Turner – “We have to get one of them out this week” (Taylor, Michael, Brittany) **Updated**

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Head of Household:  Turner
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Spoilage
WOW things are changing fast. as of 11:40am sounds like Brittany/Taylor going up with Michael as the primary target.

10:30 am Monte, Turner and Kyle
Monte says the week of Taylor’s HOH there was some weird sh1t that was going on.
Monte- Brittany was in here talking Taylor’s head off and Micheal was in here agreeing with it. They convinced me I was like Hell that’s a good idea.
Monte brings up the meeting at the pool table where nobody said anything other than Kyle. “Nobody said their opinion I was like what the f**”
Kyle – I brought you Joe said before he was gone Michael and Brittany are playing both sides..
Monte – 100%
Kyle says Michael came down and warned him that they were going to try and get rid of Alyssa. Then 20 minutes later Joe comes down and gives him the pitch.
Kyle – 20 minutes later Michael comes down and says right after you had that conversation with Joe he ran right up to Taylor pitching Kyle’s not going to do it Alyssa needs to go you need to convince him
KYle – Micheal is saying that to me.. I’m like holy sh1t what’s going on. So I spoke to Brittany she is like we have to keep Alyssa. We had the conversation in this room they don’t say anything. I’m like what the f**
Monte- you had another conversation with them again before the pool table conversations and they still didn’t say anything
Kyle – nothing
Monte laughs
Kyle says after he didn’t use the veto Brittany and Michael came to him said “thank you so much for not using it we need Alyssa moving forward she’s going to be a number for us”
Monte – Ohh my god
Kyle – I was like holy shit.. After I talked to joe I was like Bro they are playing us so hard. That was Joe’s advice when we was going on the last day he was like Bro Michael, Taylor, and Brittany are like a thing.
Kyle says he’s certain Michael, Brittany and Taylor are a solid three
Monte agrees “What I was about to tell you in the bathroom. the telltale sign was when Michael picked me over you cause I was like wait a minute this almost makes no sense. ”
Monte – especially since they were so concerned about you and Alyssa why not pick you.
Monte says during the week they were really “milking” the fact that Kyle and Turner didn’t want to get rid of Alyssa the week before now we have a reason.
Kyle- Michael and Brittany said that?
Monte – yes in this very room. I knew something was up at that pool table nobody said anything.
Monte says Brittany, and Michael were trying to sway him and he played along with it for a bit. “They were coming for you hard”
Monte- Brittany was here, Taylor was there and Michael was over there. Michael and Brittany started going on like how you and Alyssa’s relationship is like they weren’t sure about it. If we come to find out if Kyle and Turner had anything to do with Alyssa staying.. blase blase

Monte – Michael said something outlandish he said something about the week of my HOH. He said something about like was Kyle the one that convinced Daniel to use the power of veto. I was like what the F**
Kyle – convince no dude
Monte – you don’t need to convince me I know what time it is. They are building the case and they are trying to build it to me that you guys need to be the first ones out.
Monte – they were saying ‘if anything happened on that side so that Alyssa stays then we need to target them’
Kyle – Taylor won’t even look me in the eye.

Kyle brings up when he went to talk to Joe and Taylor after not using the veto. “I said I feel uneasy about that conversation (pool table) multiple people voiced their opinion to me and never said a damn word”

Kyle – I asked them straight up do you think people are having conversations with you that are different than what they are having with me? Nothing they didn’t tell me anything. They were protecting Brittany and Michael.

Monte – the fact that joe told you guys that they were trying to form something with him last week. I had nothing I swear to you guys I had no idea they were trying to think past the seven until this past week when they chose me and started talking all this shit about the two of you
Kyle says it’s like Brittany and Michael tried to set him up during Taylor’s HOH. They were the ones that warned him about the new plan to put up Alyssa.
Kyle – I’m telling you behind closed doors they were talking mad shit to Taylor and Joe.
Turner says they were telling him they wanted Alyssa to stay

Monte – I think they tied to pull the okey-doke on you
Kyle – f** that dude.. Why?
Turner – yeah f** that
Monte knew it was going to be either Kyle or Joe out this week so he wasn’t surprised to see joe gone.

