Van – “I told Clay it won’t be unanimous I’ll keep my word to Shelli. He said it would be bad for my game”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 13-36-02-695

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1pm – 1:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds and switches to the live feed highlights with Jeff Schroeder. The house guests had a task about answering question about celebrities/current events(?) & won takeout for a number of nights. Austin asks does that start tonight? Does that mean there’s no havenots next week? Liz says that was fun. It gave us something to do. Johnny says I think they’ll suspend havenots for you so you can have it too.
Kitchen – James ask what did ya’ll think it was when I came out? Jackie says a half way party.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 13-41-39-242

1:35pm – 1:50pm Havenot room- Shelli and Vanessa tells Shelli you need to give me your word you’re not going to tell him what I am telling you. Shelli says oh my god you’re scaring me.. Vanessa says give me your word! Shelli says I give you my word. Vanessa says you understand that if he finds out about this and stays it will ruin my game. Shelli says I won’t say anything. Vanessa says that Clay came to her in the bathroom and said it looks like Shelli has no shot.. its going to be unanimous for you to go. I told him oh don’t worry it won’t be unanimous I’ll keep my word to you (Shelli). He said oh you don’t have to keep your promise .. that would probably be bad for your game. Shelli says Mmhmm .. I can already tell that he’s switching. He came to me and was like when you go home can you contact my family and tell them I miss them. I didn’t say anything .. I’ve helped him a lot in this game.. does he think I am just going to roll over and let them vote me out. Vanessa says there is no chance of you going. Austin and the twins are voting to keep you. So you have 4 in the bag! I would bet my life on it. Steve is going to do it after talking to me. Steve wants to keep you because he sees you as a bigger threat. He likes having bigger threats in the house. It shields him. In terms of game wise I think you have a better shot at winning. Steve came to me this morning about wanting to work with which ever one of you is left with me and Johnny Mac. Shelli asks really? Vanessa says he said you guys were talking about it. Shelli says we were talking about how we love working with you. I think Clay threw out Johnny Mac’s name. Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin doesn’t like how Clay hasn’t come up to him to apologize so don’t encourage him. I know that’s awful but.. Vanessa says that she let Steve know that if his name did come out it wasn’t from you. Steve said that you’ve been nicer to him than Clay. Shelli says its point less to campaign to Jackie and Meg they’re going to vote how James wants. Vanessa says that Clay talked about how much he hated Austin and how he will go after them. Shelli asks he said that!? What is he thinking?! Clay joins them. Vanessa tells him how Steve came to her saying which ever of you are left plus me and Johnny should work together. Clay says not directly! We said we love working with you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 13-44-56-903

1:55pm Shelli goes to Steve in the kitchen and tells him that she would really love to work with him. I really hope you vote to keep me. She says I’ve kept you safe when I’ve been HOH. I think we would be a good pair. I would be stupid to not want to work with you. Steve says thank you, I appreciate you saying that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 14-01-32-333

2:15pm Pool talk about random things and Shelli / Austin in the kitchen eating. JMac flossin’
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 14-15-16-267
2:30pm – 2:35pm Big Brother puts the house guests on an indoor lock down. James tells Jackie we need to make a deal with her (Vanessa) about the final 8 just in case she win. Jackie says yeah so she doesn’t f**k us next week. Then we can f**k her! Just kidding. James says if one of us wins.. throw Vanessa and Clay up together. Jackie says Austin said Vaneesa and Johnny Mac. James says yeah that’s good. Who do you think would go home though? Jackie says they would vote out Vanessa.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-04 14-47-14-143
2:25pm – 2:45pm Johnny Mac and Becky studying in the comic bedroom. Becky tells Johnny that Shelli ratted herself out to Austin. She said I’m so sorry for making all that stuff up. He asked her what she made up and she told him. I don’t like how Shelli plays. Becky tells Johnny about how Austin’s alter ego name is Judas and it was Judas who voted for Audrey. Johnny says that’s crazy. Johnny says we just need to lay low. There are still two big pairs as targets … the showmance and the twins. Johnny tells Becky we need a name. Becky says we’ll need to think about it. Meanwhile in the backyard – James jokes about how is pull out game isn’t strong and how he lets everyone know that. The pool crew cheer on Austin as he works out. “Dance monkey, Dance! James joins them. Becky wonders if they’re on a lockdown for the halfway party. James says that trivia was fun today.

