Vanessa “I’m on to something big! It has to do with the phone booth and the Jeff vote! Just wait!”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 11-59-12-468

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Steve says they all think Austin is going up and going. Steve asks how can I help you with Vanessa today? Shelli says if you hear anything else or anyone comes to talk to you let us know. Steve says I want this to go as smoothly as possible. I care more about it going smoothly for Vanessa than going after this person or that person. Steve says we have You, Me, Clay, Austin and the Twins support on this. They agree that Becky would be the best to go because that would then break the connection she has with Johnny and Jackie.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 11-49-16-954

11:50am – 12:15pm HOH room – Liz is talking to Vanessa. Liz says that she was outside with Jason and he said that he was up late with Becky and they were telling Steve how to not be so creepy. I think that’s a ploy though for them trying to make a deal with him. So we can test Steve to find out if he tells us. Vanessa says there are two tests one to see if he tells me voluntarily and one to see if he tells me about it. Vanessa and Liz talk about the phone call. Liz says if DaVonne got it doesn’t make any sense the people that were picked to nullify their votes. Vanessa says I could try the strategy with Jason .. I know you’re trying to work with me I will give you 1 chance to come clean with me about who really had the phone call. Liz says he would know because he was really close to Day. Vanessa says I actually think I can flip this on them.. one of them are going to squeal when I talk to them separately. They’ll squeal because they know I have the power to put someone up right now. When I do this I need you to be in the room with the other two so they can’t fill the other in when I talk to the next one. Vanessa thinks she would talk to Becky first because her back is against the wall and she’s a bad liar. Liz agrees. Vanessa heads down stairs to the havenot room. Vanessa tells Steve and Shelli in the havenot room. I am on to something big! It has to do with the phone booth and the Jeff vote. Just wait! I’ll tell you later. Steve leaves and Vanessa asks if Steve told her about the conversation. Shelli says not really. I’ll tell you upstairs. Vanessa says I’m on to something big! Vanessa leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 11-56-57-556

12:20pm – 12:35am havenot room. Shelli tells Clay I don’t think we need to talk to Jason or Meg any more. Its like Steve was saying if we go after them we have targets for the next 5 weeks. Shelli says we can’t make deal with everyone because then we have no one to put up. We need to stop it. Clay says Steve knows we have the numbers so there is no way he wouldn’t come to us. Shelli says that Jason said that cameras give us more privacy than Steve does and that really hurt his (Steve’s) feelings. They’re not nice to him. We need to continue to be nice to him. Shelli says everything went the way we didn’t want to because big brother had a better plan. Shelli says Jason & Meg are our people (the people they would put up if they won HOH).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 12-24-42-067

In the kitchen – Steve is messing with Liz and copying everything she says and does.

1:10pm Austin and Liz are cooking. Austin asks Liz did they (diary room) ask you about us kissing? Liz says yeah they did actually. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Liz tells Austin if its any consolation if I get to bring someone to Outback Steak House I will bring you. Austin says thank you. Austin says I think you will be allow to bring someone 6. Liz says I don’t know why it would only be 3 people.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 13-08-17-317

1:15pm HOH room – Steve comes up to the HOH room. Vanessa asks I heard you had a conversation last night? Steve says it wasn’t anything important. It was just advice that I need to stop eavesdropping .. get in on the conversation or leave. I think Becky was campaigning for a vote. Vanessa says something never sit well with me for the Day phone booth. Jason says that Day had it. Vanessa says I win HOH the week after the booth and the first thing Jason says to me is that Day had the phone booth pass. I don’t believe it for a second. If Day had it the two people she would have definitely picked to not vote would have been Clay who was certainly voting against her and James who was certainly voting to keep Meg. 1000%! Steve says and the 3 people that sat out were Jeff, Jackie and Becky. That makes no sense! How did no one think about this?! Vanessa says lets go through all the people that could have had the phone booth. They go through all the people. Steve says I swear it wasn’t me. Vanessa says I thought it was Jeff or Jackie. I asked Jeff what his message was and he couldn’t remember. Steve asks why would Jeff make himself sit out? Steve asks wait could you make yourself sit out? Vanessa says yes. Vanessa says who is the glue between all those people? Steve says Becky. Vanessa says I think it was Becky or Jackie. Level one logic is picking your allies to sit out. How else can you spin the phone booth pass to your advantage. The biggest allies from both sides were left in the vote. Safety in future weeks from both sides. I won’t eliminate your key person in exchange for safety in future x number of weeks. Level c logic is if either way it goes you’re okay because you’re aligned with both. Who is aligned with both Meg and Day.. Jackie. Steve says Jeff, Jackie, Becky. Vanessa says I don’t think Becky was included, I think she got pulled in after. I believe strongly it was Jeff or Jackie. They made addition deals with Jason and Day. Day swore to me that she didn’t know who had the phone booth. Steve says she could have found out later. Vanessa says when they came to her for a deal. Vanessa says the only person that didn’t have protection is me which is why its so funny I got Jeff out. Vanessa says there were two mystery votes to keep Jeff. (Liz & Steve were the two mystery votes) I think it was Becky and Jason. Vanessa says I am first going to get Becky and say that info has come my way …do you know who had the phone booth pass and do you know who voted to keep Jeff. Then I will do the same thing with Jason. Everyone is petrified to lie to me after the Jeff thing. And the person that squeals to me will be safe. I need a reason to not put Austin up. Steve says can I come clean about something to you .. something about my life is not true and it has nothing to do with my education that is true. I can’t tell you on the feeds though. Vanessa asks are you gay? Steve says that’s an interesting guess. Steve says by the way when I do tell you don’t say it on the feeds otherwise you will be grilled on it post show. Vanessa says okay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 13-25-12-377

