“Play stupid games win stupid prizes. you can now pay off that car baby. ” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Target Change

Taylor now wants Alyssa gone this week she wants Kyle to use the veto on Terrance so Alyssa can go up.

midnight Kyle, Britt, Michael
They’re talking about breaking the alliance early. Britt says if they do “break” early they have to ensure the majority is on their side.
Michael – Alyssa is a good competitor If things fall apart before seven I would like Alyssa competing with us just as a number
Britt – We would have Alyssa they would have Terrance.
Kyle – Alyssa than Jasmine.. Alyssa than Indy.. I wonder if it’s 7 to 2 and joe wins HOH will he really be like…
Britt – the first strike against the leftovers you are getting some major blood on your hands

Michael – If Alyssa is left in the game he might go after her
Kyle – would be awesome but if we won HOH we have the option hey do we take that shot?
Britt – the leftovers will be the majority in Jury
Michael says keeping Alyssa in the house leaves their options open “I like that”
Britt points out that Joe votes out Ameerah and the girls love him she voted Ameerah out and now she’s the “Devil woman. I literally told them the truth and they knew Ameerah was throwing out my name”
They all wish Jasmine was leaving this week.
Britt – that would make things so much better.
Michael – birthday trip.. go to jury.
Michael – Live feeders Jasmine has used her birthday to not go up last week, This week, to not be a have not, She yelled at Kyle to give her a birthday trip
Kyle – she brought that up three times in the comp out there.. ‘I want to win something for my birthday.. it’s my birthday week’
They go on about how Jasmine uses everything to advance her game. Birthday and Ankle.
Britt – her emotional manipulation is astounding

Kyle – once they realize Indy is on the block we’re not using it they will distance themselves.
Britt – they are already distancing themselves a TON
Kyle – she doesn’t like me AT ALL
Michael – I wonder sometimes if she even likes me
Britt – I know she doesn’t like me because she wants to be your best friend.
Kyle – now that I have the veto and I don’t want to use it at all I’m bringing up solid points.. I don’t want to use it on Indy she never thanked me the last time. She bosses me around and tells me what to do. She never talks any game with me since we started this fly-swatters thing. I even think if she won HOH she would put me on the block.
Kyle – I said to Alyssa honestly I wouldn’t be made if she left this week and Alyssa was like me neither.

They agree Turner is very pro leftovers so any discussion of it imploding needs to be muted with him
Kyle – plus Turner has loose lips he lets things slip all the time.
They talk about Jasmine saying she never wears an outfit twice if it’s in an Instagram post and how she wants to get liposuction if she wins Big Brother.

Britt – that bothers me because I don’t want people to think she would be the ideal person to take to the end.. SHE NEEDS TO GET OUT NOW if not it’ll look too enticing
Michael – I thought the same about Terrance.

Kyle thinks the leftover implosion will have when they hit 9. They will have 5 people versus the other side with 4.
Kyle thinks the first person to go should be joe.
Kyle says his relationship with Turner has become stagnant.
Britt – keep building with Turner all of us and with Alyssa..
Kyle – I need to take a steps back and make sure the 7 feels solid
Kyle says he and Alyssa don’t talk game.
Britt – you got to weigh every minute you hanging with her is a minute you aren’t somewhere else. Is that good for your game?
Kyle – I know what I am doing is the opposite of what I should be doing. I had the right mindset a couple of weeks ago. No showmance we’re just friends let’s work together.
Kyle – what do I do with Alyssa.. I would like to revert two weeks and just be .. maybe I can tell her.. I don’t know it’s hard when I’m portraying I’m this lost puppy like she is. She’s like whats the harm in us hanging out people don’t care.
Kyle – I have this other thing going that is the thing

Kyle says when there is a break with the leftovers they need to have someone on the outside in their corner.
Kyle – I don’t have any relationship with Indy, Jasmine, or Terrance.
Michael – yeah
Britt – yeah
Kyle – us three only veto winners.. right?
Michael – we’re the only veto winners left in the house.
Britt – how in the world can I fake happiness during Jasmine’s birthday I don’t think I have it in me.
Britt – she said everyone should get me a present for my Birthday. What am I going to give you on your birthday? This Pillow.
Michael – a sleeve of saltine crackers
They talk about how Jasmine clips her nails at the dinner table. “Gross.. ugh no”

Kyle – GOSH what was Alyssa thinking giving Taylor a punishment
Britt – I don’t know
Michael – I wish Jasmine had stolen that trip from Taylor
They go on about Jasmine having done nothing and now she gets a trip.

Michael – I’m glad you won it
Kyle – I just really want Indy gone over Terrance that was my biggest hing. Do you feel like up in the group setting they’re like nervous to bring up Alyssa as a target? Like worried about upsetting me?
Michael – they have a couple weeks ago
Kyle – I just don’t want there to be side conversations like how do we position this with Kyle. When really it’s If Alyssa is the target this week then lets send it and take her out I’m fine with that.

