“If I BackDoor Jackie and break my word she needs to go, I need to catch her in an lie”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 14-57-11-230_jpg

2:55pm HOH Vanessa, Clay and Shelli
Talking about keeping Austin and rolling with their original alliance.
Clay saying they’ve been together for a long time, their loyal and they all trust each other. CLay doesn’t trust the other side.
Shelli is all for them sticking with Austin and the twins.
Vanessa says she scared the sh1t out of Steve that he needs to win the HOH. She made sure he knew everyone throws his name out as a target.

Vanessa says if the other side wins HOH it‘ll be a twins and Austin Vanessa split up.
Vanessa – I wish I could Backdoor Jackie but I can’t.. Becky’s a bigger threat but JAckie is a bigger social threat she took jeff’s place pulling those two corners together.
Vanessa asks if she should go the scare routine or the “I want to work with you and Meg”

Shelli anc Clay go that route don’t come out aggressive
Clay – You’re a straight shooter
Clay says he was talking to JohnnyMac and asked him who he would put up thinking it was the twins but Johnnymac said James, Jason or Meg
Clay – honestly we don’t need Jason or Meg.. we do need people to target.. We have plenty of numbers especially with Johnnymac on our side. Ideally Becky leaving is best for our group.
Shelli – Leave becky alone let her stay (LOL from this moment on Clay is saying to keep Becky)
Clay – what about Jason.. if he doesn’t tell you the whole truth.. Becky you’re right she volunteered.
Vanessa asks if they can get Jackie and James to be down with getting Jason out
Clay – Jackie no way

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 15-14-22-119_jpg

Austin joins them. “I was in the DR for a hour and a half.. really just talked to them because I feel so shitty”
Shelli – we’re up here working for you man
Vanessa – I’m running on 8 cylinders.. It’s probably better you don’t know what the plan is.
Shelli and clay tell him the other side is laying low doing nothing because they think Austin is dead in the water.
Austin says he caught them making fun of him this morning. Says it was Meg, James, Becky, JAson, Jackie. It’s obvious they are working together, they sleep together they stay up together. Shelli agrees. Vanessa asks which one is the most dangerous. Austin thinks it’s Jason because of his mouth and brain for this game or JAckie

Vanessa recommends he lay low and get informations, “Just listening be around and hear things being said.. hear people talking shit about me”
Austin – I would love do

Jackie comes in…
Conversation goes to Liz being pissed at Austin. He says things are different between them he’s hoping they can move beyond this personally
Jackie leaves.
Clay – She peeps around everywhere it’s so annoying.
Austin leaves..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 15-25-34-499_jpg

Vanessa – “We’ve been working together since week f***g two, I’m not being manipulated by the other side again.. “
Vanessa thinks they were manipulated to get Audrey out last week. Clay says no way Audrey had to go.
Shelli – I’m so much less stressed
Vanessa – the game is so much easier without her
Vanessa – made them all very happy
Clay – and she was that vote.. she had something
Vanessa – If I backdoor Jackie and break my word to her she needs to go home.. I would rather keep my word to Becky over Jackie
Shelli – she volunteered
Clay – Becky can’t go home .. it’s not right.
Vanessa – why does she (Jackie) have to come in like that.. irritates me..
Clay never trusted JAckie
Vanessa promised Jackie she wouldn’t backdoor her.
Vanessa – What’s it worth a s a promise made to someone gunning for me and am I stupid for keeping to it..”
Vanessa says she’s really irritated by JAckie coming into the HOH, “I need to catch her in an lie a reason to go back on my word”
Vanessa – I know she’s not loyal to me I can know it in my gut I can feel it”
Clay – oh of course she’s not
Vanessa – I should just put JAson up I don’t go back on my word.. But she’s (Jackie) going to win comps.. she’s got that fire in her eyes.. she was as strong competitors on Amazing Race to

Vanessa warns them they have no one on their side that can win those endurance competitions. The ones where you need to be small. The other side is filled with people that would excel at those..
3:28pm Jackie Comes in

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 15-32-44-289_jpg

3:30pm Liz and Austin
Austin excited about the other side being so obvious they are in an alliance.
Liz – why are you worried you are good
Austin is upset about getting manipulated by Jason.
liz – that completely blew up in our faces..
Austin – you got to tell Julia it was all a misunderstanding.. I’m so upset she thought I didn’t like her..
Liz – I’ll tell JUlia she’s does everything I say
Austin – I would do anything for both of you
Liz – I wish you would have been acting like it
Austin – I was do you believe it
Liz – I do

Austin says he heard JAckie says “Vanessa got Clay, AUstin and Sheli up there again i’m going up there to shower”
Austin runs to tels Clay and Shelli what he heard. THey don’t think it’s enough.
Austin – I’m trying
(They’ve given Austin orders to collect information any kind of information she’s been doing a lot of sneaking around. It’s funny because in the early weeks he had such a problem with Steve doing that. )

3:40pm Jackie and Vanessa HOH
JAckie asks how Austin is handling it
Vanessa says he’s being very mature about it, “He’s pacing around everywhere like a caged Lion”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 16-01-38-606_jpg

