Turner “She was like if you vote me out then you do not have my vote ..and we can’t be friends outside of this house”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany Taylor & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany use the power of veto on herself. Taylor nominated

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7pm HOH room – Monte and Turner.
Turner – Because she is so emotional I am sure the feeling of maybe leaving this week is crazy difficult for someone that emotional. Monte – and to have to go jury and have to see Kyle for two weeks which in her mind could be a bad thing. Or it could be a thing that she just wants to delay as long as possible. Turner – she also said ..this is crazy ..I thought this was chaotic. She was like if you vote me out then you do not have my vote. I was like WOW! Monte – oh WOW! Oh so she is like .. WOW! Turner – she was like if you are sitting next to Monte or Taylor in the end and you vote me out, you don’t have my vote and they will win. Monte – WOW! Turner – I know! Monte – that is.. Turner – Chaotic! Monte – that is evil! Turner – definitely. When she was saying stuff like that I was like okay you’re going too far here. This is a lot ..like even personally. Like what the f**k are you doing?! Like that annoyed me. Monte – I am really sorry to hear that because I know what type of a dude you are.. and how much you value friendships and relationships with people ..and how much you’ve got to bat for her. Turner – yeah crazy. I will tell you that Brittany has been in the DR for like the entire day almost. I just hope that Taylor competes her f**king a$$ off in this HOH. Monte – yeah, I hope so. That would be pretty ideal because then in that case we would have control of who votes who out .. you know what I am saying and the higher likelihood that if she puts up Brittany and one of us… Turner – and as long as Brittany doesn’t win. Monte – yeah honestly as long as she doesn’t win the veto we are fine. Turner – as long as she doesn’t win HOH or veto. Monte – yeah, no that is going to suck because then one of us has to win (veto). And if she wins HOH, that means essentially that one of us are not making it to final three.. which is my ultimate demise. Turner – and that she will be in the house for final three and that is in its self an eye roll. But I feel like I have an 80% chance of winning. Monte – yeah that is my thing.. at least now with Michael not being here it is all possible. Turner – and given a final three he would have taken Brittany over one of us.

7:47pm HOH room – Taylor and Monte.
Taylor – in what world is Turner definitely not voting for Alyssa? Monte – no, he was very upset when he came in here. He was like yeah Bro, I have to talk to you about a conversation that I had with Alyssa. He was like yeah bro.. this is very off putting she told me that if I didn’t vote for her (to stay) that we couldn’t be friends outside of this house… and she also said that if he didn’t vote for her (to stay), she would not be voting for him in jury. At first I was like are you telling me this because you’re going to vote for her because of this or this because you’re upset. And it was the latter .. he was definitely pissed about it. Taylor – and they are friends .. friends. Monte – yeah and for her to use that as leverage for me to vote for her just didn’t make .. you know. Taylor – she is hurting today. She is really hurting today. And yesterday Turner made it pretty clear that she is not staying. Monte – yeah a blundy. Taylor – but she is also really upset with Kyle. That’s what her and Brittany were talking about.. like I got played this whole time. Like all I did was lay in bed and write poems to this guy. And how I went into the special room and said how much I love him and he is my special person. And he was playing me this whole time. She was pretty much replaying the game and saying how the people that she thought had her back, didn’t have her back. And the person that I was in love with is a f**ked up person.. like from her perspective totally f**ked up. She is playing a game of friendship and who had my back .. that is her jury game. That is her jury management, who had my back. Monte – now it is a matter of competitions. Taylor – who wins decides who stays and who goes. Taylor – no matter if Brittany wins or not, you and I are final three. Trust or no trust. Monte – and Turner is hell bent on us so we’re in a pretty sweet spot. There is only the scenario were you and me are on the block and then it comes down to the veto.

