Jasmine “It’s the most inconsiderate thing I have ever seen in my f**king life!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

3:40pm Kitchen – Jasmine and Brittany.
Brittany – he (Turner) was like some times when I am nervous I laugh. Jasmine – that was f**ked up on so many levels. That was so f**ked up. Brittany – he feels really bad. Jasmine – and I get that but this is just not the week. This would not be the week for me and I am really trying .. like that was one of the things I said in casting I said like look I am going to be all good unless someone is disrespectful when it comes to my Dad and like push me. And that was just not the right time. Brittany – yeah, yeah. Jasmine – he said that he just didn’t realize it .. by the time it came out.. Jasmine – was he not there … he was sitting right there in our conversation .. you know what I mean? And what like you laugh.. you laugh and then get up?!?! It is the most inconsiderate thing I have ever seen in my f**king life! I have never experienced anybody that was so inconsiderate. I just don’t know. I just don’t know and that is why I had to get up and walk away and not say anything because obviously I am still playing a game here and that is more important to me so I am just .. I just have to keep my space from him right now. Brittany – well if you need anything. Jasmine – okay thank you. Jasmine heads out to the hammock to cool off.

She lays in the hammock. Joe comes over to see if she is okay. Joe – do you want to be alone? Jasmine – I am good.. I saw you laughing too so what is up? Joe – I wasn’t laughing. Jasmine – I saw you .. you were like literally laughing and trying to hold your mouth when I got up. Joe – Jasmine, I was holding my mouth because I was in shock at how awkward the situation was. I was not laughing about it to like disrespect anything. And I think you know me good enough that I wouldn’t do that. Michael, Brittany and I were covering our mouths because we were like this is significantly awkward. Not as if there was anything funny about that. Jasmine – yeah that was just really disrespectful. Joe – I don’t think he meant it to be disrespectful. Jasmine – but you’re .. like my dad didn’t die a year ago … it wasn’t 6 months ago.. it was literally f**king 3 months ago! So if I say that I want to release a balloon for his birthday like out of respect for him… Like I can’t go visit his grave site .. I can’t leave the house! I can’t spend my time with my family. Like we share a birthday! Its very important to me. Joe – I agree with you. Jasmine – he laugh though when he got up .. like he clearly laughed. Like I was fine .. he can say what he needs to about the environment.. it just wasn’t the moment or the time and him getting up and laughing did not make it better. Joe – yeah. Jasmine – its f**Ked up! Joe – I really hope and think that he was only laughing because he was like I am a f**king idiot. It was a very awkward situation to be in. When you walked away his point was that he was in no way to disrespect you.. he was just hoping we could do a more climate friendly option… and all of us agreed but we said Turner that was not the time to relay that message .. her father recently passed. No one can understand what you’re going through but no one would openly disrespect you. Jasmine – its already f**king tough being in here while dealing with a vulnerable moment. Joe – he (Turner) wants to come apologize too. Jasmine – yeah I am not ready. Joe – after he was like I am a f**king idiot.

3:50pm Indy, Tuner, Michael and Brittany.
Indy – we are going to plan some surprise for her birthday and you can maybe say sorry at that point but just give her space.

4:35pm Hammock – Jasmine and Alyssa.
Jasmine – I was like what do you want from me at this point and then what really sent me over the edge was he (Turner) gets up and starts laughing. AND I LOST IT! I had to go inside immediately. WHO laughs?! WHO f**King laughs?! Its NOT funny!!! Alyssa – its not funny! Jasmine – and then I saw Joseph do this (cover his mouth) and it kind of looked like he was laughing. I can’t say if he was or wasn’t. I saw that Turner was laughing. She then retells the conversation she had with Joseph in the hammock. Jasmine – its just hard for me because I can’t say nothing.. because if I act out, I’m the bad person. He is just so inconsiderate! And I have to deal with him every single day. We already barely get along. Its just so hard for me because people like that in real life I would literally speak my mind and I can’t do that here. And nobody says anything because we can’t. It just sucks. I have just never seen him wash a toilet, sink, a shower, a dish… I have not see him do anything. Alyssa – there has definitely been a lot building up between you guys. And he shouldn’t have said that especially if he wasn’t involved in the conversation. Jasmine – or you could have worded it differently. Like hey I know you want to honor your dad but can we do it in a more eco friendly way. Alyssa – yeah but that’s just not Turner.

Storage room – Monte, Michael and Joseph.
Joe – did you hear Alyssa outside the DR? Monte – yeah I think she was working out and strained her back. Joe – she told me she just feels so anxious right now. Monte – she started talking to me more than she ever has while we were working out.. she started opening up ..and I was like why is she .. like have never had these conversations with her.. she is like complimenting me. Joe – I think she was worried. Monte – oh yeah that makes more sense now she was worried about her standing in the game. Michael – well the original plan was that you (Joe) would go up.

