Vanessa tells Austin “Don’t go falling in love (with Liz) and then f**k me!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 10-36-28-976

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Johnny Mac is sitting alone in the backyard. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Shelli, Vanessa and Clay are getting ready for the day / to workout. Shelli and Vanessa head out into the backyard and start sprinting back and forth across the yard. Vanessa gets called to the diary room in the middle of their workout. Jason, Johnny, Becky and Clay are on the backyard couches. Jason says the havenot beds are the worst. Its just so awkward. Becky thinks they are the worst in history even more than the air plane chairs. Jason talks about the live feeds and how they’re cheap at only $5.99. Clay asks about the cameras and Jason explains how there is always one close up and one farther away.

In the bathroom – Austin and Vanessa are whispering really quiet. Vanessa says if we don’t win HOH we’re f**ked. Austin says we need to get a group together that will be guaranteed to make it to jury and then after that see what happens. He (?) is trying to branch off with them.

10:50am Day talks to Vanessa. Day says I want to stay. I know you’re close to Shelli. I think Shelli wants me out of here. I’m not ready to go. I think you’re close to Shelli and you and I had a bond. You had said you don’t want me out of here. Vanessa says and I meant it. Day says there are people in this house that betrayed me and I’m pissed about it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 10-52-50-585

11am – 11:30am Hammock – Austin and Vanessa are talking. Vanessa says that thing with Jackie was funny. AUstin says she basically said she was in to me.. unless I am crazy. Vanessa asks who would you be more into Jackie or Liz? Austin says probably Liz. Vanessa says yeah she’s cute. I have to be honest though your girlfriend probably wouldn’t be in to that conversation. I know I wouldn’t. I would be like he’s in the dog house. Austin says I hope Liz wasn’t uncomfortable. Vanessa says you need to make a decision though. …I need your head in the game. Not that head though. Austin says that the cliques might be splintering. Vanessa says this goes in the vault. I’ve been extremely loyal to you. I think its very important that we divide the house in half and each have relationships on either side that we we won’t get in a tight spot. I think the key is .. no matter what I am going to go on my initial instincts with everyone. I don’t trust James. Especially for what he did to Jace. Austin says I went up to James and said we’re cool. I told him we should work together because I don’t want an enemy in the house. I think Steve needs to go in the next couple weeks. Right after Day got put on the block he looked at Day and smiled. I told Steve he never gives any information. Vanessa says that Jeff gives a lot of information but does he do that with everyone? He wants to make sure he is friends with everyone in jury. Vanessa says I think James would put me up. I should probably make a 1 week deal with him. Vanessa says you and Liz are spending a lot of time together. They’ll put you up together. Austin says I was trying to put her in front of you so that they have no idea we’re working together. Vanessa tells Austin “Don’t go falling in love (with Liz) and then f**k me because I would be super sad. Austin says I’m not falling in love with these girls. I’m going to start hanging out with Jackie a lot more. Vanessa says I think you, me, Clay and Shelli could go really far. Austin says that Jason is kind of a free floater now. Vanessa says that Jeff says he’s in good with him. Austin says let Jeff facilitate all these relationships. Vanessa says don’t get pulled into anything. Vanessa says that she’s worried about the “Sleeper Cell” alliance getting out. Austin says we can just say that it was fake to trap Audrey in another lie. Austin says if I won HOH I almost think it would be best to target Steve. I don’t want to do the houses dirty work. Vanessa comments on how Steve is socially awkward. Vanessa asks is it better for Day to stay over Meg. Austin says I wouldn’t want to because she’s a big player. Vanessa says I trust Liz. Austin says I do too.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 11-09-30-527

11:35am – 11:45am Audrey and Clay are playing pool and talking. Audrey says that the way he talks to her is very abrasive. Clay says yeah I come off a little abrasive. Audrey says I haven’t done anything to f**k her (Shelli) over. Clay says I don’t think you f**ked me over either you lied about a few things. Audrey asks why do you trust Jeff more when he threw you under the bus to Day. He is the one that is saying that I was the one going around saying all this stuff. Clay says he has come to me with information. Audrey says so have I. If you want to not get a villain edit then you can change that. Clay says I’m not trying to play a roll to look like on tv. If they want to spin that to make me look a certain way then that’s their deal. Clay says Shelli and I want you here. Audrey asks you dont think you’re playing Jeff’s game a little bit. You don’t think people in that group have his back over yours. Audrey says I would rather keep people like Vanessa and Austin in the game. Clay says us getting out Day this week instead of you has already made people suspicious of us working with you.

