“Hopefully if we were wrong about her being a bad person she can convince us in her exit interview that she’s a good person.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony: Michael/Brittany
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

3:47pm Kitchen – Michael and Monte.
Michael – just a heads up Nicole in the bedroom today was like I don’t think Monte does what he says so she is going to try and like interrogate you. Just a heads up. Monte – Mmmmmmm. (Nicole doesn’t believe that Monte is a personal trainer. She thinks he’s lying about his profession.) They head to the storage room. Michael – she is like I think he is former military or law enforcement. I’ll try to catch him in a lie.. so she is like.. Monte – What like my background? Michael – your job now… I don’t know but she is like I think he does something else and I am going to try get it out of him today and ask him questions. Monte – ah.. I hope she has fun! Michael – so if she starts asking you about all that stuff .. just so you know. Monte – thank you. They pound it out. Monte – she can try .. I sold gore-tex before but I was very open about what I did.

3:54pm Bedroom. Taylor
Taylor – everyone is so nice because everyone thinks I’m going home but I’m not. Everyone else thinks I’m depressed but I’m not! But I really do, do this at home (laying in bed all day). Big Brother could you please keep the yard open all day .. like shut it when we’re doing the ceremony and then open it back up? I would appreciate that because its going to be rough! (She wants the backyard open tomorrow but she’s not using it today?!) Joe come over by her. Joe – They were like she is going home .. hopefully if we were wrong about her being a bad person she can convince us in her exit interview that she’s a good person.

4:40pm Kitchen – Indy and Joseph.
Indy – what do you expect him to do? Joe – nothing, I just see he is sad still and I feel bad. Indy – no, I feel bad as well and I think it will be okay. Joe – I think so too. I am glad he got this time to decompress and be alone. Indy – and he is connecting to Alyssa so. Joe – yes, yes he is.

5:15pm – 5:30pm The house guests are relaxing and enjoying the backyard. In the hammock Turner is talking to Daniel and Kyle about video editing. Meanwhile, Jasmine is talking to the “bada$$ dress” she wore one time

5:36pm Hammock. Kyle and Monte.
Kyle – how are you feeling? Monte – pretty damn good. Its funny because Michael came up to me and said that just to let you know Nicole came up to me that she doesn’t believe what you do for work. Kyle – oh Michael told me too. Monte – he was like just be aware if she comes up to you. Ummm.. okay?! Have fun! I don’t know why I would go through so much trouble to tell you what my story was. I think what she is trying to do is put a target on me and Joe. Kyle – yup! Monte – Which I think is smart but at the same time it won’t matter if they don’t win HOH next week.. so we just have to make sure we come through on that department.

6:01pm – 6:20pm Bedroom. Taylor and Nicole.

Taylor – first I am sorry. period! You know the words I said were not meant to manipulate or be any head game or anything like that. Before I walked in here I told people no game, no game.. I just want to see her and make sure she is okay. And so when I said whatever you need to do. whatever is best for you, do what is best for you. And I continued and said if its staying, its staying. If its quitting, its quitting. I was just trying to express as your partner in the game … I don’t care about being your game partner … I care about your well being. That was my intention. I get intention versus impact and obviously it had the opposite of impact .. then I am very sorry for that. I truly was trying to take the lesson that I learned from what happened with Paloma and later on with Jasmine and express to you that I will support you no matter what decision you make .. because I support you, because I care about you. Period! Clearly I’ve learned that different messages work for different people. And I was not trying to express to you .. get out of the game there are more important things. That’s not what I was trying to do and I wasn’t even thinking game at all because I care about you and your well being. I apologize because I clearly did not make that clear. And you expressed that the energy that I came in here with was not what you needed and the opposite of what other people gave you. I thought I was being sympathetic and I clearly was not. I am just very very sorry for that. Nicole – thank you. I appreciate you saying that. To be quite honest I was quite angry and I wasn’t going to say anything and then leaving the room and venting to my friends. I clearly did not know that was the way Daniel was going to react and those weren’t my intentions for him to react that way. He was worried about me and he said what he said. I just think with the three situations that have happened (Paloma leaving, Jasmine’s foot, Nicole’s Mom) I just want you to be more aware of what you’re saying and your surroundings and just think about what you’re going to say. It just really got to me.. like you of all people I thought that different words would come out of your mouth and I want to squash it and leave it behind. I said my piece about it. When I am down, lift me up. I hope that you saw when I went into the veto you saw that I was in it. It was disheartening when I hardly heard people rooting for us. I don’t know if you heard my voice but I was screaming at the top of my lungs for you. I honestly feel that whatever happens after this veto we will both have to fight for our lives. And just going forward I want you to know that I don’t hate you but that our path in the game moving forward will be on a business level. Taylor – I get it. That’s the position that the game puts us in. I care about you and your well being.

