Liz “I like him but I don’t want to hook up with him on tv. I didn’t come here to f**king fall in love!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 13-27-44-878
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1:25pm HOH room – Austin and Vanessa continue to talk about past relationships. Vanessa comments on her ex passing away and that after she dated girl that really abused her in every possible way. Austin says he doesn’t think the twins came in here with a master strategy. I think they came in just to survive. Vanessa comments on how Audrey has been wearing Clays shirt for 3 days now. Austin says that he is going to talk to Liz today and tell her about his outside relationship so that she doesn’t have a barrier in getting to know him better. He says he doesn’t want to be presumptuous about how she might feel about him.

Meanwhile – Audrey and Shelli are in the bathroom. SHelli says don’t worry tomorrow night I am coming back ..I’m going to let Jeff have one last romantic night with Clay. Audrey says the first double eviction happens when the the 6th person goes and that’s when the first jury person starts. She say then later they have a second double eviction. Shelli is surprised there are two fast evictions. Audrey says I had a premonition that this next week we get out Jason and then the next week we get her out. Audrey says that she went up to Jason and told him that she thinks people are throwing you under the bus to me saying you said this, this and this to try and get me to target you. I think he is going to start building trust with Vanessa and her with him. He said that he isn’t going to go after me if he gets HOH. But I don’t know who he is going to go after. Shelli wonders if it will be her. Audrey says with Me, You, Austin, Shelli, Vanessa and Clay we should be good. The worst case is that 2 of them get into power and then we’re in serious trouble. Audrey says if I win.. based on my conversation with Becky no matter what I am going to target him (Jason). But I need to make a deal with Becky. Shelli asks who would you put up with him? Meg? Audrey says yes, I know she would do it to me. Shelli agrees.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 13-28-52-448

2:15pm Audrey, Shelli, Steve, Austin and Vanessa are talking in the kitchen about what the HOH competition might be. They wonder if it will be questions about the Gronk parties. Liz complains about her back being sore. Austin says he’ll massage it out. She asks Austin if he will crack her back in the HOH room. Austin says yeah and they head up. Liz says that she’s worried she will be messed up for the HOH competition. Austin says we can do stuff to prepare you. Austin says that Clay might be the one they go after next because he’s been playing both sides. Liz says so if Clay is the next one that would be so funny. Austin says it would be good because obviously we can’t go after him but at least it will keep you safe. Austin asks when do you think you’re switching out next. Liz says Friday morning. Ausitn says I wanted to talk to you about something before you go. Just because I wanted to put something out there for you. Something about me in general, just about my personal situation outside of here. I feel like you and I have been connecting a little bit and I do like you. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable about anything so I just want you to know like the situation wasn’t as clear cut. Like when I came in I kind of just said I was in a relationship but I didn’t want to elaborate on it. I didn’t think I would be doing anything but playing the game in here. But I do like the time we spend together and I do like getting to know you and I don’t want to you feel weird. Big Brother switches the camera view to the kitchen.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 14-33-58-097
2:45pm Vanessa talks to Steve about how the internal strife he is having and the thoughts that are coming up about his ex-girlfriend is likely due to you liking Liz and what is going on with her and Austin.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 14-43-11-386

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 14-54-02-281

2:50pm – 3:10pm HOH room – Austin says I would like to start having a better relationship with Meg because that’s one step closer to James. He (James) already promised me your (Liz) safety and Vanessa’s. Vanessa tells Liz to go out there and win the HOH because you and your sisters life is on the line. Liz says she will and that Shelli and Clay should go out there and try to win it too. Austin heads down stairs to eat. Vanessa asks Liz how are things? Liz says good, Austin talked to me about his .. did you know this was coming. Vanessa says no. Liz says he talked to me about his girlfriend. Liz says he did clarify. She said that he said he and his girlfriend are not on good terms .. we’re on different paths. He said he came into the game not thinking he would meet someone like me. But obviously things have changed and he didn’t want me to be uncomfortable around him. Vanessa asks so is he in a relationship or not. Liz says he said they both agreed not to hold each other back. Liz says this is being filmed and I don’t want all my dirty laundry out there. I don’t know if I want a romance to be out there. Even Shelli and Clay haven’t even kiss .. I don’t think they have anyway. At the end of the day he still has that girlfriend back at home. Vanessa asks do you want to hook up with him? Liz says I like him but I don’t want to hook up with him on tv. I really liked Jace in the beginning but I wouldn’t have even kissed him. I don’t want people to think he and are the next SHay & Clelli. I came in here with my sister. I didn’t come in here to f**king fall in love! Vanessa says just keep it fun and light. Liz says that will be very hard for him I think. Vanessa asks so you would have been okay with a fun and light hearted hook up? Liz says no not on tv. He literally has the best personality ever. I am so confused. Vanessa tells Liz .. that Steve said that he thinks you like him. He said that you said you liked nerdy guys with glasses. Liz says oh my god .. I said nerdy but not glasses.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-15 14-57-14-135

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We’ll Be Right Back …
Great conversation getting juicie … switch camera to something boring
Anyone else getting abit irritated with the Live Feeds
and the camera controller


I wonder if they want to use it for the live show and so they didnt want to show it?

Who knows.

