Turner is the New HOH! “I think we could take it, float to jury.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:
Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
** Unsure how many weeks the pairs twist will last **

3:16pm – 8:40pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the eviction / HOH episode taping. (This eviction episode will air on Sunday evening.)

Turner is the Head of Household!

Bathroom – The house guests are congratulating Turner on winning HOH. He has the HOH key around his neck. Turner leaves the bathroom. Michael to Nicole – That f**king was embarrassing. Nicole – that was crazy. Wait what was embarrassing? Michael – I f**king let go of my button. Nicole – no, you can’t win everything. Michael – that was a stupid mistake. Nicole – No, I am so proud of you. If that had been an endurance comp you for sure would have won. Brittany joins them. Nicole – you guys are cute besties. Michael and Brittany are paired up. Michael – I would rather it be this week than next week because I think my birthday is next week. I don’t want to be a havenot on my birthday. Brittany leaves. Jasmine comes out of the washroom. Michael – This is crazy! I’m happy you’re safe again. Jasmine – I know, I know, I know!

Bedroom. Jasmine and Kyle.
Kyle – are you alright? Jasmine – my vision is just blurry. Kyle – especially from all the lights and stuff. Sorry I didn’t pick you. Jasmine – no, its fine. I feel like this is good to just sit back and make sure everyone is safe. I am good. I am safe and also I can keep safe who I want to keep safe.

Kitchen – The house guests are making dinner / eating.
Indy – if I am a havenot, I am not cooking for you. Turner – How do the havenots get picked now? Alyssa – They’re going to tell you. Turner – Oh true. oh you guys are in for a painful ride, me trying to read these cards dude!

8:55pm Storage room. Daniel and Kyle.
Kyle – are you good bro? I felt like sh*t right after this big boys broken up .. I just saw you and I was like dude I think we can win comps. Daniel – I was like are you down? Kyle – I thought it was like are you going for it? And I was like I’m down. I was like does he want a girl if he wants to disrupt the guy / girl narrative!? And I was like ah did I just f**k us?! Daniel – I think you and I are good with the girls. I think we could take it, float to jury. And just help out whoever we need to and just play a smart game. Kyle – for sure. And I really like you and I’ve been wanting to get to know you. Kyle – BRO! Please! I was so scared! I was like f**k did I just f**K the game! Daniel – I wanted to scream. Kyle – dude! Thank you dude! The hug. I’ve been literally so stressed! I thought this was the one challenge I could win. And then I was like f**k my life, I suck! We can both play next week. I think we’re good. Daniel – I just think that we’re solid on both sides.. that’s my opinion. Kyle – yeah. Daniel – I’ve never heard your name. Kyle – I’ve never heard yours. Daniel – dude this is sick!

9:08pm Bedroom. Kyle and Turner.
Turner – Yo Bro! We got a f**king week right there! Bro we needed that so bad! Kyle – when you and Ameerah were up there were you like I got you, you got me? Turner – I didn’t say that. Kyle – good job dude! Its going to be a good week. Joe joins them. Joe – I had not idea there was such a fat twist. Turner – how is your guys partner? Joe – Monte (with Joe) and Daniel (with Kyle). Turner – that is f**king perfect. We’re going to be chilling up there. Joe and Kyle leave. Alyssa joins Turner. Alyssa congratulates him. Turner – obviously I am not going to put you up. Alyssa – thank you. Turner – yeah dude. Alyssa – yeah I wouldn’t have done that either. You have options.

9:20pm Storage room – Joe and Monte.
Joe – he (Turner) is going for whoever planted the seed to get Pooch out. Monte – he is definitely a wildcard this week. Joe – for sure he is going to wild out. He is going to start a war… but me and you have a good game relationship with everybody. Monte – so at the end of the day I just want to make sure he is acting rational. Joe – he needs to think smart now that there’s teams just cause you put one up. He said he is going to call everyone up stairs. He wants to talk to all of us and find out who was the last one to know. And he also wants what our opinions are to do next. What are you thinking to recommend? Monte – my mind is going Taylor. For me you have to think about that pair. I think that Nicole has plenty of allies. If we get out Taylor this week that could be good but.. he is going to want blood. Joe – and Taylor isn’t enough because that wasn’t Taylors fault. And if Pooch told him that one of us leaked he is going to look for who it was.. and I know it wasn’t me. Monte – it wasn’t me. It could have just been Pooch talking and people hearing. Joe – he said it was Alyssa that heard him.

