“I’m OK to do what needs to be done. Austin can be a pawn, put Austin’s a$$ up there”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 20-00-01-329_jpg
7:43pm Austin and Steve Poolside
Austin going over a conversation with James.
Austin says James is worried what he tells him about Vanessa he goes back at tells her. He’s really stopped the targeting Vanessa talk.
Austin – He’s either going to make a play against me or try to bring me in.
Austin – I want Johnny mac to know I really trust him next week

Steve says Johnny Mac will go after James
Austin – I trust Johnny i feel like I made a mistake I feel I should have gone after James.. But I thought he was going to come back

Austin feel that the POV will be used next week so he’s not sure if James should go straight up.
Steve thinks it’s risky to not put someone up
Austin – James is the play to protect the scamper squad

Austin says James told him he only have to worry about Steve and Johnymac and if he’s cool with them Austin doesn’t need to win HOH at all.
Austin thinks James is trying to tell everyone he’s in deal with everyone
Austin – He’s going to find cracks and fissures
Steve – your target is still james
Austin – it has to be

Austin says this next HOH might be bad to win because then you can’t play in the double. Steve says double might be Thursday it happened before.

Austin says double eviction are scary big players go out during that.
Austin warns him about James.
They agree Jeff getting out changed the game for a lot of people
Steve says jason leaving really helped him. Says Jason told him “Cameras give us more privacy than you do”
Austin – that’s aggressive.. I thought he was cool because you were super fans
Steve says jason didn’t like him “He wanted to be the super fan of the season”
Steve – He wanted to be the voice that I’m going to be now

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 20-49-23-786_jpg

8:39pm HOH Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa- what is up with you
Steve – Not a whole lot
Vanessa asks if Julia and Meg campaigned
Steve says they haven’t mentions that Austin told him Julia is worried
“I’m reassuring her every way possible”
Vanessa – she has nothing to worry about as long as you, Liz and Austin stick to the plan.
Vanessa and Steve agreeing James is the target.
Steve – the question is how
Vanessa – well uhh use Julia as a pawn again
Steve – Again
Vanessa – quite frankly, ensure the vote goes the way you want.. use me as a pawn I prefer you don’t
Steve- I really don’t want to use you as a pawn
Vanessa – Austin can be a pawn, put Austin’s a$$ up there, it hasn’t been
Steve – I’ve been up more than all of you put together

Steve asks what happens after James goes
Vanessa – you me and John are final 6 where you can’t play I will likely win if you are not in it than we basically.. I’m OK to do what needs to be done.

Vanessa – I could get a lot more people’s blessing making this move

Vanessa – Austin has to throw final 6 HOH..
Steve – with that six.. great question
Vanessa- he could target Johnny mac.. it’s not in his best interest.. I think he throws it
Vanessa- Johnny winning is best me winning second best

Vanessa – where does that leave us if they go after Johnny
Steve – Scamper squad final 5

Steve says if you need to win a competitions you’ve done something wrong in your game.

Vanessa – I’ve Johnnymac wins a twin goes home
Steve – it’ll be one of the three I don’t know which.. probably not Julia..
Vanessa – the next week Johnny can’t play they think we are with them there’s two of them.. James in the mix RANDOM
Vanessa starts going on and on about how Steve’s done so much in this game.
Vanessa says if Johnny takes out a twin the following week they will put up Johnny and James
Steve – that makes 5 me you James or Johnny and Twinstin
Vanessa – I’m fine, I want your word this never goes out side this vault of a room
Steve – Vaenssa I understand

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 20-51-32-783_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 21-21-22-164_jpg

9:15pm Backyard Someone with a mega phone outside the wall. JAmes, Meg and Johnnymac hear what they think is Austin wants Julia out.
Austin and the twins joint hem outside.
9:18pm The mega phone user comes back can’t hear what they are saying. Big Brother calls a indoor lockdown

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 21-44-13-625_jpg

9:44pm Vanessa’s HOH Letter

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 21-53-24-145_jpg

9:51pm James and Jmac
Jmac says he just read the manual it say they cannot talk about what was said outside beyond the wall
James saying they need to get Austin on board
Jmac says Austin might vote out Julia he would try to blame it on Steve or him.
James – we could pin it on Steve
James – Austin would have to vote secretly against..
Meg comes in. James says they are trying to figure out how to get Julia out.

