“Ultimately we decide it and they will have to deal with it, Shelli needs to stay” Austin/Twins

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 15-04-57-832_jpg

3:02pm Jmac and James
Jmac asks him how often he “Hooks” up
James – that’s personal questions .
James answers he tried to hook up once a week sometimes he over achieves sometimes he under achieves.
James doesn’t like to hookup with strangers he usually has 1 or 2 girls going. Adds it’s important he has 2 in-case one of them is working.

Jamc says he’s only brought one girl home to meet his parents. When he lived at home he wasn’t into dating girls it wasn’t until after he left for college.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 15-11-59-732_jpg

3:11pm Meg frying up some bacon

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 15-09-07-562_jpg

3:08pm Steve scares Liz

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 15-34-17-369_jpg

3:14pm Backyard Austin and Liz

They’re talking about voting out Clay this week and dealing with a pissed off James. Shelli needs to stay she has no relationship with Meg, Jackie and JAmes. Clay is closer to that side of the house. Austin says Jmac is America’s player now and he got a mission to become their ally, ‘Notice how he’s always around us”
Austin – no one it taking us out right now.. we should be able to win (HOH) we have enough people
Austin thinks Shelli will be a much bigger target.
Austin is going to tell JAmes to pull Shelli up in the HOH and She’ll cut a deal. Austin believes they’re reasons to vote out Clay are sound moves if they explain it to James it’ll be OK. What he going to do he’s not HOH anymore and Clay will be gone.
Austin says it’s game and personal “He’s throwing me under the bus”

Julia joins them. Liz says Steve and Austin are voting to keep Shelli with them.
Julia – YAY
Julia says she was looking at the memory wall they have 5 votes.
Meg joins them.. They start talking about Clay being a jerk to everybody.

Julia – What his strategy to be an a$$hole
Meg – Yes
Austin – Clay hates me
Liz – At least Shelli is trying to be nice
Meg – he hates everyone.. Shelli will do that same thing
Austin – She more desperate to make deals.. he’s intimidating he’s walking around like he’s going to beat me up.. why ?
Austin says Clay will put him and JAmes up he’ll try to split the sides of the house.
Austin – he’s making me feel really low saying I hate Austin I want to take him out
James joins them. Says Clay being a jerk is his strategy.
They laugh at how paranoid Shelli and Clay got when Austin was in the HOH. They thought Austin was cutting some big deal with JAmes etc etc..

James – me personally I don’t trust Clay
Liz says Clay was closest to Audrey
James – in a weird twisted way Audrey warned me about CLay.. don’t trust Clay
Meg mentions that Shelli and Clay are still not admitting to some of their lies.

Julia says Meg is probably the closest to Clay other than Shelli what has he been saying
Meg says she hasn’t talked to Clay seriously since the veto meeting. Other than Shelli Meg doesn’t think Clay has talked to anyone.
Julia – Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Meg says Clay was livid when Austin went up to the HOH to talk to james. Meg points out when Shelli goes Clay is going to be rampaging around the house vengeful he’ll become the number 1 target.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 15-48-33-346_jpg

3:44pm Have nots Steve and Shelli
Steve – you have my vote
They hug

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 15-55-50-605_jpg

3:54pm Clay and Shelli sad
Clay – it’s going to be OK I promise you
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 16-04-04-000_jpg

4:03pm James telling the outside group about hunting boar then doing the butchering. The image above shows how he lays the boar out on while butchering.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 16-13-45-453_jpg

4:11pm Clay and Shelli
Clay – you are one pretty little thing
Shelli – right back at you pretty boy
Shelli says they’re a target because they’re so close the house know they will not turn on each other. Just like the twins but the twins are relatively new together in the game they’ve been together since early.
Clay wants to take her out on a date after the show. He knows they’ll be apart for another 2 months. Shelli says she’ll be an expensive date because he’ll have to fly her to Texas. That won’t be a problem for Clay.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 16-29-00-232_jpg

