Turner “Just out of curiosity where did this [s*x] happen?” Alyssa “Havenot room” Turner “Oh how romantic!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

1pm HOH room – Michael, Taylor and Joseph.
Taylor – Its just funny because to you all I seem revenge thirsty in every conversation I have. So and so said this about me, I want blood. So and so said this about me I want blood. Joseph – no, I don’t think so if you were Jasmine would be going home this week. Michael – and you have reason to send every single one of them home so take your pick of what reason you want to use. Taylor – do I want things that happened 2 or 3 weeks ago or do I want something that happened in front of the whole house yesterday. With a target that gives us very little reason to send her home. Michael – so what happens if Kyle doesn’t use it like things stay the same and … whatever we go forward but what does that mean if Kyle doesn’t use it. Taylor – like how do we feel about Kyle if he doesn’t use it. Joseph – oh that is very awkward, very awkward, very awkward. Taylor – yeah and someone is going to have to say that to him. And you’re forcing the alliance once we get to seven to come for you. And honestly I might be the one to tell him that because I’ve had some pretty strong conversations about his mom, his grandma and how they might support me more than him. Joseph – be careful like making it like a threat. You definitely don’t want to do that. I am really nervous that once we get to seven your hesitation is going to be the one card that people are going to have a reason. Michael – because if we all stay strong and we’re all committed to this which I believe we all are.. so at that point what criteria do we go off of… and the smallest thing. Joseph – you are right. Taylor – and this is literally the best position for him to be in to take Alyssa out. Joseph – he can be like I sent my showmance home for you guys and with no hesitation. Taylor – and it was going to happen last week on the other end. Taylor – I don’t want this to be the cleanest opportunity to send Alyssa home and then for it to not happen and then for him to be HOH next week or the week after and then have to do it. Joseph – yeah because he is going to have to vote against her regardless. Joe leaves. Alyssa joins them.


1:15pm Backyard Pool – Monte and Joseph.
Monte – is Taylor serious about it? Joseph – yeah! Monte – is Kyle going to do it. Joseph – yeah but Kyle doesn’t want to. Monte – oh really?! Oh sh*t! Joseph – yeah, I know. Monte – oh this is a pickle! He verbally said that? Joseph – yeah. Monte – oh sh*t! Joseph – so like obviously Kyle is like dude I’ll do anything for the alliance, you know I don’t think with my d**k but he is kind of like I thought Taylor was joking about that. Which Taylor kind of was but she was like the more I thought about it the more I feel like this is the chance and maybe it sounds like a petty reason and its not the greatest reason but that’s because Alyssa’s game is so f**king good no one can go up and put her up so she was like ..lets say you win HOH next week Joseph what would your reason be? And I was like I don’t have one. What is Kyle’s reason going to be .. he doesn’t have one. What’s Turners? What’s Brittany? What’s Michaels? No one has one. Monte – I have one .. not publicly. Joseph – yeah, you’re her biggest threat and she still has not said anything about you negatively. She just plays a way to good of a game. So Taylor is like the fact that we’re having such a big deal about putting her up… Monte – is a sign. Joseph – So she is like Terrance should come and Alyssa should go up. So we kind of all agreed and Kyle was like.. Monte – the love thing. Like the matter of the heart. Joseph – not even, he was like we have four people dude and Indy is annoying as f**k! Like why are we sending Alyssa?? Monte – but my reason with Indy is there will always be a very obvious reason to get her out.. she rubs people the wrong way. Joseph – We spoke last week about threat levels and Alyssa was the highest.. she was like the reason I didn’t put her up was because I didn’t have a reason. Alyssa is playing a good game but I just don’t know why we’re playing it backwards. Like people are starting to focus on the social aspect and annoying so that I want them out of here. She was like we’re losing sight like Terrance was the lowest threat and the first one out the door.. Like why are we playing backwards. I agreed. Monte – what was Kyle saying? Joseph – he was like there are four people in the house, I don’t see why it has to be Alyssa. Monte – okay, so has anyone talked to him and be like will you be willing to take that risk? Joseph – he said he is. Terrance joins them and the conversation ends.

