Turner “We’ve got to get her [Taylor] out. Its like putting a little puppy out of its misery.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: Pooch & Taylor
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


5pm Bathroom. Terrance, Turner & Pooch.
Terrance – I can see how Brittany felt going back up, back up, back up. Pooch – you mean Taylor? Terrance – no, Brittany from last season. Remember they kept throwing her up each week so she was mentally kind of broken. Pooch – I don’t want to keep doing that to Taylor but its going to keep happening if she stays in this house. Turner – we’ve got to get her out. Pooch – because now we’re going to have to keep dealing with her so if we could just get it done so its done for her sake.. because if not she is going to keep going week after week after week unless she wins HOH so we might as well just end it for her. Turner – its like putting a little puppy out of its misery. Pooch – for sure, yeah! In a way I guess you sick man. The only way I could f**k myself this week is if I did some outlandish sh*t. Terrance – which you wouldn’t do. Pooch – I would somehow have to piss off the entire house. Turner – somehow when like everyone likes you. Pooch – somehow I went a week and a half and then lost my mind. Which I wouldn’t do if I am on the block and I am calm cool and collected. Turner suggests Kyle as the HG choice if Pooch gets to pick for the veto. Pooch – that would be our best bet. Terrance – yeah he would definitely want to play. This is a good way to break the ice so the next time it is you .. like yeah its going to suck but been here and it worked that one time. Terrance – you know she (Jasmine) wanted Taylor (out). Pooch – yeah, that’s the thing unless she (Taylor) has an all girls alliance and I just get f**ked but even that we still have the numbers. Turner – when you talked to Michael what did he say? Pooch – I talked to Michael and he seemed straight. I almost wanted to be like hey if you win will you keep noms the same? I am not going to beg for you… because if noms are the same I am fine with that. Turner – would you rather they keep it the same or pull you down? Pooch – If it was Jasmine I would expect her to keep it the same but if it was Kyle it wouldn’t be suspect if he went and did (use the veto on him). Terrance – we would just vote her (Taylor) out .. like we were going to anyway.

5:11pm – 5:30pm Bedroom – Taylor and Pooch.
Taylor – I knew whoever was going to be an HOH I was going to be a pawn. Its just easy. Pooch – I mean I don’t feel comfortable sitting on the block. Taylor – literally I thought it was going to be and ..no offense but someone strong. Pooch – like Monte? Taylor – yeah. And like everyone saw me compete in the competition yesterday .. I looked f**king stupid hugging Brittany afterwards. Pooch – you needed one more week.. like if you had won HOH. Taylor – then I could have made a move and done something. Pooch – and made some deals and if you had done something that the house wanted and didn’t ruffle any feathers.. Taylor – If they had put up Kyle or Monte next to me they would have beasted me in the veto comp.. kept the noms the same and then sent me home. Pooch – yeah. They still would have used it on themselves. Like I don’t think anyone wants me to win the veto. Like she doesn’t want to get any more blood on her hands. She doesn’t want to put up a third nom. Taylor – if you were to come down who do you think she would put up? Pooch – someone likable like Kyle. But you could sell the point that he’s right there why wouldn’t you take the shot? Taylor – yeah. Pooch – but I feel like she would go with someone safer like the floater type. Taylor – if I won the veto who would you want next to you? Pooch – not someone likable.. someone like Brittany. Someone with the least attachments. Taylor – you could definitely survive against Brittany. The only thing that benefits both of us is if one of us comes off and we get Brittany up.

5:50pm Living room. Kyle, Turner and Pooch.
Kyle – ..if you take Pooch down then we could put up Brittany. Pooch – As long as she (Taylor) doesn’t win ..I would feel okay if noms are the same. I would feel great off if I used it on myself but I wouldn’t want to put you in the spot like were you piss off Jasmine. Kyle – yeah for sure. Pooch – because if that’s the case I would want Brittany. That is another person I feel like I could beat. Kyle – for sure. Pooch – I would almost want to just put you (HG choice) but just don’t use it to make sure she don’t win. Kyle – yeah I could do that. Pooch – or if it comes down to me and you just throw it.

