotional..Derick is good at reading people because of his line of work, police detective, Vanessa is good at reading people because she’s a professional poker player…You got to know how to play your hand in this GAME….


We will probably find out at the end of the show that JMac and his brother were trading places the whole time. No one catching on- an extra 25k. Something like that. JMac seems like a different person at times.


I don”t know after all this, Shelli trust Van like use to so keeping Shelli is gonna b big mistake.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Shelli doesn’t trust anyone but Clay. If Shelli stays in the house, she will stick with Vanessa – not because she trusts her, but because Vanessa seems to always know what is going on in the house. Vanessa might think that all is forgiven, but make no mistake, Shelli will cut Vanessa loose as soon as she gets the opportunity.

Just Me

@ Just Mauid

At the beginning of the season Julie had said that this was the season of relationships. When she said that I automatically thought of the DNA season and thought they’d have people in here that either knew each other previously or were related in some way, either known or unbeknownst to them. After Julie announced the twin twist I thought that for certain it couldn’t be the only “relationship” she had hinted of at the beginning. I’m still waiting in anticipation that some of these people might be related or even another set of twins in the house. There are 3ppl we know for sure who had twins and 1 whom everyone on twitter suspected. If in fact someone is related or another twin has been in the house the whole time it’ll be the best season ever!


What if Clay isn’t 23 and Shelli isn’t 33 but somewhere in between? He could be her idiot twin brother lol. But that is just too too wrong on all levels!


Best part of the season is the weekly BB Takeover twist! That has been so awesome Im glad they so heavily promoted it in the first two weeks.


Pfffttt !!!!

Better Than Last Year

I went from liking Van to disliking her. I’m a big fan of the underdog & want Shelli to go on Thursday.
But…I have to give Van props for the game she’s playing.
Keeping Shelli this week gives her a meat-shield. She knows if Shelli goes, she’s the prime target next week.
She has NO intention of going to f2 with Shelli. Guarantee: Becky, Jmac, Meg.
Hope Shelli goes,,,but I don’t think so.
C’mon Jackie……… that HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont think Van’s strategy is to keep Shelli as a meat shield? In fact, I think it will make her a bigger target (to the huge group of 3 that she is playing against). I think she is playing with the “tiers of loyalty” Bullshit. She also sees and noted the obvious connection Meg and Clay have. Shelli isn’t that much of a threat anymore. She doesn’t even have Clay(vote) in Jury, so she lost a lot of power this week.


I would love to see Derrick and Vanessa on the same season on opposing sides of the house.

I survived last seasons BB

Best case scenario is Shelli goes..But it would take Steve,Becky and JohnnyMac’s votes to make that happen, which is not looking good, Unless Judas the Jerk shows up

Thursday night would be HUGE for a Jackie HOH,,I have no doubt She would put up Vanessa vs Shelli/Clay leftover with Liz as a backdoor option…Seems only Jackie is immune to Vanessa’s B.S


Vanessa is definitely Jackie’s target – she won’t forgive or forget Vanessa flipping things around during her last HOH and leaving Jackie out of the loop – and Vanessa knows it. The passive-aggressive hostility Jackie was throwing when her and Vanessa were bound together by the Knight/Squire punishment on the feeds was priceless and funny. I thought after the last go round with Clay and Shelli that Jackie had James convinced to put up Vanessa for a hot minute, and then he decided to keep the noms the same. For those 2, it’s going to be whoever can strike first.


Finale night is Sept 23. After this week’s eviction, there are 6 regular Thursday evictions left, and the usual 7th eviction prior to the finale. After this week, there will still be 9 people to be evicted before final 2, so there has to be at least one double eviction coming up, possibly 2 if they bring someone back. If they had gotten rid of the twins, there wouldn’t have been a double eviction and someone probably would have been given a second chance.


I feel like Vanessa is playing Derrick’s exact game with a few differences. She is way more back and forth and makes last minute decisions where as Derrick usually had a clear vision of each week which made for boring TV. So I at least give it to Vanessa in the sense that she has made this season a lot more fun by not sticking to one plan the whole way through. She also is a lot more dramatic and willing to call people out unlike Derrick. Other than that she has yet to be nominated and is hardly on anyone’s radar for at least the next 3 weeks I would say. Love her or hate her, girls got game.


Chill, it’s only week 5, Derrick made it through the entire summer without ever being nominated, he is leaps and bounds better at this game than Vanessa and really anyone since Dan.


Vanessa is playing Derrick with a bit of BBCAN3 Sarah’s game, she is a manipulator that is escaping danger because of her erratic and emotional outbursts. She is also able to fly to different sides of the house because of her strong social game. I do feel however that keeping Shelly may be a potential danger for her, with Shelly in the picture they became an obvious pair in comparison to her and Clay, having said so she will be more loyal to her than clay will. At this point, everything will be dependent on who will win the HOH, I’m just really glad that Battle of the Boring is over and small groups now have a chance to fight against a huge alliance.