Monte says that Michael gave Brittany the veto win. “He knows every single game. I’m convinced if there is an opportunity for the man to win a veto he’ll win”
Turner says after hearing all this about Brittany, Taylor, and Michael it’s liability leaving them in the game “Two of them have to go up”
Monte – if Michael wins this veto.
Turner – Even if he wins, say it’s Michael/Taylor one of them will go home. If he wins Brittany goes up Taylor goes. If he doesn’t win Taylor stays Micheal goes. there’s no situation one of us goes up.
Mont e- do you think.. right now there is a slim possibility we will get the opportunity again where there’s a chance he doesn’t play in the veto. that is a consideration here.. if you put up Brittanya and Taylor
Kyle- I was think ing that too there’s a shot he doesn’t play

Turner – he’s already going to win the game hand voer f**ing fist
Kyle – he’s won the game.
Monts – he handed Brittany that veto
Kyl e- why would he want to win again and bring it up to 7 comp wins
Monte says it was obvious he threw the Veto.

Turner – we have to get one of them out this week (Taylor, Michael, Brittany)
Kyle – we will look back at this moment and be like we should have taken that shot.

Monte- what will be the narrative why?

Turner asks Monte if he has any issue with them taking this shot.
Monte – No I would easily vote Michael out. Everybody would honestly
Kyle – everyone sees him winning the game.

Kyle – Turner you always come through with one of the most influential HOH’s of the season. Turning point one and now we have turning point two.
Turner – It started the leftovers and ended it.. what can I say
They keep going back to the conversation at the pool table.

Turner – for nominations what’s the best case scenario Michael/Brittany or Brittany/Taylor?
Monte – Taylor/Brittany .. you know why? that’s the only hope he doesn’t play
Worst case Taylor goes Brittany won’t win a thing
Turner says the other side (Terrance and Alyssa) are not about Michael staying.
Kyle – The only risk is Micheal gets chosen to play and Michael wins.
Turner says worst case Michael wins takes Brittany down Taylor goes. “which is super wild she doesn’t really give him anything”
Monte – remember when she told us she would the two of us up when she first one the HOH (Taylor)
Turner laughs
Monte – sometimes I think she plays a very confident role and all that stuff like strategic game moves I’m just not sure she’s there and I think Michael and Brittany feel like they can tell her exactly what to do. it’s the same way Nicole felt. Same way as Ameerah felt.
Monte says Mike and Britt were 100% the ones behind getting Alyssa out during Taylor’s HOH.

Turner – Any idea of a speech that will be a reason that won’t expose?
Turner asks Monte if he’s down with this plan.
Monte – 1000 percent. the logic behind it makes too much sense.
Turner – one of them has to go this week.
They agree that Brittany and Michael are big fans of the game.
Kyle- if you did this you took out Ameerah and Michael
Turner – that would be crazy
Monte – taht be some shit
Turner – they were part of the reason we got this far but they dug their own grave by F**iung everyone.
Kyle – we got us to this point us sitting in that room establishing the leftover. They were tools us three used.
Turner says just like Monte says he had to pledge allegiance to the house to stay last week they did to so they area ll besties with the outsiders. “I know how they feel about those people”

Kyle – we’re in the same boat you have allegiance to them we have allegiance to these guys at the end of the day we started it. Let’s be honest Terance doesn’t trust me.

11:26 am they pound one for Joe

11:30 am Kyle and Turner
Kyle says he’s thinking they share what happened last week with Monte and he can go downstairs and make amends with Terrance and Alyssa.
Turner – that is what I was saying
Kyle – do we tell him everything?
Turner – we can say Joe spilled the beans either way
Kyle sighs.. “I don’t know let me think about it. that conversation he’s not bullshitting”

Kyle says he hadn’t talked to Monte for 2 weeks and now that he has “he’s a homie”
Kyle – he was the scapegoat last week.
Kyle – I feel good about those noms Taylor/Brittany backdoor Michael.
Turner – the f**ing afterparty whoever the f** their names are will be stoked.

1:26 pm getting ready for the nomination ceremony.

1:38 pm Turner and Terance.
Turner – I’m going to put up Taylor and Brittany up and try to backdoor Michael if he wins we’ll kick Tayklro out is that okay with you?
Terrance – I’m solid
Turner – I’m riding or die with the afterparty.. Ideal Michael Second taylor
Kyle joins them.
Turner says that it’s clear Monte is not with these people he wants them out so there is a chance they can pull him in .
Terrance says the only worry he has is he tried to betray Monte.
Turner – you aren’t even on his radar that’s a thing of the past. We can do multiple weeks in a row getting those three out.
Turner – the afterparty totally safe this week that is my ride or die. then we take out Michael and Taylor
Kyle – they will lose their shit. They are like Cocky walking around so happy Brittany and Taylor they have no idea.

