Vanessa “Austin has to know if he does it, you (Liz) would Lorena Bobbitt him”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 03-09-12-853

12am Vanessa and Steve play a game of chess. They use two shakers together with protein power as a sand timer. They start their game and it make their moves really fast. The twins join to watch. Steve starts making mistakes and getting confused because its going so fast. Vanessa ends up winning. Vanessa says to the twins wasn’t that fun! Liz says no that she gets anxiety from it. Austin joins them. Julia asks if they’re locked in till Thursday. Like what is happening. Did we do something wrong? Austin and Vanessa play a game of chess with a minute timer for each move.

12:05am Havenot room – Meg, James and Johnny Mac are hanging out. James says he doesn’t think this week will be a days HOH comp. I think this one will be a quick one and then a days comp for the double eviction on the next one. James asks who would you get a letter from? Johnny Mac says I think from my dad. My brother is back at school now. I don’t think my mother would want to write one. Johnny Mac leaves. James and Meg continue to talk. James says that he’s really strict with his daughter. She’s a handful. I hope she gets it out of her system.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 03-15-08-232

12:50am Cabana room – Julia asks Johnny Mac if she can talk to him. Julia says I am so awkward, I guess this is my campaign. I didn’t want to do this. Obviously they have been talking to you. Johnny Mac says Meg is trying to get my vote. Julia says obviously, whatever that’s cool. I just wanted you to know that you’re 100% not my target. And I haven’t won HOH so I would really love to win. Johnny says so would he. Julia asks so yeah .. what would you like to ensure that you would vote for me? Johnny Mac says Mmmhhmm.. wow I can get a deal. I was already on page to keep you so yes ummm.. don’t put me up next week. Julia says okay. So if I win I won’t put you up. Alright. Johnny shakes her hand. Julia says okay this was easy! They leave the room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 03-37-28-477

1:10am The twins play each other at chess. Julia whispers to Vanessa what was said in her conversation with Johnny Mac. She says he said he’s voting for me and asked to not put him up next week in return. Austin says that’s good. Vanessa starts giving advice on chess moves to make.

1:30am Johnny Mac, Meg and James go to bed.

1:38am HOH room – Vanessa, Steve and Austin are talking. Vanessa says everyone else is sleeping. There’s no scampering. We drank coffee and prepared for it. They talk about how James and Meg have been in the havenot room all day. They talk about random things. Austin says he said he wanted to be on big brother when he was 16. Vanessa says you stuck to your dream. Mine change every five years. I went from law school, gambling, to DJ’ing. Steve says being a gambler sounds awful. Vanessa says it was awful. Not fun, not as cool as everyone thinks it is. It actually makes you feel like sh*t at the end of almost every day. You’re surrounded by seedy people. You never have a wow I accomplished and gave back to the world today. None of that, its like I took advantage of a loop hole today. And took advantage of people. Steve asks you take advantage of the casino or other players? Vanessa says it depends on what game you’re playing. Steve do you play against other people. Vanessa says sports betting and poker, yeah! Its stressful. Steve says its sounds like big brother.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 03-57-39-249

2:20am Bathroom – Julia tells Liz about her conversation with Johnny Mac. He said that he is voting for me. I told him he’s not my target. I agreed not to put him up .. but I would put up a pawn.. maybe Vanessa and then backdoor him. Liz says you can if you want to .. if James got off the block. And you could be like look you put me up last week so .. Vanessa you put me up last week so.. and I told him (Johnny Mac) I wouldn’t put him up so I am going to need you to go up as a pawn. Liz says but then if she wins the veto.. Julia says then he gets backdoored. From here on out though its about the numbers so like you have no choice. And we all have to trust each other. She might be like Steve might change the vote.. Liz says whatever, we’ll come to that bridge when we cross it. Julia says from here on out he (James) is going to be on the block and if he doesn’t win the veto .. then he is going home.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 04-12-47-527

