Johnny Mac “They have nothing to worry about unless you change your mind”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 11-15-05-434

11am – 12pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – The havenots continue to sleep. Johnny comments maybe there’s something good out there. In the comic bedroom – Steve gathers his laundry and heads out to do a load as the backyard is open. Vanessa is outside on the elliptical. Steve asks how long do we have the yard for? Vanessa says like they tell me these things. Johnny Mac joins her. She says its her 4th day doing cardio. I can’t go home to my girlfriend with a flabby a$$. Vanessa asks if Johnny studied his numbers (days). Johnny says a little bit. Vanessa says the girls (Twins) were nervous you were in there so long with the havenots. Johnny says yeah they were campaigning. Vanessa says I told them to relax, he gave his word. Johnny says yeah we’re good. They have nothing to worry about unless you change your mind. Vanessa says it seems smart to have that huge target in here till we get down to the final 4. As much as I am unsure about James .. his interests have to the same as ours. I hope you’re working on James because he isn’t talking to me. Try to get his mentality around what would be strategically best for him. Julia comes out in her bikini. The conversation ends. Johnny says damn! Vanessa offers to help her with her speech later. Austin joins Vanessa and asks what are we going to do today? Vanessa says Chess and scamper. Not even scamper we have nothing to scamper about. Its a terrible feeling not being able to play HOH. Austin says that was me last week. At least this you don’t have the fear of someone coming back in.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 11-23-15-479

11:50am – 12:20pm Big Brother puts the house guests on an indoor lock down. The house guests head inside. Julia comments that they’ve already started building in the backyard. She heads to the bedroom and says she needs to pack. Austin says not yet. You have all day. Becky didn’t pack till 5pm. Julia says well I have a speech to prepare. Liz asks Austin what he wants for breakfast. Austin says you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 12-14-17-800

12:30pm – 1pm Johnny comments on how we haven’t gotten our takeover yet this week. Julia says oh yeah what happened to that?! Johnny says Julie said herself .. A new takeover each and every week. Julia and Johnny Mac talk about random things like dental school, weddings, Miami, etc. Johnny says he got hit in the face with a beer bottle at a dental mixer and it chipped his tooth. His friend hit his hand that was holding a beer bottle and it hinged up and hit my tooth.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 12-55-18-891

1:15pm – 2:15pm The backyard opens up and Julia runs out. They get to practice the HOH competition. Julia reads the card “Roll one ball at a time and try to land the ball in the areas” Big Brother then blocks the feeds. The feeds return to all the house guests practising. James says I knew they were going to do another crap shoot. Right before the double eviction. Johnny Mac, Steve and James are all pretty good at it. Vanessa’s self assessment “I suck at this!”

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 13-20-31-943

2:15pm Practice time is over. The house guests had 1 hour to practice the competition. The house guests are back on an inside lock down.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Go Liz

Does anyone really think others deserve to win? She is the BB Babe that all others will be compared to. Perfect inside and out.


Somebody put something in your drink.


I was thinking it was a co2 methane mix…


What I dislike about Liz is that she, in the beginning of the season stated to her sister and many times in the DR that she did NOT like Austin.
She said she wouldn’t date him or whatever, and now they’re a couple!!
Awwww *barf*
I don’t like Austin – he is a total dirtbag for cheating on his real gf with Liz – so I would love to see the look on his face when he finds out….
Definitely doubt the relationship will last long without the cameras.


Get over it; it’s not your business.


Actually, he’s doing it on national tv. That makes it our business.

THEY Asked & We Say He'll NO!