1:48 pm Turner and Kyle Agree they will talk to Monte together and tell him what happened last week.
They talk about how Turner will pin as much of his noms on Joe. saying that it was Joe that told him they were trying to recruit him to take Turner out.
Kyle – everyone will know Michael is the backdoor target.
Turner – Michael was in here saying ‘I don’t think anything happened on the inside
Turner – I was like the same as outside.
Kyle- it’s pissing me off how much they are downplaying their week. We didn’t do anything
Turner – you do realize we are in the same alliance.
Kyle – with Monte onboard I feel way more confident about next HOH
Turner – it’ll be you, Monte, Alyssa, and Terrance. A 5V2 with the people I trust. If we can get Michael out who is a POWERHOUSE
Kyle – Dude we have a good shot to make it to final 2 there are not a ton of people I am super worried about. There’s Michael and Brittany and that’s it.
Turner- Michael and Taylor
Kyle- that is what I meant.
Kyle – Brittany is a liar dude..
Turner – all of them.
Kyle – I trusted them so up until the last HOH if Michael hadn’t won and shown his cards so much I would have still trusted them.
They talk about changing the same of the Pound to the city council

2:10 pm targets

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not sure how on board i am with letting monte stay safe so easily, but splitting up the michael/taylor/brittany final 3 is rather important to the other 5. issue is that michael’s the only real threat of those 3.


Since Turner and Monte are my favorites, I’m on board!

The Beef

I think adding Monte really strengthens the Afterparty alliance, and weakens TOS (it’s not really the Leftovers since there are 3 in that alliance and 3 in the Afterparty as well now). It’s good that Monte now sees, or at least now admits that Michael, Brit and Taylor (along with Joseph) were playing both sides in the whole veto/no veto fiasco, and that Kyle was in fact put in a very unfair position when they did that.


I sense that their plan won’t completely go as planned and someone’s scrambling is going to backfire on them into next week


It all comes down to who wins the comps next week. If after party plus monte has all the power look forward to a snooze fest, but if they’re forced to go up on the block, expect fireworks

The Beef

LOL! Things wouldn’t be normal around here without a Robert backfire or come back to bite him prediction every week, so I’m glad to see this one isn’t any different! 😉


I do not trust Kyle. He would (& probably will) turn on anyone.


WOW! Turner has michael/taylor/brittany as the target. In the words of Kaycee Clark: “Let’s GO!!”

Kyle & Alyssa get no blood on their hands yet again.Get to sit on the sidelines with their beer & popcorn in hand while they go at it.

Deloris Matthews

I agree can’t stand Kyle


How do you not like Kyle, he’s the only one that has made a big move by outing the Alliance, haven’t seen this type of move in big brother in years. Atleast he’s playing the game.


Kyle in the last three HOH’s has made some serious ground after being at the bottom of LO. No question, Kyle has put himself and Alyssa into a great position in the house. He didn’t have to make nominations to accomplish this. That is the marking of a great player. No question, Kyle has played the best since scoring that 2nd veto. Looking back at it, boy was that particular Veto win to save Alyssa from Taylor a big one! The domino effect that has led to where we are now is just unbelievable.Things really couldn’t be going better for Kyle & Alyssa.

bleacher creature

I preferred Monte/Taylor nominated with a Michael backdoor. But any combo works. Just don’t nominate Michael. It’s a 60/40 chance he doesn’t play veto.


I thought Turner to be smarter than allowing Kyle to manipulate his game, completely abandon his alliance, and now be in power and still go with a lie all for Kyles girlfriend to stay in the house. If they come for Michael they better not miss cause he will have their heads next week.

Turner was on no ones radar to go home but he will be now.

Kyle and his girlfriend will be sitting at the end if they aren’t careful and I will vomit. How do they not see Kyle’s manipulation for Alyssa’s sake blows my mind. I feel like Monte knows the truth but has no choice but to go with it to stay safe this week.

Vanessa Goodman

That’s what I’m saying. Turner think. They are using you! You are siding with the weaker part of the house. They can’t keep you safe.


Lol, what are you talking about? If they get rid of Mike or Taylor, they (Turner/Monte/Kyle) is the strong side of the house.