4:50pm – 5:30pm Backyard couch – Jasmine and Turner.
Turner – I am very sorry! Obviously you know why I want to come sit with you and apologize 1000 times over. I don’t think I could ever understand what you’re going through and I said what I said and I was by no means trying to put down anything. Or anything that you’re going through at all. I think I messed up with the timing. I don’t even think it was what I said but the timing of when I said it. Jasmine – and that fact that you laughed and then got up. That is what really sent me. Turner – yeah I can for sure see that.. the only reason why I laughed was not because of what I said but that 45 second silence un-comfy. And laughing wasn’t the best thing to do but it was a defense mechanism almost.. I didn’t know what to say or even how to pull back this whole thing and then I laughed and got up … Honestly you don’t have to forgive me I just want you to know that I am honestly sorry. Jasmine – I appreciate you saying that. Turner – and I’ve never lost a parent so I don’t know what that’s like. Jasmine – and its not like it was a year ago, it was 3 months ago. And its not like I can spend time with my family and we share a birthday together. I can’t go visit a grave site and I was just trying to think of a way to honor him. And I was honestly feeling like you were trying to be like the birds life was more important than my dads. Turner – I was thinking about it before you said it was for your dad. I thought it was just for your birthday at first and then after I just said it. I don’t want to say its on brand but I am always thinking about the environment. I can see how it seemed like I was more concerned about a bird but I more meant climate change in general but that shouldn’t have been where my mind when anyway because you’re a person.. and the planet will be fine. Jasmine – its all okay as long as we can move forward and know what to say and not to say. Just family is off limits for me. No hard feelings at all. They chat about other things then Turner apologizes again. Jasmine – I appreciate it.

5:44pm Bedroom – Michael, Alyssa and Brittany.
Michael – I don’t know if you taking the thing from Taylor .. like if that is anything like if she (Taylor) is actually mad. I thought she was joking kind of when she said it. Brittany – I am worried that sometimes she likes to do things for TV. Alyssa – like if you wanted to go to London so bad you can leave the house sort of thing. Michael – and any chance that she would do that, I would rather Kyle just not use it. Brittany – me too. Alyssa – I tried to talk to her about it and she was like no, I would rather have a punishment like I get more tv time and like its more fun and memorable and stuff like this. Alyssa – I would rather he not use it just to know for sure. You guys are the closest people to Taylor so do you think she really wants Monte out? Michael – she has been saying it but I don’t know. Brittany – Honestly every time I go up there its something new or she is really vague. Not using it is probably safest for us. Alyssa – but then she (Indy) is going to freak out! She already said she wouldn’t put up Jasmine because of her birthday, she wouldn’t do you guys. She won’t do Turner. She can’t do Kyle. Who does that leave? Michael – Monte, Joseph and You. Alyssa – so Monte or me. But she promised me Festie Besties or not that she would not put me up on the block… like she looked me in the eyes. She didn’t put me up but I appreciate that.

6:13pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Kyle
Kyle – I need to separate from us for the next couple of days. Just like tonight and tomorrow morning okay? Just know .. like do you trust me? Alyssa – yeah. Kyle – there are things in motion that will benefit us long term right now ..like play up that your back is hurt. Alyssa – okay. Kyle – Like you should be good. I am not going to use the veto this week even though people want me to. I am not going to use it. I think there is a plan that we can legit start working together. But just don’t say anything to anyone! Alyssa – okay. Kyle – just don’t say anything to anyone .. not Turner, not Jasmine. I am not going to use the veto this week. Indy will go home this week hopefully. It might be a double eviction coming up.

6:43pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Kyle.
Alyssa – but you don’t think Michael and Brittany are shady? Kyle – no. I don’t think that at all. Alyssa – okay, because they were just in here and like next week don’t worry we would never put you up, we promise. And they were like Kyle shouldn’t use it, we don’t want the thought of you going up there. Kyle – they’re good for my game, good for your game. In all my experience with those two .. they may have lied, they may have done things but they’re solid. They wouldn’t put you up. Just in the future if you ever say a name.. like if you say Monte, just assume that will get back to Monte. That’s why I don’t say anything. The less you say.. Tiffany from last year said in a podcast.. listen twice as much as you speak… and assume everything that you say will make its way through the rest of the house.

