Vanessa tells Austin “Liz really likes your personality.” Austin asks what’s wrong with all this?!

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Jason, Johnny and Becky are outside on the backyard couches. Jason comments that he had asked for big brother to give them a warning when the backyard would be closed and then today they gave us a half hour warning.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 09-45-47-295
9:40am In the kitchen – Audrey, Vanessa, James and Clay. James says Audrey I really want that shirt but I’m waiting for you to take it off. Audrey says that she’ll take it off today. James asks what else of Clay’s are you going to try and wear? Clay says I don’t know what else she can wear she’s probably worn a little bit of everything. Audrey says next I’m going to wear his flesh. James says some Texas Chain Saw Massacre something right there. Vanessa says Silence of the Lambs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 09-46-04-867

10am – 10:25am Big Brother tells the house guests this is a lockdown, go inside and close the sliding class door. Austin joins Vanessa up in the HOH room. Vanessa asks what happened last night? Did Jeff do any campaigning. Austin says no, not really. He was talking to Jackie in the hammock last night and then I saw Jackie talking to Becky in the storage room. So I think Jackie might be doing his campaigning. Vanessa asks is she any good, I’ve never heard her talk game.

Vanessa tells Austin that Steve thinks Liz likes him too. He is 22 years old, never had a real girlfriend or had s*x before. Vanessa says that Liz told him she like nerdy guys with glasses and Steve took it as it was for him. I think he thinks its flirting when she’s nice to him. Poor guy. Austin says I know. Hopefully he doesn’t do any jealous game moves. He could go after Julia, we could double date. Vanessa asks you want some real info.. I will give you the real info.. Julia told me that when they originally came into the house. Julia liked you and Liz liked Jeff. But then since then things are changing Julia said she would consider you but that Liz was starting to like you. This week Liz was more into you, so whatever you’re doing its working. She really likes your personality. Austin asks what’s wrong with this. Vanessa says you look one way but your personality doesn’t match it. She likes your true personality. Austin says that’s good. Vanessa says I would say its more of a crush but I definitely think you have a shot with her. Vanessa says the only real thing holding her back is the girlfriend thing. Austin says so I should explain it right? Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back – Vanessa says that Steve commented on how you and Liz agreed to sleep in separate beds but then you started to. Austin says he’s jealous. Shelli and Clay do it and its not a big deal. Vanessa says she will tell Liz about Steve’s crush too just so she knows.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 10-16-48-103

10:55am – 11:30am HOH room – Austin and Vanessa are in the HOH room. Vanessa asks why is James saying he isn’t going to campaign. Austin says he thinks he is now. Vanessa says its about time. I need to talk to him. Austin says I’m glad Meg told us that she is on board. I think Jason will be too. Vanessa asks what if everyone is lying to us. Austin says it would be too many lies coming together at that same time. It would be too good. Besides they trust and like James. Vanessa says if it was someone it would be Clay and Shelli. Austin says but last week they came through for us. They wouldn’t do it. Austin says Liz needs to come through and win one (HOH). Vanessa says both (Julia & Liz) have done well in them (Competitions). Vanessa says I know about this alliance and you know now .. so we can talk about it. Its Clay, Shelli, Jackie, Jeff and Johnny. Shelli confirmed to me last night that it was a real thing. Austin asks why did she say it? Vanessa says because they were afraid Jeff was going to blow it up. Austin says he’s glad to know that Becky isn’t a part of it. Vanessa wonders if Jackie has convinced Becky to vote the other way. Austin says if they vote to keep him then we will have Jason & Meg. I am almost 100% certain Jason & Meg are on board with keeping James. Vanessa asks does it bother you that Shelli and Clay last week .. right after Jace was evicted and sleeper cell was on ..they formed an alliance with Jeff, Jackie and John. Austin asks was it after or before us? Vanessa say after. Austin wonders if it was just for added protection. Like Freaks & Geeks. Vanessa says they didn’t want Steve. Austin says now I don’t want him either.. now that he’s messing with my woman. No one comes between me and my twins. Vanessa says relax. If they’re able to do that in good conscience we can do the same with Becky. Austin says maybe we bring in James. Eventually me & you will need to go against Clay and Shelli. Vanessa says they created a 3 person alliance with Audrey before bringing us in. Audrey confirmed it. Vanessa says that Audrey said that Jason is being nice to me .. she asked what if I test him by giving him information and see if it gets back to you. I think she (& Clay) might have done that with us back in the beginning. Austin says if a Jason, Meg or James were to go after Clay and Shelli next week I would be okay with it. Vanessa asks if Jason or James win HOH do we try and jump ship so soon? Vanessa says it would be good to pull in Audrey because people are scared of her on a personal level. And you’re scary on a physical level. I don’t think anyone is scared of me on any level. Vanessa asks is Jackie now with John if Jeff is gone? Austin says I think so. I am going to continue talking to Jackie. Vanessa says I’m safe to try and make an alliance with Jason. Austin says you are. Vanessa says I am going to try and get a read on him. Vanessa says its more Clay than Shelli. Austin agrees and says I think Clay is playing a very duplicitous game. But the thing is he isn’t winning HOH. Vanessa says never. Austin says if they’re not going to be loyal we might need to test them. Austin says we need another power week to get these concerns figured out. Austin says that Jeff said he has a third vote but he won’t say who it is. Vanessa says maybe Becky. Austin says if it is her then she’s committed to the other side. Or maybe people are just telling him what he wants to hear.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 11-02-57-389