Turner can’t play next week, and monte isn’t great at comps. Kyle would have to win 100% or their plan flops

Vanessa Goodman

That’s a BIG if


Actually, even though I dislike Kyle, Turner is making the best move to reposition himself as a top 3 player; it is a game-winning decision. Staying with Leftovers, he would be in the bottom half of the house.

I still like Kyle

I agree. Of the after party Turner Terence and Alyssa have a great shot of staying together and when it gets down to four if it gets down to four they get rid of kyle. But I actually like Kyle so I’m happy with their plan this week. Ready for Taylor to go but Michael leaving would really help everyone’s game.


Securing Monte and getting rid of one of the remaining three leftovers is probably the best course for Turner. If he gets rid of Terrance or Alyssa and can’t play in the HOH next week, he is probably gone. Michael and Taylor would both target him, and in that scenario, only Kyle has a remote chance of winning HOH to protect him. If he can get out Michael and he can secure Monte, he has an excellent chance to make it to the end.


I agree, anyone who trusts Kyle will get burned. Kyle is all about self preservation and he will sell out anyone to ensure his safety and Alyssa’s safety, and if it ever came down between him or Alyssa on the block, he will send her packing and give her the pool float on the way out. I hope Turner is careful, I have him and Michael as my picks to win it all, I hope he doesn’t burn his own game for Kyle’s trash ass


Kyle is the only one playing big brother, why do so many people like watching drama free big brother. Kyle’s outing the leftovers has been the biggest move in along time in the big brother house. I’m definitely on team Kyle’s side after he has made a big move.


I like drama, but I can’t stand Kyle. It’s really that simple.

Deloris Matthews

Turner is stupid, he should know Kyle was behind joe’s leaving I thought Terrance shared with him Kyle spilled the leftovers he’s making a big mistake joining Kyle, and Monte is stupid as well, Monte should have questioned what went on in the backyard he knew Kyle was not trust worthy


At this point in Big Brother, no one is trust worthy. You look for people whose goals align most closely with you — right now. I think Kyle is as likely to evict Alyssa as Michael is to evict Brittany and Taylor.


Especially after promising them all safety & Leftovers til I die.

I’m not opposed to the move, I’m shocked by his messiness – there was no need to offer anything if he was uncertain. In essence – it’s NOT what he did – but HOW he’s doing it!

He could’ve just done the one-on-ones & been vague about his nominations or used better phrasing. OR HELLO – lock down your objective & targets before having one-on-ones. His emotional moments & interaction with Britt & Michael are going to feel very disingenuous now (and sadly, I don’t think they were).

He complained about losing two jury votes last night – and now he’ll lose three jury votes (barring the luck of sitting beside someone the hamsters feel betrayed them worse) and not just jury votes – but INFLUENTIAL jury votes!

Ironically, for as much as Indy, Jasmine & Joe are all anti-Kyle the two players who likely will hold this against Turner instead of Kyle are Brittany & Michael who’ll consider him Kyle’s other b*tch. And again, NOT for the move but progressing with his game plan in hand & then switching it with massive damage to his own game hours later. AND it’s the second time bc Kyle also convinced him to put up Ameerah when he was having second thoughts on his first HOH.

I gauge all the players based on how they adapt but I feel like this is going to leave a lasting blemish on Turner that frankly was entirely unnecessary.

Addendum: If Turner manages to get to F3 and wins the last competition & cuts Kyle to take Ally (although there six ahead of her more deserving of the $$) I’ll applaud his brilliance!


Michael knows he’s the biggest threat in the house and would win if the game ended today. As a fan of the game, it’s pretty unlikely he would hold it against the person that got him out.

In fact, good chance that he would vote for Turner to win if he’s the one that put him out.


I do hope their shot at Micheal fails. I hope he wins veto and HOH next week and takes his shot at the other side. I hope it goes back and forth with the shots. I’ve pulled for Micheal from day one. He needs to start playing for himself and ditch Taylor and Brittney!

Vanessa Goodman

I really wish the remaining leftovers from the inside could figure out Kyle. I think the game will take a drastic turn. If Kyle makes it to the end, no one in jury will vote for him. The majority of the jury is leftovers. There’s no way he would win. Joseph will definitely make sure they know what he did.


Oh totally. That’s why it’s in monte and turner’s best thing interest to side with him


I’m here for the popcorn and my mad crush on Simon and Dawg. ~grin~ LOL Ok, truth be told, this is the best site! Thank you both for keeping it up. I just added to your piggy bank.