4:24pm Backyard Austin, Steve and the twins
Steve says James has been trying to secure his vote.
Julia – they make a good point Keeping Clay, people will go after him
Liz doesn’t want Clay to stay
Austin – Ultimately we decide it and they will have to deal with it
Austin says it might take him having a fight with Clay tell everyone after he’s done with him.
Austin says if Clay wasn’t so weird about him he would be fine to keep Clay
Austin – did we actually do something to him I don’t think we did it was either him or us
Austin proposes they get Vanessa to talk to James about why they want to keep Shelli.
James rolls in

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 16-43-50-537_jpg

4:42pm Austin tells the Twins James can’t play HOH next week if he’s pissed at them for Keeping SHelli it’ll be short lived.
They are now agreeing jmac cannot be trusted. Austin says Jmac is boring but gets called into the Diary room the most they’re must be a twist.

(Twins are very much on board with keeping Shelli, Julia is a bit on the fence but only a small amount)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 16-46-43-834_jpg

4:45pm James reads out a card from Production

Feeds cut..

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Clay leaves to go home to his other mommy and pout. Bless his heart his feelings are hurt. Next Showmance = VANILLIE


Ah maybe…

You Said It...

HaHaHa…OMG!!! That’s what I said & got more thumbs-down than up…of course, I did say “dyk luv” so maybe!?!?

Captain Crunch

If shelli stays it would be funny if she turned on Vanessa and Austin by putting them up if she won HOH since this would have never happened (clay going home) if Vanessa would have stuck to the plan and backdoored Austin.


Shelli needs to look at the big picture and take out one of the three votes, Austin, Liz and Julia. But she will be out for revenge for her boy toy leaving the house. Why would Vanessa want to keep Shelli in the house? Once Austin and his children leave the house Vanessa will go after Shelli with a vengeance.
They should get out the strongest player. Clay does not win, Shelli does. Austin and the kids could flip the vote and get Shelli out. Really hate to see the outsiders picked off!

Oh Clay (SMH)...

Shellie would never put up Vanessa or Austin…because…as we all know, “she’s playing the game with integrity”…and lord knows we don’t want to see her crying again…besides, she’ll owe Vanessa & Austin for saving her…until she gets nominated again & blame everyone for her actions…UGH…the cycle…


Vanessa is team Vanelli only as long as it takes to have someone take out Austin or Liz. She needs to keep those 3 jury votes for herself. I see Van taking Steve and Julia to final 3


I don’t think she can risk taking Julia because Austin and Liz would vote for her, unless Liz tells Austin the truth in Jury. At this point, I don’t know who she could take. I think Steve and Austin are better picks, but I am having a hard time thinking how Vanessa can get to the end right now, and then doubly hard with a risk free vote of her+Steve.

I think it is still anyone’s game right now, Vanessa doesn’t have a good chance to win. She’s on a lot of people’s shit list and it’s only been 6 weeks. If she can get Jackie and Becky out the house her chances to get to the end are much better.


Hi! Can anyone confirm if that discussion between Vanessa and Clay that Vanessa told Shelli about, where Clay supposedly told Vanessa she should vote to keep him, actually took place? Or was that just a lie from Vanessa?


Saw the conversation and what she told Shelli was pretty close. What he said to Vanessa was that she “shouldn’t vote for Shelli if it was going to hurt her game” because he thought Shelli “has no shot” at staying.




What a viper Vanessa can be. That is definitely not how she spun that to Shelli. No wonder Vanessa wanted to keep Audrey as long as she did, they were/are playing the same type of game.


Early afternoon Monday. Yes it happened. He also said he would target Austin and the twins.


He also told shelli that he hopes production rigs the next HOH for him to win it. Lol Delusional much?


I really wish Austin was sent out last week. I really hate him and the twins right now. He thinks he is so great right now, but he’s not. He would pretty much be doing the same thing clelli is doing right now if he was on the block but he is demanding an apology. He would be going nuts if he was next to liz. I really hope that he and liz are next to each other on the block at some point.


