Vanessa “I’ve told you a lot of information! You wouldn’t know f**k all if it wasn’t for me!”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 11-33-42-753
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11:30am Backyard Hot Tub – Johnny Mac and Meg are chatting. Johnny says I asked for something weird last night.. Nair. Its been a month since I did it. Meg says the 50 days have got to go. They are taking for ever! Like its only day 55! At least we’re more than half way. DO you think we’ll get takeout tonight? Johnny says yeah. Becky gets her HOH camera and starts going around the house with the blow up shark “Gronk”.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 11-53-32-042

Jackie says that Vanessa thinks to this day and this is not true .. that Meg and Jason were the votes for Jeff (Steve & Liz were the mystery votes). And the you, me, Jason and Meg were in an alliance and that’s why I was so upset with Jason on the block. James says Shelli and Vanessa tried to f**k us. Jackie says and split us all up. Whatever .. we’ll split you up! You split us up, we’ll split you up!

12pm – 12:20pm Comic bedroom – Vanessa tell Steve that she is feeling better. I had a really bad day yesterday. Steve says I’m glad to see you feeling better. Julia comes through asking what she should wear. Steve says your birthday suit. Julia heads into the comic bedroom. Vanessa tells her I can’t stand her (Becky) I find her so f**king cold. I can’t fake it, I’m not a phony. I’m so not a phony. Vanessa says she owes me an apology. What she did to me wasn’t cool. She can’t pretend it didn’t happen. Julia says I can’t believe she can’t even be like.. Vanessa says have a conversation. Julia says everyone that goes on the block deserves an explanation. Vanessa says yeah especially when there was a deal for it to be someone else. Julia says she thinks like you’re some evil person. Vanessa says I’m really not, like give me the benefit of a conversation. Julia says even James had the decency to go talk to Shelli. Steve comes in and talks to Vanessa. Steve says that right now John and Shelli think that I’m with them because we’re the 3 people and not the 8. Steve says how about I tell them we made a 2 week deal the week you were HOH. I don’t want to burn any bridges with John and Shelli. Vanessa says how about if within the 2 hours of the vote if I don’t have the majority you can vote the other way. I think I will have the majority. Vanessa asks so I can count on you. Steve asks can you give me till tonight. Vanessa says I don’t really have a choice do I? Steve says I don’t want to like to you. Vanessa says okay. Steve says I do want to give you my vote. Vanessa says I have given you a lot of information. Steve says a lot of people are pulling me in a lot of different directions and I want to do the right thing. Vanessa says well I’ve told you a lot of information and you wouldn’t know f**k all if it wasn’t for me! Steve says I know. You’re completely right and I’m being really sh*tty. Vanessa says I know f**ker. She laughs. The reason I told you all that was so it would work for us. Steve says I know, I want you to stay. I just don’t see how it can happen. Vanessa says if you and Austin + twins vote for me and I think I can get another. I’m not targeting them. I’m targeting Becky!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 12-22-35-987

Bathroom – Steve asks Johnny are you sure all the goblins (Meg & Jackie) are voting against Vanessa? Johnny says yes. 100%! Steve says we made a two week deal when she (Vanessa) was HOH for my safety. And I kind of want to give her my vote because I promised it to her. Johnny says dude, she’s coming after us .. deals over! Steve says I know! But the point is that it won’t make a difference. If everyone else votes the way they should .. it shouldn’t matter. Johnny says I’d say no. Steve says you know my struggle and I know I need Shelli here but its kind of like what you did for Jeff. Johnny says I hear you .. I wouldn’t do it but I have done it in the past. Steve asks how much would it piss Shelli off? Johnny says it might thats why I would say don’t do it. You might be okay if you tell everyone before hand. Steve says I’ll talk to Shelli about it. If she is upset about it, I won’t do it. Johnny says I promised her (Vanessa) I wouldn’t come after her till final 9 but she came after me. Steve says I’ll talk to Shelli.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 12-39-00-312

12:30pm – 12:40pm HOH photos in the backyard:

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 12-24-08-969

12:55pm – 1:10pm Havenot room – Meg says that Vanessa came into the bathroom and was super chill. She seems fine with me at least. Jackie says we have to wait until Wednesday to do anything. If we did anything now it would get turned around. Meg says I think people are underestimating Shelli’s relationships in the house. James says for our game its better for Shelli to go. Jackie asks do we vote for our game or for the group. Jackie says but you told her you would vote for her. So she will probably come at you. James says I don’t think Becky will want to switch. Jackie says if she wins and things go wrong we’re f**ked. I would be like get me out of here. I would feel so bad. But If Shelli says and wins I would be so angry. I would rather feel bad than angry. James says you have to look at statistics .. whos more likely to win HOH? Jackie says there is no way we get Shelli back on the block. James says unless we win again but then we have to get more blood on our hands by putting Liz up with her. James wonders if Becky will hold a grudge afterwards. Jackie doesn’t think so as long as we get her (Vanessa) out after. Jackie asks who do we talk to first? Meg says Austin? James says just ask all bullsh*t aside .. who do you want to go home. Jackie tells James she (Vanessa) is going to come talk to you first. James asks what should I say. Jackie says tell her to talk to all of us together. Step into our office (havenot room).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 13-03-59-921