12:20pm – 1pm All the house guests are sleeping. Austin comes out of the diary room and wakes up Vanessa to talk about his diary room session. Austin says that he want to talk to Liz about his outside relationship so that it removed the road block between him and her so that things can continue to grow organically. He says he had flashbacks of how girls had hurt him in the past when he saw Jeff in bed with Liz yesterday. Some girls have hurt me pretty hard by cheating on me in the past. Austin says that he’s never been able to fully connect with someone. Vanessa says that’s a scary thought. Vanessa says I did some thinking about James and Jason .. statistically we’re in favour to win comps but Clay not wanting to win skews that statistic. Austin says that he thinks they would go for Liz first before they go for me until the twin comes in. Vanessa asks if Liz went next week would you be okay? Austin says emotionally no but gamewise yes. Vanessa says if she goes we’re f**Ked .. we lose two! Then all we have is Steve. Austin says then we’re just the Geeks. I guess then we get aligned with Becky & Jackie. Jackie will go where the power is next week. Austin says I am still thinking about making a move on Jason. Vanessa asks are you kidding? Austin says I don’t know I like kissing him. Vanessa says you’re f**king with me. Austin says okay none of that. I really don’t have any male competition when Jeff goes because Clay is locked off with Shelli. My strategy has been to knock off all the guys so its just me and the girls. Vanessa says Casanova and the clan. Austin says that Jackie is looking at me more. I noticed her making quick glances at me. I notice that kind of sh*t. Vanessa asks you’re not going to drop Liz as soon as she says she likes you and go for Jackie are you? Austin says AHhhh.. I have a lot of horny goat weed pumped into me the last 30 days. Austin says I feel like situation is going to get even worse when Jackie see Liz is into me then she is going to get jealous. None of that will happen till Jeff leaves though. Austin says I could make my goodbye speech really awful and say now I get the twins and Jackie. Austin says that Becky gave me the green light to go after Jackie. Austin talks about his past dysfunctional relationships.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 12-42-37-680

1:10pm Liz and Shelli talk in the bathroom. Liz says that Jeff asked her about her twin. He said I don’t know who you really are. Have you heard my story.. I have a brother with a special type of relationship. I think you do too. Liz says I said wow, that’s why everyone has been looking at me weird. Obviously someone just made 5k for spreading that rumor. He said that he doesn’t think its that big of a rumor any more but that its been circulating the house over the last week.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 13-11-43-561

1:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds…

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Austin is a stage 5 clinger. Falling head over heels for Liz while he (allegedly) has a girlfriend. If he really does have a girlfriend back home, he’s not gonna have one once he leaves the house. It’s been weeks since they all moved into the house. Surely he’s noticed how flirtatious Liz can be with the other guys. Seems like he’s misinterpreting her attention for romantic interest. And Liz, being the serial flirter that she is, probably feels like she has to play along with his affections now because turning Austin down could potentially ruin her and Julia’s game. What a hot mess.


I think it’s gonna be Austin’s downfall. He has been having really good reads on people… but he already tipped Jeff off (that Austin wasn’t really helping him) by acting so jealous. It’s going to blow his own game up.


Forgot to mention how Austin is constantly boo boo about being cheated on by girls…what a hypocritical pathetic puke!