Freakie Gran dee Sucks

They do the same on BB After Dark. Camera on a conversation then switches to sleeping people. Arrrgh!


Look at the first conversation here between Austin and Liz. Could he possibly be a bigger, more self centered jerk? Or any more immature?


Sorry. I meant Austin and Vanessa.

I survived last seasons BB

Austin may be the only person to strike out with twins on national TV..Too funny


What is funny? Theres no funny in there only jerks socialization


Not funny at all.

I survived last seasons BB

Jeff’s nickname should be Maudrey

Gordon ramsey

I hope James and Audrey hook up. that would be memorable tv.


I dont get they are just people with different backgrounds…if James had clay look everyone thook hes a nice guy. People only Carés about apparence in this country SAD


not really. Jeff is a good looking guy and no one likes his personality. His insides make him look less attractive on the outside. The reason people continue to like Clay and Austin is because at the end of the day, they are gentlemen. People’s impression of James is based on how he acts. On the outside, he may not be cute to you, but he is not unattractive just because he is shorter & Asian. lots of asian guys are smaller thinner & yet super hot, way more attractive than Jeff.


What do their looks have to do with anything? Have you read some of the things James has said in the house? He is creepy clueless pervert.


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t James married with a child? It would be hilarious to see them hook up. I really don’t think Audrey would go for him though. Imagine her face if he tried to push up on her. LMAO!


Anyone else notice how Austin always mentions wanting to get closer to the female HGs for “strategy” so that he could get closer to their male allies? Like Meg–>James, Becky–>Johnny Mac, etc. Seems like it has less to do with “strategy” and more to do with wanting to have female attention. Pretty sad way for a 30 year old man to be acting.


Very sad. Austin\vanessa\shelli\james are a shame for 30`s adults…


Well, he specifically said that he wants to eliminate his male competition to be alone with the women a few updates ago. So yeah…
Also, I’m starting to think that Vanessa is fucking with him a bit. I think she wants Liz & Austin to have a showmance, so that the target on them rather than her grows bigger.


Why shelli target Jason?!? What a pshyco bitch


zzzzzz enough romance time to get back to the game! Austin would no chance with either twin if they weren’t in the house.


Well this week is pretty much set in stone, i just want Thursday night to come so the game can begin again.


Shelli is the type of person how wrong anyone with a sweet face but inside stinks. This years they cast a bunch of psyco girls. Actually shellli is more dangeours than anyone of the girls because she hide só perfectly. I want só bad this clay and shelli and vanessa and austin on the block.


Wow someone is threatened by intelligent women.


Lol im a women and not a dumb one. But she isnt intelligent just dirty


I agree with you on Clay and Shelli. Even though he’s a desperate asshole, I actually like Austin cause he’s entertaining and Vanessa is growing on me. But I agree…someone needs to get Clay and Shelli out soon. I can’t stand looking at Shelli’s evil face and Clay is a douche.


Wow, this middle school crap is getting ridiculous. “I’m so confused” has been used so many times…you aren’t confused…you are here to play a GAME. EVERYTHING that happens in that game IS PART of that game. OK. Rant over.


He only wants to be recognize, like others morons. He was perfectly for bb16. Mabye when he is out he can have a podcast with Caleb. Like macree an Spencer lol


Vanessa seems more worried with liz than Austin… Get a life Stevens in female version …


What’s the deal with Austin’s relationship outside the house? Every time he wants to talk about it, the feeds/ cameras switch from him. I’m really curious. Why don’t the producers want us to know what he has to say?


It’s because his girlfriend probably didn’t sign a release, so if Austin mentions anything about her, legally they aren’t allowed to film that. It’s annoying, but it makes sense if she doesn’t want her personal information out there.


His “girlfriend” probably didn’t sign the release form.


Because not only has Austin not come out closet, I assume that his boyfriend is also still in the closet and refused to sign any contracts giving permission to air any of his info.


Audrey isn’t america player she is only the crazy bull in the arena.


Vanessa is feeding Austin’s psychotic ego. This is going to go bad and go bad very quickly. I do think that Liz is playing Austin, she needs to stay in the game and what better way then to lead the “big dummy” on. { I think she knows that Vanessa is telling Austin what she said}. When the twins get into the house, there is going to be “double trouble”. These housemates are stupid, the game is to eliminate players, not add players. Clay and Shelli are going to regret getting rid of Jeff, for some reason he was loyal to Clay, and they are going to find out, the rest aren’t.


I can not agree more!


Austin just admit u lied about having a gf to try and not look like the loser u are not having one. “Oh well we are on bad terms” This fool:)

Liz is playing him. There is no interest there at all for her. But she worries this nut will flip out..which he would..and target her. So she is now saying things like “I don’t want to hook up on TV”

Why do they keep casting these desperate dudes that seem like they have never been around a woman before and see this as their only chance in life to score a girl. I honestly think they look for these desperate types. CBS loves this stuff.


Liz might be a flirt, but respect her decision not to do anything on national television.


If Meg or Jason dont win this HOH i do a break up with BB.


Lol im a women and not a dumb one. But she isnt intelligent just dirty


would you take a train to Arkansas?


Wow really surprised, Steve looks good with longer hair and beard, different glasses and he would be a stunner. Never noticed before how handsome his face is.