2am – 3am Vanessa says I’ve realized that if 1 of us wins HOH this week… there’s like a 90% chance we will all make it to the point in the game were we all get 1 week left. Austin says I know. Steve says well you won’t be winning HOH next week. Vanessa says no but one of y’all. Austin says it ensures us all top 6 and day 85 because of double eviction. Vanessa says we’ll be 5 out of 6 which is 15% chance that they even win. Four out of us will definitely make top 5. No matter what. Steve says wouldn’t it be cool if the winner of this game was in scamper squad. Austin says its almost impossible for the winner not to be from scamper squad. At the very least we have 4 votes on the other side. Unless everyone hates us. They start talking about past events and how things would have changed if things happened or didn’t happen. Julia and Liz join them. They confirm Julia has the votes and talk about how Meg hasn’t campaigned. They go back to talking about past events of the season. Austin heads down stairs. They realize he is down talking to Meg in the bathroom. Vanessa tells Julia to go “Talk-block” her (Meg). Austin has to know if he does it (votes out Julia) you (Liz) would lorena bobbitt him. Julia and Liz don’t know what that is so Vanessa explains its a court case where the lady chopped off the guys d!ck. Julia says I love it. I’m using that for the rest of my life. Julia leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 04-32-44-737

3:10am Bathroom – Austin tells Meg I always wanted you guys in the game to keep the target off of us. Meg says I know. Austin says its just sh*tty. Julia joins them. Austin says That’s my biggest nightmare and that’s why I talked to James to see if we were cool. Meg says he’s a wild child. Austin says Its not what I wanted. He’s the wild child. Meg says Its just a sucky situation. Austin says we had a lot of fun together. You guys made the last few weeks so much fun. Meg says alright I guess I’ll talk to people tomorrow.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 04-31-02-857

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I’m so confused .


Well, let’s see. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. And then…

Houseguest wannabe

Here is to wishing we had access to the Diary Room sessions during live feeds. Can’t tell if Vanessa and Steve and Jmac and even Austin are BSing the twins or are they all lacking the intestinal fortitude to make a big move when the opportunity presents itself. It appeared to me that Vanessa, Steve and Jmac were truly working together and Vanessa got this ‘pawn’ move set up to get Julia booted. Wondering what all was said between the 4 during non camera conversations. Still hoping Thursday makes the season suddenly good

Thing 1 + 2

“Still hoping Thursday makes the season suddenly good”
Yeah! Hold your breath!!

Houseguest wannabe

Make that 2 of us confused. Really wish we had access to Diary Room info and conversations made during the times that feeds are down, Bet we would be far less confused I am sure. That said I am still holding out hope that somehow Julia is shown the door just to make it much more interesting! Would be chaos!


If you have the feeds and watch them closely. You don’t need the DR’s.

Meg is going, she has .00001% of staying. Forget about Austin switching his vote.

Jmac’s next 1 on 1 convo with Vanessa will be very telling where he exactly stands.

John Bobbit

The look on the Velociraptor Sisters faces when learning about Bobbiting was truly terrifying– comprehending, envisioning, DELIGHT! Their thoughts: Harvest penis…eat penis probably tastes like snake…umm, snake…cheap protein source…many penises out there…not Austin, he would make trouble…STEVE! he doesn’t need his..@@@ in unison, they say,”Steve…can we talk to you for a minute?” Vanessa watches as they walk away. She thinks of Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now!—THE HORROR!!!THE HORROR!!!

Thing 1 + 2

Talk about really being confused…I thought Austin had a vagina!?


Wait maybe it’s Judas … I don’t know

Canadian Kevin

I wish i could like this more than once..


Wow, what an insult to women.


“Velociraptor Sisters”…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!!!!! This made my day!

I am still repulsed by those three (Austin, Liz, and Julia). I wish Austin would stop referring to his “showman” as “organic”. I just want to puke when I hear all of their voices. The girls are typical ignorant bully’s….they make me sick!


why? i say cus its obvious Van is gonna win!!!


I’m not a fan but she is really the only one playing the game. Not sure what the others are doing.


Actually, everyone is playing a game. They are all playing Vanessa’s game. She tells them when they win they need to make a big move, but when she is HOH it is not time to make a big move. So they all agree and do what she wants. Thursday is a great opportunity to make a big move by getting Julia out and that would leave them with only two people, not three. Liz should have never been kept in the game from week 2. It is almost like no one knows how to play the game for themselves.


Steve is playing dumb and acting dumb all these time. Steve is a very smart BB player. If they don’t get rid of him soon, he will win this year.


Steve is too timid. He’s afraid of people confronting him so he has to make sure everyone is ok with him talking. It’s not just social awkwardness but rather a fear of someone being upset with him. That was why he blubbered about his HoH and why he’s not really tried to win anything.


I just have to LOL @ Steve thinking he has a chance in Hell of getting America’s Favorite. Its always funny to me (ala last season) where people in the house who are not liked think the fans are rooting for them. I think Austin or Vanessa even brought it up the other night how they think they are “liked”…..yeah okay.