Don’t get it twisted dude. Those assho’s ASKED FOR FEEDERS TO VOTE, so THEY MADE IT OUR BUSINESS. They fight for airtime, forcing their relationship on us, and yammer non-stop directly to feeders to support them as the new Jeff & Jordan of CBS repping BB and going on Amazing Race next. Every day they count down they’re the longest running show-mance, went the farthest and are the best couple. Vote for us America, we need our own spinoff. If you’re looking at every poll on every site the resounding reply is a loud puking sound followed by hell NO, they are the reason no one watches the show. If you wanna help him, give him a bar of soap, a haircut and a real job. If he’s still living with Mommy, personal training ain’t paying the bills and the Twits cost money. Ask their parents they still live with.

Mr robot

Seriously who cares its not like Austin is married to the girl. It’s was his gf, u can break up anytime u want. And I’m no liztin fan btw. Go James FTW


Imagine your significant other is accepted into bb. Imagine that you tell your family, friends, co-workers and everyone in your daily life that your significant other is on bb. Then when you go to watch it your SO is cheating on you! That would not only crush your heart but be a total embarrassment as everyone else saw it too.
Austin doesn’t deserve liz.

disappointed BB fan

oh but he does, she knows he has a gf outside which makes her just as repulsive, they are a great pair…both vile


Oh I disagree, he certainly deserves Liz and deserves to be surrounded by Liz and Julia and their uhhhh after every word, yes, he deserves this forever…..uhhhhh

Modesty Blaise

I understand what you’re saying; however, I can’t think of 2 people who deserve each other more. He’s an immature, emotionally stunted behemouth, and she’s a supposedly semi-intelligent twat who doesn’t have a problem, getting grouped on national TV. I think they’re a match made in hell.


I agree with everything you said. But I told everybody on here she liked him and was just acting like she didn’t like him for her sister and the cameras. I got an overwhelming thumbs down every time I said it. I’m around the same age as her and I’m a girl, so I know these things. I can tell when a girl really likes a guy and is pretending not to because I’ve done that before myself. This relationship definitely won’t last because Liz cares deeply about what other people think. As soon as Liz sees how much people hate them together and a more attractive guy gets her attention, she will be done with Austin.


I wonder if she stinks like Austin. He never washes his hands after coming out of bathroom then goes to kitchen handling food after scratching his pits



Justin Bieber

I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…I sleeps all night and I works all day!…How you like my new song? Pretty darn good, I say!


van should of been disqualified already…

The Pee Wee Herman Twins

If you call someone who looks like a female Pee Wee Herman and has their eyes on the sides of their head like a fish a “babe”……

Operation Trojan Snoring

While Vanessa tells Steve she’s taking Julia & Austin to Finals, and Steve says Twins need to go, he and Johnny are ready to FLIP, the Trojan asses are sleeping, already packed and out the door mentally. It’s a crap shoot HOH its now or never and no one’s gonna throw it. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE

Van-essay stares at cameras lecturing condescendingly to BOY showing feeders what a lawyer without a degrees can do to regards and says blah,blah,blah, don’t vote her out, do what I want, Austin and me said so BOY. Our games are aligned and what’s good for me is good for you.

STEVE TALKS TO FEEDERS, I know I should be splitting Twits FEEDERS. Gawd, stop talking to teddy bears, feeds, mommy and the chick that holds your dick, wake up the only people gonna save your ass, and plan the FLIP. Austin knows he ain’t gonna win against Vanessa in F2. FLIP Him and Liz and get Van out. No one’s got a chance in hell after tomorrow. Do it now while Van & Julia can’t vote. Van thinks she’s so smart double talking cheating con. Take your nuts oUT of her purse and make a move. Your real mommy would be proud.


Sure hope James wins this HOH and that he puts up Vanessa and Liz! That would likely insure a split 2-2 vote if noms stayed the same and he could pick and choose which one of them to get rid of! Or just put up both Liz and Julia and watch the sparks fly! That would be pure entertainment…so many choices, so little time!

Pot Kettle Black

James is the only possibility of an exciting finish to this season. He will do what is best for his game, unlike JMac with Vanessa pulling his strings, along with Steve’s. She knows that Austin and the twins carry 3 jury votes, and if they get mad at her, which they will…she needs to take Julia with her final two. I still do not think she will win. The current jury members hate her. She will just die if she gets that close and doesn’t win. We’ll see how good her Karma is after all.


