“If she [Taylor] wins HOH it’ll be chaos in this house not for us but for the guys she’s going to be like Monte and Joseph”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


12:13 am Joe and Ameerah
Joe – Taylor first, I hear Brittany is on everybody’s radar. From there people will start pick off whoever they don’t trust
Ameerah – After these first three people it get scary. It’s no more like we’re friends.
Joe – it’s the awkward phase
Alyssa and Pooch join them for some chit chat.

12:30 am Jasmine and Alyssa
Alyssa – I don’t think she will come for use but she’s such a wild card for me.
Jasmine – she is a wildcard
Alyssa – but I don’t think she will come for us
Jasmine – she wants’ POOCH out of this.
Jasmine – Taylor says if she wins HOH she’s putting up Monte
Jasmine – I think he *Monte) wants Taylor out for his own game.

Alyssa – she was saying that in a room with Brittany and Michael She’s been running around saying ‘I want a big target out’. Hopefully it’s not getting back to them.
Alyssa – Girl this is what happened to out last week you say one tiny thing then they’ll run with it and want Taylor out.

Jasmine – either way they don’t have the numbers we have the numbers regardless. What you have four guys?
Alyssa – if POOCH is up there he’s going home
jasmine – I need to pray very hard tonight. I need this veto competition to go I gotta get my mind right I need to focus. I need to go down in history that I got injured, Won HOH and sent a guy home all in teh same week.

Alyssa – if he took himself down who would you put up? LIke Terrance to ensure Taylor went home
Jasmine nods – Terrance said he would do it.

Jasmine – the time has come to tell you a few things about myself
Alyssa – OKay
Jasmine – I really trust you and Ameerah.
Alyssa – I trust you too you guys are my ride or dies
Jasmine – we should do a final 3
Alyssa – yeah
Jasmine – we need a final 4 we need a guy.. umm
Jasmine says she’s a business owner she owns a press on nail brand. She makes a lot of money
Alyssa – that’s why you drive a Mercedes.
They chit chat about people careers in the house.

Jasmine says Ameerah has a real chance to win this game “She’s a beast”
Jasmine adds that she lucked out to win the HOH but think she has a chance to win with her social game.
Alyssa feels her social game is on point too.
Jasmine – I would say yes you do.
Alyssa – I just don’t want to go up as a pawn. I would never ever put you or Ameerah up as a pawn. unless it was down to 4 people and I had to.
They go over the BOOT list, Pooch then Taylor, Turner, Brittany.
Jasmine – I don’t want to lose anybody from our alliance but we might have to drop her and bring in Nicole I don’t know
Jasmine – Daniel was saying today that he really wants to work with the Girls that was never his strategy to work with the guys
Jasmine – I really like Daniel. He could be playing the shit out of me if he is he’s got a really good game. I feel he’s genuine about working with the girls.

Alyssa says she can see a guy winning HOH and putting Indy up as a pawn and having her freak out and become a target.
Alyssa – I don’t want that to happen I need her here.
Jasmine – she’s also smart in some regards to.. I get bits and pieces from her
Jasmine – I ain’t going to lie, At first I didn’t trust her
Jasmine doesn’t think Indy fully trust them.
Jasmine – Brittnay has to go.. I love her to death.
Alyssa – I want her to win HOH. I think she’ll make a big shot we don’t have to
Jasmine -t hat would be great
Alyssa – She wouldn’t come for us or Michael.

Alyssa says getting into a showmmance wouldn’t be good for her game. “I’m still taking a girl to the final 2 so I would have to vote him out”
They talk about how sweet Kyle.
Jasmine – Kyle and Monte are the most level headed.
Alyssa – I like Monte but I feel like I can’t hold a conversation with him
Jasmine – Joe, lord Jesus. Why is it so hard to hold a conversation.. I’m trying so hard.

Ameerah joins them.

Ameerah says POOCH and Joe gotta go. “They be spilling all their shit to me. I’m like y’all talking to the wrong one”
Jasmine – I don’t think joe.. nobody is going to vote his ass out.
Alyssa – what game is joe playing
Ameerah – he’s playing the f**Ing game like crazy now.
jasmine -really?
Ameerah – he’s on game. They want us to be in their alliance. They said what we should be focused on is trimming the fat. We don’t want to split the house.
Ameerah suggested Brittany, Taylor, Terrance and Michael “they said that’s what we want to do. they were like lets just stick with that. ”
Ameerah – I was like I just want to trim the fat right now and not cause any drama. they were saying EXACTLY EXACLTY”
Alyssa – at least they’re not coming for us.
Alyssa brings up to Ameerah about her worry of Indy losing it if she goes up as a pawn.

They talk again about Taylor going around saying if she wins HOH she’s taking out Monte.