1:45pm – 2:20pm Quiet day in the BB house. The Shelli, Julia, Steve, Jackie and Johnny Mac are hanging out by the pool chatting about random things. In the havenot room – James continues to talk about how Shelli stole back the Clay hoodie he was wearing. We’re all adults here why couldn’t she just ask for it back. James says he is 90% sure during week one when I was HOH .. I think Becky threw out “the generals” alliance name and I said it was stupid. Meg says we’re not letting her run our game this week. James says we need to go with our gut. I knew I couldn’t trust Clay and Shelli. Becky knows if Shelli stays she could take us out. She’s convincing us that its a good idea but its not. Its the same thing with Steve we know he is going to take out Austin. James says the whole house knows Shelli is going to take me out. Maybe that’s why Becky wants to keep her. Meg says that’s what I’m saying. I’m worried Jackie will feel guilty about this week if we go against Becky. I tried to tell her we’re not betraying her or putting her up. We’re looking out for our best interest. James says its like Becky says actions speak louder than words .. you have to show us you’re trying to protect the group. Like me passing up 5K. Meg says Johnny mac we can’t convince but Steve I think we can because he feels bad.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-11 14-06-46-724

2:20pm – 3pm James asks do you think Shelli and Becky are still really good friends. Meg says 100%, I don’t think she had any intention of getting Shelli out this week. She is thinking about what is best for her not for the group. James says I think we’re fighting against the whole house. Meg says as soon as we get out Vanessa and Becky we’re golden. Becky has to go sooner or later. James and Meg head to the bathroom. James says why do I have the feeling we’re going to get screwed over again. James says that he kicked Shelli’s slippers under the couch. Jackie tells James that Vanessa only acts a fool while Shelli is here. Once she’s gone she won’t. James says that Shelli will get two chances to win HOH (Double Eviction) and if she wins I know I’m going up. James says look at everyone that’s left .. it was someone that had an issue with Vanessa, Clay & Shelli.

James talks to Steve and says he want to talk to Vanessa to find out what she wants to do. Does she even want to be here? Does she want votes? Steve says I think that’s a great conversation to have.

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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the coreys

Has meg talked them into getting rid of shelli or was that just pillow talk.


Goblin pillow chatter at the moment lol!

Production's Mist

Of course we planted the seeds. by planted i mean, we spelled out every scenario for these dumb twits because they can’t see past their stupid noses.


How can this comment even be rated? Haha.

I think the answer you’re looking for is: Nobody knows with those jibronies.

Village Idiot Strategy

Steve wouldn’t know what’s going on he’s too busy playing his alternate personalities hermit crab, mama’s boy super fan, pretender genius, incompetent social misfit and Vanessa’s whipping boy. He can’t keep his own personality straight much less any game talk in his own so-called alliance. Leave it to this nincompoop to create 2 week alliances to cover for Vanessa Final 2, without knowing thE Goblins are already poised to evict Shelli. He could be the one appearing to arrange this coup and winning brownie points with Vanessa, but no he prefers to be the dumb one groveling at her feet, apologizing every 5 minutes, calling himself sh*tty for wanting to protect his game.

To add to his misinformation, degradation & devalue his worth in every allegiance, he asks all permission to speak to others and asks what should I say? what should i do? The only thing left out of this awful charade is the drooling and falling down over himself. He takes village idiot to new heights and thinks as a harmless cake of poo on everyone’s shoe, he’ll be the last voted out, and call it strategy. He makes Victoria look like Einstein. Even Victoria demanded Derrick attention. This guy apologizes for entering a room, hence he’s everybody’s first choice for the Block in any deal.

And Vanessa’s patronizing nickname for him little mother f*r sounds almost kind. You can tell she wants to strangle him and you wish she would to force both their evictions. Steves drivel is almost worse than Vanessa’s 19th nervous breakdown Rasputin character, but both of them together is excruciating to watch.

The only reason I’d root for them is to see smug Shelli’s face when she’s evicted Thursday, no money for plane fare to see her son, little brother, show-mance. They didn’t want the money anyway right? They were here for love…riiiighhht!


Sounds spot on

Smart Guy

You obviously don’t know what a whipping boy is. A whipping boy is someone who takes the fall for things that other people have a hand in like Vanessa has as a result of giving in to Shelli and Liz’s insistence on keeping Austin in the game. Vanessa is the whipping boy, not Steve.


I wasn’t looking for a rating just wanted to clarify by answering someone looking for an answer. I gave a thank you shout out to Dawg & Simon about their great work they do on this & wanted to show appreciation,but there were a few ignorant people that gave me thumbs down on a thank you so yeah, go figure. I appreciate the cool thumbs up though…


Actually you are incorrect by saying nobody knows because although Jackie,Meg,& James talked about this, they have NOT spoken to anyone (at the time this was posted)about their thoughts of keeping Van & evicting Shelli. Yea they may change their mind come Thursday, duh,that is obvious with this season’s house guests,but let me reiterate, that at the time this was posted they had not gone around to others with their thoughts/potential b plan.