Geez Austin, might as well just send her a little letter that says “Do you like me? Check yes or no.”


LOL I mentioned the same thing in the previous update I believe. I think we all did that in GRAMMAR SCHOOL!
Someone else mentioned junior high. Hell I think most of us were more mature then that by then. I think in 4th grade I gave a girl my roadrunner glass, she asked me to twirl hold the jump rope @ recess and we passed the note back and forth. Do you like me circle yes or no! (damn I miss that roadrunner glass)




Also, there is Audrey’s one mass murderer reference of the day.

Eric CA

Audrey really creeps me out sometimes. Part of me thinks she is obsessed with Shelli and everything would be so much better for her if Clay wasn’t there. It’s really creepy, now she is wearing Clays clothes and Underwear… now in some cases that could be thought of as she likes Clay… but in her case I think she does want to wear his skin so she can be with Shelli… it seriously creeps me out.
Sometimes I think Audrey is a closeted lesbian and she is attracted to Shelli and a bit interested in Vanessa and Becky. People talk about Austin being a stalker… but I think Audrey is a bit of stalker also and it is really creepy.


In Audrey’s bio for the show she says she likes guys not girls.


Wait..audrey and clay share underwear? that is disgusting

Eric CA

She has been wearing all of Clays clothes… it’s creepy


I said the same thing lol! Audrey is a psycho obsessed with Clay & Shelli. Would not be surprised if she stalks them after they get out. If I was Shelli I would pull Audrey aside & tell her to stop wearing Clay’s clothes…it’s not funny but creepy! Plus Clay don’t have alot of clothes. I don’t find it cute or funny! Audrey is a complete head case that is seriously scary.


Audrey is definitely dark. She likes those torturous murderers. Not the clean shoot and run type. She had so much psychological testing and therapy during her transition that I am sure she knew what to say on any testing big brother used. I don’t think she will skin anyone in the house but she is certainly devious enough to do it emotionally. She’s also had enough therapy that she thinks she can correctly analyze the others.


The Junior High stuff has to stop! I cannot stand this childish jealousy and who likes who crap. The shows getting to be a real turn off.

TF is Austin doing?

In the pre big brother interview, austin said that he was going into the game “to win and not cheat on his girlfriend” guess that dont matter tho

I survived last seasons BB

Big bad Ex-Wrestler Austin is intimidated by Steve…What a troll !!!!


Austin…….. “what’s wrong with all of this?” Let me see where should we start? I have not heard too many women on here talking about how good looking he is. The painted nails, the tats, the hair, the beard, the hat! If I was a woman I would like to think he wouldn’t be my “type” I know some women are into the long hair and tats so who knows. Ladies what do you think of Austin based on just his look and style? We will leave his bro code and alter ego (forgot his wrestling name that he brings up Austin and ??? vote to evict ……) aside for now. If you saw him walking down the street or met him in a club or even church your first impression would be……………….


I’d assume that he was a try-hard. He’s attractive, but there’s too many things going on, with the hair and the tats and the nail polish and the hat, etc. He’s got a great body, and a nice face, but I think his ego just ruins everything about him. Reminds me of a quote from a TV show where the female character says “My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak, my brain gets angry.” 100% how I feel about Austin


Nailed it, I’d say. I don’t get the feeds so it’s hard to know without the tone, if he’s joking, or being ironic, but I’m trusting other commenters who get the feeds, that most of what he says is just….is just…jeez, buddy…you need some time on a shrink’s couch. But then again, his wake-up Vanessa convo sounded almost entirely lucid and self-aware that he’s playing the game and playing the girls. And that it’s all part of his and Vanessa’s master plan. If that’s the case, then okay, game on. But, I’m pretty sure he has some serious ego issues.


I agree, He has a great body and his face isn’t bad but his obsession with Liz is really ruining it for me. And I can’t take him seriously with the painted finger nails.

Twistin' for the win

I’d look the other way to avoid eye contact. I get the tats, but those bushes on his head, that Khalid Drago beard (and I’m a beard girl), those painted nails and the hat….definitely say ***avoid***avoid***avoid***! I AM liking Steve’s new look tho! ????

Eric CA

he is a wrestler… it is all his schtick. Perhaps the whole wrestler thing is also confusing him… he is used to being around girls that are wrestling fans.. that can kind of confuse a person when dealing with people outside that world… he may expect Liz to be totally into him and he is confused… I have a friend that is a famous tattoo artist and he gets really confused with dealing with women that are not fans… those bubbles people can live in really mess with their heads…. even the small fame ones.


