James “I just don’t know anything about transgenders. Like no babies ..my type of girl!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 00-55-59-092
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12:10am HOH room James, Vanessa, Shelli, Clay and Johnny are hanging out chatting. Clay says that Audrey’s been wearing his shirt all day. I’m going to have to sanitize it. She won’t even wash it when she gives it back. James says I’m that guy that gets kicked around from bed to bed. James says theres a delemma I want to talk about. Clay says James is kind of into Audrey. James says she has some curves. My mind is just a little weird right now. Vanessa says go for it games! James says its not like.. I feel like an a$$hole. I’ve never .. Vanessa says you’re confused. James says yeah I’m confused, that’s all. Shelli says you’re curiously confused. James says yeah. Like does that make me… Vanessa says no. James sighs a big relief. James says I asked Clay because I just don’t know anything about transgenders. Anything. I’ve heard about it, but that’s it. I didn’t even know like what gets all done. I’m so confused on that part and Clay kind of clarified that light. Clay asks clarified what?! James says like snipped.. Like no babies ..my type of girl! I know I will probably be hated but I just had to ask. Shelli says you’re openly saying you’re admitted you’re attracted to her.. you’re not saying anything bad.. James says the first day I saw her I was like damn! And when I was talking to the fairies they were like how did you feel about that. James says okay lets change the subject. Vanessa asks James if he and Jeff are still good. James says I can’t shake the feeling that there is some plotting going on behind my back. Vanessa says you don’t want to be played the fool. James says yeah. I don’t know if he is but I’m not going to say he is. My gut says he is. I told him from the get go that I wouldn’t do that. Audrey joins them. James says we were just talking about you. Vanessa tells Audrey she should sleep in the bed with Jeff. Audrey says no, I would rather sh*t in my hands and clap. James asks Audrey how do you feel about 1 night stands? Like if you sleep with this you have to be with this? Audrey says I haven’t had one but I’m not above being selfish for one night. James says so you’re saying there’s a chance. Shelli asks what about someone that you do know well? James asks like someone you’ve spent a month with? Shelli asks like someone that makes you laugh. Audrey says well that’s different, are you asking me for a one night stand? Shelli asks how would you feel afterwards? Would you feel awkward after? Audrey says only if it was awful. Becky joins then and says she wouldn’t do it. James says we’re getting no where with this conversation ..back to Audrey.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 00-54-22-488

12:44am Storage room – Becky tells James that she is voting for him. She tells him that in the first week she said I like people like you that don’t let their emotions get to them. I can tell you’re going to be that guy. And you told me you would keep me safe and you did. Next week I kept my promise and didn’t put you on the block. Even though a lot of people would expect me to vote for Jeff ..I am voting for you because you handled everything so well. I could tell when you wanted in the house you hold your emotions well and those are the people that I like to play the game with. That’s what I’m making my decision off of. I’m not telling anyone. I’m keeping it between me and you. Act like you don’t know. And if I am ever in your position I hope that I can get your vote. James says absolutely. They hug.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 01-24-03-076

James leaves and goes to the bedroom and trashes the newly cleaned beds. Clay notice James running away and fills the others in on how James just destroyed the bedroom. Shelli asks what can we do to get him back? Clay says put Mayonnaise in his crocs. They grab the mayo and put some in the toes of James shoes. Meg says he might not wear those for days! They laugh. James clean up the room. Steve tells James they put Mayo in his crocs. James says gross!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 01-33-28-913

1am HOH room – Vanessa tells Steve that the showmance is heating up. Austin and Liz. Vanessa says its bad because they’re not even hiding it. Steve asks have they kissed? Vanessa says I don’t know, if they haven’t it will happen tonight or tomorrow. Steve says its good because it takes the target off us. Vanessa says that once Julia comes in she’s not into it at all. She is still fair game to be rational. Steve says we knew this with Austin in the beginning with Jace. Vanessa asks what is it co-dependant. Steve says Austin and Liz aren’t trying to do the best they can do. Steve says the twin thing is out. Its public information. Its not confirmed but it might as well be. Nothing would change if it was.

Backyard – Jason says if the twins get in here they’re going to be even stronger than the showmances. Jackie asks are we getting them out before or just waiting until they come in. Jason says I want to get them out before but with everything that’s happened god knows if that’s possible. It might not be. Its not my highest priority. Jackie says same here.

