“I am leftovers till I Die. It started on my HOH it’s not ending on my HOH” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

2:34 am
HOH Room. Looks like he got three packs of Red Bull.

3:54 am Turner and Kyle
Turner – Bro listen here’s the thing I need to make a decision that helps us I don’t care if you win every competition I am taking you to the final 2 so I need you and me to figure this out. I am f**ing confused.

Kyle – it’s 4 to 4 right now if we are sticking true with the AfterParty which I think we should do which means. you can’t vote so we have 3 votes.
Turner – right after we came in Monte came to me concerned. he was like listen is the pound still a thing? I was like For sure. she said ‘GOOD’
Turner – listen. I’m thinking out loud here tell me if at any point I’m going rogue
Turner thinks there’s another group that doesn’t include Monte. ‘tell me to f** off if I am going crazy here”
Turner – I think it is possible.. I don’t know We came in here and I was like I love these people that have kept us safe for so long
Turner says he didn’t want to win the HOH but he knew it had to be him or Kyle.
Turner – we started something and people have kept us safe for so long it’s been a month and a half of worry-free Big Brother. It’s because of a group of people
Turner – it could be 4 Vs 4 now but if we waited a few more weeks it could be 3 Vs 3
Turner proposes the two of them and Monte team up after Britt, Mike, and Taylor
Turner points out that Terrance and Alyssa are weak competition players but the other side is strong. It’s not Kyle who is going to lose the jury votes this week.

Turner – Can we stay true to the people that have kept us really safe? those two jury votes are gone for me.
Turner – There are two sides do we do the new thing or the old thing I just can’t decide which one.
Turner – do we really trust that Alyssa and Terrance to win an HOH?
Kyle says if they can get rid of Michael this week it will be Monte, Taylor, and Brittany against Kyle in a HOH.
Kyle – my gut just based on the conversation I had with Michael and Brittany in the storage room they are trying to dig and see if anything leaked about the leftovers.
Kyle – they are freaking out with you winning they are uneasy they don’t know what’s going on. My gut is telling me those four.. Michael, Brittnay, Tayor and Monte.
Turner – is there any way.. is there any questions I can ask that will peel a layer off this onion?
Kyle – they’re too smart they didn’t share any information about their week they didn’t share any information about the noms. They kept everything very strategic. They were hoping we would spill the beans about joe and what happened. Brittany was very curious about what happened last week. They are freaking out dude because they have been strategizing those four for a week. Dude, I feel the same way there are pros and cons we have Terrance and Alyssa both weak players. IF we can get to the final 4 with them we are golden. We will make it to the end.

Turner – it would be up to me and you to win Comps. We have a better chance to work the pound to get us to a 3 vs 3. Monte came to me it was not .. it was not strategic it was. Dude I was in the shower.. he was like Dude is the pound still a thing? I was like yeah sure.

Kyle – Joe before he left was saying Michael and Brittany are working both sides of the house and since Michael and Brittany picked Taylor next and then Monte.. Monte over me? I for sure thought they would pick me for safety he freaking picked Monte over me.
Turner – if he didn’t pick Monte, Monte would have gone home. or maybe not..
Kyle – Me over with Terrance as HOH knowing I have zero relationships?
Turner – true

Kyle – I haven’t talked game with Monte for weeks bro.. I don’t feel close to Monte as we did at the start. With the pound, we were locked in but I don’t feel like that.
Turner – Joe clearly told us there’s a thing between Michael, Taylor, and Brittany. I need to tell that to Monte in a way to see if he knows.. a visible reaction either he knows or he doesn’t
Kyle – If we backstab Alyssa and Terrance this week we’re f**ed on that side then we’re going up against Michael, Taylor, and Brittany because if they win they are coming after me and you. Alyssa and Terrance are no threat to their game at all. They are taking that shot FIRST if they win HOH I guarantee Taylor is coming after me. She won’t even look me in the eye dude. She’s like f*** Kyle, After last week . You say her reaction when Joe went home she was bawling

Turner – for sure
Kyle – Bro I don’t know
Turner – It’s really a tough decision with the same pros and cons on both sides.
Kyle – we have an uphill battle this group we have are not strong players. I looked over at Alyssa she’s holding the thongs but he end (During HOH today)
Turner – she’s in the last place all the time
Kyle – which is insane because she’s a super fan.. I’m like you should know
Turner points out that Terrance has been last in every single comp except for the last two. I swear we can get MOnte back with us we just need him to see the light in some way.

Kyle – maybe we can get Monte back with us and take a shot on that side. If he can see the division between Monte, Brittany, and Taylor
Turner – I can say Joe told us he was asked to join them.

Kyle will tell Monte that during Indy’s eviction week Brittany and Michael were playing both sides.
Turner says he saw how badly Alyssa did on today’s comps and thought to himself “there’s no way I can put my faith in that”
Turne r- I love her but if she goes home this week you would have no part in sending her it would be me. I f***ing love having her in this house but putting my faith into what I was watching to my right would be crazy

Kyle wants to get the remaining pound members in a room.
Kyle – we can say dude we’re in trouble. Michael and Brittany are playing us all. They picked you last and I think the only reason they picked Monte is that they had a deal with Terrance to take a shot at Monte. If we can get Monte on our side and me strong with the pound and take out Michael, Taylor, and Brittany..

Turner – Terrance and Monte they do not love each other. Then there’s Alyssa who doesn’t trust MOnte.. this is so hard..

