Austin “Clay is going rogue. We can’t trust him. Shelli is rational & can be reasoned with.”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 01-11-56-235

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12am Backyard couches Meg, Liz, Julia, Becky and Jackie are sitting around talking about Thanks Giving shopping holiday. Becky says at her store they would make the same amount in the first 45 minutes as they would make on entire Saturday. Meg says that if Jason goes back to his grocery store job she’s going to punch him. Liz says he should do something with a youtube channel. Meg says he wants to do something with fashion. Meg says that Jason’s friends teased him he would get evicted the week before jury and that exactly what happened. They agree that jury might not even start next week it depends on when Julie says it starts.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 01-28-13-066
Meanwhile James and Austin are playing pool. They finish their game and Austin, Liz and Steve hang out in the hot tub. Johnny Mac finds the praying mantis on his glass. The camera zooms in as the preying mantis and then it jumps on Johnny Macs shoulder and runs around to his neck. The girls scream. It falls on the ground and they pick him up and put him on the sand castle.

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12:45am Backyard James and Jackie are talking. James brings up how Shelli told them about Austin being Judas and how he was they mystery vote for Audrey. James thinks Austin won’t do any more mystery votes because if it happened again they would pin pint him. Jackie says we’ll see if he’s wearing his top hat of not. Jackie says that Meg said they should steal it. James says yeah lets hide it so he can’t be Judas any more. James says if you look at his picture on the memory wall it looks really creepy. That’s his Judas character. Last week he didnt wear his top hat and the vote was 7-2 just what it was supposed to be. James says if he’s wearing a top hat we’ll be like Judas don’t you dare!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 01-42-35-770

1:30pm Havenot room – Julia asks what did you guys talk about with Steve? Is he on board to keep Shelli? Austin says yeah. We’re good. It going to be rough. Julia says that guy (Clay) is making it easy so. Austin says its not about him, its about upstairs. Liz says we don’t know if he wants us to vote with him or not. Austin says it doesn’t matter we can’t! Clay is going rogue. He’s dangerous. We can’t trust him. Liz says I know. Liz says and they made a lot of good points .. like Clay is coming after Austin. Clay was saying that he’s not going to talk to them. Basically saying he doesn’t like Austin at all. Austin says that Shelli is rational and can be reasoned with. Clay is a hot head! He’s going after me and James for taking her (Shelli) out. Julia says he would for sure go after Austin so he needs to leave.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 02-02-57-758

1:45am – 2amSteve joins James out by the backyard pool. He asks James if he can fill him in on what has happened the last 24 hours. Steve says so as you know Clay saw us talking last night for a very brief moment when he poked his head outside. So I think he got woken up late for a late night DR session and I was up at the kitchen table. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Steve says it was obvious they were trying to get you to use the veto and its interesting they didn’t tell me what they did do. He told me what they didn’t do. James says I got you. Steve says It’s interesting that he left that hole there. James says the whole thing .. they had their backs up against the wall and Me, Jackie and Meg got mad because we were like why are ya’ll trying to let Steve go all of a sudden when last week it was supposed to be Austin leaving. Steve says wait did they want you to put Austin up? James says they wanted me to put you up first and then Austin. When I told them I wasn’t putting Steve up, then they shifted to Austin and spilled all the beans on him. They thought they did a hail mary. That’s how I found out that me, I was possibly a target this week to go home. I don’t know if I was to go home but I was definitely a target. Steve says based upon the impression I got ..there’s a core there and they were trying to pull me into it. James asks this week or last week. Steve says last week. James says if I didn’t put them up or get one of them out they would have been coming after me or Jackie. James says that the house is reconfiguring already. Steve says I am still the easiest expendable person. James says you have a lot more people on you side than you think you do. Don’t let people use you for your vote. Steve says that’s been happening a lot. James says vote how you want to vote. Clay is going to try to do what ever he can do to stay in this house. Steve says did you hear about the deal I made with Meg today. If I win HOH I get a kiss from her. James says I have to practically force her to give me a kiss.