4:00pm Hammock room Clay, Jackie, Shelli and Becky
Chit chat.. Zzzzz

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 16-22-20-244_jpg

4:22pm Steve just alone in a room
Becky comes in.
Steve – I’m just outta it
Becky – nothing at all is going on
Steve – very night oriented cast
Becky – ya
Becky brings up everyone is thinking the construction in teh back yard is for the steak house dinner that

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 16-39-55-951_jpg

4:38pm Shelli and Clay
Clay saying they should be up in the HOH more with Vanessa.
Shelli – NO we’re trying to squash that Image
Clay wants to make sure they are still good with the people they aren’t with because when that side wins the power they don’t want to be targets.
Shelli agrees but still doesn’t think they should spend too much time in the HOH and they don’t want to be there when Vanessa tells them Austin isn’t going up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 16-52-00-996_jpg

4:48pm Johnnymac and Vanessa
Vanessa asks him who had the phone booth power. John thinks it was Austin. Vanessa doesn’t think it was Da because she allowed Clay and John to vote.
Jmac – do you think it’s Double eviction next week
Vanessa – ya I think so
Vanessa tells him Jackie was going to put him up as a pawn and Vanessa talked her out of it.
Vanessa – do you feel like you can trust Jackie
John – I feel like we could the only thing linking usa was Jeff.. she seems more trustworthy than Jef was. “Tough to know what’s she’s thinking”
VAnessa is pissed when people lie to her about stupid things Says it was disappointing that Austin lied to her she really wanted to work with him long term.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 17-24-21-857_jpg

5:22pm Jackie, Jason, James, Meg Bathroom
Talking about Steve hiding all day
Jason says he can’t start playing the game day 40
Jackie – ya fuc*k you
Meg – Next week it’s 1/2 way
Jackie – we’re going to make it we’re all going to make it (LOL.. one of you won’t be)

James says he told Jeff if he won he would buy Jeff a truck for 10 grand
Jason – I told my girls I would buy them some teeth.
Jackie – I feel like I would want to get everyone something, Like a party
Meg – If I won I would throw the biggest party

[envira-gallery id=”124256″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 17-36-09-452_jpg

5:27pm HOH Johnnymac and Clay
Jmac saying that Becky came to him and asked him if he wanted to work with Clay and Shelli because she wanted to.

JohnyMAc – If I win during Double eviction I’ll go after the goblins (Meg and Jason the original gobles were PEE and AShley from BBCAN3)
Clay asks if Becky will be pissed if he wins HOH and Jackie goes.
Johnny mac doesn’t think so.
Clay says he doesn’t care about jackie he’s not close to her, Points out Jackie is closer to jason and Meg.
JOhnnyMac – those are the people i would go home against Meg possibly James.
Jmac is worried Becky will take Jackie over him.
Clay says the other side is going after Steve,m They don’t want steve to go Johnnymac doesn’t want Steve to go.
Clay brings up they were making fun of Steve and that’s not cool steve is a good guy.
jmac says JUlia really spends a lot of time with him and Steve.
Clay – that’s great Sheli loves Julia.

Clay says Austin might go up but if Vanessa can catch Jason in a lie he’s going up, “Beck is safe”
Clay – Vanessa is now 100% sold on Becky staying

Clay starting to lay groundwork for Ausitn not goign this week.
Clay – Worst case scenario Jason, James, Meg win they will target the twins and Austin.. so maybe keeping Austin is in our best interest..”
Clay explains if Vanessa save Austin he will be indebted to them. Austin controls the twins that’s three votes they control.

Liz comes in.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 17-46-37-526_jpg

5:45pm James and Jackie
James saying if he wins the HOH he’s not going to put a couple up he’s going to put one of them up so not to make too many enemies.
Clay joins them. They start talking about how Construction has been building in the backyard all day. the outback steak house dinner is going to be a big deal.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 17-55-10-730_jpg

5:54pm Jmac and Liz
talking about her sister Julia’s fake tooth.

6:09pm Feeds down for outback steak house dinner.
7:30pm Feeds still down
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 20-08-53-372_jpg

8:09pm Feeds back

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Honestly Vanessa was my favorite player about a week ago but I cant stand her right now. I hate how she acts when shes in power… #TeamJMacandBecky

Like...I'm Jackie

Seriously! Her go to is always…I got to catch someone in a lie. You lied to me…she lied to me…blah blah blah! She lies ALL the time!

Like...I'm Jackie

And…if Shelly compares Clay to her brother one more time, I’m gonna shoot myself in the face! That is the creepiest thing on this show!


Always thought it was weird when she first said that too! Seriously what is Shelli saying: She wants to date her brother?! Honestly it’s foul that she keeps saying that but what is worse is Clay is not only cool with it but obsessed with her brother & wants to see how much they both are alike. Gross Shelli!


My sentiments exactly. She is on a power trip for sure, and her mentality seems to always be “do as I say, not as I do”, accusing everyone of lying so she can have a reason to betray them. This is not good play, I don’t care how many people disagree with me.


Vanessa’s strategy has been dubious. She ultimately picks a target and subsequently manufactures a lie to claim that is the reason she is putting them up; in the meantime, she knows that some of her own alliance members have been lying to her. Why manufacture a lie to target someone when you know that someone else is already lying to you?


Baby Jesus is #TeamJmac&Becky!

