Big Brother 24 Week2 Nominations POOCH and Taylor on the block.

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Pooch and Taylor were nominated. If nominations stay the same or if the veto It will be a battle for votes. From what I can gather barring a twist Taylor, Pooch or Turner will go home on Thursday.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


12:40 pm Jasmine tells Alyssa she’s putting up Taylor and POOCH. If Taylor puts herself down she doesn’t know who the replacement will be. Alyssa suggests if Taylor comes down she nominates someone the entire house loves like a Joe or Nicole.

Alyssa – do you want Taylor gone over POOCH? cause I’m fine with either
Jasmine – I’m fine with either. If I could I’ll get out a target like POOCH I don’t trust him
Jasmine says she’s secured 4 votes against POOCH.
They agree it’ll be an easy week they have three possible targets, POOCH, Turner or Taylor.

12:55 pm Indy and Jasmine
jasmine is making sure it “plays out right” putting Taylor and Pooch on the block.

12:46 pm Jasmine and Kyle
Kyle confirms if he stays off the block and he wins HOH next week he would reciprocate.
Jasmine asks him who he would put up or who does he not want up
Kyle says he would do what she is doing minimize blood and put up what the house wants

jasmine – I’ll be honest with you Taylor is one of my..
Kyle – if she’s on the block she I have a good feeling she’s going home.

Jasmine says if POOCH wins veto then Taylor can be the target.
Jasmine – you should have heard what some of these people have said about Pooch
Kyle – I’ll do what you want. You tell me Taylor it’s Taylor you tell me POOCH it’s POOCH
Kyle says he wants to talk game more with her. She does to.

1:07 pm Joey Jeremiah

1:09 pm Terrance and Jasmine
jasmine says she know Terrance will ride with him asks him who he would put up.
Terrance says he would put up Indy and Taylor.
jasmine – what do you think of POOCH
Terrance – he said he wants to go on the block
Terrance says if she out up Taylor and POOCH they ALWAYS have the numbers for Taylor.
Jasmine asks him if he would vote POOCH out
Terrance nodes
Jasmine – “He talks too much”

jasmine is worried about putting Turner up cause he’s the type of guy that will “GUN FOR YOU”
Terrance says she has numbers adds that he’ll ride and die with her cause they are the married ones.

1:20 pm Monte and Jasmine
Monte says that Pooch was trying to get the guys together. Jasmine says POOCH wasn’t even on her radar she was going after Taylor but now after he volunteered to go up he now is.
Monte – Pooch is a liability he talks too much
Jasmine – I just don’t trust him (pooch)
Monte says the vote will not be unanimous. Him and Kyle have been approached by POOCH. If they voted him out it wouldn’t look good. if Turner and Joe figure out that Kyle and him did vote for pooch then the whole house is sideways.
Jasmine says she’s thinking of Taylor and POOCH.

Monte – What’s your ideal scenario for this week if everything went perfectly what would you want?

Jasmine – Probably still Taylor..
Monte – still Taylor.. yeah
Jasmine laughs
Monte – she’s a wild card
Jasmine – I’m sorry. Honestly I’m only putting him up because he asked for it. He was never on my radar.
Jasmine – now he offered it so I am going to do it

Monte – Michael has shown himself to be a competition beast he has no allegiance to POOCH and no allegiance to Taylor. He was was picked to play in the veto he would be the perfect person to keep noms the same.

Monte – if you get Taylor out no blood if you get POOCh there’s blood. you got Turner and you got Joe. You know what I mean.
Monte – Look I’m close to Joe I would be careful talking to him (Bros)
Jasmine – I know. joe… ohh Jesus he can’t even get the basics. I asked for foil 5 times and he still passed the saran wrap so I know for a fact I love the kid to death I really do. We all know there’s only so much. Love the kid to death love him. I’m going to ask him the same questions.

Jasmine says him and Ameerah are the only two she’s really talked to.
Jasmine says Kyle is on his side. “I just wanted you to know that. I want to let people know good stuff too we don’t have to talk all game.”

