“They made it impossible for me to help you this week.” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany Taylor & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany use the power of veto on herself. Taylor nominated

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:05 am Taylor secures her vote with Monte

8:00 am to 2:00 pm Zzzzz
2:00 pm Houseguests are starting to get up and ready for the day

3:00 am Brittany and Alyssa
Brittany is crying “I have no fucking clue what is happening in this house”
Brittany – I know what my game is win till the end
Alyssa – it doesn’t have to be that way. Me and you are both disposable to everybody else and it was me or you this week. Whichever one wins the veto the other goes.
Alyssa – I feel like a dead man walking at this point
Brittany – they made it impossible for me to help you this week. Yup I tried.. I tried for 2 and a half f***ing hours and was berated the entire time so my vote does not count this week.
Alyssa – I talked to Turner last night and I feel I was getting somewhere. Is it just fluff?
Brittany – it’s up to Turner and Monte this week it’s not up to me.
Brittany says every time she opens her mouth it comes back to her. “It’s not up to me this week”
Brittany continues to cry “I want you here”
Alyssa tells her if Monte or Turner win HOH she’s going home “How can I help you.. if I stayed this week I would owe you my game”
Alyssa – I have been manipulated and twisted
Brittany says Monte will vote her out.
Brittany – Turner made deals to stay here this week.
Alyssa says she will be “SO Blindsided” if Turner voted her out.
Brittany – do you think there is any shot if Taylor won HOH next week that she would protect me.
Alyssa – I have no ide a
B – that is what she is saying but I don’t know if I believe it.
Alyssa says it all depends on the veto winner.
Brittany says Monte has a deal with Turner.
Brittany – I tried so hard so hard to not have Taylor on the block. You would be here next week, Taylor would be here next week and Monte would have no competition.
B – NO but I was being a MOB boss by suggesting. I’m not to be trusted and now Turner knows that was my pitch (Someone called Britt a mob boss.. lol)

B – If Taylor is really with me I would have her against them..
Brittany says Monte made her feel like Sh1t. “he’s keeping me in this house because having me in Jury would be bad for his game”
A – me too
B – they are just banking on the fact I wouldn’t win
A – which is stupid..
Alyssa says this is the week she goes out and she’s done nothing in the game other than be nice to people so they kept her around.
Alyssa says sometimes Turner brings up that it’s a good week to take out Taylor. Other times he tells her she better hug him before she leaves.
Brittany says the agreement Turner made with Monte to stay was he would vote Alyssa out.
B – I’m the target next week if it goes off plan he’s the target.
B – If he had just followed the plan then he’s here next week. I’m the target they just hope I don’t win.
A – if I’m here where do I fall in?

3:35 pm Taylor, Alyssa and Brittany
Alyssa – I’m hearing more shit about Kyle.. Ohh now Alyssa is going to blow up their game HA HA HA. Like I came to you because I trusted you and that was not my game and that’s my narrative in this house and I look like a f***ing idiot
Taylor – Like I said out there we have an opportunity to learn this now. I think if we got out of the house and were just learning it we would be like DAMN and it would be 10 time smore difficult. Kyle’s in seasons past don’t get the opportunity to make amends the way that he did.
Alyssa – joe said there’s a group that was formed because of you Alyssa..
Taylor – Kyle told Terrance the second you got into Dyre fest and from what Terrance told me Joe went in trying to get you up and protect Kyle. Terrance was confused because Kyle was trying to get JOe up immediately and Terrance was like why are you defending Kyle so much when he wants you up on the block.
Alyssa – I know that as Kyle and mine relationship moved forward he cared about me more so you don’t care about someone until you care about them. He probably didn’t care for me when I came to with this OLD SKOOL information. He probably thought ohh this cute girl in the house I’m going to take this and run with it. IF he gave a sh1t about me he would not have done that and said Alyssa is blowing up their game HA HA.
Taylor – it was really early in the game..