3pm Big Brother ends the lockdown.

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I’ll laugh if Shelli stays, but it won’t happen! Bye Shelli! Have fun talking to Julie Chen!!!


Not being rude or argue, but how do you think Clay is staying? I don’t like either Shelli nor Clay but Clay does not have the numbers. Van,Austin,twins, & Steve are keeping Shelli as of now. Twins don’t like Clay,Austin & Clay have NOT been on good terms since their(Clelli) nominations. Meg,Jackie,JMAC & Becky would be the ones(if Becky & JMAC stay true)to keep Clay. Jake’s can’t vote. Becky at one time said she would honor Clay’s wishes, which was to keep Shelli but regardless of how Becky votes, they don’t have the #’s. I would love for Shelli to go but highly doubtful. Van controls the others(Austin,Twins & Steve). Van wants Shelli there to win comps, get her(Van) closer to finals & Shelli is better than Clay clearly, plus Shelli will target James hard core. For all these reasons Shelli will stay. That is why as stated in this post,Van is getting into Shelli’s head. Just putting it out there…


Yes, on Tuesday, Shelli has the numbers, but a lot can happen in 48 hours. Here’s just one of dozens of ways this could play out not in her favor:

Shelli is starting to feel emboldened by Vanessa’s campaigning for her, and she is feeling like she has a chance to stay. The problem is that she always gets paranoid, and won’t trust that the five votes she has lined up gives her enough of a cushion to stay…

SO she will try to secure Becky’s vote, and Beck will of course tell her that she is safe. Then Beck will tell JMac that Shell is campaigning to stay, and, at some point, JMac will relay this info to Clay. Which then leads to the epic Clelli fight!! Which then leads to everyone else realizing that the house isn’t voting the way James asked them to, and they start questioning each other. Which then leads to numerous convos between HG’s pledging that their vote hasn’t wavered, but creates mistrust. And eventually on Thursday night, Austin changes his mind and is the deciding vote to keep Clay:)


I think Vannessa is trying to get Shelli mad at Clay so she plays the game with anger and makes all the dumb moves


I think vanessa is actually just lighting a fire under her ass, so that shelli will get her head in the game, which sucks because i hateeeeee both of them and would rather clay go.


I think Vanessa is trying to get Shelli to start campaigning to stay. She knows that Shelli is a strong competitor and that the two of them working together could control the house to the end.


Absolutely why she wants her there-win comps, get Van further along in game,& could remain a target if necessary instead of herself if James or Jackie target them. Van told Steve in previous post when Steve said Clay told him if he leaves to work with Shelli,Van& JMAC. Van could care less about JMAC, and told Steve not to get to comfortable with an alliance. Bottom line is Van wants her & Steve as F2. Van wants that to happen because she feels she would won over awkward,weird,floater Steve. Checkmark. Van needs to be taken out for the others to have a shot,IMO. Wish Vans minions were wise to the fact she is only looking out for her own game.


How fast Shelli turned on Clay..
She said she will not campaign, but she asks the others to vote for her to stay -> vote Clay out.


Did you not read? lol y’all hate on Shelli too much. I’m not a fan either, but it would make sense to campaign for herself, especially against a guy who supposedly “gave up” his game for her but goes around telling Vanessa otherwise…

D Trump

I can’t believe how that idiot would ruin his whole game for her? Where do they find these losers. Shellie is ready to drop him like a bad habit. Why is he gonna completely waste 5 weeks and give up.
The whole house is full of losers, and a couple aren’t bad.

Kyle Jones

I know, right? Watching Clay and Austin act as if they have never had sex, is completely pathetic. (And hilarious) I mean, why are they even there?


I tried to root for Steve but he is such a wuss. He reminds me of a little boy being manipulated by girls he wants to sleep with but they only pity him and use him.

You Said It...

OMG!!! You are soo right!!!!