7:15pm Backyard – Michael and Kyle.
Kyle – it is basically be going against the house at this point because Taylor has convinced them all that she is going after Monte. So in Jasmine and Indy’s mind I should use it to not only take a number on their side down but also to target Monte. And then if I don’t use it, it will be like what the hell because I can’t go and put that back on Taylor and be like Taylor was going to target Alyssa. I can’t explain the situation to anyone.. except for me, you and Brittany basically know what’s going on. Michael – have you talked to Turner? I feel like he would be on board with Alyssa staying. Kyle – for sure .. in that regard he is for sure. If I don’t use it then next week if one of them wins Monte, Joseph and Taylor can all say Kyle went against the house. Kyle used it to protect Alyssa. Michael – or would they just try to take the shot against Alyssa next week. But when they asked you to use it, it was to put Joseph up as a pawn and now they want you to put up Alyssa. Kyle – yeah its changed so many times this week. And knowing Taylor she could be persuaded to take out me or you. Michael – yeah, the thought has crossed my mind.

7:44pm Bedroom – Monte and Joseph.
Joseph – I think they’re just putting it together. Don’t tell anybody because I don’t want to spread that if it wasn’t true. Bro has to go because this is becoming complicated for someone that isn’t even in our alliance. Monte – 100% bro. I always believed that Kyle could keep the safe amount of distance emotionally… Joseph – its too late. The only thing is I don’t want Kyle to be the face of this. If he sees any push back he is going to fight to keep Alyssa. Monte – Kyle was blindsided by this and he has a chance to win HOH next week, You have a chance to win HOH next week and I do but of course but the compelling argument that he can make to cover his a$$ behind all this is yo I am pissed at Taylor. Joseph – all I have to say is someone that is not in our alliance that is causing this much ripple .. they got to go now. Terrance joins them. Monte leaves. Terrance – have you heard anything about Kyle using the veto or not. Joseph – I want the veto used so that another bigger target goes up so that one of you can come down. I want both of you to stay. I think Kyle told you he would take you down right? Terrance – yeah he told me that he would have to wait and didn’t want to make a rush judgement.

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Assuming that Kyle doesn’t use the veto and Indy goes I see the teams as follows….Team 1: Taylor, Michael, Alyssa, Jasmine, Monte; Team 2: Terrence, Joseph, Brittany, Turner, Kyle


I want Jasmine gone so bad but I really want Taylor gone almost just as much.

un autre nom

Kyle is thinking that Taylor picking Alyssa for veto could mean that Kyle was her backdoor target. Does he believe this? I don’t THINK so. Does it fit his narrative? Yes.
He has now pretty much outed the Pound to Michael and Britt.

Baloongate: totally wrong time for Turner to say balloons pop, birds eat the plastic and die. However… Jasmine’s list of demands for her birthday HAS gotten a bit much at this point. Ice cream cake not baked cake, sherbet but not rainbow sherbet, helium balloon, the tether punishment being over by then so she doesn’t have to share spotlight and will have Joseph’s undivided attention.. and she wants gifts. Like the houseguests can pop out to the mall. Maybe she’s eyeing that 5k. Can’t be nominated or have not for the two weeks before, and doubtless two weeks after.
Jasmine says Turner was bullying her. First person to say maybe not a good idea to Jasmine this season… is a bully.
The Turner and Jasmine feud continues.


I am
More of a orange or lemon sherbet/sorbet person myself. Turner has apologized for the timing. It sounds like she could have made a bigger deal of this if people hadn’t come out to her asking if she was ok. As far as birthday cake, I say it should be Pistachio (my sister-in-law made one for a couple years for one of my nephews on his birthday and it was pretty good)

un autre nom

I’m sympathetic to losing a parent.
I’m not sympathetic to using the death of a parent as game.
That’s icky and manipulative. She’s been doing that since week 2.


I agree, and the problem in the house, everyone keeps catering to Jasmine.

Nobody will check her, I don’t know why they are so afraid of her, I wouldn’t take any crap from Jasmine. I’m tired of hearing about her Birthday, Taylor could save her Crappy HOH tomorrow by nominating Jasmine.

She’s being a hypocrite, she has reasons for not nominating Jasmine, so Kyle has a right to say he has a reason to not use the Veto.


I am so sick of the Jasmine show!! Her demands are ridiculous!! This crazy B has taken her manipulations to the extreme! Not a baked cake but an ice cream cake but it must be sherbet??? Helium balloons not regular balloons!! And this nut case wants presents too!!?? She should have left when she twisted her ankle, because her thinking now is totally twisted!! All these demands for her surprise party are nauseating!!! Go home no-one likes you. She wants production to plan her party!! I’m sure she gave them her invite list!! Production is kicking themselves from keeping her in this game!!! Send her out on the 18th cuz her b’day is 17th and everyone can then say Happy birthday!!!!


Priceless! The biggest bully of all is claiming Turner bullied her.

un autre nom

She’s now inferred they have to keep her to the end (can’t ever evict her) because she can’t be put into the jury house with Turner and his lack of consideration.


Just for that I personally would send her out and then out of spite send Turner out next, so Jazz@ss might literally walk out of the jury house!!