Alyssa – I had someone essentially back home and I had a life back home and now I gave all of that up for Him and he made me look so stupid (Alyssa cries)
Alyssa – there so many times he made be look so stupid I’m in my room writing him a poem in my head and I can’t find him anywhere and I’m having panic attacks. He was upstairs talking about voting me out that is just my life in this game. I was in the DR and said I met my soulmate. I said those words on TV. I look so dumb and I feel so bad.

5:00 pm Taylor is sleeping

5:47 pm Alyssa and Monte in the kitchen chit chat.
Alyssa talking about the type of Girlfriend she is. “I would go skiing, hiking, I would literally do whatever you want me to do. I’m flexible, Pretty chill Like I drink I smoke I just do things that people.. you know if you want to chill sure I’ll do it. I feel like I’m a pretty good girlfriend”


Hand dinosaurs

6:37 pm Turner and ALyssa
Turner – you have me on your side you don’t need to convert me yo have to convert one of 2 other people.
Turner – all you need is to get one vote.
Alyssa says she’ll talk to Brittany more today. “I think I have a better shot with her. I think Monte and Taylor have an agreement”
Turner – I honestly don’t know but I could see it
Feeds block for a bit when we are back Turner is reading his HOH letters.

6:48 pm Turner and Monte
Turner – I just had a really emotional conversation with Alyssa. It sucked a lot. I feel like shit righ tnow
Turner – she told me if I vote her out we’re not friends outside of this house..
Turner – Which sucks a lot
Monte – what prompted that
Turner – her talking to other houseguests and then thinking I am lying to her and saying if you’re lying to me then we are not friends.
Turner – she says she knows you and Taylor have a final 2 and you wouldn’t in a million years take me to the end. In my mind that’s not true but apparently she was told by a reliable person you and Taylor have a final 2.
Monte says if he had a final 2 with Taylor he wouldn’t have put her up.

Turner – these are the worst things I’ve heard in this game. Daniel Keep me in because I need the money, Brittany the 40K thing, Alyssa, Super close and we’re not friends if you vote me out. Don’t like any of it.
Monte – yeah.. you have the right to feel the way you feel bro. You’ve gone to bat vouching for her 100%.
Turner – for 5 weeks straight.

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When Alyssa and Kyle were together the houseguests had plenty of remarks about them but now none for Taylor and Monte? So I thought Taylor had a thing for Joseph or is she continuing to play Monte to keep her safe? Guess she is not so innocent after all.

The Kats Meow

The HG didn’t know about Jealyssa and Kyle for quite a while after they intially started to mess around. The only reason it really came out, was because she was upset and told Turner. It took less than 5 minutes for motor mouth Turner to run and tell Monte. This just happened at 8:00 a.m. this morning, something tells me the other 3 HG’s aren’t even aware that something took place. Also the most important part Monte was the one who instigated what happened. Just go look for yourself.
Do I think she’s above making out with Monty in hopes of him honoring their F2 over the one he has with Turner, nope. Just odd “some” of you are blaming her as if she was throwing herself at Monte. We saw and heard what really happened this morning until the cameras cut away.


I saw part of the live feeds this morning and that was all Taylor seducing monte for a vote, pretty sad.


Lies! I heard the audio! Monte asked her to tell the best of the Bear! She was like oh is that an invite?!?


She said tell me if I get too close. He said if you are cold you can snuggle and feel my bear heat. She asked him to snuggle a few minutes later then she put her head on him then she rubbed his chest while he laid there. That was all Taylor for a vote.


You can look at it 2 ways: 1) She is the new Mata Hari or 2) She has put Joseph out of her mind after being told stuff that Joseph said and connected with Monte on a different level


I think Taylor and Joseph did have an attraction to each other, but played up their relationship for the other houseguests and production, especially after Kyle and Alyssa were labeled a showmance. Also, she never claimed to be innocent. Monte is handsome, available, and convenient. And after all these personal, vulnerable conversations and a few cuddles, things were bound to transpire between them.

