Clay “I would make a deal with the devil to send Audrey home! I would tell her your a$$ is going up!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 01-40-16-474
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12:20am HOH room – Shelli says I’m interesting in what she (Audrey) is going to come up with? Clay says she already told you. She was haing a rough day. Shelli says wait when did she tell you this? Clay says remember in the hammock room. Shelli says she hasn’t talked to me. Clay says regardless… what she said to James is terrible. Shelli says bad!! Clay says you would be crazy not to use it to get her out of the game. I know you like her on a personal level and that sucks but she’s done this over and over and over again. Shelli asks what if I told you I was America’s Player and I had to keep her in the game. Clay says I would cut you lose. Shelli asks you would help cover for me wouldn’t you? Clay says yes. I know its not a for sure thing but after we win veto and use it how could you not send her out of the game after what James said. And I believe him 100%. Shelli says I believe James too. Shelli says if I’m not able to for reasons of the POV to do it then I want to find out why she did it. She went to James before the BOB in preparation that I would be dethroned. Because if I was dethroned then she was already working on throwing my name out there and when I wasn’t dethroned she suddenly didn’t come up to talk to me. Tomorrow I know we’ll talk. I’m interested to find out how she back peddles. Clay says she is just so paranoid. She thinks Austin is out to get her. Shelli asks what does she mean about Austin. Clay asks did you ever said you don’t trust Austin? Shelli says yeah. Clay says she thinks we don’t trust him because he is going to go after Audrey. Shelli says lets not mention Austins name around her any more because she is going to use that against him. Shelli says I’m afraid she is going to tell Austin we don’t trust her. Clay says its okay Austin will believe us over her. If someone wins veto and will use to to take someone down will you use the chance to put her up? Shelli says I will just have to see how it goes. I’m not like Audrey, I won’t answer 8 days in advance. I’m not even going to catch myself saying that. If you try to backdoor her on a week other than a double eviction she has 4 days to campaign, to blow up our alliance, tell everyone everything that she knows, to stir people up, to mix up stories. Clay says I get that but that if one of us win on a double eviction and it means she is in jury. Shelli says conversation have to be had. Clay says Its just her saying that today all distraught and upset. She feel bad about what she said. She is paranoid. Shelli says she it paranoid we will backdoor her. Shelli says she’s flipped out because I made a mistake and she will never let me live it down .. after all the things I’ve done for her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 01-50-26-421

Clay says hearing what she said and did today enrages me. I don’t care if she didn’t go home this week.. I would make it my personal mission to get her out. The fact that she threatened.. or planted seeds about you and me need to be split up. That you would go home over her. I would make a deal with the devil to send her home! I would! I would promise everyone anything just to send her home. The fact that she is so unappreciative of what you’ve done. I don’t even want to take credit for helping her out or being by her side. Shelli says I think she was appreciative she just couldn’t wait it out. She thought-out every single angle of who she could target around me. I can’t roll like that. Clay says her own interest is the only thing she cares about. Your interest is almost equal to mine and Vaneessa right underneath yours. Loyalty is everything in this game and when they don’t show it back. I would not care, I would tell her right now, your a$$ is going up! I would campaign against her. Shelli says I just don’t want the house blowing up. Clay I won’t have any sympathy for her. Shelli says I would ask that you don’t say anything at all. Clay says that James came up to him and said he would tell him if he ever heard anything about them. I know James wouldn’t fabricate it, it sounds exactly like what she would say. She is so ungrateful! She is digging her own grave. Shelli says I kind of wish she would come up here right now. Clay asks how would you talk to her without saying it. Shelli says there is so much I could talk to her about. I won’t tell her about James. About how her paranoia is grating on me and I can’t handle it. She can’t see my loyalty and let go of this one thing lets me know this will be a problem. Clay reiterates his conversation with Audrey earlier. Clay says then at the end she said swear to god Shelli won’t backdoor me. I looked at her and said the fact that you would even question or assume that Shelli would that kind of pisses me off. I started to walk out and she said well you never said that she wouldn’t. I said I’m not even going to entertain that and I walked out. Clay says if you’re talking behind someone’s back you’re naturally paranoid. She is going to do this whole sad sob story to you and I just want you to remember what James said. The fact that we can’t even trust her to talk game around her because we don’t know who she is going to run to.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 02-05-53-890