Now Pot things aren’t that Black……………………………………….

It’s hard to watch J Mac give his game to Van BUT is he not safe after re-entering the house? No talk of JM must go right back out the door…..nada! Like making sausage it’s not pretty but ATM he’s in a way better spot til DE HOH any way.

Pot Kettle Black

Good point Stan! JMac is not going first on Thursday…and I REALLY hope he’s not going second. I just hope that James and JMac win the HOH’s. Put up Vanessa and Liz with a backdoor/blindside to Austin. I still want James for the win. Unfortunately, he would have to take Julia to final two, so she wouldn’t have a jury vote…breaking up that block of three.


Jonny was pretty close to going up next to meg.


James said he would put up Vanessa & Steve.
Guess who would go home..Not Vanessa


Van comes down. Julia or Liz goes up. Julia or Liz go home. Van wins second HOH. Puts up JMac and James.

James is our only hope...

If it’s Vanessa and Steve, it’s uncertain. The austwins might vote to keep her, but maybe not, and JMac will probably vote against her. If it’s Vanessa and Liz, Austin and Julia will vote to keep Liz, while Jmac and James will vote to evict Van. Steve is uncertain. He’s dependent upon Van, and that’s both a plus and minus for his game. It all depends on who has the HOH and holds the tie-breaking vote. It it’s James, Van’s a goner.

Get Vanessa Out No Question!

Vanessa plays everyone’s hand, moves everyone’s chess piece, writes everyone’s speeches, tells everyone who to talk to, what to say and who to target, tells everyone how to vote, when to win, who to nom, whether to throw POV. THEY LET HER BECAUSE THEY’VE BEEN BRIBED, BELITTLED AND THREATENED SO SHE DOESN’T THROW A HISS FIT, LIE AND EVICT THEM FOR A MANUFACTURED REASON.

If they don’t get her out, what was the point of being on the show–of yeah, there was a reason they hired a cast that never heard of the show, and needed a couple months out of Mommy’s house because they can’t pay rent. They’re here for bribes and the Fun Dip and airtime.

The Stupidity is REAL

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Vanessa doesn’t take out Julia. For one, I don’t anyone would be terribly upset, including Austin. I think he would pretend (for Liz’s sake), but on the inside, he would be stoked. Second, Van and Austin are on the bottom of the totem pole. The twins will ALWAYS choose each other. If they (Van and Austin) took out Julia, who would be gunning for them? Ditzy Liz??? PSH. I think NOT. She would fall in line, otherwise, she would be next on the hit list.

God these people are so dumb. This season might be worst than last season.


Yup. That would be a logical move for everyone, especially Austin. But apperently they are not thinking.


Option 1: Meg Evicted
JMac, Steve, James & Van
Austin, liz, Julia & Van

Option 2 Julia Evicted
JMac, Steve, Van
Austin, Liz, & Van
Meg & James

See where Van doesn’t fit? Thats why.

Nothing Personal

It would mean breaking a promise, something she seems to hold more sacred than the game it self, and she’d lose two votes in the jury, which she expects both girls to be while she’s holding court with any of the guys as 2nd and 3rd positions.


because as usual she is overthinking, overplaying and over complicating what could be simple. she assumes that when meg is gone, James will join up with her. but what she hasn’t done is told him why that is, that she has locked down on Jmac and Steve and looking for a 4th that would target the austwins without having to go thru her.