8:30pm – 8:40pm OH room – Monte and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I touched base with Turner .. and think I have a decent shot at getting his vote… I hope so. Brittany is giving me the I am still undecided thing.. and I have heard that before. Not used on me and it never seems like it is coming in the best direction. And I know that her and Taylor have been locked in for awhile so I am not banking on that .. so I think that my best case scenario would be that if it was a tie. And so then hopefully you would keep me in the house.. but I understand the circumstances and I know that you’re close to Taylor and I know we’re still getting close but the only thing that I can really as is if you see as like a game perspective and see like with all due respect I would never say anything bad about Taylor. She is the sh*t but that is also something to look at .. she is a strong competitor and if she survives the block that will be five surviving it which is huge in this game. I think that is the most like ever. I think that she is a strong female and a boss a$$ b***h. I hope you are making this decision .. and I know you two have weekend together and have a stronger connection but I hope that you are thinking game wise too and if I could benefit you in any way. Monte – I appreciate you laying this stuff out. Alyssa – I don’t really know where Turner’s head is at but I hope, hope, hope .. like he has been my best friend.. that he doesn’t change that now.

8:52pm – 11:40pm HOH room – Monte, Alyssa, Taylor and Turner hanging out and chatting. They fall asleep in the HOH room.

12:50am – 2:35am Kitchen – Turner, Taylor, Monte, Brittany and Alyssa. They’re eating / playing cards.

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Dean Gulberry

Like if you think Alyssa is the hottest girl to ever be on Big Brother?


Shes up there, I thought Angela was pretty fire : )

Big Jim

not even close


Yup she said she interviewed for love island. Would have been way more entertaining there. She was always on the wrong side of majority rule groups the whole season to ever get a chance. As Opposed to Taylor who was brought into the 7 position of leftovers and feels entitled to final 2 .

Julie Chen

Don’t forget about Aaryn.

Dean Gulberry

Nah! Her Personality sucked and she had huge teeth. I’d say Cassie from season 13 would probably be 2nd.

Julie Chen

Forgot about Cassie. She was definitely the hottest.


if you don’t mind klan hoods and swastikas. her bigotry makes kyle look like abraham lincoln.


I liked Bella from a few seasons back.


She is damn cute. That round face & doe eyes….perky personality & such a bad player. Others can rival her (Jessica BB19; Natalie BB18; & others) but she is up there among the nicest looking gals around. Unfortunately unloyal to the one back home.


Yes, Alyssa is the hottest…if her last name is…Lopez! Zing, zing!!!

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Ever? No.

Game fan

Prob Jessica from s19 or Janelle back in the s6&7 days. Natalie from s18 is also amazing.




24 seasons of big brother and Alyssa is the hottest?????

Captain Kirk

No …..Not even….

But no votes for INDY ?


Angela beats her by a mile!


Cassie Colvin
Angela and Haleigh
Shelby and Morgan BBOTT
Britney Haynes
Alyssa from last season…

All way hotter than Alyssa

Sherry Holley

Daniell, Evil Dicks daughter , was smart as well as pretty.

greg LawsOn



she isnt even the hottest girl on this season let alone all time


No way! I really liked Chelsea from way back


My favorite was Jessie from Big Brother 15.


Alyssa waits until the very end to decide she wants to play the game.

Alyssa is all talk, she is still hung up on Kyle, she was still having sex with Kyle up to the last day he was in the house.

She also admitted tonight to Taylor, she had someone on the outside when she came into the house, so that does not make Alyssa the little innocent girl who has been played a fool this season, to me it shows just how much of a snake she really is.

Taylor & Monte ? What the hell, I don’t see that lasting very long, I thought Taylor was so hung up on Joesph, I don’t think sleeping up in the HOH ignoring Brittany, and expecting Brittany to vote to keep you?

Really not a good look Taylor, you are coming across as a cold hearted person in my opinion, you are treating Britt, like you were treated the first couple of weeks in the house.

If I were Turner, I’d tell Alyssa go pound sand, I don’t like being threatened, you should have played a better game, instead of being the horny girl chasing an immature 29 year old man all summer.

Monte better have a sleep over with just him and Turner tonight, show him some love, make Turner feel wanted and appreciated ?, or Taylor just might be voted out, Brittany and Turner can flip the vote, keep Alyssa, send Taylor to the Jury house.

Alyssa has a lot of nerve threatening Turner, I’d vote her out just to show her, you don’t get to lay around all summer on your back, then threaten me to keep your useless butt.


It was over the top for Alyssa to threaten Turner. However Turner has no right to question ANYONE’s loyalty since he promised Michael an lgbtq loyalty and turned around and betrayed him without blinking! So Turner is getting what he deserves.

These last 5 are beyond pathetic.

Julie Chen

Especially Taylor, right?