Had high hopes

I really enjoy your updates and analysis

The Beef

I’m sorry.

That’s what Jasmean should be saying to TURNER – for overreacting to what he said about her stupid request to release balloons into the environment in honor of her…er ah her father’s birthday.

That bitch is the most self-centered entitled person I’ve ever seen on this show for sure, and will stop at nothing to make herself the center of attention, much less use any excuse she can find as a reason to either not be nominated, not be a have not, or not even compete in any of the competitions (if you don’t want to compete, why even come on the show?), and I’m so beyond disgusted with her it’s unbelievable.

Now she’s using her father’s death as a reason to gather sympathy from the other players, and it’s just too much. I’m sorry that her father passed, but if it has such a big impact on her, maybe she should have just stayed at home to grieve! It’s just not something you need to roll out and use as part of game play, like Johnny Fair Play did in Survivor. Yeah, I know that was a lie, and a disgusting one at that.


Fairplay lied knowing that Granny was probably at Bingo which made it kinda funny. Her father is actually dead which makes her a vile and despicable person. Big difference.
Johnny even said she was probably laughing when she heard it on the show. She sure laughed about it when it was brought up during the aftershow.
Jasshole needs to go ASAP!!!

Let’s Play Fair

OMG – Jazzass is now milking sympathy for Turner’s correct comment about the balloons – does she or does she not share a birthday with her father this week? And to be honest, no one should care unless they are trying for a jury vote. Further, CBS can’t allow the release of latex balloons since they are not only environmental trash, but dangerous to birds. She is a joke. Finally, with the possibility of going up on the block, Alyssa shreds every last bit of respect for herself on national television with sex on a pool floatie and, after seeing the sympathy vote for Jassass, she is now complaining about her back. This has to be the most whiny, entitled, spoiled, immature group of players in the history of Big Brother!


It sounds like her father died 3 months ago


Four months, but recently — but she chose to come on Big Brother. She didn’t sign up to go to a luxury spa (which she could afford).

Let’s Play Fair

Can anyone play detective and find out the info as to when her father died and his birthdate? I don’t trust a word out of Jazzass’ mouth!


Jasmine was born on August 17th, 1992. Her father passed away on April 11, 2022.

Let’s Play Fair

What is the father’s birthdate? She is saying it is the same as hers….and that is why she wanted to release the killer balloons.


It’s true. I went to her Instagram and the last years she celebrated with her dad. She should not be using his death to stay in the house. She knew she could be in the house during this time, so if it was going to be too hard on her then she should have said no.


This has to be the most whiny, entitled, spoiled, immature group of players in the history of Big Brother!”

0 I was thinking the exact same thing this afternoon when I turned off my feeds, right after Jasmine gave her list of demands for her birthday & Turner mentioned the birds. Guess I turned it off at the wrong moment. Missed all the fireworks.


So Kyle didn’t lose every last bit of respect for himself?????????

Let’s Play Fair

Kyle did, too. They both are going down fast in the respect category.


Can we please just evict Jasmine already? Enough is enough.


jasmine is completely oblivious to the fact that taylor completely saved her this week.

Sanctimony does not suit you

In part that is due to Taylor’s poor understanding of social relationships. She should have gone to talk to Jasmine and make some subtle claim of Black solidarity. Jasmine’s poor attitude towards Taylor is maintained in large part due to the unpredictability of Taylor’s game play.

Taylor definitely has a strong independent, I’m in charge step out of the way, type of mentality that does make for erratic decisions. She likes to feel she’s bounced back against her tormenters. This interferes with her judgement.

I was really glad that Taylor won HOH, but her social instincts are going to limit her run for the end. The flip flopping alone with her plans this week are a major red flag for the others. She did not think out her Monte back door or Joe pawn plans, at all. Going to Indy with the pawn explanation was a huge mistake, only reinforcing the image Taylor has developed as a mystery who can’t be trusted.

It’s very insensitive for her to push the Alyssa agenda now. It should be pretty obvious that opening up eviction vulnerability to one’s showmance (and faux Five Swatters alliance) is going to make Kyle look shady to the rest of the house.

The right to feel protective towards Alyssa should not be dependent on whether or not Kyle had sex with her yet. It is ultimately Alyssa’s fault, though, for telling Turner. The Leftovers are grossly overestimating Alyssa, seems emotional on their part. There are literally only 3 non-alliance members left after this week, and certainly Alyssa should go next week or the following one. She’s not good at competitions and not a manipulator.

Turner genuinely felt he was helping Kyle by telling Monte that Kyle had been intimate with Alyssa. Just more sloppy play, of course.


I don’t think that Black solidarity is that important to Jasmine. At one point recently Taylor reminded her that it would be nice if 2 Black women went to the end. Jasmine’s response was to remind her that she was only half black.