Meg has the best pillows in the house. I would love to fluff them for her daily!


Meg and James are talking about it right now. They basically said they don’t care about Becky’s game.


Why should they care more about Becky’s game than their own?? Evicting Shelli is best for their game. That means Becky and Johnny won’t have Shelli. JJM won’t have Shelli coming after them, and Vanessa is their shield If Becky/Johnny win HOH, and Becky/Johnny is their shield if Vanessa wins HOH. If you were in the BB house, would you put someone else’s game before your own, like Dumbass Clay did??


100000% Agree – The goblins get me crazy! They are on the verge of an actual game strategy and then have a stab of conscience! Get Shelli out, protect yourself with Van and stop worrying about Becky’s “feelings”. The best players who ever played this game went into it realizing It was never personal –

The Hammer

This is one of those rare weeks where whatever happens is great, second in a row in fact. I would be just as happy to see Shelli leave as Vanessa. If they wanna get rid of the lying skank from Georgia before the lying skank from Vegas that’s fine with me.

Like...I'm Jackie

Just when you think those three can put a smart thought together…stupid rears its ugly head! Vanessa won’t act a fool with Shellie gone…oh Jackie you poor dumb ass!

Pinocchio Obama

I’m not sure Team Goblin knows who they are going to vote out yet. I think the girls on the block had better come up with some creative deals.

Who do you think Becky aligns with if the house votes Shelli out on Thursday?


i want shelly to go in venssa to stay


Im gonna have to agree that Shelli should go this week. 2 days ago I was so happy that Vanessa was going, thrilled actually because personally I cannot stand her. But personal feelings aside, Shelli should go, she is stronger and more of a threat, and they may not get another chance to get her out any time soon. Vanessa’s game is already blowed up and she will be easier to get out, possibly in the DE. Can’t imagine what it’s like in that house having to make these choices – I am flip flopping all over the place sitting in my own house!


I want Shelli gone.
Vanessa to stay ,cuz I like crazy.
But for now, Shelli in a bikini , and the twins, and Becky and Jackie riding that shark.
Vanessa & Meg you can keep your shit on, I’m cool


Go what IN Vanessa?


Yesterday John talked with Steve about a possible alliance John/Steve/Becky/Shelli. Steve wasn’t sure if Becky can be trusted, but Becky already suggested this plan to John last week, so she would definitely be on bord. So if this happens, we would have three different groups – the new 4-person-alliance vs. James/Meg/Jackie vs. the Austwins.

Under these circumstances it would be much better for James/Meg/Jackie to vote out Shelli (although they have no idea about this possible new alliance).


I dont care which one of those witches leave. Hopefully both are gone in the Double Eviction. But it would be a nice blindside if Shelli got evicted first since she thinks she’s safe. Shelli’s reaction would definitely make good tv.


I’m ready for Vanessa to go and someone who hasn’t won an HOH (Johnny/Steve/Austin) to win it during the double eviction. I’d like to see where Johnny’s head is or see how Austin scrambles when he has no time to be coached through what to do. I’m hoping it ends with Jackie getting evicted during the double so the jury house will be nice and tense with Vanessa. Power shift! Power Shift!


Austin won an HOH


He didn’t stay HOH. It was really a non-event. Every decision he’s made on his own has been a mistake. I’d like to see him HOH without Van to guide him too. The twins will be little help!

No Favorites

Yep Vanessa it’s time for you to come out the room and play the game again. Forget about Becky if you want to stay and focus on getting votes. Shelli leaving would definitely put another twist into the game.

Geno Smith's Broken Jaw

Right now the house is split 4,4 3. Van, Austin & the Twits vs Shelli & the Rat Pack…Beckie, John,& steve vs The Goblins.If Van goes out, it will be 7vs 3,with everyone going after the Goblins. If Shelli goes, it becomes 7vs3, Goblins & Vaustwits going after the Rat Pack. This is a nobrainer. But they need to keep Becky in the dark. James & Jackie should give Meg a fresh bag of Cheetos to keep her busy While they negotiate a Thursday Deal with Van & Austin. If Thursday goes right, Shelli & Becky will be gone , John & steve will be on the block. BANG!

BB Fan

Haha BANG!


Give Meg a bag of Cheetos. Hahaha. Awesome comment, the whole comment. Lol


adc finally see the light!


I’m kinda hoping Vanessa stays. I can’t stand Shellie, and she’s is actually positioned the best in the house at the moment. Vanessa and her green beanie are too much, but everyone’s on to her game; Shellie’s the bigger threat,

C’mon Steve have a conversation with Jackie, and you might realize a few things,

Top Gun

Agreed Shellie even got her dork to give up for her and leave and she jumped ship on her group. Yeah its big brother, but she needs to go this week.

The Fonz

They just jumped the shark.

Scurvy Steve

What a chump. This will for sure keep Nasty Nessy. God almighty…guess I can only wait to see what happens.


So Johnny still doesn’t make an effort to solidify himself with the goblins. He and Meg even had some sole time together. Dang. At this point I want Vanessa to stay and wins DE, put up JMac and Becky up, Becky wins veto, puts up Meg as a pawn and then Meg gets the boot.