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1:35am Steve tells James and Jason that he has major canker sores in his mouth right now. Meg says I don’t even know what that is! Jason says if you get those you get meds for them. James says Umm.. I’ve got medication you can get. Steve says there is no medication for canker sores. I’ve had this my whole life and researched it, there is no medicaton. Jason says oh I’m talking about cold sores. James says oh we must have different diseases. Jason says the sores we have medication for is for different types of sores. James says herpes or something.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 02-26-51-320

1:05am – 2:15am Hammock. Jackie and Jeff are in the hammock talking. Jeff says that he’s getting a bad feeling about Shelli and Clay. I should have trusted my gut since the beginning. I don’t think I have their votes. I don’t want to participate in the fakeness. Jackie says this whole thing is fake. Jeff says Even Austin I was thinking I could trust him but his true colours are coming out. If I do go I want to share with you some information. I didn’t even have a chance getting backdoored. I know how Jace felt now. Jackie says you have a lot of people on your side. Jeff says I don’t think I have a lot of people on my side. Today it made it a lot more clear where people stand and the people I thought had my back I think have turned their backs on me. Jeff says I am going to fight to stay but do I want to be around this fake a$$ people. If I do stay that alliance means nothing to me, I’m going to step out of it. Jackie says no you stay in it but just don’t be loyal to it. Jeff says that’s how you get into trouble. Jeff tells Jackie that he was in another alliance that he will tell her about if he thinks he’s going. Jackie asks who? James, Meg and Jason? Jeff says yeah. Jeff says Clay and Shelli are trying to be loyal to me. Jeff tells Jackie that the twin thing is real. I know for a fact. Jackie asks why don’t they say anything? Jeff says why would you if you don’t have to. Jeff says its going to be very awkward for me if I stay. I’m going to have to start over. Jeff says Jace hit the nail on the head. Alliances don’t mean sh*t to these people. Audrey is the reason everything gets flipped upside down. Audrey is the reason why alliances are working in this house. Jackie says you can’t trust anyone in here. Jeff says if I only get 3 votes it is you, Becky and Johnny Mac. Jackie asks Becky told you she would vote for you? Jeff says no not yet but I’m getting a good feeling about it. (Becky isn’t voting for Jeff she’s given her word to James.) Jeff says he told Liz that he knows more about her than she thinks he knows. You’ve been really hot and cold with me and I don’t know why but I think I have a pretty good idea. My idea is something that would be really crazy or you’re just crazy and she looked at me and winked. Jackie says why don’t you just come out and ask her? Jeff says I will come Thursday. Jackie says it seems like you will be going. Jeff says I’m getting the feeling I am going. Jeff says over the next day if anyone shows me any weird signs I am just going to tell you everything.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 01-55-41-885

2:15am – 2:35am James and Jeff play pool. Jeff says you’re the last person I want to be up against and over the last few days its been evident that you’re the only person I feel I could trust. Jeff says I only know 2 people that are voting for me. Jackie and Johnny Mac. Everyone has been avoiding me. I’m trying to make it fair. I’m kind of getting backdoored and I didn’t get a chance to fight. Everyone has been treating you the same and treating me a lot different. We both know that .. obviously my name has been thrown under the bus and yours was to. If I leave with Audrey being here she is in everyone’s ear. She has the ability to change anyone’s mind.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 02-41-04-516

2:40am Bathroom Meg, Jackie, James and Jeff talk about the twins. Jeff says that Cruella hates me. james says she’s probably over you when you’re sleeping waiting to strangle you. Jason says Austin is all over this one until Cruella comes back. He’ll be like what the f**k?! He knows. They’re just seeing if they benefit. Jason says I bet you he knows that Helga (Liz) likes him and Cruella (Julia) doesn’t that’s why he’s like I’m sleeping in the bed with Helga and then when Cruella comes he’s like she can sleep with whoever.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 02-49-51-625

2:45am All the live feed views are on Steve in the havenot room. Steve sits in the dentist chair for awhile and then tries to hid from the camera. He then heads to bed.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 02-46-43-833