12:50am – 2am Shelli says I feel like I can trust Jason more than I can trust her and I put him on the block. Clay says this would be a great time .. it you did put Audrey up and it all fell into place.. this would be a great opportunity to mend things with Jason. Shelli says but I would be taking his target out so who else is he going to target? Clay says but she’s targeting us too. Clay says as long as she’s here is is going to go around and plant these little seeds like she’s been doing with Johnny. We don’t know who else she’s saying these things too. You work a deal with Jason. Him and Meg talked about a final four. We don’t promise that but.. Shelli says that kind of would be a cool final four. Clay says yeah. And present it like… Shelli says I had the chance to put up Meg to send you home or the chance to put up Audrey and send her home. Tell him you want to work with him. Tell him whatever deal you want 1 week, 2 week, 3 week, to the end. Clay tells Shelli know that I am just giving you options and not telling you what to do. Shelli says she knows. Clay says it really seems like Jason wouldn’t come after you even before you put him up. Shelli says there 6 people that have not been up on the block: Shelli, Clay, Austin, Vanessa Liz, and Audrey. Problem is now we are forming relationships with everyone in the house that its .. Clay says we have to turn on people. Shelli says I think HOH is the way to go. Every week we need to win. Clay says I think we need to restructure our alliance. I think Austin & Liz shouldn’t be in it. Shelli says well we already have an alliance without them. Clay says we wouldn’t tell them that they’re out. We need to find you, me, Vanessa, Steve and Johnny. We need to find a group that me, you and Vanessa are okay with. James might be one of them. Jason might, Meg might. Shelli says yeah how weird is that, I feel more drawn to the other side.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 02-35-24-887

2:15am – 2:40am Steve joins Shelli & Clay in the HOH room. Steve says everyone is in bed. Shelli asks do you want to set us up for what happened on what day. They start studying the days events so far this season. Steve comments on how every season gets hated on. Every season. Shelli asks what do you think the plan should be? Steve asks is Jason your target? Steve brings up that he thinks the veto will be the prize / punishment one. Steve says it happened week 4 last season. Shelli asks should I care about winning the veto? Steve says it depends on what you think will happen. Steve says Jason is the target right.. Clay asks who should go up to keep Johnny Mac safe. Steve goes to look at the memory wall and says who’s that nerd with the glasses? Shelli says I know how is he still in the game?! Steve says so the options in theory are Austin, Myself, Liz, Audrey, Vanessa, Meg, Clay and Becky. Put Clay up, he is winning too many competitions. Steve says I don’t know because I don’t know where your relationships are. Steve says there’s the obvious but is she coming after you. If your goal is to minimize blood ..whoever you put up would most likely go so it wouldn’t matter who went up. Clay asks what if Johnny came off and Audrey went up next to Audrey. Do you think honestly that Audrey would have a chance to stay? Steve says she is really charismatic. Clay says I wouldn’t say she is charismatic .. I would say she’s manipulative. Steve says she did something last night. She brought my necklace into the game. I thinks I’m using it as a tool. I do not want it to be a part of the game. Clay asks do you think its bad to put her up next to Jason? Steve says yes. Clay asks so you think its better she is up next to a Johnny? Steve says yes. Steve asks is she your target? Shelli says I am trying to figure out if she is a target. Clay asks could you or would you ever work with her? Steve says no. Clay asks so you want her out of the house? Steve says he doesn’t want to work with her and avoids having conversations with her. Shelli and Clay ask Steve questions about how America’s Player works. Steve tells him how it worked on season 8. Steve says if she is America’s Player and its the same as season 8 she doesn’t control her vote. Clay says that’s why we think she (Audrey) gets so paranoid before evictions. Steve says one thing you can’t predict is popularity. Last season Zach was a bully and loved. Amanda Zuckerman was hated for a lot of the same things. Evel Dick was a trash talker and loved. Clay asks do you think Audrey could be America’s Player. Steve says it seems like its really out there. .. I don’t think so. Whenever the house has tried to guess on it, they are wrong.
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2:30am – 3am Cabana room – Audrey talks to Jackie. Audrey says I need to win HOH. Jackie says I feel like I need to win from here on out. How stressful is that. Audrey says I couldn’t tell if she (Shelli) was excited to stay in power or not. I feel like it was pretty even teams. Jason joins them. Audrey says that she is going to go up after Steve comes down. I think he is nervous he is going to go up. Jason says I just want to know if theres a plan in the works. She just told me to win the BOB but obviously I didn’t do that. There is no way I wouldn’t go home over Johnny Mac. I’m the ignorant kid that yells. Audrey decides to go up and see what happening. Audrey goes up and says Jackie and Jason wanted me to be the scape goat to see if you guys are awake. I think they want to talk to you. Shelli says we’re just talking about past seasons of big brother.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 02-51-03-246