Vanessa overplayed the HOH where she got rid of Jeff and that is her major weakness. She was already a lot calmer, but being flipfloppy seems to be something she’ll never get rid of. I am not sure if that’s part of her strategy.

She should definitely get rid of Clay because Clay will sell her out to Meg/Jackie so so quickly, much faster than before Shelli would consider even talking game with the two of them. Vanessa knows that Jackie hates her for Jeff and Meg hates her for Jason. It would be stupid for Vanessa to keep Clay.

Shelli is not afraid now to win more HOHs after being burned, and she would get rid of James, Jackie, Becky, Austin, Twins before Vanessa. Clay’s obvious hit list is Austin, Twins, Vanessa, and Clay does not know how to talk to women he can’t flirt with. I think he continually pisses off Vanessa but she has to take it.


Van is always super paranoid because she is so sketchy. I honestly think that long term wearing of that green beanie has damaged her brain! Seriously Van, it’s getting to be way too much-the paranoid thoughts are really out there! JMAC & Clay being cousins? Clay felt bad because JMAC was always putting his ass on the line, something she knows nothing about!


can’t decide who I want booted out of this house next week more.
Shelli (if she stays)
Austin (creepy and gross as F)
Liz (to break up her and chewbacca and her and her sis)
Becky (who? don’t want this floater making it anywhere near last 5 standing!!)


Why are you comparing that ugly piece of sh*t to me? I’m handsome and have great hair.


Man I said when James won HOH they would somehow fuck it up. If Clay goes home it takes away 1 tiny piece of 6 sense numbers, but he could have torn that group apart this week. After winning POV I would have taken Clay off and put Vanessa up. The votes would be close and Jackie & Meg would have been the swing votes. From Veto ceremony till eviction I’d be calling both sides up, get them to turn on eachother (because Vanessa would throw any1 under the bus to save her game). And make deals with either Shellis side or Vanessas side next week so they’d go after eachother and NOT James. But james/meg/jackie just started playing the game this week so they don’t see how good Vanessa is.
Love her or hate her Vanessa has played the best game. Not perfect but for being a comp beast, having so many people loyal to her and still hasnt been on the block…she’s played a better game than derrick soo far…yea I said it!


Actually, Jackie is the only one that sees how dangerous Vanessa is. If Jackie wins HOH, Vanessa will be her target. Jackie played it smart so far this week. She stayed out of the Clelli in HOH scenes, where Meg did the opposite and hurt her own game. After the punishment was over, she could have lived in HOH but instead she stuck to Vanessa like glue and did a good job of distancing herself from the drama unfolding upstairs. If anyone asks her what happened this week, she can truthfully say she wasn’t up there and only knows what others have told her. She doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning the game, but she isn’t stupid like Meg or scattered like Becky or domineering like Shelli and Vanessa. For me, she is easily the most likeable girl in the house along with Julia. Liz annoys me and I don’t think she will go far. Of the Austwins alliance, Liz is the biggest threat because she is the glue, without her, I don’t think Julia would work with Austin. She seems to be getting close to JMac, which could freak Becky out.


I strongly disagree. I don’t think Jackie is as smart as she is getting credit for. Does she want Van out, yes, of course, 100%. However, it is not because Jackie sees Van as this super strong player running the show. Jackie wants Van out because she is vengeful and that is it. It just so happens that the person she is angry with, Van, is actually running the show.. coincidence not intelligence. She has no clue what is really going on in the house. If James, Jackie, and Meg get blindsided by the Clay eviction Jackie will once again be saying “I just don’t get it.” They know there is an alliance but they can’t fathom that an alliance would actually stick together so they keep thinking it doesn’t really exist. Of course the alliance would have crumbled if it weren’t for Shelli/Steve (last week) and Van (this week).


Jackie hasn’t figured out Vanessa at all, but just dislikes her on a personal level and knows she was smart enough to eliminate Jeff. Jackie thought Jeff could help her get very far, and Vanessa got rid of him, so to her, Vanessa is smart enough to beat Jeff.

Jackie (and her team in general) is not that smart, she hasn’t figured out that Becky (her friend for 5 weeks) distrusts her and has been a rat, doesn’t know a thing about JohnnyMac, nor anything about Steve and Julia she can use on a game level. She bases Austin and Liz as a pair, with no way to figure out how to get between them.

She’s also got emotion written on her face whenever she’s around a woman she doesn’t like, so that’s not very socially smart to me.