Meg says she’s got a weird feeling Austin wants to vote Julia out.
James – if Austin is on board we have to protect Jmac and Austin..
James- Steve and Vanessa are really close
Jmac isn’t sure if Austin and Vanessa are tight he says they’ll find out this week.
James- if Steve wins HOH again he’s going to take me out

Liz rolls through grabs the lotion.. When she leaves
Jame s- shit that was bad
Jmac- you were campaigning finding out where my head is at
James says Meg will spend all day tomorrow with Steve to make it look like they are friends.
Meg – we could really flip the house
Jame s- make it fair for everybody give us a fighting chance
Jmac – YA

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 22-04-25-812_jpg

10:01pm HOH Vanessa and Steve
They agree when they hit final 6 and James wins POV they’ll take out Johnny mac. Austin joins them.
Vanessa mentions that Johnnymac is pending a lot of time with the goblins
Steve – he was in there all day
Vaneesa – he’s got a weird look on his face he looks shell shock
Vanessa says she would love to hear what Meg and James’ campaigning will be

Vanessa says it doesn’t make sense for Johnnymac to flip the vote.
Austin points out there’s no point in them getting Jmac’s vote they need more to flip it this week. Steve and him aren’t flipping. Austin thinks Meg and James sho9uld be more focused on positioning James favorably for the next week.

They agree a scamper squad member will get to the end. Steve says it’s very likely they’ll have two scamper squad members in final 2.
Vanessa says that alone is a win.
Austin goes on about how great their group was points out that the LIZ-Julia-Austin grouping has never been done before twins making this far with a showmance.

Vanessa says she’s going to write a blog about Big Brother. Breaking down every episode and the strategy is.

Jmac rolls in.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 22-03-40-814_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 22-30-53-867_jpg

10:28pm Have nots James and Meg
James saying might be Steve, Vanessa, Austin and the twins have a final 5 deal
Points out Steve, Austin, Vanessa and Jmac are up in the HOH
Meg – You’re lying
James – only people downstairs are us, Liz, and Julia
James- maybe I’m getting paranoid
Meg – They voted him out last week, Sure they are not playing chess.
James- they’re all in the room
The goblins are worried Jmac is playing them and he’s going to tell Vanessa and Steve about their plans to flip the house.

James – Johnnymac has no loyalties to us.. I’m worried about the deal he made for Vanessa to not put him up

James – shit I htik we shouldn’t have talked to him.. first.. we should have talked to Austin first
Meg – we heard that thing what were supposed to do
James- ya that’s true..
Feeds cut
When they comes back
James – Johnny mac johnny mac where’s your head at… I have a feeling they are all upstairs.. Maybe the whole damn house has a secret alliance against us..
Meg – I’m going this week then

10:42pm James comes back after doing some recon
James- they are all up there. when the f*** does Johnny Mac hang out in the HOH room.. I never see Johnny Mac up there even when he’s not on the block.
James – he might think the house is split but it’s really all together.
James- should have known.. It sounded like he was protecting Steve
Meg – I know, Why would he tell you he’s putting up Vanessa and Steve up though.. what’s the point of that.

10:51pm Jmac comes back says there was no game talk going on up in the HOH.
Meg – If Johnnymac is lying to us you are f****d
James – I got Veto’s to win

11:30pm Have nots Goblins wondering who the underdogs are if it’s not them.
Austin, Twins, Jmac and Vanessa on the sky bridge playing chess.