James says that Meg, Jackie, Becky, Austin, Liz, Julia are all voting out Shelli. Johnny Mac is probably going to vote to keep Clay because he likes him. I told Johnny Mac to vote the way he wants to and you should too. Steve says I’m not entirely sure which way I’m voting. James heads to bed. Steve studies allowed.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 02-14-16-055

2:30am – 3:15am Shelli and Clay wake up and head out to the hammock. Steve says that this game is designed to kick our a$$ and it has done so to all 12 of us. Shelli asks have you cried in any of your DR’s Steve? (Two nights ago Steve told Shelli he cried in the diary room) Steve says yes. Shelli says I just feel like I cry so much. Shelli asks what he thinks is happening. Maybe its going to be a 10 person jury so we won’t have to split up. Steve says you guys are the most all American showmance this show has ever seen. They talk about the audition process. Steve says I didn’t believe I had made it until I met Jeff (Schroeder) for the interview. Clay tells Steve that he would love to see him win. Steve says I would love to win too.. that’s kind of the goal. Steve comments that he “connected” with a girl in sequester. Clay guesses which girl Steve is talking about because he had seen her too and figures that’s who Steve is talking about. He says he ever told his parents about her. He says he wished she was in here. Steve continues talking about sequester and ..Big Brother blocks the feeds and then switches all 4 camera on the havenot roo.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 02-34-08-951

3:35am Shelli, Becky and Steve separate the nuts from the can of mixed nuts. (Shelli only likes certain nuts from the mix) Becky goes to get the squirrel hats to wear while doing it. They finish and Becky heads to bed.

3:50am – 4:25am Kitchen – Clay tells Steve that his game is probably over with. If Jackie wins, you might be a target next week. Steve says I’ve been a target for awhile. Clay says I heard that he was saying to backdoor you this week. Is that true? Steve says yes. Clay says Austin was the target. I don’t know why he said that. Steve says I would be curious to how you found that out? Clay says its irrelavant. It doesn’t really matter. Steve says I would actually be curious to know. Clay says no, I would rather not. It will be one of us this week and then.. be wary of that. You’ve got Shelli. Steve says thank you. Shelli joins them. Steve says I’m the easy target after you get split up. Shelli says Austin has a lot of people.. he played us. Steve asks how did he play you? Clay says we’re the reason Austin stayed. Shelli says and he’s the reason why we got put on the chopping block this week and the reason why one of us will go home .. and I can’t get over it. Clay says Austin didn’t want you in jury. Shelli says he’s been putting his stamp into which ever group is in power. Clay says we risked our game to help him and he didn’t do anything to help us. Its upsetting how he’s still in the game. People are afraid to target him because he is 3. That’s why it made sense to target him this week because then he wouldn’t be in jury. Steve says I’m an easy target. Shelli says there are bigger targets. Steve says but if someone doesn’t want blood on their hands .. I’m an easy target. Shelli says when James is in power he is totally different. He has his hand in everyone’s pocket. Clay says we were James’ plan this whole time. But he went around making deals with Johnny and the twins that he wouldn’t put them up in exchange for safety. Now Johnny Mac feels like he owes him we he was never going up in the first place. Shelli says I will tell you what he (James) will not get my vote. Clay tells Steve keep that all between us! Clay and Shelli head to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 03-54-49-632

4:25am – 4:35am Backyard. Steve heads outside and says that was interesting. Steve says I’ll talk to the feeds for a bit. I’ll open that door with the one that stays. I’m on board with the freaks and geeks keeping Shelli. Clay admitted he has a final 2 with James so I think Clay is trying to play too much. I think Clay has more bridges. I think any distrust I had with Shelli I have rebuilt that. I do want to win HOH though. Steve goes back to studying the days. Steve says by the way Becky’s my target if I win HOH during the double eviction .. she is saying way too much about me. Steve thinks none of the cameras are following him and says that’s not good. Some one is talking! Steve heads to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 04-28-19-662

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Guy From Canada

Who wants to start a kick starter for a banner plane “Shelli is a Rat”….the girl has got to go!

Bob the Giraffe's Uncle Vern

If Shelli doesn’t go home, I’m gonna quit watching and get real mad and pull my hair out and stuff like that!!!


Once you do that please send Siimon & Dawg a picture


Shelli is the devil rat

Like...I'm Jackie

They are both rats! They keep denying having anything to do with Jason leaving, but yet all they talk about is how Austin owes them for keeping him last week. They both are acting like bitter little bitches!


This sucks. I’m glad boytoy Clayhole will be gone, but I really wanted Smelli out! I just can’t believe I have to watch more of horse-teeth, extension-showing, conceited witch ass Smelli again and again.


Definitely down for that. Want her gone! I want even more for Van’s puppet master actions to hit a snag. She knows Shelli will gun for James, win comps, & get people out to increase Van’s odds to the finals. I understand her game but she has had no major bumps yet: never been on the block or really spoken of being put on block & would love to see Shelli(because she is a nasty person)evicted & ruin Van’s plan.


lol look at all these delusional comments. once again these obviously mentally unstable bb fans are hating on one of the best players this season, oh i forgot she is the devil too, lol. go get counselling guys, this is a game and shelli is playing very, very well so far…nothing you can do about it. take a clue from dan gheesling and derrick levasseur, they are intelligent enough to realize that shelli is a great player.