Kyle – I’m just worried about keeping. Monte, Michael, and Taylor. They’re the strongest competitors by far if we don’t take a shot this week.. It’ll be me and you especially since Taylor hates me I think the ideal scenario is we take out Micahel this week and somehow convert monte to get back with the pound and be solid with us. We still have the trust of Terrance and Alyssa and then Monte is on our side.
Turner – that is a great plan in theory

Kyle – Monte I trust the most out of those three. He’s never done anything against the Oasis, he’s never done anything against the leftovers, he’s been a Hommie since day one I have no reason to distrust him. Even Joe I didn’t have any reason to distrust him. It was just a shitty situation.
Turner – with Joe he would have picked Monte and Taylor over one of us.
Kyle is certain the insiders spent the week with jasmine sleeping downstairs planning their final 4.

Turner – Ideally we could convert someone but putting my hands in Alyssa and F**INg Terrance is crazy so we need to figure something out that is somewhere in the middle. It can’t be those two they are not good. It would be us carrying them every week.
Kyle – I don’t know if we can get back in with Taylor, Michael and Brittany they are too far gone and they are smart enough to know as soon as they win HOH Terrance and Alyssa are not a threat it’s me and you who are winning comps and are smart enough to know..

Turner – how close do you feel with Micahel and Brittany?
Kyle – Hoesnlty I felt decently close with them until he didn’t pick me and during that conversation in the storage room and after what Joe said with Taylor and, me . Dude it showed a lot with them at the pool table when I said where do you stand with this and he completely gave a neutral answer but with me he wa slike dude we got to see Alyssa. what to me shows what joe was saying is true. I didn’t play it up in the yard I think what he’s saying is true Michael is playing both sides with Brittany.

Turner – for sure.
Kyle – I don’t trust Michael and Brittany at all they will pick Taylor WAY before me and you WAY before they will take a shot at me and you next week for sure. Theya re not going to go after Monte and Terrance and Alyssa. If Taylor, Micahel, and Brittnay win it’s me and yo ont the block 10000 percent.

Turner says he trusts Brttnay more “on day two she came up to me.. she was the only person that asked to work with me so we’ve had a really good relationship”
Turner – As far as the group I know her loyalty is. I agree with what you are saying. I’m going to need to talk to every single one and then run back to you so we can compare all the info.

Kyle – Alyssa, and Terrance are no threat to our game

Kyle – Michael is going to win the game he’ll win next week’s HOH, especially with Taylor and Brittany so close to him.

Kyle – we can’t take a shot at Terrance and Alyssa they are zero threat to our game. Our only option is to take a shot at one of those four on that side. Monte is the only one we can bring over.
Turner – yeah
Kyle – unless you feel good about Michael and Brittany I just don’t think they will say let’s put up Monte and Taylor.

Kyle – I just don’t feel comfortable with those four still in this game. Alyssa and Terrance can float with us until Fial 4 we can take those shots easy but then Michael, Taylor even Monte. They knew Jasmine was going home the whole week they were planning the next five weeks we are playing catch up for sure because it was such a sh1t show out there.

4:14 am Terrance and Turner
Terrance – Bro the whole time me and Michael were watching on a screen like this and Michael was like C’mon Monte you got to win
Turner – WOW ..

Terrance says he told them initially he put up Turner and Joe. Joe’s story wasn’t adding up. So I pulled Tuenr down and put Kyle up to see if I could get anything. Joe’s stories were still not making sense he was talking crazy so I didn’t feel comfortable with him being in the game. You guys followed my leave because he was HOH.

4:17 am Turner and Alyssa
Turner says he’s trying to figure out who out of the four to put up.
Alyssa – Brittany keeps asking me why did Terrance put Turner up I was like I don’t know.. she was like I always thought Terrance and Turner were close why would he do that? I was like I have no idea.
Alyssa says Micheal and Brittnay are scrambling right now.
Turner – tomorrow will be like ripping a bandaid off it is what it is.

4:22 am Turner and Britt
Turner – for some reason I trust you a lot
Britt – I feel the same way
Turner – there’s the leftovers then there is the leftovers that were shoved outside.
Turner wants both sides of the leftovers to join back.
Turner says he’s not putting up two leftovers he wants it to be an easy two weeks for them.
Britt – I am all in with the leftovers I want it to be an easy two weeks. Sure we’re not fial 7 that was out of our hands.
Turner – we’re final 6
Turner says he had to make promises with the people outside to survive he will for sure go back on those promises. “I will not get two jury votes not going my way I can tell how much they do not expect to go up on the block and when they go up on the block it will be mental warfare for them I will lose two jury votes. All I ask when it does go down to the final 6 I hope I’m not the first target”
Turner – you and Michael are fine.
Britt – who Terrance and Alyssa?
Turner – i don’t want to put anyone up as a pawn. I want all the leftovers peacefully for two weeks.

4:27 am Showmanceing

4:33 am Turner and Monte
Turner – this last week was very messy we were all fighting for our lives. Joe was near the end was falling apart. I’m only running this by you because I trust THE POUND
Turner – Joe was like.. he was saying when he was chained to Taylor. Taylor asked him to be in an allegiance with himself, Taylor, Michael, and Brittnay.. I was like that is fascinating.
Monte – there sitting out there.. so if you want me to lay everything out for you.