9:36pm Bedroom – Taylor and Michael.
Michael – I wonder if he would put up whoever was responsible for that (Pooch leaving). I don’t know what he will do. Taylor – I don’t think anyone knows. No matter what its going to be two girls. Whoever he puts up first is going to be two girls. And if they come off the block, whoever he puts up is going to be two girls. Michael – I think it will be either you and Nicole or Alyssa and Indy. Taylor – are there any other two girl pairs. Michael – I don’t think so. Taylor – oh f**k. Michael – what a good deal for Jas! Safety .. must be nice! Taylor – must be nice! Brittany joins them. Taylor – I just want a week off. I am still fighting in this b***h! I just cannot handle being backdoored. There is no way I survive against Nicole. Of all the people to win HOH this week!

9:46pm Bathroom – Taylor and Joe
Taylor – no easy weeks in this house. Joe – Its not.. its rough! One think you are is you’re smart so leverage that. And I see it.. I told you I was going to vote how I think of your game. And you gave me your promise and obviously you didn’t win HOH now but that was me telling you .. I like how you play. Taylor – I appreciate that. Joe – so I don’t want you to get hopeless. Taylor – its on! You wouldn’t keep me here if I wasn’t here for a reason. Joe – keep fighting. You definitely being on the block so much, I don’t think its just Turner. You might be an easy… change that. Taylor – and the only person I am on the block next to is Nicole and there is no way I stay. Joe – yeah. Taylor – its done. Joe – its done. You’ve earned your place. You have a lot of potential to win this game so fight for it. Taylor – I won’t let you down.

10:12pm Turner comes out of the diary room with a BB havenot c ard.
Turner – house guests its that time again to choose new havenots. The good news only one festie bestie pair will have to endure slop, cold showers and the havenot bedroom. So which duo will it be, well don’t look at me.. I am going to let me festie bestie choose (Jasmine). Jasmine asks if anyone wants to volunteer. No one initially volunteers. Jasmine says he doesn’t want anyone who has already done it to have to do it again. Alyssa and Indy volunteer to be the havenots for the week.

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Big Jim

It always happens like this. I am not a Turner fan so to speak but I’m glad he won. Let’s shake this shit up a little bit

un autre nom

So here’s what I’m thinking:
Britt’s tearful i’m voting Pooch out talk with the girls? Jasmine is pulling that one out to Turner. Her saving grace: she’s so far on the outside she can’t orchestrate a house vote flip. Neither can Michael. But who knows.
He’s looking for who started the ball rolling? Pooch when he volunteered. Other than that, Daniel and Nicole came to the concllusion at the same time that Alyssa and Ameerah said it in the bedroom. But Turner just promised Alyssa safety.
Monte is hoping pushing Taylor will work. Joseph doesn’t think so.
Michael thinks it’s his pair with Britt or Taylor’s pair with Nicole going on the block (said to Taylor).

What i’m not liking: the POS people can ditch their plus one every week if this twist lasts too long, and have clear sailing steamrolls. Y’know… the way prodo likes things.

No Name

How will this work?When your bestie is evicted can you not be nominated when your not a pair anymore?

un autre nom

No idea. I hate week three twists. LOL.

Palm Oil's Meds

The bestie pair will be nominated together and if one wins a veto then both are vetoed. Jasmine gets another week of safety because her bestie is Turner. Ugh.


How were the pairs chosen? Who got to choose who?

un autre nom

4 weeks? Did they say 4 weeks? Yeah, this is another how to keep a large alliance together ploy.

un autre nom

okay. house speculation not fact.

un autre nom

How to get rid of this whole ‘who squealed Oasis’ thing?
Make it your one on one question. Do the line at the door. Joseph secretary.
One question: who revealed Oasis. Have Joseph take them to the workout room without saying anything to the rest of the line.
They haven’t come up with a cover story. Don’t give them the chance.