Deez Nutz

Steal the hat!!

Double D

Austin…”Get the floaters out” LMAO And what do you consider yourself Austin?

TorontoVegan (the real one)

James is oblivious to what is going on in that house. I hope someone spills the beans, so that Clay’s eviction doesn’t come as a complete surprise to him on Thursday night. Glad to see Steve opening up a little more to the Jackie/James/Meg alliance.


steve is definitely with vanessa and jmac, he thinks vanessa is just like him(a geek, when in reality vanessa is a snake in the grass, and NOT A GEEK). steve is trying to absorb information out of james/meg/jackie to relay them back to the mega boss V.


Vanessa is the worst. The only thing I see her being a mastermind of is changing her damn mind all the time! She keeps the others head spinning, and by the time they figure out whats going on, she got them going in a different direction.
However, the reason why I love this game, is the reason why I hate it. It showcases what people have more practice with in the outside world. Vanessa is a boss, she plays like a boss. (not the cool word that the kids use). You don’t become a DJ, Poker player, model, lawyer… etc. etc. By the time you’re 30 all without money and minions! This is why we need more smart, middle aged, serious professionals going at it. The children have nothing on these people!


I refer to Van as the master mind,& for the exact reasons you stated. Enjoyed your post & your bullet points that sum Van up completely. She should be on people’s radar & seriously hope Jackie will take her out if she is able. Jackie has definitely made various comments on Van being the head bitch in charge. Take her out please!


I love how fans of the ADC crew have such absolutely warped views of who the “good” and “bad” people are in the house. Vanessa has taken more time with Steve than anyone else. She’s had long conversations with him that have nothing to do with game that no one else in the house have bothered with. The twins are also really good to him and genuinely enjoy his company without saying nasty things about him behind his back. Meg on the other hand talks more shit about Steve than anyone in the house and treats him like rabid rodent. Oh, but your heart warms to the thought that he would embrace that side? There’s a reason why he’s close to Vanessa. Because Vanessa has done far more than anyone else to develop a bond with him.


umm maybe bc steve is ratting them out? ya know? why wouldnt vanessa not like about steve being a rat?

btw steve is not a child. he needs to make an effort. not just ask people who theyre targeting and not give anything back. it’s call energy that he’s giving to other people that makes them apprehensive.

Just So You Know

I love how people think they know, but don’t know, as if there the only one who knows, and tells us what they know about everyone, as if they know, and believes there breaking everything down as if we need to know, you know


I agree, BUT James keeps telling people to just “go with your heart.” I’m not sure that nice-guy approach is going to cut it. Soooo, Clay is out. He’s over this show anyway. Way to go Texas A&M! You must be proud!


Right. It’s stupid to give people free will to vote however they choose. He’s the HOH he should be attempting to influence which HG is voted out. As his alliance members, Jackie and Meg should be relaying that message and trying to also sway the vote to support James wish. That’s part of the problem with the rag tag motely crew alliance of James/Jackie/Meg. They have no strategy,no long term vision. They just deal with the immediate.


Steve is Van’s minion, & he lacks the courage & strength to leave her side. But honestly for his game play,Van will take him to the final 2, & I have been saying this. Van brought in Steve early on because she sought out that he was odd, a loner, socially awkward, others didn’t like him,& she took him under her wing. She will dispose of the others one by one till it’s down to her & Steve(unless it comes down to threatening her game). Shelli will more than likely stay & be another person to jump on the Van bandwagon to do her dirty work. Damn I want her gone grrr!


what i hate most about this week is that it puts austin and liz in such a good position. they could stay for much longer now. i want them out so bad, but who is gonna go after them now? these idiots will probably get john or steve out next week. can’t wait until austin and liz are on the block together with one of them going home, to see how austin would handle that.


Once Liz goes to jury
All they have to do is talk about jury and partying in the jury house
Then mention the handlers n staff at jury house
Watch Austin run to the block and beg to be voted out
Hell … he’d probably win pov and not us it on himself

Furless Bat

I agree, I think if you get Liz out, Austin will be falling over himself to get put on the block and voted out.