Austin has said it plenty of times,he is on BB for different reasons. This jerk wants to get social media fame. The funny thing is I agree with things you mention but let me also throw in the fact he tries to play this dark character Judas…He looks like a character trying too hard & he admitted on tv that he loves clay akin/his music. Nothing against clay or his “claymates”,but this does not help Austin’s tough,dark, physically fit wrestling guy image. Austin is a serious joke! I can’t stand him. He is whiney, jelly as hell,not good looking as he thinks, & totally insecure!




I swear… The author of Sweet Valley High couldn’t write this shit.


Way to bring out the Sweet Valley High reference. Win.

Twistin' for the win!

I wish someone would really HEAR Audrey. The comments she makes about killing off other HGs and now wearing his “flesh”?! And no one sees the underlying message here: She is subtly pointing out her targets, albeit scary, but that’s what she’s doing. Who the eff says they are going to be wearing someone’s “flesh”? Geez – she needs help because she just isn’t right in the head…the damn end! I’m going to forgive the naievete of these HGs because of their ages but someone with some life experience here would be able to see the deeper things of this girl. She’s got some serious problems.

Eric CA

I tink Audrey is really interested in Shelli… and she is really creepy about it. There is some things about Audrey that really creep me out and it has nothing to do with being transgender. The Mama Day goodbye message was chilling. Sometime it lurks out and it is very disturbing.


well with audrey i’d never let her share a room with me in there. i know she cant do anything but she is just creepy. and i’d never give her my contact information. even though she is maybe joking there’s just things you dont joke about


Hoping that Liz (or is it Julia?) has that killer instinct and strategic mind that Parvati has. She knows how to flirt naturally and if use properly she can definitely go a long way.


These men are acting like creepy little boys.


Don’t think they are acting….


I really hope Liz or Julia does not like Austin….he’s gross and he has a gf. Twins you can do better. Austin would probably go for either one. I like Johnny Mac with one of them or Beckie. I think Julia once she comes in permanently will have a showmance with someone!

I survived last seasons BB

So basically Everyone knows that Liz is a twin, but there just going to do nothing about it and add an extra member to an alliance ? Pretty pathetic

I survived last seasons BB

I’m still trying to figure out who is creepier….Audrey or the new Colonel Sanders in those KFC Commercials


OMG I literally hate the new Colonel Sanders and the KFC commercials. He’s so creepy.


That’s classic “I Survived”! Might be a tossup!


Thats Darrell Hammond. Used to be on SNL and was their Clinton for a lot of years. Pretty funny guy.


I don’t have anything against the guy and he is funny but the commercials do NOT make me want to go and get any KFC ever again. They seem to have removed the first round of commercials where he was creepier. That laugh though. Ugh, just creepy. IMO

Mrs. Fields

I love it when he sings “big cooooooookie.” Melts my tollhouse!

Old School KFC

The KFC adds are making a mockery of Colonel Sanders who is deceased. So disrespectful to his memory and family .


Ummm, I am pretty sure KFC as a whole is a mockery…

Lemonade Lucy

Lighten up Lucille. They’ve made him into a loveable grandpa character who is appealing and is good branding for their product. What have you got against cute grandpas anyway?


Not a fan of Audrey’s game play but I am a fan of her dry sense of humor. Her comment about wearing Clay’s skin actually made me laugh pretty hard. Maybe I don’t take things as seriously as other people do, but I don’t see anyone in the house that I would classify as a ‘bad person’. Could do without the sexist comments (Jeff, James) or the immaturity some are showing (Austin, I’m talking to you buddy) but over all, I think they’re a decent cast.
In other news, I’m enjoying the discussions between Clay/Shelli and Vanessa/Austin about targeting each other. This was coming and I’m glad to see it may come sooner rather than later. The way the loyalties in this house change on a daily basis, watching who strikes first blood will be awesome.


I think I missed something. This is the second time I have heard Clay/Shelli were plotting against Van. What was the actual conversation? I have only heard Clay/Shelli talk about Austin/Liz and talk about how to keep Van off the block next week. Just curious what I missed.

Eric CA

Audrey in a conversation was saying hat she was having problems trusting Vanessa because she did not think Vanessa was moving fast enough on correcting Audreys image in the house. She has had on other conversations planted little seeds about Vanessa in conversations.