If she was less sketchy and more open, and to be fair she has openly said that James is going to be in a better position without Meg and that she (vanessa) is doing what she thinks is going to benefit his (james) game. without the extra info tho he rightly is going to say, well, no, losing meg doesn’t actually benefit anyone’s game, since meg doesn’t win anything, and is only connected to one person. Julia is connected to 4 or 5, and is not a target due to not winning anything, but she should be a target. ppl are nuts to think they should not take meg to the F4 at least, over Julia, who has solid votes in that neither austin or liz could be expected to vote against her in a F2


That’s where you’re mistaken. She doesn’t want a 4 person alliance with JMac Steve and James. She wants JMac and Steve to think she does. Her true allegiance is with the austwins, and nothing in her game should make you think otherwise. Actions speak louder than words.

AKA Twistin' ....

“Unless you change your mind….”???? I can not believe the level of stupidity in Vanessa’s staff. They are not there to win…they’re there to help HER win. Dumb asses. They deserve her scheming and plotting against them.


Obviously shes the mastermind here. She tells all of her alliance members who to nominate and evict every week!
And now theres only a couple of people who she isn’t working with…
Makes me want to see Vanessa leave this week at the DE and then watch the rest of the housemates freak out like chickens with their heads cut off.


Johnny boy will be a slave until he gets power, he has no choice. But I do think he would backdoor van before anyone else will. Here’s to hoping she is out tomorrow!

Right now

He has more power than her. He has a vote . She does not. He can win HOH . She can not. He is just too chickenshit to play this game.


What do you propose he do? He is one man, and one vote. James will vote, but its very risky to get Steve and/or Austin on board. If this plan fails, van will yell traitor! Liz and Julia, Austin, and Steve vote him out next… He may have one shot for hoh, bbut the next week he is gone 100%. Its all short term. Meg and James have NEVER had JMacs back, and screwed him over 3x before he finally realized that the goblins were enabling the austwins. The creation of the austwins DO NOT FALL ON JMAC’S SHOULDERS!! That was the rest of the house’s doing. Namely, Shelli and Van. The goblins sure did do some major assisting though.


Maybe it’s just me, but I read some sarcasm in JMac’s statement there. I didn’t read it as cowtowing. I realize that JMac has never taken/had a leadership role, but he’s no sycophant either.


Austin and Liz make me wanna puke. Do these people realize that ALL three of the Austwins must be sent to jury?! Otherwise, if one of them make it to the end they have two guaranteed votes in jury. Oh, I’m sick of wishing for things to happen in that house only to end up disappointed again and again. Not a fan of the twins, they seem like crappy human beings, I don’t care who wins as long as those two are in jury.

HOH's Before Bros

Exactly Zeenie. ANYone except those two hateful, entitled, holier than thou biotches! And yes, all three of them,Austinky included, need to be in jury. Think about jury. You have, after tomorrow, Shellie, Jackie, Becky, and Meg. After DE you get two more, probably James n Jmac, or if we’re lucky, a twin or two. I’m thinking no matter how you look at it, if Julia doesn’t go, the Asskank twinkies will not have the votes to win. They think they are liked??? Oh wow ! Do they have another thing comin! They themselves need to send Julia home now or they’ll never get the votes…Follow me? It’s not rocket science here folks. Nobody in the jury, yet, LIKES you guys!! Start sending people who WILL vote for you… Ok wait, never mind, it’s summer camp and we just need to THINK we’re popular……… Sheeesh! So I guess I’m voting for Steve or Vanessa? FOK!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!

Julia asks Steve

What do you like about me? Steve sez: I really like it when you put the lotion on your skin.


Austinky LOL, haven’t heard that one yet. Good one lol!


That last pic just made me sick 🙁

Bunny Slipper

Yeah, I just threw up a little in my mouth. ????


Is there any way you could put them in a zippered folder and say open at your own risk?


My brain has learned to deal with it after a couple of seasons of Rachael and Brendon.