9 out of 10 times, if you think you are liked, your wrong.

They Call Me Boy...

How what is he if he’s not making any moves at all that haven’t been plotted for him by Vanessa? His big move was Jackie’s eviction because she didn’t talk to him? He is seriously a legend in his own mind-making a timer out of sand, kindergarten not mechanical engineering. His recall of the most ridiculous BB trivia useless. He hasn’t talked game with anyone except Vanessa, so he’s not even informaton gathering. His convos with JMAC & Austin stunted. How in the world does he think he pulls out a win, or AFP? Boo Hoo Vanessa feels a dirty scumbag con artist while she continues to game. They are so annoying and talk about their blogs, books, and speaking engagements? How much longer they can extend their stay at Mommy’s house?

The best part of tonight is not that Meg & James sit on their ass like they alays do, but that Van’s getting out the Twins first. And putting Steve in the block with John. These zombies won’t take her out at double eviction when they have the chance, they’re going to let her keep calling all the chess moves, while they suck their thumbs, drool & need a diaper change. A cheating con woman in BB with recruited social & game retards is like shooting fish in a barrel. Boring, waste of time. Social “experiment” over. They’ll never be Survivor.

They call me Tater Salad

Steve sucks, he’s a follower and will be sent to jury

Justin Bieber

I got it now…Canadian! Right?


Hey Beiber! You’ve been in America too long otherwise your comment would’ve been:
I got it now……..Canadian. Eh?


Bieber is a disgrace to Canada.


I agree with you about Beiber, but America has the Kardashians, so I think that Canada has slightly less to be embarrassed with. Eh? 😉


I tried to send the Kardashians back to Armenia and the Armenian government accused me of war crimes…

I survived last seasons BB

NEVER open an envelope that says “free Justin Bieber concert tickets inside”..It might actually contain Justin Bieber concert tickets after all

Liz should win easily

Has anyone EVER played a better game? She makes Derrick look like a fool. It is obvious they gave her advanced training on how to manipulate people. Plus she is a goddess to look at.

For the haters, suck it up bittercup.


you’re kidding right?????? she’s an immature phoney whinny bimbo, she’s not ugly but far from being a goddess. You have to be family if you seriously think she’s played a great game. She won a couple of comps (probably thrown to her) and whored herself out for her safety……


BB should have a medication free show. It’s not fair you have some players taking certain types of medication. There should be no ADD or vertigo medication taken. If you need that type of meds you should not be on the show. Or have a season when marijuana is legal and everyone is taking it.


Are you Austin’s twin?


Jackie was the goddess this season, way prettier (and nicer) than the twins. Not a fan of the twins at all.


The only good showmance was Jackie and the poolshark.


Guessing you’re her mom and if so, you’re comments are justified. If not, stay off the pipe.


You mean Vanessa, right?? Even if she doesn’t win, she is a much better player than Derrick. The best players don’t always win, and the winners aren’t always the best players. Dan, and especially Derrick.


Vanessa has had a much more active game than Derrick but then she’s needed to because more of the house guests actually had a brain. Derrick didn’t need to do a whole lot to get his way because his cast was much more tractable and docile. It’s apples to oranges.


I have to agree, Vanessa’s proving she’s a genius.
I don’t want her to win, though.
James, please!!


Yep…she’s a genius…in a house full of dim bulbs…lol




Oh, god, you wrote Liz! Nooooooaaaa! 😉

Austin, is that you ?

DR gave you internet access ?


These people are just too dumb to make a big move. How can you leave the Austwits in this close to the end? if James gets voted out this DE I’m so done with this season.


I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve heard “if something happens, I’ll be so done with this season…” over the last couple of weeks.

We all know you’ll be bitterly watching the rest of the season, though, just like every other “fan” who has said those very same words. If you don’t want to keep watching, don’t be a pouter, and just quit watching!

I love James, but at the end of the day, if he gets evicted, he didn’t deserve to win Big Brother, and as a true fan of the show – I’m okay with that (and will even continue watching ;)).


I have stopped watching the show. I just read this blog. It’s way more entertaining.

Backseat Driver

Same here Newbie…..


I started watching celebrity Big Brother UK 16 its UK vs US its way better.
This season of BBUS is a Joke and I cant stand it.


James for the win!

Misty Beethoven

Steve, newsflash: you aren’t winning AFP. Not this year or any year.