To me Austin seems to be jealous of Clay for some reason… he was the same way with Jeff… when its good for him he’ll communicate but never really bonds… except for the ladies he’s chatty with as if he wants all the attention from the gals…


I think he is afraid of Clay without Shelli as magnet for the Twins. I remember a cousin (?) of the Twins did a reddit post said Clay is totally their type. I don’t think the Twins care about hot guys or romance for BB though, so Clay is off the mark. But I think he’s insecure and doesn’t want to risk the chance of Clay gaining more female alliances. Which is totally possible, we’ve heard multiple comments from Meg, Becky, even Jackie on how good Clay looks sometimes.


Jackie HAS to win HoH. It’s her life in this game. Crazier things have indeed happened. I just hope production doesn’t screw her on it lolz


LOL at Austin thinking there must be a twist with JMac because he’s too boring to be in the DR. When in reality he’s the most liked and entertaining in there. I’m afraid for John this week. Hopefully he wins HOH or Steve and Becky, I think they would keep him safe.
I think Vanessa is this years Derrick for sure. Playing a really good game but the majority of us can’t get behind them for whatever reason.


It’s not a good game until she wins. Precarious is more like it.

AKA Twistin' ....

Vanessa has good game and you are definitely right saying she could be this years Derrick, but she just isn’t as good as he was. Derrick was cool and observant, calculating without losing his shit. Vanessa is a paranoid mess most of the time. She goes on….and on…..and on…. She pits everyone against everyone. IMO, she is more like Audrey with a lot of bully in her though she tries to pass it off as righteous indignation or like she genuinely cares. She wins HOH and stays in the room with the ugly green hat for the entire week, and then she claims James changes when he is HOH. I really don’t see that. I see that she can’t manipulate what he does and that bothers her. You are right…we just can’t get behind her because though she’s got some game, there isn’t anything nice about her or the way she does people. She is truly out for herself and I know that’s the objective but most HGs genuinely care about at least one other HG. I don’t see that in her at all.

Initially I liked her for the win because of her game, but now, I would much rather see someone else like James or Jackie win it.


Austin is such a drama queen. Oh yeah, Clay wants to fight him. LOL.

D Trump

I hate Austin , I hate Judas, they are both losers . if elected I’m building a wall around both of them .


Meg still trying to get Clay alone without Shelli.

Triangles of Love

Nice to see Meg finally has settled on a game strategy.

There is going to be a line of broken hearted women lined up for final hug from Clay Thursday night when he walks out.


Be careful what you wish for. Keeping Shelli the comp beast may ultimately go against the twins & Austin. Yes, she will gun for James,but after the #’s dwindle down it will not be long before Shelli goes after them. Shelli will be loyal more likely to JMAC & Van. James can’t play in this upcoming HOH, so Van(regardless if HOH-she will tell them who to target) will most likely target Jackie(the others don’t like her) & put up a pawn.
There are way more of them compared to James’s posse. Then let’s see how happy they are that Shelli is still around. Austin & twins can’t think ahead that far to look at the bigger picture. Who cares if Clay is mad,he will pout & regroup & if not take him out next week. Van has her hand up these people’s behind, telling them how to play. A bunch of useless sheep! Wish Clay was staying to stare down & bug Austin!


Looks like Clay is getting his wish- that he goes home and Shelli stays. As you said- look at the big picture. Who cares how Clay is acting (which might be just what he is doing – acting.) The HGs should think about who they’d rather go against in competitions, who they could work with, or who would target them instead of who gave them a dirty look.


where jace he was on the show was cool he was voted off


WOW Austin is scared that Clay is going to beat him up. What a Wuss. Give me a break. Austin every time you open your mouth it makes me feel sicker than the last time your opened your mouth. The only reason I want Clay to stay is because it would send Vanessa & her peeps scrambling and that would be great. I hope Jackie wins puts Austin & Vanessa up then gets one of them out by the POV not being used on them because neither one of them deserve to go to jury. I would love to see them running around trashing each other and then one of them leaves (hopefully Austin because he makes me sick to look at). By keeping Clay that could happen because I think Clay would be with James, Meg & Jackie or JohnnyMac & Becky or maybe all of them would come together and get out Austin, Vanessa and Steve. Steve is a creepy little pick of crap especially being Vanessa’s little puppet on a string.