Hopefully that will open the eyes of James, Jackie, Becky and John that they need to stick together to battle the Austwins and Vanessa. And to think that Becky is already parading to the house that she is a part of a four person “team”.


If Meg and Jmac are on the block together, Jmac is going bye bye… Anyone sitting beside Meg is going Bye Bye, and that isn’t a compliment to Megs game.


Although Vanessa should go, Shelli would be better because for some strange reason she has the entire house with the exception of J/J/M protecting her. If Vanessa stays her focus is Johnny Mac and Becky, while Austwins and JJM battle it out. Also that John, Becky, Shelli and Steve alliance will be lethal if they get past the DE. Either way it’s all entertaining for us.


I want Shelli to go this week. Only Becky and JMac benefit from Shelli staying. I think Austin prefers Freaks and Geeks. His connection to Shelli was more through Vanessa than directly with her. If Austin knew that JJM are willing to keep Vanessa, the three of them will do the same and Shelli’s smug face will leave. Becky will be very pissed, but I don’t care. It was nice to see her take Vanessa down a peg, but I would have respected her more if she had just put Shelli and Vanessa up and skipped the backdoor secret route. It was personal and didn’t really make game sense to be so sneaky about it. She also made a big mistake by shunning Vanessa since POV ceremony. She tells the same story over and over and over and over again. We get it, Vanessa is dangerous, but Becky just can’t let it go. Mostly, I want Becky to leave next because as much as I try to like her, I can’t. She is annoying, boring, not very deep and trying too hard to be liked by the pretty people. I really want it to blow up on her.


I don’t know whose personality I dislike more Glenda the Good Witch Shelli or Vanessa. But I’m leaning towards Shelli with her hurl inducing self-righteous pageant personality. It’s a risk either way, but I actually think they are using their heads even considering voting Shelli out. And they really don’t owe Becky sh*t other than giving her a heads up. She’s not to be trusted past her own agenda. She didn’t put Vanessa up to protect them and she made the decision not play with the earlier in the game. And Becky seems to blinded by the fact that whatever Vanessa is Shelly is also. I doubt Shelli even likes Becky on any level yet she likes her. Shelli is dangerous socially and since you have people like JohnyMac who also likes her to the point he was throwing comps earlier in the season, I can see why they are thinking about flipping. Either way, it’s good they are weighing the options. I don’t think it’s stupid at all like I was reading in the other thread.


can’t stand either one, so I am fine either way.
If they can both leave in the double eviction. Or one of them with Austin I will be one happy camper.


The kitty hat (Like a lot of James clothes he doesn’t own this it’s the twins)

Judd's Granny

Simon is working for Amazon. My dog, Peanut, has that same hat.


LOL I guess we kinda do work for Amazon.. any product we sell through the site we get a percentage and it doesn’t cost you all any extra. I usually find myself buying a couple of the BB novelties every year so I figured some of you might be interested as well.

Judd's Granny

Good on ya. I wouldn’t mind getting a job flying drone delivery for old Jeff Bezos. My dog loves his kitty hat & I would buy a shark if I knew Jackie had ridden it.


Simon so go to know I didn’t realize you get $$$. Not proud but I’m a shopaholic …it makes me happy….you just might get rich from my spending. Shoes shoes and more shoes;-)


Yeah any sale we make off this Amazon link give us a couple points.. It’s one way to support this site and doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Amazon Canada

Amazon USA


And I still think you’re adorable;)


Initially I thought it was crazy, but (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I think it would be a GREAT move for Jackie, James, and Meg to take out Shellie. Don’t get me wrong I want Vanessa to walk out that front door come Thursday, but Shellie is better positioned in that house than Vanessa. If James, Jackie, and Meg (LOL) don’t win an HOH, who else is going to put her up for eviction? No one. She has shown she is capable of winning a variety of comps, she is a strong player (as is Vanessa) I think it’d be the perfect and possibly only shot you can take at Shellie. If Vanessa were to stay J/J/M wouldn’t even be on her radar, Becky and Jmac would be public enemies number 1 and 2. James, Jackie, and Meg really have to think this one over. I’m loving this season!


Seems like everyone forgets that Vanessa is just as dangerous as Shelli. They have both won two HOHs. If it’s any kind of mental comp, Vanessa will be very hard to beat. Let’s get serious… Isn’t Jackie the one that said don’t change the plan? These people are crazy!


Last week I would have agreed, but no one trusts Vanessa’s deals anymore, her strategy is exposed which makes her weaker. Whereas Shellie appears weak because all her allies are gone, but she is coasting with all groups.


I really want to root for Meg, James and Jackie but their just so dumb. If u wanted to get rid of Shelli the time to bring that up was before Messa was back doored.

AKA Twistin' ....

Actually, no it wasn’t
If Vanessa wasn’t on the block, this week would have played out a completely different way because she would have ensured Shelli stay. Its best they be against each other for this to work for James and the Angels ‘ benefit.

Jmac attack

Them nuts are keeping Vanessa!!