2pm – 2:20pm Vanessa says I will start with Becky. Jason is the best at lying and so I need to most ammunition when I talk to him. Steve says what if none of them cop to it. Vanessa says then I’m back at square 1 and I have nothing. Vanessa tells Steve when I do talk to them I need someone to follow the one I just talked to .. to see who they go talk to. Steve says everyone thinks I’m eavesdropping. Vanessa says so you can wait one more day to clean up your image. Liz joins them. Vanessa says she thinks John is working with them. Vanessa tells Steve to contribute to the conversation. They go over the information again. Vanessa says who is going to be loyal to Jeff. Steve says so you’re going to do what the squealer says? Vanessa says I’m going to use it to misappropriated my options. Steve says that John is just keeping the attention off himself right now. Vanessa asks do you think he would squeal to avoid going up on the block. Vanessa notices Steve twitching his foot and covering his mouth.. She says those are the two easiest tells that someone is lying. Steve says I didn’t have the phone booth.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 14-02-46-400

2:25pm – 2:50pm Shelli joins them and Steve leaves so Vanessa can re-tell her whole theory about the phone booth / mystery Jeff votes. Clay join them and Vanessa questions him if he farted. Clay denies it. Vanessa gets back to her theories. Vanessa says Jason lied to me. It was tied to him working with Jeff and Jackie. They have an alliance together. So now they think we’re going to be the “retards” that will work with them? Shelli says I told you they were in an alliance together. Vanessa says it was Meg and Jason that voted to keep Jeff. Shelli says we’re not talking to Meg and Jason today. Clay says we just established that we don’t need Jason or Meg. Vanessa says I think Jason needs to go. I think I’m going to put her up. Everyone knows when I am HOH you don’t lie to me! I’m going to get everyone up here that knows the answers to who had the phone call and who were the extra votes to keep Jeff and then question Jason. Vanessa asks what if I’m wrong… but I’m not wrong.

(Vanessa has it all wrong .. Jason told the truth when he said DaVonne had the phone call to nullify votes and it was Steve & Liz who were the mystery votes for Jeff. It was not Meg and Jason like Vanessa thinks.)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 14-31-27-795

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the coreys


Van us really dumb is she thinks whatever excuse she concocts will pass as a reason. The reality is though that it doesn’t matter if the other side wins hoh cause they aren’t even gonna target the real problem.

Johnny Mac target is liz and meg? What game are you playing bruh.

Austin, van, clay and shelli are so unlikable to me that even the drama of them eventually turning on each other is worthless. Steve is being smart in keeping austin as someone to deflect attention from him self but this dummy doesn’t realize that austin is the only one in that house right now who’s actually likely to put him on the block next week.


BB 16 is so exciting! The best season of BB in years. No one ever talks about production so we get no fish ever. They never talk game but both sides are playing hard….. hehehe

Last season and this have one basic difference only. The douches running the house are lying to us constantly as well as the idiots who buy it all. I cannot believe Clay/Shelli cannot see how bad aligning with Van, twins and Austin is? Couples get targeted and Van will cut you loose. Clay’s useless just backdoor Shelli in a couple weeks as their safety(outsiders) are getting picked one by one. I actually had hope for Shelli’s game that she could figure out the obvious.
If it did get down to this 6, it won’t, who is going to backstab who. Nessa beats the Twins and Austin F2 and likely Clay. Shelli has to go no brainer. Barring production Van has been handed the season. Congrates Derrick for getting 500K this summer. Vanessa or Derrick it’s all the same.