OK ya basic

Bless! I’ve been thinking the same thing! It’d be sweet ironic poetry to see that happen, in more ways than one. Not that I’m a huge Clelli fan, but just because Austale is such a “romantic” (barf) and it’d be hilar to see the other showmance go out the same way and watch creepy beard lose his $hit. Liz is oblivious. The only reason I like Austin around is because he wants to take out Jackie.
If they take out John, I’ll cry more than he has this week!

AKA Twistin' ....

If Shelly stays, I’m not so sure she will do a revenge move. Hopefully it’s not even an issue because her staying should make Jackie even more determined. I ‘m hoping if Shelly does stay that she’s the one to send dirty-girl Vanessa packing.

Austin and the pussycats switch like Florida weather. Annoying.


I like the “dirty girl” She is the best gamer in the house IMO. She is a little crazy and paranoid but I am sure most of us would be, in the same situation. You never know who you can really trust and in fact you can’t really trust anyone (except your twin in this case) It amazes me that Liz and Julia are so mad about Clelli “throwing them under the bus” (Christ I am so sick of that phrase) when they would do the exact same thing and will when they are the ones on the chopping block. That is the nature of the game. Hopefully the power shifts back and forth each week to maximize the drama. I prefer the two clear cut sides duking it out and vying for the votes of the neutral players. It is more exciting no matter who you like or dislike. Much better then us knowing 1/2 way through who is going to win. (It was funny last year that even they knew who was going to win but they never did anything to stop it) With the twins and Austin in the jury and assuming they all vote the same if you are on their good side you are close to the win! It is very true and overlooked by some that letting them get that far may be a mistake that may cost someone the game in the end. We already see the twins can be very vindictive and will clearly hold a grudge. I am sure Vanessa wants to break them up but does not and will not be the one to do it. (she will be on board with Jackie, Meg, James or even one of the “floaters” pulling the trigger) If I had to guess I would say maybe get Steve to do it (when and if he wins HOH) and she carries him to the end which would all but lock in 3 votes for her for the win. Of course with so many weeks left anything can happen and the three of them may stab Vanessa and Shelli in the back before long. Talk about shifting towards the power! Austin is a spineless jellyfish. All talk and very little action.


Shelli and Clay did kick them under the bus… but if situations were different, they would totally kick people under the bus… LOL. Th BB expressions I’m really not a fan of….

Floatters: The most misused and misinterpreted phrase in the game. If someone does not win comps, people started calling them floaters…. that’s not a floater…. that’s a person who doesn’t win comps. Sometimes there are people like Becky, who has just been overlooked and she has won comps… she just not get picked up by a team until just before her team is getting split. This Season is rare because it has NO floaters. There isn’t a later in the house…. perhaps some strays but NO Floaters.

Blow Up My Game: Lets be honest the things people are afraid that is going to blow up their game you would have to be Helen Keller not to notice. People are always afraid of people noticing that they are working together… yet they then hang out in a tight knit click that looks like they are working together. take this year… since the 2nd HoH their has been a group upstairs and a group downstairs… yet for some insane reason people thought that they were being covert about it. It is even obvious Steve is working with Van and crew.

Alliance Names: There are only two Alliance names anyone can ever remember Chilltown and the Brigade… why??? because they are stupid. I’m starting a new alliance… A.N.A.S Alliance Names are stupid and feel free to call it Anus… because that s what I think of Alliance names.

Good Side Bad Side of the House: There really isn’t a Good Side and a Bad Side… they’re all good people that can act like assholes. Don’t tell me that you are a good person and some one else is evil… they all do it…. even the really evil or wicked ones. You really have to be a Bad person to be truly a bad person in the house….. outside of Jordan I can’t think of a really sweet good person that lasted long enough to remember their name,,, Oh Yeah Donny… Donny was truly an all around great guy. I would have said Jeff, but his second Season he was kind of an asshole bully. It’s one of the reasons I wish Britney hosted the BB stuff… I kind of stopped liking Jeff.

Canadian Kevin

I’m hoping, hardcore, that Jackie wins the next HoH and that Vanessa is up against Shelli (if shelli stayes, which is likely).


Jackie winning would be the best bet. High probability of that not happening though. Anybody else winning is that same as Vanessa winning (even if she doesn’t) because she has dominion over most of the HGs menal faculties.

I’m just not ready for another exhausting week of her conversations and roving/changing targets.


Shelli is cold and calculating. She won’t seek revenge so much as she will go about the business of eliminating anybody who stands in her way of $500K. She (sort of) likes Clay and will be angry when/if he goes and may possibly use that to justify nominating a HG who had their hands in his eviction. Otherwise she is there to get as much air time (and springboard her acting career) and money as she can. It’s a simple as that.