30something going on 13

Vanessa is nuts always acting like she needs an excuse to make a game move
Austin is nuts because he is acting like this showmance or whatever it is that he has with thing 1 is real
Shelli is a thirsty crazy cat lady (or is that dog lady … bark … oh look a squirrel) who is having a showmance with a guy that is a baby
James is ……. well …..um ….. a little man with an enormous over-inflated ego
I am worried about the future of the human race…


If Vanessa pulls this off without making herself a big target she is a beast.


Vanessa needs to go next week. Wimpy ass bitch. Jason and Meg for hoh…..Austin, Liz Vanessa and Julia on the block. Backdoor Shelli if necessary.
I hate conspiracy theories about production but enough has eeked out to make me think they are interfering with this one. Too bad too, because this cast can play on their own.

FearTheWalkingDead Aug. 23

Ditto on that ava…you said it bro


Sadly, Production runs this game every year and leaks too much information (aka cheating) to the cast members. It is just not a fair game. People are manipulated and their thoughts change on a dime. The only way this happens is because ‘Big Brother’ has all the answers and plants seeds of doubt between alliances/people. It really irrates me and is very frustrating. I wish that the game could be played out fairly. It sucks that it is fixed and they start to ‘pick’ their favorites to keep around. Ugh. I wish they would get rid of creepy Austin. If they target Jason, this season will go down hill FAST. He is so funny! I think the cast members that are boring/irrating that they should target at some point is: Austin, Liz, James, JohnnyMac (sorry but his voice is annoying as hell and he acts like an idiot instead of a refined doctor..ugh…so annoying). I would like to see Jason go far and I think Becky has potential. She is at least not running her mouth so much. Also, Jackie seems to have started playing the game now that Jeff left. I think she is a spitfire and can win comps. Meg is okay..a little over dramatic but I can deal with her for a few more weeks. I prefer Shelli over Clay(Zack Morris). He is a dummy really and will do whatever she says. She has been a good HOH and plays the game well. I loved Vanessa the first few weeks but she is all over the place and making up her own shit to justify not putting Austin up as the original back door plan. Unbelievable – she was given the truth by Jason and doesn’t believe it. Yet Steve/Liz were the votes to keep Jeff! The people in her own close alliance. Maybe production should leak that shit to her!


Great points. You had till you ragged on jmac for his voice?!? Wow


Sorry hollie – I’m not the only one who thinks he is strange and talks like kermit the frog. That is not his real voice.. He actually doesn’t speak like that most of the time..just in his diary room sessions..it is just so over the top…I find it irritating and distracting from getting to know him. Oh well..we agree to disagree I guess. 🙂


I’m with you on Jackie – she is a spitfire and I hope she stays too. I’m with you on Jason being funny, but really, all the kid does is run his mouth to EV-er-E-BODY and doesn’t use information to his advantage, and he, if anyone, should know better.
I’m with you on Vanessa, she used to be a favourite of mine too, but she DOES believe Jason, it’s just substantially better for her game to keep Austin and her alliance of 6. I’m absolutely not with you on Meg or JMac. Really, Meg? Anybody would win against her in F2 at this point, her only strength.

Just a player

Omg, I am sooo tired of hearing/reading about ppl being mad that reality t.v. Isn’t real!! Reality t.v./games ARE NOT REAL! They always have a “script” to them…always have. Please stop gripping about production interference. It’s just a fact of the show….like any reality show. Don’t like it…..stop watching “reality” t.v.


Don’t like other people’s opinions?….stop reading the boards.


you tinfoil hats say this every year. of course production insinuates itself, but not to the tune you imagine. people are just dumb.


Figures. Whatever Vanessa I am so fricken over her.


Vanessa is the devil

Captain Crunch

I can’t stand Vanessa as HOH she lets the power go to her head and stages stupid drama just to have vindication to put someone up instead of just putting them up cause she’s HOH.

At this point Vanessa has 2 options, 1) put up Austin and hope they have the votes IF they want to keep him so she doesn’t piss off the other side or 2) put someone else up and piss off the other side and become their #1 target.

Jay Jay

Even though I am team outsiders, I almost want Vanessa to put up someone from the outsiders. She will not only become their biggest target, she will become their obsession. Vanessa and co. keep saying “…but we have the numbers…” Well numbers won’t help when you are sitting across from your alliance members on the block.


I kills me how Vanessa keeps going after people who lie to her, but she is one of the BIGGEST liars in the house.

Drives me crazy how hypocritical everyone gets in this game. I can make alliances, but you can’t, I can lie, but you can’t, I can stab someone in the back, but you can’t. Over and over this happens, just get over it, that is how the game goes. Everyone lies, everyone forms alliances and everyone stabs someone in the back.


I don’t think she’s about other people lying to her. She’s desperately trying to convince herself to put someone else up, knowing whatever she does poses great risk to her game.

Shelli sucks



It will be interesting to see how this back-and-forth affects Vanessa’s position in the game. Everyone is playing each other even though some are better at it than others


I think it’s entirely possible Vanessa will have created so much general fear with her ruthless and seemingly unpredictable tactics that nobody will be willing to take her on unless she’s guaranteed to go home. The “commitment” she made to Jackie was always one of convenience and once again Vanessa is “looking for a reason” (read justification) to do what is in her best interest. The handwriting was on the wall for Jackie as soon as she lost HOH. Who among the remaining cast will have the brains and balls to recognize Vanessa for who she is and take her on?


