Brittany – “If there is a 1% chance I will do it”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany Taylor & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany use the power of veto on herself. Taylor nominated

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation It’s been very slow today. Monte and Taylor are spending a lot of time in the bed cuddling. Brittany and Alyssa have been chatting about getting Turner to vote to keep Alyssa so they can flip the vote. My gut is telling me Alyssa is still going.

6:50 am Taylor and MOnte
Taylor – you’re a chest cuddler

11:10 am Monte and Taylor in bed snuggling

1:00 pm Houseguests waking up

3:50 pm ALyssa and Brittany
Brittany says she hasn’t been able to talk to Taylor to ask if Turner is voting her out.
Britt – All I Know he told me if he was going to break it it would break it to you tonight. If he doesn’t talk to you and he doesn’t break it that is a good sign. If he does let me know how that conversation goes.
Britt – even if it’s a tie you have a fighting chance.
Brittany want to know if there what Turner is doing with his vote “If you feel like there’s not swaying him would you tell me.. My game is blown up I don’t mind blowing up anything. If there is zero percent chance of it going to work. It’s just nice to be prepared for”
Brittany – I’m all in on this and if it blows up in my face I am fine. If there is no way in hell this is going to work or if based on your conversations there is something I can say to him to help like..
Alyssa – I’ll talk to him I’ll pull him aside
Alyssa – it might come down to the wire tomorrow
Brittany – Turner and Monte say they want to sleep most of the day tomorrow.
Brittany – if he knows you are going home and Monte isn’t going to keep you doesn’t that help him in the jury house if he gave you his vote?
brittany mentions using the angle of having Turner give her a sympathy vote.
Brittany – getting you out on his HOH is a stupid move of MOnte’s
Brittany – if there is a 1% chance I will do it. It’s only if there is a zero percent chance and you’re like Brittany we gave it a good run. You will have to make that call I will not make that call. It will be nice to not have Taylor coming for me if I am here cause you know I am on my own if you leave this house.
Alyssa – I can’t believe it you are helping me thank you so much
Brittany – I don’t know who to trust it’s so hard she’s in my ear. really affirming me We’re good.. I know what you told me that you were in rooms where she’s Okay with me going
Alyssa – she said this needs to happen.

4:44 pm Monte talking to the camera
Monte – I’ve enjoyed this summer it’s been life changing experience. I am sure there will be many opportunities available afterwards (Meet and greets)
Monte says he’s starting to miss family, The gym and friends the time in the house is weighing on him.
Monte – I’m wanting to hit the steel like I would hit it. I want to get all my supplements back again..

feeds flip to houseguests sleeping then back to Taylor and Monte chit chat..

5:46 pm Brittany and Turner
Brittany – I still 1000 percent have you?
Turner – yes
Alyssa – thank you
Alyssa says Brittany told her she’s undecided so she’s going to talk to Monte.
Alyssa – if worst comes to worse I’m not going out unanimous I have somebody that doesn’t want me out.
Turner – there you go bam.
Turner – maybe you’ll come back to Allstars?
Turner – Sounds like you nee to convince one of 2 people go crazy.. I’m hoping you the best out there.
Alyssa – but I have you million percent? I don’t want to ask you again and annoy you
Turner – Yes.. I got you.
Alyssa goes on about how much she appreciates Turner voting for her.

6:05 pm chit chats

6:35 pm Brittany and Alyssa
Alyssa says she’s got Turner’s vote 100%

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un autre nom

Wednesday Veto Episode
Guys Girls separation… leading to Michael’s eviction by the guys backstab.
Black Box HOH Individual Time Comp. Eyeroll. ED. Oh right, we’re supposed to believe individual time comps… right.
Monte loyal to his final 2’s.
Taylor asks about Turner, but Monte won’t do it.
Taylor thinks she can force Monte to target Turner.
Cookoo Veto.
Monte wants noms to stay the same.
Alyssa says pawns aren’t safe. She’s gunning for veto.
Turnerism D/R it’s… who cares. Just going to lead to a Filler segment. Eyeroll.
Taylor happy Michael gone, wanting to get rid of Turner.
Britt talks to Monte:
Britt asks about lapse of communication. We were in a final 4.
Turner’s perspective is considered truth, Britt’s is considered lies.
Britt says it didn’t think it was a real thing with the girls so she didn’t mention it.
Britt d/r: Turner has a big yap. She’s in damage control mode.
Britt thinks she’s the target. She is.
Turner FILLER: I’m not dirty. Clean up.
He needs praise for cleaning his room.
Taylor and Monte talk:
Monte says pre-veto it would need to be Turner renom.
Monte is lying. ED. they never considered Britt a veto threat. Like 0%
Monte and Turner talk:
Monte says pre-veto it would need to be Taylor renom.
Lying Monte d/r: he told Turner that Taylor is concerned about Turner. Told him to get closer to her. The d/r message: he doesn’t want Turner to know Taylor is wanting a Turner renom. EDIT CHOICE TO DECEIVE EPISODE ONLIES.
What would you do with the money FILLER SEGMENT:
Taylor: I want the American dream
Alyssa: help my mom so she can retire. Start my own business.
Monte: Parents residual income, brother help. Investing in family.
Britt: kids. Can’t have children. She wants the baby. Hear that…. A baby.
Turner: I would open a coffee shop attached to the rug store, and ring for gf, and money to mom and a lizard.