If they blindside them with the Shelli vote to stay,that will probably reconfirm to Jackie what she already knows. Pray that Jackie wins the 1st HOH and Becky the 2nd. I’d like to see what they would do. Twinsten switch their vote every hour because they are so pathetically self-centered and sheep.

Guy From Canada

You mean like back to back weeks HOH1 and HOH2 cause BOTB is over so there is no HOH1 and HOH2……

AKA Twistin'...

Agree 100%. The twins are party girls. They didn’t apply for a spot, they were recruited because they are blond-bimbo twins. The grossness of Austin just happens to be a side-bar nasty that they are used to putting up with. I don’t think they care about the win one way or the other really… unlike Day, Jason, Jeff and Audrey.

Austin – every time he closes his eyes and goes in for a kiss, I get sick. Shit’s gross.


There’s only 1 HOH now


I assume they are talking about the double eviction HOH 1 and then HOH 2?


Pretty sure they mean for double eviction, duh.


Maybe if shelli does stay James won’t be as mad as I think he would be…maybe a little surprised, but he is telling everyone to vote the way they want to vote. So maybe in the end he may prefer Shelli gone. ( don’t we all!!) But he won’t be too upset if clay leaves


I agree, though James wants Shelle gone, he at least, let their vote be their vote, so I’m sure he is prepared for Clay to leave as an alternative.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Make no mistake, James will be pissed if Clay is the one evicted on Thursday. He probably won’t show too much emotion, but he will be upset that he was kept in the dark for the second week in a row. I hope Jackie wins the next HOH and continues to dismantle that alliance. Next to go, Liz or Vanessa!


No. I prefer Clay gone. He has no game.


At least James will finally know who all lied about working with him. Then hopefully his side will even try harder to win hoh.

Team Edward

Clay is making it easy for them to vote him out. He is young, emotional, and as a big time football player from the south, probably a little pampered. He is sulking but might turn it around tomorrow. The twins are an enigma. I really think they are going to vote Shelli out. They are smart and realize that they are the swing votes. They can also pin a rogue vote on Becky or Steve.

Why Steve doesn’t want to win HOH is beyond me.


I’m kinda feeling like Shelli & Clay are like Jesse & Natalie from BB11. Jesse did all the work and Natalie let him, and in this case Shelli does all the work an Clay just kind of sits back and watches things. However, I think if Clay stays he’ll be like Brendon who seemed to need Rachel getting evicted as the kick in the pants to finally get motivated to win comps and play the game. To me James is sort of like Jeff with the coup de tas breaking up the power couple and shifting the game b/c if he didn’t do something like this it’s very possible they were going strait to the end. As for the comments about them as a couple due to age, it can work. My husband and I are 8 1/2 yrs. apart, I married him when I was 20 and he was 28, we just celebrated our 21st anniversary.


The twins are smart?!?!? LOL

I knoooooooooowwwwwwww

Liz says “I know”

Vanessa's Adderall

I think the twins and Austin are lying to Vanessa now. Either they tell her what she wants to hear or they are seriously flip-flopping on who to vote out.

What I don’t understand is why Vanessa always mentions Jackie as her target? At this point, I’m really starting to think Vanessa has something personal against Jackie since she tried to keep her from being HOH as opposed to everyone else and she often throws out Jackie as her target. What’s the deal?


I think Vanessa’s thing with Jackie is that she is more perceptive and has a better assessment of what is going on in the house than anyone else not in Sixth Sense. Plus, by constantly throwing around Jackie’s name as a threat she is sort of subliminally convincing her other alliance members to target Jackie if they win HOH, which then keeps the target off Steve, her other secret alliance member, whose name everyone keeps dropping.

Twisted Season My Ass

These people can’t make up their minds who to vote out. Shelli one minute, Clay the next. While I loved Vanessa in the beginning I’m finding her more annoying and harder to watch with each passing day. She’s this seasons Derek or at least she thinks she is; running the show and telling people how to act, pu-lease! Let the viewers take over. Maybe then they’d be knocked down a few pegs when things don’t go the way Queen Nessa wants.


I’m not an Austin fan, but Shelli and Clays anger towards Austin for being on the block is ridiculous. They decided to keep Austin because he was a number to them.They are on the block because how they handled the Jason eviction. They didn’t own up to it and it made them look untrustworthy. They only saved Austin because it was better for their game. They kept playing the other side and got caught. Own up to it and stop blaming everyone else!




why do the austwins keep changing their mind about whom to evict every hour? this is getting very suspicious, like its someone telling them to say this. people who are mad at something just do not change their mind like that so fast on a whim, very very random. its as if they are trying to cover up something, but what and why? i don’t get it.