GREAT IDEA — but I’d make it a two-parter
1) who revealed Oasis
2) who first mentioned shifting the target onto Pooch?

B/c of the pairs it sort of messes things up but of the six it would make Amee/Ter the most vulnerable and if and I that’s a big IF, Monte/Kyle/Britt/Michael were to set up the OS group by throwing around their names but asking him to keep it secret.

I wondered if Monte would shift off Taylor but so far he’s hanging on her leaving like a dog with a meaty bone.

un autre nom

Well… has anyone heard Turner talk intelligibly about game?
Even Pooch was only using him as a lay-up in final 2.
He was sus of Ameerah last night. He thought Michael and Britt were the swing votes when Michael hinted the vote might be shifting. He doesn’t actually like Joseph.

Now you know darn well that Ameerah doesn’t want Terrance as a partner. And you know Terrance is thinking Turner will be too scared to nominate 2 of us after the week one production notes.
Look at the pairs. other than HOH it’s a POS and a side piece.

The Beef

So reading between the lines, you think production set up the besties to protect the POS alliance then? I mean I try to keep up with who’s in what alliance, but when they form them like changing underwear, it can get tough for an old guy (and I’m not as young as I used to be). So is POS made up of Monte, Daniel, Michael, Alyssa, Ameerah and Nicole? Pretty sure Jas isn’t in it, but since she’s in tight with Ameerah, Alyssa and Nicole, not to mention SAFE this week, it doesn’t really matter, right?

I’d say the two people who need to be worried are Taylor and Terrance, since neither Nicole or Ameerah are going anywhere, Alyssa has already been promised she’s not going up (meaning Indy is safe too), and there’s no way in Hell he’s nominating either of the two guys pairs. He MIGHT go after Britt and Michael, but given Michael’s performance in the previous Veto comps and the last HOH comp, that’s not a real good idea either IMHO, since he would have a high probability of taking himself and his bestie off the block – especially given Jasmines “horrific” injury, and likely being on injured reserve for the comp.

On the other hand, he could put Britt and Michael up hoping he DOES win the Veto, take themselves down and and he can then backdoor one of the other two pairs. In that case, either Taylor or Terrance is going home, and I don’t think there’s anything the men can do to save Terrance, since Michael and Daniel would evict him over Ameerah every time, unless the house decides to “Pooch” punt her, as a strong player. If not, the house can decide to take out a strong competitor (Michael) or a rat who annoys them (Brit).

un autre nom

POS is Ameerah, Alyssa, Kyle, Monte, Michael and Nicole.
are they being given the keys to the steamroller?
Look at the pairings.


so how does the pairs twist work next week after 1 person is evicted when there’s 1 person left without a pair? WTF production i hate this twist, yet again they ruin the game.


Palm Oil's Meds

Maybe the person that was saved from eviction will receive a week of safety until they get a new solo person after the next eviction? The Challenge did this two years ago.

un autre nom

Season 13 (i think) golden key?
Maybe they redraw new pairs every week?

Guy From Canada

I want my favorite pair to vote for as Dawg and Simon…guess I’ll vote Nicole and Taylor instead. Weird how the challenge USA has a pairs twist and they are doing the same thing here. Will the pairs be fixed, rotated each week or too soon to tell?


I voted for Dawg and Simon. On the Challenge there have been pairs before and it’s a bit different now that they have The Algorithm. Two pairs would go to the Arena. Two people would go home. ( Not necessarily a pair, just girl loser and guy loser.

Hopefully this pair twist will only last one week because there will be an odd number of people when eviction rolls around. If it lasts more than one week, I hope they will have to choose new partners to pair up with

Come on TPTB…if you want to really mess them up…Do It !!!

un autre nom

Possible ways to manipulate this twist:

  1. manipulate the pool. 2 pairs in veto join forces to force a renom. nom’d pair throws to the other pair. other pair uses veto. both are safe. causes a renom.
  2. manipulate the pairings. big alliance pick off the plus ones. they’re doing this one already.
  3. manipulate the odds. Always make Jasmine play in veto while injured. Then you only have to fight one pair.