Palm Oil's Meds

Yeah, Jasmine wants white acceptance so that is the REAL reason why she distances herself from Taylor who’s a darker skinned obvious black woman.

Sanctimony does not suit you

I agree. I wonder though if Taylor could have communicated to Jasmine that she doesn’t want to ever nom a Black woman. That could be a huge sense of security for Jasmine, although a piece of it could backfire since Jasmine does seem to be pushing back on that entire concept.

If I were Taylor I would have tried to find some angle to ease Jasmine’s distrust. Although honestly she really should just evict her.


Okay — I am livid. The minute Taylor won HOH, Jasmine pipes up with how they should have evicted Taylor when they had the chance. She says Turner was disrespectful because he didn’t kiss her b**t when she said she wanted balloons released for her birthday. Then she claims he never cleans! She cleaned the bathroom once — once. She expects everyone to wait on her, kowtow to her, give her the trip, give her presents, not make her a have not, not nominate her, . . . This is Big Brother! You are an entitled BEEYATCH.

And why is production doing every thing for her and giving her these advantages. She milks her slight sprain and they let her get away with not competing. They don’t make her a have not when she only lasted 5 seconds on the wall. Turner did havenots — even though it made him physically ill.

And Taylor — make up your mind. You say it compromises your morals to put up a black woman. Okay. Why do you expect Kyle to compromise his morals and put up Alyssa — the same Alyssa you promised was safe? You are running through your alliance — the people who stood up for you and valued you, to protect women who have treated you like dirt from day one.

un autre nom

Preamble: expect the banjoes to come out for dueling showmance segments.
There’s going to be a lot of twisting and turning in edit to make things look like a straight line. there has been no straight line since Taylor won HOH.
Leftover domination.
Daniel tried to make Alyssa suspicious. Tried to recruit Joseph. the flipside not acknowledged.
Besties ends with a whimper.
New showmance blossoms… now that they’ve negotiated the terms and fees.
HOH comp Conspiracyfest.
Michael thought his HOH went great.
Britt is d/r get rid of the non leftovers.
Taylor gotta pull out the w.
Terrance i gotta win and do what Daniel wanted.
Jasmine 5:46 falls.
Turner D/R makes fun of Jasmine for longer than she stayed on the wall.
Terrance please don’t talk to me…
Flashback clarification Alyssa and Kyle post Daniel suspicions.
Alyssa believes Kyle.
Fake news splash.
Britt 15:19 falls. doesn’t pay to have a butt.
Joseph: they approached me to make the alliance. Joseph pulled them together but hey.
Joseph: allegiance to the Leftovers… 48 hours later. um.
Terrance 16:55? falls. seemed a lot closer to me watching. huh.
Loch Ness Monster. blue goo.
Kyle having a hard time? Oh.
Monte 27:09 fall.
Alyssa: 27:20 fall.
Last feeds i saw:
Jasmine doesn’t even want to celebrate her birthday now and she’s going to passive aggressive victim herself to get the house to go after Turner while each of Turner and Jasmine say they aren’t going to use a misunderstanding to target each other. Sure Jan.
Commercial ends, back to HOH
Taylor needs to win d/r
Sasquatch is cheering Indy in d/r.
Alien gibberish.
Probing Gel Pink goo hurt.
Indy 39 13 falls…. first fall without a d/r before falling. now she’s sad d/r.
Turner is throwing now. 42:58
Joseph or Kyle FIVE SWATTERS hopes and dreams d/r.
Kyle wants to battle it out because *they’re both Leftovers (meaning Alyssa safety).
Taylor wins HOH.
Highlights Okay that’s enough from Alyssa.
Taylor’s reign of Terror… for her alliance more than her enemies for a night.
Jabba the nut blithers something idiotic in a fake ass drawl. whatev.
Taylor breaks HOH key chain.
Taylor Britt celebrate. The girls hated them.
Jasmine invades.
Joseph and Kyle are playing both sides talk from Michael. They want to turn the screws on the middle.
Jabba more stupidtalk. We’re a little closer… um what did she call her… um.
Taylor won’t target a black woman…. who is out to get her… who she ins’t in an alliance with…. principle without reciprocation.
Britt wants Jasmine target. Monte sympathizes and respects… pivot. And the fact that she’s his goat? mmhmm.
Monte suggests INDY remember this. Pound meeting already decided INDY.
Terrance d/r is… poo. A lot of people that are expendable… go for Monte.
Terrance is Taylor’s target right now… remember this… because waitforit as far as feeds were concerned.
On feeds: Alyssa is back from D/R consult about her back. Deadlifting. Terrance is also walking poorly.
Joseph and Taylor showmance introduction: She misses flirting and what’s he been doing since for game manipulation? what. too nail on the head?
TAYLOR’S BIG IDEA: Clown music.
So, Taylor promised Kyle and Joe and her festie besties and Michael safety and won’t touch Jasmine because. Sorry Turner, you called out the bullying, so hit the block?
Turner nom.. um. Turner Monte noms… um. Terrance still target. This conversation was SO cringe.
More showmance crap…. turns into INDY is a mean room mate. 5am every day, i’d be mean too.
So Taylor wants to use a girl as pawn. Indy not pleased to be the pawn. So she’s a liar is Indy’s take away. I wouldn’t risk you (she would).
Turner says Jasmine. Jas Indy fighting over Alyssa would be a delight.
Taylor worries she’s going to upset someone.
My Argument: Hooray for principles, if she wins HOH and targets one of us can we blame your principles for protecting the new head of the snake? Just asking.
Robes for ceremonies are always a sign of HOHITIS. I don’t make the rules.
Taylor won’t nominate black women. (I’m not aligned with that are after me).
Terrance i thought we were closer.
Indy maybe she be my pond next time.
Monte i’m not the target suckers.
On feeds i missed Joseph telling Monte that he thinks Kyle is against the 7 because he won’t use the veto, and Taylor sees it too.