Britt says Taylor was pissed about Alyssa taking the prize. “She said do I think I’ll be petty? I don’t know”
Britt – she also said Alyssa doesn’t talk to me.
Kyle – I told Alyssa hey that was a dumb move what are you thinking
Michael – you know Monday Jasmine will be done with Taylor so that’s one thing Alyssa to not do. Keep that relationship going.
Kyle says when they get to 10 it won’t be Turner that makes the big shot on the leftovers it be Joe, Taylor or Monte “They will need Terrance for four votes.. Me and you on the block”
Britt – that is why I like our idea of having the five.
Kyle – if one of them win HOH it will be 3-3 so they can take the shot.
Britt – that’s scary
Kyle – that would be a big shot to force a tie break and have the HOH.

Kyle – I was freaking out last week about Monte, Taylor, and jasmine teaming up. Then that whole side Terrance, jasmine, and Indy tried to get Monte out the next day. So I was freaking out over nothing.
Brittany – that is why we need to get Jasmine and Indy out we need to dwindle those numbers so there isn’t a backup plan for them. If they really want to gather up those numbers they would come after us next week.

Britt – god forbid jasmine wins HOH next week I don’t hold it past her to come after us
Kyle – who will JAsmine put up?
Michael – me and Monte
Kyle – joe working too closely with her
They speculate if Terrance wins and puts up Michael and Monte they have the votes to keep Michael.

Brittany – if you used the veto on Indy that would score you some major point s
Kyle – zero chance. I’ve used it on her trust me she does not care she will say ‘Kyle did his job and I want him gone next week’

12:56 am Kyle and Brittany
Michael says Kyle gave them the ammunition they could use against him.
Britt – I do like that you and I are a pair and him and Alyssa are a pair. With Taylor, she would be silly to want to go to the final 3. I don’t buy that

2:36 am Turner, Taylor and Joe
Joe says it looks like she’s going to put Alyssa
Taylor – It so easy not to give someone a reason not to put you on the block. This is the easiest thing to play. this was a bad game move that you did to yourself.
Joe – I really like her I don’t know who would go up between her and Indy
Turner – I’m backing you up to say if someone took a London trip from me.
Joe – Jasmine was hyping her the f*** up for doing it.
Turner – I say it in the kitchen.
Joe – they were telling that that is exactly what you should have done.
Joe – Alyssa is a savage her social game is SO GOOD. she’s a shark. Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa are all sharks but Alyssa is good at hiding it.
Taylor goes on about how she’ll use the excuse that Alyssa went for the prizes not the veto. “you had a trip to London now it’s been re-routed to the jury house.. bye”

Joe – Kyle has to use the veto
Turner – is there any pro to sending Indy home?
Joe – it can be Indy or Alyssa. I would say Alyssa because Alyssa can win the HOH over Indy.
Taylor agrees.
Joe – Indy is socially and game-wise nowhere near Alyssa..
Turner says if Alyssa and Indy go up Jasmine will campaign for Alyssa which will put a wedge between her and Indy.
Turner – like Brittany said there won’t be a lot of openings to send Alyssa out the door
Taylor – peacefully
Joe – that is very true..
Taylor – she did it to herself. I didn’t even think about this until she started acting afterward.
Joe – she might have saved Indy’s a$$ by being shady like that… coming in here crying
feeds flip to jasmine sleeping. When we’re back Joe is gone and Michael is now with them.

Taylor – So Alyssa is out the door and Indy will be Unbearable.
Michael – I would rather have a frazzled Indy than a motivated Alyssa. if INdy goes home she’ll be like what the f**
Taylor says her order is Alyssa, Jasmine, Indy then Terrance.
Taylor will expose Alyssa’s and jasmine’s final two.
Michael – Kyle is the veto holder how do we present this in a way so he’s on board?
Turner says he was converted “but at the end of the day he will need more reason than we all saying it’s for the best”
Taylor says Alyssa tried to get Kyle out last week and it will be way more blood on his hands if they get rid of Alyssa later in the game.
Taylor – this was her doing it to herself.. any other week will be blood blood blood
Michael says Kyle and Alyssa have gotten a lot closer.
Turner – just last week she was going to vote him out.
Taylor – play stupid games win stupid prizes. you can now pay off that car baby.

Michael – it’s wild to me that she would rather piss off you who is Hoh than Indy. She could have easily said to Indy if I save you we are both safe.
Taylor – go and mop around the house girl while you can. I really wasn’t going to touch her
Turner – that is what happens when you make your own bed and lie in it
Taylor – I love when decisions are easy.. look at the bullshit we were about to do.. Joe go up on the block..

Michael – she will kick herself for this..
Taylor – LONDON and she didn’t even get the London trip.. which is sad because she was playing a really good game.
Taylor says she would be stupid to not take Alyssa out this week.
Taylor – it’s not that you took London away from me it is you took advantage of my generosity and everything I sent to you

They start doing shoutouts.. “A month of leftovers HOH you must love it or are sick of it”
Turner heads to bed.