James – I’m looking forward to see your fun side
Meg – I never said I was fun I just like going out
James – lets do something
Meg – there’s nothing to do I made up all teh games in here
Jame s- Go play chess
James- you better like it tomorrow
Meg – I will I already planted the side we’ll play (Steve)
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-01 23-56-58-361_jpg

11:55pm Chess still going on..
James and Meg still goofing around in teh have nots
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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Oh no...

Meg has a “feeling”…that always goes well…


Meg makes Victoria BB16 look like a good BB player lol


Johnny did not say a word.Makes me feel like he really is playing the game … Trying to figure out were peoples heads are not trusting any of them. I really wish Meg would not have blasted to Austwins last week . I think James and johnny would be on the same page had that not happened.


I don’t like Meg’s game, but I’ll be glad if the Austwin’s are broken up.




Ummm…which one?

Chill this Town

did we ever verify that it wasn’t just a typical Austin boast to make himself appear to be likable?

I mean seriously. I would not be even kind of surprised if Austin is planning to just claim he broke up right after the show is over with this girl…and I really question if she actually exists.


Yes, her (Jen) pic is out there on the web. Her sister even posted the last letter Austin sent to her before he left for BB. Someone also posted the screenshot of Austin’s HOH letter where his family says at the end “Jen sents her love”, he just didn’t read that part out loud. Guess that letter was really written weeks before as we all know she won’t have any love for now.


Hi mom! #first


JMAC..keep your mouth shut…plz!!


He won’t. He’s probably up there blabbing as I type.

Chill this Town

dude is lonely at this point. every “group” he had in the house screwed him over or had no intention of keeping him…or were just voted out early.

now his best ally is a guy who is like gum stuck in Vanessa’s pocket, an ally who has already planned a F6 exit? I really hope Steve is playing Vanessa, but I feel like I know better. that kid aims to please women.

MAC ATTACK is trying to get someone to trust him and want to work with him….nope.

Why do people defend this guy?

Who wants to be in an alliance with someone who just nods and does whatever people tell him to. On top of that….he keeps throwing competitions! At one point he was even saying he wanted to go home. Putting him in the house was a waste. People only like him because he was considered the underdog. He should be considered the pawn/puppet who throws competitions. Now he is helping to make Vanessa’s game stronger while she is plotting to get rid of him. He should be embarrassed with the game he’s been playing.



Northern Lights

Eeeeeeeeeek! Vanessa is getting all racoon eyed and talking crazy again…They must have kicked up the meds for her HOH reign because she starts looking and acting like this after a few days of being HOH!

freud's cigar

According to the rules we’re not allowed to talk about what we hear over the wall.
Conversation turns what to do about (we’re not allowed to talk about what we hear over the wall).
Meg walks in i’ve got a ‘gut feeling’ that (we’re not allowed to talk about what we hear over the wall).
Plotting ensues to get (we’re not allowed to talk about what we hear over the wall) to happen.
So, who gave the d/r fairy a megaphone? Too conspicuous to call them into d/r at the same time? Jmac practically sublets the space. (i’m sort of joking).

SMH Bye Meg!

Jmac is more than likely going to run and squeal to Vanessa. Right after she finishes planning James and his demise with Steve. James better try hard to win HOH in the double eviction cause he is gone unless he wins POV again.


Person with bullhorn yelled”Everyone wants Julia out” and “Austin/vanessa has deals with everyone” James, meg, jmac were outside and heard. But they think he said Austin wants Julia out. They can’t even hear right.

Nothing Personal

Maybe Meg would hear the message better if she got a “feeling”, like a cuff in the head. I switched them off when James started walking around as Vanessa described, “the Unibomber” and James and the psychic were wondering if they were correct in taking Jmac into their confidence. I was happily surprised how tonight Jmac is skipping his alter-ego Bobcat Goldthwait.


The psychic lolol

Julie Chen

That was ME with the megaphone, BB fans.
If I have to interview EITHER of those two vacuous, superficial, alien-headed, Sasquatch-banging, cud-chewing, mean girl whiners again I’m pretty sure I’ll projectile vomit on national TV.
Steeeeeeeeeeevah! Good god. I don’t get paid nearly enough for this shit.