I love the tactic of ruling by fear! Vanessa is playing this game well,however, her one flaw is in those gut feelings she gets! 99%of the time they are way off the mark! I am curious to know how she is a championship Poker Player with instincts like these!
Also, her big problem was showing her cards to Austin this week, therefore creating distrust that will bite her in the backside….soon! Judas is not going to forget this betrayal!


Which is EXACTLY why I’d love Jackie to stay, but I have my doubts because it really is the best move for Vanessa’s game to get her out.


Wow Clay didn’t waste no time saying keep Becky, he just needed Shelli to say it first/finally. He was all over that shit. “It’s not right”. Clay’s got a thing for Becks, can’t do anything about it, he’s taken, but nothing wrong with keeping her in the house and looking.

Bunny Slipper

If you watch Shellie when Clay speaks, you can see her lips move.


That was funny! 🙂

Shelly's teeth need their own zip code

What lips? All I see is those big ole horse teeth!


Vanessa is getting close to my all time Top 5 most hated players. If she puts Jackie up, she’s in.


Let’s here your list! I think Vanessa is playing a paranoia driven game, but I have no problem with Jackie leaving.The season of racism was horrendous…I disliked them all!


I think Shelli and Clay are somehow playing into the best spot because is Vanessa dosent put austin up she is going to take the blame amd the main targets if anybody wins they are targeting Austin twins vanessa and Liz. It seems Shelli and Clay have played into what seems like the best spot


If Shelly does not win big brother she is going to be really close to it. She is part of everything that occurs in the house yet never gets her hands dirty. If someone decides to break up the couple I’m pretty sure they will go against Clay. If Vanessa does not put Austin up she can literally just sit there and watch both sides of the house take each other out.


Vanessa has officially ruined this game for me.

I survived last seasons BB

Here We go again, Vanessa going to have some trumped up caught-you-lying meltdown to justify keeping Austin

I hope this backfires somehow and Vanessa becomes Public Enemy #1

This week had so much promise but its falling apart fast


If Vanessa keeps on Austin i hope Jason and Meg when cause they will put up Vannessa Julia Liz and Austin watch so this all vanessa being stupid…she is so stupid


Vanessa way paranoid about stuff who gives a damn about Austin. If she nominates jackie there might be a house meeting that vanessa promised safety for week and promised no backdoors. If she nominates meg becky will be gone for sure and johhny mac and jackie will get her. If she nominates jason he will be gone and meg will get her probably not.


I hate this wimpy ass “I need a reason to do anything” playing. Do want you to for your own game. God these players need to grow some balls.


Funny how Vanessa orders everyone around and they do it…”Austin go eavesdrop”, “Steve go follow them and see who they talk to”… when will they figure it out. Smh


Again, Vanessa becomes a psycho again. Vanessa starts to find a reason out of nothing. Steve and Liz probably laugh at Vanessa for her unstable condition. Liz and Steve now know they can feed Vanessa with wrong info to manipulate her crazy mind. How can Vanessa convince the jury to see her as a good player when she cannot even recognize Steve and Liz are playing her like fiddle? If Vanessa keeps finding the wrong reason to put up people on the block, they will return her favor to find the wrong reason not to vote for her to win. Vanessa likes to create drama out of nothing so that she can become a target. Why? I think Vanessa is playing the game for Shelli. I guess I have to deal with her psycho path after the POV ceremony. I am sure after Julia enters the game, Liz and Julia will target Vanessa, Shelli and Clay because the twins know too much about them. What makes Vanessa think the twin and Austin will take her to the end. After Julia enters the game, Liz and Austin will become stronger, how can Shelli and Vanessa convince the other side to target the twins and Austin when Shelli and Vanessa plans to break their trust this week and target the other side. The problem is Vanessa’s mouth just keeps running. The big wave is coming to Vanessa but Shelli, Clay, Liz, Austin and Steve will not be there for her. Vanessa backdoor plan will be exploded because Jackie is a straight shooter. Jackie will tell the house it is what it is.


i am about through with these people. I hate when the ones that are HOH act like their shit don’t stink.

The Ninety Percent

Vanessa… What the hell? She’s trying to play the straight shooter card this whole season but her flip flopping through her HOH’s is counter intuitive to that type of game play! Why, when you make a one week deal with someone would you go back on that? Luckily, I think her fellow houseguests are too dumb to realize that she is terrible at keeping her word. She would be my first pick for double eviction night though. Get her out when she doesn’t have a chance to scramble up the votes to stay. Why not kick out Becky? She hasn’t done much but she is liked in the house (unlike Jackie) and she is competition worthy. Becky is one capable beast that is in sleep mode right now and she may bust out the big guns in the upcoming weeks. Plus, Austin is still playing with his man parts instead of his brain parts. He’s far too irrational to keep in the game. Mutter one bad word against Liz and you’re done for. That’s dangerous to keep in the game.


Vanessa is a walking PSA for the abuse of Adderall. She is tweaking out. Please BB screen your cast better next year.