3am – 4:50am Jeff and James play another game of pool. Meanwhile Jackie, Meg and Jason are hanging out on the backyard couches. Steve gets out of bed and joins them. James and Jeff finish their pool game and join the others on the couch. Jeff and Jackie talk about their amazing race experience. Steve talks to Jason and Jackie about the twins. Jason says he would want to get them out before one comes in but doesn’t think it will happen. There are other people that need to go. Steve and Jason discuss how the twins would come in before jury. Jason says then there would be 1 week to get one out before jury. Jason says he is 400% positive there are twins switching in and out. He says he talks to them like he knows. Steve asks what do you think they will do with the memory wall? Jason says he thinks they’re split their picture and then add another key slot. Steve asks do you think Austin knows? Jason says oh yeah he knows. Jason says they can just end it now and bring them in. Stop making one sit in a hotel room and bring them in. James heads to bed. Jeff tells Steve to do what’s best for his game. Steve says that his mind isn’t made up yet. Steve says I will have a hard time when I’m in your position. Steve says there have only been 3 people in big brother history that have made it to the end without being nominated. Jeff says there’s a different between being a pawn and target. Steve says Vanessa really put a target on her back with all of this. Jackie says she really did. Jeff says whoever stays won’t forget it. Steve asks what happened that night during the falling out. Jeff says the night Vanessa called him out and how it seemed conveniently last minute. Jeff tells Steve the people that have shown the most loyalty are not necessarily the people that I hang out with the most. Jeff gives Steve advice on entering conversations by telling him to not just enter a conversation and sit and listen. He tells him to enter the conversation and join in on the conversation. Jeff tells Steve that Johnny Mac is the only person that’s told me I have his vote. Steve says that was very sweet of him. Jason joins them and they talk about random things..

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James makes my skin crawl for some reason.


He is quite the pig. Now he is crushing on Audrey (who is bat sh*t crazy) In yesterday’s updates and posts I called him clueless for not knowing a trans could not get pregnant! I can understand not knowing the full scope of the whole transgender thing but damn you would think he would know the biological differences between men and women. In general he makes pretty creepy comments to or about all of the women in the house and women in general. I have 4 daughters and would not like to see any of them anywhere near a guy like that. All guys make a comment here or there or mention someone has nice boobs or whatever (so do women about men) but him and Jeff are creeps. Austin I never cared for much with his bro code crap and his alter ego wrestler bit but he is moving up the creepy scale with his crush on Liz but he would be into Jackie if Liz wasn’t in the house and hey if none of that works out I will go back to my girlfriend at home telling her “it was all just for the game babe! I was playing all of them” I bet if Jackie and Liz were voted out he would be sniffing around Meg or Becky. Did he seriously ask Vanessa to ask Liz if she liked him? Maybe he should pass her a note “Do you like me? Circle yes or no” I think I did that in fourth grade 🙂


Wrestler Lifestyle….
Big shows have a lot of travel and with that comes the “ring rats”. They have woman throwing them selves at them virtually daily. Austin looks at them as a convenience because that I his life.


Jackie pretty much knows Jeff is going home yet she walks around the house acting like she is in a good spot in the game. She says things like “our group” can just start taking people out. Jackie..newsflash you aren’t in any “group”!

Jeff goes Thursday and her one ally and “group” goes. Her advice to Jeff “just don’t do anything” to her this is a great strategy that she thinks is working well for her. Yes it has gotton her this far and maybe she can “float” a bit longer but she is in a horrible position in the house. Her only hope is if when Jeff leaves and Austin tries to bring her in cuz in his world he needs to pretend every chick wants him. Otherwise reality sets in and he would freak out what a loser he really is.

Jackie and Austin both delusionally think they in good spots in the game and in life. In reality neither has any chance to win this game and neither will ever be the “star” they crave to be in real world.


Since James is so curious about Audrey and transsexual people. how about he go ask her instead of asking Clay and Shelli. after all he is into Audrey anyways.

Eric CA

I don’t know if James asking Audrey questions about being Transgender is a good idea. Transwomen do not mind talking about their feelings that lead them on the journey to being Transgender…. but when it comes to questions… just let them tell you about their journey… DO NOT ask the questions that everybody wants to… like genital status… NO Transgender Woman wants to talk about her genital status unless she has had bottom surgery and in that case she will tell you. Lets be honest asking anyone about their genitals is rude… but for some reason people think it is oK with Transgenders… it isn’t that is the #1 question they hate most.

Most of the transgender women I know rarely talk about sexuality they aren’t comfortable talking about it , they do but really it is one of those let them talk and tell you.
Transmen very different they get uber masculine, a bit aggressive at times and very very sexual… like Frat Boy sexual…. but yet again a lot of them DO NOT want to talk about their genitals. The problem I had with the Transman I dated is that he severely resented his genitals he did not want the bottom surgery because it effects a persons ability to orgasm… but it was like he was extremely angry at them… it kind of effected the relationship negatively.
In the case of James… OMG trust me Audrey would use it against him. Don’t Do It.


Thanks, Eric for sharing this information. I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t understand Trans as it is fairly new to general public. Just using common sense, which is almost non-existent anymore, one should realize you don’t ask someone about such a private matter unless it is brought up by the person in question. I found your response very interesting, thanks again for enlightening the uninformed regarding this situation. Appreciated.