Game shows lover

I am so happy for Taylor and Monte,
My heart melted when I saw this loving birds. This is how you do it, get to know someone before you get involved. They both don’t have anyone back home like Alyssa. They looks so cute laying there.


Alyssa is really working on Britney and Alyssa also asked Taylor I hope you didn’t say anything mean about me that I’m going to see when I get home and she brought up only about the trip. Anyway Alyssa has said very mean things and hateful things against Britney and Taylor and now she wants their support especially Britney


What has Alyssa said? I’m sorry, I must have missed that in the feeds. Thnx


She was definitely a huge part of all the bad mouthing that happened early on in the game with Ameerah, Jasmine, Indy, and Paloma. Taylor literally cried because she could hear Alyssa and Paloma talking crap about her and laughing, saying that she was going home, all out of jealousy. And has continued to talk about her throughout the game.


Oh that’s right I totally forgot that!


Just a small compilation of things Ally said about Taylor…


There are more receipts of her comments about Britt not included in this compilation. The most notable here is the opening where she is basking in the glow of how she made Taylor cry by embellishing lies about Joseph & retelling it up in the HOH to Kyle Turner & Terrance.


OH MY GOODNESS I did not know she said all these things! That’s so sad. It’s quite mean yikes. ?


The mean and hateful things Alyssa said about Brittany were probably accurate. She’s sliming her way to F2.

un autre nom

Put yourself in Britt’s head. I know, I know, mind the spinning wheel and the urge to say too much at exactly the wrong time.
She knows Taylor stayed in HOH. She suspects Taylor and Monte and Turner have a deal.
She knows the only way she stays is HOH or Veto next week. She’s overheard shit talk about her twice in two days, and had Monte condescendingly talk at her for about an hour while Taylor nodded along and stayed in HOH with Monte.
So her final 2 might not be loyal. At least 2 people are actively out to get her.

What do you, as Britt do this week?


Alyssa is no help to her at all! Dead weight…. Taylor would put up Monte n Turner! She said it plus they both put her up! Veto winner only matters

un autre nom

The veto is all that matters to everyone but the HOH. Does Taylor gun for veto if she wins HOH? I don’t see it. She has deals with the rest of the final people and just slept with one of them. She’s more emotion player than logic at the end of the day.
HOH chances if you are Britt significantly increase against Alyssa and Turner. Alyssa’s weakness is only an aid in that respect.
So… IF you are Britt who is petty, and you can face better odds in HOH? DO you stay loyal to someone that just started showmancing your target (so won’t help get him out) and just trash talked about you, and you heard it…
DO you try for Alyssa who you are pretty sure you beat in HOH, so you only have to worry about Turner?


Yeah – I think Brit should go final 3 with Turner and Alyssa.


So you think Taylor is not getting evicted on Thursday?

un autre nom

I don’t know.
Turner is a puppy that does whatever the alphamale says while lying to himself that he’s in the right for backstabbing everyone but an alphamale.
He’ll probably vote how Monte wants unless he really thinks his final 2 (Monte) actually DOES have a final 2 with Taylor (he does).
Britt? She could vote EITHER way today. When she woke up and saw that Taylor wasn’t there? strike. When she talked about hearing Taylor badmouthing her? strike. Now that she figures Monte Taylor and Turner have a deal? strike. If she’s playing baseball, Taylor’s out at the moment. But they aren’t playing baseball. I don’t know, I still think Britt is just pot striring to open up Alyssa’s jury vote, and sending her to jury saying Turner and Monte are assholes.


And now Alyssa is threatening Turner with her jury vote if he evicts her.
Real scum left in the house now, with the exception of Monte. I’d feel fine if Monte won BB.


Alyssa will not vote out Turner over Brittany but Taylor will vote out Turner n Monet over Brittany! Taylor thinks she can bear Brittany in F2

The Beef

Taylor can’t beat Brit if she’s sitting on the jury.

Brit has a much better chance of winning HOH and being SAFE, if she’s competing against Turner and Alyssa, rather than Turner and Taylor. Facts. If she’s safe, Alyssa can’t vote her out over Turner or Monte, not that she would win the veto anyway. FIRE!