It felt like Jasmine lasted less than 5 minutes even though the tv episode click said otherwise

un autre nom

There was a commercial break between start of HOH and Jasmine falling. add in three and a half minutes of commercials and you get close to that time.


They’re counting the total time she was on the wall!!! Because everyone was on the wall before the time started except for Bigfoot, her time started the minute she stood on the wall!! So the 5 plus minutes makes more sense!! Does that make sense???? Just get rid of her puh-leeze!!! She is a manipulative disgusting human!!! Taylor better watch out cuz that snot wants her gone!!

un autre nom

Here is what i remember from live show: comp starts then they go to commercials. live show resumes, julie checks in on the houseguests on the wall. before credits jasmine is off the wall. I remember typing on here ‘who had under 7 minutes for Jasmine.’


Wow!! I forgot about the commercials. But even still her timing was bullsh#t! Production started her time as soon as she got on the wall!! The girl needs to go she’s not even trying to play!! Christmas worked her @ss off, no one catered to Christmas. This righteous b#tch acts like she is the entitled princess that always got her way!! Her parents spoiled her rotten. She’s walking pretty darn good these days. And what I didn’t understand is no one put her on the block because she was hurt!! When in reality if her injury was that bad, she should have gone home!! I don’t understand why they’re letting these people stay in the house competeing, when they could seriously reinjure themselves. I don’t believe this chick is hurt at all!! What a stupid ploy!!!; It makes me so mad

Palm Oil's Meds

I hated how the episodes edited out Kyle trying to have an all-white alliance but showed Taylor say at least three times that she would not put up a black woman. I wish the show would stop trying to give Kyle a good edit. He’s a disloyal simp.

un autre nom

The show edit has left out a lot. According to the show edit oldskool never formed.
According to the show edit, Kyle didn’t go all bias bullshit.
the reason they included Taylor’s speech is because it makes no sense why Jasmine is safe without it. ALSO, it’s part of Taylor’s platform. She’s said over and over that during casting she made it clear that she would never nominate a fellow black woman.
I’m still of the mind that if she doesn’t want to nominate other black women she should make sure she’s in an alliance with them, because otherwise she is asking her allies to put her principles before their games, and they can’t protest because of social media immediately labelling them and cancelling them for putting their personal game before her principles.


oof, watching taylor’s hoh was painful. not only did you throw away any chance at indy and alyssa’s jury votes you also made yourself look disloyal to your alliance in the process which means they’ll likely cut you sooner rather than later and also won’t be voting for you in jury. can people now please stop pretending she has game?

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News flash! Taylor was always going to be the first one on the chopping board in the Leftovers, regardless of her HOH. It’s a miracle she survived this long because the mean girls were coming for her since day 1.

It's me

Just watched the Sunday episode. Taylor does not want to put a black woman on the block. This is getting crazy now. Just play big brother.

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I think the problem is that Taylor actually said it out loud. Taylor must learn to stay on code like Kyle. Kyle knows to use coded language for his all-white alliance dream. What drives me crazy is that Jasmine hates her and would put Taylor on the block in a heartbeat. And she put her on the block! lol


And this is why I no longer watch Big Brother. I caught Taylor’s pronouncements just flipping through the channels.

An HOH declares that her nominees will be guided first and foremost by race. Before strategy, before loyalty to members of her alliance, even before considering the qualities of Jasmine as a person.

That is racism. It is not okay. It should recognized as the social retardation that it is, no matter who speaks it.

un autre nom

Michael and Britt, knowing that Kyle says he has no intention of using the veto, are now playing nice with Alyssa’s paranoia.
Why? What lit this little fire?
Revelation that the boys made an alliance and just brought in extra numbers Britt Michael and Taylor. Knowledge that they are on the outside of the alliance’s alliance is pushing this.