They talk about not liking Indy.
Michael – maybe it will be a double eviction on Thursday.
Taylor – PLEASE
Taylor points out she hasn’t hung out very much in the HOH with Michael and Brittany.
Taylor says if she was smart she would make her Nomination speech Kind.
Taylor brings up Jasmine taking the trip and squealing ‘It’s my Birthday trip’
feeds flip.. when we’re back
Michael – I got put up on my Birthday and we won the veto. I can’t hate on the strategy if you think you can guilt someone into keeping you safe good for you but.. it’s really annoying.
Taylor – it’s really the worst. She’s obnoxious about it. you know that’s her strategy. Even though she doesn’t give a f** about me being the only other black woman in the house She will not protect me in this game the way I am protecting her. That is the whole reason why I came into the game and regardless how much I dislike her in this house I will not waiver on that.
Michael counts the votes to keep Alyssa says they will need two more to flip. Jasmine, Terrance, Kyle will vote indy out.
Taylor says they will try to get Michael’s vote.
Michael – me and Brittany
Michael – they might think Turner
Taylor – it’s Turner they will assume you will keep indy cause ‘you guys are so so close’
Michael – they will need one more it would be a tie
Taylor – that’s when they will come talk to me.
Michael – I wonder how much information they will give up to try and save Alyssa
Michael – jasmine will be very desperate to keep Alyssa.. it will be very rough for her.
Taylor – you made your bed lie

5:00 am These two should go to bed or start kissing.

5:20 am zzzzzzzz

5:40 am drum set in the living room.

7:40 am zzzzzzz
9:00 am zzzzzz
9:53 am Zzzzzz

10:16 am Wake up

10:26 am Jasmine is talking about the headache she had last night.
Indy says she didn’t sleep at all because of the punishment. “Pop star thing”

Alyssa – are you allowed to work out before you put it on?
Indy – no I have to wear this.. that was the first thing I asked
Alyssa – what about the unitard the one that you some in
Indy – I asked them they said no.. it’s a real punishment especially for me someone who likes to work out..

10:47 am Michael showers

10:48 am Brittany, Kyle, and Alyssa

Kyle – Terrance hasn’t gotten any tattoos yet.
Britt – that’s going to be so hard
Kyle – what
Britt – 182 tattoos
Kyle – they’re just small ones though
Britt – think about scrubbing all those off.
Kyle – ugh.. Terrance!
Britt – and put them on
Alyssa – I wonder when he’ll get them
Britt – oh my god that’s so sad.

11:14 am Pop star

11:15 am Michael and Kyle
Kyle says Taylor’s reason to put Alyssa up is “kinda pety”
Michael nodes
Kyle – to take her out of the game? I wonder if there is another influence on that decision
Michael – could be. the way she is spitting it is I stuck my neck out nad the first chance she took she..
Kyle – ugh that’s so stupid. What do we do?
Michael – I don’t know
Kyle – is it worth sticking my neck out and going against Taylor?
Michael – I just want you to be prepared when she drops that one you today
Kyle – do you think there is anything Alyssa can do before that conversation to smooth things over or will that be a red flag?
Michael – I don’t know could be a red flag
Kyle – that sucks. that’s very petty for a reason that doesn’t have to do with game.
Michael – she is one of the better competitors on that side.
Kyle – yean
Michael – I don’t want it to be Alyssa this week.
Michael – she said it will be easier for him to do now and act like he didn’t know it will happen.
Kyle – as a group is that a consensus? Does turner want that do you want that?
Michael says Joe, Taylor and Turner were talking about it.

11:24 am
Monte- take it nice and slow.. get a nice tight grip on there..

11:29 am Taylor and Brittany
Taylor is going on about how messed up her HOH week its
Taylor – finally the twists and turns we love
Brit – yeah right
Taylor – just narrating all this it’s like
Britt yeah WOW “this is one of those times when the episode is a twist”
Taylor – on my HOH
Britt – so funny

11:35 am BEAST (Side quest Terrance slips a disc out for the season)

11:59 am loveing Taylor’s outfits

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Just knew Taylor was gonna be petty and target Alyssa. Open mouth chip girl is Monte and Joseph’s puppet. Taylor is looking ridiculous like Michelle on big brother 10 for getting a unitard. Taylor should’ve done better in the competition if that was her coveted prize. How are viewers still pissing their pants over this girl.


I agree. Taylor is talking with her “mouth downstairs” like Joseph said. He would never touch her. She will be out the door next if she does not put Joseph up. It’s funny how they sit around and talk about people and they do the same exact things. BTW…they need to wash their hands. They’re gross!


That’s the excuse she’s gonna use against Alyssa but she is a scary person to have in there because of Kyle and her social game

Just a viewer

She did it to herself. She gave Taylor a punishment after Taylor didn’t put her on the block? Alyssa was just as mean and nasty towards Taylor behind her back, as Jasmine, Indy, Paloma, Nicole, Terrance and Daniel. Alyssa’s not a nice girl. She just reminded Taylor of who she really is. Taylor’s wants women, black or white, at the end. Alyssa and Jasmine are using that. Alyssa will definitely target Taylor if she stays and wins HOH next week. When Taylor won HOH, Alyssa told Kyle, they got to get Taylor out next week. So Alyssa can go do her twerk pole dance, in jury.


Not a snowballs chance in hell is that plausible. Monty and Joseph have a reason for Alyssa to go. Shame on you if you think Alyssa was anywhere near that mean of a person to be justified getting backdoored. If that is your thought then Indy and Jasmine should be the person going out by your nasty rationale. Taylor is off and not a victim here. Taylor is using the race card to say that she can’t do that. It is a truthful opinion about Taylor. She’s being a drama queen for losing $5000 after she lost the competition prior to Alyssa. She is literally having Alex Ow and Michelle Costa red unitard syndrome right now. That is Taylor’s fault 150%!