There’s even a slight chance Brittany could sweep and win the veto, putting Monte and Turner OTB and letting Alyssa decide which of the two joins them in F3. Since her only real chance of winning is against Alyssa (although she thinks she can beat Turner too), I’m sure they would both probably agree to send Monte to jury and your final 3 in that case would be Turner, Brit and Alyssa.

un autre nom

you think after last night Taylor is voting out Monte, ever? I don’t.
They named their final 2.

The Beef

It’s kind of a sticky wicket in that she doesn’t really want to piss off Taylor, because she needs her to go against Monte and Turner in F4, but at the same time, given everything that’s happened, it would seem keeping Alyssa is the better game move for her right now, since she doesn’t know if she can “trust” Taylor to do the right thing Thursday night and going forward.

But who really knows until the the veto is won who’s going to do the right thing? Everybody is going to lie to everybody else and swear allegiance to each other, with Taylor (if she’s still there) telling all three of them she’s with them 1,000% (I hate that – nothing can be more than 100%), but I get the game.

Just seems to me a 50/50 chance at winning HOH is better than 1 in 3, and that’s what I feel it is if Alyssa is playing.

Now, which things flip, Alyssa stays and wins HOH Thursday night. 😉

Canace Harris

What did Britney over hear, when, who & where? I missed that.

Paul Sucks

Vote for Alyssa and make Monte be a little uncomfortable breaking the tie!

un autre nom

The logistics the way that I’m seeing them:
Britt based her mindset of Michael Taylor Britt being final 3. She went so far as trying to convince Taylor not to do it the night before de. The Monte backup? Britt didn’t like it, and Taylor really wanted it. Taylor pushed for what she wanted thinking who cares how Britt feels. So Britt loses Michael, and finds out Monte hasn’t been down for the final 3 for over a week, and Taylor knew. So Taylor screwed Britt over.

What has Taylor specifically done for BRITT in the game? When she was HOH, did Taylor have a meeting alone with Britt? Yeah, they agreed Terrance was going no if and or but. Then Taylor never met alone with Britt again except to say let’s make our final 3 with Michael into a final 4 with Joseph, and we should start to consider when to get rid of Michael. I mean, Britt convinced Michael (wasn’t hard) to bring Taylor in and make a final 3 so that Michael would carry BOTH women from the beginning of week 2 until the end of week 9. Taylor? heard shit about Britt, and kept her mouth shut about it except to pull tests on Monte’s behalf in order to prove her guilt. What else?

Why would Britt trust Taylor? Britt can’t trust any of them. And she knows it.


Send Alyssa home, nothing but dead weight. Leftovers for the win!!

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Don’t take the bait Monte. Keep the Mike Boogie mentality.


Not Taylor making out with Monte while Joseph is sitting in jury waiting for her! This just got so messy!!


Joseph’s not into her. He just went along with her cause he’s too nice to tell her.

The Beef

He went along because production promised him extra $$$$$ if he did. Oh, and he sees himself as a ladies man and she’s good looking. That’s why he’s always calling Indy “baby”. It had nothing to do with being nice.

The Kats Meow

Both Joseph and Taylor said it was a fauxmance, made up to throw Jasmine, Indy, and Jealyssa off about the how much the leftover members were talking.

un autre nom

Joseph and Pooch had more chemistry than Joseph and Taylor. That’s not saying that Joseph is gay, that’s saying production had to convince, offer more camera time, and provide a pay raise inducement for showmancing in order for the fauxmance to happen, and only remained active for the exact length of time needed to get some episode content.

L.L. Bean Dip

I like Alyssa a lot better since Kyle left.


Forget the live feeds here – I just want live feeds of the jury house!


Do you think Indy and Joseph will hook up?

Dean Gulberry

Joseph is gay dude.

un autre nom

Why is it every Turner retell sounds like poor weak defenseless Turner was minding his own business doing nothing when some evil ogre twice his size pushed him up against the wall and said give me your lunch money or else?