She’s really dumb if she was smart with the phone booth scenario shed think only someone from her side would nominate those people even though day did. Why would she think sow own from the other side voted to null those votes if she really be,Ives they’re working together???

BB ever

omg, Vanessa exhaust me. I don’t know how her girl friend can be with her. She is so calculate, paronize , and set up. She is looking for trouble to set up ppl! I don’t think I will want a friend like her.

Unfortunately , the other house quest is really “naive” , sometime when you think they smart, they running their mouth to somebody they shouldn’t !

And the production is not fair too. Why did they keep hint Austin about the conversation with Jason? If he couldn’t figure out himself he was in danger, let him gone!

The golden power of cheeto

Who is more screwed

Really Vanessa...

She is really going all the way back to the phone call twist. I really don’t see how that is really relevant now, because it really didn’t change anything. Even if she confirms that Day had it what good does that really do.
Honestly she is trying this hard to find reasons to not put up Austin?????? I don’t like this whole “I need a reason” thing. You’re HOH do whatever the hell you want to do!

And speaking of the phone call twist did BB just give up on the takeover thing? Because the only “twist” that is really left is the twins and thats not even fun anymore since everyone in the house knows.


I hope the twist is that Battle of the Block goes away FOREVER! I hate it so much. It just encourages people to throw comps, and allows big alliances to run the game which no one likes because it makes for shitty TV!


I wish the twist was no more DR and talking to production getting hint has to what to do. For once I’d like to see a big brother where they just play the game without help from production and games not geared to help players out. Make it an even playing field then maybe we’d get the right nominees and the right person going home each week. This game has become so predictable that I’m surprised the ratings hasn’t dropped


Big brother australia mate


that’s hard, because as Jun has revealed, the DR production is there to get the Diary room confessions, but at times when nothing is really known yet, like the outcome of certain comps, or to appear like those comps haven’t been played to get them to look like all the DR’s are in the moment things are happening.

so with that in mind, some of the questions are posed in different ways. Like ‘how do you feel winning the POV” then ‘how do you feel losing the POV”, to get different responses ready for the episode in plenty of time for edits. so if something does happen along the way the DR sessions can be edited and chosen to be a better fit for what happened later on.

they are there to get different reactions, but also emotional reactions, so they ask them also to repeat what they just said more upbeat, less upbeat, until it becomes even less natural lol.

suffice to say, along the way, they are posing questions in ways that give the HGs another way to look at what is happening, and it is more like brainstorming so they end up with a new conclusion to something that is in their mind. for example, they could ask vanessa her opinion of austin, that would get one kind of reply. OR they might ask her ‘so you and austin have been working together closely since day 2, but now you have told others he is your back door option, so how does THAT make you feel right now’. option 2 reminds her that austin is actually her first loyalty, not that Group of 8, and half the group of 8 will put her up, but austin never will.

i am not sure either HGs or the producers are aware of how the way they frame things can influence the HGs emotions and thought processes.


They should of brought the twins in together
Then if they make it to whatever point … then they can play as separate games


Why not go back further to see who told Jace he was the target? Vanessa needs her meds again. I really hate her power trip!! “I had to win HOH, because I saw that Jackie won HOH.” Ohhhhh you just HAD TO! Like, I was going to just let it slide, but then Jackie had to go and win… I don’t care if she was a lawyer, what the hell kind of lawyer was she? And she used to be a model???? This week was almost a great one…


Vanessa Ashley Rousso[1] is an American professional poker player.[2] She is also known by her Pokerstars online screen name Lady Maverick.[3] Born in White Plains, New York, Rousso has dual citizenships with the United States and France.[4] Rousso was a member of “Team PokerStars” from 2006 to 2015. She is a spokesperson for She has earned money as a professional poker player since 2005.[5] A photo of her appeared in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.[6] Rousso was her 2001 high school class valedictorian and graduated from Duke University in December 2003. She has a net worth of over 4 million dollars!!

is it just me

you need to be a sad bitter person to be downvoting straight facts
the poster did not put any biased info just simple facts how is that worthy of downvotes are you really that jealous or pathetic that you felt the need to downvote lol


Vanessa’s only 30 or so? She’s going to need some serious spa time when BB is done. This game has aged her.


FYI Vanessa’s ex husband was also a successful poker player. Unfortunately a few years ago he lost his battle with cancer.


George- maybe Steve knows that Vanessa is a poker player. If u find out please post it. His secret is one of the most interesting thing that’s happened. FYI- Vanessa’s ex husband was also a successful poker player. Unfortunately a few years ago he lost his battle with cancer.


George- maybe Steve knows that Vanessa is a poker player. If u find out please post it. His secret is one of the most interesting thing that’s happened. Also how can he tell her without it going on live feeds.