I am not a big fan of Vanessa or Shelli, but in this case they need to keep Vanessa and get rid of Shelli. {Shelli is far more dangerous in the game then Vanessa}. Becky has no intentions of staying with James, Jackie and Meg, her real reason for getting rid of Vanessa……. so she has Shelli all to herself. She wants Shelli to take out James, Jackie, and Meg, { then she has no blood on her hands, and she thinks they will vote for her} Then she will get rid of Shelli.
I have noticed something about Becky, she is very self-centered, people will be having a conversation, and she will turn the conversation to herself. {Jackie and Meg have noticed this} {I think Vanessa did score some points in her conversation, and I think they know Becky betrayed them.} I think they are beginning to see Becky’s relationship with Shelli, and this relationship no way benefits them.
I know a lot of people will be upset if they keep Vanessa, but they have to do what is best for their game. Not what is best for the viewers, after all, these people are trying to win $500,000,not make life time friendships.


The goblins STILL don’t realize there is an alliance in the house that is after ALL of them. I cant root for them anymore because everytime James mentions the possibility of an alliance , Meg shoots it down. Of course she has no clue what’s happening, all she does is sleep and hide out in the HN room, then complains about being in the dark about everything. Now they want to go against one of their strongest alliance members(Becky) who can potentially bring Johnny Mac, and possibly Steve and Shelli into the mix and strengthen their numbers to go after Austin and the twins. They are just thinking about their own personal games(James especially) and the short term. Of course Vanessa will make a deal not to put them up, her alliance members will do it for her. Becky has repeatedly told them this, they have also seen proof of it week after week , yet they’re still willing to make deals with people they know are untrustworthy. STUPID!! The fact is , if production had not eliminated the BOB , the goblins would have been done for. Meg is the biggest liability in that group. Jackie and James are going to end up in jury while Meg floats all the way to F2. If the goblins don’t have enough sense or awareness to save themselves , then production needs to stop helping them even if it results in a boring season with one side/alliance dominating.


If Becky can isolate Shelli by taking out Vanessa, she will flip on JJM in a heartbeat. Keeping Shelli means the end of the game for at least one of them. Steve needs to talk to Austin and revive the Freaks and Geeks. All they need is one vote and Vanessa stays. If the groundwork is laid by Steve, Austin will be very receptive to JJM when they approach him about keeping Vanessa. Vanessa’s best strategy is to lay low, drop the game and just hang with everyone this week. If she lets the game happen, she will probably stay this week.

Last week, Shelli never once looked like she thought she could go home. Same thing this week since POV was played, she isn’t even entertaining the possibility that she could go instead of Vanessa. That’s why it will be so enjoyable to see her blindsided: ” By a vote of 7 – 1, Vanessa………….you are safe”. LOL!

Smart Guy

What do you mean she would flip on them? She already has a side deal with Shelli and is just using the three to do her bidding. She wants Shelli to last as long as possible so they can share the target. If the three wised up just a little more, they would be asking themselves how someone who has floated for the last 7 weeks can suddenly pop out of nowhere and become their best friends when she needs them to follow through with her plans. I have faith that they will realize that they’ve not only been used as pawns as nominees, but they’re also being used as pawns as voters, and that’s no way to play if they make it to the end and have to argue their case for the $500k.


I didn’t read your whole comment. But the beginning of it just doesn’t make any sense. Shelly is trying to get your remaining houseguests against JJM she will never work with them. I honestly don’t think Becky is all that true to them either. JJM haven’t struck me as very intelligent… So how they realized getting Shelly out was better for their game ( which it is) is beyond me. Shelly is sitting so pretty right now and she knows it. Vanessa will go after Becky and Johnny Mac other than that…. Pretty much the whole house wants JJM out lol. Either one of these two leaving is good for them… But I have to agree with the goblins that van staying is a better choice. Shelly is getting dangerous and if they don’t get get out now they probably won’t.


I think Becky has no allegiance or loyalty to anyone in this game with the exception of JohnnyMac and I question that. You can’t even lump Becks with The Outsiders; she is a Lone Wolf playing all sides to suit her personal and gaming needs.
She could care less about The Goblins (the name cracks me up!)….last week (while they were in power, mind you) she was being a Rocky Mountain Mata Hari for Clelli; now this week, she is best buds with them? She needs their votes (along with JMac’s) to remove Vanessa. The Other Side isn’t going to give her that.
As I stated earlier, as much as I would LOVE to see Vanessa go out the door, I am glad to see my Goblins (yeah, I am rooting for them) thinking strategically and for the good of the group versus an individual mindset. Still enough numbers and game left to play before it becomes “every man for himself”.
If it happens, it would be gloriously epic and amazing TV because it would all be live: the flip, the blindside, the mad scramble for power…I’m on board!

Too funny

Very well said and its so irritating watching these 3 clowns jjm not have a clue how to play this game!!!

Ian's Beer

Julia’s quote of the day : Julia says everyone that goes on the block deserves an explanation. When did this become a rule hahahaha! The twins leave me scratching my head quite often with the stuff they say lol


The goblins.. ROFL

Some ideas of the pros/cons of Shelli/Vanessa staying. Personally I think keeping Shelli is better for their game but I have the luxury of watching the feeds. For the players in the house I can understand their point in Keeping Vanessa. ultimately, it appears to come down to one option threatening Becky/jmac more than the other.