Backseat Driver

And that matters…..why?

un autre nom

As far as potential chaos goes, I don’t have a problem with the way things are going.
Any way you slice it, there is a bit of chaos happening as of this vote.
I suspect d/r is pushing the Britt betrayal in order to give 100% reason for Taylor to turn her back on Britt.
Now that they finally have her making out with a guy… they couldn’t go three damn weeks without some showmance bullshit… and that pairing has a named final 2? Makes it easier to dump the woman she doesn’t have the ability to carry while she’s getting herself carried.

Some will say Poor Taylor has never had anyone in the game watching her back and showing her loyalty. I don’t agree. She had Michael and Britt, and immediately started plotting Michael’s eviction. The dude carried her ass for 7 weeks, and she was plotting his demise for 6 of them. Her only reason for wanting Britt? the easy win. That’s not loyalty.
She’s been in how many overlapping 4/3/2 deals this week? Yes, that’s game play and I don’t fault her for playing the game. It’s not loyal by any stretch of the imagination.

Her preferred final 3 is still Monte Taylor and Britt. But… she’s been isolating Britt so much that Britt is pissed and doesn’t trust her anymore. She’s surmised that Monte and Taylor have a final 2.

So the chaos:

  1. unanimous vote boring Taylor stays. No justification for Taylor turning on Britt no hotseat for Monte, Turner continues to lie unchecked.
  2. Taylor stays blaming Britt for the odd vote ending their final 2 deal that Britt thinks is dead already giving storyline justification for the Taylor Monte together angle.
  3. Taylor stays blaming Turner for the vote, causing Monte to be hotseat and have to make a choice chaos.
  4. Turner falls for the sympathy vote plan, Taylor leaves causing chaos.

Hoping for 4! Or option 5 – Britney and Turner flip, blindside Monte, and Taylor goes! Mega-chaos.

Mike Honcho

Glad she grew some beast ovaries and is finally standing up for herself and leveraging her pitch.

I’m sure she and Kyle will be good (hell they were bonin’ right before he was voted out). She’s just using that as a pitiful me ploy.

She and Turner will be on good terms too and i bet she would vote for him over monte in jury. She just has to put the screws in now, which sucks.


You can definately tell Monte lit up Taylor’s world this morning. She has literally been beaming all day and non stop talking. She is acting like a school girl. She will not let Allysa hardly have any alone time with anyone. This girl is THIRSTY!! I cannot believe the rest of the house has not noticed. In the HOH she had to bring up in front of everyone that BB played “Sexual Healing” …UGH..SANTA “All I want for Christmas is for Taylor to be booted out this week.” Dead weight Alyssa can be voted out any time.

Captain Kirk

” This girl (Taylor) is THIRSTY”
Huh? Thirsty?

For what? What is she drinking?

What are you talking about???

Cee Dee

Yea I funny understand. She said that in reference to not letting allysa have any alone time with anyone else. Lol! That’s smart. Taylor is making some big mistakes but that is not one of them.

un autre nom

Okay. I’m being harsh on Taylor today.
Frankly, I’m disappointed in her.
We’ve spent 8 weeks listening to how devastating it was to be shunned by the house for 4 days, and to have nobody have her back when she was mouthed at by Daniel and Nic.
She KNOWS how it feels.
She has had no problem participating in the same behavior for over a week, and sat back nodding in agreement when Monte was giving Britt a piece of his mind, including taking the timing of the reveal out on her (after he forgave Kyle and joined a final 3 with Michael).
She KNOWS how it feels, and whether justified or not, she’s a willing participant in doing it to another person.
That has disappointed me. So today that is expressing itself in being harsh on Taylor.
By tomorrow, I’ll likely be past it, but today, nah. She’s just as much a mob member as everyone else that mobbed her. so she can pick a finger (there’s only one standing).


With the last remaining pathetic 5, one is worse than the other.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is the finale and Michael being interviewed in the yard! I wonder if he has any idea yet what a legend he’s become. Yeah, he probably does..

Michaels Cat

He is not a great player or he would still be in the game. Great at winning Vetos and now has a the record, but I would not put him up there with the Legends of BB.


Everyone has some gangster in them…no one’s perfect.