Jasmine says she hates to put a black person up but Taylor has done too much
Monte – she shot herself in the foot.
Jasmine – it’s good to know you wouldn’t get hurt if POOCH leaves. you just need to be protected in case he stays.

Monte- I know we both looked at Taylor. I know we both feel a certain. When you told me what she like.. I’m done with her. It’s really hard for me to try and being fake.
Jasmine – imagine her bombarding you. imagine that? talking your head off about stuff that I don’t care about. I hate to be that way I know that America is like you’re just being mean.. I’m sorry until you’re here dealing with her some of the stuff she says
Monte – I hear you. A lot of the women feel that she’s trying to.. She’s desperate
Jasmine – that’s what it looks like
monte – a desperate person that wins HOH is a scary thing
Jasmine – she almost won
Feeds flip…

2:00 pm Joe and Jasmine
Jasmine – alright Joe how are you feeling
Joe – I got nothing to say I trust you
Jasmine – I want to know who you don’t want to see.
Joe – you don’t want to step on any toes.
Jasmine – we both have the same target.
Jasmine – I’m sure pooch came to you. he nominated himself
Joe – he told me all about that. my Thing is I trust you with everything if you need anything from me you just let me know umm..Towards my end game I want you there.
Joe adds if he had won HOH her a$$ wouldn’t be going anywhere.
Joe – Everyone is set on sending Taylor home which Kinda sucks because she technically got a second chance

Joe – watch out be careful who you talk to. do what you do now allow other people talk first.

Jasmine about Taylor – I’m sorry I’m not working with her
Jasmine – she’s going to get to play in the veto Cause I’m not putting Brittany up. She too emotional
Joe says her, Turner, Daniel and Monte are four people he likes and doesn’t want going home.

jasmine – how do you feel about the whole POOCH situation?
Joe – I dunno
jasmine – he offered himself as a pawn
Joe – I like POOCH
Jasmine – would you be upset if he left?
Joe – it would suck. Put it this way I would rather work or go against in the long run POOCH than Taylor.
Joe – so you are thinking right now POOCH and taylor
Jasmine – yup
joe – what will you do if Taylor wins the veto?
Jasmine breathes in.. “I would probably put someone up there that already did it. I wouldn’t’ put Michael up he beasted it in that comp that would be disrespectful”
Joe – I was going to say if you had to decide between Michael or Terrance. Michael is better in the long run because if he’s on your team he can win HOH. He can win teh veto he’s one of the strongest
Joe says after Taylor it’s Brittany that the house wants out.
Jasmine – that’s three girls already
Joe – it’s not a gender thing it’s who I vibe with. you aren’t going up, Monte won’t go up.
Jasmine – I just have to figure out a replacement nom if Taylor would to take herself down

Joe says if she gets houseguests choice she should pick Michael he’ll get it done.
Joe – Michael and Brittany are best friends they’re BFF’s. I don’t know if they have an alliance but they are together 24/7
Jasmine – I know people talk about me and Alyssa but we never talk about game
joe – it’s the same with me and Monte
jasmine – it would make me feel good if next week I wasn’t going up
Joe – you’re good

2:30 pm Jasmine and Taylor
Jasmine – how are you feeling
Taylor – I wouldn’t like being a pawn I would be shocked to be a pawn.
Jasmine – I’m not going to say that it’s happening. I’m going to be up front. I don’t know who you are working with. I really don’t care to know. I want you to tell me who you would not want to see go beside you I also want you to tell me who you would put up if you could.
Taylor – I wouldn’t put any of the girls up period.
Jasmine – it only make sense for me to put you up as a pawn.. you know what I’m saying cause of last week ..
Jasmine – I need you to understand you are not the target. you Know what I mean.
Jasmine – I need my HOH to go down and get out somebody that is a real threat to The girls.
Taylor – If your target goes down?
Jasmine – I will need to put somebody else that would be a bigger target (Than you) I will just have to do it.. It is what it is I didn’t come here to play baby brother.
Taylor – personally I wouldn’t want to be nominated.
Jasmine – you are a beast. you will be highly surprised who supports you
Taylor – to win the veto?
Jasmine – YEah.. I know you’ll be surprised but I am a real ass chick
Taylor – I just need you to get that Veto.