(Psst…promise me you WON’T say anything…BUT…I just called Steve a ‘floater’ behind his back…teehee!!!)


Right. but if he wins the money, those same girls will be sexting him.


He won’t convince me until he puts on his big boy pants and makes a move against Vanessa.


Lunch period is over. You best get back to PE class before Coach sends you to detention again.


Vanessa might be the best bb player of all time!!
She’s working everyone.


although derrick and vanessa are great players for their respective seasons, i have a hard time believing anyone is “the best player of all time” since they started being ridiculously shallow with their casting. It isn’t fair when half the players are taken off tinder, or fb, or modelling agencies of course their going to come off as geniuses. these people aren’t players, they don’t know the game… put them in a regular season where most of the people were actual applicants and they wouldn’t do nearly as well.

Yes, I know plenty of people who are fans do poorly at the game, but I’m just saying the competition isn’t as tough anymore because of casting demons.


I hope Shelli goes to Clay and tells him what Vanessa said about him. I hoe it causes a huge fight between Shelli and Clay. These people are so fickle that anything can happen between now and Thursday so don’t be so sure about Clay leaving. That info is going to bother Shelli and she is going to start something with Clay. Give it time folks. Someone needs to tell Clay that the house is planning on voting him out. Where the hell is that rat Becky when you need her?!


Oh my God I just cannot stand Shelli and Vanessa, conniving rats


If Shelli stays, man I hope Jackie wins HOH. I don’t think I could handle all the power reverting back to Vanessa and her minions. Shelli needs to go now! Vanessa next. Please, Jackie, win that HOH!


Maybe if we keep saying it, it will come to be. I do not want JMac working with Vanessa, I want him to get her gone! I’m glad Becky and JMac are working together now. Say what you will, they both have some good info from either side, and are looking to build a 4th side.


“They” should have made a deal with Steve & Meg/james/jackie. And told eachother 6 sense is throwing both thier sides under the bus for targets and take down the powerhouses…but, theyre playin the floater/rat game.


JMac and Becky are pro Shelli, yes (more pro Clay really), but definitely not pro Vanessa. I think (hope!) they drift towards James and Jackie this week if only to work together until Vanessa is out – they could offer J and J some protection they will sorely need this week. Or talk to Julia ALONE and see if the twins might be ready to cut Austin loose. They’ll have to watch out for Steve watching them and reporting back to Vanessa and Shelli (the mother figures). Or, JMac/Becky could try flipping Steve, but that would be risky+ I WISH Steve wasn’t so tunnel-visioned and could see other alternatives to worshipping Vanessa’s game. It seems JMac is already on Vanessa’s radar.


I understand why everyone is cheering for the “underdogs”, however at the same time, why do you want to see the most boring people stay in the house? I’m already losing interest in the cast, seeing as how the most interesting/entertaining people left the first 5 weeks. I’m not a “Clelli” fan, but without the drama they create, this show is gonna be a drag!

Side note: where is the big brother takeover that was supposed to happen all summer long?


F*ck Vanessa and her big ego.
Ya, you got this game in the bag Vanessa, you’re nucking futs.
F*ck Shelli, the hypocrite!
So self righteous, but will throw her showmance under the bus! I want Shelli to stay, just so I can watch them to be on the block together when Jackie wins HOH.

Singing tea kettle

I have to say … I am 100% back on the Vanessa band wagon … I did fall off a few weeks ago… But she redeemed herself… My prediction… Shelli will stay… Jackie and James are Effed going into the double.. I will say this though… James May be a perv but he has risen way up in books … Any bb fanatic can appreciate a big move no matter where your loyalties lie….

no I don't think so

I disagree with everything you just said. Wrong, b.s. Vanessa sucks. I don’t root for wackos. Not a good look boo boo!