3:10am Clay and Steve come downstairs. Clay tells Jackie and Jason that Audrey just said she came up because you wanted to talk to Shelli. Jason says this is exactly why I don’t tell her anything. Jackie tells Clay to tell Shelli I will talk to her tomorrow. I don’t need Audrey telling people I need to talk.

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Clay is such a fake narcissistic coward. I can’t wait to see him and Shelley go down in flames !!


Clay is playing the best game right now and you can’t handle it.

Angry Rant

I don’t get, in the beginning you guys were saying that this season was one of the best we’ve had in awhile now all of the sudden you people think this season is now a disappointment? What happened that made you fans change your mind about this season all of the sudden?


I think it’s just mostly because the same people are in power again this week, that’s why it’s kind of predicable and disappointing this week where if the other side had one the Sixth Sense alliance would of been done.

On the plus side it looks like that Sixth Sense alliance is starting crack soon, Liz and Shelli aren’t comfortable with Austin and Shelli is considering turning on him so if Jason wins veto or someone else saves him and if Audrey or even better (even though it’s a long shot) Austin goes up, shit could get interesting.

Guy From Canada

The first week was SO much game talk it was amazing compared to the Canadian Feeds from the entire season. What people are finding hard now is who is their favourite. For me I liked the underdog JOhnny Mac, and now he is positionally good so thats why I still love it. Even Jason is starting to grow on me (could be all his smoking and a second hand malignant tumor but whatever). And Liz going against Austin and voting out Jason, awesome!

Then for me there are those house guests that lost my respect and I am finding harder to watch. Jason after he humped that inflatable giraffe and this lewd talk lost my respect since week 1. Austins game play is getting paranoid, and social game is weak from week to week now. Vanessa went nutter with her green knitted crown (thank you for the person who said that in this forum 😉 ). And Shel-lay and playing the game poorly is lame to watch for me and I personally can’t relate to cougar and bait even though Im an old fuck like her.

Meg/Jackie/Steve floating for me. Steve is trying to get into alliances and is only going to be brought in as a number. Same could be said for Johnny, but I love his diary room sessions on TV so his CBS edit is why I like him (Never thought I would say production is doing something entertaining for the show…… 😉 ).

Audrey in my opinion is either a genius or the worst player ever. If she is playing her game intentionally bad to make it to jury then seen as an easy person to win against, bravo. If she genuinely just sucks (which I am more inclined to think) then well group her in the same category as Sarah from BBCAN3 😉

Those are my personal reasons for most of the house guests. but everyone has a different view on them so thats why you see so many haters now from week 1 🙂


I think it’s frustration. Too many people are wringing their hands and talking about wanting Audrey out. They have excellent reasons. Then it comes time to pull the trigger and suddenly they are scrambling for a back-up plan to get someone else out. James found Jace, Shelli put up Meg to get Day out, Vanessa fabricated a fight to create a reason to put Jeff up instead of her.

They talk about not wanting to get blood on their hands or upset the house and Audrey would be perfect for that but no one will actually do it.

Shelli, I think, made a comment about production alluding they wanted Audrey to stay. Who knows how the producers spin actually nominating her.