Puh leeze settle on Jasmine! I am so disappointed in Taylor. Jasmine is horrid to her and to everyone else in the house. Jasmine is not playing the game — she’s bullying everyone there into dragging her forward. She’s made it to jury — time to ship her (large freight) to the jury house.


No body shaming please.


Thanks for providing the dialogue which led to the context as to why Taylor was considering Alyssa. Unless they can convince Taylor otherwise I see Kyle keeping nominations the same. The Kyle/Michael/Brittany game plan will change once they find out how double eviction will be working this season


Taylor selected Alyssa with Houseguest Choice for the Veto Competition right ?

So this is Taylor’s fault, she should not have selected a non Alliance member, and for Taylor to say it would be stupid if she didn’t put Alyssa on the block, NOPE. Stupid was selecting Alyssa as Houseguest Choice, Stupid is not putting Jasmine on the Block.

I am really tired of hearing Taylor say how Jasmine will put Taylor on the block, another Black woman, SO WHAT !!

Taylor, Jasmine is playing the game, she’s made you feel warm and fuzzy, she doesn’t like you, you know this for a fact, and Jasmine will go back to ignoring you after the Veto ceremony.

Stop with the Black Woman Crap, continue being petty because Alyssa who you selected to play, took a trip from you. Get over it!! Jasmine has treated you like crap from Day 1, but you pamper her, you want to feel accepted, I’m over the I can’t vote out a Black woman, did you not vote out Ameerah ??? This is big Brother, play the game.

Taylor’s HOH has been a total waste this week, all of the other Left Overs who were HOH, they accomplished a task that worked for the entire alliance.

Taylor talking about Jasmine winning a trip to London, how she is acting because it’s her Birthday this week, if you want to change Jasmine’s attitude and mood, all you have to do is PUT JASMINE ON THE BLOCK.

Which is where you will be if Jasmine wins HOH next week, I don’t feel sorry for you anymore. I don’t want you mistreated or ostracized, it’s very simple, I don’t care for your lack of Game Play.

I just can’t get with you being so petty with Alyssa, but yet you are protecting the Woman who’s led the pack on making your life in the BB house, a living Hell.


To get Jasmine out would be a blessing. Taylor said she wasn’t a petty person. Seems like she is.


Everyone bow down to the queen. How dare you try to take a trip from her while they are playing BB, now you shall be banished to the jury house. Lame excuses. Delusions of grandeur. Taylor is a pos.

The Beef

Seems like Taylor has come down with a major case of HOHitis, along with a huge case of the dumbass. I do think it was stupid for Alyssa to take the trip away from the HOH (who does that?) when you know you could be the replacement nominee, but all of blustering by Taylor is what shows the power has gone to her head, but not enough to turn on the “intelligence light”, and make her see she should nominate the one person who would nominate her and surely vote her out every single time – Jasmine. But she just can’t do that, because Jasmine is a black woman.

I guess the logic light is out too.


Taylor should have done better in the veto.

Had high hopes

So disappointed in Taylor. I was rooting for her, but she is just as fickle as the other side of the house. Michael and Brittany need to get Joseph out if they have a shot at this.

un autre nom

Who are they putting on the block with him to get him out? Because right now he’s Ameerah deep in allainces and the only person he doesn’t have a proposed alliance with… is Terrance.

Had high hopes

It would almost have to be done in the double by Kyle, Michael or Brittany… Or am I just wishful thinking ?

un autre nom

The seven has to crack and joseph has to be exposed before there are numbers to get him.


I wish people would just vote for who they want to go forward and not make it about race they made their point last year and I’m just looking at them as players Jasmine is annoying and she doesn’t even try just tries to manipulate.
BTW, It’s horrible on the feed when Jasmine is eating anything crunchy

Big Brother Fan

The fact that they are allowed to use race at all is mind blowing to me. To openly say you are basing your decisions based off of just skin color is racism…period! And yet it continues to be allowed and accepted, and even praised. Imagine if a white person said that. Their life would be destroyed! I don’t get society today. I guess we will never just see us all as one human race, too bad because we could accomplish so much together.

Game shows lover

How about Kyle keep on pushing to have an all white alliances. U all that have the worse to say about Taylor was waiting for this moment to come. Just wanting to fine something to hold on to. We can see…. keep on posting or agreeing to dislike Taylor because she has been liked by many people. I bet you say something about Kyle.

Big Brother Fan

Sorry, I don’t understand your post. I believe when Kyle was talking about the Cookout 2.0 he was being called KKKyle. What has Taylor been called for playing using skin color??? And because you jump on the racism wagon without having a clue…I actually was rooting for Taylor to win, until she allowed Joseph to take over her brain. You see, I don’t base my opinions on people solely by the color of their skin. You should try it!


I mean Kyle had a valid point and still does. See the white people play based on strategy and every single black person plays on skin color, every single one has brought up their skin color and the cookout, and integrity this, black ass that. The other people in the house should be concerned that the people who preach to the color of their skin are going to Cookout 2.0 on them, and they are there to win 750k, not to play stupid race identity politics which has completely ruined BB.