“Vanessa is the first woman in 11 years to put up three men while other women are in the house. The last was Diane in Seson 5, when she took down the four horsemen.” Wow. Just read that somewhere and I love it! Go Vanessa! I would like to applaud this year’s strong femal cast with the following quote “Forget your balls and grow a pare of t*ts.” 🙂


Pare means to cut off the outer cover.

man haters

Strong woman my ass. This cast wad meant for a woman to win this season. As far as I’m concerned there were only 3 men who entered the house. Here’s a hint one is no longer in the house, Jace. The rest are submissive dudes act as if they’ve been castrated. Oh and if memory serves me right, Audrey lost the balls and grew some tits. So that’s already been covered. Mommy dearests are in the house. Predictable season once again.


This is a Big Brother fansite, I think the site you’re looking for is called “Return of Kings.”

take it easy g

Don’t let them get a rise out of you


Clay told everyone to vote him out. Shelli never did.


Shellfish claims to be so nice yet she wants Clay to be voted out? She was clearly using him the whole time.


How was she using him?! She has carried him through up to this point and she has fought for him/them to stay. Now that the only option is one of them has to go, she shouldn’t want to stay?? What you said makes no sense! How about he was using her?? THAT would make more sense!

I survived last seasons BB

Austin = What happens when a Chia Pet walks into a Tattoo Parlor


What a cocky jerk Clay is to think he’s safe! Ugh these people!!!!


Question for Simon and Dawg: is it correct that Vanessa is the only female player who hasn’t been nominated so far this season? Or am I missing someone? Thanks.

Not Simon or Dawg, but the answer

Prior to Julie entering the game, Vanessa was the only female not nominated and Austin is the only male not nominated.

Technical Difficulties.

Julia hasn’t been nominated yet.


Liz and Julia, if you exclude that BOB Liz won.

Angela M

Julia has not

Vanessa is not the only one

Vanessa and Steve and are the only females that haven’t been nominated.

I survived last seasons BB

Yepp, This is what happens when You leave the nominations the same. . Vanessa is singlehandedly going to keep Shelli in the game, because She would target James with vengeance.. I hope somehow Shelli runs Her big mouth the wrong way and gets zapped but its not looking good


I can’t stand clay AND shelli but man I hope they keep shelli over clay, he is such a wanker! Jmac and Vanessa all the way!


I’m basing this comment on a previous post’s headline about Austin saying, ‘Clay’s going rogue and Shelli being easier to work with”. That guy might have a Masters in Medieval History, but his emotional intelligence is 0. I have respect for aspects of Shelli’s game, but easy going, she ain’t.


Shelli might be a handful, but its a lot easier to work with someone who actually talks to you and apologizes for throwing you under the bus then someone who mopes around and makes faces and refuses to speak to you because its awkward. I’m sure it will be less awkward for Clay when he talks with Julie on Thursday.


I knew that Shell was using the boy! What a dummy, he is going to go home and kick himself. Vanessa is underestimating Shelli. I hope Shelli is the one to send Vanessa packing.


Stupid people stupid people
Keep a competition beast in the game and someone who
won a pov by rolling a ball 250 times and done nothing else.
Take out Shelli you idiots!!!!!


I haven’t read the last few posts yet, is what Vanessa to Shelli true? How much true? I know Clay doesn’t love Austin, so that part might be true…How much of what Clay is doing can be viewed as supporting Shelli to stay, like he’s been doing?


I kind of have love/hate feelings towards Vanessa by far she’s the best player in this house and I love that
But I am rooting for the other side of the house sooooooo yeah I wish she would quit getting in people’s ears and telling them how they can improve their game lol but I get it overall it helps her game coaching these people so I respect her but I still want James, Jackie or JohnnyMac to win [;


My 3 current faves too! James was only recently added – he’s done great this week. Jackie I’ve liked since Jeff left, and really like her BS meter. JMac, I’ve liked from the start.

another name

so far, Vanessa believes she has secured Shelli’s safety. now she’s ensuring Shelli’s loyalty. In terms of strategy it’s not a bad idea. Get Shelli not to encourage Clay making up with Austin makes Austin less likely to keep someone he considers a threat. As long as shelli doesn’t go rogue and confront Clay, or go to Becky and John, this plot might work well.
Don’t really understand why Clay is intentionally ignoring Austin and the twins. they have three votes. I guess Clay thinks he’s showing who he would target to gain the loyalty of the rest of the house. But being on the block against someone in your own alliance and giving up three votes by showing they are your target when five are needed to stay… that’s pretty silly.