She would have been one of Jackie’s noms if she wasn’t HOH. I don’t think she was lying on why she needed to win, she genuinely thought/knew Jackie was going to put her on the block.

As for this HOH, I think she really screwed up how she handled Jackie. But Jackie must be pretty truthful in real life because her lying/truth omitance skills are terrible. I guess my opinion of Jackie since her niceness to Audrey made me like her a lot more. But she isn’t the game player I thought she’d be…which might also be why she’s nice? why would she align herself with Becky who really doesn’t do much. I don’t get Vanessa’s “Steve is my verification” tactic, that’s going to bite her later. Steve’s not bad just a kook, and a kook can drive a kooky over thinker like Vanessa batty.

I think Shelli is playing a very neat game as I can’t poke holes in it. Clay too, but I think Shelli can make him look bad (she won’t) but not vice versa.

I find it difficult to comment on James/Meg/Johnny/Becky because they are really quiet. I don’t think Meg knows how to play Big Brother.


Did Vanessa really think that even if she was put up on the block that she would actually go home?

PF the B

While I am no fan of Austin, the way Vanessa spoke to him was deplorable. She is one nasty piece of work!


I don’t like how she talks/intimidates Steve either. Such a freakin’ lawyer. She lost me completely with the ‘r’ word. She was an early favourite of mine, but haven’t liked her for a while – too bullying. Unfortunately, she’s playing the best game right now, but I’m looking forward to it blowing up on her. I’d like to see about 190% of her arrogance deflated.


No kidding. Vanessa not in power is palatable. Nessa in power is manic, wild eyed and a re-incarnation of Amanda on Adderall.

She continues to espouse to the house (what I believe was her planned F2 speech) of her integrity & honesty. BUT there’s one major flaw in her plan: SHE WAS THE ONE WHO SUGGESTED TAKING OUT AUSTIN! Jackie was intent on targeting the twins/Steve. So now Vanessa is willing to let Austin’s verified lies slide in order to invent lies about someone else! Whoever she puts up can call her out on HER lies & say stop using the word integrity b/c you obviously don’t know what it means!

She’s established herself as completely untrustworthy b/c she was the one who INSISTED on not back dooring the other HOH plus she was the one who told Jason, Meg & James how much she wanted to work with them & also brought them the DM alliance.

In one fell swoop she’s creating copious enemies which were completely unnecessary. AND by selecting to target people she promised safety & various degrees of “ride or die” she’s looking at 2 feisty people in Jackie & Jason who’ll blow her up to the house & out it was HER who wanted Austin out which will make him not want to trust her either!

I didn’t think it was possible for Vanessa to have a worse HOH than her first, but she’s succeeding in taking herself out of the game with all these manic actions.

Just stop the craziness & put up who you want & say sorry you trusted me, but I don’t trust you. PERIOD

Or here’s a novel approach put up Shelli and take out the real threat in the house!



Noooooooo, I need more. Lol. I hate the suspense.

Bunny Slipper

Huh? Why on earth would a vote a couple of weeks ago, which still resulted in their target leaving, even matter now? Good gravy, Nessie! Just nut up and put who you want in that chair. You don’t have to have a reason. They may eventually realize they have an enemy in you. Or they may be like cows with people and do nothing but graze.


isn’t it enough that Jackie wants to come after the twins one after the other? why does it have to be more complex than that, didn’t vanessa and jackie talk about having the twins around is a good thing ‘once austin is gone’ they won’t have anyone?

can’t vanessa just put up jackie to be voted out, as going against something they talked about. my gosh, why does she need proof and verifications, etc etc, she didn’t need any of that when she threw austin under the bus and built this huge thing she is now floundering under. if she had just stayed loyal to her original small group, she wouldn’t have to get everyone’s agreement on whatever issue is there.

and aren’t austin and steve actually buddies who talk but pretend to not like each other? because i am confused with them. james can’t go on the block, steve is a vote for whatever vanessa really wants to happen, but so is austin so neither of them should be on the block. we know how jason and johnniemac are going to vote, for becky to stay. so if you want becky to go, you have to put one of those two on the block, if you do not want becky to go then you have to figure out who is better to go. If you put jackie up, knowing she for sure wants to take out the twins, your allies, and steve, another one, and who knows about clay and shelli, the final ones, then putting up jackie is the way to keep becky and take out jackie. meg will probably vote like jason, and james has more with jason, meg and becky than he does with jackie cuz jackie spent every day up until that last eviction/hoh avoiding other people, she has no relationships with anyone other than becky.