I feel you on this tho, tomorrow is a new day.

un autre nom

While I’m not angry anymore, Her character as a person took a big hit in my books. If gangster is equivalent of self centred performative asshole, then I agree. If gangster is equivalent of righteously indignant deserved response, I disagree. Lol. I never know which version of gangster is being used. Nobody is perfect. That’s part of the reason I hold a house guests entire game up to the light when the fans start cleaning people’s misdeeds off their ledger in order to be able to call them heroic. To me, nobody has a clean ledger, and wiping away the dirt as excusable is denying part of their game existed.
As example: I looked on twitter and there’s all of this MonTay stuff… and my brain says gee she just had sex with the guy that was the number one reason she was shunned and villified week one, and never apologized for his active role, only apologized for his role in believing Paloma over her. So… those twitter account holders are jumping for joy that Taylor just made a complete fool of herself having sex with the guy that started, pushed and attempted to perpetuate her shunning. EW.

Captain Kirk

Give it to her, lol, but objectively, I just see Taylor and Monte singing…

“Black is black
I want my baby back…”

And I just don’t see Alyssa saying:

“It’s grey, it’s grey
Since he went away, oh oh oh…”

So, there is still hope for Turner.

If Brittany goes after Turner, (lol)..she would knock him out with those big American thighs. but only if Brittany begins to ask:

“What can I do
‘Cause ….I’m feelin’ blue….
If I had my way, Michael be back today
I’m feelin’ blue…
I can’t choose, it’s too much to lose…”


If John Hughs were alive today and filmed The Breakfast Club with the remaining houseguests, this is how they would get casted:

Andrew Clark – Monte Taylor in love with the “basket case beauty Queen” but also is terrified she will hurt him. Can he handle that task of “shipping” security with Taylor? He is amazed by her nurturing beauty inside and outside. She is a woman he has never met before. A workout beast.

John Bender – Matt Turner understands the past, present, future and is happy to be living in all swirling moments at the same time. Walks to his own path. Speaks his own language. He holds what he loves with fierce protection. Always keeps on bussin’

Brian Johnson – Brittany Hoopes thinks everyone is her friend but no one is her friend 

Claire Standish – Alyssa Snider lives in a glamorous bubble that isn’t true reality and throws tantrums/cries when she doesn’t get her way. Suffers from Veruca Salt Syndrome but thinks nothing is wrong with her. Says she doesn’t cry but cries all the time. Her whine cry: “I am outside surface beautiful! Nobody played my game for me and let me win?! WHY?! I don’t understand”

Allison Reynolds – Taylor Hale everyone mislabels her as a stuck up glamour queen basket case but in truth has faced horrible moments and her super power is to shine through them by proving people wrong. She lives on her terms, no exception, and people call her crazy for it. A true Queen looking for her King. 


That’s perfect!! The last pitiful 5 as The Breakfast Club!

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

At least she admits she will be a bitter juror. Most just lie and say: “I voted for who I think played the best” Do people tell the truth when they play poker? It’s a game Alyssa. If you go out next, you go out next. I am happy with her or Taylor leaving honestly. This week is a win either way.

Daniel Sucks

But she will have to vote for 1 of the F2, like everybody else.

Game fan

Did Alyssa for real said that to turner?
Cause i didn’t see her saying that.
Do turner lies to make monte feel like
1) he sacrifices a lot for monte so he should value that
2) Alyssa won’t vote for me so you can beat me

un autre nom

I think Turner actually went to the HOH in order to sob story his way into permission to cast a sympathy vote. When Monte didn’t sympathize he exaggerlied the sentiments of the conversation in order to look justified in voting Alyssa out and appeasing Monte.
It’s what Turner does, he takes a conversation, twists the tone to be more sinister, and pushes that over and over again until everyone thinks that’s what happened, and he convinces himself that’s how it happened. It’s why I call his style of game slimy.
His word is shit, and he’s actually starting to realize he’s given and broken his word to too many jurors. If they are bitter, he’s screwed. Joseph, Michael, Terrance, Alyssa, Britt have all had his word at some point. He broke his word with all of them. Jasmine? fuggedaboudit. Who is advocating for Turner in jury? Kyle? um. Kyle’s too worried about his own advocacy to come out and play. Jurors advocating for finalists does a lot. If every juror is saying slimeball? Paul situation.
As far as Monte schmoozing Terrance to be his jury whisperer… I think that takes a backseat once Terrance starts going in on his Michael theory, and Michael shows up in jury to call him out for wanting to keep Kyle and evict Taylor. Monte will still get the Pound vote, and would get more next to Turner.