We accept that the producers are crafting a narrative and push an agenda but we’d like as level a playing field as possible for the House guests. When one seems to be protected from all repercussions, I don’t think she has even been a have not, it’s frustrating.


Can’t count week one b/c she didn’t start her antics until after the POV ceremony (like she does pretty much every week). And it was Jeff that Production hinted to Shelli they wanted her to keep (we know that didn’t work!)

I think DaVonne was right when she said people were afraid to send her out BUT of all the players Shelli has the most right to take her out. If you’d asked me prior to BOTB I would have said no way she would, but…… last night she (Shelli) kind of set her up to lower the boom should all the pieces fall into place:

She was discussing how Audrey plays and leads people into traps so she can then use negative things against them or plant negative seeds. Shelli further went through how she SAVED Audrey. Shelli asked her repeatedly if Audrey had ever said anything negative about her, tried to get her targeted or lied to her. And she repeated these questions at least 3 times. Of course Audrey lied.

What made the timing terrible for Audrey is b/c Shelli didn’t do what Audrey wanted with her noms Audrey went on a bit of a Shelli rant saying Clay/Shelli need to be separated, Shelli needs to go next etc. (she also tried to blame Clay for a lie & told the wrong person… James who told Shlay)

All this after Audrey freaked on Shelli about telling Jason it was Audrey who said he was targeting her. Shelli apologized to Audrey and also followed up to tell Jason Audrey may have heard that from Jeff.

So, when Shelli gave Audrey a chance to come clean after James & Vanessa confirmed Audrey’s lies/negative comments I think it put the nail in her coffin. (plus it’s best for TPTB if Shelli is the one who takes her out)

We’ll see
Not like she didn’t have a solid reason prior, but now she really has major ammunition


john seems like a nice guy and i want him to go deep. but this throwing competitions because he’s told to shit is sickening. i almost would hope it backfired..almot

Guy From Canada

I agree and dis agree. Okay, right now actions speak louder then words. His actions show loyalty. So, when the time is right he can go against someone and claim ignorance cause he has built a credible base line from past actions. Since he now has that baseline with everyone he is safe as a pawn if he doesn’t win POV, he is NOT seen as a competition beast winning those POV’s so far (has anyone mentioned that?) because he isn’t seen as a threat.

Think about the opposite with Audrey. Her actions with votes and words from week 1 will haunt her to the end of her game. If she built trust, and played a little less dirty from the start she would go further easier. I would say she is a threat because you don’t know where her loyalty lies. With Shel-lay still in power, she may get another week because her personal relationship with Shellie is the strongest in the house unlike Johnny Mac who has a strong personal social game with everyone.


Is it really an alliance if you have 3 of them with different people, and reshuffle them every week? I can’t wait until Clay and Shelli are on the block together at some point.

EZ does it

Love it when Becky wears those tight T-shirts!!!!! Awesome !!!


You are not kidding!!! All these girls are kinda sexy…they are all growing on me. I wasnt that into them at first but now….Damn! Meg in those tank tops!! Jackie’s huge implants!! Those twins are sexy as hell and dumb as rocks…just how i like’em (just kidding ya’ll).


Grow up little boy!


would be nice though if this actually happened and jason got saved then audrey got put up.


OMG.. I think Steve just became my favorite player for that storage room soliloquy to the live feeders. I’M PRAYING HE GETS PICKED FOR VETO WINS AND TAKES JASON DOWN! (If not Jason himself)

Can we please have nice things like happen just once this season! lol


He is not taking Jason down,,, He is taking JohnnyMac down in exchange to follow Audrey around so she will be back doored. He don’t want her spewing her lies in order to save herself.


Read the post above he repeatedly says he’s taking JASON down and THATS why he will tell JMac to stick to her like glue…. so she can’t bad mouth John!


James is such a pervert


Why is it smart players forget to use the KISS principle? KISS: Keep it simple stupid…

If everyone in the house knows Audrey has lied about them why can’t they see when she tells you something about someone else it’s a lie?

The sole reason Shelli wanted to target Jason was because Audrey told her Jason was targeting her 100%. Now tonight she’s heard of several lies Audrey said about her, Clay, Vanessa etc.. It’s funny she can’t stop and suddenly go… “Oh maybe Jason was never coming for me:” SMH….