Ummm…what? Lol


Furthermore it’s been stupid for the past few years, black people and others, sometimes now just females won’t vote for who played the best game, they will vote on color of skin, or if they have a vagina. It’s so dumb, why do they even try? Basically at this point, screw or be screwed and get yourself set up for the best outcome.

un autre nom

So Turner now believes the Joseph creative retell of the Jasmine supposition as fact that Alyssa would vote out Kyle. He’s on board to get rid of Alyssa. WE know that Joe knows this is a lie, because Joe and Alyssa had that really long late night bathroom talk before Daniel was evicted where she pretty much spilled all her info to him.
Turner trying to change Kyle’s mind is going to show Kyle that Turner is not team Kyle.
I’m still dubious about Kyle using the veto.

Michael now knows that when the 7 does split, Turner is not joining with them, he’s staying with Monte and Joe. He and Britt had already discussed this as possible before Kyle joined their conversation.
Meanwhile Joe… is he ditching the Pound for Taylor/Mike/Britt because he believes he can beat them? Or is this just another protective ring? If one of the boys tries to take him out he has rings of voters?
Meanwhile Monte… is Monte actually doing anything in terms of a contingency in terms of the Pound? If it fails, what does Monte have? I don’t know if he has anything if the Pound fails.
So, Michael who shifts from side to side of the middle with every conversation. Where has he ended up? I still contend he’s more team Kyle than team Joe most of the time, because Joe was so team Pooch and excluded Michael for 2 weeks along with Pooch. The one on ones between Michael and Joe… they are rare.

D/R informed Taylor not to target Joe multiple times, then told her how much the audience is behind her this week, and loving what she’s doing.
This is bolstering her. But is it bolstering her for her own sake, or for Joe’s? Or for the division of the Leftovers to be a certainty for the split double?

I still don’t care who goes if it’s not Jasmine, i’m not interested. HOW-ever, it’s got to make sense. Monte was target but Taylor couldn’t get backing immediately, Terrance was target but prodo was hiding why Terrance was target, so Indy was target, and now Alyssa is target. Meanwhile EVERY-one is saying nail Jasmine… even Taylor, but she won’t do it. Reminder: Taylor started her HOH saying her target was Monte, a black man, and then Terrance, another black man. So… what is the reality here?
This is part of the oddness that has me asking what the Grod? Literally. 3 hours in diary. mmhmmm.

Now, seeing that Joe and Taylor have discussed production’s involvement in their showmance so much (greenlighting it, joe mentioning the extra money for showmancing, the added camera time and episode time they know it affords them, being urged to quicken the pace in their manufactured plan b showmance), is that part of the push on Taylor’s part to get Alyssa out? It’s a valid question. Considering the hammock talk between Joe and Taylor, i question if they want her gone so they don’t split the camera time.
They are convinced Kyle puts Alyssa at risk. I’m still not certain of that from what Kyle said. I’m not saying it’s impossible. Kyle caves quite a bit, but his Joe / Kyle subplot… giving Joe a win? Hmmm.


I think Joe is ditching Monte because of what you just stated regarding Monte


They all need to go home. This season is so boring because everyone just votes with the house. Hurry up double eviction! Hope it’s Thursday!


So as usual, I check daily to see what’s going on in the house (I don’t have the live feeds) and again Miss Muffin is talking about her birthday!! I always thought the day you were born is your own special day!!! Not the whole week!!?? Who the heck does this entitled b#tch think she is?? I read a few weeks ago that Jazzy wanted to stay in the house to celebrate her deceased father’s birthday!! Being so confused, I googled Miss Thang and it says she was born December 1990??? What??? If these Jokers in this house don’t see through her bs she will be sitting in the final 2 seats just like Big D aka Couch!! Taylor needs to remember what these nasty women put her through!! Paloma started the hate, but… these crazies have carried on in a disgusting way!! Remember Paloma self evicted before the 1st live vote! Paloma is gone and has nothing to do with this game anymore?! JazMean looks like a moron milking a sprained ankle, using a scooter, a boot and a cane!! She also made her self look even st#pider during the HOH comp when Julie said good night hgs, the Queen jumped!! Oops?? She thought she was slick and all of America saw her!! They can’t edit that out!! We all know she’s so smart I hope hubby’s proud!! Where’s London?? It’s out of the country??? Seriously!! Children in kindergarten know London is in England!!! Please get some real players because every year it only gets worse!! I’ve been watching since season 1 and ever since I discovered these BB sites online this is more fun and interesting!! Sorry for the rant!! Have a good day


Her birthday is Aug. 17th same as her dad’s. Personally I would say you wanted to stay off the block for your birthday but now that you have a trip, you can sit on the block. Your birthday is the day before eviction and we will celebrate lol


He needs to STFU! That’s the sign of a pathological liar and narcissist.

un autre nom

He’s kyland without the meetings.
and he’s about to spend 48 hours Sarahbething Taylor.


Omg shut up already, Joseph. Lay off the Adderall! Jeez he does not come up for air!


He said previously that he hasn’t been taking the ADHD medicine like he should be doing


I can’t stand it! When he walks in a room and makes sure he steers the conversation to push his narrative! How these people don’t see it, except Kyle, Micheal and Britt…it boggles the mind.


I used to like Taylor but if she would put up Alyssa over game play and not Jasmine over the horrible person she is and things she has said about Taylor I am no longer on team Taylor. Hope she goes on the block next HOH.