This season got boring with Vanessas side always winning. It started off great and just floated by.


That’s what happens when everyone left in the house are gullible cowards.

another name

Seems to me a big alliance formed week one. Everyone not in that alliance banded together shortly thereafter with a couple social opportunists. They were in survival mode while the people who had control for the first week were in relaxed we’ve got the numbers mode. So relaxed that it took them two more weeks to realize they weren’t safe. And to this day they still don’t know for sure how it happened. Meg and James are still speculating about the existence of a large alliance tonight. They’ve spent so much time ignoring the changes in the house, that they’ve missed the boat.
So, who’s to blame? the people winning, for playing harder, or the people losing for not being observant until it was too late? There were two ostracized underdogs (Jmac and Steve) ripe for the picking for weeks, and because they weren’t ‘their kind of people’ the side now losing has seemingly lost them to the side now winning.
A few weeks ago i figure it was time to flip my perspective. the two sides of the house in my head are the Austwins and the Rockstars. Vanessa is the double agent between the two. James and Meg are less underdogs than dinosaurs playing the game weeks behind the current timeline. If they don’t find their way into one of the two groups, they’ll end up extinct. And it will be their own fault for failing to adapt to the changing landscape of the game. If they are able to survive, they had better find their way into one of the two actual sides of the house.

Smart Guy

I heard them talking about still being in the week one alliance in week 5. The week one alliance didn’t even last until the first eviction.


The goblins had their best opportunity to truly align with a larger group during Becky’s HOH. At that point Jackie was still in and they could have teamed up with Becky/JMac and gotten Vanessa, the master manipulator, out. By choosing to keep Van over Shelli, they kept the balance of power in place and ultimately plotted their own demise, along with Becky’s. No guarantee that things would have worked out better, but at this point it seems very likely that things have gone about as poorly as they could have for everyone except Vanessa and the Austwins since that point.

Chill this Town

Steve and Austin play such a wimpy game. they let the women in their lives run their game( Steve lets his mom and Vanessa take control of his decision making process, and Austin lets the twins do what they want)

its frustrating because you can see how this is going to play out. can MAC or James fall into the finals? maybe. but if they don’t wake the heck up it won’t matter. what sucks is how Vanessa AND Steve are talking about getting rid of MAC at F6. what????

Starting to fear that MAC’s undoing this 2nd time in the house will be his popularity. I think Vanessa wants nothing to do with sitting next to MAC in F2, and the twins are super jealous, Austin is Austin…

we need another juror to return, or a DPOV to enter the game…I really don’t like how close that AusTwins trio is to the freaking final stretch and having even numbers with people too stupid to group up.

I’d be frustrated with MAC, but I genuinely am not sure he can do anything at this point. if MAC or James don’t win that next HOH….ugh.

Smart Guy

Someone walked down the LA river and started yelling with a megaphone! LMAO!


Remembering last year when the bullhorn caller was saying “Derrick”s a cop”. So funny but the HGs never understood it.


Sorry steve but Jason is much more likeable than you would ever be. And if you really think that you are the voice of reason aka the superfan that can talk about the current scenes and plans in the house you better get a reality check, Vanessa as annoying as her crying has been sitting on that throne since week 2. I really hope that James wins HOH nominates Vanessa and Steve and the house sends steve home, he’s thinks he is a man but in reality he is just a boy.

freud's cigar

Imo Jason was actually not that likeable. His sarcasm was funny. But he often went too far in his treatment of the people around him. He had great reaction facial expressions. I enjoyed his sarcasm and the reaction faces, but i thought he was actually pretty loathsome otherwise.
He himself has posted that he regrets being so over the top mean to Steve just because Steve was an easy target.
Jason was more entertaining than Steve but imo not more likeable. I equate it to a cat people or dog people situation. some people prefer cats, some dogs. 🙂