I agree with Zennie, Austin and Liz do make me wanna puke as well. When she asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said “You”, I gagged. Then to see him on top of her, Everyday, they show those two “doing their thang”, and it aint cute at all!. A few days ago, they were….ugh….you know, and her facial expressions were telling it all, whatever he was doing, she was enjoying, but I still don’t get how she has no regards for what EVERYONE, Family, Friends and Strangers see her doing, or Not!….SMH


Yeah and after she tells the world she doesn’t like Austin…. So you’re ok with fooling around on tv with someone you don’t even like?
Suddenly I like julia way more, but then shes awful too… Tells jmac she’ll work with him for his vote this week, and moments after he leaves she tells liz that hes going up if she wins HOH.
That’s a true backstabber.


They don’t think anyone will see it….just a couple of days ago they commented to Steve, they thought the live feeds were only for their family, NOT for anyone else. Steve didn’t correct them. Maybe the times of day they are having their “fun” in bed, they don’t think their family will be watching at that time. They have even made a comment about live feeds not being recorded, so they don’t think they can see them after BB is over. They think they can only go back and see the edited show.


Just goes to show you how really Clueless they are! That is really sad!

Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dumb

Has anyone else noticed that twins sometimes seem to lose control over their limbs? Particularly Julia. Watch sometime when she’s performing some complicated motor function with, say. her right hand (like lifting a glass). Her left arm will kind of go off and do it’s own thing for a bit until her brain re-engages and gets it back in line.

There’s something not quite right with those twins. I’m wondering if they have developmental issues, like Liz hogged all the placenta or something?

Montel Williams

It’s just a glitch. We’re working on a patch. Remember, these two are prototypes. NextGen will be better, more human-like.

Mrs. Mac

That last screen shot….. ewwwwwwwwwwaahhhhhh.


I would love if the twins left. Can’t stand listening to them anymore. I have no respect for Johnny mac’s non- game so, even if he does go rogue and votes Julia out… Big whoop. It was handed to him on a silver platter. One move after 70+ days does not make for Johnny a BB great. Who is going to win HOH- James ,JMac, Steve, ??? Predictable. Perhaps Liz – thinking Austin sent her twit sis out. Who knows or freaking cares. Nobody who actually played the game will probably last. This show has become a popularity contest.


Watched every season of BB. This is without a doubt the lamest cast ever assembled!
Losers in every w a y!


I don’t think it’s the lamest cast at all. I think the producers of the show have focused on the wrong things. Pandora’s box and luxury comps are good. Twin twists and Battle of the Blocks are not so good/horrible. Endurance comps that last for hours or basically keep-your-hand-on-the-car games are good. Birds that swing and hit contestants, or balls that they have to catch, or moving platforms suck. The houseguests are supposed to be manipulated by their environment, and this environment just hasn’t been very stimulating, leading to boring tv the past few weeks. I’m still much happier with it than I was this time last year, or the year before for sure.

What would y’all think if they threw away the BOB and added in a pre-HOH Veto Competition and the winner can’t compete in the HOH. The idea being that people like Austin would try harder to win it because they don’t want blood on their hands and just want to be safe. Making it more obvious if they throw other comps.

disappointed BB fan

maybe production should announce at the beginning of the season that america MAY have the power to eliminate another houseguest of their choosing each week, so if you are not HOH you may be at risk of going home. they may then think twice of throwing comps and being idiots on tv!


I love these Big Brother spoilers and I read them all day at work, but these players are SO boring… come on make big moves! This is the perfect time to split the twins up! I’m sick of Austin, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa! SPLIT THEM UP! The twins are so airheaded its annoying! Pulling for James at this point…

Unemployed guy

I want a job where you work. Will you help me.?

Former Fan

If I were Meg, I would call a house meeting, say I have resigned myself to the fact that I am leaving, so here it goes….then call each HG out, even if I had to make shit up. I’d tell them that I will expose every secret to the other jury members. They need to do something in that boring house to stir it up. Something like Dan’s funeral….that was hilarious….


Vanessa needs 2 change her mind, if she wants 2 win. This will be her only shot, because If James wins HOH, she & a twin could be on the block & Austwins will ensure their saftey by promising 2 vote her out.