Taylor d/r a joseph flashback… sorta cringe now.
Monte has a routine. Big Brother will wait.
Big Brother won’t wait.
Monte is disqualified.
Monte wants Turner to win.
ED. While Taylor makes Monte her primary partner, Monte keeps Taylor his number 2.

Cukoo clock gear replacement 27 gears to get cukoo to pop.
Turner all pressure on me.
Taylor Turner is the new Michael.
Alyssa: not sure if I’m pawn or not.
Gears ED. and placement holes are all they have.
Britt thinks she is the target, has to loop these gears.
Taylor feels cukoo.
Everyone picks up pace but Alyssa. none of her gears touch.
Turner is a cog in the machine. ED. His D/R this episode are supposed to make me like him. They’re annoying me because they’re fake as hell.
Britt do it or die. ED. Don’t give them that choice cus seriosly Twitter has you in a casket starting week 5.
Monte wants Britt to stay on the block.
Turner has a gap
Turner on last gear…. Britt beats him to it. BRITT WINS VETO
Everyone is bitter she yelled for Michael and won veto.
Turner really bitter.
Alyssa mad she may now be target.
Taylor hopes she’s not the renom.
Monte means he’s got to think about it. ED. Monte was NEVER putting up Turner.
Britt d/r i’m here to stay. I’m guaranteed final 4.
Nobody else happy. Yeesh.
Monte going back to bed pissed.
Post Comp discussions:
Turner choked he says. Or he sucked more than she did. Potato… po-tah-toh.
Alyssa doesn’t know who is renom. ED. Really? Don’t realize you are irrelevant to Monte… you made a final 3 with him and he nom’d you. d’uh.
Turner can’t get in to see Monte to pull a Kyle and Kyland him while he is tired.
Britt and Taylor say Monte is showing his cards. Monte doesn’t want blood, So scary.
Doesn’t show Taylor exposing the get Britt plot.
Turner still trying to Kyland Monte.
Where does Monte’s allegiance lie? His final three or his final three or his other final three? He has final 3 with everyone at this point, remember?
Britt / Monte talk:
He’s trying to schmooze a bit while being condescending. She’s going to push too hard.
Britt questions Turner and Monte final 2. is one turner worth 2 Britt Taylor. Britt says you wouldn’t be with us. She still thinks Monte and Turner are together.
Monte d/r suburban mob boss. ED. He doesn’t like women that push their perspective, not say yes dear.
Turner / Monte talk:
100% Monte refuses to put Turner on the block. Monte doesn’t want 3 women, and HAVE to win veto… he should want to win any….way to have control.
Monte says Britt was a thug.
Taylor damn what up with that crazy bitch?
Monte says it’s Britt’s fault Taylor has to be renom….ED. where he was renomming her the WHOLE time. Taylor already knew he wasn’t putting up Turner, but buys into thug Britt’s fault.
Taylor: Why am I your number 2 not your number 1?
Monte: take the L but still be my puppy. nod your head and say yes sir.

Nobody happy to have Veto meeting.
Britt uses the Veto on herself.
Monte renoms Taylor.
Monte: what’s best for me next week. BROS!!!!!!!!!!!! Fight to stay ladies.
D/R My versions:
Monte: Taylor is properly Stepforded. no man goes on my watch.
Britt: fine I’m a mob boss? sleep with fishes if i get power.
Taylor: I’m so frustrated I’m going to sleep with you every night. That’ll teach you.
Alyssa: I need 2 votes… where’s my butterfly floatie?
Turner: Can’t vote Alyssa out, I need her jury vote, Monte get bloody.


That last Taylor DR of the episode was corny and she did not seem happy doing it

un autre nom

Just about EVERY d/r in that episode was so cringe that I really actually got bored with the bullshit and just decided to rewrite what they were really saying as my versions (noted as my versions) not the d/r subterfuge. That’s how bad the d/r were in sum total.


It’s all so painfully boring. I stopped watching when Michael was evicted. No point after that!

un autre nom

Final 5 d/r are always cringe. They sorta jumped the shark last season because 6/5 left in the double….Tiff Hannah…. but those final 4 d/r were so awful i kept a barf bag nearby. Azah talking about her game like she didn’t spend 70 days sitting in bed. Couch talking about his game like he wasn’t furniture. Kyland d/r out the wazoo with jibberjabber jibberjabberin about jibberjabber… and x getting the whole ‘for all of you that didn’t watch week one feeds, i’m already the winner so pay attention’ d/r.