The Kats Meow

“I won’t be your friend anymore.” This is the petty ridiculous crap we are left with on this season lolol.

The Beef

It’s basically the same crap that Brit tried to pull on Monte and Terrance tried to pull on Michael. If you don’t do what I want, I’m not voting for you in jury – that’s what “I won’t be your friend anymore” means, at least that’s what I think it means.


It’s what scumbag Turner deserves. He made promises to Michael about lbgtq solidarity that he threw out the window in a blink. So now HE’S upset because Alyssa will betray him? Too bad Turner, you deserve it.

But you’ll probably win anyway…


That make out scene was so Hot! I definitely was aroused! Monte thought he was being smooth with the whole cone keep the bear warm line!


Taylor has a good body, but her teeth are JACKED up. I hope she invests in some braces and “gets rid of her I am entitled attitude” if she wins the $750,000. But I am quite sure after 70 days Monte was not thinking about her BUCK TEETH…

un autre nom

Turner is saying he’ll tell Taylor if Britt tries to flip the vote to gain Taylor’s trust.
Britt is telling Alyssa to shit talk Britt and talk Turner into a sympathy vote. Then Britt votes for her to stay too and they are all blindsided. Britt says she will shit talk Alyssa to keep Taylor comfortable. If Turner fails to vote for Alyssa, she’ll blame him for the vote anyway, to break any trust Monte and Taylor have for Turner.

Britt can’t campaign to Turner to keep Taylor because Turner runs everything right up to Monte. He just proved that by running directly to Monte after talking to Alyssa. Then Monte ran directly to Taylor. Britt and Alyssa saw this.
Alyssa exposed that Michael and Taylor knew Britt was house target, and agreed. But Alyssa thinks Micahel wanted to win veto and save Britt. She exposed Taylor’s part in the pre-veto screw Britt talks. Alyssa failed to admit her part in them… but Britt already knows that too.

Why is this happening? Taylor has been too comfortable trying to cozy up to the boys, and left Britt hanging far too much in the past week and a half. Except for the post veto talk where Taylor exposed the reasons for the screw Britt plan, but not the details of the plan itself. Taylor wanted a lapdog… didn’t pay attention to the lapdog for a week and a half… now the lapdog has mange. That’s the basics.


The Ping Pong Agree to Disagree talk between Monte and Taylor only solidify how the song True Romance by Tove Lo belongs to them.


Bullets fly
You took him down and now we’re
Honeymooners dreamin’ ’bout tropical skies
In trouble again
When does it end?
Will it ever end?
Save me


Taylor is a tramp. Week 1 she was hanging out with the guys at the pool table in her bikini. Obviously her game was to hook up with a guy to carry her.
The only reason she is still aroundvis due to the formation of the Leftover alliance. Her HOH was a total disaster. At one point, she mentioned putting up 2 members of the alliance.
Bottom line, she has no personality and almost as useless as Alyssa.
Better vote her out. If not, she makes final 2

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Wth??? All the girls wore bathing suits. And kissing towards the end of the game isn’t hooking up. I’m not a fan of Taylor’s game but calling her a tramp is quite scum bag of you.

Linda J Turner

Kissing a guy makes you a tramp. WOW!

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Seriously, Kyle completely sacrificed his game for Alyssa. She threw herself at him. Which is fine – do you. But don’t pretend he played you or that she actually played the game.


I’ve lost total respect for Taylor and to a certain extent Monte too I hate how they are playing the house. I know it’s a game but they are dirty playrs


“Taylor secures her vote with Monte”. ?????

Linda J Turner

They all have lied to each other. As far as final 2 deals; Allyssa has one with Turner, Bitt & Taylor; Britt has one with Turner, Alyssa; Monte has one with Turner & Taylor; Taylor has one with Monte, Britt & maybe Alyssa. So, no one can be mad at any of them for anything, they are all trying to stay in the game.

Wesley Sims

Did Monte bang Taylor