That’s very true in most cases,Eric.But as a post op Transgender woman myself that is very feminine and 100% passable “meaning I look and sound like a genetic woman” . I find that if the subject of me being TG comes up I’m quick to say I’m complete! You will find the ones that won’t answer or are aloof about it are usually not anatomically correct as of yet. But it is, as you stated in bad taste to bring it up.

Misty Beethoven

I know I’m risking getting down voted for this, but it’s a little disconcerting to hear a thick Southern accent coming from him. And would someone please steal that camo visor! Put one of Vanessa’s bananas on him, anything but that visor.

is it just me

think he’s more interested in Audrey’s bananas


I’m curious as to why hearing a “think Southern accent” coming from him disconcerting. Racist much?

Accents are connected to the region in which one lives or what one is accustomed to hearing… the color of one’s skin or the slant (or lack thereof) of one’s eyes has not bearing on it.

You’re welcome.

Twistin' for the win!

Michelle, nicely done. As a matter of fact – I can’t imagine him any other way… its a shame that people can be son narrow-minded sometimes.

Misty Beethoven

As I stated, I know I risked down votes. Perhaps “disconcerting” was the wrong word; would unexpected be better? I’ve met black people with British accents, Asian people with Eastern European accents, Northern Africans with Italian accents, and all those experiences took place in those environments. Forgive me if I’ve never met an Asian from the South. But that does not make me a racist. So golly gee, Michelle, I hope you feel better and all that for standing up for James.


I think James accent is wonderful. Seemingly out of place but pleasant surprise. Reminds me of the Designing Women episode with the asian Georgia man. He said he was just a Bubba. So is James. Just a Bubba.


James keeps getting creepier and Steve more anxious and unhappy. I still say the house will flip on James and send him home. I think the drama this week is staged.


If they have a Showmance! I’m going to puke!


Jeff is watching the tidal wave slowly coming at him but still hopes it will stop in time. I hope Jackie realizes that any secrets he wants to tell her are probably not valid since his alliances are not true when it counts.


I agree, he is creepy. If that drawl isn’t fake, it’s at least exaggerated. And they way he talks about women is just ridiculous. Yuck!

Eric CA

I hate to break this to you guys James accent is real… as far as how he talks about guy things… that is 100% certified Bubba. Anybody remember Spencer??? though Spencer was a bit smarter than James… he still said some mighty crude things. The way James talks is how guys from there talk. He is just a Bubba.

Butters Mom

“That’s just the way guys from there talk”…. guys from where? Im from Texas and I think James is as well and not all guys from Texas are “Bubbas” and not all guys from Texas sound like James. We also do not all wear cowboy hats, camo, boots or ride our horse to town. Our bars are called bars and not saloons.. (I just add that on there because I heard one of the house guest, it might have been Jason say that bars in Texas are called saloons.) lol I do agree that James’ accent is authentic but I think he is a mix of South Carolina and Texas combined. He’s a pig. He may come across as a nice guy but seriously the rudest, crudest representative of a Texan.

Team Dawg

It’s interesting to see Steve yesterday and today interact with other people in the house besides Vanessa and JohnnyMac, dude is slowly building a decent social game.

Team Dawg

It’s interesting to see Steve interact with other people in the house besides Vanessa and JohnnyMac. Dude is slowly building a decent social game.

is it just me

or did James say he wants to play the crying game?


Audrey doesn’t have a penis! She’s fully transitionedI! Ignorance is alive and kicking!

Eric CA

Did she say that she had fully transitioned i do not recall?


Audrey said on the first episode that she fully transitioned 3 years ago.

capitan obvious

its called a joke thus the actual truth of the matter is inconsequential
no sense of humor alive and kicking i see


I still want something to happen so Jeff stays and James leaves.
Jeff do something!!!
Everyone keeps saying Van is in a bad spot, but she has Clay, Shelli, Steve, Austin, twins, and Aud.
What would be Jeff’s best move? I think he needs to convince Clay and Shelli that Van does not have their backs. If he can get their votes plug Meg, Jackie, Jason, and JohnMac he has a win. He has to figure out a way to blow up Van’s mult alliance and subtly throw James under the bus.

I don’t like James. He is wierd and boring. How it’s possible to be both at the same time…I have no idea.


He (james) is a creepy little guy.


again that stupid comment!

such a disgusting thing to say

Eric CA

Not to defend James… but I hate to say… That is probably a seriously honest statement, that other guys have thought… and for all those disgusting comments… Yes it is extremely crude and vulgar… but to be perfectly honest that is how a lot of people talk when they are not surrounded by cameras, probably one of the most authentic things said on the show. OK thumb me down now.