Game fan

excactly, i dont feel like this convo really happend , but i see it as a brilliant move by turner side. he is looking for a way to keep alyssa and if it doesent work , he is making sure monte would be loyal to him.
jury isnt rooting for turner but i still think without monte there, he can have monte with kyle , alyssa and terrance. he would than need just one vote. i think it can be indy . and if its brittany in the final 2 he can get everyone but michael


There internet rumors Terrance left the jury house. If repeat if this is true, id suspect a nasty confrontation with Michael about timing of Kyle release. Just speculation over Twitter rumor.


why do my favs always go when taylor is on the block besides them? i swear to god this is rigged for her


Pawn, LO member, social game.


Michael calling Kyle racist isn’t social game

to add to my comment, every week Taylor was supposed to leave something crazy happened
it’s clear she’s the production’s favourite

Carlito's Way

Michael never called Kyle racist. That is blatantly false. He (and Brit) pointed out that Kyle was assuming all of the POC were potentially forming an alliance similar to the cookout and that Kyle wanted all of the non POC to basically stick together. Go back and watch. It made Brit and Michael very uncomfortable. The timing of the reveal appears game related, but any time would have seemed so. It probably was and in so doing he continued to preserve the Leftovers. They were also concerned about reputational repercussions for all involved. There was no good time. After Michael realized Kyle had completely betrayed the LO alliance, they made their move. But they never accused Kyle of being a racist – more sheltered and uninformed than nefarious. Not okay to toss around the word racist imho or accuse others of doing so.


It makes zero sense for Turner to want to keep Taylor again over Alyssa. Why give Monte an extra final 2?


yeah, alyssa definitely takes turner f2, and working with brittany maybe gets her to take turner too. i really don’t see the benefit to turner to keeping taylor. monte/taylor look like a pretty strong f2 and that means everyone is working against turner. worst case it’s a 50-50 split, but it’s possible to turn the whole house on monte, instead of having the whole house vs. turner. i guess turner is still thinking brittany’s a target, but that ship sailed the second michael was on the block. now, you want to take her to the end for an easy win.


Alyssa needs to go. If she doesn’t then she will win BB. She has more jury votes than either Turner, Monte, Taylor or Brittany.


Respectfully I don’t think so. In the history of BB people don’t vote for friends usually, they vote for the best player even if they hate them. I don’t think she would get a single vote if she was final 2, except from maybe Kyle because he’s pretty foolish. Anyhow that’s just my opinion.

Cee Dee

True but you have Indy, Jasmine and Kyle in the jury house this time. And if turner goes to jury??? They are all in for Allysa.


Monte’s true F2 is a question mark — if we base it on his typical penchant to work with bros it wouldn’t be surprising if he had the choice and took Turner. Then he could spout his ‘loyalty’ narrative of Oasis (Day 1, week 1) & Pound alliances which supersedes the Leftovers. B/c of the numerous hamsters not impressed by how Turner played/lied to them he wins easily.

BUT – does Monte realize that’s the case? Will he be able to do the math to recognize the Turner jury angst or will he look at comp wins & the fact Michael went out on Turner’s HOH? While Monte won the POV & had to push Turner to take the shot he can’t be sure the jury won’t credit Turner for the act. In fact, in direct comparison, it’s Turner who has the far better story – Ameerah, Kyle & Michael were ousted on his HOHs & he NEVER sat OTB on Thursday night eviction (assuming he avoids it again at F4).

Monte got out Nicole/Ally ONLY ever nominated women & while he sat OTB twice (both in Michael’s HOH reigns) he can’t claim having to fight for his life – just the loyalty of the Leftovers (and the trio of Brit, Michael, Taylor more specifically) for keeping him safe. Sure, sure there is the puppeting aspect of Turner’s HOHs but is that simply semantics? Again, much will depend on the perception of the jury.

On the other hand, Monte might view taking Taylor as a bigger story bc then it’s two POC in the finals for the second year in a row. But – will he get scared by the five times (50% of the season) she sat on the block on eviction night & potentially more depending on what happens in these last two comp weeks?