Monte – I want to talk to you about it before the Noms.. I was hoping we would have time to talk about what happened last week. Remember when Taylor was HOH and the whole idea ith Alyssa getting backdoored came up you know I talked to you about it but I think they were getting a sense that Kyle really didn’t want to do it. Especially that pool table conversation which was weird to me because I felt like I’m indifferent I don’t care I can see both sides. When we had that pool table conversation it was weird we had Michael, Brittnay and Taylor but especially Micahel and Brittany er talking like it was a good idea to get Alyssa out that week. They convinced me but apparently, they were not direct with Kyle that they wanted her out.
Turner says the same with him they weren’t direct about it.

Monte – This week those three sat me down and said the same thing joe said to you. I never talked to them about past the seven at all. I swear on everything bro
Monte – this past week they kept on talking like they wanted Kyle and Turner (out). They wanted Alyssa to stay. They said it would have been so much better for everyone’s game.. I was like Okay I was just going along with it.

Monte – last week they started having the conversation with me about when we get down to seven Kyle and Turner will be the ones we target first.
Monte – they proposed that if anything shady happened we would have to go after Kyle and Turner.
Monte – I’m leveling with you this is the truth bro I swear on everything this past week I had nothing going on with them at all. When Kyle wouldn’t use the HOH I could tell Michael and Brittany were playing both sides.
Turner – that is what Kyle was saying

Monte warns they don’t know where Terrance’s head is at if he wins he could put any of them up.
Monte is proposing they take out Terrance this week and next week if Michael wins HOH he’ll take out Alyssa then they will be 3 vs 3 and Michael can’t play
Turner is saying they should have a asy two weeks.
Monte says “They” don’t want to put TUrner up it’s more Kyle and Alyssa.

Turner says he is burning two jury votes by putting Alyssa and Terrance on the block.
Turner- as long as everyone is fine we get to the 6 then it’ll be 3 versus 3
Monte – Terrance should be the priority he can win over Alyssa
Monte – Is Kyle onboard what is he thinking?
Turner – Kyle wanted to get the three of us in a room

4:52 am Turner and Michael
Turner says last week he was fighting for his life outside. His allegiance is with the leftovers so he’s going to put Both Alyssa and Terrance up.
Turner – BOOM easy enough
Turner – I had to promise them safety to get back into this goddam house. If I put them up tomorrow I will have a minus 2 jury vote not even a question. Which is fine. I am leftovers till I Die. It started on my HOH it’s not ending on my HOH I want everyone to final 6 as long as everyone is okay with that.
Turner says he had to offer Terrance and Alyssa safety this week because he was on the block but tomorrow he’ll show the leftovers where his allegiance is “with the people we started with”
Turner asks him who would he wants the target is.
Michael – I’m fine with whoever

Turner – I feel 100 about the final 6 getting to the final 6

5:02 pm Turner and Taylor
Turner – I’m putting up Alyssa and Terrance Leftovers till I f***ing die bro it’ll be an easy week
Taylor asks why did Terrance put him up.
Turner explains that Terrance wanted to get the most information out of them as possible
turner – I am putting them up and I’m losing two jury votes. When I put them up and there is talk about us forming something what else was I supposed to do? it is what it is. I hope the leftovers see that I’m f***ing way my priority is getting to the final 6
Turner- I’m totally happy with sending either out.
Turner brings up that Terrance blindsided him last week he put him up after he promised him safety

5:25 am Turner alone
Mom if you are seeing this I got the letter from you it meant more than I could ever explain I love you and I miss you. Same with my dad and Meghan.
Meghan, I think about you so much I miss you I can’t wait to see you
“I have a big decision tomorrow which is going to suck. I promised everyone in this house safety. What am I doing?”
“It’s a messy game it gets like that sometime”

5:38 am all feeds Zzzzzzzzz

7:00 am Zzzzzz

7:24 am Turner and Kyle
Kyle – what are your thoughts?
Turner brings up Monte saying he was approached by Taylor, Michael, and Brittany to form a group.
Kyle – Dude he came and talked to me but Taylor was watching us like a hawk.
Turner – I trust him 1 million percent.. he outed them.
Kyle – me too.. yeah. Dude.. I couldn’t sleep last night. I think Michael knows about the pound. he’s asked me multiple times dude how were the leftovers found who was in the room that night? he’s smart enough to piece it together that it’s the Oasis minus POOCH

Kyle – Michael has talked to me about taking big shots before the 7.
Turner – shit
Kyle – up here the bumper pool table right before the HOH comp last week. He was like dude do we take the shot now or wait till nine? He was open to it and he told Terrance he would take the big shot on Monte.

Kyle – my thinking is they take the shot next week why on earth would they go after Terrance and Alyssa?
Turner – for sure
Kyle – If Monte is really onboard with us then he will Have no problem with us doing Taylor/Brittany and backdooring Michael. We Deal with Terrance and Alyssa down the road they’re no threat.

Kyle – if we go agaisnt ALyssa and Terrance everything about next week is coming out and then the 6 is done. Taylor, Michael and Brittany will be like f*** Turner and Kyle.. Immediately
Turner – that is facts
Kyle – we will be public enemy number one with everyone in the house
Turner – that is facts
Kyle – I think we keep it Taylor/Brittany’s backdoor Micheal. Monte will have no choice but to side with us. He told us they were making a final 4.
Kyle – they might say they’re waiting until final 6 but this is BIG BROTHER why wait?
Turner – that is facts
Kyle – we’re going to have a shit storm to deal with if they find out about last week. We have to get ahead of it. If we put up Alyssa and Terrance we have to deal with the WHOLE house coming for me.