Keeping Vanessa
1) Vanessa’s closer to Austin/Twins keeping her maintains a solid group of 4 going into double
2) It’ll piss off Becky and Johnnymac
3) If Vanessa wins HOH she will most likely target Becky over the core goblins . The BRASS TACKS is regardless if POV is used 2 goblins will be on the block.

Keeping Shelli
1) She’s going to play the middle but will ultimately side with Austin’s side unless of course goblins hold power
2) It won’t piss Becky off but opens up the possibility for a Becky-jmac-Shelli-Steve alliance that will threaten the goblinkin and Asutin’s angels (LOL imagine the angels and the goblins joining up)
3) If Shelli wins HOH she’s has said she’ll take a shot at the goblins. I expect 2 of the 3 core goblins to go up with a goblin as a replacement nominee if the POV is played. Becky will most likely not be considered a nomination.

(Core goblins are Meg, jackie, James. sometimes I include Becky as a goblin but she really isn’t)

Just my 2 cents..


F&G keep shelli last week?


It might be better for the Goblins game but if Meg or Jackie were to float to the end I just might jump off a cliff…

Canadian Bacon

Any particular cliff?

Oh Man...

You know…everyone here has such great ideas on what J/J/M & maybe B/JM should do, but it ain’t gonna happen…the thing is, J/J/M are so focused on a target, they miss the big picture…then go back in forth on what they should do…again not seeing the big picture. It’s all about the numbers, but they aren’t getting that…they should’ve focused on those dadgum twins, instead of saying leave them for JM & Steve, not realizing Steve is playing both sides. I’m so up in the air about who to root for still…

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I also am having a hard time trying to figure out who to actually root for. I do know that I dislike Jackie and to a lesser extent James and Meg doesn’t really matter that much. I also dislike Becky. I kind of like Steve and the twins and JM but dislike Vanessa…or I like her game but dislike her antics. That being said, I would love for them to vote Shelli out and then Steve wins the DE and JJM would all think he would target the A tweam but sides with the Freaks and Geeks and gets rid of any of JJM. So even if B/JM stays on the side of the remaining JJM this would leave the 5 F&G’s against the other 4. The other 4 can then win the next HOH and get it back to even. That would make for a great final 8 instead of one side heavily in charge, which is boring.


Steve is a vile rat ..He reeks more than a sewer rat and I hope the people he is helping aka team Van stays and spits him out when they are done with him..It will be so funny


It’s just a game show darling, calm down.

I survived last seasons BB

As much as I can’t stand Vanessa…Shelli has this coming to Her based on what I’ve seen so far
Becky laid it out how close the vote is..And She is doing nothing to earn the Goblin’s trust..Instead She is cozying up to Austin’s group and Becky plotting the DE moves

Newsflash !!! You are not going to make it to DE if You dont step up Your game

Vanessa hasnt even really started campaigning yet and She is winning

On a strategic move,,It;s kind of a draw,,Yes if they keep Shelli and She wins HOH then James is toast..but if Vanessaa stays..Do You REALLY think, after all this, You have an ally there. ??.Then JMac goes after them..and if Becky survives first eviction,,so will She

It’s a mess…but it makes for a great read !!


Ya I don’t know.. they played her for a “fool”.. using the goblins own words.. hers and Jason’s were one of the very few blindside of the seasons.. and after working so hard on this blindside they say, you know what.. the player who we had the sights on all along (as a group of 8 and which we could have done without making any enemies) is actually more dangerous.. I see Vanessa behaving for maybe a week and then I expect her to go on them with a vengeance


Steve: PLEASE remind Vanessa that YOU have given HER a lot of info SHE wouldn’t have had without YOU. For the love of God, stop being her House Elf Good lord, that woman is entitled.


At first I wanted to like Steve, but he is a doormat & a mama’s boy. Disappointing.

Triangles of Love

Leave it to Meg…. funny thing is as soon as they all commit to the new plan to get Shelli out, Meg will have another random thought that will freak her out again and want to change the plan.

Too funny

Yeah vote shellie out who really dsnt have any1 n keep vanessa who has austin, twins, steve n piss off jmac n becky n loose those two votes n target the 3 idiots as well… dumb a** game move and watch them get picked off one by one… that group is soo stupid!!! 3 against the rest of the house not smart… vote mastermind vanessa out b4 its too late…

Goblins FTW

What game are you watching? Shelli doesn’t have anyone? If Van goes , Shelli owns the House.


Damn Vanessa can sure spin things. Julia says everybody on the block deserves an explanation and Vanessa says yeah..especially when there was a deal for it to be someone else. LMAO…..Vanessa…can you say Jason? Wasn’t the deal that week to backdoor Austin?
What deal? Becky refused to make a deal with Vanessa. Becky didn’t make a deal…..she told a lie……big difference. Damn, Vanessa is a truth twister extraordinaire!

