Daniel about Indy “She has been so rude! Let her dig her own hole. She’s already losing her mind.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
** Unsure how many weeks the pairs twist will last **

10:25pm Bedroom. Daniel and Nicole.
Nicole – I took one for the team on purpose. Daniel – absolutely. Nicole – if I have to have someone next to me I want to be next to her so that I never go home. Daniel – there is no better way this could have worked out. Jasmine and Ameerah were like how? Why? I am good with Turner. I feel like I can figure things out. And Kyle and I, I feel like we float perfectly in the middle between the guys and girls. Nicole – yes, you guys will never be put up. Daniel – and I wanted to work with him. I love him. They talk about the HOH comp.

11:10pm – 11:25pm Bedroom. Indy, Nicole and Jasmine.
Nicole – how do you feel about Turner picking you? Jasmine – I’m scared. I am nervous, I don’t even think he will care what I think. I am not close with him like that. Indy – to do what? Nicole – don’t like make any suggestions.. I would say like when it comes to him.. talk to him in a way of like how are you feeling? I am down to do whatever you want to do. And if he is like what are you thinking .. be like well how do you feel about last week? Jasmine – how do you feel about what just happened? Nicole – right. Jasmine – I really would like to be the first one in there to talk to him so that I at least hear his instant thoughts.. versus after everyone has talked. But I am scared he just got his best friend voted out 12 – 0 and I am very wow’d .. I thought sitting on the couch it was going to be at least one or two votes and obviously everyone jumped on board .. even he did which I was very shocked but I don’t know if he has like a vengeance out… and maybe promised Pooch like hey.. I don’t know!? Nicole – right. But now thankfully that keeps me safe because technically I was the one that put him (Pooch) on the block. Nicole – he picked you and so even in a week or two if you’re on the block… you have the votes to stay and he does not. Indy – you’re so lucky. Jasmine – that’s why I am asking people not to sit with me.. because I don’t want the people I touch to get f**ked. Honestly if he puts people on the block.. He could go Taylor but that means you’re (Nicole) on the block. Indy – she doesn’t care. Nicole – I don’t care. That is why I picked her. Jasmine – OH! Because I was like what are you doing!? Nicole – this is the best case scenario, if there is a power for the first person that is safe. If Taylor has a power (veto), that means I am safe. That means I protect all of us! You don’t want to sit next to someone you love. Jasmine – OH! Nicole – if he puts up Brittany and Michael .. they will probably win the veto because of Michael .. Then Taylor and I go up and she goes home. Brittany joins them. Jasmine – let me verify the rules. He is my festie bestie now. So if he is my festie bestie and I win HOH, I could have swore it was up to the person that won HOH next week and Turner would be safe. Nicole – if you’re festi bestie.. and one of you get HOH .. you and your festie bestie are safe. But it is the sole discretion of the winner who goes up to be nominated .. but your festie bestie is completely safe.. It is the sole decretion of who the HOH wants to nominate. Your festie bestie is safe with the cavete
that your festie bestie can compete in the next HOH. Jasmine – but he cannot. Nicole – he cannot. If you win, he is safe again. Jasmine – sh*t. Daniel joins them.

11:25pm Bedroom. Jasmine, Nicole, Taylor, Daniel, Terrance, Indy, Alyssa.
Indy – I am so mad at her. Just let me be mad (about being a havenot). She was following me everywhere. I need space! I signed up to do this show .. but I am mad! So let me be mad.. then I will be okay. Just because I take a little while longer than humans.. a little longer than normal to heal and be happy again. Terrance – to heal from what? Indy – whatever. Daniel – I’m confused too. Indy – because I am a havenot and I am pissed! Daniel – we’ve all done it. A lot of us have done it. Terrance – if you go in with that mentality you are going to dread it worse. If you go into it like that .. it picks away at you .. it f**ks with your head. I promise you it do. Indy – yeah and I know! But right now if I am going to be mad, let me be mad! You know. Terrance – I just don’t want you to carry it that’s all. Indy – I don’t carry anything in life. Like an hour to feel my feels and then I let it go. Its the way that I am.