5:52pm Bedroom. Alyssa, Nicole, Jasmine, Ameerah and Brittany.
Brittany – Pooch was quaking in his boots right before. Jasmine – What is crazy is the people he thinks (votes he thinks he has)… no.. (shakes her head). We’ll just see how it plays out. I just pray pray pray noms stay the same. If it doesn’t work out I will kind of be upset but whatever. Ameerah – who would go up if either one of them come down? Jasmine – if Pooch comes down… it doesn’t matter (who goes up) because Taylor will be up there. But if Taylor comes down I will have to figure out someone else to go up that everybody loves. Like I would have to dig deep because I feel like everybody loves somebody but it ain’t the same. Ameerah – Alyssa! Alyssa – NO! I’m not going home on her HOH. Nicole – I am kind of thinking Joe. Jasmine – I can’t put Joe up .. he would cry. Ameerah – none of us can put Joe up. Jasmine – his brain is like a potato chip bag. Nicole – he doesn’t even really want to win this game. He’s just here for the experience. Jasmine – I knew that.. I am such a good read of people. Brittany – I feel like he would be an understanding pawn. Nicole – but he is the type of person you can’t do that with especially is his boy is Pooch. That sh*t won’t go down very well.

6:17pm – 6:40pm Bedroom. Daniel and Nicole.
Nicole – everyone was being really nice to Jasmine which is normal and I know everyone wants to be helpful but I feel like she is doing too much! Like stop being so extra! Because people are talking sh*t. She also is 99.9% safe but if things don’t go the way we want them to .. she could still go home. Monte is giving a lot of pushback about Pooch being sent home. He’s pretty much told Jasmine he is not going to vote Pooch because they don’t want to divide the house yet. So him, Joe and Turner will probably be the votes to keep Pooch. But then the rest of us will vote Pooch out. Daniel – f**k! I’m down. I don’t give a f**k. Nicole – and if he wins the veto, a pawn will go up against Taylor. Daniel – once I draw that line, they’ll come after me first. Nicole – that’s why we want to try and get in a good position to get rid of Turner and Pooch so then whoever is left. Daniel – but I am working with Turner and Pooch so now my numbers are dwindling. Nicole – but here is the thing .. your numbers aren’t dwindling with Monte and Kyle even though your numbers are dwindling because you’re still good with them. And Ameerah and I still want to protect you. Daniel – you don’t think Monte will go after me? Nicole – no. Daniel – I don’t know him that well. Nicole – no because the minute any bromances win HOH they’re going to put Brittany up first to get her out of here. Daniel – if I could be with you and Ameerah .. like obviously you till the end. Nicole – she thinks that they (girls) are going to take her to the end. We need to talk to Ameerah and the three of us need to figure out how to knock that sh*t out. Daniel – and Alyssa is playing it so well .. I mean even I was buying into that bullsh*t. Kyle and Monte would definitely take her to final 3. Nicole – of course because they would win over her. She (Alyssa) is head over heals for Kyle. Daniel – she (Jasmine) made the best move for this week. He offers to be pawn. Nicole – because he thttps://www.onlinebigbrother.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=googlesitekit-splashhinks he has control. He has no control! None of the girls want him here. Indy hates him. Alyssa hates him. Get him out. Kyle’s wanted him out since day two.

7:40pm – 7:50pm Bedroom – Taylor.
Taylor by herself – I am really really nervous that everyone is playing me. I have to play in this veto and win it. I am up on the block .. apparently as a pawn which I get because I have to earn their trust and confidence. So I have to play my a$$ off and get a veto under my belt .. on my resume. Take myself down so someone else can go up. Worst case scenario I am going home .. which I can’t let happen. I have to win tomorrow and secure my safety. Pooch is about to leave the building. And I love me some Pooch .. I really do. I am not going to be sitting on the block after the veto ..because that medallion is going around my NECK! I get told I am so good at this game.. You guys probably think I am so bad at this game. Everybody sees me as a big threat ..that just means they need to keep me. They need to align themselves with me. And I have to find a way to keep the numbers to vote to keep me because all they need in this house is one reason to get rid of me. How do I survive with all the girls? I would love to take a shot at Monte but it has to be the right time. He is either with me or against me and he is clearly not with me.. so he’s got to go.

