Turner “They called her [Taylor] a b***h and I was like dude! What the f**K!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony: Michael/Brittany
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

12pm HOH room. Nicole and Monte are studying the days / events of the season. Daniel joins them. Nicole brings up how yesterday Taylor told her its okay if she quits. Its okay if you bow out or somewhere along those lines. (When Nicole was notified that her mom was diagnosed with cancer) But she said it in a way that.. like did you really just say that to me?! Monte – and you walked out I heard. Nicole – well I immediately flipped it. So when someone talks to me in that way or in a manner of energy / negativity .. I immediately what to hand them their a$$ on a silver plater. And so the best way I know how to do that is to reverse .. do like reverse psychology… and like reverse like speech. And I was basically like that is not even in my vocabulary. That is not even an option and I went on this mini tangent where I was like I am here for a reason. There is no way that I am going to quit! I am not going to let anyone allow me to quit and then I made a point to where I was like I already know if something happened to my mom that my sister is not even going to let me know because she knows that I am doing this partially for my mother. So I went on this whole thing and I honestly don’t even remember what I said. When I am angry or mad, I am an angry cleaner. Like I folded this sweater like 5 times. When I left I was so angry I had to go blow off steam. When I left I ran into Ameerah because she was in there when Taylor said what she said I said to her in a sarcastic way ..will you let me know when I’m ready to quit?!!?

Bathroom. Indy, Alyssa, Daniel, Kyle and Joe.
Alyssa says that she wants to get two dogs when she gets out because one would be lonely. Indy says that she wants to get one but hopes she will have a boyfriend so he can help her take care of it. That’s why I don’t have a dog.

12:32pm Bathroom – Kyle and Turner.
Turner whispering to Kyle about the HOH gang talking about Taylor – … they called her a b***h and I was like dude! What the f**K! It just feels so f**ked up. I just feel so bad. (its very hard to hear since Kyle is showering and they’re whispering.) Turner – I’m going to go up in a second and see if the conversation has shifted. Kyle – what were they talking about? Turner – what I just said. Kyle – up in your HOH room? Turner – yeah. In my room so I was like okay I am going to go. Kyle – who is up there? Turner – Daniel, Nicole, Ameerah.. that whole gang and then just Monte and Brittany is there too but they’re not adding any fuel to the fire.

12:40pm – 1pm Kitchen – Jasmine and Terrance.
Jasmine – did you hear us in the bathroom this morning? Terrance – no. Jasmine – that someone came into the bedroom last night and said that Indy said that me and Turner and you and Ameerah are probably going to have to see the block. Terrance – that we have to see what? Jasmine – to see the block. And I’m like if thats the case, who are your targets? And that is between me and you. I am like what?! Terrance – low key! I am happy who initially did but shorty can go too! Jasmine – and who are you (Indy) to be saying something like that. How about you win something first! That was just out of pocket for me. Like get out of my face! They speculate on what the twist is for the people who stay.

1:30pm Workout Room – Nicole and Indy.

Indy – how are you feeling? Nicole – I’m okay. I know I need to talk to her (Taylor). She asked me to talk yesterday and I said when I am ready I would come so I am okay. Yesterday was just a lot. Indy – I know, for everyone but especially for you. Indy – has Daniel ever said anything about me? Nicole – he’s never said anything about you. Do you feel.. Indy – No, I am just afraid since I am not interacting a lot with people the last few days. Nicole – I think by now .. like think about the 8 that have been havenots know what you’re going through so I don’t think you should be worried but also you have to realize we don’t all have connections in the house and that is okay. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friends.

1:47pm Big Brother opens up the backyard for the house guests.

2:03pm HOH room – Turner and Monte.
Turner – You have no idea what people have been through and why they are the way they are. Like this is kind of off topic but when I came up here I was here for like 2 minutes and then left. Monte – I saw what happened. Turner – I felt so awful because … okay Taylor can be annoying sometimes and we’re working with her in an alliance … Big Brother switches the feeds.