Taylor lost control of her HOH. She knows she feels like crap. Kyle and company ran over her. They are going to be surprised on Thursday when the change the game!

Just a viewer

Bye Alyssa, that’s what she gets for showing she’s still the petty mean girl, she always been. Who in BB history would take a gift from the HOH and give them a punishment? Even Kyle said that was stupid. Alyssa is faking her relationship with Taylor because she’s HOH. So, bye Alyssa. You don’t give the HOH a punishment and during a Veto competition unless it’s to win the Veto! That’s how hateful she is towards Taylor. Even though Taylor’s HOH, Alyssa still can’t control her behavior. What a pos….


Taylor doesn’t deserve anything just because she’s HOH and she wanted the trip. This has been done season after season and is no different. It’s not hateful one bit, what a dumb thing to say.


Kyle should get up there at the veto ceremony and say, Taylor I know who you are going to target and I just cannot let you replace a nominee with a person of non color, it goes against everything I believe in and came on this show for, and if I play a part in that, it will go against my integrity. Therefore I have decided not to use the POV.


So if a white girl is going this week. That leaves 5 white and 5 non white. So split the teams that way and watch everyone explode on and off the set.

Just a viewer

It’s funny how people expect Taylor to spare Alyssa. Alyssa treated Taylor like crap. She can be as wishy washy as she chooses with Terrance, Alyssa, Indy and Jasmine. Alyssa played herself. If Brittany had pulled that stunt, giving Taylor a punishment, the same people complaining would stay Taylor’s stupid for not putting Brittany on the block. Bye Alyssa, shake your a@# in jury.

Just me

I see London
I see France
I see Jasmine’s ignorance




Wasn’t the last remaining Festie Bestie supposed to get some kind of advantage? I wonder if since Michael & Brittany are last couple standing, they will get to pick teams on Thursday. That would mean they would be split up, that would be interesting.

Heather SD

Weren’t Jasmine and Turner still a duo as well?


Oh that’s right….hmm. Didn’t Julie say the last duo would get something or did I dream that?


Oh, I hope so!


Yeah – that’s what they said – but they didn’t perhaps b/c there were 2 duos left: Britt/Michael & Turner/JasMEAN

I was hoping they would play it out & make Kyle chose between the two teams to join with the knowledge that one would get a reward – BECAUSE Kyle has a F2 with both Turner & Michael (and a F3 with Britt/Michael).

In truth, he actually could’ve explained joining Turner/Jas by saying he didn’t want Jas to get an advantage though.

But just another thing TPTB ignored/changed thinking fans would just forget about it I guess. They could I guess, give the 4 of them an advantage in the upcoming HOH — BUT why wouldn’t they have done that or something similar this week? So yeah, looks like they’ll just bury it.


honestly for me jasmine is annoying and faking this injury and needs to be out of this game so yes get her outta here

Sick and Tired

I am getting off Taylor rollercoaster ride I just can’t with her. All over the place.

Vanessa Goodman

When is the house gonna split??


If Kyle plays the veto, he is the most feckless person to ever play BB!


Whose side is Micheal actually on, Kyle’s or Taylor’s. I don’t watch the feeds so reading the updates, he seems to be feeding both what they want to hear. I was hoping he still had that final three with Taylor but is he going with the other couple now?

un autre nom

Michael is on Michael’s side. Always has been always will be.
In his ideal situation, Kyle breaks the seven, takes out someone in the seven and gets himself knocked out before final 7. In his ideal situation Taylor gets taken out by the other side somewhere around around final 6. but that changes regularly.
Right now? He’s ratfloating between Kyle and Taylor/Joseph. He’s actively stoking the flames between them.


I guess it is good game play, but I would like to see some loyalty from someone here. Micheal had been my favorite but I don’t like this gameplay he is using. He he doesn’t watch it, a biter jury may award Brittany the money. I feel like the tide turned for Taylor because now she knows power and winning something. I feel like Micheal wanted the final three with her because he thought he could beat her. (Much like Joe feels) But if Brittany wins something, he may rethink her too. A bit disappointing.

un autre nom

Being told there’s a men’s 4 group by Kyle and they are targeting Michael first out of the seven has put Michael into a loyalty vacuum where only ratfloating and causing problems in the group are his solution.
Loyalty is double edged.


Taylor HOHitis/mistakes

As many have noted already Taylor’s HOH reign has been a sh*t show. She had to endure a lot for the first month of this season so I’ll cut her a bit of slack for wanting to be treated with some decency from the FS vipers. BUT I can’t ignore how poorly she’s performed this week.

And most of the blame falls on her shoulders. She immediately told Ally, JasMEAN & Indy they were safe in the hopes of trying to rebuild some sort of trust with the girls to realign with her preseason hopes of working with the women. At the time, she was hell-bent on taking out Terrance. (BTW: her new hit list has all the girls leaving before Terrance – punctuating how flip-floppy she is in general).

There were obvious logistical problems to her actions… First – she should’ve met with the Leftovers to get a feel for what the group preferred & to pitch her desires and then formulated a plan before ever telling any NON-LOs they were safe. Second – she should’ve met with the people she feels most loyal & trusting to gauge their thoughts. That of course would be Michael/Britt (F3/F2) & with Joseph since he’s clearly become her strongest ally (from her perspective that is).