#1 just simply take their meds away. Or better yet, cast people that don’t take mind/mood altering meds. But I can see how production would view that as counter intuitive. Crazy leads to drama. Drama equals viewers. Viewers equals $$$$ Normal, non medicated rational people could kill the show. I get it, the pills can stay :-\


how is becky a threat..what am i missing? what has she done that has people so scared of her

becky's a threat because...

she’s a natural beauty, she doesn’t have that botox and bleach look shelly has


I know, i don’t even understand why anyone would think she’s a comp beast. If anything Vanessa should have a massive target on her back just for that.


Vanessa needs a really good night’s sleep. She’s beginning to hallucinate.


Queen Vanessa and Jackie shook on not putting each other up, “a million percent.”

New BB rule. Never shake on a deal with a poker player who is offering more than 100 percent.


I know do like Clay & offer Vanessa a 90% confirmation. Vanessa might get pissed but she’ll round it up to 100% in the end.


I agree, but Vanessa made that deal alongside the understanding that Jackie would be the HOH left standing, so basically a “moot” deal IF things had gone according to plan and Becky and Clay had won BOB. I really wish they had…we’d be watching a whole different kind of crazy.

The Hammer

The POV *HAD* to be rigged in order for the Brainless Aggie to win it.


austin isnt even a good number to have for your alliance. i dont get why anyone would want to work with him. just get rid of him already


if Vanessa was smart as she thinks she’d just put up Austin cause Shelli& Clay are going to deny it. when the other side ask them about it they go pin it all on Vanessa to make her a even bigger target.. plus if the other side was smart they’d relies Vanessa word doesn’t means Shit. and that she got to be in alliance with Austin, Shelli, and Clay but they not smart they go be what ever the house thinks is best for my game I’m with it. only person on the other side willing to do something about the big alliance is Jackie. Jason James, and Meg thinks its summer camp.


Vanessa is so frustrating. Just put up James or Jackie already. Two less aggravating people.


The Vanessa hate rises= She winning the game!

#Nessa wins and the haters will say this season the worst ever. But then next season those same haters will say that season sucks and this season was great.


Nah, this season does suck as did 16 and 15. Big Brother has lost its mojo.


No season will EVER be as bad as the last 2.

The Truth

Must have been nice to compete in a big competition after spending a few restful nights in a hotel, free from the stress of the house and the game. Julia should have still been in the house for that comp.


and studying all the answers supplied to her by production………………………………………………….


So now Vanessa wants to target Jason because in her eyes he lied about Da’ having “the last laugh.” What would it gain him to lie about that? In addition, what does it matter at this point. Da’ left weeks ago, and that situation should not factor in her decision to make a decision as HOH. She is simply put one of the biggest chickens to ever play this game. I am sick of recruits like her ruining this show. Her “celebrity” is not gaining viewes anyway. The ratings are down. After watching a well played season 3 of BB Canada, my patience is thin with BB USA. These past 3 cast have been awful.

Get real

Look I think the casts have been weak since bb11. But get real. At least Vanessa is playing the game. But you’d rather support ppl that aren’t recruits BUT DO NOTHING. All your favorites sit there and bitch and hope to make a deal with someone in power. Maybe your favorites should get off their asses and WIN SOMETHING. I hope she targets the nerd herd 2.0 and back stabs Jackie or jason. Maybe if your favs would win a comp then you’d have a leg to stand on.


That’s an assumption on your part. I don’t have a favorite houseguest this season. This is why I made the decision to cancel my feeds. I’m just not into it. The people who are playing are indecisive and then there is a large portion of the house who lay around and tease each other while never strategizing. I am not feeling any of it. Thanks for your input though.


I find it odd that someone that’s not “into it” reads updates about it. Lol


What else is there to do on a Sunday?


BBCAN3 wasn’t that great of a season.


Seems like Becky is not the comp beast and Clay is not the dummy that people want them to be.


Well, Clay is all over that plastic cougar and she hasn’t even given him a tug. How stupid is that?


Look’s like Austin can lie all he wants to Vanessa but any one else your done production stay out of it you are actually ruining the game

Probably all derrick fans

All this Vanessa hate is ridiculous. Yeah she’s stupid for going on and on about catching people in a lie. But in reality all you ppl saying she sucks are comical. Guarantee you are the same ppl that loved the nerd herd and the detonators from last year. Get real this game is all about strategy and breaking your word. “Oh I love Jason cuz he’s so funny.” Yeah sweet….who cares this game is about backstabbing. Regardless what Vanessa will do she’s playing the game and she’ll be in a good spot. Cause once again the rest of the cast minus a few are too weak and just there to hang on. Before you start hating on Vanessa etc ask yourself why your favorites that don’t do anything can’t win an hoh or any other comps. It’s real simple if your favorites do nothing but hope to make a promise with someone in power they are weak and deserve to be cut at anytime. Just like Janey said win an hoh and do something about it.

hate floaters

Probably all derrick fans rec’d+1. Finally someone that makes sense. Yes van goes overboard but at least there’s an element of strategy in everything that she does. What the hell are all the floaters doing? Wow they smoke and complain about everything and are praying they get carried as far as possible. What’s appealing about that? The bottom line is the floaters can’t win anything. And all these “fans” bitching and moaning probably did love derrick. Derrick would have been smacked in the face this season. Instead of 95% floaters there are people that actually play the game this year. He would have been dumped on this season. So before all you floater fans hate on someone that’s playing the game stop it and go re watch S6. And ironically all of you would have been crying about janelle and howie and james. And would have been pulling for maggie and april and ivette. So check yourself and keep crying as they continue to lose EVERY comp.