Meanwhile Kyle has completely convinced himself HE was the blindside target, partially because of his Kyle/Joseph subplot; partially because of Taylor’s big ideas as HOH plans for Thursday night; partially because Kyle has that whole implicit bias mindset that creeps in as his paranoia… fueled by why won’t she touch Jasmine?


Cue Indy walking in as soon as Alyssa & Kyle finish that conversation and trying to get him to tell her what he will do with a “no pressure…I would just like to know if I am going home “


I didn’t realize JasMEAN’s dad died 3 months ago. That is very sad but SHE decided to come on the show so what does she want?

The balloons should absolutely NOT be released and I hope they are not.

I’ll need to see the interaction to judge fully, but from what I’ve read I agree that Turner put his foot in his mouth. His nervous laughter was not malicious though imo so it’s not the end of the world. He apologized and she seemed to have accepted it but of course they are both lying to each other’s faces that they won’t nominate each other. They would have for sure done it prior to this latest -gate (Balloongate) and this surely will stoke that fire.

She can have a birthday party for herself/her dad but after that she needs to go the following week.

It seriously is way past her eviction date. The fact she is on the jury is a slap in the face to many former houseguests and probably will motivate future players to act a fool so they can be dragged to jury or potentially F2…

We had the Couch 1.0 last year (and Enzo for All-Stars 2) we don’t need a continuation of weak players in the F2.

5-4 (4-3 prior) votes to determine the winner are obviously the best for TV.

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So Taylor is no longer sure she gets to be tethered to Joseph?
Oh. What’s the fast one production is pulling now?


Jasmine had a choice to be on Big Brother so maybe with it being only 3 months of her Dad passing it wasn’t the right time. It was her choice not to be with her family on his birthday so please stop with all the birthday demands! Sorry if that sounds too mean.


No your not mean!! When a girl loses her father something snaps!! I personally went through this mean stage, but… I wasn’t on national television!! I was 24 dad was 57 when he had a massive heart attack at work. So he never came home!!! This is why twisted sister is so twisted plus she twisted her ankle which made her thinking twisted!! Get it!? Bigfoot has been catered to far too long!! Her demands are crazy!! If these hgs don’t see her as a threat, she will sit in those seats on finale night!! I don’t care what skin tone someone has. There is evil in everyone!!

Sanctimony does not suit you

Why were the Leftovers meeting without Taylor, to formulate a preliminary plan for her HOH? In particular, Monte seemed to be running that meeting. Ultimately, they still do not take her seriously as an alliance member. She’s the runt.

That being said, she has royally screwed her game this week, in every way possible. Her social instincts are extremely subpar. She’s not going to get too far in subsequent weeks.

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Update to Chaosfest:
I’m still trying to piece together all the why behind all the what the…

  1. Taylor’s initial plans for noms creates an environment of distrust.
  2. Joseph’s refusal to drop the spygame has gamers on edge (jury management)
  3. Kyle outing the existence of the men as a group is fanning flames.
  4. Refusal to touch Jasmine. Problematic if you ask someone else to ditch principles.
  5. The end run around Kyle to force Kyle to use veto is creating more paranoia.
  6. All of the people thinking of Alliance breaking are pointing at all the other people thinking of Alliance breaking and saying got to get them before they get us.
un autre nom

Joseph, right on cue, is running to Monte to say that a girl is getting in the way of the Pound vision. Now Alyssa has to leave or else. In other words… don’t touch one of my parachutes, take Kyle’s. If you want to manipulate Monte, play into his inherent misogyny. Shush. Go back to week one and two. He’s covered it quite a bit since, but it does slip out (remember when Britt said she didn’t like the way he kept saying woman and female in a tone?) Joseph was the one in week one and two whose comments were the equivalent of line the women at the door to leave so the real players can get down to the game. I don’t forget these things.

Meanwhile, Kyle has been saying the chaos of this HOH is making him wonder if Monte and Joe and Taylor are looking to take a shot at Kyle or Michael.

The chaos is going to be huge, I hope.


the team thing is being done to help keep annoying people around longer. lame. hopefully it doesn’t work out and jasmine and indy will still be gone soon.

No Name

Ok, Alyssa asking if Michael and Brit are being shady for not wanting her on the block……is she stupid or am I?


Right now Kyle has all the power. Even though Taylor wants him to use the veto, he’s not going to. Why would he want to get rid of his bed partner when he could get someone out that he really detests (Indie)? He tries to convince them that he would be willing for Allysa to go down the line but I think there’s probably a bit of guilt after their activity in the have not room last night. He doesn’t want her to think he was just using her.

