Monte “Oh, we’re f**ked dude!” Pooch “I feel like I’ve got to sell my soul.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight

There is no Thursday live show. The episode will air on Sunday. Feeds will come back tonight. Pooch likely evicted, HOH and Twist reveals, Jasmine may be forced to move.

9:33pm Havenot room – Pooch and Monte.
Pooch – I heard something really bad. Monte – what? Pooch – have you heard anything? Monte – like, no. Pooch – I am a little nervous because you know what a girl just said to me? The only thing that is coming up is we heard there is an all guys alliance called Oasis. Monte – oh sh*t! They named it? Pooch – I swear to f**king god. Word for f**king word! My heart sank in my stomach. Monte – oh sh*t! Pooch – I have been slowly pulling people a part… Daniel didn’t know about it, Kyle didn’t tell Alyssa. Monte – oh we’re f**ked dude! Pooch – Alyssa told me that Brittany feels left out of the girls. I don’t want to say it was Joseph. Monte – he’s my boy and I would hope that he wouldn’t be.. Pooch – Then who!? I made the name for it. I wouldn’t have put myself on the block if they knew because I would be f**ked right now. The only person I see talking late at night with the girls is Joe. I know Turner wouldn’t do it. The only person that I hope to god wouldn’t do it would be Joe. And if he did it would be to Ameerah to earn her trust. I truly don’t think it was you and that is why I am having this conversation with you. Monte – I just don’t know why anyone would say anything .. especially the name. I don’t know exactly who said it but its gotten back to the girls. And we never had a meeting.. we’ve never been in the same room together other than 5 minutes the first time. The only person I ever see closely with the girls is f**king Joe. I hope to god but it makes too much sense. I don’t know if I have his vote now!? Thank god for Alyssa I wasn’t working my a$$ off for votes but now I feel like I’ve got to sell my soul. Now I’m a little nervous. I am freaking out a little bit right now. Monte – I am right there with you.. now I feel like my game is f**ked.

10pm Bedroom. Pooch and Ameerah.
Pooch – if there was an all guys alliance with that many guys I would feel fine. I don’t know how close you are with Joe or Monte. Ameerah – I’m not close with Monte and Joe and I are friends. Pooch – not that I don’t like Joe but we haven’t talked game so I don’t know where the f**k his head is at. Ameerah – you don’t talk game with Joe? Pooch – he thinks we talk game but its not like.. Ameerah – well he is defending you up and down. He is rooting for you. Pooch – is he? Okay, I am glad because that makes me feel better because I have been more nervous about him. That makes me feel a lot better, I thought he was the one.. Ameerah – no its not Joseph. He is rooting for you. The only guys that have come to me about you are Turner and Joseph. And he is vouching for you. Pooch – this is good. I wouldn’t have put myself on the block if I had something to worry about. I feel like it is all very boys and very girls. Ameerah – except for Nicole.. and Brittany. Pooch – yeah but I feel like they’re in the middle. Ameerah – and Indy too.. I feel like I can’t trust her too. My people are obviously Alyssa and Jasmine. Pooch – I just don’t know who to trust right now.

10:16pm Bedroom – Pooch talking to the cameras.
Pooch – This makes no sense! I am f**king lost! If Joe didn’t say anything.. how did the girls find out about Oasis!? It makes no f**king clue! So now I have to go back on everything I f**king said and I am going to get caught up in a f**king lie. I just need to survive this week and F**king move on. Somebody opened their mouth about the Oasis.

10:48pm Bathroom. Turner and Pooch.
Turner – I don’t know if this is the best idea or the worst f**king idea of all time… just get everybody in a f**kng group and just had a little talk. Who did it?! Pooch – all the guys? Turner – yeah. Great idea or a terrible idea!? Pooch – we could do it after the vote .. unless we do it before hand. Turner – yeah, I can’t tell if its a great idea or an awful idea. Pooch – I haven’t said anything to Joseph. Do we do it now when he sees that we’re scared or.. Turner – dude, I don’t know. Pooch – but I also don’t want to cause any more problems.