People’s frustration with her is the fact that she goes back and forth 10,000 times and refuses to own decisions. She has the numbers. Just put somebody up. The staging of fights is odd and makes her look weak. Sometimes decisons must be made. As much as Frankie was hated last season even he straight up went after peoples throats. Pretending to have integrity in Big Brother just does not work.


she is absolutely not in a good spot. it’s week 5 and she’s got massive blood on her hands. she plays with her emotions, gives out too much information to anyone to get them on her side (which will end up biting her in the ass), and she wins WAY too many competitions this early in the game. Yeah, floaters suck, but everybody knows you can’t play too hard too fast. I hate Shelli because she is fake and way too concerned with what the public thinks, but she’s playing a MUCH better game.



Correct. I can’t stand Shelli and that meat head Clay, but Shelli is outplaying Vanessa. If Vanessa does not put up Austin, Shelli will claim she didn’t know. And guess what? People will believe her. She is smart to try to convince her to go back on her word. This makes the target on Vanessa that much bigger and on her that much smaller. Shelli is winning an nit making the types of enemies that Vanessa is. For all we know, Vanessa may save Austin but her just might turn on her because she came so close to putting him up. I WOULD. She is to erratic. Sometimes the best strategy in a game, any game, is to sacrifice one of your own. Period. Take 1 step back to get 5 steps ahead. If I were her I would cut Austin loose and lay low for awhile. She has made enough deals to be somewhat safe for 2 to 3 weeks. Then again the other side is so week and stupid…..she very well could pee on their leg and tell them it’s raining.

Oh mittens

What choice did Vanessa have in her hoh wins? She was going up if she didn’t win this last hoh comp. There’s a difference between playing too hard too fast and being forced to win an hoh or ur going up. And jackie would have put her up for booting her pig friend ugliest ass jeff. Not for playing too hard. You aren’t seeing that the other side is too dumb to see that she’s had to made dangerous choices. Plus they don’t win anything to do something about it. So regardless she will still be in a good spot. Look at the numbers. Even with her actually playing and booting ppl she’s covered on so many sides cause she’s actually strategized. Steve the twins shelly and clay are going to prove to be big for her. Even if she boots jackie she’ll be fine. Watch then get back to me next Th. Don’t forget keeping Austin and the twin coming in will be immediate targets. And her booting jackie or whoever it is will fade to the background. And once again the other side sucks so bad they won’t be able to do anything. Maybe you’re hero Johnny sack will do something and win an hoh.


You don’t know if she would have been put up, that’s just Vanessa’s paranoia talking. Even if she had been put up she would have had 2 chances to get off, and her alliance numbers alone would have kept her safe.


Getting out austin is a nothing move, getting out Jeff was a big move. Getting out Jackie now would be a big move, & vanessa would actually probably buy herself some time. others would consider her someone others aren’t going to vote for, and someone who will take out the big guns.

and the only excuse she needs is that Jackie admitted to many that she and Jeff were closer than they looked and definitely working together. It would be stupid of vanessa, the one who got Jeff out, to allow Jackie to stay in the house. obviously Jackie’s number one target is going to be Vanessa. Jackie is still obsessing over how/why Liz put her on the block when HOH, you don’t think she isn’t obsessing over the trumped up excuses for putting Jeff on the block and evicted?


Jackie will blow up Vanessa’s game if she goes on the block. She will spill everything that Vanessa agreed to, that she wanted to be dethroned, about the plan to throw the BOB, the promise to not put the dethroned HG on the block, she will talk about Vanessa being on board with backdooring Austin, but only if Jackie was the one to do it, she will blow up that Liz doesn’t like Austin, that Austin wants to take Liz to jury and wouldn’t mind if Julia left. Once it gets down to Shelli/Clay and Liz/Julia/Austin, Vanessa is alone. The only person that might still work with her is Steve. I want to see Shelli and Vanessa on the block and see how they play when they are not in power.

Misty Beethoven

Trying to follow alll this crap is like tryng to sing underwater, ie, damn near impossible. At this point I don’t care who the hell she puts up, just pick one and do it, for God’s sake. I’m so sick of listening to her damn ramblings. Pull the fucking trigger already!!

Butters Mom

LOL! Exactly!

Eric CA

Vanessa for a person that is a game expert isn’t playing a smart Game. First Off Double Eviction is the week after next or next week. If someone comes back there will be a second double eviction week. She can not compete next week and this is the last week of the BoB if not next week. So here is how Vanessa’s Game looks… she will not be able to make any deals outside of her alliance because she has proven that her word is worthless… and everyone knows that excuses she uses are fabricated… they all know it. So that makes Vanessa doubly untrustworthy… so she is screwed if she does not put up Austin.