8:30pm Bedroom. Michael and Ameerah.
Michael – Pooch came up to me after and was like I knew this was going to happen like he was in on it. He said he volunteered to go up to do the house a favor. I was like Okay, wow! Thank you! Ameerah – this whole thing is weird like I almost feel guilty. .. but I’m like what are you thinking!? Michael – right?! Ameerah – like I would be silly not to take that chance. Michael – right?! We just have to make sure he stays up there. Ameerah – I think we really could be final 6. Michael – yeah. Ameerah – we just have to make sure we stay strong. We all get to play next week .. its crazy! Daniel gets to play next week too. I think he would go for it. Who would he go for though? Michael – I don’t know.

8:36pm Stairs. Terrance and Jasmine.
Jasmine sliding butt first up each stair to head up to her HOH room for the night. Jasmine – I don’t know what I would do if I had to put up a replacement nom. I have to, have to, have to, have to, have to, have to freaking win this veto, pick someone in the veto that I want to that I know would win and do what I asked them to do. But I am just so scared its not going to pan out. Terrance – if it doesn’t play out then it doesn’t play out.. and if you have to put me up then, put me up. Jasmine – no, I just hope if we keep noms the same that the house will vote him (Pooch) out. Terrance – they better or there is going to be hell to pay. Jasmine – yeah.

8:40pm – 9pm HOH room – Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine.
Jasmine – if these votes don’t turn out ..but I am going to be pissed.. we still have the veto. Alyssa – if he (Pooch) wins the veto, then Taylor would go home. Jasmine – oh yeah. Alyssa – like I would rather her than Turner. I would rather Taylor than Turner. Jasmine – Turner have some people. Alyssa – Turner came to me and was like I am trying to think of people to form an alliance .. he was like I really want to get some people together. Who do you think? And I was like well these are my girls (Jasmine & Indy).. and Ameerah. And he was like Okay, Okay .. I’ll think about it. Jasmine – are you sure you should have said that?! Alyssa – what? they know we hang out. Jasmine – yeah but he don’t know we’re cool like that. I mean he knows we’re cool … but he doesn’t know about all of us. You basically just told him who your people are. Alyssa – I just said I love my girls. Indy – we can’t say anything extra. I don’t trust him at all. He doesn’t do sh*t. And he bothers me. Jasmine – it turned me off that he didn’t volunteer to be havenot. I just felt bad because Daniel just had HOH. Indy – do you think Pooch is going to win the veto? Alyssa – I hope not but we have idea. Indy – but the idea is for him not to right? Jasmine – right, and if I get house guest choice I am picking Michael.

9:04pm Bedroom. Taylor, Michael, Brittany.
Michael – I don’t know if you’ve thought about it like if you got house guest choice, I’d be willing to play. I can’t tell you what I would or wouldn’t do but my main objective is to make sure he (Pooch) stays on the block. So if you wanted to pick me cool, and if you didn’t do what you got to do. But never in a million years would I use it on him. Brittany – same. Taylor – I want to sleep on it.

9:40pm HOH room. Jasmine and Kyle.
Jasmine – Obviously I want to keep noms the same. And then I am going to act shocked and like whatever because he is going to expect me to put up a replacement if someone gets a veto and pulls him down right. But I am telling you right now I have good votes and that is what they wanted. Kyle – no, I am open to it honestly. He is like a homie. He is like one of the boys. But there is a difference between who I hang out with and the people I want to play the game with. Like I know he is rubbing people the wrong way. I have had multiple conversations with people and so that is where I understand where you were like you and Pooch were seen as kind of a thing. I was like I got to distance myself from Pooch. He did ask me if I wanted to play the veto for him. He basically gave me the option and I don’t want him to but if he does, I am just going to keep it the same either way. Having Pooch around is not so good for my game.