you tell jackie, who is probably denying a relationship with becky that you need becky out, to keep her quiet, then the votes all take out jackie. someone who should have been a target earlier, just as jeff should have been for not being BB hgs, but being a twist from another show already with their 15 minutes of fame. no one is going to care jackie is gone, in a significant way to come after vanessa. plus, you have to take down their numbers, not your own.

the ‘he lied to me, ‘ case is getting so old, who cares, get over it, now she is all excited that what, a guy who has no allegiance to you knew that dayonne got the phone booth call and what, a guy who doesn’t owe you anything didn’t tell you that? ,


Maybe production is hinting to her they don’t want Austin to leave and because she claims to be playing a straight shooter game she is trying any little thing to keep him safe this week to take the heat off her in the event someone from the other side is in power next week


This is pure Vanessa Mania I’d say b/c why would TPTB want to keep someone who consistently ranks in the bottom 2 this season versus a top 2 (Jason).

Austin repeatedly has said he’s just there for publicity & I’m super annoyed someone who stated they wanted to keep Audrey b/c they have their lifestyles in common would be on a witch hunt to take out Jason who also has a similar lifestyle, is a life long BB fan, arguably the funniest on the feeds and someone who IMO deserves to get to jury b/c he’s not there for “a career move” rather for the experience.

Regardless whether she puts up Jason or Jackie I hope they explode on her & say you are so full of crap citing this truth & integrity nonsense. YOU were the one who targeted Austin, HE was the one who lied & now YOU are lying to everyone proving you have zero clue what the word integrity really means!

Wowie Mandel

Who does Vanessa think she is. She wants to catch people in lies. What game does she think she is playing?
Don’t take out Austin and hope the house goes after you for your biggest lie .


I despise Van so much due to her jackass reasoningof let’s get a reason, no matter how bs it actually is,to put people up. How asinine is it to use the phone booth excuse? Seriously this is pissing me off. The other side annoys me greatly because they are going after/suggesting to go after people who are NOT a threat. Really JMac- Meg? Bahaha!
Steve? Steve is a minion, well Van’s minion. Everyone thinks he is socially awkward & creepy so who does he have to help him reak havoc upon others? JMac,Becky,Jackie,Meg,Jason& James: Wake up! I understand we as viewers are privy to more of what is going on but how stupid are these people:Jackie,Meg,Jason,James, Steve,JMac,& Becky? You constantly see Shelli & Van dominate this game, pulling people up in HOH, calling the shots, scheming, selling out people(alliance members)?! I have yet to even hear a mention of Van being someone to get rid of,& a few mentions of breaking up Shelli & Clay but they all cave & seem to like/trust them.
I want to see a shift in the power but even if they are capable of pulling it out, they will run to Van or Shelli & allow them to run the HOH. Just frustrated & losing faith that Van will even be thrown on the block. Shocked Clay put himself up on block & Shelli allowed it, only to have one of the insiders up there & easily taken off in a blink,no real sweating it out or worries. I knew the Betrayal of Judas was too good to see happen…


neither of those people are going to know what the heck she is talking about either, she’s trying to catch them in lies, as in one is going to ‘squeal’ first, but neither one of them did what she is about to try to catch them for?

sure, I totally agree Day’s choices for sitting out the vote made NO sense whatsoever, shocking in fact when i heard the names. but she wasn’t getting save over three votes anyway, so the only difference it made was she pretty much guaranteed she had fewer votes than she would have.

and it is funny, may be one of the funniest things to have watched, to see her telling Liz and Steve about the Jeff vote thing. that is going to be one of those classic “top 10 ways HOHs get things completely messed up, wrong, & end up evicting their closest allies, while saving the very people who work against them” lists.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Special eviction for Jiz please! That whiny tone of her/their voice/s is UNBEARABLE!


In that Liz tone “Oooh my god I knoooow”


Vanessa would be such a better player if she didn’t win HOH these last two times; it’s totally gone to her head and she comes up with these crazy theories. Her mind changes constantly from one moment to the next and instead of thinking it through in her head, she tells everyone what she is thinking. This early in the game, you need to stay under the radar.

P.S. I HATE Battle of the Block. The side that has numbers will always have the upper hand because they have people who will throw it. Does NOT make for good TV!


I’m just catching up with last night’s BBAD. AT THE END OF THE DAY, Vanessa needs a friggin chill pill; and AT THE END OF THE DAY she needs to wipe some of that black off her eyeballs; and AT THE END OF THE DAY she need to take that green RAG off her head. It looks like it smells.

Bunny Slipper

Dude, bro, it’s empirical.


OMG! You are so right! That black eyeliner needs to go, and that dirty hat looks like it hasn’t been washed. Thinking the same thing. YUCK!