Anyone else got an idea of how this twist “could” be manipulated?

Dear Brittany, NOW is when you ratfloat to the HOH and tell the guy in power ALL you know… and Just the HOH. Not every person you bump into because you feel the need to gamebot stupidly.
You’re welcome.

Has anyone TALKED to Turner to know who he is putting up… I mean i’m hearing a lot of speculating, but nobody has actually talked to the HOH.
Someone talk to the HOH, because i’m tired of Nicole and Jasmine flap their yaps speculating.


I’m SO ANNOYED Jasmine is safe via this twist & would likely be kept if her Turner goes up next week UGH. And of course I’m equally pissed Kyle is paired with Evil Elvis (but it was a smart move by Kyle b/c he knows about OS – meaning the only people who might target him are in that alliance so it protects him).

Question: how do you think POV will work?

My thought is it will still be individuals picked b/c otherwise it’s only one duo picked and that means four others would be unsafe with no shot to win/protect themselves.

un autre nom

POV will be six people.
HOH and buddy. nom pair. a pair drawn randomly.
If either member of nom pair wins both are safe Terrance said.
Turner said they draw once for the other pair playing veto.
Ameerah seems to think there are extra comps (safety?) oooor she was speculating Terrance has to play hard for multiple weeks.

I want them to have to choose new besties every week. Because I want it…. won’t happen.


YUP – Kyle already went to Michael/Britt & told them he picked Daniel for that ^^^ precise reason (to ensure his safety on both sides of the house).


Interesting that Ameerah is telling Terrance they have to promise Jasmine they will never put up her/Turner.

I say interesting b/c every other pair has at least one member of PP in it. So clearly Ameerah plans on throwing HOH until this pair’s twist is over.

Meanwhile, Nicole is already working Jasmine to get Michael & Britt put OTB first (umm why the F does Jasmine get ANY say in this HOH? UGH). And if they’re (Nic/Tay) the re-nom she’s confident she stays & believes she might get some power.

Nicole is another hamster who gets on my nerves so I’d be happy to see things flip on her if Tay/Nic is OTB at week’s end.

Her chat with Michael in SR where the reveal of her being a cop in the past & that she “KNEW week 1 she couldn’t work with Monte or Kyle” may be the thing that finally gets Monte to flip on keeping Taylor if those two are OTB next Thursday.

un autre nom

Indy is not happy.
She is not a gracious loser.
She didn’t want to be have not.
Britt went to hug her…. it didn’t go well.

Dan is telling Jasmine to push for Indy nom. Oh right, he thinks she has a thing for him and follows him around now…. eyeroll. Dan wants Jasmine to put his partner’s showmance and her buddy on the block. mmhmm. Like Jasmine is pushing for Alyssa. oy.

Nic is telling Taylor that Britt needs to go, you can only protect someone for so long.
She actually said that. Nic talked like she’s protected Britt. lord have mercy.
Does Taylor, who has watch your back deals with Michael and with Brittany tell them ANY of what Nic said? Not likely. She’s survival mode. Tay did throw Monte under the bus. Nic is NOT telling Monte that… but will tell every woman that he’s looking for fractures in the women to pick up the ones they discard.

And still…. nobody has talked to the HOH? But five people have approached the useless lump with safety to manipulate the HOH? WHY WOULD TURNER LISTEN TO HER? He only got saddled with her because nobody else picked her. He’s given her safety. She isn’t CO-HOH. She’s his albatross.


Wtf just happened. Holy crap. PIG PEN WON?!


Someone should let Jasmine know we are in a Severe Drought in Cali. Girl let the water run for literally 15 mins to wash face & brush teeth & chatting all the while. Then says “ya’ll I’m gonna use a lot of water” …..seriously production ~ do the right thing