11:26pm Bedroom. Ameerah, Daniel and Jasmine.
Jasmine – when did Brittany come to you because she’s been playing f**king dumb. Daniel – oh as soon as we were done she immediately went up to you. And I couldn’t find her, I told all of them you’re sh*t Brittany. She said okay but its all bullsh*t. She is playing both sides 100%. Ameerah – did Brittany come to you? Jasmine – yes. And she washed her hands with him and Pooch. Ameerah – so Pooch never came to you (Daniel)? Daniel – she came to me first and said .. Brittany doesn’t feel accepted by the girls. She wanted to be in an alliance with me, Brittany, Pooch, Michael and Kyle. Ameerah – was Michael with Brittany when they came to you? Daniel – no. Ameerah – Michael came to me and told me about it. Daniel – Pooch left and immediately Brittany showed up almost like Pooch told her to go now. She showed up and she hadn’t talked to me all f**king day. All of a sudden she was like lets get this going. I was like you talked to Pooch and she was like yeah. She was like if Pooch stays it would be good to work together. I was like we’ll touch base later. I leave and she immediately goes up stairs to you. Jasmine – I don’t trust Brittany. Ameerah – I don’t either! She cried to me today saying if I go home and I see all of you talking about me in the dairy room I will be so upset. Daniel – I am on the verge of just calling her sh*t out. I have no problem calling a house meeting and calling her sh*t out and be like you don’t know sh*t about me. I’ll go hard, almost too hard where I am like you’re done! Like I am coming after you type of thing. Don’t just make sh*t up about me and then try and make an alliance when you don’t talk to me. Ameerah – and why would she be going to Pooch when that is her whole goal to get rid of him. Jasmine – she would be coming to me like I want him out, I want him out. Are you sure we got the votes!? Daniel – I already told Turner, I don’t know if we have the votes. Ameerah – I said the same thing to Joe. Daniel – and then tomorrow be like its not happening! Ameerah – me too! Daniel – its not happening bro. Ameerah – that’s what I’m going to do too.

12:05am – 12:40amThe havenots are no longer havenots and get to eat!

12:56am Storage room. Terrance and Brittany.

Terrance – he’s been doing it to everybody. Brittany – he’s been grasping at straws. Brittany – I am going to be so happy when this goes through. Terrance – I am just happy. We’re going to go into that lock down and he isn’t going to be able to say anything after that. Brittany – no, yeah that’s true. That’s it. Terrance – so lets go. Come on! We got each other. Brittany – seriously. Terrance – let them add us to the mixes and when we’re in the room just be like that’s not the name. Like I believe we should do this, that’s a number. We can do things. Brittany – and you’re going to have a closer ear with the guys and I’ll have a closer ear with the girls. Terrance – everyone have different ears. And we work and then come back. Its going to work! Terrance leaves.

1:38am – 2am HOH room. Michael, Nicole and Daniel.
Daniel tells Michael and Nicole about how pissed Pooch was to find out that the girls know about Oasis. I was just done at that point. He was digging his own grave. Even if I was going to save him, I am like nope! I am out now just because I don’t want to be correlated with that. My goodbye message to him was a little more serious. He (Pooch) basically tried to make alliances with everyone in a different way so that everyone would vote for him.

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Apparently feeds are not being blocked…


Do you consider that a welcome change or strange considering how long and often the feeds were blocked in recent years


Umm.. I wouldn’t mind a day blockage to get some sun time in but a 4 day block would have been excessive


Lol, sun time. It’s too bad Pooch and Joe tried the Kyland approach of “ Let’s talk to them when its really late so that they agree to do what I say to get me to leave” too late and considering that I think the next HoH comp may be Endurance some of them will be negatively affected by staying up so late


Shudder I have PTSD from how Kylands played the game.

Guy From Canada

You should watch the Challenge USA. He is one of the contestants and its airing right now, only 3 weeks in. That sounds perfect for your lived trauma…..


Kylands killin it on the Challenge

Just a viewer

Kyland’s also on the Spectrum and did well for someone who didn’t recieve medicine on a regular.