Backseat Driver

You are soooo right………BOB has got to go!! I am so surprised the BB producers (after all the complaining last year) didn’t eliminate this ridiculous “spin”. It takes the guts out of the Big Brother we know and love!


Drama drama drama
Keep it simple
Who outside your alliance has the best chance at winning HOH?
Who is coming after you?
Who is coming after your alliance?
Bingo … there’s the Nom …. Jackie


What happened to – there’s a big twist every week? It’s now three weeks in a row that we’ve had nothing -.-

Wowie Mandel

These twists are only used to benefit BB.
The rewind twist will probably be used by production to save a loved one . are you listeneing clay ? Just like the proposed football comp they just had.


Let’s just hope there’s one that replaces Da’Vonne and Audrey with any two of the boring cretins left in!


Was it really a “football” comp, or just a comp that involved throwing a ball? Which even if you play football, does NOT mean your good at throwing a football. lol Lots of fb players that suck at throwing it, but are good at other aspects of the game.


You lost me after Van US really dumb IS she thinks…………….

Lemon balls

You had me at van is really dumb …


lol if Vanessa thinks this will work out, none of them will confess to shit. they will all say that becky said she wants to help with his social skills and that day had the power. what will she do then ohh austin u lied. She will get farther with austin gone in this game. If she doesnt go with her word (That shes been throwing down people mouths) then she screwed everyone over and known as someone not to trust plus with austin gone she has 4 shields. And the funniest thing is the other side isnt working together. I bet later tonight Vanessa will fnd out Austin lied again


BTW did Austin sleep with Liz again last night or did Liz sleep upstairs in the HOH bed?

BB Drafter

Boring. Big alliance taking over the house again. Get rid of BOB.


OMFG – I think those zits have finally popped up inside Vanessa’s brain if she is going back all the way to the phone booth looking for an excuse to put someone else up other than Austin! This is Sad and Painful to watch now. This beginning to be the stupidest HoH ever IMO. I am almost done with this Season seriously. I love BB but it’s hard watching people turn in to a bunch of Idiots before my very eyes!


When Liz and Julia switch I hope that Julia tells Vanessa that Liz voted to keep Jeff. Then watch Vanessa freak when she knows Liz lied to her.


Is Liz actually talking game? Instead of just tanning the whole summer?


Another harebrained idea by Vanessa…..she’s still my fav for entertainment because she’s crazy but sometimes it’s too much…like her brain creating drug enabled illusions. She stresses everyone out because her brain won’t shut down. If she told me I need to prove Day got the call I would have a hard time saying “ok”.

She doesn’t need a reason other than say it’s best for my game in the next week. The less reasons given during a bad week the better so the other side needs to guess.


Who get’s the Creep Factor Award now?
Austin n Liz
Clay and you look and act like my brother (so wrong on multiple levels) Shelli?


But she hasn’t cheated on her brother yet, she still won’t let Clay kiss her. He has the patience of Job, and for what?

Vanessa is genius wannabe?

Don’t know.. Sometimes she seems terribly smart, but at other times, i feel she has a tendency to vacillate a tad much.

But according to Liz, Vanessa is the smartest player in this house, and several other houseguests have commented on her intelligence before.

Her over paranoia might possibly get the better of her.

:: just observing::


I think Vanessa told them she was the smartest person in the house, with her “eidetic memory” that they don’t have.


JMc has the whole spastic dork thing down. Good for a laugh the first couple of times but after that it’s just annoying. He’s not even an underdog because he’s not even in the dog fight.


Dick for brain James should shut his mouth about women. He’s a pig.


I think Vanessa has been sniffing Audrey’s mist. She is absolutely going nuts.
Why does everyone in the house have to tell Vanessa everything? The phone call was a long time ago and Day went home.
I don’t know why you have to have an excuse. Maybe Vanessa has forgotten that there are cameras in the house and everything is seem. Maybe she feels she needs an excuse so America won’t dislike her.
Vanessa is going to win BB because Grodner will see to it.


Steve is a mutant. Watching him have a conversation with Vanessa is excruciating. I’m not surprised his fraternity made up special rules to deal with him. Jason was right on when he said they have more privacy with all the cameras than they do when Steven is creeping around. He’s a little malfunctioning ratface.


die in a fire


Steve is a high functioning Assburger. You are stuck on low/no function/ no reason to live.