9:55pm HOH room. Daniel and Jasmine.
Daniel – I just want you to know that I am down. I don’t have like this big alliance or anything ..especially with the guys. I am down to ride. Even though its early it feels like guys are already grouping up. Not just this week but whenever you need a number I am down. I want to just ride to the end you know. And ride meaning not float, like f**king go! Jasmine – I really f**k with Nicole. Daniel – yeah she is dope. Jasmine – I really f**k with you and maybe like hard hard .. like two other people to be completely honest. There are only a few that I really trust. I really f**k with you, Nicole, Alyssa.. she is down for whatever. She is like a rider!

10:05pm HOH room – Jasmine and Taylor.
Jasmine – I need to get this man (Pooch) out of this house! I just want to know if you win HOH next week, who would you put up? But I want him out, like I am working so f**king hard right now. I am just being real with you, if I wanted you out I would tell you to your face. But you’re good.. I am telling you right now we have the votes to get him out. If I can do this I am going to be so proud of myself. I just want girls to go to the end. I feel like this is the perfect season for it to happen. There is no way you’re (Pooch) not going to offer yourself on a gold platter and I’m not going to take a shot at you. Taylor – you offered. Jasmine – I just really want this to happen. I am also thinking if someone wins the veto should I get them to take you down? Because you could be an extra vote and put someone up that wouldn’t vote for him. That is where my head is at right now.. Either way you’re safe. Also if you were HOH, who would you be targeting? I hope your target would be a guy. Taylor – absolutely my target would be a guy. I have not decided if he is better if he is gone before or after jury.. how do you feel about Monte? Jasmine – I respect him a lot because when I ask him a question he gives me an honest answer and his answers always match up with what other people say. But that is all I have, I don’t really talk game with him. Taylor – do you think he would protect you? Jasmine – I can’t see that, I don’t really talk to him that much. I feel like if anyone was to protect me it would be Joe .. because he is so nice to me.

10:45pm HOH room. Jasmine, Pooch, Joe and Ameerah are hanging out chatting.

11pm Kitchen. Monte and Nicole.
Monte – I think for this week, I think we have a pretty good plan set in motion. Nicole – I think we’re pretty safe. Monte – yeah, yeah and for weeks to come. I was the one that told the group that I really wanted you to be working with us. Nicole – thank you. Monte – no 100% .. honestly Paloma started the alliance like day 1. I think we have a really good plan for this week and then depending on who wins HOH next week and the week thereafter .. we can .. I think we should get centered around who we want in jury. Nicole – yeah. Its going to be very smart to start doing that now. Jury management is the most important thing moving forward. Monte agrees.

11:55pm Kitchen – Taylor, Michael, Joe and Pooch.
Taylor says goodnight fam! Pooch – you’re going to bed? WTH? Taylor – I have a veto tomorrow. Pooch – I’ve got a veto tomorrow too! Joe – and you need it. Pooch – yeah, if she is going to bed I should probably follow her lead.

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un autre nom

How much do you think Taylor not viewing Pooch as a huge comp threat target is eating him up inside?

un autre nom

when he told Indy he loves seeing his girly girl in the kitchen I was actually fearful he was going to say where she belongs.

Good Vibes

I’m getting a lot of Eddie Munster vibes from Pooch. Google it.