Amanda queefs slop

Someone should be targeting Liz. She is the true head of the monster. That would be breaking up her and her sister, and her and Austin. It would leave Julia and Austin without their “person” and that whole threesome would crumble. Why are people so blinded by that trio? They’ve got to go before jury, because whoever sends Liz home won’t have the final votes from Julia or Austin.


VERY astute observation and perspective.
I am so blinded by the Vanessa versus Shellie (non-existent) eviction that I am letting Liz float on by.
If ever we are in the BB House together, please pick me for your alliance!

June Bug

I’m curious to see if Becky would target Vanessa, she seems very suspicious of her. Her and Johnny Mac will side with Shelli. I think she wants to break that bond between Shelli and Vanessa so she can have an alliance with her. Vanessa needs to get rid of Becky and John if not they can be dangerous to her game down the road.


I can’t decide which brat I want to leave first… they’re both annoying little whiny b1tches!


But they sure look good in their bikinis 🙂


My Mid season report:

Austin – Meathead Rob Lowe, perfect meatshield for the twins.
Liz – Annoying voice, So ditzy
Julia – Slightly larger version of Annoying voice, So ditzy.
Vanessa – Retire the beanie, Master Manipulator, Exhausting to have a conversation with, Good at faking emotion to get what she wants.
Shelli – Comp beast, Horse teeth, Totally shit the bed, panicked this week when she was in the line of fire.
Clay – Horrible conversationalist. Pretty Useless other than eye candy.

James – Comp beast, Seems like a good guy but is a huge perv.
Meg – TOTALLY USELESS, Pushing Victoria hard for most useless HG ever.
Jackie – Physical competitor but I just don’t like her. She talks so much shit but doesn’t seem to get anything done.

Steve – Ian he is NOT. Although, he doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body, he’s not doing shit!
JonnyMc- My fav but he seems to not do anything either. I never see him on the feeds and I can’t understand how floaters like him, Steve and Becky thinks this is a viable strategy.
Becky – A true rat to the core. Will sell anyone out in a heartbeat and she smells a lot like Andy.

Side 1 – Aus/Liz/Jul/Van/She/Clay
Side 2 – Jackie/James/Meg
Floaters – Becky/JonnyMc/Steve

I have very little rooting interest this year.

However, I tend to like Side 1 over Side 2. Yes, I know I’m in the minority. Yes, i know Austin is a creep in most of your eyes. However, I just can’t respect players like Meg, Jason who do little to nothing in the game. James, Vanessa and Shelli are all beasts and if Vanessa is the player I think she is she will get the votes to save Shelli. It would be huge for her personally in the game although Shelli I’m not a big fan of. Clay, however, really does nothing for Vanessa or the alliance. I actually despise Vanessa but it’s on a personal level for something she did before she even came in the house or even known to be coming on Big Brother but that’s another novel all together. In the end, Vanessa is totally controlling this game. They will need to chop her head off sooner rather than later. When you have someone that can control emotions of other players, (ie telling the twins how to feel when Shelli comes to apologize) that’s a very dangerous thing. She is highly manipulative and the whole alliance takes their cues from her. In the end, this week will be another victory for 6th sense (or the easily controlled floaters) unless Jackie wins. Because Meg aint winning nothing unless it’s a contest on being useless.

In closing, It’s just weird for me to dislike so many players on Side 1 and still root for them.


How could you insult Rob Lowe like that??


i honestly dont know what way austin and the twins are voting. first they were voting out shelli, then clay then shelli again this afternoon and now clay again.

its going to be whoever talks to them last i think that gets them to vote their way. either vanessa does and they vote out clay or james does and they vote out shelli. or maybe judas will appear and voter out shelli either way


Both Austin, Liz and Steve have all voted rogue, I’m hoping for an upset come Thursday.

Austin's hand

So the hand has won! Its powers can no longer be denied. It has petted its victim into full submission.

am i missing something?

I see the tweet and image of austin trying to steal a kiss from Liz, but didn’t see anything written about it – was that from this morning?

I survived last seasons BB

It was a perfect week and HOH, up to the POV Ceremony

James trusted the Austwin Group to vote His way which now obviously isn’t happening. As soon as the POV Ceremony kept noms the same..The two biggest idiots in the game, Austin and Vanessa went straight back to being them self

Overall though..Thanks James for a pleasurable week of BB


I hope Jackie wins HOH this week if Shelli stays and put Liz and Austin on the block or venessa and Austin. Am sick of them. Disgusting!