11:28pm – 11:40pm Bedroom. Terrance, Daniel and Jasmine.
Jasmine – that was just rude. Daniel – she (Indy) is out of her damn mind. Jasmine – she keeps talking to people any kind of way. Daniel – dude she has been so rude. Terrance – but what did I tell you all? If this is who you are, you show us who you are day f**king one. She is never going to change. Daniel – oh this is it. Jasmine – like you said everyone has done it (Havenots). I would be doing it if I didn’t get safety. Like why would you do that? Daniel – let her burn herself. She is going to show Turner. I mean you can even relay this type of thing to Turner. I don’t think Turner likes her at all. Jasmine – I can’t wait to talk to him. Daniel – just mention, all ready bro she is losing it and she is rude to Alyssa and I think Turner likes Alyssa. Terrance – she always has this quick immediate smart mouth sh*t. Jasmine – she didn’t even let me finish what I was saying. I was just saying keep a good mindset. Daniel – she thinks she owns this f**king house! Daniel – I went into it (havenots) like this is part of the BB experience .. but it is going to suck. She is going to lose her mind. Terrance – but I didn’t want her to bring down Alyssa. Alyssa joins them. Daniel – let her dig her own hole. She is already losing her mind. Jasmine – she snapped out on him (Terrance). Daniel – easily if she goes up, you’re staying. Don’t let her get inside your head. Alyssa – Turner said he won’t put me up but after this week, get her out of here.

12:05am Bedroom. Daniel, Alyssa, Jasmine, Nicole and Taylor are hanging out chatting.

12:15am – 12:54am Outside the HOH room. Michael and Brittany.
Michael – that doesn’t look good for him so I think our pitch to him should be if you keep us safe this week we are two votes to keep you if you go up against Jasmine.. we have the benefit of we don’t know what happens to the person who stays. So I say we pitch it, remember backstage they didn’t get a vote. If one of us goes home you might just lose two votes because one of us is out of the house and the other person that stays might not be voting. Brittany – no, that’s true.. I was thinking about that. Michael – do you remember BB13 when they brought Jeff & Jordan / Brendon & Rachel .. and they had the golden key twist when they were duos .. I think it is going to be very similar to that where whoever survives the eviction gets like a vip pass or something and they can’t be put up / they’re not going to be able to play in comps. In season 13 the key holder still could vote but they couldn’t compete. Michael – I don’t see him putting up Monte/Joseph. Or Daniel and Kyle. If he was to take one of those shots I would think it would be a backdoor. If he put up.. I wouldn’t want Kyle to be in jeopardy but I wouldn’t be sad to lose Daniel. Brittany – I wouldn’t be sad either. Michael – I think they have something going on. Brittany – The real truth behind Pooch leaving was Ameerah and Jasmines support. Michael – yeah. This is going to be interesting. If we sell him on whoever gets it ..its basically going backstage they can’t compete so if he puts up Joseph and Monte, they can’t win HOH next week and come after him. Ohh.. I think that’s good. I think we should do that for sure. Brittany – for sure!

1:04am Outside the HOH room – Michael, Brittany and Kyle.
Kyle – I feel good compared to yesterday. I think we just keep the focus on Taylor. I hate to say it but Alyssa really does not like it when I talk to Taylor. Michael – so maybe keep talking to her. Brittany – I wouldn’t want this to happen but if Indy and Alyssa went up.. Alyssa would stay. She has the votes to stay. That would be a good option. Kyle – I think its pretty set.. its Taylor & Nicole (being nominated). Michael – its just scary if Taylor or Nicole win the veto. Then it would be between us (Michael/Brittany) or maybe Indy and Alyssa if he wants to get Indy out. Brittany – Unless he is taking a big shot someone too.