And this is exactly why you play the game. When you are given a shot to take, you do not miss. Don’t throw it away. LOs starting to whittle down, but things change mighty fast.

un autre nom

Well, Monte caved. Of course, realizing that the outside is in power, he’s lemonading, but he still caved. lol.
Noms will apparently be what Kyle wants.
Britt and Taylor with a Michael renom target.

only flies in the ointment: Monte is wrong, Michael Britt and Taylor know about the Pound (not name). Not much of a fly at all. But a fly.

Family issue… will likely miss a few days. Sorry. Life happens.


sorry to hear…good luck, though…look forward to your return.


You said it best: “Noms will apparently be what Kyle wants.” If Turner successfully backdoors Michael, then it’s a huge addition to his resume. But it’s concerning that he has flipped 180 on his original plan solely due to the input of Kyle. Turner’s HOH appears to be Kyle’s HOH. Sure, Monte says he’s onboard, but what is Monte supposed to say? Monte will say whatever keeps his safe for another week (smart move).

P.S. – Best wishes to you and your family these next few days. You’ll be missed.


Also, I think Monte kind of wanted this form the jump. He dropkicked M/B/T by spilling to Turner their trash talk last week. At first I was surprised, but he has proven again he is Pound-strong.

Monte and Turner are both bro all the way. They think Kyle is as well, but I think they are still watching him for shenanigans.

But I think Monte might be rewriting history a bit due to game convenience. He blamed he’s recent distance away from Kyle last week on Kyle’s decision to choose Alyssa. Now he’s blaming the distance on M/B for playing both sides and pitting them against each other. Both are partially true, but it’s in Montes best interest today to mend the fences with Kyle and focus on getting Mike out.


Can’t stand Monte and he was trash talking the outsiders last week as well.


Not caving, he just going with the guys. Monte has always been POUND. Reconfirming the Pound trio with a couple of extras for votes is all gravy for him.

He only wants Terrance out as a priority because he knows he’s his target. But he’s also not dumb and realizes that while Terrance MIGHT win HOH and target him, but he knows Michael WILL win an HOH and target him.

And them sprinkling in that Joe was telling them the dirt on M/B/T just makes him that much more gung ho to send Mike home.


Sending you positive thoughts AN – hope it’s not serious xo

East Coaster

Best wishes your way Another Name. We’ll miss you and be waiting for your return.


Bonne chance.


Ha! So much for my dream of getting Kyle out… oh well, still rooting for Monte/Turner for the win.


I heard a reprimand to conserve water given to Taylor this morning. 1st time. These people have irked me with their wasteful behavior (with everything) this whole season. I thought Cali was eco minded and very indignant about it. Meh

4 be 4

leave the taps running


Monte for the win at this point


Anyone but that snaky Kyle and his ditzy side piece, Alyssa. Turner for the win.


I’m so glad that Turner is not going to stay true to the After Party Alliance. Alyssa showed just what she could do in the HOH competition, I agree with Turner when he said that he & Kyle would be with a stronger group if they remain with the Leftovers, or the Pound.

I hope Turner is picking up on how when Turner was willing to put up Alyssa & Terrance, Kyle said ok, they will just have to deal with the fallout, but as they kept talking, Kyle once again turned the conversation around saying Alyssa & Terrance are not a threat.

Kyle suggested they go after Taylor, Michael or Brittany, they can always take Alyssa and Terrance out later. Kyle always agrees to vote Alyssa out, then turns around and tries to save her, I hope Turner is paying attention to this, because if Kyle has his way, it will be Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance and Turner as final 4.

If Kyle or Alyssa win HOH, Terrance and Turner would be on the block, I have no doubt that Kyle would vote out Turner in a heartbeat, I don’t care how many times Kyles says that he will vote out Alyssa, it’s not going to happen.

Hopefully Turner is seeing this, I think Monte would be more loyal to Turner than Kyle would be. If they get rid of Michael, then I would not have an issue with Turner & Monte being the final 2.

I don’t want Kyle to make it as Final 2, in my opinion, Kyle’s game play, he freaks out, he gets paranoid, lies and makes himself the target, he’s not really an alliance team player, when the Alliance wanted to use him as a pawn, and he knew they had the votes.