He does have a similar looking face but otherwise…not so much, lol

Not Jasons Holly

I thought the same thing!

un autre nom

Why is it, that whenever Nicole downloads to Daniel, he always spins that hamsterwheel in his head, buys a vowel, and consistently comes up with an alternate universe scenario where any move in the game at all is going to cause Daniel to become the target?
I mean.
Sure. He’s 6’3″.
but come now. Taking out Pooch, or someone else making a move on Monte or what EVER the case may be, and the first words our of his mouth are that someone will come after him. Big money, big money… no whammies.
Chill dude…. vibe with your spine. Make your courage your homie.
Healthy caution is one thing, but he’s coming across as SUCH a coward.

un autre nom

Poochie continues to say things that, when put through the logic centre of the brain, cause problems.
So he’s in a gay bar to pick up cute girls, but they aren’t into boys, and he’s wishing he could be the one to turn them? (did he say turn or switch?)
Okay. logic assessment: maybe he has a gay buddy? he’s an ally to his gay community? maybe he’s chasing women at a gay bar where their guard is down? turn them… switch them? nope not touching that part. I just don’t know how to put what he said into the right compartment…. it’s just a logic fry of ‘oh… just stop talking because yeesh.’


No kidding.

He’s SUCH a narcissist too – any little thing has to be about him. Hearing his take on Pooch being the target – I’m LOSING ALL MY PEOPLE made me laugh out loud b/c he KNOWS from Nic that Paloma’s main alliance was Bleep and she was riding with the women so he was way down Pal’s list of keepers.

He made such a big deal about not wanting to be a HN but then volunteers maybe b/c Nicole & Pooch also volunteered (shrug).

I’ve lost count of how many times he’s told people Taylor is following him around & won’t leave him alone but it’s simply not true.

He’s also whining about Taylor staying saying she’ll target him – even though he KNOWS she would not be coming after him both directly from Tay and from Nic.

And what’s up with him saying (I think to Terrance?) in the kitchen how pissed he was about Pal’s exit implying BB made her leave & that he would never have allowed that? It did make me stop for a minute & wonder if she was ejected for her comments about sharing the money but then stopped to think about who was saying this.

In virtually every conversation he’s had with Jasmine he brings up how he got screwed over (in his HOH) & how people promised things but aren’t the same now. Ummmmmm didn’t he say he was a super fan? I know he’s 6’3″ maybe his height is affecting his brain but that’s how BB works – the other players kiss your ass & will say anything (just like he is now) ZOMG!

It’s also amusing how he & Nicole think no one sees them as a pair (eye roll). It’s not like they don’t hang out together all the time – they’ve interrupted each other’s sessions with Jas more than once & when Monte/Pal pushed for Tay to be the re-nom they pitched it to BOTH of them in the HOH room. ‘And if that’s not enough, they’re trying to create various alliances always including them as the base plus Nic keeps openly pushing she wants Daniel at the end. Like how is it even plausible they don’t see EVERYONE knows they are a pair?

Ameerah may be working with them but you can tell from her chat with Michael they’ve both already clocked they need to separate them after they get out some of the bigger alpha dogs.


Is it me or does Taylor look like Gal Gadot?

Oh My

LMAO it’s just you


Wow! She sure does! It’s probably why so many of the women in the house are jealous of her. Not because she looks like Gal, but because she’s freakin hot!


Ameerah is hot, Taylor is not


Ok, Daniel is a big wimp, I’m so tired of him thinking that he’s a big target. His HOH was a joke, he let everyone tell him what to do, and as far as him riding with the girls ? I think the more time the Girls and the Guys spend with Daniel, they will see just how wimpy he is, he is really somewhat annoying in my opinion, and he does not really listen to to Nicole.

I am so tired of hearing Daniel say “Dope”, dude, that phrase played out years ago !!! Can’t wait to see Daniel freak out and go crazy when he’s on the block. As for Terrence, he’s just in the house, I don’t think he even understands this Game. Please let Jasmine’s HOH come to an end soon, I will enjoy seeing her sitting on the block, she said she has such a good read on people, can she read that she’s a jealous mean girl !!! I hope Pooch is voted out, I don’t want Jasmine’s HOH to go as she wants it to go.

un autre nom

I’ve been trying to remember how bbbrasil works, just in case the house guests keep thinking it’s like big brother us season 1 (that’s the feeling I get from the way they talk).