Can they just vote out MegCity and the twits all at the same time? Then at least the people that are left have at least attempted to play the game unlike the twits and MegCity who have zero gameplay.
And Meg’s RA is her excuse for sucking at comps, what does RA have to do with mental comps?
Becky was hit by a train a year ago and not only was her face smashed, both her arm and leg were broken as well, yet she’s more than capable of physical comps.
I’ve had both RA and arthritis since I was 27 and laying around or even sitting in the same place for too long makes your body more stiff and achey. Maybe if MegCity got out of bed and moved around a bit she wouldn’t feel as bad as she claims to feel.
And the only reason that I said “claims to” is because she is a waitress and waitressing requires you to be on your feet and carrying trays for 8hrs, it can be a physically demanding job. If she can do that then she should be a bit more capable in comps than she is.
O/T how many cases or crates of red lipstick did she bring with her into the BB house? And does she fake shower? because every picture that I have ever seen of her in the shower she still has lipstick on. Even lipstain or 12hr lipstick comes off when you shower or wash your face. Is it actually lipstick or are her lips permanently stained from all of the cheetos she eats?

Ariana Grande stinks!

Steve would like to win BB17 and be AFP ;D

Steve it is not a competition in boogereating.
You are a champion of that activity hands down.
As for BB17, keep sitting in Vanessa’s lap and keep wiggling your stinky tail.

There is only one JAMES for AFP! 😉


They still talk about throwing the HOH. Drives me nuts. The only safe place in the house is HOH ergo you should always try to win HOH. The winners are upstairs wielding power, the losers are downstairs being voted off. Therefore, always try to be a winner. Simple.


This stage you win every comp you can…


Can’t believe that Meg, John, James and Steve would not work together to get at least one of the twins out. This is crazy. Most boring season ever.


Meg can’t win a comp and James publicly went back on a deal with Shelli. No one wants to recognize this as a big detriment to James’ game but it is. He shuts himself up with only Meg (no pot bowl) and only comes up with plans to save Meg the (I’m sorry) useless goat. WHY?!! would anyone align with James? He has not spent time building trust or relationships with the other HGs. He has just won necessary comps to save himself.


That’s because they brainwashed Steve into thinking and believing the whole ‘protect your girl” BS. If he seriously thinks Julia is into him, He is more naïve than I thought and deserves to be sentenced to live in his mom’s basement for LIFE!!


He will still get farther than James who is also protecting his “girl”. James should of spent less time trying to go “camping” and more time building an alliance. I don’t understand the Steve bashing but FYI you don’t really know him or his situation.


And you do?? Don’t pretend to act like you judge the other houseguests “harshly” on here, too.

No match for Vanessa

These people are idiots…Vanessa has cast some spel on them…at least Derrick hid the fact that he is a police officer…she has career earnings of $3-$4MM…Gambling…Poker…how do these fools not get this…as much as I hate this Vanessa, she has got this on lock and dialed in for the Kill. CBS should skip the finale and write her the check.
Meg. Fu<k'd up Jackie and James Game.
James cannot not survive to the end against Van's posse who are determined to write her the check.
Steve. Has become the dumbest book smart tool in the house, he is the only one that may realize that Van has to go b4 the final 3.

Johnny. Confusing to determine what he's doing, but realizes he is in an alliance of ONE.

Austin. Never let a piece of ass that you will never tap unless u win $500K and not even that, because you are competing against that piece of ass and her sister, whats worst her twin.

The Skank Sisters. Julia is useless but she is fun to watch her disgust of Austin.
Liz-Lizard. Has way too much attitude and cockiness, but dumb as rocks.

these two think they are the center of the universe. ..when in fact they are popular because they are an easy lay. Too much competition in south florida. These two would be hot in Kentucky or West Virginia.
They don't think the game through. And Austin likes men, what man's man uses the term Melancholy.


As a Kentucky man i take no offense to your comment and totally agree. Liz and the other lizard would be wildly popular here. Duuuumb bleach blonde extremely easy bimbo airheads. But in miami where everyone is beautiful? No chance. I cant speak for west virginia tho


Twins just plain dumb but can rely on austin to strategize for them. When austin as hoh wanted john out sold it to twins as since john was newest alliance member it was ok. Then with vanessa as hoh they must think Austin still calls the shots so want her to nom. john again.

Not a sure thing!

It’s not a lock for Vanessa if she makes it to F2. ALL the jurors hate her with a passion. She has treated people like dog shit the entire season. There has to be a vote for her to win. It’s not gonna happen.


Not true at all. Did you not hear Shelli and Becky in the jury house? They said over and over “she’s good”, referring to Vanessa.