12pm – 12:35pm Backyard – Jason is talking to Day. Jason says I’m happy to scumbag everyone in here but you and Meg. Day says its just so early. I wanted to play with you and her longer. Jason says it could be an entire house flip and you could have the votes. Day says if my gut is correct ..they’re out for blood for Jace. Jason says in his honor. Jason says my fear is if someone like Vanessa wins HOH it would be me and James on the block. Day says I could only save you. Day says its imperative for you and I to win this HOH or die. Jason says some times all you need is luck and some of these bit*hes have bad karma. Day says what we can try to control is to get these votes. Once I do we need to plan ahead. Day says I have Vanessa, Liz, Austin and you. John and Jason are my plan B’s. I need all of my plan A’s to come through. Jason says John is in the middle of all of it. Day says its two damn days I have to hope these people don’t spill this tea to Liz. Jason says I don’t think anyone will except maybe Steve. Day says because if that comes out I can’t be attached to that. Day asks have you ever talked game with him (Austin). Jason says just once. Day asks how did that go? Jason says like I couldn’t trust him if my life depended on it. Day says before eviction I have to talk to Liz. (Day plans on telling Liz that others think she has a twin and that she needs to vote for Day to stay to have Day on her side because the others will try and get her out.) Jason says don’t wait too long maybe 2 hours before. Let them ponder all night .. they would probably go into the DR and realize that’s their only option. Day says she (Liz) is going to ask who the group is …and I’ll have to tell her I can’t tell her because it will come back to me. Jason says she will have to buy it and realize that they got caught. That they weren’t that good at switching it up. Jason says we will have to get Liz out before that 5th eviction. Jason says if she comes in we could use it to our advantage. They’re going to need someone to work with. But I would rather nip it in the bud before that. Day says when Meg goes we need to get Jeff out so that we can get James back. He will have no where to run to. Days says I don’t think that phone call was a coincidence .. I think they’re rooting for us. Jason says you haven’t told them that you’ve won the power. Day says no. Jason says you might have to do that so that it convinces them you have the numbers and they’ll realize they don’t want to be on the other side of it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 12-36-10-358

12:35pm Big Brother calls for an inside lock down.

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Finally i see some good game talk between Austin and Vanessa and not the typically bullshit…


Hopefully Austin and Vanessa don’t lose too much trust in Liz after the twin twist blows up later today. If they keep her in the house past week 5 they add another loyal member to the alliance. Liz would be smart to make that argument to her allies in the house.


The twins twist is over. Because Liz is the ‘original’ player, she stays in the house until she’s voted out like everyone else. But Julia is done.


big brother hasn’t really specified what the twin twist means this season. i’m not even sure they get money if they both make it in the game. i have to assume if liz is out so is julia, but in terms of the consequences of the house figuring it out and what triggers julia to enter as a player they’ve been really vague.


The first night BB mentioned the Twin Twist on the show, Julie said if the twins make it through 5 weeks without being caught, both twins join the game and win $5,000. But if they’re caught, only Liz stays in. Julia is out.


Julie said if they make it through 5 evictions…I don’t remember her saying anything about getting caught

I survived last seasons BB

Austin says we need to get a group together that will be guaranteed to make it to jury and then after that see what happens. He (?) is trying to branch off with them.

Da’Vonne, You HAVE to get Vanessa and Austin ..This has flip written all over it


I hope Day tells Austin and Liz about the twin twist and that most likely Liz is the next target.She can tell them that they need her for numbers in this game. Hopefully she can bring Jason, Vanessa, Steve and two other people they can trust. If Steve and Austin don’t wake and realize they are next in line after Liz to be evicted!


Meant to write if Steve and Austin don’t wake up!


while the twin twist definitely puts a target on liz’s back, i still believe clay and shelli are bigger targets than vanessa and austin. vanessa and austin haven’t done anything that directly indicates they’d go against the will of the house where clay and shelli very specifically did by targeting da over audrey.


the way day has been flapping her mouth telling everyone, does she really think she can sway their votes without using it as a tactic. i mean, her opportunity is gone by not shutting up about it and not using it to blackmail Liz. telling everyone except austin and Liz? that’s just stupid

i don’t like stupidity or wasted opportunities, and Day has just totally solidified my desire for her to be voted out.

plus let’s face it Austin and Liz think they have a solid 4 with clay & shelli? they aren’t going to vote against Shelli’s target, the only way to have day stay is if shelli shifts her target.