Kyle again brings up that Michael must have figured out the pound. The remaining Oasis form the leftovers.
Kyle – of course Monte is going to say that they are all in self-preservation mode
Turner – it might not be the best thing to put up Alyssa and Terrance honestly

Kyle says why would Monte want 3 vs 3 when he could have 2 vs 4 and take out two guys.
Turner – I hear you bro I’m leaning the way you are freaking preaching.

8:00 am Feeds on the pound.

9:53 am Feeds return. Looks like they got the smaller dinner table.

9:54 am Terrance and Kyle
Terrance – you know who he’ll put up?
Kyle – Monte and Taylor or Taylor and Brittany. I’m not sure. I haven’t really talked to him this morning.
Kyle – doesn’t matter to me. Any of the four.

10:05 am Kyle and Terrance
Kyle – who’s up tehre right now?
Terrance – Monte I think Taylorr was up there with them to
Kyle – makes sense
Terrance – They were the last ones up there with him last night.
Kyle – really
Terrance – after we came out they were waiting in the bathroom. Taylor, Monte, and Michael then they all went up.
Kyle – they were all in the bathroom. They aren’t even trying to hide it.
Terrance – he said he’s going to do it he said it’ll be a long ass day.. I said Bro I got your back.
Kyle – they’re only play is to be like ‘YO we’re leftovers strong still’
Kyle – that is what they were hoping for that we never told you guys
Terrance – Michael was cheering on Monte.. when we were watching his thing and it was you guys. It slipped out because he was so excited. He said Com’on Monte you have to win
Kyle – nbo way did you tell Turner that
Terrance – Yeah
Kyle – He needs to hear that BRO like BAD..

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Well, now he must feel sympathetic to Taylor who practically promised safety and then had to go back on it: The one aspect that is common to Big Brother no matter what the season


I won’t even address the inexplicable hostility towards Taylor by some former house guests, but it was quite intense with no clear justification. I’ll simply say that perhaps you should get over this attempt to promulgate the “woke/racist” narrative you seem to be passively aggressively suggesting. The fact is there has been blatant racism in the BB house in past seasons, and when a player like Kyle arbitrarily suggests that all the people of color are working together, without any objective evidence to support such a conclusion other than reference and association with a prior alliance of color (when there have been several all white alliances on big brother) it is not far-fetched to question the seeming bias of a person making such an unfounded claim of a new POC alliance. That question has nothing to do with Turner’s game, so stop trying to make every plausible question or challenge to the white players’ game play about Taylor which feels a lot like an accusation of unfounded bias questioning, gaslighting at it’s best. Using ‘Taylor’ to challenge any game play question is a red herring, and quite frankly offends the reasonable sensibilities of people watching this show and reading these comments. No one is suggesting that Turner is racially biased, so please do not infuse that into the conversation about him in order to vent seemingly broader hostile sentiments that may be held.


I am merely stating facts. If you are seeing anything more into what I just said that’s on you. Remember Turner said that Taylor’s HoH was messy and all over the place. Now that he is HoH where there are less houseguests than the last time he was he is experiencing the same thing based on similar moves that she did. How he navigates the situation he is now in will tell if and how much his game gets damaged


Actually, I better understand the context of your comments. Thank you.

The Beef

Hardly! He hasn’t picked a target, announced it to his alliance, and changed it even once, much less two times, nor has he tried to put someone on the block for the petty reason of taking a trip from him, a trip that wasn’t even hers since the game was still ongoing at the time and was likely going to be taken by a later contestant anyway. Nor have I heard Turner refuse to nominate anyone based on their race or gender, as we all know Taylor refused to do, despite the facts that person had nominated her and her alliance 100% was united in wanting that person nominated.

Turner’s HOH doesn’t even remotely resemble Taylor’s, at least not to this point. If he breaks out the damn robe and starts acting like his excrement doesn’t stink, well then, maybe it will start to begin to.


The behavior towards Taylor is ancient history at this point. What’s your point for dredging it up over and over and over. Get over it.


It’s not ancient history. People in the house were nasty to her. Now we have both Michael and Turner stating that they did not care that she was bullied. The girl is in a house full of vultures. Before you say it is part if the game save it some of them went beyond game.


For me when people stoop so low and personal with such vile and ostracizing behavior, no matter if its micro aggressiveness, jealousy or whatever else at fault, it’s hard to forget or root for them to win any sort of money. They need to be held accountable to their words and actions, so no, it’s not ancient history.


Excellent, and good for you for articulating and confronting the passive aggressive BS that people get away with.


The whole game is in Turner’s hands right now. He’s got 2 options:

  1. Target a non-leftover. I think this would be dumb. Turner has the trust of both Alyssa and Terrance, and if he puts them up he’ll prob loose their jury votes, specially Terrance who I feel is the one that would get evicted. Kyle would for sure be targeted before Turner, but Alyssa wouldnt be, so he would be #2 on the hit list after this week. Not smart, next HoH would be Kyle and Alyssa vs Monte, Michael, Britt and Taylor.
  2. On the other hand, he could target a leftover. If he evicts Michael he kinds of breaks up the whole Monte, Britt and Taylor group, still has Kyle’s and Alyssa’s trust, and would be in good terms with Terrance. Also, I still feel like Kyle would be targeted by the other group before Turner anyways. And this gives him more of a fighting chance. Next HoH would be Kyle, Alyssa and Terrance vs Brit, Monte and Taylor.