Don’t forget it was superfan-idiot Jason’s idea to let Julia enter the game because then they wouldn’t have a returning jury member. Guess what superfan? Even with both twins in the house, they still had a returning jury member. How did that work out for you?
What if they had voted out Liz right away and then they had 2 returning evicted hg’s; one pre jury and one jury member? Did it ever cross his superfan mind that HE may have been one of those people trying to get back into the house? Or did he think that laying on his ass chain smoking and gossiping was going to win him the game?
Jason should win a superfan award for the brilliant move of allowing the 2nd twin to enter the game when he wasn’t aligned or friends with the 1st twin.
And a second award for blabbing every single bit of information he knew to anyone and everyone without even taking one second to mull over if that information could be used to his advantage at any point in the game.

At this point it would be in Jason’s best interest to pretend that he is not really a superfan and just lied about it to get cast on a show that he had never once watched. At least then he’d have an excuse for his horrible game play.


He wasnt the reason Julia came into play. Shelli and Vanessa can be thanked for that.


Yes Batman, I understand that Shelli and Van protected them and got Julia into the house, but they aligned with Liz and they thought it benefited them to bring in Julia as an extra number.
What exactly did superfan Jason’s side have to gain by letting both twins into the house? A theory that letting the twins in would prevent any evicted hg from returning? Never once thinking that it could be one of them trying to get back in. Jason repeatedly told all of his side, which were a bunch of know nothing recruits this stupid theory and the dummies all agreed. Even if their side had power in the first 5 weeks they still would not have targeted Liz. James was HOH the first week and by then everyone but Jackie knew that Liz was switching with her twin and not one person suggested getting rid of Liz. When that side played around and yapped about who they were going to target next week (if they won) none of them mentioned Liz, they were all focused on Audrey who had already ruined her own game. The other side (I refuse to call lazy people the underdogs) were playing popularity contest instead of Big Brother.


“They agree a scamper squad member will get to the end. Steve says it’s very likely they’ll have two scamper squad members in final 2.”

How about zero scamper squad members in the final two…a Jmac/James final two would save the season!


Can I ask why it would save the season? You think JMAC deserves to be in final two?


JMAC deserves nothing. I have nothing against the guy but his game play sucks.


Because everybody else sucks.


James needs to drop Meg, she is dead weight cant win shit for him. At this point its like 95% Meg is going he needs to think of his own game and make deals without Meg.


It’s not about what she can “win for him”. She is a vote in his favor. After she’s gone, he will have nobody on his side. It’s him against the entire house. What else is he supposed to do? Join Vanessa’s alliance with the rest of the house? He is willing to work with Steve and Jmac but the are too scared of Vanessa to work with him and break up the Austwins. Jmac and Steve know for a fact Vanessa would choose the Austwins over them. Yet they want to help her keep them in the game.

another name

When did James say he was willing to work with Steve? He hadn’t spoken to Steve about such a thing as far as I know.
I’ve been under the impression from what he said to Meg two days ago that he would not work with Steve, and that he considered John to be damaged goods.
Beyond the Trojan Horse post wall yelling talk has he changed his opinion? Did i miss a conversation?


James may have waited too late to join up with any other group. Closing himself up with Meg to come up with hair brained ideas to save her this week and as a result tipping his hand to John and Austin about his true intentions was just dumb. He has some bro thing with Austin but Austin is in too deep with Van and Liz will come first. John worked his own way out and James has no idea that John and Steve are close. Plotting sabotage against Steve only makes him look sketchy. After his public break of trust with Shelly on the wall I think the remaining HGs are reluctant to genuinely team up with him. They are just covering their a$$e$ in case he wins HOH. No HOH win, No Veto win and he may not be parted from Meg for very long in DE.


i get she is a vote for him, but at this point it looks like a lost cause. There is a DE so he needs to make deals now not wait till she is out


Lol i love it. If james wins the next veto johnnymac becomes the target- vanessa to steve. Dont ever even consider targeting any of the austwins until final 4 i guess is her plan????