1:55pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Turner.
Alyssa – I’m just feeling emotional this morning. I am just like Ah.. it just makes me anxious just being here and not knowing what’s going to happen and then having to do it all over again week by week. Turner – do you feel any anxiety towards this week or is it totally disconnected from how this goes. Alyssa – a little bit, like I was just thinking like I just don’t know where I stand with many people and especially the person and if he was to do that and I was to go up and I was to go home and then I was to be alone in the jury house. Turner – well if this helps which it probably won’t because I have no idea what I am talking about but I don’t see a world where you are alone in that jury house this week at least. I haven’t heard your name at all. Alyssa – can I tell you something, Kyle and I like.. (had sex) Turner – that’s nice! Like all? Alyssa – its like it makes me anxious almost and now I don’t want those feeling too dictate how I feel in this house and I don’t want to feel more connected to someone and I am like I don’t want to feel more connected to someone.. like was that just temptation and now I feel like I don’t know .. and now I haven’t really talked to him today. Like is it weird now? That just makes me super anxious but please don’t tell anybody that. Turner – I am not going to tell anyone that but … and this is probably the wrong follow up question but just out of curiosity where did this happen? Alyssa – in the havenot room. Turner – OHHHH how romantic! Alyssa – in front of everybody .. in front of America! Turner – do you feel like that brought you two together .. like a bonding experience? Alyssa – I don’t know. Turner – I feel like in this house it could make you overthink everything but its also a beautiful moment and I am happy you guys had that. Alyssa – it was a very nice moment. Turner – I know Kyle is obsessed with you. He cares a lot about you. Alyssa – okay that makes me feel better .. and like he’s slept with 2 people in his life and now did I just.. Turner – yeah, now you just added to it .. now he’s slept with 3. Alyssa – and like this is a game and so it adds that to it .. and the last relationship I was in every time we had s*x I would cry because I didn’t want to be there.

2pm Bedroom – Kyle and Michael.
Kyle – I have the power … I have the power .. even if Taylor is pissed at me what can she do? And I keep reiterating our goal was for whoever feels comfortable taking that shot is going to take it. Taylor has said that she is not willing to take a shot at Jasmine because of personal reasons, and I am not willing to take the shot at Alyssa because of person reasons and we have two other great targets up there on the block that you put up. Michael – that’s a good argument. You’re not willing to take the shot because there are other options. Kyle – that is just crazy because I just talked with him (Joe) and he was like no we understand, Taylor is not set on it. We’re good. We can keep them the same and then he runs up and spins the narrative like the different.. like its a red flag! Michael – you can tell that he is firing her up. Like how could she do that .. and like how dumb could she be? And all that kind of stuff.

2:15pm Bedroom – Turner and Kyle
Kyle – Michael and Joseph went up and talked with Taylor and they’re trying to flip it hard for Alyssa. They’re trying to get Alyssa out like crazy. They’re saying that everyone does but I am like I don’t think everyone does. Michael doesn’t. Turner – we just need to all get in a room together. Kyle – but I can’t be the only one to stick my neck out for Alyssa because that would be a huge red flag. (LOL grow some balls and say its not happening!) Like Kyle is trying to protect his showmance but in reality its like dude Indy is the biggest threat to my game. Turner – same. Kyle – so like why is it even a conversation? And then to even have Joseph go up as a pawn .. like there is no need! Turner – at the end of the day .. you have the veto and at the end of the day its up to you. Kyle – at the end of the day it should be who we’re comfortable taking the shot at. I am comfortable taking the shot at Indy and I just need support from you, Michael, Brittany. Turner – hey also I know that I am not supposed to know this and I am not supposed to tell you that I know this but I know you guys F**KED yesterday which is dope! But that adds a whole other level to this! Kyle – I know.. how did you know dude?? Turner – because Alyssa was crying and she doesn’t know where your head is at today .. I was like this is Kyle .. I’m sure you guys will connect tonight and it will be fine. Kyle – well I have to be cautious now with the alliance coming after her. Turner – after that (s*x) I would even feel awful if you used a veto that got her out. Kyle – that is what I am saying! Kyle – you have to keep that between us. I just want Indy gone .. and Alyssa is so attached to me which is bad. I really like her. Why was she crying. Turner – she is on her period as of today .. or I don’t know what you experienced. And she misses home. And she said that Kyle seems upset today. Kyle – this is so awkward now because how do I tell her we need to distance ourselves. She (Taylor) is easily influenced .. this could have been the most easy week and she’s gone from 2 alliance members, to pawns, to Terrance, to Indy and now to Alyssa. It should be an easy week, like why is it so chaotic?! Turner – 1 million percent which is why I am glad you have the veto.