I think the smartest move for Turner would be to put Michael and Taylor up, with Michael as the #1 target and Taylor as the #2. Promissing safety to Britt and Monte (with whom Turner in the future could build some trust i feel like).
If he gets Michael out i feel like he would break apart Britt from Taylor and Monte and that group wouldnt stick together.

Anyways, I’m rooting for both Michael and Turner so this is kind of badd. Awesome season, loving it.


i think he’s better off putting up monte and taylor while saying he “really wants to work with michael and brittany” of course if those two don’t win veto, michael goes up and out. shields him a bit better for next week and puts alyssa/terrance on the block next to kyle instead of himself.


I disagree with you stating targeting a non-leftover is dumb. Let’s say he takes out the leftovers and stays true to the Afterparty, he will have all the leftovers in the jury, there are more of them than the others, they could be petty and not vote for him because of his betrayal. He already gaslit Joe when Joe was laying everything out to Terrance and Alyssa and Turner turned on him and didn’t back him on anything. I think Joe can forgive that and see that Turner only did that to save his game after this week. However if Michael, Monte, or Taylor walk in to the jury after being backstabbed by Turner when he was HOH, and hear what he did to Joe, they will be pissed and turn the whole jury against him. Every leftover going into the jury would be bitter towards Turner. Jasmine already hates him, so Turner will lose no matter who he’s up against. He would lose against even Kyle, because the leftovers would forgive Kyle saying he did every for Alyssa and the showmance. He would lose against Terrance or Alyssa because the fact that they made it to the end with the odds against them because of the LOs would be a miracle.

If Turner sticks with the leftovers, he has a much better chance winning. He will win over Kyle and Brittany for sure. I think he would win over Monte and Taylor, it would be close though. If he’s up there against Michael, I think Michael would win. He should burn the after party alliance, nominate Terrance and Alyssa, send Terrance home since he is better at comps compared to Alyssa, or take out Alyssa to end the showmance.

Next week if the remaining one of Terrance and Alyssa wins HOH I think they would target Michael and Monte over Turner, especially with Kyle in their ear. If Kyle wins, then he will have the blood on his hands taking out a LO and he will have the LO jury members being very bitter towards him. Turner’s best bet is to stick with the LO.


Totally agree with you, why turn your back on 4 others that will be in jury vs 3 from this new sham after party alliance


he already got out joe. at this point he does not want to be sitting next to a leftover in final 2. take them out.

bleacher creature

This is a no brainer. Now is the time to take a shot. Put up Monte and Taylor and hope Michael doesn’t get picked for VETO. Then backdoor Michael if the chance arises.

I Spy

Disagree. He should absolutely target Terrance/Alyssa.

  1. Not sure why folks think LOs will target Turner, especially if he exhibits his loyalty to LOs by nominating T/A . He can explain any of his actions last week as necessary to survive the week.
  2. Nominating LOs will clearly put him on their hit list, and he said it — putting his faith in T/A hands would be suicidal. Next week it will be 3 LOs against 1 AP. Who you think they’re going after (especially if he takes out Michael).
  3. Kyle is pushing this move because it’s best for Kyle (T/A are much closer to Kyle that Turner). That inherently makes is a worse move for Turner.

Kyle seemingly is a spoiled brat who will stop at nothing to get his way (coming to HoH room at 7am?). Turner needs to follow his instincts, stick to his guns and not play Kyle’s game.


Well, I cannot unsee the image of the showmance in action unfortunately. I will say I’ve seen more believable chemistry on a nightly news broadcast… That said, Turner is all of sudden playing like a floater, which is surprising because I thought he had a more focused game. I hope he doesn’t make waste of his HoH by going along with the Afterthoughts with some perceived dramatic blindside which will do nothing more than alienate potential jury votes (assuming he even gets that far). Kyle is flat out the wrong (and arguably the worst) ally to have in this game. In my opinion.

I Spy

Kyle’s is playing the game. He is insistent on this move because it’s best for his game. Hope Turner sees through it.

Illegal smile

Fingers crossed he puts up Alyssa and Kyle then he’ll have Terrance as his plus 1 and one of those two goes home.


Never going to happen!


If he puts up Terrance and Alyssa, I can see Terrance going scorched earth and telling everyone that Kyle outed the LOs the first day they were outside. Everyone will turn on Kyle, and if the veto is used Kyle might end up on the block and voted out. Honestly Kyle is the WORST in my eyes, and I’d rather see him voted out before Alyssa.

Mad Max

that would be ideal!

The Beef

Did you even read the damn update?


kinda feel turner is best off putting up monte and taylor as noms. michael gets backdoored if he or brittany doesn’t win veto but turner doesn’t expose that michael’s the real target if michael does win it. monte is plan b. in the unlikely scenario michael does use veto on monte, brittany goes up and you’d then have to see what happens as brittany and taylor are forced to campaign against each other, most likely taylor goes but it’s possible an argument gets made to send out brittany as she’s tied so close to michael. turner can then hide behind kyle if the remaining leftovers rise to power the following week and put himself in a good position to win comps the rest of the season all the way to final 2 where he beats probably everyone but michael and monte who should be such big threats they get voted out well before making it that far.


I like Kyle, I think he’s playing the game and he’s playing hard. I like Alyssa as a person, but she sucks in the game, she’s almost as useless playing BB, as Jasmine. Turner is right, how can they count on Alyssa & Terrance to win comps, the other side is definitely stronger. However, Mike & Britt, Taylor & Monte, they are after Kyle, so I feel the best move is to bring Monte over and backdoor someone in the Leftovers, otherwise Turner & Kyle will be first out. They have to see, if they do not get rid of Mike, he will win – 100%. The second best back door would be Taylor, she could get the woman vote, and the adversity vote as well. It’s a good game move, and even Mike would realize that.