I’ve been noting the same things as Another Name in regards to Taylor (toward Britt). There was a convo on Monday where someone said – should we invite Britt too when Monte said let’s have another slumber party & it was Taylor who specifically said NO.

What I’m wondering is whether she’s just arbitrarily acting this way toward Britt (ie: without care/concern) or if it’s a conscious choice. And, if the latter is it tied to her belief Britt just has no choice bc she believes Britt would never pick Turner over Monte (I’m not so sure) or is she purposely catering to Monte knowing he holds all the cards this week – – Read: Turner will do whatever Monte wants so it’s more important for her to have him on her side bc he essentially controls two votes.

Britt definitely feels betrayed by Taylor bc of all the points Another Name outlined in an earlier post. Did anyone catch when Britt was talking to the feeds today and said I should’ve been 100% with Michael instead of 90% (I’m guessing – but I think that comment was in reference to her not telling Michael just how active Taylor was in trying to get him out sooner than F4)?

The big question is whether Britt believes Taylor would pick Monte over her. Even if she’s pissed at her & hyper-squirreling I don’t think she really believes that. Like Another Name, I think her actions have much more to do with potentially gaining Ally’s jury vote, sending her to the jury with a narrative that dirties up Monte’s ‘clean game’ narrative plus I’m pretty sure she wants to get some Monte payback for how he treated her Sunday in the POV meeting.

Ally let a few things out today about Monte immediately trashing the other Brochella group to Kyle so Britt should try to dig up some more specifics for what feels like will be an inevitable blowup between the pair (and something she should actively be aiming for so Ally can take that intel to jury & muddy up Monte’s clean image).

The one question Britt should specifically confirm is whether the After Party agreed to re-nom Monte (they did). That would be some great ammo for her to throw back in his face – stating you keep saying Michael & I used the reveal to help our game but let’s put all the cards on the table – we had a F4 with you & Taylor & yes I know you were also added to the After Party & playing both sides even though you keep trying to hide that fact. The truth is by exposing the information when we did quite literally saved your life in this game bc Kyle/Ally were going to vote you out.

If I’m Britt I’m also dropping the point that it’s convenient for Monte to point his finger at Britt now when the reality is Michael is the main reason any of the Leftovers got so far in the game. So while he keeps spouting the reveal was BM using the reveal for game strategy he needs to own the fact if that’s true then HE was the greatest benefactor since he was who they were specifically trying to save!

I might be on an island, but I’d love for Britt & Monte to have a public spat where she calls him out on his misogyny & hypocrisy with specific points like how HE was the one who set Taylor up to be ostracized in week one, or how he’s just as guilty for lying to people.

And, if I’m Britt I keep the lines of communication flowing with Ally – in order to know for certain where the vote lies. Britt’s goal shouldn’t be to keep Ally this week – it should be to force Monte to break the tie so she shakes up Taylor/Turner prior to the F4 HOH.

While some want Britt to win HOH I’m more hopeful she wins POV bc that would mean Monte would have to do a 180 (how he spoke to her on Monday). The choice is easier if it’s Taylor/Monte OTB bc she’s not dumb enough to go to F3 with the two guys BUT if it’s Turner I really think Monte is underestimating Britt’s choice. She knows how Turner is viewed by the jury & she could easily make a F2 deal with him. Sure he rarely keeps his word but she knows Monte would definitely take Taylor over her so what does she have to lose?

un autre nom

Nobody will notice that Taylor didn’t sleep in her bed three days in a row.
Stares. rolls eyes.
I think Turner already peeped it.
Britt’s going to know. If she’s being called the hall monitor, do you think she doesn’t do bed checks?
Unless D/R tells them they have to ignore where Taylor was sleeping… she’s busted.

Britt feels even more justified that Taylor has turned on her to join Monte.
Turner should get a little antsy (I felt it was pretty clear they were obviously waiting for him to leave last night). That final 2 talk he said he didn’t believe, but quite clearly asked about yesterday as if it was Alyssa’s words… with Monte’s first answer including that Taylor wouldn’t have told Alyssa that…hmm.