My hopes is Jason, Meg or Steve win POV so he can come down.

One thing is for sure if Shelli is forced to put up a replacement and you know who goes up as the replacement it’ll be a CRAZY week on the feeds.


Jeff lies to Shelli and Clay once, she wants him gone and votes him out..
Audrey lies to Shelli and Clay a lot, she debating even putting her on the block..

Am I missing something?


Shelli is terrified of how it will be perceived by the media. She’s afraid she’ll be portrayed as a narrow-minded southern bigot. Plus I believe the DR folks have led her to believe it would be bad for her.


I really don’t get these two people at all. I can see the cracks forming in this alliance very, very soon. Shelli is a control freak, and so is Vanessa. The two of them had a power struggle of sorts with the nominations where Vanessa just threw up her hands and left. Now Clay/Shelli are trying to switch up the alliance members without Vanessa knowing and now are going to approach Vanessa with it. I don’t think Vanessa is quite ready to get rid of Austin yet. If she does, she is crazy. She needs him as a meat shield still at this point as well as the twins. Shelli wants to get rid of Austin because he told Jackie she wasn’t in any danger? Is this girl nuts? Clay has done diddly-squat in competitions, and if they get rid of Austin at this point, they are sitting ducks. Yes, they have placed themselves well in the house, but they are a COUPLE!! They will be targeted sooner than later, and they are getting too swelled up with their own importance right now. This is going to backfire big time in their faces. Given the choice, someone better take out Shelli soon. She is too smart in this game to be running the show. Hope they take out Audrey this week. The twins are onto Clay/Shelli and already warned Austin not to talk much to them. They have plenty of time to take Austin out later, so why take him out now? He is no threat to them. Just let him think they are all still with him.


Shelli is looking for a reason to put up anyone instead of Audrey. Austin is this week’s Jeff. He is not doing anything near what Audrey is doing, but Shelli is pissed at him for playing for his own self interest. Shelli was crying by herself in the kitchen about putting up Audrey. Watch out Clay and Vanessa, Shelli is going to wimp out and put up Austin!


efers I liked Shelli till I realized those Puff Cheetos they all keep licking their fingers then sticking their hand back in bag then passing to the next vile person…those were sent to Shelli.

Always RoKk the CruNcHy neVer JaM the PuFfs.

I guarantee u all that Nessa would never eat a Puff Cheeto



My take on this synopsis.
Clay- I want Audrey gone
Shelli – Nope.
Audrey- I am so sorry
Shelli- I have to talk to you sternly, for show, but thats ok dear, have no fear
Jason- I make good points, and you can trust me
Shelli- Too bad, youre going home!
Clay- Fine- Ill send her home when I get hoh
Shelli- No you wont… I will decide, pretty boy


Ok, I might be going out on a limb, but does anyone else think Clay might be gay? Seems like he’s overcompensating.

Butters Mom

I dont’ know clay, but I know his type and where he is from. He is young, plays football for a Texas college and hasnt spent much time around gay people. I think he is curious, untraveled and has led a sheltered life. I dont think he is gay.


You definitely need a gay radar. Clay is NOT gay.

Twistin' for the win

I just can’t get my hopes up that Shelly will backdoor coo-coo bird Audrey. This is one of the areas she is extremely wish-washy in. I’d she doesn’t strike, it’s going to bite her in the ass and Audrey KEEPS telling her that to her face, she just can’t seem to hear it. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed.


If they get Audrey out this week I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the season ssssooooo much. I won’t care who wins and I’ll just enjoy every week to see the drama unfold. I just can’t stand her getting any further in the game.

Skidd Marks

WTF is wrong with James?


Omg the faster motor mouth and veneer barbie talk the more lies and paranoia run rampant. Why the hell don’t they get rid of Audrey? Absolutely ridiculous!

Audrey's Penis

So what did Audrey say? I’m lost.


You got lost 3 years ago.