P.S. Simon, that make out scene grossed me out! I was trying to read and ignore it the best I could, lol.


Re: your PS. I felt like bleaching my eyes.


So disappointed in Turner. This was his chance to shake it up with the after party. They have the numbers to pick off the brochella members and be final 4. That would be best for his and Kyle’s game. If he keeps allegiance to the leftovers, he will go the way of Joe when it’s his time.


Kyle is a snake and has proven he has no one’s back but Alyssa, I hope Turner realizes this and puts him up.


“You can’t split the money.” – Daniel

If turner wants to make it to the end with easy competition, this is how. Won’t bode well for the jury though. But everyone likes him and everyone knows, in the end, it’s your game you have to play.


the game is getting rid of people and them still liking you. making people feel like they were too much of a threat to keep around is generally a great way of accomplishing this. i’ve always liked earl cole’s response to cutting his top ally in survivor, “if i don’t vote you out, i lose.” you have to play what gets you furthest. for turner, that is not monte and michael.

Game fan

the week just strated


Long time reader, haven’t commented for a long time. Here are my thoughts.

Michael: Far and away playing the best game, would be the favorite to win, but the others are finally catching on.

Brit: Is playing the best game she can. Not everyone has the physical abilities, that some houseguests have. She is being the supportive Robin to Michael’s Batman, and it is serving her well.

Taylor: Was doing really well, but her game got really messy during her HOH. She has been playing very emotionally since then, maybe I just didn’t notice it before then.

Monte: This dude, I don’t know if he realizes he is a shield for so many other players. He did a great job playing his role of target for the non LOs. He kept Michael off their radar for the most part. He needs to make a move, or he is going out sooner than later.

Terrance: Always the low man in his alliance, but it has served him well, as others get picked off ahead of him. Has won a little, but his float game is strong, he might mess around and be in the final 4 if he doesn’t go out this week. Seems really into this disrupter thing.

Kyle: His game is so messy, but it is working. His paranoia is serving him well for now, but how long can it last. Probably would have rolled with the LOs, until they took him out at 7, before the whole backdoor Alyssa thing. His move this past week will be a good game move if he makes it to 6.

Turner: How do you combine being a floater and being in a power alliance? He has done it, and won when he needed to. He is just there, until he has to make a move, then he makes it. Have been loving his game, but this week’s HOH is looking like it could get messy.

Alyssa:. Hasn’t done a whole lot. Has been on the wrong side of the house almost the whole game, and is just realizing it. However, the longer she stays, the more tempting she is going to be to take to final two or three.


Michael is one of the best players on BB in years, but he will be in trouble in the weeks ahead. His situation showcases why I have never liked the fact that a competitor can’t consistently win HOH, it hurts the stronger players. If he goes to jury, I hope he will be voted America’s favorite in recognition of his game play.


a player stringing together comp win after comp win has happened a bunch of times on survivor and it’s generally not all that entertaining. much more interesting imo to rely on your social skills to stay safe than comp wins.

un autre nom

Okay. Processed since i wrote about the one on ones in the last post…
Did anyone act out of character?
Kyle is aiming for Michael which isn’t out of character, but is out of character. Why isn’t it? Both Michael and Kyle have been trying to use each other to take the shot, then get rid of each other. Why is it? Really spooked him to find out Taylor is close to Britt and Michael, that has changed his target from Taylor to Michael. His problem? Who does he get to take out Monte?
The playing both sides thing still confuses me. So… Michael and Brittany are non pound and are playing pound vs non pound? OR… Remember when I said Michael Rat gamed too hard that one day? Coming home to roost. Michael SHOULD have told Monte about some of the shenanigans Kyle was pulling. I said that last week. Nope.
Monte? completely in character. Just the both sides thing that gets me confused. While he did say Kyle is the target and dead to me (he wasn’t a victim in the conversation saying heaven’s to betsy) he was hedging and saying we’d have to find out what happened.
Something I found funny odd. Taylor sympathy seeking from Britt that Joseph is gone when Britt wanted Joseph gone because Taylor was prioritizing Joseph over Britt and Michael. But then, as much as i like Taylor… her HOH sucked and she has a bad habit of being a me-me (playing on sympathy in every single situation).
By the numbers: Turner should stick with Leftovers this week (math: 2 juror votes with one person seeking vengeance if he aims at Terrance, or 2 juror votes with 3 people feeling left out and betrayed. No matter what Kyle is going to turn on Turner anyway, it’s in his nature, he’s the scorpion, turner will be his latest frog).

Under current conditions if Monte doesn’t change his mind:
Kyle with Alyssa on the block will try to win veto in order to force the alliance to get rid of Michael.
Terrance will tell all on the block. Turner prepped some leftovers already for the after party alliance part. Alyssa will cry why me and be pouty and pissy and Bunny won’t get Have not room privileges. Expect ANOTHER spiral about that.


Kyle doesn’t disappoint in the fact that we know exactly when he will act bratty. Imagine if he were HoH how he would be acting (“Nobody followed anything I wanted to do when I wasn’t HoH so I am not listening to anyone else!”)

un autre nom

I’m not going to call him bratty. That gives him more of the don’t judge him as an almost 30 year old man stuff. He’s a rat, a snake, a primadonna, and an asshole. Those i’ll use. Brat? I can’t. He’s 29-30. not 12.