Ameerah – she (Taylor) was like if she pulls himself off the block there’s someone we should be backdooring.
ALyssa – she keeps saying that I told her you need to keep quiet if they hear you they will want to vote you out instead of POOCH
Ameerah – She wants to backdooring him really bad
Jasmine – I’m not putting him up there
Ameerah – if she wins HOH it’ll be chaos in this house not for us but for the guys she’s going to be like Monte and Joseph .. Joe comes off the block and she’ll say Kyle. They be like damn we f***ed up.. (LOL)
They laugh
Ameerah – that shit will be so funny
Ameerah – as much as we love him Joseph needs to be backdoored. not right now.
Jasmine – he would be so heart broken if I put him up
Ameerah – I promise you once it’s time to play ball Joseph is going to play ball

Jasmine says if they bring Daniel in with them to form a FOUR they’ll need to bring in Nicole. “Chat with him tomorrow. We need to do this while I’m HOH when we have the room to do it”
Ameerah – we’ll need to bring in Nicole they are working together
Alyssa – they’re like a showmance they are connected at the hip.

Jasmine says most the house will keep the nominations the same if they win veto, “Monte won’t keep it teh same”
Ameerah – he’s going to throw it. He doesn’t want to win comps right now that’s MOnte’s game right now
Alyssa – I think we’re in a good spot though. At least when you talk to people about trimming the fat we’re not considered the fat.

Alyssa puts on he headphones starts to dance.


1:10 am Nicole, POOCH and Joe
They’re talking about Michael during the HOH and how good he did
Joe – that was like Spiderman on the wall
Joe points out how high Michael has been placing in all the competitions.
Joe – Michael is a Comp beast
Joe brings up that during the HOH he was trying hard to beat Taylor, “I can’t have Taylor win that comp I don’t know what she will be doing ”
Joe says Taylor will likely pick Nicole to play in the veto
Nicole – If I win I’m not taking her off the block.
Joe – she’s leaving so it would hurt you. The whole house….
Nicole – Taylor will understand my goodbye message will make it clear.
Nicole says when she talks to Taylor it’s not game “She talks at me like.. what do I do I got this”
Nicole – I’m like Honey you need to grow up a little bit
Nicole says Taylor assumed that because they connected day one that day 10 they’ll be best friends, “I’ve been avoiding her”
POOCH – that something you don’t want to be seen with
Pooch what does she bring to the table? Not much
Nicole says before the HOH Taylor came up to her and said she was going to throw the HOH. “That’s how confident she is that she has the women in this house”
Joe – WOW
Nicole – I told her she was stupid. I asked her name one person in this house that would save you. Girl don’t fool yourself.

Kyle joins them and Nicole heads upstairs
Kyle – I respect Jasmine’s decision but I want to take you down
Kyle – who will that piss off Jasmine?
Joe – if you pick me and I win you want me to take you down
Pooch – I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable and I know we have the votes this week but I don’t want an accident to happen.
Kyle pointing out how strong Michael has been in every challenge.
Kyle is going to try and persuade Michael to join the boys.
POOCH says if they take out 4 or 5 girls in a row eventually they’ll smell something is up
Joe says Michael’s number one loyalty is Brittany
Joe – we can’t keep him too close
Kyle – if I win veto take you down who is she putting up, Brittany?
Joe – guys do not underestimate the girls I’m nervous
Kyle – Taylor is going hard that’s what Jasmine said.

Kyle – you’re close to Alyssa
Joe – Indy, Alyss and Jasmine for sure will not keep Taylor over you.
POOCH – they are going to catch on fast unless we do this the right way. I don’t want to ‘Clip’ any of us (Clip.. shudder)
Joe says the person they need to get out of the house to protect the guys is Ameerah.
Joe – when Ameerah is talking she always references us as the ‘boys’
Kyle says Ameerah has done pretty good in the comps as well.
Joe says Taylor is trying to rally all the girls.
Kyle – and she’ll go after Daniel for sure.

1:25 am Nicole joins them Tells them that Terrance is good with all the ladies.
Jasmine – he thinks of us like daughters.
Alyssa – he would have a hard time putting people up if he wins HOH
Ameerah – I don’t think so
Nicole – I don’t think so, he would put MOnte and Kyle up
Alyssa – REALLY? that would be great

1:32 am Daniel, Alyssa, Nicole and Jasmine
Jasmine pitches the 5 person alliance.
Daniel – Oh my god I’m down
Jasmine – we can go far together
Nicole – I think so to I’m so happy you just suggested that

They’re all “So Happy” about their new alliance.
Jasmine – First thing I want to get POOCH out of this house. We want the right people in jury.
Jasmine – if Taylor pulls herself down Terrance is going up
Alyssa – POOCH, Turner, Taylor are the Next three I see out the door
Daniel – I don’t care. I f***Ing wait to et Taylor out she’s been stalking me for days
They count the 7 votes they need to send out POOCH.
Daniel – he goes home unless he wins veto
Nicole – then Taylor goes him
Daniel – F*** yeah she does
Jasmine – that’s fine I’m ok with it.
Daniel – then no blood
Jasmine – then I can go to him (pooch0 and be like ‘we got you’
Daniel smiles “We got you”