Kyle is always ok with someone other than him going up, Kyle is very selfish and I think disloyal, I say disloyal, because of how he has treated Alyssa, used her for his benefit, snitched everything she told with with Turner & Monte, I just do not trust Klye, and I don’t want him to win.


At final 4 the hoh is just safe and veto has all the power. Turner wins either competition he is fine. Worst case is Kyle wins hoh but then Kyle doesn’t vote. Turner doesn’t really need to worry about Kyle as long as he can convince alyssa and Terrance to vote out each other, which he can probably do


Kyle is playing a phenomenal game. If he manages to make it to final 2, I would consider him to be on par with Tyler BB20.

He was responsible for both major power shifts in the game, has great social connections with almost everyone, is involved with most alliances, and has made strong strategic/manipulative moves (getting info about “Old School” from Alyssa, ratting the LO to Terrance, convincing Turner to backstab the LO, etc)


Yeah, his play is on par with Tyler or Paul or Dan gheesling’s second go. I could probably list a bunch of other second place finishers to compare him to


Agree totally. Kyle long ago realized he was 7 on the lo pecking order. Unlike Joseph who died on his ” Loyal” to the end sward, Kyle is adapting what ever way to go to end. All the Kyle haters need to ask yourself when you find yourself on the bottom do you go peacefully like Joseph to jury or do you adapt weekly to be a final 3.


Nah dog, desperation is not great game play. He only wins if he’s sitting next to his girl or Terrance.

Trogdor the Burninator

I thought at first Turner may miss his opportunity for a meaningful HOH. Terrance and Alyssa would have been a huge waste of his HOH. He is smart to target Michael. Even smarter to team up as a 3 with Kyle and Monte moving forward to solidify the Pound (Minus Joe). Best opportunity to get him out is now. He may not get another chance later. By taking the shot now, even if he misses, Michael loses a Number. He has the protection of Monte and Kyle now, and still keeps his options with Terrance and Alyssa if Monte or Kyle go on the block against him.


Technically he doesn’t have the protection of Kyle because Kyle is only looking to protect himself with secondary thoughts to Alyssa

Trogdor the Burninator

Technically you are right. But only in the case that Alyssa is on the block against Turner. I think Turner stays in any other scenario next week as long as he rolls with the After Party + Monte.

Paul Sucks

I got to give mad props to Terrance. I thought at the beginning of his HOH he was playing sloppy and was just asking to be the next one evicted. He blew up the LOs, his game play led to the formation of a new alliance which appears to be holding, secured the HOH through Turner and more importantly has disappeared into the background. I think this realignment gives him a solid chance to make final 4 where he was looking at 8 if the LOs survived.

Michael’s plan was to have Allyssa and Kyle come back and go to war with Monte, Turner and keep Taylor. It has now backfired and he is now going head to head with Turner and Kyle with Monte jumping onto the bandwagon.

Popcorn at the ready this week. Hoping we don’t have a live feeds plague like we did during Dyrefest!

illegal smile

Michael is not stupid. Once Turner puts Brittany on the block he’ll be gunning for that veto. Then if he gets to play and wins, he and whoever is left (hope Taylor) will be fighting for that HOH which would be great tv. I love tug o wars I’m still sour on Kyle and will laugh if alyssa wins over him.

Paul Sucks

That’s if he gets to play in the veto! He only has a 1 in 5 shot unless players choice is drawn by one of the two ladies.


Why one in five? There will be THREE players picked from the bag from five possible competitors & his chances are better than all of them bc 2 of the 3 picking out of the bag can pull House Guest Choice & BOTH will pick him.

The Beef

1 in 5? There’s a minimum 3 in 5 chance he gets picked to play, given there’s 8 players and 3 of them are automatically in the game (the HOH and the 2 nominees). Since he’s aligned with both the projected nominees, if house guests choice is drawn by either one of them (especially Brit) he will be chosen, so he’s got better than a 60% chance of playing in that veto. It just depends on how many house guest choice chips are in the bag, and if it’s drawn by the HOH before either nominee gets to make their pick.


I love that Monte was like fuck that trio and joined Turner and Kyle he is really playing a great game. I’m happy Turner flipped bur his jury management is terrible he’s telling Brittany Taylor and Michael they’re 100% safe then gonna blindside the hell out of them lol


Welp, if Turner puts up the leftovers production got exactly what they wanted with splitting the house, blowing up the leftovers.