No he is not, how rude of you to judge someone like that. I think you must be looking at yourself in the mirror while typing because only someone so insecure and hateful would judge someone so viciously like that.


They are playing a GAME. Pls get that into your head before commenting like a clown. lol

I Spy

He is a brat. A spoiled brat who will stop at nothing until he gets his way. He was seething because Turner did not agree with his plan (a plan that is clearly in Kyle’s best interest and not Turner’s) and couldn’t rest until he changed Turner’s mind.


i disagree with your reads. turner has the ability to vote people out and retain their vote, he’s better served sticking with kyle. kyle only flipped because monte, joe, and taylor were putting the alliance above kyle’s personal game. an alliance is only worthwhile if it works in tandem with your personal game (people seem to have lost sight of this. there were pitches to kyle to get rid of alyssa as it would benefit his personal game, but instead all the pitches were about how it benefitted the alliance’s game). as long as turner doesn’t target alyssa, which he has no reason to do, he’s fine sticking with kyle.


Kyle expects to be sent to the jury house next. That’s an accurate expectation. His game is done; stick a fork in it. The best move he made was to ensure he would not be lonely there, and that “because he lost his game for Alyssa” she should come and cuddle him in the jury house. With those two gone, the rest of the game will be interesting to see who makes it to final three.


I totally disagree, I think Kyle in the game is what makes it interesting to watch. He is the only one making real moves.

I Spy

Kyle’s only move is to try to convince folks to do what is best for them, pester them until they do and get vengeful if they don’t.


Turner is smart to recognize that Alyssa & Terrance are unlikely to win comps versus the LOs. At this point in the game, winning comps is critical. Turner is better off securing an alliance with Monte than counting on Alyssa & Terrance to save him next week when he can’t play HOH.

Also, I don’t think that Turner should take a shot at Michael this week. There’s no indication that anyone in the LO’s is looking to take him (Turner) out first, so he’s better off keeping the peace and letting Monte, Taylor, or Kyle take the shot at Michael.


I disagree that Turner would lose the Leftovers’ votes by evicting a LO this week. Much of the time, the jurors respect good game play. Turner learned that he is low on the LO totem pole and could use that as his justification.


Turner wins HOH the only person in the house that didn’t really need to. He should put up Terrance and Taylor he has excuses for each; Terrance putting him up and Taylor wanting to put him up after he protected her. Tell each side the other side is the target. Then make the decision once veto is played and he has seen how everyone behaves.

un autre nom

Kyle got an early start.
Turner is still in bed. Not really awake. Mumbly and wanting sleep.
Kyle is doing everything he can to push Michael target. And Alyssa safety.
Turner at first says maybe Alyssa and Terrance, and they can still backdoor Michael maybe? Kyle is pushing otherwise of course. IN the dark HOH with Turner who has had…. about 1 hour and 45 minutes sleep and OBVIOUSLY wants Kyle to go. Kyle pushes Britt and Taylor noms to backdoor Michael.
Turner wants to talk to both Kyle and Monte. Tells Kyle he thinks he’s leaning in Kyle’s direction for targeting.
Meanwhile… Turner wants Kyle to get the hell out and let him sleep.
Kyle wants Turner to tell Monte to go sit in line with Taylor Michael and Britt essentially. He’s telling Turner to tell Monte his opinion is meaningless. Mind you, Kyle doesn’t want to say this himself. He wants Turner to do it.

Personally: I still feel like Michael is in great danger this week. I think Kyle and Monte are going to have to exert their equal controls… but Kyle plays dirtier. That’s not a dig. It’s a fact.


“ Tells Kyle he thinks he’s leaning in Kyle’s direction for targeting.” lol I missed this. It would be funny if Turner said “You didn’t let me sleep so that is why I am nominating you!”

un autre nom

completely being real when I say this: If the guy who had pulled shit last week that resulted in my ass going on the block came into my room after I’d only slept for less than 2 hours expecting game talk…. He’d be voting for the winner by blinking once for yes, twice for no. Actually, anyone coming in after that little amount of sleep would be taking their lives into their hands… but the guy that ratted me out and endangered my life in the game? whoa nelly.

However, Kyle saying Terrance will rat may have spooked Turner a bit too. who knows. At this point because I’m pretty sure storyline is aiming at Michael to go…I’m just wondering how they get there.


We will see. I wonder how many say this move by Kyle was “pulling a Kyland”


Interesting— only Kyle is allowed to have a plus one and no one can or should even want to touch that person—ever! Why should turner waste his game on someone else’s plus one. She is not good at comps and is primarily social with Kyle. He nailed it. He and Kyle can’t run the table with those two. It puts too much pressure on them to always be winning. Come on, Kyle. Pay attention. Turner’s strategy appears to be like the cookout’s. To the last non-LO, and then let the feathers fly. They showed it could be done.


I could care less if they vote out Alyssa but she’s harmless. The problem is, Turner & Kyle are on the bottom of that alliance. IF they can pull Monte in, and trust him, it’s best for their game to get out a big target. They need to stay to final 5: Kyle, Turner, Monte, Alissa, Terrance with I hope Turner winning in the end.


I forget, when do they normally post the full eviction interview with Julie? I want to see what other questions she asked Joseph as well as the Goodbye messages

Team Taylor

Turner is the biggest wildcard this week. Ideally, he should have Terrance and Alyssa on the block. If Kyle wins veto and Michael is renom, then Kyle/Alyssa/Monte evict Michael with The Pound running the house.