Jackie and Meg may vote personally especially Meg because tbh she’s completely clueless about strategy and/or game moves. She wouldn’t know what one was if it smacked her upside the head. So there’s a good chance she would vote for who she “liked” during her bout of summer camp 2015. But I think for the most part the rest of the house guest would recognize and appreciate strategic gameplay and vote for the one in the end that deserves it.


Normally I would agree, but surely anyone can see that if the twins are sent home, they won’t be voting on good strategic play. They’ll be bitter because they’re entitled, and they’ll vote against someone, not for someone.


Vanessa needs to go DE! She can spin these tales all she wants, but its just a smoke screen. At the end of the day, she wants to go to the finals with the twins. The only people she has really stuck her neck out for, is the twins. Everybody is scared of the austwins, but its still 3 vs. 3 if Van leaves. Leaving Van in the game is bad for anyone BUT the twins. She talks about her integrity, and she has had a blow up with every single one of them (except the twins.) I am sure JMac has noticed this. Everybody keeps on saying JMac is useless, and his game is bad…. I dont think so, he knows whats up. He is going to take out Van.
However, Van did earn some points talking about gambling being a scummy thing to do. If anyone has been around serious poker players before, they have all the same type of personality. Most are really bad people, and as soon as I found out she was on the show, I instantly disliked her… Just like Kevin on BBCAN. The media cant put lipstick on a pig. Poker is far from glamorous.


Ah, so you’ve met all the professional poker players and can confirm they are really bad people???


This is honestly one of the most stereotypical things I’ve seen written on these pages… “because someone played poker, I instantly disliked them.”

You should try giving people a chance before deciding they are who you say they are.


Stop being so dramatic, ash.
Yes, I can confirm, and so has Vanessa, most are really sketchy people. I have hung out with professional players, and yes, it is stereotypical to be egotistical, selfish, smart (mathematical/odds/percentages wise), great manipulators/liars/bluffers, and they like to skirt the rules. They are making money from other peoples desperation. They study how to legally take someones money. People have put their entire life savings and killed themselves over this “sport”/addiction. Now I am not in any way saying that’s the winners fault or hers, I am just saying there is a harsh reality to what they are doing. It does take a certain type of people to grind every day at a poker table, because you cant turn a blind eye to it. Just like it usually takes a certain type to run a daycare. Stereotypes arent a bad thing.
The “new age” texas hold em’ online poker isnt as bad… but like I said, the media cant put lipstick on a pig. You go ahead, take someone for $100, 000, then tell me how good of a person you are, and how you sleep at night. It did make me dislike her instantly, I don’t need a conversation. I know. However, I do think she is playing the best game, but I want her out on the DE!
I can tell you the positives of a poker player… They are usually confident, smart, and not easily persuaded. Most are quick learners, and love to be social. They like a rush, and arent afraid to take risks… You feel better, hun?

Houseguest wannabe

Add me to the list of the confused. I wish we had access to the Diary Room during live feeds. Also many of the important conversations must happen when feeds are down. Here is to hoping that the 4 guys and Vanessa are plotting the end of Julia in the house just to make it interesting. Caught my attention that when Julia and Liz asked Vanessa if Julia had the votes to stay Vanessa answered the votes are how we want them. If the votes were 100% for Julia, She would have said “Julia, you have the votes to stay” Things that make you go hmmmmm


I’ve noticed BB getting a lot more ‘liberal’ with the feeds in recent years, at least in BB After Dark. It’s made me think if they just showed us things like the DR and even production stuff (building stages, weekly planning etc.) the audience would be glued to the screen 3 times the amount they are now.

Canadian Kevin

I’m disturbed by how joyful Julia was at the Bobbit comment.
And that Van brought it up.

That’s creepy.

Yep, those twins – real keepers.

1 man left

The only man left in the house Lorena Bobbitt hasn’t already gotten to is James.


You sheeple are hilarious!


So Meg will go to jury house this week ?


That was some all star campaigning there, Julia. Bravo.



Liz “We’ll come to that bridge when we cross it”……I just………. can’t!! These people, all of them are just….. I can’t! What was it James said earlier in the game? Something about a woman scorned..The Idioms and axioms they use, or try and use, wrongly…Although I am 100% sure they do not know what an idiom or an axiom is, they sure try and use them.. In the end, Ijustlovestoopidpeople


Love this! Yea, these peeps are not the brightest crayons in the coloring box!

Better Than Last Year

Or the smartest egg in the carton………….