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Yeah Vanessa snap out of it. Hopefully she’s collected her emotions and done with the erratic meltdown (for the time being) it absolutely makes sense to get Shelli out first. Rock the boat. I don’t want the game to go downhill with the lazy goblins. James is smart I’m glad he figured it out. Vanessa has her issues but gotta admit she’s played the game. Becky just wants more glory to feed her ego. The nastiness and hate didn’t need to happen. Angry is good but ego power trips aren’t fun to watch.

Smart Guy

The deal that week was for Jackie to backdoor Austin. It was only assumed that Vanessa would do that same thing for the floaters, but since she had given her loyalty to her original alliance, she kept Austin to prove her loyalty. If she had known Austin and Shelli and Clay weren’t going to give their loyalty to her, she would have booted Austin in a heartbeat since he had betrayed her trust and by outing twins and putting a target on himself and her, because she was the HOH, and she would have been sitting pretty ever since.


Vanessa picked a fight with Austin that week to “justify putting him up” and told everyone he was the backdoor. Then blindsided the goblins by putting Jason up and insisting he be sent home. She made deals all over and now is creating a deal in her mind about Johnny. And saying this after she went pissing to everyone about how Becky REFUSED to make a deal with her. I don’t get why these people don’t pick up on contradictions like that. They just don’t listen or pay attention.

No takeover

Lack of takeovers has this band of misfits playing to win.

As silly as some of these houseguests are, the dynamic has been fantastic compared to bb15 and 16


So. If JJM really want Shelli out and if they really don’t want Becky to think they turned on her, why don’t JJM agree that, say Meg votes to evict Shelli? If that happens WITHOUT them telling this to anyone else, Van would stay with a vote 5-3 (assuming Steve also keeps Van)… If the vote is 5-3, JJM could lie that they voted to evict Van, blame John, claim that these 3 wouldn’t vote seperately, swear and swear and swear? If Steve ends up keeping Shelli over Van, with a vote 4-4, everyone but Steve would be happy, and they could blame Steve even though he would swear that he voted as Becky wanted.


Meg and James are talking about flipping the votes again in Have nots. Meg said “we have to rig the votes”. They both said they don’t care about Becky’s game.



LOL these goblins..

No takeover

Funny how bbcan2 had gremlins and bb17 has goblins


Meg and James now sound dead set on keeping Vanessa. They are worried about Jackie not wanting to betray Becky. Meg doesn’t care about Becky’s game at all.

This is getting very interesting.


Meanwhile in la la land, Becky has already announced to Vanessa that she is happily settled in a group of 4…


Simon and Dawg,
Last year you kept a running list of all of the Alliance names and who were a part of them. Are you going to do that again…. I am starting to get lost on who is who…. like ADC, what is that?


We can start adding a bit at the bottom of the posts like last year. Might be easier than maintaining a separate page.

I talked about the alliances in my bit on the Kill Show. It’s near the end..

(I did miss ADC.. that one is new to me maybe because Talk watches the really late stuff)


Ugh! I want Vanessa to go, but I guess either would do!

I survived last seasons BB

Shelli, Julia, Steve, Jackie and Johnny Mac are hanging out by the pool chatting about random things. In the havenot room – James continues to talk

Yeah Shelli,,Lay out by the pool. work on Your tan, think about seeing Clay again…in fact thats probably going to happen sooner than later


The sad irony is she has to go to the jury house for a month in a half lol.


If Shelly does go to jury poor Clay will not get to watch her on the feeds for the next 6 weeks and may just have to go out and meet someone his own age. Out of sight, out of mind. I bet his parents arranged for this to happen.


Now I just hate James, Meg and Jackie. They are douches. Becky just gets blood on her hands to align with JJM then they are planning to turn their back on her already. Then JJM keeps wondering why all of their friends were leaving one by one and no one wants to be on their side. Look at they do to Becky when she tries to be on their side. Does Jackie know Vanessa send Jeff home? and Does James and Meg know Vanessa send Jason home? Are they fucking dumb or what? If Vanessa can send your friends’ asses home, she can send your asses home. Don’t they get it? And JJM wonders why Shelli and Clay do not want to align with them because they are not loyal even when they are in power. They just think for themselves. They just drop Becky even though she tries to help them to get one of their enemies out. Why do JJM keep making deal with Vanessa when Vanessa broke all her deals? Are they fucking stupid? When will they recognize Vanessa is dangerous for their game? How many more people are needed to be evicted for JJM to recognize Vanessa is targeting them? I cannot stand these 3 idiots JJM any more.

Becky knocked down a Meg

Becky’s EGO thought the H belonged to her and not her peasants.

Thursday she will find that the pheasants have flown.

Smart Guy

Becky didn’t get blood on her hands, she floated for 6 weeks and has been trying to use the other set of floaters to do her bidding. She doesn’t care at all about them because her goal is to keep Shelli in the game so she can be a bigger target and use the floaters for their votes. The floaters are starting to realize that Becky has had nothing to do with them for the past 1 1/2 months but now that she needs their votes, she’s their best friend. Unfortunately for Becky, some of the floaters have decided to play the game this week.