Trogdor the Burninator

I don’t understand the hype people have with her. She’s not a good BB player. Feel bad she was treated the way she was originally, but I really haven’t seen much game from her. At least nothing I can point to that would make me consider her as someone who I’d like to see win. Her HOH was super sloppy, and she’s been part of the alliance that has ran the house for a month by being the last member brought in.


I’m not sure if it’s because people like her so much or that they dislike the others even more. I will stop watching because she is the only person that I liked in the house this season


I like Taylor, but if she went home I’ll definitely keep watching. Even though I like her, she’s not at the top of my list of who should win. I have Turner or Michael for the win.

Tony D

I can’t stand the bb twitter mob. This site and it’s members actually care about the gameplay instead of just wanting their favorites to succeed. Everyone on twitter hates Kyle and won’t acknowledge that he has made moves to further HIS game. Twitter wants everyone’s gameplay to further Taylor. It’s just lame. Thank u everyone here for discussing GAMEPLAY!


Hey now! Genghis Khan gets a bad rap, lol

Paul Sucks

Where does Mussolini fit in?


She’s OK but the way she handled, or didn’t handle, her HOH shows me she is NOT a good player & if she somehow pulls out the win, it was all production’s doing.


Twitter was being ridiculous where Joseph was concerned and is being ridiculous (maybe not as much) where Taylor is concerned. I like Taylor but she was never going to go all the way


I will stop watching until finale night because I don’t like any of the rest of them


I don’t really have a second fave. I didn’t like any of them because of the way Taylor was treated at first. I did like Joseph some. But Simon you know I am loyal to this site so I will continue to support you and read the Blog. I have been reading this Blog for over 11+ years


I’ll be more upset if Michael & Britt leave personally. I like Taylor but her game skills are middle of the pack on my board. I give her some leeway bc as Hannah Chaddah said once you’ve been ostracized or made to feel your only value is to constantly sacrifice yourself (which the Leftovers made her do initially) it’s hard to regain your confidence.

Even when she had power there wasn’t the confidence demonstrated like Michael & Monte did on their HOH. I think it’s inherent in how she plays/strategizes. She’s great when paired with the right partner because she loves to be supportive & work as a team but on her own, she fails to consider the nuances or all sides of the equation focusing only on her personal gain.

I suspect this week won’t be much fun for her stans as each of Taylor, Brittany & Michael are going to feel like what Turner did was intricately plotted out and that the backstab was purposely delivered the way it was not realizing the plans shifted this morning to deliver Kyle’s HOH agenda (that is a good move for Turner but horrifically delivered). It’s going to sting more bc of his overt gestures last night so I’m thinking we’ll see a ton of tears for the next several days & perhaps a fracture that goes beyond game & impacts their friendships too.

Vanessa Goodman

Lol ?


Kyle and turner have zero shots of winning at this point. May as well go to jury and enjoy the vacation. Their jury management is terrible.


If they’re the only 2 left at the end one of them will win. That’s kind of how the game works.


Well yeah lol. That’s obvious. That’s the only way turner wins


I guess I should’ve said they have dramatically decreased their chances of winning. The only way is if they are sitting next to each other. And the odds of that are minuscule. Poor, sloppy play.


Big Brother is a chaotic game with ever-shifting allegiances and personal connections.

To say anyone has zero chance at winning is hyperbolic. Now that Monte reunited the Pound, I think the trio is set up for a chance at a deep run.


Yeah, I covered that above ^^^^

But monte hasn’t brought much to the table so far. He’s just meh at this point. I often forget about him tbh.


Terrance won’t be able to keep his mouth shut for too long. Terrance and Alyssa will talk.


And if he does, who cares? Mike or Taylor will be gone and Brittney is going to have to kiss ass to stay in the game unless they (the remaining two) win HOH.


I can’t believe Terance’s plan worked that all focus is off him and the LO’s are instead taking each other out. Also not sure if this was his actual plan or he Homer Simpson’d to this.


With turner doing this.. he’s officially guaranteeing that Michael will win big brother if Michael gets to the final 2.. at first it wasn’t clear but if Michael makes it to the final 2 (with this crazy move that turner is about to pull) he wins the entire game


If he survives 🙂 If he does then Taylor goes home. I’m ok with that.


If Michael makes it to Final 2, I’m pretty sure he’d win by a landslide simply for making it to Finale with all those comp wins.