2:30pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Kyle. All is good in the world of love again..

3pm Kitchen – Turner and Monte.
Turner explains that Kyle does not want to take the shot at Alyssa. Monte – my only thought to that is he going to be willing to take it later on? Or is anybody going to be willing to take it? Is anyone going to have a reason to take it later on? Versus now with Taylor who has a very clear reason why to take the shot now.. Turner – all I am going to say is that those to have very recently gotten very close.. Monte – which two? Turner – the two we’re talking about. Monte – Kyle and Alyssa. Turner – They have gotten very close in multiple ways … very close .. very recently for that to then feel like a whole other level of betrayal if he uses it and then she goes. (LOL Turner cannot keep a secret at all) If you’re catching the drift I am trying to say.. Monte – yeah yeah.

3:10pm Bathroom – Monte and Kyle.
Monte – the only thing that I think is slightly compelling about the argument for Alyssa this week is that I don’t know if there will ever be a reason to evict her at any point moving forward. Kyle – yeah. Monte – Like this was something that was done in front of the whole house …right like she snatched the London thing and then even after Taylor said all that. Honestly if that did not happen I would not be down for this plan at all. Kyle – why did Taylor pick Alyssa to play in that? I don’t understand it. Like if Alyssa won it, she doesn’t have an option to go after Jasmine because she’s black. Monte – I completely agree. I don’t know why she chose Alyssa. Maybe it was to get in Indy’s good graces by like look I’ll pick your friend to show you that you’re not my real target. Kyle – but worst case Alyssa wins and takes down Indy .. then Taylor can’t put up Jasmine.. like what the hell?! Monte – yeah that was a bad move. Kyle – and then like there are four left and its up to me to backdoor Alyssa… like what the hell. And if I use the veto they’re going to know that I was in on backdooring Alyssa.

3:25pm Backyard – Michael, Joe, Brittany, Turner and Jasmine.
Jasmine wants a happy birthday balloons and to release them into the sky to celebrate her and her Dads birthday that they share as her dad passed away 3 months ago Turner – Releasing a balloon into the sky might pop and a bird might die if it eats that. I am open to all options. anti-balloon releasing. Michael – if we don’t have the backyard is there an alternative you would like to do? There’s a long awkward silence. Jasmine is silent and leaves.

3:30pm HOH room – Monte and Taylor.
Taylor – Alyssa not picking the veto and when you have something that is that simple ..like you can’t let someone get away with that because god forbid we put her up and she comes off the block. God forbid she doesn’t touch the block, stays and wins HOH .. we are going to be .. Big Brother switches the feeds. Taylor – her (Indy) check-ins are so obvious. Monte – Alyssa’s check-ins are so subtle .. she will sit here all night. She has her own way of disrupting what we have going on. I am also fine with her (Indy) going. Kyle feels like he would evict Alyssa if he had no other choice but what if Alyssa is the best option and there are other choices.

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In the nasty have-not room?

“She don’t love herself.” – Brenda Meeks

He doesn’t either to be fair.

I doubt Turner will spread that information but he should be cognizant that this showmance is very legit and they won’t turn against each other.. Like seriously how many showmances even get to the fucking stage? I sure hope not that many but I’d be curious know the statistics.


Wow Turner doesn’t give AF. He already spread the sex information to Monte who will no doubt spread it to Joseph etc.

I thought he was closer to Kyle/Brit/Michael but I guess not or maybe this news is waking him up like I hoped it would. Showmances are big threats so Turner should know that.

Game fan

Season 21- holly and jackson final 2

Season 19 there was some couples i think the last one made it top 7 or 8 together.
Season 18- nicole won, her showmance got to final 4.
Season 11 and 17 showmance made it to final 5. It’s pretty far. The girls got number 1 and 2.
Season 15 + 13 a showmance and a life couple made it top 7 if it’s something.
Season 14 you can say a showmance also made it top 4.
Season 5- final 3 when he was to one to cut her , so they could of got f2.