Just want to make sure I read something right. Vanessa is now telling (making things up) Shelli that Clay is saying things & promise me you won’t go tell him why I’m about to tell. Come on Shelli don’t be stupid and believe anything Vanessa is dishing out. Vanessa is throwing you under the bus but you’re to trusting or stupid to think that. How in the world could you be so selfish and not tell Clay why Vanessa said. I realize you want to stay but out of respect you still should tell Clay. As for Austin I can’t stand him and his whining harem. The twins voices are annoying and I’m so sick of Liz saying I knowwwwwww in that voice. To bad the other side (James especially doesn’t hasn’t figured out what scum Austin especially & Vanessa are. James your days are numbered being so stupid to buy what Austin & Vanessa are selling.


Clay did tell Vanessa it would probably be unanimous, and she should probably jump on board. Vanessa told him she hadn’t made up her mind yet. It was a bathroom conversation in the past two days in the afternoon.
it would be stupid for Shelli to tell Clay. Probably game ending. One of them is going home. Why lose a potential ally’s trust and give her opponent a chance to change the tide if she wants to stay in the game? A guy she’s known for a month in the context of a gameshow is more important than trying to win the money?


When will these idiots see that their plans don’t work. Why? Um…um…um…Vanessa. Notice that she’s like a fully loaded meth-head first thing in the morning. Scheming, paranoid, motormouth, bug-eyed. That’s the kicking in of her Adderall. It might work with poker but it is going to kill her in this game. Why do they (Shelli, Nessa, Steve) assume they are going to win HOH? They thoght that last week and look where their over confidence got them. I’m gonna laugh my ass off if Jackie wins and then the real blood will spill. 24 hours ago Shelli was begging production to start jury early. Now she is thowing his ass to the wolves. The only reason Vanessa wants Shelli to stay is because Clay will blow Vanessa’s game by exposing her lies to all. Austin and Shelli are afraid of her.

Singing tea kettle

I wonder what Shelli and Vanessa alliance name should be… If Shelli stays they are going to run the game…. Yaaaaass…






or Sheeva


this is brilliant, the poor fools who are downvoting must not get the joke.


How about Carpet Chompers


Clay and Shelly are already splitting up so for Vanessa to try to get them mad at each other before he leaves is kind low even for her. I hope Shelly can’t controlled herself and tells him what Vanessa said to her so we can watch Clay go off on Vanessa before he leaves.


Oh and Steve is a joke. Now he’s scrambling to find an alliance so he isn’t considered a floater. He’s so awkward. I think the plane with the banner(I LOVE YOU S) was from his Mommy. Remember the day before he was crying that he missed his Mom and just wanted to tell her “I love you”. Ooooookkkkkk. Grow up dude. Its a tad Norman Bates.

Ian's lament

Vanessa is quickly becoming Audry in this house. She is constantly talking game and doing a lot of unnecessary posturing all the time. I would avoid her in the game. She can’t talk like a person for 2 seconds and she is constantly flipping different theories around. I wouldn’t trust her because she has twice shown that she will manufacture a reason to put you up at any time for convenience.


I really want to enjoy Vanessa’s game play but I feel like its needlessly vicious. She’s all about blindsides, complicated schemes, super high drama, and causing unnecessary pain and humiliation to people for the benefit of her game. I get that its BB, but watching Vanessa manipulate is not entertaining at all. She has no personality and goes on and on and on about every little detail and scenario. She thinks she knows people so well, yet she keeps underestimating them. I don’t see her as a puppet master or Derrick like at all. Derrick avoided making waves. I know that made for a very boring season, but there are game players this season, so I don’t think her Derrick like strategy is going to work for too much longer, especially as the targets get smaller. She doesn’t even seem worried about Jury votes. She assumes everyone she is working with is going to vote for her in jury b/c they’ll owe her or something. I don’t think so. I think this is all going to blow up in her face very soon.


Word. I hope this is more her “BB game style persona” than her base personality. IF she really needs the Adderal (a big IF), the dose is too high. She’s a STRESSFUL person to be around. I would be avoiding her too, likely to my detriment.