What occurred next was all the flip-flopping and major damage done by her own hand and mouth.

This wasn’t really Taylor’s HOH:

Even if Taylor had met with the LOs prior to making safety promises the truth is it wouldn’t have mattered because this wasn’t her HOH’s — it is Joseph’s HOH.

It started with his nonsense plan to volunteer to be the re-nom. He positioned it to Taylor as a way to show the FS girls & Terrance she was true to her word of targeting a big player & that she/Joseph weren’t that close. The TRUTH is this was (or would’ve been) a way for Joe to get even closer to everyone, not in the LO’s, and ramp up their ire toward Taylor.

Also noteworthy, was for the first time in the game Joseph wasn’t spitting Ally’s name constantly in order to take away Kyle’s number & protect his goat Indy. WHY? Well, based on all his double-dealing spy work IMO it’s bc Taylor moved into that F2 position with him knowing she won’t get four votes already.

Regardless of what happens with the POV if noms stay the same or Ally goes OTB, Taylor has lost any value she could’ve gained from being HOH.

Jury votes lost & target expands:
Indy was never going to forgive her anyway just b/c she landed OTB & since she’ll remain there regardless if Kyle uses the POV it means if she stays and lucks into an HOH her targets will be Monte/Taylor because Indy plays a petty game. Kyle will be the renom for lying to her about using the POV on her.

JasMEAN ate up all the reasons for Taylor not putting her up but that doesn’t matter to the Muffin Top princess bc she has a crush on Joseph. Yeah – I know she’s married but listen to the sh*t she says to him & how she tries to constantly coax him into saying she’d be his type. Or getting on all fours in bed after waking him to stretch her back (derriere pointed toward him) while saying she got naked the night prior forgetting she was sleeping between two men. She thinks she’s being coy but it’s BS the Butterbean has a crush on him.

Jas would have no problem putting Taylor OTB (likely beside Monte) and NOTHING Taylor did or does for the Muffin Top Monster matters bc she’ll ALWAYS find a reason logical or not to target her.

Terrance was told by her he’d be coming off the block to take out a bigger target. He’s likely to stay OTB now with Kyle wanting to protect Ally & if he does acquiesce to the LOs & take down Terrance with Ally going up all the talk about a BIG TARGET to make Terrance trust her is gone. Not that it matters, bc EVEN if they had stuck with the stupid Joe re-nom, Tactless Terrance has such a distaste for her that nothing she could do for him will ever remove those thoughts in his mind.

Ally could be OTB if Kyle uses the POV which I think is unlikely given the strategy chat last night with BMK. There was a slim opening that Taylor could improve the bond with Ally but that has perished. Taylor made too many promises to Ally – she was safe, wouldn’t be a re-nom, she wanted someone to have sex in the house (eye roll) and wanted them to continue working together.

Kyle will tell Ally she was going up if he used the POV so now that relationship is completely fractured. Of the three FS girls, Ally was the one who might’ve given Taylor a jury vote – NOT ANYMORE. And YES we know Alyssa is jealous & petty and put herself in a terrible position by saying “that’s enough (FWIW I think she meant that toward KYLE b/c she was pissed he hugged Taylor so long) & by taking the trip. It was NOT a smart move, however, reflecting back to the girls talking in the HOH – Taylor was the one telling Ally/Indy/Jas to throw the POV to Indy. Sure, she could’ve taken the punishment & probably should’ve but Joe STILL would’ve used the “that’s enough” comment to paint a target on Ally post-POV anyway.

Diving down the Leftovers ranking list:
Although it’s debatable Taylor could ever have swayed the FS gals & Terrance the worst part of her messy HOH reign is the damage she did within the Leftovers and with her closest allies.

She told Turner her plans were to put him up with Terrance & even suggested putting both Turner/Monte up initially. That isn’t something either man will forget moving forward & while they might be able to push it aside they certainly won’t have any delusions she wants to take them deep in the game (READ: she’s an easy nominee beside Michael at F7 or sooner). Turner specifically was miffed bc he was the one who literally saved her by not going with the house to put her OTB and delivered the speech to call out the house for bullying.

Lost opportunities & fractured ties to allies:

That he mentioned it out loud (when he rarely does that) points to the impact it had on him. Of her many failings during this HOH, the fact Taylor didn’t take the opportunity to have a one-on-one with Turner & create a F2 or even a F3 with him & one of her other F2s (Britt or Joe) was a major gaffe on her part!

And as Another Name pointed out, Britt & Michael have clocked they haven’t just slipped out of her conscious thought process – they KNOW Joseph has complete & utter control of Taylor. With the shift to not put Joe OTB & some semblance of a return to sanity, it led to Brittany pitching a F4 with Tay/Joseph in an effort to keep one of her two F2’s in the game (Michael).

I noticed some on social saying it was MB’s fault for not being more forceful or going to Taylor to discuss what was best for the trio but the truth is Michael did tell her JasMEAN was the best person to target & agreed with the Terrance target while Britt had multiple chats with her about the mean girls & frankly was had the most influence of the Leftovers to keep the train on the tracks (see an upcoming post for more on this).

Arguably, Michael & Britt are the two best strategists in the game (albeit they lack social agency) so with Taylor shifting from making great speeches for flashy TV segments to making GAME DECISIONS for TV moments it turned them off. Michael knows that means he could be one of those “splashy TV moments” & isn’t having it.