Jury consists of 7 people possibly 8 this Sason The first two possibly going in double eviction night. So if she keeps with her team Shelli, Clay, Austin, Julia,Liz and Vanessa…. that six people out of the possible seven or eight person jury so at most she has a one person cushion. Within her alliance she has the twins (twins are loyal to each other only.) Austin who she should know is ride or die with Liz and would take a bullet for her and both twins out of their alliance Austin is the most useful to them. Then there is Shelli-Bear and Clay-see-way-see puddinkins… Yeah you know what that is. So that leaves Vanessa solo for all expected purposes. What she is trying to do is go the final three with one set and she has to win that last HoH…. not great odds. The numbers are against her in the end.

Now if she puts Austin she buys some deal going into the next few weeks. She would be better suited to get Jackie in the HoH under the ruse that she is setting her up… same with Jason… create a deal pointing out the three are bottom of the BB Totem pole and they need to fix some numbers…. put up Austin then on double eviction take out Clay or Shell and one of the twins… ok Liz. Make it ll business and Vanessa will go further in the long run Please Note: None of this is personal and not bad on any fan favoritism it is just sound strategy and pointing out what Vanessa is doing wrong and what her best move is. She just needs to tell the alliance she had NO choice she could not find a justification that stuck to any of them…. will she probably not people loose their brains in the BB House.


Um so she’s in a 6 lesson alliance with 2 show manes and a set of twins and that’s a bad thing? She is in the strongest alliance in the house and is surrounded by pairs to be broken up. ..much bigger targets than her.

Everyone on here is pissed because they want the sixth sense broken up and they thought it was about to happen. ..sorry your underdogs are underdogs for a reason, they’re no good. Vanessa and Shelli are killing it…I’m missing the downside to being in an alliance that is how 4 of 5 weeks.


I think Vanessa was killing it until this week. If she was smart she would have found a way to get the twins evicted without getting any blood on her hands. This would have cause Austin to become 100% loyal to her. The other side of the house would not hate her plus she could have used Austin to do all her dirty work and just say Austin is doing stuff cause he is mad they took out the twins. Shelli is killing it though. My pick to win this season.

Eric CA

Not really… so say Shelli wins HoH and She put sup the twins Liz and Julia to split the twins and Austin wins the poV that leaves Clay or Vanessa to be nominated. so she nominates Vanessa… the deciding vote to evict is Austin… Clay votes to evict Julia…. Liz votes to evict Vanessa… In a choice like that Austin will have to pick to evict Vanessa because Liz controls him.

There are so many permutations that Vanessa goes home and when they get to jury… can I beat this person in a final two comes up… none of them would have the votes based on Game moves, questions and answers Vanessa could say that she masterminded everything all big moves were decided and created by her except Da’Vonne and that was a mistake made by Shelli and Clay… Vanessa has a much stronger resume. I don’t think any of them will be stupid enough to take her all the way…. Nope if Vanessa sticks with them she is in a horrible place and best case scenario is the jury house… if she continues on this course.

Butters Mom

Jury will be an uneven number I believe.


this house is in the twilight zone. these fools seriously think the “other side” manipulated them into getting audrey out? i wanna drink, smoke and inhale whatever they doing, it must be so good. they in bliss 24/7 believing their psychosis episodes is real… i dont know who’s casting these people, but they need to do a psychiatric evaluation on House Guests prior to casting them, this is insane.

Eric CA

They are jus doing common and base line human behavior, they are creating justifications in their head that tells them that they are not bad people for the moves they are making. Of course they all agreed that it was dangerous to keep Audrey in the house and they ran out od excuses to keep her… but doesn’t it make it so much easier if they turn the other side into wicked horrible people that manipulated them…. when and it if the other side gets power they will justify their actions by saying that the other side was callous bullies that made them dance threw hoops for safety. It is just basic human nature to write yourself as being the hero and not the villain… even though we all seem to choose the players that write themselves as the villain as our favorites…. LOL


i wouldve agreed but, i dont think ive personally behaved like these people have, nor have i seen it IRL. hence me calling the house “twilight zone”, further more, they’re justification is faulty to the very core, especially vanessa’s. she is constantly looking for something fabricated or not real to justify her endeavor, none of which is plausible cause in a RL scenario. i believe they are all acting a part or someone(production) is feeding them lies on what to do. for people to behave like this, they would have to be in a manic state of some sort.

Eric CA

Not really IRL this happens in certain corporate environments or University programs… several different areas. People will do things to get to the end game and then justify them…. it is life in a pressure cooker… it s just an example of History is written by the victors. People do the same thing in a million different ways everyday.


What none of these people are thinking about is that if Liz had been evicted this week, BB would probably bring someone back to fill the season schedule or maybe they would not do double eviction. None of them have stopped to think that it might be them getting evicted and having a chance to re enter the house.None of them have stopped to think that if Liz and Julia are out, it’s like a DE, and production wouldn’t have another one this season.
Either way, I would prefer to get someone I already know out for a second time than to risk a leaving in a DE or missing a chance to re enter the house if I get evicted. Why on earth would people want twins working together in the house? But that ship sailed after the BOB, the twins are in.