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un autre nom

Joseph is the only one that has talked to Turner.
Turner said Pooch thought Joseph ratted Oasis, but Turner doesn’t think it was Joseph.
Joseph tells turner that it couldn’t possibly have been Taylor that flipped that vote. It had to be someone else.

Well there goes Jasmine’s plan to say Taylor flipped the vote and ruined her HOH, so get her out.

Total speculation from past conversations:
Since Turner was the one saying Michael and Britt have nobody and they’re the swing… How is he going to buy that it was Britt or Michael that flipped the vote? Hmm. Neither of them knew the Oasis name, either. So how can the house spin that? Either the house has to come up with a really good cover story, or Turner has to give up his vengeance for that to materialize given the current facts in hand.

Britt and Michael are trying to come up with a plan to avoid being the target. They might be going too deep and superfan in their thinking. Might? In my opinion they ARE going too deep and superfan in their thinking.

I actually think Michael miiiiiight be throwing Britt to the wolves. He doesn’t want to win more comps… is that what he just.. Yeah, that’s what he just said.

un autre nom

Turner looks at the things he got in his HOH basket.
Doesn’t know what one of them is for.

me: it’s soap, isn’t it?


I’m dying to see how much Evil Elvis tries to work his relationship with Kyle & if there is any fallout from it.

Remember – EE knows about the PP alliance while Kyle knows about the Old Skool alliance (neither knows the other knows).

It’s also obvious to everyone how close Nic is to EE however no one sees how close Michael is to Kyle. I bring this up, b/c it wouldn’t surprise me if EE tries to push his narrative of keeping OS ppl safe & simultaneously tries to put a target on Michael (which hopefully would backfire b/c Kyle isn’t a fan of Nicole OR Jas).

Given what Ally spilled to Kyle he can always fact-check with her but he already knows the group was targeting Pooch even before he was put OTB & that EE knew that (but he lied to Kyle/Monte) all week long as if he was excluded from that group.

Nicole has taken over the mantle of “I’m the mastermind” bragging to her group about why she purposely picked Taylor as her partner, implying SHE was the reason why Pooch left & the target switched to him, & isn’t just confident she stays if they’re on the block but she’ll also get some special power. (eye roll)

Coming into the house I pegged her as someone who could be strong, watched her flail in week 1, gain power in week 2 & now her head can’t fit through the doorway – so I won’t be upset if she gets brought back down to earth (and that likely only happens if she’s OTB & Monte, Kyle, Michael, Joe, Britt & one of Indy or Ally votes her out instead of Tay).

B/c Nic, EE & Jas are the meanest in the house constantly spewing BS about their targets Indy, Britt & Taylor it probably doesn’t take much to turn Indy to vote out Nic OR to draw Taylor to work with them instead of the OS group. The question is whether Monte can let go of booting Taylor.

IF Michael shares what he knows (Nic told him today she KNEW week 1 she had no intention of working with Monte/Kyle deep into this game), that she used to be a cop & that she was the one pushing to keep Tay b/c she wants her to take out Monte it might be possible.

un autre nom

Well… unless Turner is playing Jasmine, he’s… not too bright.
He thinks pairs goes all season and he and Jasmine are co-hoh partners… does he think they split the cash too?
He won’t go after any of the Oasis boys or Indy or Alyssa.
Jasmine isn’t down for Ameerah and Terrance in any way.
He’s afraid of Nicole being mad at him.
Process of elimination Britt and Michael and he doesn’t like Britt again.

Nic thinks she gets a power if she survives eviction. Surviving eviction is your power Lunch Lady Doris, they aren’t giving you a diamond veto.

Here’s the thing: When Daniel goes to HOH to tell Turner a completely different story… what then? He and Jasmine can’t have come up with matching stories.
Plus… do we actually know Daniel’s agenda this week? I’d watch for discrepencies or red flags. Even if Turner doesn’t notice them.