Lemom balls

When the spotlight is on a certain group for the majority of the game, those players get very annoying.
So when a guy like Steve, Who for the most part hasn’t been in the limelight, opens his mouth and shows that he has some sense to his reasoning, keeps me tuned.
hope that several of the “other side” players stick around . should make for a better game when the get to a smaller group.

p.s. austin is so annoying . nows the time to take him out while you can …


I hope audrey stays.

Is steve losing it?

Valentina Corleone

At this point I don’t care who wins what, would someone please just put Audrey up on the damn block? Bitch is working on my last nerve.


Jason please win the veto!


Does Shelli have the balls to put Audrey or Austin up if Jason comes down? I’m not so sure. For that reason I hope Steve wins and takes Jason off, but then I worry for Becky.

Walt Kowalski

She definitely has Clays blue balls in the palm of her hand.


At this point Audrey could tell Shelli “I hate you, you’re my #1 target,” and Shelli would spend three hours in the HoH room with Clay and Vanessa debating what she meant, and whining about how she just wants to get along with Audrey.


JohnnyMac wins pov again. Take himself off the block. Nice try Steve, JohnnyMac is a Comp beast!!!


stop putting Johnny up.

Better Than Last Year

I don’t have anything against Jason but I really hope JonnyMac wins veto & takes himself off again. I don’t want any chance that he will go home.


I don’t know what is more fun, watching twists get blown up before they take off or watching the paranoia of twists that the houseguests imagine but aren’t real.

So what if Audrey was America’s player? That doesn’t mean you can’t evict her or put her on the block. They suspect that she doesn’t control her vote, so why do they drag her along as a “number” if she has to vote the way she is told to vote and since they suspect her voting against the HOH for 3 weeks now? I don’t get it! How does a person that you can’t control become someone to keep in the house? Audrey blew up her own game week one, the only time she is not scheming and spying is when she is asleep, and then she has her “dreams”. And the whole reason they are afraid to nominate her is because they are afraid of a twist that doesn’t exist. I also think it’s true that nobody wants to be the one to evict the transgender person, but that is stupid too. Using that logic, why aren’t they scared to put up the only Asian guy, or the black woman, or the gay guy? Audrey isn’t the only “minority” in the house. Why is her gender the only thing that keeps her in the house? I personally don’t care about race or gender or sexual orientation, to me they are all people playing a game. Shelli says she is afraid that the alliance will be outed if Audrey goes up, but honestly, nobody really believes a word Audrey says anyways and that alliance is already cracking. Didn’t Shelli and Clay already decide to distance themselves from Austin and the twins? So what damage could Audrey do to them? I really want Audrey on the block and going home this week. Guaranteed fun week for the fans! If they don’t get her out this week, then they will deserve what they get when Audrey goes deep and watches them all go to jury.


Absolutely right, but I don’t think Shelly or Vanessa keeping Audrey has anything to do with transphobia backlash at all. She’s simply always going to be a bigger target than them, and they’re just not saying it. I want Audrey gone too – very badly – because I don’t like her game play. I just can’t like anything – not a single thing – about her. If Audrey doesn’t go, I’d take Austin as a 2nd choice. I’d take James out too, but can’t this week unfortunately.


Chloe you nailed it. I like all of your comments. I agree with you 100% of the time.


I wish Shelli would put up Audrey if POV is played but I think our society has turned so PC. Everyone lives in fear of offending someone. With that said, I’m sure Shelli fears people would say she got rid of Audrey because she’s transphobic. It’s not true at all but things are always spun to fit agendas.


Take Liz out now! put Austin and Audrey up next week. Get her out before her sister comes in.

Butters Mom

Becky is toast if Johnny Mac or Jason come down. Shelly will NOT put up Audrey, Austin, or the twins. She listens to what production wants as she did with her first HOH and she plays with what she has left after the do not touch has been listed for her. I think Audrey and the twins have been listed as “hands off” for a certain amount of time by production and Austin is protecting the twins and part of Shelly’s alliance with Vanessa. While she doesnt trust him, I think she wont go after him until both of the twins are in the house. I think Steve is also playing for production. I think the rest of them are playing for themselves. This could possibly be why we dont have Americas player this season… Production just took it in their own hands and put a couple of players in the game that they can control. Also, I noticed that Steve was more forthcoming with logical help with Vanessa during her HOH than he was with Shelly. I think if Shelly, Vanessa and Steve end up in a final 3 Shelly will be first to go. I guess my prediction for final 3 as of now would be Vanessa, Steve and Shelly but honestly its too soon to tell. Everyone keeps saying Audrey is being used a meat sheild but honestly, I see Shelly being used a meat sheild for Audrey. She stands in front of her all the time.