All I have to say is BB better pick some better cast members next season b/c i can’t watch another season if idiots!


I think they tried this year to have some “smarts” in the house: JMac, Steve, Vanessa, Austin all have (or will have in Steve’s case) advanced degrees. I know education doesn’t always equal “smarts”, but they tried…
I agree – the twins are fairly vacuous.


Exactly! JMac finished 4 years of college, 4 years of dental school, and is a practicing dentist. No wonder he has/had trouble relating to and holding a conversation with Liz, Julia, and even Meg and James. His thinking is a higher level. It’s taken him a while to “dumb down” and figure out what to do with his game. It’s been easier for Vanessa because she had to deal with poker players and Steve still deals with immature and maybe not-so-smart frat boys. It is remarkable that JMac is still in the house and fighting. JMac for the win or for AMP!


Lots of educated fools in the house this season. Common sense is greatly lacking, it seems.

I survived last seasons BB

Operation Trojan Horse looks more like Project Shetland Pony

Let’s face reality..Austin is a waste of hair,odor and space..He can not be counted on to make any kind of game move..He is a lovesick stage one Clinger

James BETTER win HOH Thursday, or at least JMac


I would hate to see what a stage 2 clinger looked like.


Operation Trojan Horse, nope, Project Shetland Pony !!.. I haven’t snorted in a long time, that did it.. Thank you I Survived!


I hate it when people say, “You’re due for a win.” NO ONE IS DUE for a win. It’s either strength or memory. A win isn’t in rotation and someone is due. I hate when idiots say this. That being said, I do think either Liz or Austank will win the next one, so we’ll have another boring week of B.S.

Lastly, the twins are SO stupid I am not sure who to hate more: Them or Big Brother for “recruiting” them. Is there really NO ONE else in the United States that would be good ‘t.v.’?


Gawd, i hope he’s acting, because if he isnt, this guy is in real danger of himself. I expected him to ask Van if its okay to breathe the same air as her. Just painful to rea.


Hahaha Vanessa is doing her typical pitting everyone against each other. I think what she wants to happen next week is Johnny Mac winning and taking out Liz or Julia or Austwit and then the week after for double eviction James and or Johnny Mac or Steve being voted out. I think she wants to sit next to Julia at the end because then she knows she would win, except thing is I am pretty sure she would win against anyone except for James.


They are all running scared of Van. She is the classiest bully I’ve ever seen. Nothing ever changes. Just give it to her, and we’ll hope next year will be better.

Houseguest wannabe

Here is to hoping for a blindside!!!!! Have to infuse some excitement to the show!


Wish BB would give them a deck of cards. Then we could see them all being massacred by Van in poker as well as the game. Would be more entertaining than seeing them huddled around a chess board. Just sayin…


No poker without chips. They would probably play Hearts or Spades. Van would still win.


In the past they’ve used candy for chips. Also made their own cards using tea bag envelopes and nail polish. I believe it was Rachel’s idea.

At the end of the day

I haven’t seen it so far, but have any of the HGs been strategizing in case of a double eviction?

I survived last seasons BB

They have their backs against the wall,too much blood on their hands,and are all alone at the end of the day so they will wait a few more days just to be safe,,of course DE will be over by then


A little bit. Van/Steve have been running scenarios if double is this week, following week, or in two weeks.

Double Thurs will be somewhat of a surprise, because they are thinking it is next week.

HOH's Before Bros

Van n Asstink were considering a DE this week last night, not sure if Steeevuh was there. Some of the idiots have talked about this week being a DE this week. This week these weak…nevermind


If Vanessa is going to win, why she’s not taking THIS opportunity to take out a Twin?? It’s pointless continuing to protect them(unless CBS is trying to have a twin win?). Vanessa can’t vote, so she can blame it on the voters. Taking out James was her only good move, but since he won veto, taking out useless Meg is the most terrible move of the season, and it will lead to her demise because the Austwins will vote her out soon as she’s on the block. I can’t see her winning when the Austwins control the numbers. I predict a twin winning, it’s leading to that point.

freud's cigar

I always want to ask Meg’s fans what she has done in the game to deserve their loyalty. I can see how she could possibly get sympathy, but in terms of contibution to the game she’s been less productive than the ants. She has spent more of the game laying in bed whining about her poor circumstance than attempting to change her poor circumstance. Sounds like a bad player that pulls on viewers heart strings. Wouldn’t you appreciate her more if she got off her ass and actually tried to play before she’s on the block? I’m not even talking comps here. Being a social player that only talks to half the house, and most of them only when they are hoh, ignoring them the rest of the time? Thats just a short-sighted social player.
I’m not saying Julia has been better, but it’s not like she’s got boat loads of fans to pull aside, look at quizzically and say ‘but why?’
So Meg fans: Why?
Pretend i’m the jury. Justify her game.