As far as who can win, I don’t think Brittany has a chance based on Jasmine’s face from last night’s show and Indy’s comments from last week. Terrance will eventually get evicted because I don’t expect him to win any Memory comp or Physical comp.

Kyle is losing jury votes from Indy and Joseph (and probably Jasmine). I think his chances of winning are small but not zero. Alyssa is the only non-LO player who could win, but she has to get some power to make a big move herself (May I suggest evicting Kyle at Final 3?).

Taylor/Monte/Turner/Michael all have great chances at winning; Michael just needs to be at Final 2. The rest need to get Michael out to have a shot to win.


I know I’m in the wrong place to bring this up, but all of your conjecture and projections are really stupid. “If Turner gets rid of Terrance he loses his jury vote.” What a dumb statement. There are a million scenarios and depending on how he plays the game and who he would be sitting next to in final 2 it’s very possible to still get Terrence’s vote. There are a million scenarios like this. You know what’s infinitely more important at this point then jury management is getting to the final 2 so it actually matters. If you’ve made some slick moves and own up to it, someone like Terrence might actually respect that. Getting to final two should be the entire focus at this point.


turner can probably vote out anyone and still get their vote, he’s got a fairly good social game. it’s about getting to winnable final 2s. michael and monte are not people turner wants to sit next to. the rest of the house he’d be in a pretty good spot sitting next to.


That’s exactly why I think his best move is sticking with the after party and picking off the brochella members. Sticking with the LOs will send him to jury.


What happened to Taylor’s shoulder? Looks like a burn that she keeps a bandage on, I think I missed how this happened.


She burned herself with the curling iron around her hoh


Good for Turner! Staying true to the LO is what I would expect.


Yay!! My boot list for going back in was: Kyle/Terrance/Alyssa, then the Leftovers. I’m rooting for Monte or Turner for the win. Wrote this note to myself 3 weeks ago “I want Monte and Joe’s side – Kyle, Turner, to win; not Michael/Britt/Taylor/Daniel/Terrance/Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine”


Same !!


Can’t stand Kyle and I thought Jasmine was bad he’s a snake?

un autre nom

Turner’s noms transitions:
before winning HOH: Taylor and Monte, renom Michael target.
After one on ones: Terrance and Alyssa, renom Micahael option
After Kyle talk 725am: maybe Terrance/ Alyssa maybe Britt/Taylor both with Michael renom option.

His noms are still contingent on Monte and Kyle agreeing to noms. Last night Monte was 100% Terrance target. Kyle is 100% Michael target.

New table. 8 person.
Kyle tells Terrance noms might be Britt and Taylor.
Monte and Turner sleep in HOH. they chatted briefly. Monte thinks joe was playing on the two sides thing to stay because Britt Michael and Taylor don’t have a clue about the Pound. Turner agrees the indoor outdoor thing was possibly involved. Turner wants to postpone more gametalk until they sleep more.

Interviews: Jasmine: not a Kyle game fan. Joseph: wouldn’t have turned on insiders, he would have gone back to them (and yet he tanked them with curated spillage… oy).


Putting up Taylor and Brittany with plans to backdoor Michael is going to backfire big time if Michael is chosen to play in the Veto. Michael is a Competition Beast. If he is chosen to play in the Veto and wins, Noms will remain the same and Taylor will probably go home/jury this time.


Monte slept in the HOH room on the couch. Turner in bed. BEST BROS!

Game fan

Turner points out that Terrance and Alyssa are weak competition players

Didn’t Terrance JUST won two?


Sounds like Some of Brittany’s past mistakes may be coming back to haunt her now


If Turner really wasn’t sure which side to work with I don’t understand why he didn’t throw this comp hopefully he listens to Kyle because nominating Alyssa and Terrance would be so dumb. Even if he goes after Brittany Michael Taylor the others are still more likely to target the showmance


Get ready for one of the scenarios that Monte stated to actually play out: Either Michael stays and Kyle’s game is damaged or Brittany wins the next HoH (anyone who has seen Big Brother knows that the most unlikely person win HoH at a crucial point)

I like to watch

I don’t often post, but I do read other’s posts every few days. A couple of comments…One: shout outs to “un autre” and to our NBA commentator “TTO” for their insightful and comic takes — Good for analysis and comic relief. Two: the cast this season is so much more interesting than the past six, maybe eight seasons…I’d grown quite disinterested in this summertime diversion, but this cast keeps surprising me. The season is more unpredictable than the last number of seasons has been, because this crew (well, most of ’em) came to play. Best season in a very long time, so kudos to the rat Kyle, the enigmatic Turner, and geeze, even to Terrance who stepped it up this past week…I’m also enjoying Brittany, tho I know most don’t. Michael is one of the best players to enter the BB house in a very, very long time, I’m just hoping he manages to squeak out this next week or two without being evicted.
So, once again, thanks to all, especially Simon and Dawg for providing for us all.


Turner – “Can we stay true to the people that have kept us really safe? those two jury votes are gone for me.”

That’s the Turner we know and love!
However, he HAS to see that Kyle is scrambling all over the place, talking like he’s having a manic episode at this point.

If Turner has ANY perception whatsoever about people, he’ll see Kyle’s squirrellyness and won’t trust him.

He’s got a tough decision to make.


Why can’t the HGs play a decent game like Joseph & Michael? Why do they need to turn shitty? What the hell Turner?! #bb24