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Joe and Monte pulling the catch 22 argument is sort of funny. Monte was the one that pushed Indy going this week to Kyle. Joseph has been earworming Alyssa since an hour and a half after veto. Indy or Jasmine had asked if Alyssa was going up as renom. So Joe is scramble mode.
Joe tells Terrance veto will be used or Kyle is pulling something shady, and Joe tried.
Kyle tells Britt that he has a gut fear Michael is blindside target.
Kyle says Taylor didn’t let him in when he went to HOH.
Kyle tells Terrance he prefers Indy go, so he doesn’t want to use veto.

Kyle is a paranoid player. We’ve all known that since week 2. Taylor has changed nom ideas and targets multiple times this week, starting with targeting a man.

Michael is playing on Kyle’s paranoia now that Kyle has been dropping game info that puts Michael in danger.
Michael fanned the flames of a Joe/Kyle subplot alliance split for a couple hours today.

Turner… still wants Jasmine out. He’s on Monte and Joe’s side when he talks to Monte and Joe. He’s on Kyle’s side when he talks to Kyle. If it isn’t Jasmine on the block, he gives zero shits.

Britt knows lots of information that buries Joe, and lots of information that buries Kyle… and she hasn’t said anything. Is this a precursor to a horseman? I’m shocked. Is she actually looking at which way the crow flies before hyperhypnotoading? Somehow i feel like any exposure this week is going to land on her most when she’s done the least in terms of her usual game compared to now. Just gut.

I’m listening to the Taylor and Kyle conversation. She’s trying to explain why the petty isn’t petty it’s validated reasoning. And agrees she’s flipped targets a lot. Doesn’t have an answer for if Alyssa had won and pulled down Indy, what then?
Kyle so far, isn’t falling for what Taylor is selling. He’s saying things that make odd nonsense too about being fine with putting Alyssa on the block if he’s HOH, but not liking the veto use when they have 4 targets, and 2 are already on the block. He wants Indy gone. It’s coming out that everyone is telling both of them they are saying one thing to each of them, and it’s not matching in terms of use or don’t use veto. Kyle brought up Monte and Joe. Taylor returns to it with Britt and Michael. Kyle and Taylor know now that each person has been doubletalking. Who gets the worst exposure?

Taylor: I don’t want you feeling like I came into this conversation like ‘Alyssa’s got to go. If Kyle doesn’t do it, he’s first to go.’

Monte and Joe are now coming to pull Kyle back in line with the vision. Kyle says he’s comfortable with the conversations he’s had with most of the alliance about not using the veto, because using it on Terrance is using it on the guy that voted to evict Kyle a few days ago. He says his conversations have been indifference of preference for Indy to go. Joseph says he’s fine with what the group wants, that’s what he is pushing. (HIs nose didn’t grow but that was such and obvious misdirect).
At the moment, Kyle might have a short term win, long term loss. Taylor is saying now that she and Kyle have talked she understands his reasoning for not changing noms.
Indy would target Taylor and Turner, Turner thinks.
Indy would target Taylor and Kyle, Kyle thinks.
Indy would target Kyle, Joseph says. *Joseph KNOWS Indy would put Taylor on the block.
Turner is saying why put up with ANOTHER week of Indy on the block when she’s already there. And Kyle states again he doesn’t WANT to save either of them off the block with veto.
Joseph is going with won’t Jasmine and Terrance be mad if you don’t use veto (*they will when Joseph gets done). Kyle says he uses his fear for Alyssa being put on the block because of her veto stupidity taking the trip from Taylor.
Kyle is using Taylor’s inability to nominate or target Jasmine again. Told you someone in the alliance would snag on that. He wants Indy out. He has reasons for wanting noms to stay the same. Admits part of it is not wanting to be the one that causes Alyssa’s eviction.
Taylor is trying to cover for the target shift as exploring options. Joseph whole heartedly agrees (*he’s the one that’s been shiffing the target by brainfuqing Taylor in his rabidgamersquirrel mode).

Jasmine has interrupted this convo that really wasn’t going to go anywhere.

Here’s the basics: when a member of your alliance wins veto, pivot from getting that alliance mate’s showmance evicted when you have 4 targets…. because chances are everyone isn’t going to pull a Tiffany/Claire when there isn’t a cause.
Joseph got greedy and wanted to take a strike at Kyle’s game and final 2 argument and jury votes.

BOOZE DELIVERY AND JASMINE HAS DECREED THEY HAVE TO SAVE IT UNTIL HER BIRTHDAY. Hey big brother, take the booze back. I’m serious. They’re trying to hint it’s a big week coming, drink now or forever hold your peace, and Princess Nastybritches is being a dipshit.

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I want Kyle and Michael to go.

Kyle's mom

Fyi: it’s illegal to release balloons in California