2:04 am Jasmine and Alyssa
Jasmine – me, Kyle, Monte and P were supposed to be doing something
Alyssa – Really
Jasmine – it didn’t work out because P left
Alyssa – the only thing about our alliance is I can’t win against Daniel or Nicole. If all 5 of us make it to final 5 I would try to get out Daniela and Nicole
Jasmine agrees. “Nicole and Daniel will probably work against us they were already working together”
Alyssa says a lot of guys want Indy out which isn’t good for my game, “But she’s also a ticking time bomb”
Alyssa says Joseph and POOCH are “Butt buddies”
Jasmine – what are BUTT Buddies
Alyssa – guys that are obsessed with each other like friends
Jasmine – how do they like this man so much
Alyssa – I don’t know
They agree they never trusted POOCH from the beginning “I knew he was going to be a problem”
Jasmine – if Daniel wants to take Taylor out next week then I support him
Alyssa wonders if POOCH has ever seen Big Brother. “I’ll go up as a pawn, I’m a big threat and you guys don’t know me and I don’t have any real alliance but I’ll go up as a pawn”

2:30 am Zzzzzz
5:00 am zzzzzzz

7:15 am POOCH, Turner and Monte
POOCH complaining that Jasmine put TAylor up becuase now they run the risk of Taylor winning the veto.
Pooch – we need to get power next week bro
POOCH says the reason Jasmine gave him for not putting Brittany up is because she didn’t want to hurt Brittany’s feelings.
Pooch – you know what I think of Brittany’s feelings.. F*** Brittany’s feelings
POOCH says it’s too early for them to sustain a casualty because of someone’s feelings.
POOCH – its not our fault the guys are playing very good social game.

7:32 am Ameerah, Indy and Nicole
talking about Pooch getting evicted on Thursday will be the “Best blindside ever”
They agree he’s a “Good kid” and a “nice Guy” but in the game they “Stand stand him” and “He’s the first to send you home”

7:37 am Kyle and Michael
Kyle is concerned about keeping Taylor now that it’s evident she’s a physical threat that’s not Monte. Michael would be receptive to keeping POOCH but he needs safety.

Michael says he wants the votes to be split so he can hide who he voted for.
Kyle says based on his conversations with jasmine there will be a lot of people voting out Pooch, “That is who she wants gone”

Kyle points out that the house is dividing into Girls VS Guys.
Kyle – if he were to stay he’s dumb enough to think you are on his side
Michael – with all this men vs women talk I feel he would put two of them up
Michael – I’m not dead set POOCH has to go this week.

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Not Jasons Holly

I hope this plan of getting Pooch out works. I love a blindside!
Joe is the only guy who is nervous! Maybe Ameerah is right about him.


Let’s put it this way. As the game has commenced, I discovered that I greatly overestimated Joe’s abilities for this

Julie Chen

Can someone explain why Taylor is so highly ranked? She hasn’t done anything.


Because she is being hated on for no reason whatsoever and the others behavior towards her is unwarranted and disgusting

Julie Chen

She wasn’t vibing with anyone in the beginning. Even the comments on here talk about not liking her until the woke crowd thought she was being bullied. Some people just aren’t likable.


They hated her from the jump and mostly because of jealousy. Paloma’s idiot behind started a lot of it. She is likable, they are just jealous

Palm Oil's Meds

Because the whole cast sucks so Taylor is the lesser of two evils. This is the worst cast ever! The men are weak, cowardly and ugly. The women are catty, petty, and delusional. Taylor never had a chance to play the game because she was iced out from DAY ONE over baseless assumptions created by a psychotic girl off her meds. lol


This is the most unlikable cast in the history of Big Brother. When and if Taylor leaves, the season is over with for me because I have nobody to root for and will not be watching. I will vote for Taylor as America’s Favorite Player


I don’t get it either. Last night on the feeds when she was talking, she said she refuses to be a havenot…I’d love to see if she refuses. At times she seems cocky, then switches to the crying. I’m not a fan and I can promise you I’m not jealous of her. I don’t get the hate, but I don’t get all this adoration for her either.


Pooch the hooch has an inflated opinion of himself and appears to suffer from short man syndrome.

I hope Taylor wins veto and the send him packing.


Michael better not screw this up and vote out Taylor. I hope Taylor wins the power of veto and chaos ensues. Hopefully Jasmine won’t put Brittany up as a replacement, because then I think she will go home. I really don’t like Daniel and would be happy to see him go sooner than later. I’m still hoping for a Michael, Taylor, Ameerah, and Kyle alliance.

Paul Sucks

Is anyone else hoping that Taylor wins veto and Jasmine puts up Turner…Just want to see all the plays on Turner and Hootch.


Didn’t somebody on here predict on night 1 or 2 that Paloma and Pooch were playing too hard and would be the first to go? Nice call!

un autre nom

Everything I judged Pooch harshly for night one, Paloma is doing night two. It’s like the two of them are bound and determined to be the leader of every alliance in the house. They are overplaying, which is fine considering without the two of them feeds would be REALLLLLLY boring, but the game strategist / theorist in me is rolling my eyes and caring less and less about their longevity in the game. not sorry.
Night 2.
But there were other people thinking the same thing. The two really did overdo it on night one and two.
Then again, Pooch isn’t out the door. He’s just a guarantee that the house splits.

Palm Oil's Meds

Pooch looks like Eddie Munster,