Member of the Ant Farm

I’ll have you know that I resent the comment about my fellow brothers and sisters being unproductive!! We’ve been getting fat and sassy living off of the sloppiness of these houseguests. Now, if they would only stop spraying Raid all over the place so we could even get more done around here!!

freud's cigar

dear ant,
imo you’ve been more productive than Meg in the game. If you’d like to contribute more to the game, and the alliance between the houseguests and the raid can is so disturbing, win an hoh and break that alliance up. I suggest using the green beanie or the inflatable shark as pawn. 🙂

Member of the Ant Farm

We tried to carry off the green beanie one day but it was so crammed full of hair particles that we couldn’t budge it. My Aunt munched on one of the hairs and started to become paranoid and kept coming up with theories as to why so many lies were truths and so many truths were lies!! Detoxing her was not pretty!!


She got farther than Jace, Da’, Jeff, Audrey, Jason, Clay, Shelli, Jackie, and Becky, all purported to be much better players and gamers than Meg, and of whom several were on the block directly against her. That’s enough. She doesn’t have to live up to your idea of what a player is. Apparently you mistake furious chaos and mental and verbal diarrhea for gameplay.

another name

Being a player that survives evictions without making any game moves for herself to ensure her safety is your case for supporting Meg? So, by that logic Victoria was a good big brother player because she came in third in season 16?
I asked what Meg had done for herself in the game to be worthy of support. I guess you’ve given me my answer.


The proof is in the pudding. It doesn’t matter what you think constitutes a “good player”. The other HG deemed her worthy of staying, and as of this writing she’s still there. At this point in the game she’s the equal of Vanessa, Austwins, Capt. Camo, Steven LePetomane, and Travis Bickle. Until she walks out the door.

freud's cigar

damn, i didn’t look at which name was in the box. He’s going to be pissed that I used his name again. Third time i’ve been him. We’ve got to get different wifi.


I don’t think Van is that great of a player really. She bullies, lies, and manipulates to get her way but then look at the cast she is up against. James is the only one with any backbone and even that is pushing it. I can’t root for Van because she is just a foul person. I suspect Meg and James will both be out the door shortly. James for AFP!


Vanessa and James gotta team up in secret, take out the Austwits.


James would tell Austin. Austin would tell Van.Van would confront James. James would Whine to Meg. Meg would confront Van. Van would Blame Austin. Liz would eat a fly.

Mina Harker

So Vanessa wants to write a blog on the strategies she used EVERY SINGLE DAY in the house?? If she writes the way she talks, this thing is going to make War and Peace look like a short story. What. A. Snoozer.


This week will tell who is strong and brave. If Van takes out Julia big move if not she will not make it to the end. If John steps up his game and wins I look for him to go final 2 with Steve by his side. If Meg is gone James will follow shortly after even if he wins HOH and takes out a major player. Because He has no one. Liz and Austin no way in winning. Just my thoughts.

Pot Kettle Black

I don’t think Vanessa will have the jury votes if she makes final two. These people are playing very emotionally rather than strategically…and that jury house is full of Vanessa haters. So, I will say, just about anyone that’s left could beat her in the end.


James is #1 in the polls yeah! Hope you win buddy..


I love BigBrother, but this season is turning out to be a total bust.. I think we have a serious character issue with this group.. Jmac and James are cool, but the rest have depth issues.


Between the 2, {Meg and Julia} Meg has to go, believe it or not, she has a better social game then Julia, and she is more knowledgeable than Julia, {whoever thought those words would be spoken}
This season is a lesson in what happens when you put a few people in the house who know what BB is, and the rest have never seen the game, and just want to be on TV. {In earlier seasons, the twins would never of made it in he house, Vanessa with all of her antics would of been evicted, Austin would of been evicted, because they would of thought with his physique, he would be a comp. beast.} Instead, we get this mess.
I think Johnny Mac is playing the best game he can play with the people who are left in the house. He really is alone. I am hoping that maybe, he and James can get together, and take the rest out, But James will probably stick with Austin. YUCK!