Is Jason in trouble he’s my favourite so I’m worried Simon and dawg do u think hell get put up cause I’m freaking out and who do u think has the biggest chance I’d getting put up


Vanessa is always being a hypocrite even with Jason telling her about , Austin telling him about the twins. WHAT!!! When Liz told the truth you ran and told shelli and clay. She needs to fall off her pedestal


Hey BB
Do us and Vanessa a favor
Stop giving her meds!
Their screwing her brain up
She seemed calm n collected this morning till DR/Meds
Now where off in la la land

Team Edward

Shelli wants to keep Austin and Austin will most likely target her and Clay. Good one girlfriend. He is only loyal to Liz. Everyone wants him out. Should be an easy week. Just like Audrey, people have to over think and analyze. Well, sometimes you just have to do!!!!


Have to agree the BB take over is sucha bust. I was aa little excited at first, someone getting a power to eliminate votes. I thought BB was going to put something fresh and new to the game uggg.
Aldo I think a true BB take over host could be past BB house guest. Like this past week Julie talked to Britney. How awesome would it have been if she was in the takeover for a week. Instead we get a football player that half america does not even know and the other half probably could care less. And a comedian promoting a new CBSshow. Big whoop

another name

i’d feel sorry for vanessa’s plight if she hadn’t manufactured it. I’m not certain… but doesn’t she have an alliance or deal with every single house member? Sounds like she has set the wheels in motion to outsmart herself. she won hoh because someone targeting her was the other hoh. she puts the crosshairs on her ally.
at the end of the day (couldn’t resist): get rid of Austin. she loses numbers to protect the twins. get rid of the twins. who is the biggest target left standing? the biggest comp winner. if they can’t get the twins who does she think they’ll be satisfied with evicting?
the logic of can’t trust Austin but can trust the people she’s been targeting for four weeks is pretty silly.
as much as I dislike Austin, vanessa nominating Austin is making vanessa the prime target for eviction within three weeks if not sooner. Imo, if she’s stupid enough to give up her position of strength, she deserves her fate.


Vanessa couldn’t find her derriere if it was pinned to her face!!


Maybe BB need ideas from us to makeBB more exciting here you go BB

Have a season of the super Fan BB. All tthe guest will know a lot about pass seasons. Bring back BB take over but the take over are pass house guests.
Then for that week everything will be about the season or seasons that the take over past guess was a part of. All questions would be about that season and they could even bring back epic comps like I am not sure what season it was but the first season that Jenelle was in…who wouldn’t like to see that box they were in for about 14 hours or more. If it worked maybe the past house guests could live in the BB house for the week as well. Cool no?


Cool, yes.


What will Vanessa do if her witch hunt results in finding out that the two unknown votes for Jeff were Steve and Liz….


I think Clay should take his own advice from a few weeks ago and not use the veto on himself.

Wowie Mandel

Vanessa is quickly becoming the biggest BULLY in BB history.. Audry leave some meds behind ??

Ariana Grande stinks!

Vanessa is really like a dirty cop. She fabricates lies and then plays as if she was immaculate and cannot stand someone lying to her face. Very tired of her… Hope the zits continue deforming her gumface…


Do you ever post a comment without degrading someones looks? You seem a bit obsessed with the Van’s break out, I’m sorry but that’s just weird. Judging by your comments, I’m sure your not Miss America yourself. lmao


It was quite obvious from the show that all this deceit and lying she’s been doing has been taking a toll on her complexion.The more she schemes the worse it gets. It is a relative comment. Did you expect her nose to grow longer or something?


How smart are these people? After Clay lost BOB the Austin backdoor BS(we know lie now) was played up to influence production to give Clay a comp walk so he’d be off the Block. Saving him from a house flip and perhaps production would have been happy to see Austin gone before jury. Are Shelli and Nessa that good?

Naw just Van lying to the fans for another week. Or did Clay actually throw the BOB to dethrone Jackie so Austin never gets on the block. Dang these HG’s are outplaying everyone. Don’t you all feel stupid? No ones figured out how they are communicating off camera. We sure are to stupid to figure these 2 woman out!


I’m probably the only one but i would be really happy if jason went. he is way to full of himself, all this talking about himself in third person and the whole bitch calling is getting old. talks too much trash about steve and others who he thinks are beneath him too.


I’d prefer to lose Meg over anyone else this week. I liked Jason more before, but you’re right. His schtick is getting old and he’s all talk and no action.


Can you imagine watching TV with Vanessa? Talk about a motor mouth. Actually a paranoid motor mouth.


Just like last year the supposed season of the “twistiest twisted of the twistiest twists!” this year’s BB take over is a bust. Production should have a fan forum preseason to take suggestions from fans on ideas to really tweak the game.