The outsiders need to win this week so the game can be closer in numbers on the different sides. I sure hope we do not have to go back to Vanessa and Shelli being the supreme rulers for four weeks.
When Emperor Vanessa was in power you voted with her or she was coming after you. Now she says you don’t have to vote with the HOH. Van and Shelli are two faced liars. Shelli and Clay are extremely fake and have a very high opinion of their selves.

Valentina Corleone

Once again, I’m confused as to what is ACTUALLY happening vs what Vanessa is TELLING people happened. It’s tough to stay on top of the ever-changing he said/she said/they said, especially if at work.


Wow…they still talk of Judas like being another houseguest . ..what is it with these baffoons? Lol

The Ghost of Sasquatch

I saw him leave the DR and into the HN, but when James brought out the HOH camera he disappeared.


Steve your Mommy flew a place over the house that says “I love you S” is it just me or is that a bit Norman Bates. The day before that happened he was crying to the cameras saying “I just want to tell my Mom I love her” Yes Steve you are a Floater!!! Note to Steve’s Dad STEP UP AND HELP YOUR MAN-CHILD OF A SON GROW A PAIR!!!! No Steve Julia doesn’t like you like that. She’s just making nice with the Floaters.

AKA Twistin' ....

Vanessa is evil personified.

Guy From Canada

Evil yes, and playing good social game yes.


I know people on here are hating on the game play of Becky, J MAC and Steve. But if Vanessa is able to pull off her plan of keeping Shelli in the house. I think it will, or at least should, become apparent in the minds of James Jackie and Meg that Vanessa was the mastermind behind it (Whether on their own accord or somebody snitch on her). Then it will be team Vanessa/Shelli vs team James/Jackie/Meg. Trust me I believe after this week, James, Jackie and Meg will go one after the other. But once they are gone, it will be open season on Vanessa and Shelli. I think that’s when JohnnyMac and Becky will strike. And despite showing much loyalty to Vanessa, I think Steve will roll with JMac. (We all know how Austin and the twins feel about Shelli and Clay right now).


Is Vanessa lying? Clay didn’t tell her anything right about Shelli right? Well even if she is no one should roll over in this game. It is a game and Shelli and Clay have known each other for a whole month that’s it so it could work out but it could also not work out so why throw away your chance for $500,000 when you beat out 500,000 people to be on a show. It’s stupid not to fight for your Big Brother life! I say they both have a 50/50 chance at this point there’s still 2 days left and this house changes min to min it seems!


To all the Shelli lovers…..bah-bye.


I Iike that Shelli’s in the game. Makes for a really good show. I don’t want a house full of floaters and/or people not even smart enough to see literally half the house is in an alliance. Borriinnngggg…


Shelli and Clay threatening James not to give him their votes if he makes it to final two. Whoever stays in the house after this week( Shelli or Clay) and if they win HOH and evict someone. Hope that person does the same to them and lose their vote, if one of them were in final two.




Simon and Dawg: What happened to the weekly takeover twist this year? I thought a new person was supposed to come in each week to “takeover” the house.


They stopped doing it.. no idea why

big brother trivia

Don’t they have enough applicants for Big Brother, that they have to recruit people. Seems to me with a few thousand applicants, they shouldn’t be recruiting people to begin with. A lot of the recruits are pretty stupid about the game, even without the twists. They should have a simple test about the game. I know they’re looking for certain kinds of people, but really? Example: They couldn’t have found an applicant like Clay?


Hi! Can anyone confirm if that discussion between Vanessa and Clay that Vanessa told Shelli about, where Clay supposedly told Vanessa she should vote to keep him, actually took place? Or was that just a lie from Vanessa?


Yes, last night Clay told Vanessa it would probably be unanimous and seemed to say don’t worry about voting for Shelli.


where jace at on the vote off thing i dont see his photo on here

oh my

The plot thickens. James should threaten austin. Tell him if he votes to keep shelli, if by some miracle meg or jackie win hoh, james will campaign to have austin put on the block. It’s not much of a threat but it might scare austin.