Bbcan showmance made it to the final 4 season 5, to final 3 – seasons 1+6


Wow damn that is quite a lot when I see it listed like that. I still would hope it is less than this big list and most saved the sex til the jury house. I just would be worried it would be visible for everyone to watch…


Too late – Ally told Turner & asked him NOT to say anything — TWENTY minutes later he told Kyle he knew who also asked him not to say anything & LESS THAN AN HOUR LATER he told Monte.

While everyone is worrying about the showmance & red flaggery of it all – the fact Turner can’t be trusted to keep a secret even with his F2 partner is disconcerting. Me thinks that Turner might have a secret F2 with Monte & is straddling between the two but wanting Ally gone to pull Kyle closer to him.

Monte immediately ran to the HOH to push Taylor to take out Ally (UM HELLO – this is alpha dog Monte after all who likes to push his own agenda which is taking out Ally not Indy).

In fairness, to Kyle he does have a legitimate argument for Taylor (which Michael co-signed) that the person the alliance majority wants to evict is JasMEAN but she refuses for moral/personal reasons but she’s expecting him to take out someone who he personally doesn’t want to be the reason for leaving (and privately b/c they just had sex so he’d look like a REAL MONSTER for doing that).

There is likely a way Kyle could get Taylor to drop it but it would mean either he or Ally (or both) telling Taylor that they had sex. That was one of the reasons Taylor cited for keeping Ally safe this week so if she then put pressure on Kyle to use the POV it’s going to look like she was totally being disingenuous (and yes I know how absurd that sounds). This is where you need the finely honed skills of Brittany to explain – Taylor if you had sex with Joe & then he was being asked to use the POV that would land you OTB two days later how would you feel?

The problem is as Turner just proved keeping something secret in this house is impossible so the showmance would be risking Joseph finding out while he’s chained to Taylor (which if they are going to tell her, has to happen prior to them going locked together) or Turner continuing to tell other people.


Yeah Turner is messy.

As for them telling Taylor they hooked up Idk if they would but maybe it would change the subject?

I agree that Kyle would be dumb to use the Veto but I don’t think Taylor and anyone who wants Alyssa out asap is dumb. He clearly is protecting her and they are probably nervous he would keep her over one of The Leftovers.

We’ll see in this upcoming twist.


Darn it — I just posted prior to this new page coming up – – anyway, go back one page if you’re interested on my insights about Taylor’s HOH… specifically how she damaged her game & how she COULD STILL SALVAGE it.

Keri Helen

Omg Alysad and Kyle what!?? What wonderful timing if she does actually leave this week lol


I can hear sarcasm in Turner’s voice, lol

Game fan

I actually think he is sencere. He is young and sweet


I swear that when I saw the 2nd to last line of Simon’s update I pictured Simon as one of the Chipmunks and me yelling “SIMON!!” lol


Just wait until they find out that Michael does not own an Escape Room and is a lawyer instead, lol

The Beef

Joe is playing the perfect Andy the rat game. He’s playing both sides. He’s lying to his alliance members, twisting facts to fit his narrative in order to keep the people who support him in the game, and get those he thinks support others out. I thought some of them were smart enough to see through him, but they’re either too scared to speak up, or too dumb to see what’s going on.

And before anybody points out that’s what Big Brother is all about, I do realize lying and deception are part of the game, but it’s usually directed against your opponents and not your own alliance members – which is why it’s called the rat game – or ratting someone out. He calls it spying but it’s snitching, and that’s fine as long as you’re being honest to one side or the other. When you’re lying to both sides…..you’re just a rat.

I hope they figure him out and realize he’s got nobodies best interest in mind but Joseph’s. He’s not trying to help anybody in his alliance but himself, and the rest be damned.

Does that make him a good player, or a likely target if more than one or two of them figure him out and lay it out to the rest of them?

Game fan

That’s a legit strategy . There is only one winner so he can be loyal and true just to himself . And if it’s being a rat , so be it . If he can run with it, he is a great player and deserves the win


Kyle, Britt & Michael have CLOCKED him – not fully, but mostly and it’s only a matter of time before he gets exposed. Hmmm did someone say the house is separating? lol Joseph better hope that Kyle uses that POV (I DOUBT IT HAPPENS NOW since they had sex) and more importantly, that if Ally stays he doesn’t end up in a team where Kyle or Ally is HOH!!