Jody H

I don’t think you can say Vanessa doesn’t deserve to be in Jury. Whether you like her or not she IS playing the game. I would rather have someone that made an effort and DID things then end up with someone who wants to have a vacation.


And that was pretty much James’ argument for wanting Shelli out and the Aus-twins were on board with it…until Vanessa and Shelli worked their “magic” and flipped the Aus-twins. Arggggggg!!!!


Judas is: Uncle Touchy…
🙂 🙂 🙂 .



Ariana Grande stinks!

These Jiz hooks are VERY ANNOYING!


Donny Mac… You in there?


Donny Mac is MIA. Not on FB or Twitter and wasn’t on or mentioned on last weeks interview with his family. YAY I can’t wait to see the new twist with them.


I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but in case you aren’t, Donnie Mac doesn’t exist. He was just a joke twitter that his friends created using a picture of JohnnyMac with facial hair. They were surprised it became such a big thing, but they haven’t even mentioned “Donnie” in a few weeks. Sorry to burst your bubble, I’d have loved if there were 2 in the house haha


Awwww you definitely burst my bubble.


Sigh, I wouldve liked to see shelli go but clay is the next best thing so ill take it =D I just hope meg or jackie win the next hoh cause I have a strong feeling the sixth sense is about to regroup when clay leaves


Austin fondling Liz all the time is so disgusting. It’s like he’s playing with a puppet, cause she doesn’t really respond. I feel molested on her behalf every time i have to see it.


Like I said . …Uncle Touchy !


Simon or Dawg did Clay really say what Vanessa claims?


Yes he did. Yesterday early afternoon in the bathroom.


Austin is so intimidated by Vanessa, Liz, and Shelli, imagine him in the Octagon with Rowdy Ronda.

604 Macho

Clay’s c*ck is going to have one busy summer. I can already picture all the ladies in Texas lining up to service is needs.


Simon and Dawg, its a bit surprising that you would allow/add such filthy comments.


I personally think Vanessa is dumb as sh!t for not keeping Clay. He would quite obviously take an Austwin out for her and without much encouragement. Shelli might be more “loyal” to her and is possibly a bigger “target”, but I mean come on so is everyone else close to her. All their names are out there and hers really isn’t. Maybe she is just relying on someone else to do it, but those said people (i.e. Jackie, Steve, Becky Jmac) have all said they are targeting each other, and not the real threat.

There is for sure a 3-headed beast lose in this house, and it’s kinda scary.


So she needs to have someone go after people who will not be targeting her any time soon (Austwins) and not someone who will target people who will put her up the next chance they get? Yeah, that Vanessa is so dumb…


Vanessa wouldn’t have to have anything to do with it but vote. And I’m will to bet that she won’t when the time comes. Vanessa has a potential to loses 2 jury votes if one of the three Austwins make it to the end. And with the way I’m seeing her play the house. She’s got the attention on everybody but them. They will go so far that soon they will run things. And they are more likely to stick with each other than Vanessa if things get messy towards the end. Just my opinion.

Chill this Town

shame on you Big Brother. even the most oblivious HG (Austin) can see you are calling J-Mac into the DR all the time. congratulations, you are ruining the guy’s game. I would not be shocked if you start asking questions that make people think J-Mac is America’s Player….one thing I can’t stand is when production can’t see they are influencing the game until its too late, they should keep better tabs on this, even calling in the lame HG’s, just hire someone to sit with them for the same amount of time and just don’t film it.


Pretty sure production is aware of the influence they can have on the game. They are trying to stir things up so we the viewers can freak out at the rats in the maze and they can charge more for the commercials.

Triangles of Love

J-Mac has a game ?