James bb house

Looks like James will be the lone wolf, everybody’s future focus to evict. I can only hope that he wins the next HOH and take out the Austwit clowns….James for AFP …He at least deserves that, he’s the only one with balls..


Hey JMac, you there, helloooooo? Anytime you want to play BB feel free? That guy yeling over the wall last night….did you not pick up that signal???? A GOLDEN opportunity to put a dent into Austin’s Angels about to go by the wayside! You and Steve, make the deal with James- unless either of you win HOH, if he or Meg (yeah eyes rolling) wins next HOH, you guys are 100% safe. Goblins continue to reek havoc with your assistance. You’ll have a 2 in 3 chance of being safe with this deal and in much better shape going into the final 6 as opposed the road you’re going down now!


Meg and James had purposely fucked JMac on 3 separate occasions… That ship is sailed.
He is in much better shape this way… He can risk his game to go after a big fish, not a lizard. You know what they say, you are as strong as your weakest link… Keep Julia.. Stay weak.

Big sexy 40

Why yes DR. Strange love, I have noticed. Julia 100% goes off the rails mentally, whilst taking a drink to quench her lizard thirst. Also when they get alcohol, and or after somebody in scamper squad wins an hoh, she goes into this spastic dance routine. Ever noticed that ? My girlfriend and I have named it the lizard lerch. Other day my gf got a bonus in her check, and broke out the dance in happiness! Now it’s like a thing for us. And yes Liz got like 55% of the nutrients .. Julia only 45… Hence the fact that Liz was picked first in twin twist and the 16 mile gap in Julia’s eyes . So yes -/ good call my friend


Can’t believe liz was named lizard. I mean, its like people who name their cat “cat”… Guess the parents couldn’t think of anything better after coming up with “julia”. Pretty lazy, but looking at the twin’s lazy gameplay it all makes sense.

Dr S.

Exactly! The lerch makes me howl. She starts grabbing and yanking her hair and all that… flailing. there are totally some crossed wires there somewhere.


I wish for the DE, that Julie doesn’t tell them until after HOH is won. She calls them into the LR and tells the HOH that you must choose right now. No 5 min talking it through. Make the HOH use their brain for once.


Even Victoria would have realized a threesome at this stage of the game is bad. I mean she wouldn’t know what to do about it but she would know.

James fan cause I dislike the rest

Seems like the HOH competition is set up for James to win!!!!! I so hope he does!!


That’s what I was thinking. They set this one up for James! But then realized he can’t compete for the double… So, as of right now guess I’d like to see Jmac win the second, put up twins, James win veto…..or anything that doesn’t give the skank sisters or Asstinky any power..AT ALL!! Jmac prolly puts up Van and a twin though, and that ain’t bad


Game is set up for the twins not James. It a crap shot to a point. If J Mac or Steve are trying they better practice all night. The DE is gonna suck by the look of things.


cant wait till they find out DE…van will implode…she cant play hoh…and no time to talk her way off the block!


Even the house guests wonder what happened to the takeovers lol. Boy does this season need one now more than ever. Can we pleeeeeeeeeease pretty pretty please finally get an AllStars cast next season pllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee?

I don’t think my heart can handle another beat street season of house voting and frightened houseguests to scared to make a move. What I don’t understand is how no one ever realizes they are not doing anything to change their ultimate fate by placating the “house”. I think the biggest thing that set the tone for this season was evicting Shelli. With van out and shelli in the last few weeks would have been very different, even if Austin and Liz had still won HoHs


Allstars would be the worst.


Ok, so I get that everybody hates Vanessa but if you take all personal feelings out of the equation, who do you think is playing the best game?
I’d love to see some honest answers and please stick to gameplay .