Thanks Boys!!! The last thing I needed this morning, was to see a picture of Austin and Liz kissing!!! I am cursed for the rest of the day!! LOL


Funny thing is modern BB fans always want strong women and seasons where men don’t run the game. This season has multiple strong women that are using different strategies and running circles around the guys with emotional manipulation, but most are hated by the online fanbase. There is definitely a bias from the get go against ‘a type’ of player.


I totally agree! I am in the minority but I am loving Vanessa and Shelli kicking ass. Do they have their annoying habits? Yes but who would not being under a microscope 24/7… but I am really enjoying for once women taking lead, not being easily manipulated by the men and I was so looking forward for the Vanessa v Shelli showdown which I am hoping still happens. I just get not get behind Meg who is totally useless, James who is such a perv and Jackie , she has not done much but talks big… either way it’s been a good season and i hope the women keep slaying it


Messa only has Shel-lie’s back. Ausdum and the sluts are to stupid to see it. Take out Shel and Messa has nowhere else to go. I think Messa’s number is about up anyway. To many people have figured her out.


I’m hanging in there as a Vanessa fan. Despite her annoying intensity I think she’s playing on a different level than everyone else. I think she “mists” people with her intelligence. On the other hand, BB can’t be reduced to numbers and a poker hand. I feel like she’s vulnerable and underestimates the possibility of things going wrong she can’t control. It would be great for Johnny Mac to come out of himself but I think it will need to happen soon.


Eww my eyes are burning from seeing that pic of Liztin kissing..gross!


Steve cracks me up! This guy is really starting to grow on me.


Vanessa’s behavior is always repetitive is ruled by anxiety she needs to feel in control of all situations or she derails. She is a control freak. She has to make the decisions for everyone,fix all the problems in her alliance, decides who stays and who is voted out, Austin and the twins can’t make a decision unless its okay with her. I see this more of a sickness than a good game player.


OMG WTF how can these people keep listening to Vanessa. I wish someone would confront James on what Vanessa and Shelling are saying so James can confront Vanessa and Shelling before the vote. But I know they wont. WE NEED A TWIST BIG BROTHER!!!


I really don’t understand why if Clay thinks he is staying he is acting the way he is. His moping around and not speaking to people is annoying. Also, would someone please enlighten me as to why he feels that Austin should have done more to try to keep them when they themselves tried so hard to stay to no avail? Why is there no blame towards Vanessa? They are mad because Austin didn’t do more while they follow him up the stairs and throw him to the wolves! Just don’t get Clay’s thinking. After reading all of the above comments, although I respect them I don’t understand the anger towards Austin here. He is odd, and (in my opinion) ugly, but he is being led on by Liz and Julia. Who is the disgusting person here? He is totally mesmerized by Liz, and thinks she cares for him as well. She has not told him any different, and even Vanessa told him she cared for him. If he had been going after Liz while being rebuffed constantly, I could see the comments having validity, but that is not the case at all. She is getting what she is asking for as far as I am concerned. How we feel about him personally, I do feel sorry for him because he has no idea what is happening. If Austin is guilty if anything, it is being led by the nose by Vanessa and the twins.


Is it too much for a guy to ask that Meg wins HOH? Yeah, I know she’s pretty useless in the game, but watching her bounce up and down would make up for that. Boingy boingy boingy…

Misty Beethoven

I know I should be offended, but this made me laugh out LOUD!!!


James was in a very bad spot until he won HOH. He seized the day and made a big move. Whether Shelli goes or stays, he has broken up a power couple. Whichever one stays will have to regroup. No matter what James did this week, he still would have been in trouble next week, so I respect that he made a big move. If Clay leaves and James is gone next week at least he goes out with a bang.

James knows that what Audrey told him about the 6 is true, but he hasn’t confronted anyone, which is smart. Instead he gave each of them the opportunity to come clean and none of them did. This tells him that Audrey was right, they are all working together and they are all against working with him. At least he knows that for sure. Maybe he should have pulled Clay down and put up Vanessa, but Vanessa promised him a final 7 deal. Will she keep the deal? Probably, though all that means is that SHE won’t target him, it doesn’t mean that she won’t let the other 4 target him. If he put her up, that deal would be dead.

James needs Jackie to win HOH, or he needs a miracle to happen and Meg to win it (he’s not holding his breath though). Going forward, James needs to win POVs to keep himself safe, but if he can make it through DE he will be a candidate for the end. He didn’t have many choices. The worst thing he can do right now is pressure the house to vote the way he wants, this will only alienate him.