2:05pm Nicole comes up to Taylor in bed and tells her that she wants to talk to her… but she just wants everyone to enjoy the outside right now. I just want to make that very clear. Taylor – Yeah, yeah.. and I will get outside too.

3:03pm Bathroom – Daniel and Nicole.
Nicole – Indy has already mentioned to Ameerah that she thinks you and I are too close and then I was with her when she was on the bike and she asked me pretty much if you were to be on the block with Jas who would I send home? She was like I am just making sure you’re aligned with the women… and its like B***h! She was like I don’t ever want to ask what alliance you’re in and I go but I’m not in an alliance and I was like so what do you want to ask me? And she also said the same f**king thing to Jas. Now she has already talked twice about it. And so me and Jas were talking and she was like listen when it comes to fem fatal and when it comes to Old School… in her eyes you have priority over Terrance. Daniel – in who’s eyes? Nicole – Jas’s eyes. That you’re ours, like we’re going to protect you. So I just wanted to let you know that I will definitely be trying to distance myself from you especially when we’re in the room at night going to bed. I want her to avoid her talking about it. Daniel – sure. She sucks! They head to the storage room.

3:28pm – 3:45pm Bedroom – Taylor talking to the cameras.
Taylor – my obvious target is going to be Daniel going into next week. I just need someone in my group to put him up and obviously I would prefer to do it. And they’re my targets. I can’t put myself up next to Nicole. But if Joseph or Monte get HOH… I want him (Daniel) gone! I am just sick of playing everyone else game. I want to play my own. I want those three gone. I want that whole room gone. Those three got to get the f**k out of here. I want Daniel, Nicole and Ameerah gone! And all whatever alliance happened last season, this season I don’t have to care and that’s what’s freeing. Leftovers are about to be the main alliance. Alyssa has a really good social game and I would love to have her on my jury. Alyssa is the second person I’ve talked to about protecting the women in the house and that means taking her to jury. I don’t want to betray that.. and that will be an easy carry since Kyle will want to take her there too. And they can hook up in the jury house.

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un autre nom


Nic’s moms cancer diagnosis isn’t a new development, and has been known in the house for a week.
That’s why the house jumped to the conclusion she was crying about her mom after a d/r.
She wasn’t. She told Daniel she wasn’t. She was crying because d/r led her to believe she’s being portrayed as a villian / horrible person.
While the house was praying for her mother, Nic and Daniel were in the back room planning game strategy and trashtalking their usual hit list. They let the house think it was about her mother.



Karma is going to be a real bitch to Cruel Chef when she gets out of this house!

I wish she could be booed when she was evicted like how Christine was lmfao!


Why are they making us wait all freaking day for nominationssssss

un autre nom

Veto ceremony is usually Monday.


Oh yeaaaaaa I thought today was Monday and I did mean veto haha summer brain


Usually? Isn’t it always Monday?

un autre nom

BBCAN have moved their ceremony up a day a few times if tempers were getting flared, or the plan was shifting off course.


Ok so Nic is saying she used reverse psychology wonder if that has been her entire career and lifestyle.

i understand that being in the house is a pressure cooker but either you are decent human being or your not and personally I am beginning to wonder what person is doing the psychological review of these people and are they qualified.

ok rant is over for now

un autre nom

The trasholes talk about distancing themselves.
I got an idea… how about separate sides of the continent? pre-jury.

Elvis, at this time, is such a little hate troll, that he is starting to have a hard time figuring out eviction orders because he just hates too many people behind their backs.
Meanwhile, his jockstrap (Nic) is trying to dig up dirt to get the mob to burn the next witch.

It’s their method. Their foul, loathsome method.

Indy… i still say she’s playing but isn’t playing. She has zero actual real alliances at this point. Tbh, Joseph and Monte are dropping a ball there. She’s their back pocket save vote, and they are missing it. But… that’s their dumb move. The girls? They’ve been playing come here, go away with Indy since day two.
Hey Alyssa, hide and seek, go hide!
Should be a daily thing. Her blunder? Don’t tell the boy you’re a bunny burner on the first date. Kyle sure developed that canker sore quickly after that… almost like he started chewing his lip to make it believable.