Neither are thrilled by how they were so arbitrarily pushed to the side for Joseph. Given the strategy talk with Kyle they are also now both aware that Joe only tells partial truths to the LOs which highlights how important it will be to cut him as soon as possible. Only then will MB reconsider their F3 with her.

HOW she can still salvage something positive in her HOH:

Okay, so like Monte before her, Taylor got caught up in HOHitis. Again, after the sh*tty hand she was dealt early, it’s understandable as it was probably the first time (other than Michael’s HOH) where she truly felt safe & in this case it came with power.

She’s a lock to win America’s Favorite Player (you can book that now unless she severely screws up) but her path to the end game took a MAJOR HIT this week. By allowing Joseph to puppet her she lost respect within the LOs (and trust – bc everyone sees it). In fact, whether Joe realizes it or not – he also was damaged by this HOH with his pandering to both sides & blatant refusal to end the FS faux alliance.

Having said all that – there IS a way she could salvage something positive from her HOH reign but it would require something dramatic.

First, she would have to put aside her moral compass (and I’m not going to opine on that choice – it is what it is) and get Kyle to take down Terrance. Next, her nomination speech would have to do what ONLY JOSEPH wants to avoid and put all the cards on the table by exposing the Fly Swatters along with all the specifics.

She would have to say I’m at a crossroads today where I’m battling my morals and the reality of the house. Although I entered the house hoping to work with women, I’ve been rebuffed at every turn. Even as I made one last ditch effort by committing to keep the women safe this week the truth is it was a futile effort.

The reason I know this is because Joseph and Kyle who are part of the Flyswatters are in the alliance that has dominated the house this past month and they’ve kept us informed of your thoughts. Therefore, I’m fully cognizant of your true feelings about me Jasmine, Indy Ally and Terrance. I know each of you tried to flip the vote to keep Nicole and worse I’ve heard all the vile things you’ve said about me. While you ladies have all stated your true desires are to have two women in those F2 chairs that’s only true if it’s not myself or Brittany.

Therefore, I’m forced to shift my nomination to someone who the majority in the house sees as problematic. They’ve milked an ankle injury for the past month, made us wait on them hand and foot, used their father’s b-day & own b-day as reasons to avoid being a Have Not or considered as a nominee, used vitriol to paint each of us with a dirty brush and complained about having to compete in competitions. Yet they expect us to give them one-sided courtesies.

Therefore, since you had no problems accepting all these courtesies and did have an opportunity to win the POV but elected to take the biggest reward I’m sure you can savor that as you become the first member of the jury. Take a seat JasMEAN!

While TPTB had their hands in the pot a lot this week barring them pitching this shift it’s not going to happen. Taylor outed in so many words they stopped the Joseph re-nom (HELLO – they know the LOs would strike), pushed the fauxmance and IMHO have been the ones pushing to keep JasMEAN safe (albeit – her recent edits are prepping for her demise).

Something else to note was the banter coming from Taylor about getting on The Amazing Race and unless she was in a showmance with Joseph it probably wouldn’t happen (side eye). She pushed the TAR narrative a ton & it coincided with her aligning closer to Joe, starting the fauxmance & pushing Britt/Michael further away.

Ultimately, what this week proved is Taylor is very much about making flashy TV moments, has aspirations beyond this season of BB and is a bit of a chameleon. Flashback to chats with Britt & Michael and you’ll witness a much savvier and dialed-in player strategically. NO – she’s not the one who often clocks the house dynamics or best moves but she contributed to those convos and brought something to the table.

Contrast that with her Joseph chats and it’s night and day. It’s not that she isn’t capable of contributing, rather it’s a combination of her believing everything he tells her & that he has a better grasp on the situation. He is a master of the mist (with the ladies especially) and she probably feels safe with him. They’ve bonded and I think it’s fair to say she’s a smitten kitten (READ: I don’t think this is entirely for TV moments). After a brutal almost six weeks in the house, much of which she spent ostracized or bullied I can understand her choice to draw closer to him.

We can debate whether it was the wisest decision for her versus balancing it with her other relationships til we’re blue in the face. The bottom line is that is where she feels safest, and in retrospect, she’ll likely realize it cost her getting to a F2 chair (likely) unless he is evicted and she gets a second chance to re-forge her other bonds in the house.

I Spy

In the Mike/Britt F3, Taylor would clearly be the odd man out (Taylor entered this arrangement at a time she was still vulnerable and feeling like an outcast). Therefore, Taylor is smart to align closer with Joe at the expense of the F3 and renegotiate the F3 into a F4. Levels the playing field.


Not necessarily. Brittany has a F2 with Taylor and believes she would have a good shot of winning sitting beside her. When Britt suggested a F4 with Taylor/Joseph they discussed cutting Michael early (and notably Michael also discussed cutting Taylor early lol)

For Brittany, her absolute preference is to get to F3 with Taylor & Michael b/c BOTH pick her for F2 & if she wins part three I REALLY DO believe she would CUT Michael!

I Spy

In your scenario, they’ve got to get to F3. I’m looking at prospects as they make it to the end. If Britt or Mike is faced with cutting someone before F3, my guess is they would both cut Taylor.