JMAC and James for F2!!! They would really beat the odds then!! Austwins, Vanessa, & Steve are not underdogs why do they keep saying that??? As smart as they claim to be they need a dictionary!

MegaPhone Over the Wall....

Best lines of the night:
Vanessa: Steve you better not be going through my underwear drawer
Steve: Austin, really you still live with your parents? (that makes 7 HG ugh)
Austin: I want CBS to hire me like Jeff (pffft, after you tell them to F-off 24/7)
Steve: Austin has MA in Medieval Hist. that makes sense (he could work at Medieval Times, or Renaissance Fairs)
Vanessa: We need to put up Austins ass as a pawn (oh god yes)
Vanessa: Looks at Steve with loathing, she can barely tolerate him, I wanna be alone (evict creepy McCreep already)
Vanessa: Let’s use Julia as a pawn again (yes yes if she’s still here)
Vanessa: I’ll go up as a pawn (best O-face)
James: I’m starting to wonder if this is a good idea, Austin will tell Vanessa, we shouldn’t have told JMAC (chicken and you want AFP?)
Meg: We didn’t tell him, the MegaPhone did
Steve: I’m going to be the voice of BB17 (pleeeezzuh)
JMAC: We should keep Meg, vote out Julia, how can we do it
Steve: Mommy, I mean Vanessa can I be with you
Liz: I gave Meg my best bitch face in the kitchen, you know you’re supposed to go home
Austin: I worked out hard Liz, aren’t you proud of me (if you shower maybe)
Vanessa: I’m gonna write a blog of every days strategies (holy shit no one wants to hear it again)
MegaPhone: Everyone wants Julia out (now can you keep shouting Vanessa out next, and Austin Liz hates you)


MegaPhone you made my day, I needed that laugh, I think you read the minds of most viewers


She exists. She’s beautiful. Austin is a fool. I hope she doesn’t take him back.

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck: James Meg You Big Chickens

James is so unconvincing, even with the MegaPhone screaming instructions over the wall. Pitching plot to JMAC then dogging him for going to HOH as cover. They’ve talked themselves out of it before even taking to JMAC or Austin. MegaPhone told JMAC who was supportive, but they give up, talk themselves out of talking to Asstin. James doesn’t want to do it, Megs not campaigning, so they’re they sit, calling JMAC a ray for going to HoH, they suspect him for trying to act normal. James is actually talking Meg out of the plan, and Meg would rather wine than talk to Austin.

Neither of these two deserve to stay, they voted out their alliance rather than stand up to the bully they kept in. Nobody needs the extra vote from Meg, they have more to lose if they flip the house, so it’s all who’s winning comps, and getting best competitors out, meaning James, Steve Liz out next. JMAC will only get to Finals when everyone realizes Van can’t go she’d win. This group wI’ll take Austin & Julia two non-winning floaters to Final 2. Steve will regret it when he’s evicted before Twins.


Seriously, why does it feel like Liz/Julia are gunna be final 2? That would be a terrible ending considering half their accomplishments are shared. For the love of god lets vote out Julia this week and get Austin out during the double eviction!

Flip the Vote

It would be funny if they got Austin to agree to vote out Julia and blame it on Steve (there is some appeal there for him)… but then Jmac tells Steve so he also votes out Julia.
Austin and Liz’s face when 4-1 announced, right as they head into double eviction haha

Vanessa La Loca

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Vanessa in the hot seat in the finale. Seeing her self-destruct would make some great television. Instead of calling herself strategic, she’d probably end up crying while saying she was all alone and only had her word and integrity.


Look Meg and James….you should know, asking who you think the underdogs are in the big brother house is like waking up after a drinking contest in a random hotel with an empty bottle of patron by your head and not remembering the last 12 hours. Then asking yourself the question: “I wonder if I won the drinking contest?” The answer is….not a chance in H.E. double hockey sticks. Goblins!! You are the underdogs!!