Oh yeah, and Vanessa’s loyalty was given to her original alliance not some floaters that want her to remove one of her alliance members for their benefit. Vanessa has been so loyal to the people in her original alliance that she even took heat by not backdooring Audrey, who is someone she gave her loyalty to very early on. Now that most of them have turned their backs on her, she’s no longer obligated to maintain her loyalty to them. So far the twins and Steve are the only ones she pledged her loyalty to who haven’t betrayed her trust, most likely because they haven’t had the chance. Given those facts, the game is pretty much open for Vanessa to establish ties with whoever she wants without having to be disloyal in the process. Whatever deal she makes with the floaters now, she would likely maintain unless it involves going against her original alliance members who haven’t betrayed her trust.


Yes!!! I finally found a post that makes sense Please I can’t stand Vanessa her voice her hat and she’s so stupid and thinks she’s a mastermind please


One thing you gotta understand: Becky DOES NOT CARE at all about jjm. She is not doing this FOR THEM. She is doing this 1) out of spite because of what Van did to her. 2) to get Shelli.

She is not loyal to them in any way, and will not be loyal to them after she uses them to get Van out. She will discard them so fast their head will spin.

The Truth

Vanessa is quite the surly girl this morning.


Meg as no idea what day it is James can’t think on his own


WHEN was the last time Shelli won ANYTHING??? Why do these idiots see her as a bigger threat than Vanessa? I don’t care for either of them, but can clearly see Vanessa is a bigger threat in this house, and I’m REALLY tired of looking at her wardrobe. UGH!


The contestants and Simon and dawg followers can strategize this thing to death. Getting either of them out is terrific. Then get the other one out next if that doesn’t work then put the twins up and backdoor who ever is left between shelli and Vanessa. Going for Vanessa first is a slam dunk. Shelli is not that tough. Join together get these pains in the fanny out and move on.

I have a question

does anyone know what happened to buzz tv that would stream big brother ?

James versus shelli

This means war, at least to james.

Funnay how he tried using codes to evade getting into trouble, like giraffe (for talking to someone in production) and disney world (diary room).. Bb are not halfwits. He was called out in no time.

James is fuming pissed now at shelli, for possibly complaining to bb, about james taking clay’s bloody “precious” (double yucks) charcoal sweater. Her bitchiness gonna dig her a deeeeeep grave, inside the backyard of jury house.

James is adamant on evicting shelli now, and its now PERSONAL. He even wanna go to talk to vanessa pretty soon.

This gonna be goooooood.


Yes go James!


does anyone know what happened to buzz tv that would stream big brother ?


Meg to James quote: “I didn’t say this, but Becky has to go sooner or later too.”


Meg also said “we have to watch what we say around her”. While pointing at Jackie’s dentist chair.


If they don’t get rid of Vanessa on Thursday, she’ll end getting to the finals and probably winning… Get rid of her now!!!

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This season is so exciting. I love that people think for themselves and do not all vote with the house. You never know what is going to happen, who is going to stay or go. There are people who appear to be non game players but I feel are just holding back and at some point will blow some players out of the water. You just can’t predict this season. I LOVE IT.


Totally agree! This season is so entertaining! Seasons 15 & 16 dull in comparison. Does Season 17 have the most self aware characters…..maybe not….but they have been unpredictable & entertaining….what more you could you ask for!


Meg James and Jackie are
By far the dumbest people
Ever wow. They keep saying if we can get this person out and person out and this person out then we golden. Of course you’ll be golden dumb ass’ everyone will be gone if you guys can do that

BB campout

Get Shelli out, Vanessa can go next….Shelli has accumulated too many allies, plus johnymac and becky..Finish what James started… you need 5 votes to get her out.. you have Meg, james, jackie, Steve, and hopefully Austin anything less and she stays. Jackie/James better step up to the plate and not sit out the next hoh, because Austin, twins, and either shelli/vanessa is coming for you 2..and maybe jmac


I think James and Meg is right about Becky. I think she care about more shelli than them. Becky told James and Meg and Becky that she will not gonna tell whole plan to shelli when she put up her on Block. She suppose to wait until POV, yet she told everything to her . Becky knows about how James and Meg and Jacky want to take out Shelli and why .
When Meg was talking about how threat Shelli was to them… , she kind of ignored that conversation and pretend to not listening(at HOH room)left room…change subject etc… I was thinking that Backy told everybody she is belong to James group was not only to show she got to vote to get her target out this week also she doesn’t want to Van side to think she is flouter.( last week 8 person alliance was mention to go after flouter after Shelli was evicted)




I’d love to see rotten green beanie go and for a minute I wasn’t happy the Goblins are going to flip it. But I have to say this whole season is a lot of fun just because the players are so unpredictable. Starting with Shellie saving Audry at the very first HOH through to this one, they are keeping us on our toes with all the twisty, sometimes illogical, plays and alliances. Most of us don’t even know who to root for – when has this happened before?

The Hammer

Vanessa thinks Becky is “cold and phony?” Ha ha ha ha ha!! What a hypocritical self deluded nut job!!


JJM might be dumb as a box of rocks but if they choose carefully they could stumble into final five. I’m beginning to think they should vote Shelli out Thursday for their safety. But I think they should let Becky know just before eviction and after deal with Vanessa for a week’s safety.