This is what I’ve picked up from clips over the years, but grain of salt it… i speak zero portugese.
They have an HOH comp. Occasionally that HOH comp can last well over 12 hours if it’s endurance. Then there is an immunity. Immunity winner can save one extra person. There is usually 3 nominees, sometimes 4. they are a twist detemined nom, an HOH nom, a house nom and sometimes a spoiler nom picked by the hoh nom or the house nom. Those nominees fight for veto to get off the block.
At the end of the week, the public votes for which nominee should be evicted.

It doesn’t sound easier or harder than us bb. it just sounds same but different.

Oh My

The key factor is if they are allowed to talk game. Like UK an old AU seasons the general rule besides a few exceptions is that they weren’t allowed and would be punished if they did, and going by how Indy plays, it looks like they aren’t

un autre nom

Terrance has volunteered to be renom if needed.
Terrance, whose previous karaoke grooves include “I might be nom’d but i’m skipping my 1 on 1” and “I’m on the block, I’ll throw the veto for you” has volunteered to be renom.
shakes head.
Go. Home.

The Beef

I heard that as well and my jaw just hit the floor! What’s up with these morons constantly volunteering themselves to be put in jeopardy of being voted out? Holy crap, OG has absolutely no idea how to play this game.

He’s lucky Jasmine immediately shot the idea down, and said there’s no way she’s putting him back on the block, but given that he volunteered she just might change her mind.

un autre nom

What we need to remember as the houseguests are discussing plans for the week:

  • Daniel will act out of fear of being targeted as his main rationale. Daniel is NOT a valid member of Oasis or Insipid or Inception or whatever that trio called themselves. He is only a member to Joe because nobody told Joe Daniel was a temp. Daniel will coast, not even float, while thinking he’s an alpha.
  • Kyle and Alyssa don’t trust Nic yet, she was brought into their alliance without their input. Expect them to be hesitant in how they talk to Nic. Nic will judge.
  • Indy thinks she has an I’ll watch your back, you watch mine deal with Joseph and Monte. She thinks she has a similar deal with Kyle.
  • Nic thinks Oasis is new (last couple of days) because Daniel didn’t tell her until now.
  • Jasmine thinks Joe wants her. Joe wants her, and all the women, out of the house.
  • Terrance thinks there is an “understanding” except Taylor because she ain’t a sister. hs words. Also thinks he’s got another understanding with the other fogies (anyone over 30 is apparently on an early bird dinner special coupon bus to the buffet).
  • Britt is no longer a member of the girls alliance. Nobody told her.
  • Turner and Pooch have no alliance except Oasis now that Paloma is gone.
  • Pooch and Turner shunned Michael. Now they want his vote, not him.
  • any majority agreement in the mamba/bleep alliance does not apply to Monte. However, Monte expects everyone to shield him while he votes with his bro buddies instead of his alliance. no, really. That’s not how alliance works.

In case anyone is wondering about awkwardness in conversations, or weird conversations that don’t make sense: that should help.

un autre nom

Last thought before bed:
By Monday I expect Daniel to walk into a room where Taylor has been for the last half hour, and ask her why she followed him in there.

Taylor and Nic were sitting with Jasmine in the living room for quite a while.. Terrance arrived. Taylor and Nic ghosted. Daniel arrives and says he finally gave Taylor the slip, she’s been following him constantly.
he’s telling Nic right now that Taylor joined the group and came and sat next to him in the only open seat in the room… like she was trying to screw with him? whu?

Why? Gonna spitball this a bit:
Daniel is driven by cowardice and paranoia. He thinks he’s a puppetmaster.
Is he trying to shift the balance in the house? Could Daniel be trying to get sympathy? Is he trying to express his discomfort of Taylor so that the house gets rid of Taylor?
Hmmm. That actually sounds plausible as his motive in my mind.
Who would Daniel be able to puppet with such a stupid ruse? Nicole. Nicole will beleive anything Daniel says.