Oh Oh

un autre nom

So what’s going on?

  • Taylor thinks her HOH is chaotic because all four of the other side have done her wrong and she can’t decide how to process it individually. / reality: she is following what someone else says (Joseph) and he’s a rabidgamersquirrel, so of course her target is going to flip all over the place. Her reason for Alyssa isn’t game it’s petty because petty works in emotional response manipulation. The game reasons Joseph thought of were invalidated by the Pound so he pushed the petty for good tv envelope on Taylor.
  • Michael is running back and forth between Joseph / Taylor and Kyle. He wants the cracks in the seven because cracking before 7 is better for Michael now that he knows he’s being looked at as out at 7. Michael has been sketchy with Joseph because he knows for a fact Joseph has lied at least once in his intel reports.
  • Kyle and Alyssa have had sex. the sound you hear is Kylemom screaming all the way from Utah.
  • Kyle is hinting the existence of the pound to Michael. He’s hinting Monte has said Michael out at seven … not hinting… outright saying.
  • Remember when Taylor told Turner she wanted to put him on the block Thursday night? Turner does. Turner remembers. sideye. He might be back to keep noms the same, or he’s parrotting whoever he’s with. Not sure.
  • Joseph saying one thing to Kyle and another to Taylor is coming out. He just told Monte a somewhere in the middle version (closer to what he told Taylor).

The facts:
Taylor’s refusal to go after Jasmine is going to be an alliance sticking point the same way Kyle refuses to go after Alyssa. She’ll vote her out but won’t nominate her… okay, explain that logic to me. I admit my nope bias. I want Jasmine GONE.
Kyle is digging in his heels at this point because Joseph is running the alliance that Michael firmly believes he created. He’ll burn that alliance before he let’s Joseph take over? He’s already slightly burning the pound.
Joseph is pushing that he’s the arbitrator without an agenda. Only person even part way buying that it Monte.
Michael has a can of lighter fluid, and he’s running between the three of them spraying the little fires.


The chaos this one should’ve been easy week caused! Lol. Thank you for the summary! This is whiplash galore tbh


First off rabidgamersquirrel = YES!

Let’s Play Fair

Has anyone noticed that Alyssa puts her hooks deeper into Kyle ONLY when he has veto or voting power? The first time was when she was on the block and she was rubbing and kissing his arm and now, just as he won veto power to take her off the block, they allegedly has sex? I feel for Kyle’s family. It would be hard to see your relative thinking with the wrong head on national TV!


She’s not good at being that conniving. You are reading into things


Very true.

And sadly Alyssa doesn’t seem to care that Evil Elvis told her the truth that Kyle was perfectly fine leaving her up on the block that Thursday (had he she would have for sure went home and she should know that since Monte would have wanted it as HOH).

So yeah Alyssa has doubled down on trusting Kyle and became # 3 (my new nickname for her)…

It’s honestly sad. I know it’s boring in there but come on have some respect for your game let alone your body!


How is two, consenting adults having sex not respecting your body? Let’s not get into slut shaming.


She has been trying to get into his pants for weeks now. I don’t buy her manipulating things with $ex, but I could be wrong.