1. It’s really disappointing to hear James talk repeatedly about his distaste for children because he not only has a child but he’s delinquent on child payments. Stop humping everything in site and go get a job and pay for your child.

2. The machismo men in this house is really aggravating to watch such as Jeff not asking Becky, Shell, or Audrey for their vote. Apparently he doesn’t think women’s votes count?



I hope jonny mac and Austin win hoh
or Jackie an Austin
or becky and Austin
any body with Austin
I do not want it to be liz or clay or shelly or steve or Audrey


I want one person from each side the house to win so the BOB isn’t staged for once.

Eric CA

Yes god please.. that would be perfect… my ideal two is Audrey and Jason or Jason and Liz/Julia


Steve and Jason would be interesting as well…if it was Liz/Julia, I think Vanessa or Austin would ultimately be in charge.

Jason thinks Steve is a creeper and Steve is not aligned with that group. What if both groups try to throw it? That could be funny, like in Survivor when the brawn tribe tried to throw it but the brain tribe was just so bad…


Jeffs a door knobs guys got no chance and lay off James for asking what he asked I bet there are a lot of people out there that don’t know to much about transgenders

Eric CA

True… there are transgenders that don’t know a thing about other Transgenders… trust me I dated one that didn’t. He didn’t know or understand anything about Trans women… They are very different people, just like women and men. For example Most Transwomen hate the word Tranny and gender economic inequality is always a sensitive button to push… where as my EX loved to use the word Tranny and did not understand all of the fuss and loved experiencing life as a man…I know this will sound strange his new boss had no idea he was Trans and he got more money than he did when he was a woman (I know because he talked about it all the freaking time.) He also enjoyed feeling more safe as a man. They have been around for decades but as a community they are just starting to peak out of the closet so they are going through the baby steps as a community and starting to get to know each other and be open for the first time on a very public level. The community was the same way… our community was so in the shadows many gay men thought the were the only one and it was a very shadow society that we only let very few straight people see… still not 100% on that front.


My bad,Eric..I should have paid more attention to your post! You basically said the same as what my response was. Thanks for being educated and sharing your knowledge with others!


I can’t stand Jeff. Even the creep James indirectly lets him know he’s too forceful with somen


James is quite the little perv! And I’ve said it before, I guess some of the people in the house forget people out here are watching them! If they feel no shame now for the things they say and do they’re gonna feel it when the shows over and it’s back to the real world. Even more so when they go back and watch the show!


Will someone please explain all of the hate toward Jeff? There are lot of worse things other Hg’s have done? I mean Austin only wants him gone so he can have the girls. James is just a creep. Jeff’s done some shady stuff but wouldn’t anyone who had a chance to win 500,000 grand. Don’t Forget people it’s a game it’s not real life

Eric CA

I think she should of just said… you two are disgusting, you don’t clean, you don’t do dishes, you’re sexist, you lie like people say Audrey does and the way you talk about women is gross.
She didn’t need an elaborate excuse she could have just said something that sounded 100% honest and the women in the house can’t say anything and most of the men have to own up to it. It would have put her in a better place than a convoluted story. Sometimes in the Big Brother House the truth is better than a lie.

People talk about Dr Will being an evil genius… but the fact is one of the brilliant parts about Dr Will was that he lied way less than the people who thought they had the moral high road, he was more loyal than the other houseguests… strangely enough he played one of the most ethical honest games in BB History.


Quiet night to much time between POV and eviction. I don’t think James has anything to worry about and Johnnie Mac is making his 1st really big mistake. you don’t get to make many unless your name is Audrey.
As for next HOH I’d like to see Jason/Meg plus either Johnnie or Steve. Be a fun 3 days watching BOB and POV. Who’d get nominated might be fun to. I see the Johnnie/Steve side losing deliberately and a Jason backdoor target. Perhaps Jackie up as a pawn originally. It could be a fun slightly unpredictable week


I think there was two aspects to what James said and did with respect to Audrey. First I think he actually does not fully understand the term Transgender, so I think he does have some genuine confusion (lack of knowledge) on the subject. Secondly, I think a little playful flirtation directed at Audrey helps him secure her vote on Thursday. What is the harm in letting a girl know you think she is pretty or attractive, especially one that will be voting to either evict you or save you in two days time. I just view any attention he is giving to Audrey at the moment as game strategy to get through the week safely.


Anyone know who James was referring to when he made the comment “James says the first day I saw her I was like damn! And when I was talking to the fairies they were like how did you feel about that?”