I also really can’t understand how “the other side” hasn’t figured out that Vanessa, Austin, Twins, Shelli and Clay are working together. I didn’t think Vanessa would backdoor Austin, but she has damaged her end game this week. If Vanessa would just slow down a bit, she would have known that she really didn’t need to even win 2nd HOH. I don’t think she would have been in any real danger of going home, there would have been other targets. Now she either backdoors Austin, or she sends Jackie, James, Jason or Becky home and burns her bridges with all of them. Whatever she does, all the blood is on her hands this week.


Actually jMACK thought of that and said it to Steve


You guys are way too worried about this season just being straight-forward from this point on with Shelly/Clay/Vanessa.

Shelly and Vanessa have flip-flopped HOH the last four weeks. That’s why they seemingly have everybody on board.

There’s going to be 12 people in the game after this Eviction. There’s a ton of game left to play. Everybody is seeing what’s going on but isn’t trying to make a move because they have to kiss ass to the Shelly/Clay/Vanessa thing because they always have HOH. The Sixth Sense is unraveling, they’re almost all ready to turn on each other. If this no backdoor Austin thing goes through, everyone else will be out for blood. Even if they did, it doesn’t matter because the other side has enough numbers and the battle lines need to be drawn anyways that they’ll target that trio.

Basically, once they’re out of power they’re probably fucked. Even if not immediately, in the upcoming weeks for sure. Shelly and Vanessa aren’t going to flip-flop HOH the entire season.


I can’t believe this poll puts Liz higher than Julia! Julia thinks for herself and is playing both sides of the house (talking to steve and jonny mac and the ‘sixthsense’) Liz only talks to Austin.

another name

here I was surprised that meg had 5% of the vote.
did she promise to make everyone in the voting pool s’mores at the next camp singalong? Is it because her strategy of imitating a couch cushion is so non-offensive?
an aside: did becky get any d/r time as a nominee this episode? or did she make it 9 episodes since her last d/r? how boring are you when you don’t get memorable d/r time and you’re on the block?
gotta be honest, both twins are pretty even in my books, but neither ranks way up there for me.

another name

Justification: if she gets rid of Austin the next target everyone said was the twins. in her heart she thinks its unfair to penalize them when they haven’t had the same opportunity as the rest of the house to build bonds because they’ve only been in the house 50% of the time. in order to give them a fair shot she feels the only recourse is to keep Austin.
Add that none of those three have said bad things about her in the house that besmirch her good name as a straight shooter unlike someone else in the house (lie that’s actually true in the case of Jason meg and jackie) and nominate away. maybe toss in a bathed in blood yadda yadda, a few end of the days, bug her eyes out a bit… she doesn’t have to say what the nominee said, it’s better that she doesn’t (in the guise of protecting her source). they all know they did at some point, and will believe they’ve been sold out. or that vanessa was tricked by someone. either way, they’ll be more worried about who is telling tales on them than going after vanessa for believing it.
but hey, what do I know.


Vanessa needs to “wo”man up and put threats on the block instead of playing the catch-you-in-a-lie game. Ridiculous.


all this Vanessa hate, yet she is #3 in the polls haha.also, Big brother is always blasted for being “predictable” and here we are one day before the pov ceremony and our hoh has no clue who to put up as a rep nominee. Could it be Austin? Jason? Meg/pawn? Jackie? Let’s be honest guys, it’s not too often where the feeders for once don’t actually know what will happen. I love it and I think it’s entertaining!


I wanted to like Vanessa so bad but don’t understand her reasoning , why does it also have to be that someone lied? Why cant it just be that this is what is good for her game? Does she really think any of those on the other side will really want to work with her? Maybe for a week or two but then she would be the first one gone out of that other side
. I’m not sure even the twins will stick with her once they come in, especially if Austin is gone. I have a feeling they will go with whoever has the numbers to get them further.

The Rose

I feel bad for Steve…BB should put two nerds in so they won’t be lonely


I’m new at this but isn’t Johnny Mac a twin also. Do you think it is possible that they have been trading all along also? Maybe that is a twist they are not letting us in on ?


Jackie going around trying to burst in and break up convos all over.

Get this fake eyelashes n hair clueless girl out the house.

Nessa your target u say? Bye.

Get out Austin!

Vanessa is missing a huge opportunity to get Austin out, everyone (from what i remember) was originally on board! He’s a huge threat to their personal game and quite frankly i don’t understand how anyone can even trust him. Oh, AND HE’S A FREAKING CREEP
Why are they aiming for Jason if he’s proven to give them information at times? He’s smart and they could use him to their advantage if they chose to. Plus Austin is such a big player, it’d be so interesting to see Liz scramble once he’s gone. There’d be no huge baby to protect her anymore.

He refers to himself as Judas, shouldn’t they connect that to his loyalty lmao

Be Smart JMac

I have a theory that Austin/Liz/Vanessa will become a huge target in coming weeks, especially if Jackie leaves this week. In this particular summary, there are the seeds for what could become a really strong alliance that could make it to finally six if they are smart about it. I’m not sure if Clay will realize this and tell his mommy (Shelli) but it would be great. Clay/Shelli may be forced to separate from A/L/V, especially if Jason’s crew wins HOH. Clay, Shelli, JMac, Becky, Julia, and Steve would make a great six person alliance; a great side show while A/L/V and Jason’s crew destroy each other.