This makes a lot of sense – the not having America’s player and Production having controllable plants – a lot of sense. My pick for F3 would be Vanessa, Shelly and JMac simply because they’re working the hardest. What can I say? I appreciate a work ethic.

Butters Mom

I like Johnny Mac.. I hope he goes far.. I just cant see from his actions yet where his head is at.


Johnny is playing the game smart for a change. He’s not misting people(yet) and he’s not making any enemies in the house. I think in his own little way, he’s trying to float through until we go back to classic BB. He makes the show with his DR sessions. Just wait for him to take an HoH and take out Shelli/Clay.


I still don’t get Steve’s reasoning for voting against James. Wondering if he wanted the spotlight on him. I like Steve but that was a stupid move or did he really believe that Jeff had the votes or was it just for attention with the audience.


I think it was calculated. Steve knew Jeff was leaving and his vote wasn’t saving him. He threw it away to cast suspicions on someone else. So far it landed on Becky except for Vanessa and she’s not real sure either way.

Devil's Advocate

The girls should align together and take out the guys who are thinking with the wrong head(at least JMac is using the correct head to do his thinking.) Then JMac stirs up the inevitable cat fights thereby getting the women to vote each other out and sails to the win! (Save any sexist rant because I am female.)


James needs to stay in the game for awhile – he is the best comic relief in the house.


Sheesh, I just caught up on the last half a dozen posts and if it weren’t still pre-noon here, I’d have a drink.

Thank you to many commenters for filling in some of the blanks. I have a few comments and a question:

1) What “mistake” did Shelli make with Audrey?

2) I thought Jason’s talk with Shelli was very good; he comes across as being believable. I agree with some other comments that he’s been handcuffed the last few weeks, but I think he’s valuable and he certainly knows the game, thus a helpful strategist. I like the kid a lot, and want him to stay and team up with JMac, Meg, Becky and/or Jackie against Clay and Shelly (maybe next week?).

3) My #1 expendable is Audrey. #2 is James. Then, it would be Meg, Jackie and Steve simply because they don’t seem to be lifting a single finger to get in the game. I know Becky is in that category too somewhat, but…I like her as help for JMac.

4) I totally agree that Shelly and Clay should ditch Austin and the twins. I think their trust in Vanessa is real so she would need to be on board. I think they could easily (?) rationalize it with her, when they suggest that adding in JMac and Jason officially to their “side”.

5) If I ruled the world, Austin would go this week because….you guys have said it all, no reason to repeat. I would like to see how Liz/Julia play without him. I disagree he’s all the valuable for comps, and think he’s hurting Vanessa’s game. I still like Vanessa…not as much as I did, but I like her.

6) Despite Gizmo, the cat, and the sometimes funny and vulnerable things James says, he’s just ridiculously ICKY. Be gone.

Okay, now I can go about my day!


I’m so sick of Shelli making excuses for Audrey. It shouldn’t matter what she did or didn’t do outside the house, once you start playing BB everyone is fair game. It just irks me to no end that she keeps giving her a pass and won’t put her up. I hope it’s Audrey that takes Shelli out soon. No one is special in that house, they are all in it for the money. Shelli is playing the lets just all give Audrey a free ride to the end game. That’s not good game play.


The reason Shelli WILL put Audrey up this time is b/c there is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE THIS TIME….

For the first 3 weeks Shelli didn’t care Audrey was lying (she knew it/so did Vanessa) BUT they didn’t know she was planting seeds/lies ABOUT THEM

Shelli will put her up for self preservation alone.


From your lips to whomever-0will-put-her-up’s ears. PS – I really enjoy your comments.


Please put Audrey up. Sick of him.