Jasmine thinks another week without having to play big brother, or be a have not is in order because of her health issues. She’s going to be repeating that every week until final 4 if the house doesn’t nip that in the bud. They’ve got Terrance already. Why lug two couches when you only need one?

The Beef

Bwaaahahahaha!! And we have our first couch reference of the season – or at least the first I’ve seen. I did mention in an earlier post that Terrance was fulfilling the “Big D” role this season, but no mention of the couch, so nicely done AN! We can’t say Jas hasn’t won anything, but it was an “eating” contest she excelled at after all (and one she was sitting on her ass while competing as well).


Big D must be so mad at the fact she won on an eating contest!! He could have won that!! Too bad you old couch!!


I’m liking this season so far.

david bb22

Me too. I hope it gets better.


I am too. Lots of action and the self-generated storylines from the houseguests are great on the feeds (though I wish they would save most of the drama for the afternoon and not when I am ready to get up for the day). I was preparing myself for a repeat scenario of when Frankie Grande saved himself from the block when others were trying to sabotage him, only this time with Taylor


Simon or Dawg I don’t suppose there’s a way to convince Big Brother staff to have a feed leak during the Power of Veto ceremony is there? Tomorrow’s ceremony is one that I am eager to see (without any editing)

un autre nom

Oh right, that happened EPISODE REVIEW
How will the FISTY BEASTY (Jasmine speak) twist affect the game?
How will these alliances mesh.
Jasmine twists ankle… only twist that made me laugh this season.
Pooch Pooches.
POS people pull in Jasmine.
Pooch Pooches again… doesn’t want veto used on him.
(ED. 24 year old) Joe is clueless in the game? oh Pooch (ED. wait until he turns 25).
Post veto day 13… almost a week ago.
Michael d/r boilerplate.
Pooch d/r he’s happy. Petty girls are his saving grace.
Jasmine d/r drawls nonsense and I’m over it.
Taylor d/r has to look like target.
Pooch with Ameerah and Alyssa. That was called campaigning? Oh. Uh.
Alyssa d/r no showmances…… ED. she said production promised her a showmance. m’kay.
Mormon showmance talk.
Kyle appreciates her friendship. She’s gleeful like he just proposed.
Kyle likes…. ED. reality: Kyle likes the dirt she brings him like a good little thirsty twit.
FILLER: Stinky talent segment.
Women all in HOH. Joseph knows there’s a feeling. Monte Kyle play dumb.
ED. Monte was never with the majority wanting Pooch out. It wasn’t his decision and Oasis backup concern… can’t evict a man.
Kyle can’t tell Joseph. Kyle is all POS pack back then.
Showmance talk between Kyle Alyssa. Alyssa spills girl’s alliance. They want Taylor to take the shot.
Ameerah: we’re warming up to Taylor. SINCE WHEN. She’s playing cool.
Monte is loyal to POS… but he’s been trying to flip the vote.
Nicole: Guys alliance. Pooch. He gotta go.
Nic the boys are trying to control the game. Men can’t run our game…ED. isn’t that right Daniel?
Indy: my mom calls me Cobra.
Alyssa: my mom calls me Marshmellow.
ED. Men of POS are worried that the women aren’t following orders.
Pooch: blithering like a fool in danger.
Taylor: sort of dry speech (ngl) I’ve learned my lesson and will be a better person gaslight result talk.
Stinky: Pooch. Alyssa: Pooch. Ameerah: Pooch. Joseph: Pooch. Elvis: Pooch. Nic: Pooch. Kyle: Pooch. Monte: Pooch. Michael: Pooch. Britt: Pooch. Indy: Pooch. Terrance: Pooch. UNANIMOUS 12-0 POOCH EVICTED.
Pooch post eviction. Pawns go home volunteer. vote is shocking. Pooch doesn’t know who GIRLS GIRLS REVEAL: SO week 1. It’s POS PEOPLE and OLD SKOOL week 2.