She is a smart poker player and very good at reading people. She is bound to go far if she can keep her wits about her. She had an early breakdown missing her girlfriend but appears to have gathered herself together. Very cool girl.

Big Sister

And who was the only one consoling Vanessa when she had her breakdown?? Da’Vonne! How quickly they forget.

Butters Mom

Actually Steve was consoling Vanessa when she had her break down as well. He was really sweet to her and so was Johnny Mac.


I now love Austin, he just said how stupid the Battle of the Block is on the live feeds just recently. <3


Austin is smarter than I originally gave him credit for, but his powers of observation must be horrible since he spends the most time with Liz and has yet to notice the twin twist. Vanessa has drawn out her initial strategy to sit back and observe for a little too long now and needs to take what she has learned this far and get her ass into the game and make a strong alliance with people she feels she can trust. Also, she should have never shared her gambling background, even if she lied and said it was only for two years. Why paint an unnecessary target on your back when your gambling background is the only real reason to target you. Well, that and the fact you aren’t connecting with anyone on a deeper level. She would be smart to team up with Shlay and Jaff to put those couples in front of her as meat shields. Or work with someone nobody would suspect like Meg or Becky.


Austin doesn’t know because production didn’t hint at or tell him about the twin test. They only hinted at/told Day.

it confuses me

Steve doesn’t open his mouth,maybe you can build a bond there where he will ONLY open up to you and you alone. why aren’t you trying that, instead you want to remove a socially awkward HG who has no real allegiance?

I know its easy to sit here saying what you would do….but I strongly believe the best players in BB history would ALL have taken Steve aside and made him. look, a lot of hate from people in regards to Boogie(I am only talking BB game here) but if he doesn’t tell Ian how to act and what to do, he is out the freaking door very early on.

Steve is a wasted HOH, I swear if Austin uses an HOH to get rid of Steve he is a complete moron.


U right! A real BB player would be around Steve… But they all immature…. #lovinglife


Right… which is why Van formed an alliance with Steve and tried to talk Austin away from going after Steve. Austin is an idiot (as far reading people goes) and he talks waaaaaay to much. Everything smart he has done is a direct result of Van. I try to like him for Van’s sake but he is ruining her game by telling Jeff everything.

I really hope Van talks to Jeff more and gets a good BS read from him and can finally persuade Austin to stop with this Jeff nonsense. Van also said she trusts Shelli fully but not Clay, really hope Clay goes soon and Van and Shelli team up. I know there is a lot of Shelli hate, but I really do see potential for her if dummy Clay is gone.


Day should have talk to Liz and say i know ur secret so help me and nobody will know about. Bring Austin and Vanessa, im bringing Jason and Becky and lets roll! Ps: lets have James and Steve for the ride until needed! It would have been so great… Instead very soon it will be welcome to Clay & Shelly Mansion! And sorry whats wrong with Johnny… This dude is scary!

Van the man

Vanessa is by far playing the best game so far shes playing like Derrick from last year and if Austin stays true to his word with her I think those two can make it to the end together like the fairy Cody and Derrick did last year

Better than Derrick

She really is playing better than Derrick. The HGs this season are mostly here to play the game and are trying. Last season was all about getting exposure for future careers. Van has a harder task ahead with players who are actually aware they are playing a game. She has made inroads with everyone though and hasn’t concentrated on just one or two people like the majority has. She has options no matter who wins HoH.


BORED!!! Day is going home. Its sad but it is what it is. Fast fowfard now to week 3 pls

Brutaly Honest

Oh look it’s another crybaby fan.


Jeff is all over the place with his alliance. I assume his true alliance is with Jaquie, Meg and James.


Jeff just gave me the best laugh I’ve had so far! He wants a sharpie so he can mark one of the Lizes. Priceless!


I have a feeling Audrey is gonna vote for Day just like she did for Jace because she wants to get the target off her and on to someone else. But that’s one more vote for Day. I don’t even know if I want Day to stay. She couldn’t keep her big mouth shut about the twin twist and if she leaves, it would because of her mouth.


2 separate points…

1st did DA get the 7th phone call and can eliminate 3 from voting? That would need her wanting 5 votes.