another name

Before judging this as a hate message, please know that i’m not so much hating as showing actual concern. Yeah i’m just releasing that concern by yelling into the wind, but hey.
Rheumatoid Arthritis is degenerative. Any doctor will tell you that it is of utmost importance to regularly exercise the affected area in to stregthen the surrounding muscles in order to take pressure off that joint. This is made even more important after surgery on said joint. Three months after surgery, and the patient should be engaging in a minimum of 20 minutes of area specific light exercises every day.
Most doctors and physiotherapists would advise fifteen to twenty minutes with a heat pack on the affected joint before stretches, simple strength builders and possible submerged exercises. After that exercise, fifteen to twenty minutes with an ice pack if there is swelling or inflammation. (information from 5 different post op convalescent sites, this is the information each had in common).
Meg: get off your ass, get in the pool and do some friggin jumping jacks or walk from end to end. walk from one side of the yard to the other for fifteen minutes, and get on the stupid elliptical for 5 minutes a day. You’re young. Don’t give in to adversity, work your way through it. You’ve already had to have surgery. How about doing yourself a long term service and actually strengthening your muscles and enhancing your flexibility to decrease the pressure on your joints so that you aren’t necessarily forced to be laying down for a significant portion of your life. Sympathy will only go so far if you aren’t willing to put in the work to help yourself.


“Austin has to know if he does it (votes out Julia) you (Liz) would lorena bobbitt him. Julia and Liz don’t know what that is so Vanessa explains its a court case where the lady chopped off the guys d!ck. Julia says I love it. I’m using that for the rest of my life. Julia leaves.”

Julia’s facial expression just let it be known that she’ll be single for a long, long time..


The more I watch the more I feel that the game is rigged. Vanessa is a bully that no one is willing to stand up to (excluding Becky – and she was voted out with the machinations of Vanessa) – Meg is out and with the DE James is out.

This game is fixed.


“Austin says its almost impossible for the winner not to be from scamper squad. At the very least we have 4 votes on the other side. Unless everyone hates us. ”

Yes, Austin everywhere hates you. I can’t wait til the jury ask you idiots questions.


Imagine needing help with something in life and this cast was your only choice to ask ? Fucking shoot me . James and j Mac ? Sadly maybe Vanessa ..? The rest ? Haha . Comic city. Meg- water my plants . Plants dead . Julia – feed my fish – dead fish- Austin, haha Austin can’t do any fuckin thing .. Hey Liz … Can u help me …… Um … No Liz can’t help because she’s a spoiled, narasistic, lizard looking, home wrecking, 5.2 who thinks she’s a nine, loud eating, getting kinda fat, lazy, dishrag. Sorry, I had too much espresso today. Usually only comment on game play, not hate, but ahh yea, fuckin chick fuckin sux dude . Fucking sux

freud's cigar

No disrespect, but I do wonder why Austin isn’t getting the label of home wrecker. It was his home. He was the one in a relationship. He’s the one that made promises to somebody and broke them. Liz didn’t cheat on Austin’s gf. Austin cheated on Austin’s gf. He spent 2 weeks debating whether to showmance Liz, or Julia, or Jackie. He actively pursued her. She allowed herself to get caught, yes, but he was definitely the aggressor. He wrecked his own home. She’s the one that gets zinged for it.
Christine got boos for flirting with Cody. Cody didn’t get booed, and didn’t get the same level of slut shaming from the public. Heck, he’s been brought back as a season 17 cameo guest. She was in a relationship, so she deserves more hate was the logic. Now Austin is the one in a relationship, and it’s still the woman in the situation that’s being more slut shamed than the man. Fans have commented more than once hoping she gets booed for being Austin’s mistress. He’s not getting off scott-free, but she definitely gets called out more by the public than he does. It confuses me.
I agree she’s vapid, somewhat ignorant, and pretty lazy. I’m not a fan, but he bears equal if not more responsibility in terms of the wrecked home.

Pot Kettle Black

James needs to stick with JMac, Vanessa and Steve. Vote out Tattoo and the coo coo birds. Then get rid of Steve and Vanessa. James uh, and JMac final two.

The stupidity

Ofc throw the HOH in f7 ..why not? just let Austwins win coz, they for suuuuure would never ever think about putting yall up…I hope these ppl wake up when they realize it s DE…if another DE will be wasted on James who is alone in the game…then Julia needs to win this season so these ppl will have to live for rest of their lives with the knowledge that they are worse at this game then her ….

Wow guys

Oh wow guys when the f&$k are you ging to update this shit Wednesdays almost over and you guys haven’t wrote shit