FISTY BEASTIE REVEAL. NOBODY HAPPY. No word on surviving pair member fate.

un autre nom

Oh right, that happened EPISODE REVIEW PART TWO
Rounds. Lighter button. Musical chairs when music ends. Open tables to pick game Partner. Lighters move side to side.
Chenbot is going offline, Yeah, like she gives a shit. They’ll program the spin version next week as a patch to her OS. The host can’t even make it through this two hour episode.
Taylor thinks she’s getting traction with the girls. who gonna tell her?
Stinky didn’t know about flip until Michael hinted. ED. Sideye… so..flash forward: HE’S goin on the block???? so much weird.
Terrence out first. Hopes HOH picks him. Ameerah says she’s POS. Britt out.
Joseph Out. Michael throws. Britt doesn’t want to be partner with Michael. Throwing Britt to the wolves. Taylor false start. Monte out. Chooses Joe. Nic out. Chooses Taylor. Indy out. Daniel throws. Ed. alliance talk of an alliance not introduced yet.
Kyle out. Chooses Daniel (the comp beast??) Alyssa out… Indy was not jazzed at first.
Ameerah out. Stinky wins HOH. Terrance was thiiiis close to the free lunch. Jasmine heard lunch and barked her order.
BESTIES pairs in order chosen:
MIchael Britt // Monte Joe // Nic Taylor // Daniel Kyle // Alyssa Indy//Ameerah Terrance// Stinky Jasmine.
ED. THUNDERSTORMS so I’m on my backup channel… are there always so many political commercials???? Yeesh. RHETORICAL.
Stinky: I’m going after Nicole and Ameerah.
Ameerah: spiral.
Britt: why Michael… WHY? Now I can’t save you. Michael: sorry Britt I’ve got a side deal.
Ameerah: with Terrance I’m never winning a veto.
Kyle and Michael mutual smoke blowing crap.
Stinky thinks Jasmine gets him in with the girls.
Taylor and Nic. Tay likes Nic. Tay is Nic’s shield.
Stinky is out for blood is the Monte Joe thought.
Alyssa thinks the girls are safe. ED. She’s already been told she’s safe.
POS gotta stay solid. Ed. About that…
(ON FEEDS NIC HAS TALKED TO TAYLOR… more you should be sorry, you have to think about how you speak talk).
HOH REVEAL. I never care.
Nobody wants to volunteer. Alyssa caves. Indy caves because Alyssa caves. She thinks she’s the most miserable have not in bb history….. cue BBCAN1 Gary running to the bathroom wailing and crying lying on the ground kicking and screaming at being made a have not. Indy gives it a good college try though. Terrance pissy she got mad.
NIC HAS A PLAN. Michael Britt pawns. Nic Tay backdoor to get rid of Tay… and Nic gets an advantage (what if it’s camp comeback?)
STINKY talks to the guys.
Taylor? Hmm. Dan isn’t happy with Nic being an orig nom… well it’s not the plan. They are skipping A LOT. Michael and Britt are hotseat. Kyle is in Outsiders and listening to his backup of his backup being targeted. Where’s Daniels ranting raving hate trolling?
anyone else smell the Sanitizer?
(ON FEEDS NIC AND AMEERAH ARE SHIT TALKING INDY AS THE NEXT WITCH TO BURN… in walks Indy… I love you girl bullshit talk).
Tay/Nic talk to Stinky. Because Tay needed a chaperone.
Britt talks to Stinky. He says she gives no game info…. the whole clip was game info.
Michael talks to Stinky. Stinky don’t like Britt. Michael would be safe.
ED. Stinky decided before these talks it’s Michael / Britt with Taylor backdoor.
Stinky nominates Britt and Michael.
Don’t talk game. Gun for veto. Rooting for you.
Stinky d/r: i got a plan.
Britt: damn this sucks.
Ameerah d/r: this could be great for POS.
Michael: Gonna have to threepeat.