I DO think Michael is selling Britt down the river quite a bit. But honestly his fear is justified. He knows her overgamebotting is out of control, and she can’t be stopped… and most of the mention of his name is connected to connection to her. At the same time…. he’d sell out Taylor too. Too hard to save either of them, and not worth the risk to his own survival is the assessment he’s making in the short term.


Fair assessment.

Clearly, Turner isn’t a super fan so he won’t have thought through how this twist impacts the game. He’s not a dummy though so if he’s provided with logic I think he’ll see the bigger picture.

It is concerning he seems to be giving Jasmine far too much input (at least early). What it appears like he’s NOT GETTING is her agenda is NOT what his agenda should be – – so with the power he needs to do what’s best for him — NOT what makes her most comfortable since she’s just trying to set up the house with her alliance/voters.

If he does what Nic/Jas wants then he automatically leans to Brit/Michael being the initial nominees. If they stayed OTB I could also envision Evil Elvis & Nicole suddenly shifting gears to push for Michael as the target but by the same token the one female Ameerah wants out is Britt so I doubt they’d be successful (& Ally would do what Kyle wanted).

We know EE is going to sell he had no clue what was happening BUT we also know Monte/Kyle know differently. So, to me that’s the biggest question — how much influence will Monte, Joe, and Kyle have with Tucker? Even if they don’t share (which I doubt they would) intel about this OS alliance I do think Monte & Kyle would be pushing for Tay/Nic to go OTB.

Don’t you think that group will see red flags after last week and the fact Jasmine/Nic already got Tucker looking at Brit/Michael instead of Tay/Nic? Presumably, they’d point out to Tucker – it sure wasn’t Michael/Brit who shifted the house to take out Pooch & they were the last people to learn Oasis existed let alone the name.

This BS story from Jasmine that a 12-0 vote & reveal of Oasis was ALL TAYLOR is a joke, right? Not even Tucker is that stupid. At the very least he shares with one of the guys who’ll point that out. Far too many overt lies from Jasmine to Tucker in that speech so I think it’s going to hurt that OS group whereas a more subtle approach would’ve had Monte/Joe/ Kyle all wanting Taylor out but now I wonder if they’ll maintain that agenda.

Like you I’m curious to see what EE tries to sell in the HOH (I have a feeling he’ll push Michael as the target, not Brit). Monte/Kyle already know EE is in with OS but THAT suggestion would reinforce how much he wants the alpha males out & should raise more red flags leading to an all female duo going OTB so likely Tay/Nic although it could also be Ally/Indy.

While I completely understand why Michael isn’t going to stick his neck out for Britt/Tay he did just try to sell to Monte/Kyle creating a quartet with her so I doubt he throws up his hands & accepts that nomination as opposed to trying to stay off the block unless he believes his better shot at them both staying would be as the initial noms.

Likewise, if they start OTB & Taylor plays/wins POV I can’t imagine a scenario where Michael/Britt doesn’t spill all to her in an effort to get off the block – which would likely result in Ally/Indy going up with Indy as the target b/c Tucker isn’t about to put up an all-male duo (Monte/Joe — Kyle/EE) IMO.

What I’ll be watching for this week is the trio of Monte/Kyle/Michael diving deeper into the OS alliance & what that means to them — & whether Michael can get them to see why EE/Nic need to be split asap & how NEITHER can be trusted.


Ok, Jasmine is playing Turner. Let’s see if Turner is the player I think he is and is humoring Jasmine and playing her as well

un autre nom

Listening to Jasmine talk to Turner.

Taylor stole her hoh.
doesn’t know what happened.
the girls were all in line with her wishes so she doesn’t know what happened. (red flag1)
her goal this week is to find out how her HOH got stolen.
If it had been a tie things would be different.
Jasmine doesn’t know how Taylor is still here. But it was all Taylor.

So she’s essentially saying all the girls backstabbed her? Oh. And she’s just keeping the peace?
If he’s that dumb… wow.