Daniel is learning his sweet innocent little girl was in the mamba alliance… and didn’t bring him in. How does he twist this so that she retains her chaste childlike naivete? (I really wish I didn’t think his whole young and little thing sounds so perv…. but it sounds so perv). Oh right. Monte pulled them in (he’s hearing this from Nicole, so… yeah).
Nicole also tells Daniel that she told the girls Daniel is down to be one of the girls (probably should have told him but they refuse to wear the parochial school uniforms and maryjanes with kneesocks and a bandaid on their knee I’m joking. sorta. dude’s paloma thing was creepy).

YUP. Nic, Dan and Terrance think Taylor did something in the house or said something that caused or added to Paloma’s issue. Figured that was coming. Terrance has beat around that bush multiple times, and Daniel? Of course he’s right in there. Nic? I’m constantly having to reassess this one because on a game level she’s sometimes really on to a strategy… and then she gets with Daniel and she’s a complete moron and, tbh a bit of a harpie.

Kyle is no longer gung ho for Pooch to leave he tells Alyssa. Another member of the men’s allaince and Mamba alliance trying to hedge bets. If Michael, Ameerah, Alyssa and Nicole don’t see a red flag waving, they are seriously deluding themselves. Neither nom is in the alliance. So both should be fair game. This should be a case of alliance comes together, all members debate and the alliance as a whole decides on a target to vote out. if that isn’t the case… is it an alliance? His worry about Taylor comes from his convo with Nicole. Is it valid? Both Pooch and Taylor have mentioned getting Kyle out (Pooch via proxy *i think the proxy was Nicole), but Taylor has mentioned nominating Kyle too many times today… while on the block. Let’s see what Alyssa does with this concern.

un autre nom

Alyssa went to Jasmin lickety split. Found out Terrance volunteered to be renom. If Pooch nom comes down, Terrance is going up, Taylor is gone.
new alliance:
Jasmine, Daniel, Nicole, Alyssa, and Ameerah (in absentia). Ameerah is in absentia for the creation of every alliance Ameerah is in it seems.
Nicole thinks this means Ameerah and Alyssa can just cancel Mamba. ummm.
Daniel pulled woe is me Taylor is stalking me so i want her out asap but i don’t hate her, so i can still follow the plan and vote out Pooch (that’ll shift) to his new girls alliance.

Pooch and Joe talked to Ameerah. They were basically shit talking Turner to her. This spooked Ameerah. Pooch also admitted Taylor didn’t actually do anything and everyone piled on because she’s a threat and a scapegoat. Now Ameerah is too smart and has to go.
Joe and Nic think they are Taylor’s choice if she gets hg choice. It’s Michael. She already asked.

Kyle has gotten fired up with Joe and Pooch. Kyle offers to throw veto to Pooch if Pooch chooses him. during the talk, Kyle throws out Nic’s name as working with Taylor and Terrance. Kyle REALLY wants Nic out of Mamba i think.
Kyle reasoned to Alyssa that Pooch would only go after Nicole, but Taylor would go after all the big guys, Kyle and Monte included. Pooch just name dropped Alyssa, Ameerah and Nicole. Joe wondered if Michael was the person to put the hit on Pooch. They decided Nic did it. Pooch plans to threaten Jasmine if a guy is replacement nom. Terrance volunteered. They need to pull in Michael. They wonder if they could get Jasmine to back door Nicole. Let me put it this way: can everyone with ovaries leave so the real competitors can play Big BROTHER. It basically went there. Kyle included. with yet ANOTHER of his season 16 references. Dude only watched that ONE season i think. He did weakly add he’s cool with Alyssa (must be getting ex-mormon equivalent of horny).
(let’s remember, Kyle was in his hate Pooch period and bonded with Michael about it… chances Michael is jazzed that Kyle will want him to join mantopia for this vote and then fade back into not a man’s man land? Not good).

Reality: Michael and Kyle hatched the plot to go after Pooch. A day later three girls also talked about Pooch being a problem. Kyle and Alyssa bonded over Pooch being problematic. Alyssa took it to Ameerah and Jasmine. Nic and Daniel also wanted Pooch out. THE FIRST PERSON TO START THE POOCH GOTTA GO TALK WAS KYLE. Waaay back when Monte and Kyle bonded in the have not room.