Unlike the other 2 HOH this season, he understands that once POV ceremony is over, he has no power, no vote. It is smart that he is telling people that he put these two up and to vote for what’s best for their own game. He doesn’t get a vote this week, so it will be the rest of the house deciding who goes and who stays. Slightly less blame on him. He is still not in a good spot, but he is in a better spot than he would have been if he took out smaller players.


Right now James is a class act I can get behind. I just hope a miracle happens to keep him.


So when james going to tell vanessa that shelli through her under the bus?


I want him to keep it like a bomb…
If he (or an alliance member) is up on the block against Shelli, then that’s the time to strike! If he tells Van now, it could cause a big blow up, but they can make up and be friends before the next HOH. If he keeps the info, he can use it when its needed. At least that’s why I hope he is sitting on it… Unlike Jason.


I thought Shelli only told James she didn’t want to say anything bad about Vanessa, and that Austin played Vanessa to get himself saved the week before, and that she and Clay trusted people that didn’t have their best interest in heart
Did I miss more?

Yo Yo Yo

So does everyone already know each other before they are in the house from sequester? How long are they in there for? So some relationships have already begun before they enter the house???


My understanding is they are separated before moving into the house. They first meet right before entering. James was HoH for 2 weeks before they had the next round of comps. I believe they were in the house about a week before the show first aired and the feeds went live.
So they were together for a week before we get to see them live.

Straight Shooter

Hey Shelli, sort out your own damn nuts like the rest of us.

Straight Shooter

Is it really possible to pick only the young nuts out of the can anyway? 😉

another name

There’s a few things I’m thinking about.
If the house tries to separate Austin Liz and Julia, Liz might be in the safest position. sure she’s the tie between the others. but take her out and two people are after you. Austin would not roll over and beg to be evicted, he fancies himself as a medieval code master. He’d get amped up and be motivated to go after the one that did his poor damsel wrong. Similarly, if you take out Julia, Liz will get Austin worked up. you have two people after you again. If a player is going to take anyone out of the three, they have to go after Austin first.
In terms of keeping clay or shelli, the freaks would be better to keep shelli. becky would be better off to keep shelli, but would probably want to keep clay. john would keep clay. Jackie and meg would keep clay. Steve would likely keep shelli but he’s voted off plan before.
Clay if he stays will try to up his connection with becky and john, while also playing up to meg. he’ll try to stay in with vanessa peripherally. in other words, he’ll try to play the middle more. he’ll still try to be on the side of whoever has the power every week.
I can see why Vanessa is targeting Jackie. Vanessa took out Jeff. she knows that gives Jackie reason to want vanessa gone. vanessa played Jackie when they were co-hoh. Jackie knows she got played. Vanessa knows that give Jackie more reason to want vanessa gone. Vanessa says Jackie is her target because she knows Jackie has the most reason to target Vanessa.
Steve wanting Becky out is silly, but I guess it makes sense to him. Steve thinks he’s connected to John. Becky is competition there. I still think it’s odd. but hey.


He should of took Clay down and put up Vanessa!!


Hey BB! Wake those fools up! It’s almost 11 am. Live feeders don’t wanna pay for fish.

Shelli's Chompers

That pic of Austin going in for the kiss disgusts me! Ewww! Dawg’s caption….classic! Um yes Austin, trying to kiss Liz is criminal to all of us! Ugh!


Clay is being a extra jerk on purpose so they keep Shelli. This dumb dumbs are too dense to get that. Shelli has won 2 HOH’s, Clay has won hardly anything. Shelli is a bigger threat she’s won more it’s pretty easy to see that for all their games it would be better to get her out. She has a high chance of winning the next HOH again let’s not forget she basically threw the last one! Its going to come back and bit them


There already on their Radar so Vanessa has to do it for her game. She needs people that could win with her to at least get those targets off. None oft hem won’t last. I see meg, Steve & Johnny at the end with one power house… questions is who is going to out smart the other.


I think its part of his strategy to get her to stay too. He’s already checked out of the game. Actually he really didn’t have much of a game other than following the orders he was given. So him being evicted before jury is not a real loss to him.

Hope left over from the Good ol' Days

Maybe they’ll let America vote out one of America’s Sweethearts.


I hope good ole days doesnt mean the days before clay and Shelly were put on the block and they are about to do a reset like last year. I was happy when it happened last year but if it happens now…NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


where jace he was voted off i dont see him on here,,he was cast he had illumanti symbol on his side..he was cool i thought he ran buck naked on the show,,maybe he return like judd did on bb15 he win the contest