Turner likes the put up Michael and Brit to Backdoor Taylor plan. He’s really liking it more because it won’t piss anyone off I think.
He would never put up Kyle and Daniel or Indy and Alyssa.
So the only pairs that he would consider are essentially Nic/Tay, Mike/Britt, Am/ Terr. We know damn well he ain’t putting up Monte and Joe.
Jasmine says it’s about who she vibes with, so put up Michael and Britt and send her ass home, but Ameerah is vibe and Terrance will do anything for them.

Jasmine is still pushing harder for Taylor, but says Tay or Britt should go. Her petty knows no bounds. Turner fears making Nic mad.
She told everyone she’d never put Turner up.. (red flag 2).
But nobody said Turner’s name to target. (then why did you have to say….???) oh. Daniel said Turner’s name she says but i doubt that stuck.
Strategically I get she’s covering ass. But petty as hell.
Strategically Turner is a moron so far….. he’s buying what JASMINE says?
Jasmine blames Taylor for OASIS reveal. She heard Pooch talking.
Turner knows it was Alyssa that went to Pooch about Oasis. hmmm. (red flag 3)
TURNER DENYING THERE WAS AN OASIS. It was spittballing a name in response to the fear that there was a women’s alliance. There was never a men’s alliance. oh come on.
Turner thinks this twist lasts all season. He IS this dense. oy.

I’m getting dumber listening to these two. I’m tapping out.

un autre nom

Turner is convinced Pooch would have stayed if only Britt and Michael hadn’t flipped their votes.
Turner believes Taylor outed OASIS.
Daniel is pushing the Britt Michael noms because Nicole couldn’t throw a comp.
Kyle wants to know if the veto should be used to save Michael and Britt in order to backdoor Taylor (what if Michael doesn’t win veto, because they just said Britt sucks and can’t win anything).

Joseph respects and wants to work with Michael
Daniel informs Joseph right after that Britt and Michael suck and they are going on the block to backdoor Taylor. Joseph disagrees with Daniel’s character assessments, but isn’t piping in a different plan, other than Nic is a good pawn, she won’t spiral.

Nic and Ameerah think Nic gets a power if she is the surviving member of the pair.
Nic and Ameerah say the six is covered, and Daniel, Terrance and Jasmine (the Old Skool) are good with the six to Monte (more confirmation there is an old skool and they didn’t say anything).

According to Nic the plan is whoever wins veto uses it so they can get rid of Taylor, and Nic can get a power.
Daniel? I think he’s going to try to flip the script to get rid of Britt this week.
If Taylor and Nic go on the block… and Old Skool isn’t brought out… and Michael reveals Nic wanted Taylor saved to go after Monte? hmmm. Is it out of the realm of possibility that Nicole takes the fall? Only if you turn Indy. Otherwise 6-5 Taylor is out.
While Daniel is going on about all of the things Taylor has said about him and playing victim… I’m going to sleep. Lots of tapping out when they get going again this week.

Brozone has begun in the HOH. But there was never a men’s alliance. Sideye.
Terrance and Michael were not invited.


Nic could also go if they flip Ally although it’s harder b/c of her jealousy of Tay. But, Ally NEVER wanted Nic in PP & was the one to out OS to Kyle.

If it was both Kyle & Michael asking her & maybe the trio (with Monte) it’s feasible Nic could end up exiting.

The KEY will be Michael telling Monte/Kyle Nic was a cop & that she told him from week 1 she NEVER wanted to work with Monte/Kyle but did want to work with him. So if her pushing for him to go up is how “she works with someone” & they are the 2 she wants out that should be a major red flag to them.

Sadly, Monte’s laser focus on Taylor stands in the way — will this Jas BS story about her finally wake him up on how ridiculous this cast is in terms of how they’ve targeted her?


I do not like Jasmine. I keep referring to her as “the one that cant keep her accent straight” lol