Vanessa is not playing Derrick’s game. For starters, she’s on meds, he wasn’t. Derrick didn’t flip flop and act all crazy in people’s faces, “You LIED to meee?” etc. Derrick was smooth. Vanessa’s game play reminds me more of Amanda’s than anyone else. Kind of bullyish and no one can see it. Anyway, why is Vanessa fighting so hard to keep Shelli, when you know she would get rid of her towards the end. Seems very odd to me. Like Single White Female odd…

With all the people that are left, who do we want to see in the end? I am big time rooting for the underdogs, but I really don’t want to see Jackie or Meg in the end.


Derrick & Vanessa good players but Vanessa has more competition than Derrick did last season. Lets be honest Derrick’s only real competition was Donny who he sniffed out by week 2 and made sure nobody really sat down & worked w/ him. Vanessa similar to Derrick in that she controls & manipulates her crew(6th Sense) but players are game oriented than last years flops Nicole(just wanted to be w/ the “cool kids”) Vic, & Caleb, etc. They never played the end game to try to win.

Amanda on the other hand is a completely different kind of beast. That woman was a strategic monster. Hate her or not but she was a boss w/ people actually gunning after, matter of fact the Moving Company, Helen & Elissa( waited too long to strike) . Hell even America kept puttng her on the block for 2 straight weeks & she still managed to be safe & get out who she wanted w/out winning HOH. Sign of great player is not managing to stay off the block but be able to pull yourself off or not get voted out & still run the damn house. People dont like that she “bullied” Elissa but that was pure startey to save Aaryn & Andy. If she could have pulled that miracle off she wouldn’t have been stopped going forward. People hate season 15 for PC reasons but thir was a lot of drama, backstabbing & more strategic play than Derrick’s season. Amanda would have chewed Derrick up & spit him out w/ no remorse.


Derrick would probably still do quite well this season, but I don’t think he could handle all these people as easily. But there is no guarantee that he would not have worked with Clelli, Austin, Twins and Vanessa.
I think there is this assumption that Derrick would be leader of Meg/Jackie/James/Jason/Jeff and ride them to victory, and get rid of Vanessa and Shelli, but there is absolutely no guarantee. Derrick actually did not side with underdogs in his season, and he hates people who waver and talk too much, so he would probably get rid of Audrey (talks too much), Jason (talks too much), Becky (rat), Dayvonne (talks too much), Jeff (play both sides), Steve (big slithering unknown), JMac (maybe…low priority). He likes people who he can read who always vote one way. Meg = Victoria.


Johnny Mac and Julia seem to get along pretty well!


Julia will get along with anyone with a dong. Its in her DNA. Let us not forget her identical twin sister is dry humping Judas. Oh god I’m gonna be sick.


im rooting for jackie.. happy she has james with her but WOW MEG IS THE MOST DEADWEIGHT alliance member of all time… social game sucks and dont hold ur breath on her winning anything, EVER


Next weeks Vanessa will speculate that a twist is that they’re in the Matrix.


Is it just me, or does JMAC speak with a loud shouting volume in the DR? He’s such a spaz. Haha.


I see so much hate on Becky and so much love for Johnny Mac. Why is that?!?? They are playing a very similar game and are both floating. The only difference I see is Johnny’s diary rooms sessions are fun and he makes jokes. Oh and be won some POVs but wouldn’t had to win if he didn’t throw the BOB for someone else’s game. Sorry I can’t root for him to win when there are better players…Vanessa, Shelli, and even James. I was a 6th sense fan, hate to see Clelli be broke up.


When Steve asked about the alliance with Shelli do you think he was testing Vanessa . He knows more about the game than anyone and he ‘s done little things to stir it up. I think he has thrown comps a lot worse than Jmac so he might perceive that Van was hinting at him. It will be interesting to see if he decides to play what he will do. I don’t know if he trusts Vanessa or is just using her. I think he’s to smart to get misted by her.


I love how Clay appears pissed with Austin because James didn’t buy Clay’s argument to evict him. I think he is trying to make Austin vote to evict him instead of Shelli.
As to Clay and Shelli being related……maybe that’s why there appears to be no passion between them and why they haven’t kissed? Still, the cuddling is gross.


Ever notice how always…everyone over brushes their teeth for the cameras on Big Brother ? Now that they have a dentist in the house..they do it even longer…lol
Liz or Julia today….brushing with Johnny -Mac was prime example.


Please remember that there have been a lot of known parallels between this season and season 5. Nakomis and Cowboy were related without knowing it. This is why someone might speculate about these things. It’s easy to call them stupid when we have access to all the information but they do not.

Ian's lament

Someone needs to replace Vanessa’s Adderall with Xanex. Jeez. Your doing way to much