Team Taylor

I’m hoping Alyssa sealed her fate with how she talked to Turner yesterday. After this little stunt, I’m more okay with Taylor going to Final 3 with Monte and Turner.

Mike Honcho

Turner twisted her words and ran back to monte to make it dramatic info. She said if you lie to me and say you are voting for me to stay and you vote me out, THEN we can’t be friends and you lose my jury vote according to her recount.


Lol. My TV is a Smart-Ass TV. Once it made like it couldn’t detect Paramount +. Earlier today when I spoke Paramount + into the remote it took me to Netflix instead, lol


Do people actually go to Meet & Greets and actually pay to go? Maybe I’m strange but I really have no interest in meeting any of the contestants. This is the only reason they are known, not for doing anything important.


I, OTOH, would love to meet the Comp King Michael. The rest, no interest at all.


Oh Damn! Watching tonight’s episode, Monte being eliminated from participating in the POV competition did not go down exactly as I thought but Production definitely did that wake up call to participate in the competition on purpose either to teach them a lesson or as revenge! 🙂

The Beef

Why do you say that? It appeared to me every single one of them were sleeping in their clothes, so it’s pretty obvious they had been warned and prepared that this was EXACTLY what was going to happen! Why is it that all of them except Monte had no problem getting to the backyard on time? The “I had to put my contacts in” excuse doesn’t fly, since he showed up with his glasses on, and if they knew it was going to happen, what 28 year old man can’t hold his pee for the 5 or 8 minutes it took to do that comp? It’s not like he’s in his 60’s and has to piss every 30 minutes or something, due to prostate issues.

Monte was moving with absolutely ZERO urgency, and frankly, I don’t think he WANTED to play in that veto comp, or else he would have been there ON TIME, just like the rest were (with 15 or so seconds to spare, I might add). I’m sure all the theatrics were added in for entertainment purposes, as well as Monte’s BS d/r speech (“Okay BB, I know you want to get this comp going but I’ve got my morning routine blah blah blah”) but I just don’t get why if the others made it easily why he couldn’t too, even if he DID have to pee! Surely they would have let him do that once he got to the backyard on time, or at least I would hope they would. If not, if I’m him I just say, “Okay, but I still have to pee so I’m just going to pull it out and go right here. Ladies you might want to look the other way.” and see what they say then.


I hope Taylor goes..


When it gets down to the Final 4 people will start with the “I want to see what is going on in the Jury House right now”


I didn’t think that I could like Brittany any less — and then I watched tonight’s episode. What an egotistical witch! She thinks Monte should do what she wants?!?!?! Why in the world would he trust Brittany?


And she actually thinks she can win. She would only possibly win next to Alyssa since she has some wins but she is voting her out. She gets 2nd next to Taylor, Monte and Turner.


And it chills me to say, but the awful Brittany surely could win.


You’ve PERFECTLY described her – “egotistical witch”!!


Simon, since the finale is a week from Sunday and after Thursday, the episodes left are Sundays, Thursday, Special Reminiscing episode Friday, and then Finale Sunday, do you think that the live feeds will be going down permanently for the season next Thursday?


You could be right. I could have sworn that at least some seasons had the feeds out for the last few days with some leaks but it could have just been me not wanting to watch at that point of those seasons because the House was extremely boring, lol

No Name

If Turner had any game he would make sure Taylor went this week.But evidence suggests he is not capable of making a move on his own.So just like Taylor and Alyssa he wants to be carried by a man to the finals.Alyssa’s mistake is thinking Turner would put in the effort to carry her.They all suck.


The only gameplay would have been tricking Brittany into voting out Taylor but Brittany & Turner don’t trust each other. The only other move would have been truly splitting the vote and forcing Monte to choose. Considering the next HoH doesn’t have much power and the real power lies with whoever wins the POV comp, it should be interesting to see how things play out


Turner is a useless player, he’s pathetic. And yet, like the other pathetic one Brittany, he might win. Which does how ridiculous BB truly is..

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

either going home is good with me.

un autre nom

So effect of this vote:
either it’s a tie vote and Monte has to break it… meaning Monte is pissed, and Taylor stays… or it’s a blindside vote and Monte is pissed and Taylor goes.
If it’s a tie vote: Does Taylor really believe Britt crossed her?
If it’s a tie vote: Monte believes it was Britt over his boy…. right?

At least it won’t be one of those everything is going exactly according to plan final 4 moments…. right?


Agree, which would bring the slightest bit of interest back since Michael left!

un autre nom

Michael screwed himself. He tried to play middle in stage 3 of the game with 9 comp wins. A self invested player would have knocked out someone that was a threat, not Terrance… whose only comp wins were second place in where’s waldo and a veto production intentionally made so the person closest to two walls blocking wind current would win.


You folks are Hypocrites!!! I can’t believe you guys want Alyssa still in the game! She adds nothing of value to the show!!! NOTHING

un autre nom

I don’t want Alyssa to stay. I want the chaos of a split vote.
Big difference.