I love how Vanessa keeps telling everyone what a genius she is cause she’s figured out the phone booth thing and the hinky votes, yet she’s completely wrong on both counts. Shelli and clay keep telling her how brilliant she is , cause they don’t who she puts up as long as it’s not Austin. If Vanessa was really smart she would see that everyone in her alliance has someone they are more loyal to then her, she’s basically the third wheel in any scenario. Eh…what do I know she’s the genius who’s figured out the phone booth thing from 3 weeks ago.


Starting to like Steve . He makes valid points. Plus at least he’s playing. More than johnny boy is doing.

bunny slipper is a huge fat loser with no job. I have proof.

The thing that really gets me mad is Becky calling Steve names. Bitch you got hit by a train while walking. And you calling people names? Go cry some more bitch. You have no chance to win and Steve does.

Get her the fuck outta the house!


He has a better chance of going farther than Becky, but only because he is a ratfink for the majority, but he’s at the very bottom of that hierarchy.

What names was Becky calling Steve? Haven’t heard that anywhere else.

I think Steve wants Becky out so Johnny Mac will be isolated and maybe become closer to him. I doubt he’s stupid enough to think he’s very high on anyone’s list of allies, and Johnny seems to be one of the only people that talks to him. After listening to Vanessa talk he must know she’ll cut him loose for some insane reason whenever the mood strikes her.


Becky was calling Steve “geeks quad mcgee.” In fact, they all were. Jase heard them. I bet Jeff is waist deep in barely legal poon right now, just greased up to the elbows.


Actually Jace made that up to try to get Steve’s vote. It was confirmed afterward that Jace felt bad for it and either he told Steve the truth or someone else confirmed (either Vanessa or a twin) that Jace lied about it. And Steve actually liked the name


And Steve still thinks it is “GeekSquad Mickey”.

Bunny Slipper

Is your proof empirical?


Why does Vanessa always need someone to lie to her before she puts them up? I mean she does know shes on big brother, everyone lies to everyone including herself!


She just uses it as an excuse to put them up. She’s trying to hide who she is working with, therefore she feels like she needs to justify WHY she is putting up a particular person. Shes not quite ready to “draw the line in the sand”, as they all keep saying. Remember, the other side of the house is not 100% sure Van is in an “alliance” so to speak.


Steve wants to tell her that he voted to keep Jeff. But he’ll do that when they are no longer in the big brother house.

another name

does anyone else wonder how much more gabbing and justifying and re-gabbing again over and over will occur when vanessa is in an alliance she doesn’t feel she has absolute control over? it’s getting to the point that if two people look at each other without clearing it with vanessa, that’s enough to start the train rolling as it is. in the long run, she could end up making Audrey look like the stable one imo. It’s starting to get ridiculous.


It amazes me how much Vanessa annoys me!!!! Is there anyone capable of winning HOH besides the Six Sence. I HATE BOB THAT CREATES THESE BIG A.. ALLIANCES!!! I do believe that Shelly will win this game. Everyone eles is too dumb to see that Shelly and Clay are sitting pretty. But i do NOT like her one bit. I do not like Vanessa, Shelly or Clay!!


Watching Shelli in the DR was so fake and now I don’t want her to win. Just be real


I’ve finally figured out why Vanessa is always so all over the place. I think each of those gigantic zits have actually grown their own brains and developed their own distinct personalities. You just never know which one is speaking or has control over her mind at any given time…. Or it could just be that Vanessa is a paranoid weirdo with delusions that she’s a super genius..” You chewed food! You’re lying to me!” “Did u just breathe? Liar!” … ” my zits have their eyes on you Jason!”

BB :: takeover :: aka bb :: farkover ::

Whoever came up with that idea certainly has several screws loose.

I think production must have realized this lame-arse, half-baked, moronic idea is not well-received, and needs to be eliminated, and eliminated ~~ F•A•S•T~!!!

I noticed i hardly hear a whimper of the farkover/takeover $h!t for quite a while now … Not that i miss it too much, spared me of lots of agony, mind you.

Butters Mom

I’d tolerate Vanessas inquisition for about 1 minute before I told her to STFU. Thats probably why I am a watching fan and not a want a be contestant. I hate it when she is HOH.


this is getting sad to read now. grow a damn pair. its BB you will always get blood on your hands no matter what. just depends on how much.
Austin is a huge target. he doesnt go up. Van becomes the huge target for going back on her word.
For a good poker player, Van sure is idiotic when in power.


this how I see it being vanessa will put up Jackie
Jackie will go home
Jason meg an becky will be mad at vanessa
Austin an becky wins hoh
Austin an becky make a final 2 deal
Austin tell her to target vanessa
in he target Jason
then the following week we get out clay or shelly
to me vanessa will mess up her game if she don’t put Austin up
in becky will trust Austin cause he didn’t put her or johnny mac up