Correct me but I thought if Liz lasted 5 evictions they both play. It doesn’t matter if she gets outted only whether she gets through 5 evictions IMO. By the way I find it more than odd that an obscure event like the twins over a decade ago is remember for the 5 week aspect. I’ll believe the whole twins ect came right from DR 5 weeks and all..

Brad H

Yes day answered the 7th call & she has been thinking about whose votes she should cancel. And BB didn’t really explain the twin twist in detail. I think they kept this twist vague in order to have some flexibility. Maybe they’ll say Liz is out since everyone found out, maybe Liz gets to keep playing, but Julia is done, or maybe they both still get a chance to come in the game if Liz makes it to week 5 still. BB can play around with it & decide what’s best for ratings.


It is actually pretty clear … if you go to the clips section on it has the exact words from Julie. They both get to play if they don’t get evicted by 5th eviction. So it doesn’t matter if everyone knows as long as “Liz” is still in the house.



Brad H

I hope everyone goes after Jeff next week… That “dude” is the biggest floater of all time. He will definitely keep flip flopping every time there is a shift in power. Please take him out before jury.


No worries bout Steve. Austin saying that Steve needs to go in the next couple weeks. Vanessa runs sh*t here and she will shut Austin down on going after him.

More people here catching on that Nessa is a bad ass and running that house. I like it! The funny thing is that a lot of those in the house also know it and are scared as f*ck of her but can’t do a damn thing about it. Go Nessa! U are a fricking Beast!

Product placement

But dawg, did Jason really talk about the live feeds only being $5.99?! Lol


This is such a joke that day got the 7th call can anyone say fixed it makes me sick that they fixed it for her to get it really like please this is production trying to keep her in the game I don’t like this Cuz u have people playing this game and have no shot sometimes cu they rig stuff to help people out and how other people can’t see what there doing makes me wanna puke


You are absolutely right, Joke. Even Da says she didn’t think it was a coincidence. Why does production have to butt in? As others have said, I think Da needs to go, she’s just been nasty with the personal comments. James and Jeff too. Their families should be so embarrassed. They aren’t 17 year old boys, the comments they make about women are just ignorant.

morgan freeman's voice

so, basically, Austin likes a girl who seemingly has two personalities


why do you keep promoting the live feeds

Live feed support

Simon and Dawg advertise the live feeds all the time because if we purchase them through this site they get a portion to help defray the costs of the website. They make money that way just like commercials on TV.


Thanks for the explanation that’s correct.

Dawg and I watch the feeds round the clock all the ads on this site help pay for that. For each feed subscription we sell we get a commission.


If somehow day stays this week and get the votes she is an all star in my books, but it will be tough because austin and vanessa have an agreement with clay and shelli if they broke that they are not trustworthy to them. If day wants to stays she needs to convince audrey then liz to convince austin and vanessa to vote meg out. I can’t believe vanessa says she can read minds and could not figure out liz is a twin and jason/day have. I wonder if they will tell becky and johnny mac about the twins. If there is coupdedat please send shelli home she is getting on my nerve she is a like 7 year old kid can’t decide who to have an alliance.


I will be so happy when someone calls Jeff out for being someone who runs around the house blabbing everything to anyone who will listen. I have been looking at his sad pathetic face, and he has the nerve to think he is some great catch, he is no prize, and for some strange reason, he thinks that he has so much power and control over every one. I will be so happy when he is up on the block, and don’t even get me started on James & Jackie, I cannot believe Jackie had the nerve to say someone else has done nothing in this game, half the time I forget Jackie is even in the house, she serves no purpose. James needs to be booted out as soon as possible, he is a little man with a warped, perverted mind, did you hear him say if he had a chance to win 5K, that would help him catch up on back child support? So now we know he does not really take financial responsibility for his daughter. Guess he needs to work harder on learning how to pull out, which seems to be his favorite subject, the little man is annoying as hell.

Day's Special Power

I need Day to stay this week! I like the plan to go to Liz before the eviction and tell her people are suspicious of her being a twin and you need me to stay cuz I’m not after you. She should go and get Liz, Vanessa, and Austin votes beforehand and then tell them she has the power in order to solidify it. And then try to get Becky and Steve’s votes as well. I hope Jeff doesn’t open his big mouth about the twins, he’s so annoying. Ugh anyway #PRAYFORDAY