Not a fan of Van's game

No, I honestly don’t like how Vanessa is playing the game. She is 75% Amanda and 25% Derrick. Far too much emotional, b!tchy, bully Amanda for my taste! I think BB once again filled the supporting cast with weak, easily manipulated players so we can watch “the master” at work. Didn’t like this set-up last year but at least Derrick didn’t cry every time things didn’t go his way or people didn’t treat him with respect!


Totally agree!
Vanessa bullies others with her emotions.
Everyone is scared of her because of it too!

Van is no Master

Vans game moves have not been difficult or imaginative, except when she conjurs some ridiculous slight fir which someone’s had will come off. Threat’s, intimidation, bribes all illegal in BB allowed for her. Her moves, targets are obvious and she would have lasted a week with real players.


If we are talking strictly game play, I would say Vanessa and James.

Steves pecker says

what are the odds Austin as Judas votes out my love Julia instead of Meg?

Will I still get to lay her in the jury house?


Who is James going after Vanessa or twins and Austin if he does win?


If he is smart, he will put up Vanessa and Liz.


“Vanessa offers to help Julia with her speech.”

Julia: U put me on the block. Girl, bye!


Vanessa is doing just fine. The last thing she needs is you haters advice on how to play the game.

Yeah she “is so stupid” Yeah ok you fools have been saying she leaving since week 2.

Did you go to Duke? Yeah didn’t think so.

And when Vanessa wins you all will say the show was rigged. Pathetic.

It’s just a game….a game that Vanessa is going to win. So if you wanna say it’s rigged to ease your jealousy of Vanessa then do that.

Must suck to watch the show year after year mad as hell. LOL!


well hunny just because someone is good at school dont make them good at life!!!!


Go read Vanessas bio “hunny” she doing a hell of a lot better at life than you.


takes alot more than money to succeed at life hunny, and hiding behind a bible is pathetic


I don’t know why you are so focused on her education, are you trying to say because she went to Duke and we haven’t, that makes her smarter…seriously? I also have a degree, so by all means I am not stupid and I hate to tell you but you don’t need a degree to win BB!


I think the person is trying to say Vanessa has accomplished a lot in her young life. She is only 32. It’s not just what college she went to. She is very successful in her life and many here seem upset by that which many find creepy.

Masterful Cheaters Get No Respect

Your lack of linguistic ability and serious misuse of the facts betray your poor education and judgement of character. If your bible ranting con artist bribing HOH cheating genius were even slightly socially capable instead of pathologically unstable she might have finished law school, not resorted to working with seedy types to rip people off for a living (her words) and garnered a little more respect of the masses.

Alas, neither she nor you will get it, because your egotistical elitest mouths gets in your way. You’re both your own worst enemy and you think you can bully people out of their opinion when your flawed logic fails you. You and she could benefit from anger management classes. Maybe there will be some money left over after paying the bribes. She could win extra cash for most warnings about getting fired from the cast for cheating.

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts


freud's cigar

Just wondering, would the practice board more likely be the hoh comp, or the veto comp for the Double elimination?
No preference either way. Just seems a lot like the pov for the last DE.


People who were wanting a Rewind, Pandora’s Box, Diamond POV or a Coup d’état this week… WHY? To save Meg? Honestly, had it happened this week, I would have been grossed out by it.

Those come into play to help save the favorites… I think CBS did some scrambling and used that specific Veto comp to save James for sure.

I really believe that if James (America’s fave) or Vanessa (CBS’ fave)are in true jeopardy, they will do one of the 4.

James FTW! <3


Hey Simon and Dawg, recently made purchases from Amazon and I went through your site. Want to make sure you guys got part of the action:)




Julia is so concerned with her live speech tomorrow. You’d think she just realized there were cameras following her. We’ve been watching you and listening to you this whole time! We hear everything you say.


Oh boy do we hear it alright, and it isn’t pretty, or understandable either. I have to agree with all y’all that her weird ass flailing, jumping, spastic, etc. shite, and both of their high pitched screeching is really altogether unbearable, utterly annoying and plain childish,at best