Yeah, Britt is up and swaying back and forth (you know… when the hyperhypnotoading goes so hard it’s not just her eyes involved that it’s not a good sign). Alyssa has been up twice. Turner’s been up at least once. And Taylor’s not striding with pride, she’s trying to find the back route walk of shame so nobody sees her. Meh, I wouldn’t trust Taylor anymore if I were Britt: look at her HOH and how she folded to the wishes of men instead of doing what she and Britt decided. Look at how she was more supportive of Monte and blaming of Britt for why the final three was dead. And she hasn’t slept in her bed for three days? Yeah. I’d be thinking get to stepping. If Turner is being mindful… he should be getting a little nervous too.


Just want to say thanks to Simon and Dawg for this site.


Turner better watch it. Keeping Taylor could be his mistake because Taylor even said it…she doesn’t like Turner. Also, Monte could keep Taylor over Turner. In the end, I don’t think it matters however because Brittney likely keeps Taylor over Alyssa….and so does Monte so voting along with them is probably the way to go. Turner would be more likely however to get Alyssa’s vote than either Britney or Taylor. Turner should however, tell Alyssa what is going on behind the scenes…that his vote does not matter.

un autre nom

I haven’t NOPED anyone since Jasmine.
Intentionally. Mostly because I felt sympathy for her as a nope during Brochella when it felt a little like she was being actively excluded. I thought I must be going soft, so I should just give Noping a little break.
If I weren’t intentionally stopping myself from noping, Monte would already be there, and Turner would have just joined him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two big brother players more invested in being shit people while pontificating about being righteous. When it gets to the point where Alyssa is dancing and enjoying herself, and Turner goes on a one minute diatribe about how stupid dancing is JUST to put her down and suck enjoyment out of her?
What an asshole. The guy that told everyone he goes out clubbing once a week at the beginning of the season is seeing someone dancing and enjoying themselves, and takes a wrecking ball to it by describing how stupid dancing is in general? I don’t like that it was done specifically to demean. That’s just being a dick.
I don’t like these people as people much.
All of them. They’re actions and words don’t match, and we’re supposed to just listen to their words? No. None of them are owning their game. All of them preach their causes while their actions actively contradict those soundbites. They’re shit people. There. I feel better letting that out. Been feeling it for a while. These people are alllllll shit people.
It’s just markedly noticeable now because they were surrounded by even shittier people for so long that they looked better in comparison. But now their true shittiness has nowhere to hide and nobody that makes them look better, and I’m telling myself damn, If character is any part of my assessment to choose a winner, I choose nobody, I’ll just sit and laugh at each loser as they’re evicted and sneer at the winner saying to myself you won, yay, you’re still a shit person, only now with money.


Thank you! Thought it may just be me.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

You’re right, they’re all shit people. None of them deserve to be final 5. I really think this has been the worst Big Brother cast ever! There’s not even anyone to root for or vote for AFP.

And why does CBS always cast wealthy, privileged people on this show? Other than probably Terrance, none of these people need the money. It’s that way every year! Why doesn’t CBS give regular people who really need the money a chance?

un autre nom

It’s not a charity, so financial needs weighs as nothing to me in game assessment.
However, a cast where only 4 people were applicants for this year’s season, with 5 more being cross recruited from offers to be on other cbs reality programs, 4 more being recruits, one recommended recruit by a past cast member, and 2 unknown statuses? I’d say a lot of this cast was just pulled out of Kassting’s past work product for Fly on the Wall.

It's me

I did want Turner and Monte final 2.
Production wants Taylor and Monte.
Hate that Taylor and Monte hooked up now.
Now I don’t really care who are f2 and who wins.

un autre nom

From what I’ve pieced together, Turner’s retell was an inflamed version of what happened.
Alyssa, if I’m getting everything correct said ‘just don’t lie to me saying you’re going to keep me if you are voting me out, we wouldn’t be friends and you’d lose my jury vote if you did that’ and Turner’s retell was ‘vote to keep me or you lose my friendship and my jury vote.’
See the difference?


If they’re smart they need to get another big move this week get Taylor out if not they’re gonna be the final 2 Taylor Monte are.. I also feel that out of all of the remaining people people Britney has the least votes She could be a safe haven for anybody that’s in the final 2 to win. Alyssa truly is no threat I really think if they’re thinking gameplay in any way get Taylor out this week…