un autre nom

Reality at this point:
Taylor thinks Kyle not using the veto would be a betrayal of the seven. Me: but refusing to put up Jasmine when the whole alliance wanted it…. isn’t? work through that logic for me.
Taylor put her principles above game, but isn’t willing to afford Kyle his principles? m’kay.
If I liked Kyle more than Taylor, this would be a HUGE deal. As it stands I find it to be quite self centered.
Britt the hyperhypnotoad has become the least messy member of her alliance. Someone tell me when / how that happened. No seriously…. she’s the least problematic in the seven right now.
There are 2 members of the other side on the block right now. Flashy last minute crap they’ve had to pull for blindsides out of necessity? That’s what they’ve become used to, so a straight forward week? A week where Joseph can’t rabidgamersquirrel to make his position better because they stay the course? See the problem? (I appreciate Joseph’s game, but have been saying does / says too much and goes overboard too much for at least 3 weeks). He is constantly trying to Survivor tribal council every eviction. Iss it required this week? No. But the result of the current nominees doesn’t benefit him more than anyone else, so here we go with spin city.
Monte has been talked into spin city partially because… well… Monty has a petty side and likes that Taylor is being petty. As well, he and the pound came to majority consensus with Joseph in dissent. Had to expect that Monte would get the Joseph spin treatment (and their final 2 Pound bond would have him capitulate). Monte has always bough Joe spin more than anyone else’s opinion in the alliance, and Monte fears his boys getting too close to the girls…. except the fake showmance between Taylor and Joseph because they said it was fake so…. blink blink.
The proponents of the Get Alyssa plan keep using Joseph’s lie about Alyssa voting out Kyle as justification. Kyle knows it’s a lie but can’t say anything. Alyssa never said she’d vote out Kyle. Jasmine said of course Alyssa will do what Jasmine tells her, so she’ll vote out Kyle if Jasmine says so. Joe ran that back as done deal because it suits Joseph’s narrative.
Questions that need to be asked:
so why not indy or terrance? why are we keeping them safe?
so why not jasmine when the whole alliance wants her out?

Monte is back to saying there is no split in the seven decision, because Monte has made a decision. Meanwhile Turner and Britt and Michael have all given Kyle reason to believe there is split in the decision.

I Spy

Great analysis. My only point is when there is a disagreement among the alliance, deference should be given to the HoH to do what is best for their game. They are, after all, the HoH.

un autre nom

Two weeks ago I stated groundrules for large alliances that should have been implemented that would have covered what you are saying. They didn’t do that. At no point did they say whole alliance supports the HOH decision, mostly because the alliance has control freaks that want everyone to do it their way or they get pissy.

un autre nom

Special note:
after balloongate…
Jasmine gets up in a huff and walks away. Not hobbles. Not limps. full on walks at a better than normal clip with only the weight of the boot causing body shift in any discernable way.

Team Taylor

The one thing clear is Taylor wants a non-LO member gone. What she hasn’t made clear is who she wants gone first and that’s why there’s chaos within the alliance.

Jasmine is the easiest target of the bunch, but Taylor doesn’t want to be the main reason another black woman goes home.

Alyssa is the one to take out for strategic reasons, but keeping her off the block gives Kyle an easy out to not use the Veto. It would have been better to put her on the block now and then Kyle would be forced to choose between his alliance or his showmance.

Indy has never liked Taylor for some reason so she can go now.

While Terrance is the most disposable to the other 3 girls, his recent comments about domestic abuse victims are enough for me to kick his ass out now.

No matter what, Taylor will have a good week but probably not a great week due to her waving her targets around. Best case scenario is for her to be in a group with at least one non-LO member next week.

un autre nom

Taylor’s original plan was backdoor Monte. Cam talk alone the day before she won HOH.
Taylor’s second plan was put up Turner and Monte or Turner and Terrance. Thursday night.
Taylor’s third plan was put up Indy and Terrance, who cares which goes. Thursday night after second plan fell flat.
Taylor’s fourth fifth and sixth plans included Alyssa, Indy, Jasmine for a moment and Terrance in multiple scenarios.
Taylor went back to Indy and Terrance.
That’s ALL before FRIDAY.
Any wonder there’s chaos?


What did he say about Domestic Abuse Victims???

I fond him a waste of a contestant, all his hyped up “DJ Showtime” BS in the D/R are annoying. He wouldn’t know how to play BB If it was handed to him.


For Sunday being a down day where people usually relax, things are messy right now between Turner/Jasmine and Michael/Brittany/Kyle


How are they messy between Michael,Brittany and Kyle? I thought they were on the same page.


It’s a different type of messiness. The plans that they are thinking of could have major blowback and the way Brittany relays information, true or not, most of the blowback initially will end up on her and then Kyle leaving Michael mainly unscathed; there’s also the fact that they are not quite thinking as if double eviction is coming and this version will have them rethinking everything again

BB Burnout

I don’t understand why another alliance member wouldn’t have a reason. Alyssa and Kyle are openly in a showmance — that’s the reason. They can put both of them on the block and vote her out.


Taylor with the C block