Indy Joins them. They tell her Taylor is going up as a pawn.
Indy says choose here to play in the veto if she gets houseguests choice.
Jasmine – I’ll pick Michael he’s a beast.

2:40 pm Indy, Ameerah and Jasmine
Jasmine – I told her I’m putting her on the block.
Ameerah – so Taylor and POOCH
Jasmine – Mmmhmmm
jasmine – Monte told me he wouldn’t vote pooch out. he said it would look too bad in case he stayed. I’m Okay with that.
Jasmine – Kyle told me Whatever you want
they laugh.
Jasmine – Joe doesn’t want POOCH out
Jasmine – worst case scenario Pooch wins veto pooch comes down Taylor goes home. I’ll put up a pawn she goes home house is happy still.
Jasmine adds if Taylor wins the veto she puts up somebody that the house loves POOCH goes home everybody’s happy.
Jasmine wants Michael to win the veto and pull Taylor down then it won’t look bad for the guys. “Michael doesn’t f*** with Guys”
Jasmine – I tell you all the men they want Brittany out. All of the ones I talked to today.

Jasmine brings up Monte warning her to not bring up Pooch to joe because Joe loves him.
jasmine – I’m going to pray so hard for this veto competition you have no idea. we need it to work out.
Jasmine says if Taylor gets houseguest choice she’s going to tell her she has to pick a girl.
Ameerah goes over the order of houseguests they need to get out, Paloma, POOCH, Taylor, Turner, Brittnay.
Ameerah – we cat win the next four f**ing HOH’s

Jasmine brings up talking to Brittany and how she swore she never told him what he said she did about Ameerah.
Ameerah – I trust him over Brittany. the way he came to me
Jasmine – please don’t tell me.. we are aligned to vote him out
Ameearh – no I’m voting him out no questions asks I’m here to go I’m not keeping him

Ameerah says Joe is being inappropriate joking around saying he can sleep in jasmine’s bed.

2:53 pm Jasmine, Daniel and Nicole
Jasmine – Taylors going on the block
Daniel – dope
Jasmine – and pooch
Daniel – Cool
Simon – nice
Jasmine – if everything works out a lot of people want POOCH gone.
Nicole – got it
Jasmine – I want you to be okay with that. He’s been rubbing people the wrong way he’s been making alliances. People don’t trust him, He’s been running his mouth a lot.

Jasmine says if Taylor wins veto it’s perfect scenario she’ll put someone up maybe it’ll be someone that’s been up before.
jasmine – if POOCH wins veto we save face Taylor gone.
Nicole – Okay.. do you need anything
Jasmine – pass me my makeup I need that makeup on

2:54 pm cam 3-4 POOCH sneaks in
Jasmine tells him she told Taylor she’s going up
Pooch – if she wins the veto I’m a little nervous.
Jasmine – I have people in place if they win they’ll pull you off.
Jasmine implies if Taylor wins veto she’ll put Brittany up.

3:04 pm Jasmine getting ready for the Nominations ceremony. (Reminds me of Holly Big Brother 21)

3:09 pm Indy ready for the nominations


3:12 pm Nominations start. My favorite cat right now.

3:56 pm Favorite Bunny

4:38 pm feeds return.

Taylor and POOCHIE on the block.

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Whatever was said during the nomination ceremony really lit a fire under Taylor since I heard her just say “They like seeing me fight hard in competitions so I’ll give them a fight” Oh Boy, this will be a fun week!

Dementia Joe

Any ideas on the big twist coming on Thursday?




Julie said it was a “play” on besties…..

Oh My

well if it’s anything like the Blackstage pass then it’s another Save Taylor Twist


Hope Taylor wins POV!

Palm Oil's Meds

If Taylor wins POV, that’s when the game gets good. It will be fun to see them turn against each other.


That would be awesome!

Christime Ahrens

Jasmine has no clue what she’s doing
Hope if pooch is up he win veto. Surprised she won hoh
I dont care for her sges trouble so are the other 3 girls she pals with
She should put Brittney and Taylor
Leave pooch alone ?.
He shkukdnt had said he’d go up S a pawn.