Im glad Clay is going over Shelli. If someone is really willing to throw away an oppurtunity like this for someone he meet 50 days ago then so be it. Its a shame since all the other ore jury members would’ve given anything to still be in the house.


Im glad Clay is leaving as well but for different reasons. I cant stand Meg. She will be devastated when Clay leaves. Meg told Jackie that if she won HOH she would not be able to nominate Clay. Seriously? Meg’s emotions / feelings towards Clay have made her entire game sloppy and jeopardized the game play of her alliance. I also think she is still unconvinced (despite all the evidence) that there is a big alliance in the house that doesn’t include her. She lives under the delusion that everybody likes her. I hope she leaves next week. I think Jackie , James and Becky can last longer w/ out her.


I think James and/or Jackie are players that have a good chance to get far if they had better cohorts.

But Meg as she is now is perfect for anyone to bring to the end, and I agree that those players are once I dislike most. A bitter jury can allow those types to get a meaningless win. I like strong players who have a story line.


Which is why I hope JMac and Becky slide to their side this week, they’d be a good team. Bring Shelli along if you have too and get Vanessa out!


Austin is probably the most aggravating person in the house. For supposedly being an anti-bullying advocate, all he ever seems to do is make fun of other people.

The funniest part is that he’s a complete joke of a player and a total creep.




Based on the comments posted here,unfortunately,the viewers rooting for James, Meg and Jackie are this years nerd herd and don’t even realize it.


I think Austin is funny. Why because… In reality… Austin could kick clays ass.

Chill this Town

I disagree there. Size is not everything (ok don’t you dare cite Game of Thrones here…then you kill my argument)

Austin basically has all but admitted to himself that he would lose in a fight to Clay. the fact its even crossed his mind tells you how afraid of that possibility he is. Clay was a football player, that intimidates Austin who is obviously that guy on the outside of the popular group who thinks he is in the popular group. Clay was actually in that group, I’d put my money on Clay as he actually has some self confidence.

that said, I would be betting on a guy throwing away his game for a Woman 10 years his senior who he has no real relationship with…but this is just how confident I am that Austin wouldn’t even take J-Mac in a brawl let alone Clay.

Triangles of Love

Clay would break his hand if he hit Austin, and they both know that.

Austin said in his initial interviews one of his goals would be to play down his physicality. He is constantly talking himself down by design. This is his way of making himself look smaller and less threatening in their eyes. Apparently he is doing a decent job of it, he fooled you.


XD Simon, when you typed: Julia – Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I truly LOL’ed.


Me tooooooooooooooooooooooo. Lol

Thor's Hammer

Julia – Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww So funny, but you have to add an ah at the end
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwah with that nasal thing going on. I enjoyed that !

Team Edward

I thought Austin was a trained wrestler? He’s afraid of Clay? Naw, just his way of talking to James to smooth it over.


Fighting is different than wrestling. Especially when matches are choreographed for entertainment and no one is trying to hurt each other.


What I find annoying is they (HGs) keep saying the same thing over and over. They are stuck on repeat.


I think the run around in circles or lie in bed all day because they have nothing to do. HoH comp is over Thursday, nominations are Friday PoV is played Saturday or Sunday. PoV ceremony is Monday. Monday to Thursday is just them trying to figure the votes so they go over and over the same reasons. I’d like for them to have something to do as a group like a short ropes course they could do together or a rock wall instead of stairs to get to the HoH. Not required but there for them to goof around on. Imagine Meg on the ropes course…


Oh no, it should absolutely be required LOL. One of each, and no stairs at all, not even for the HOH.


Kinda like these comments I can’t stop reading…


I always thought rachel played better and was even halfway tolerable after brendon got voted out. Maybe theres a chance shelli will too but i wont get my hopes up


so Clay is being a cry baby bitch on purpose and the village IDIOTS are to stupid to figure this out . He TOLD you fools he wanted to go and is doing everything he can to make all of you dislike him . Calling any of these people smart or mastermind is like calling your toyota camery a luxury car . DELUSIONAL !