6:30pm Bedroom – Daniel, Jasmine and Nicole.
Jasmine – earlier when you were by the pool and you said I am dying and then you were like nothing don’t worry about it. Who was it? Daniel – Indy. We all do shout outs but I don’t go … (at the camera) because that’s a rule by the way. You’re not supposed to talk to a camera but she rambled on for like 10 minutes at least. First day back in the backyard it is super intrusive in this relaxing environment. Like someone (Indy) just yelling in the corner. Jasmine – Monte was asking her (Indy) to get her clothes out of the drying. Daniel – here is what I don’t like she is like laundry this and laundry that but when you’re meditating all of a sudden that stops. It started with Monte .. she put her clothes in for an hour and then after put Monte’s clothes in for the 22 minute wash. He was like am I crazy!? If your clothes are going to be in the dryer for an hour, shouldn’t you put my clothes in for an hour!? Jasmine – that girl! What in the world!?

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Reality TV

Must be nice to be Taylor, getting saved from a backdoor at the eviction by production. In comparison to Ameerah, who isn’t going to have that same luxury.


it’s too early to say bb won’t save ameerah.


Can’t blame production for this one. As far as Ameerah, she is a big threat to the other Houseguests so taking her out at the first opportunity is a good game move

Kim Riccardo

I’m lost. Why do you think this?


Because of the events that have recently occurred that led to the group meeting in the wee hours and the fact that Ameerah and Nicole have had a hand in a number of decisions so far making both of them a threat

Palm Oil's Meds

Aww don’t be salty. lol


The last person I would’ve said it must be nice to be is Taylor in that house. Production just gave them the clues they needed to see the truth of the matter in the drs. Some came to the conclusions themselves, others bunkered down in the opposite direction like Nicole while ironically the bad person she targeted was praying for her mothers well being in the other room.


Watching the HoH comp all I can think is my clumsy ass would find a way to miss the chair and fall

That would have hurt!!!

Or sit on the arm!!! Yikes!

Paul Sucks

The charade that Pooch didn’t know he was going was silly. I mean, Taylor was already in her competition gear while he was dressed up for his eviction.

Whatever happened to a good blindside and why does the house have to vote 12-0. It’s just silly.

Paul's Rubber Ducky ? FRIENDSHIP

YES! Makes me think of Austin being evicted with no damn shoes on. HILARIOUS XD


Lol, they actually did slo-mo when it was between Ameerah and Turner. I think that is a 1st for Big Brother. Also, is it me or does Indy give the worst DR clips of any Big Brother contestant across all seasons?

un autre nom

I don’t think Indy does well with the fed line, directed suggestive questioning of the d/r at all.


I am currently wondering if Big Brother caught and is going to air any of the meeting that happened in the wee hours of the morning. They will have to air the latest disagreement that set that meeting into motion

un autre nom

They could bypass the argument in editing of the meeting.
Boys Old Skool reveal and need for numbers premise.
Picking up the people not in old skool that everyone is picking on as targets because they aren’t in.
It could easily be edited that way.


Watching the edit of Turner trying to figure out who to nominate knowing what happened in the last 36 hours is trippy. I wonder how the edit is going to represent the fight and the formation of the new alliance & plan

un autre nom

I dunno. They are doing their very best to edit out all of the pile ons and mobbing.
I don’t see why they would start adding it to their tideybowl edit now.
They can skip over the argument, and make it about OldSkool alone.
They’ve skipped the worst of week one. They’ve skipped the Britt stuff by and large.
In the edit they are just a bunch of wonderful people moving in an orderly strategic fashion, not a shit talking broken telephone mob of assholes spinning vile narrative and behaving like junior high asshats.

un autre nom

I’m not sure, if in my ramblings of the Fajitas meeting I expressed that POS was going to be problematic because they didn’t reveal it.
Michael and Kyle are worried
Alyssa is walking back old skool.
Ameerah will blow up POS.
They are now planning to reveal it to get ahead of the spin.
Saying Paloma pulled them in is a good start. defines it as old and outdated.
I’d go with they didn’t think it was serious, and hope nobody looks at the parings.
Looking at pairings would be bad. I’d also go with Ameerah and Nic were using that group to keep the boys snowed and controlled. If pairings become problematic for Britt or Joe: that’s why I chose you, hoped to keep you safe is the only out that works.

un autre nom

I walked in New York Fashion Week.

me: so she was in the state of new york and walked from her bed to the couch to watch tv and it just so happened to be fashion week?


Lol nailed it!


Beyond done with these sad, pathetic people!!! I hope Ameerah goes followed my Taylor and Daniel. He’s being a straight up MITCH right now. As you love to point out the fact that you were a cop, handle your own business. I’m so happy Taylor is going to turn this game so the Girls Girls are no more.

Normally I want the girls to win but not impressed with any of them at this point!!!