She mostly wants Clay gone not Shelli and she has made comments to that effect. as I recall I was really ticked off when she stated to backstab Vanessa and Clay/Shelli. Because out of the people in the house they have really hurt their games to protect her… it feels like she is ungrateful when she does that.

Of course on some occasions I feel the same way about Liz… that is why I like Julia better.


I heard that convo but it came from Audrey. My question was when did Shelli and Clay talk bad about Van. It was mentioned to me twice and have yet to get an answer, which makes me thinks people are hearing things.


I know in a way Audrey reminds me of Kass from Survivor, bad gameplay, but fun to watch her causing chaos.


Austin is the Caleb of the season. Remember how Caleb was always mad when Cody was flirting with Amber? That’s what Austin is doing with any guy that flirts with Liz. And he has a girlfriend back home. It’s ok for him to flirt with Jackie but Liz can’t flirt with the guys. He’s making an a$$ of himself.

No no BB

Shelli is the real life version of the Legally Blonde character (“hell-o! Zeta Love!”). Yuck.


Austin must be a cousin of Caleb from last season as they both stalk woman that do not like them.


Hahaha very true!


Didn’t Audrey get the memo about cleaning up her image? I don’t see how wearing someone else’s shirt 3 days in a row w/o showering and making comments about knowing vampires and wearing flesh helps with her new image, unless of course she’s switching from saboteur to just flat out spooky.


Even though he is pathetic as hell…I still prefer Austin to Jeff. And prefer Austin to Clay. Austin has a brain and I think a decent player at this game. Can he win it? Nope. Nessa got that on lock:) Austin may have left week one without Vanessa walkin’ him thru so far.

But for true players of this game this season has slim pickins’ Vanessa are only hope for good TV. Austin decent at the game tho..just pathetic with women.


Our* only hope. U can’t just leave a typo like that up. Are intstead of our should be grounds for being banned from the internet all together:)

your ares are our arghs!

You might as well outlaw commenting on the internet if that were the case.


*Altogether 😛 Let’s not play the grammar game. We all could figure out what that person meant.


It’s Gronk’s grammar police party!


The house has turned into a dating show…Austin’s head is swelling thinking all girl likes him. What the heck is he talking about he has to clear the air and explain his gf situation to Liz dude you look like a jerk, what is he going to do explain that his gf is not that important and he’s on Big Brother so it doesn’t matter….run as fast as you can Liz! As for Shelli and Clay zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. As for James and Audrey just wow James reason for trying to hook up with Audrey is she can’t have kids wtf….hey James ever heard of a little thing called birth control….I wonder how many children he has in the world? At least in past seasons the couples have been interesting. Also sorry Steve you have no chance with any of these girls! Also is Becky and Jackie really on this show never see them!

Eric CA

Most of that I agree with… the part about James and Audrey… Yes Audrey is creepy, but I can see why James would be attracted to her… on the outside she is a very beautiful woman. I may not like Audrey (she kind of gives me the creeps and she is uber manipulative.)… but I have to be honest she is beautiful. It would be a total lie to say otherwise.


I know it’s still early, but anyone with a stream link??? <3






I hope they work I those are the ones that worked last Thursday


he broke up with his girlfriend in his 12pm diary session.


is steve being a virgin confirmed by steve in previous conversations? honestly would explain a lot, people hate to hear it, but if you are still a virgin at 22, you will change drastically when that is no longer the case. I saw it first hand with friends. it would explain quite a bit.


Hey cut on Austin, Jeff, Clay and James…but dnt cut on Steve for the women thing. He has been nothing but totally respectful to all the women in the house.

Steve is brutally socially awkward and has aniexty disorder clearly, but he is a good kid. The only dude in the house who I don’t wana beat to death with a hammer.


Austin gets more pathetic by the minute. I am seriously gagging at how insecure ,jealous,& creepy he is. Can’t wait for him to realize once he gets out how badly he has made himself look on national tv wIth his immature & jealous ways! Can’t stand him. Vanessa needs to regroup!

" All This"

Austin took a great body, decent face and ruined it with so many tats …frizzy unkempt hair….those tats make him look like a human lizard…ugh…….his constant posing and stretching……… obsession and jealousy with Liz………he’s ventured into Beast Mode Cowboy territory