Everyone else will need to take a shot at him eventually. Turner just needs to hope his shot doesn’t miss.


If Brittany or Taylor gets players choice they will pick Michael.


And if Michael plays and wins he’ll definitely use it on Brittany, then who will Turner put on the block? Monte???? If Monte is on the block, I could see him leaving over Taylor. So then Turner will blow his game, because he’ll have to depend on Kyle, Terrance, or Alyssa winning HOH. Michael, Taylor, and Brittany would be gunning for that HOH, and if they get it, it’ll be Turner and Kyle on the block. Which would be entertaining, but sad that Turner threw his game away for Kyle.


If Michael wins and takes down Britt, he can’t put up Monte. Because Kyle and Alyssa might vote Taylor out, but Terrance may be the final vote sending Monte out (alliance or not). Smarter to put up Alyssa. Kyle and Terrance would vote for Alyssa. Monte might send Alyssa out, but if he’s solid with the Pound, he’d bounce Taylor since she’s firmly with M/B.

Plus, Turner would probably prefer losing Alyssa over Monte. He needs Monte to play in next HOH.


watching the feeds, terr and monty are going after michael .. should i start screaming about how homophobic they are!


Is the reason Kyle wants to tell Monte how the Leftovers got outed last week to cover in case Michael wins POV & they have to put Monte up as the pawn?

Or is this to cover for Terrance going up (who won’t be frigging happy about that turn of events should it come to pass).

Maybe, Kyle figures who cares if Terrance tells everyone as long as we tell Monte first – but you know if they put Terrance up he’s not going to say Joseph was the one who tattled. And, that inevitably could shift the target to Monte bc he’ll know Kyle lied – – but something tells me it’ll be miraculously swept under the rug.

For a cast that lies as much as this one is I am perplexed no one has called out Kyle for his lies. Turner is involved in many of his lies (having to double down on them), actually, every single person left in the house has borne witness to him lying pinning his lies on others & frequently doing it in front of them or involving them in the deceit.

So because I don’t want The Beef 😉 to clock me for my preferential bias – I’m asking in all seriousness – WHY is someone who has major tells when he’s panicking & lies arguably more than anyone the only person who the house doesn’t call out or clock for lying?

Talent? Casting (he’s another Nicole F, Michie Grod fav)? Mist? Trust/Loyalty/Comfort factor? Fear? 10-seconds of er (&^*%%)? Please feel free to enlighten me. Thanks in advance for any insight offered.


Michael, Brittany and Taylor are bound to tell Turner that, during Taylor’s HOH reign, Kyle told them how the Leftovers formed (that the four guys were behind it), and how they needed to gird against Turner, Monte and Joe. Kyle’s protection of Alyssa made him sell out a lot of folks.


And what I mean by that is that someone will put two and two together that the people who were sewing seeds of distrust have been Kyle, Michael and, to a lesser extent, Joe. Joe is gone. Michael is the current target. What Kyle has to watch for is that someone catches on that he sold out both the Pound and Leftovers, and he might become a “house target” like Ronnie, Frankie, Frank and so many others. Not just selling out but doing so maliciously.


Taylor asked Turner today about the four guys if the four LO guys were an alliance & he said no – so yeah – Turner why didn’t you ask which four? (there’s five – he didn’t think of Michael bc he’s not in the Pound).

But yeah, it’s probably going to happen this week & Michael already gave Kyle a not too subtle hint today telling him that he should know where his/Britt’s loyalty is bc Kyle has given them a lot of information that could hurt his (Kyle) game yet they never said a word.

After he said this Kyle responded ‘yeah, yeah, —- long pause —- yeah.

The Beef

If you would stop being so biased, I wouldn’t have to call you out on it! LOL

I think you come by it honestly though, given your day job. Any beat writer has to be biased in order to keep the fan base happy and keep the pay checks rolling in, so I get it.

Just keep in mind though that I have roughly 30 years of officiating in my background, so I’m used to being very neutral – I like to see both sides get a fair shot. That’s why I tend to point out what you might call “hypocritical” complaining about what one person or another is doing, when one or more others have been doing basically the same thing and nothing gets said about that. I also think doing it tends to promote more “discussion” of what’s actually going on in the house, and maybe open peoples eyes to those facts.

You can rest assured though that I highly respect your opinion of everything happening in there, and very much enjoy reading what you have to say about it. There is certainly no disrespect intended when I “challenge” you a bit, and I hope you know that.