Is it exhausting listening to the houseguest sometimes. Dude, I get fatigued reading about it sometimes, it seems like they would get irritating sometimes.

Julie Chen


un autre nom

notice came out after Britt’s hypnotherapy session.
After social media rabbit holing the number of people complaining, and then seeing that a couple entertainment journalists had reached out to paramount, I was wondering if they would change their mind from what had seemed to be a done deal.

un autre nom

Feeds after tech rehearsal:
Pooch thinks Britt and Mike are the swing votes to staying.
Turner is getting worried, wants to vote with the house. Daniel says he hinted (i do not remember seeing that, not saying he didn’t, saying i didn’t see it), Michael hinted.
The hell’s belles are giving people stink eye and generally being catty (not news, just more of the same so we can feel a comfortable state of continuity).
Indy wants to win HOH. Who did Indy want to put up again? I REALLY don’t remember who she originally wanted. Q: Does INDY know about Oasis? I don’t remember. I do remember her stated noms to the girls were pretty good noms for the guys, but that was a few days ago so who knows… one possibly two women were her noms.
Joseph now believes Pooch pulled a Taylor this week… oh strongest himbo in florida… eyeroll.
Personally, I think it’s bandaid pulling time with Turner. The group sanctioned revealers are Lamaring the bed on this one. What’s he going to do… kick up a fuss and a dustcloud? Chase them around the house with his sock on a stick if they don’t save Pooch?

Nicole is trying to sway Michael away from Monte. She even revealed she’s a former police officer. Michael put out feelers that he has no other alliances. Nicole didn’t reveal Old Skool (Michael knows). He’s agreeing with everything she’s saying.
Nicole is saying they are good with the same people outside of the POS. Are they though?
Nicole is definitely trying to bust the POS people alliance. We know that.
After the HOH comp, what does Michael do? I’m not sure if this is one of the keep quiet don’t make waves things, or one of the guess what i heard things.
She revealed non game stuff (lying about profession), but didn’t reveal game stuff (another alliance). There’s a fidelity test the men are running on Nic and Ameerah about the POS alliance. Michael could sink Nic if he wants to.

un autre nom

The founding fathers on Mt. Poochmore aren’t as worried about the OASIS revelation as they should be.
Monte actually said maybe Taylor wasn’t lying when he found out the girls know. eyeroll. Maybe?

What was Alyssa doing? Why broken telephone this? It’s an odd choice. Was she laying a foundation for why she was voting him out… or was she hoping a vote flip would happen.
Alyssa has been wanting a vote flip. Shush. She’s dropped 20 some odd crumbs throughout the week since she got it in her head that Kyle is attracted to Taylor. What Alyssa will conveniently forget: when Pooch was naming names he included Daniel as one of the trusted men that are of course not a men’s alliance.

Here’s what is really getting in my head: How are they women so snowed by Evilelvis?
If someone knows the name of an alliance and says they aren’t a member… i wanna know how they learned this.
Now, when one of the women wants to fact check a story, they go to Evilelvis to compare his version to the version they’ve been told. And nobody is saying… could he be bullshitting? Why? If you’re going to fact check, get both sources in the same room and ask about the incident. THIS is exactly what Evilelvis and Lunchlady Doris are hoping never happens.
Pattern: Daniel tells half a story, and redacts his part, amplifies what was said adding liberally for shock.
Nic comes in, amplifies the outrage by taking the redacted story and making it more sinister.
So accepted truth becomes a more dramatic version of half the story then made even more shocking by the same 2 people over and over. Those same people then say but don’t confront them… NOT yet… Wait until after they are on the block. How many times have Lunch lady and Evil said that?
I know, I’m naturally suspicious, but if someone is giving me a story to try to enflame, and then telling me not to confront, that sets off a HUGE red flag for me. That’s something liars do.

un autre nom

Pooch hugs Kyle.
Background: Alyssa death glares. I shit you not.

I think she’s taking this Property of Alyssa thing a bit too far.
Ruuun Kyle…. Ginalyssamarie…. or is it Calyssab is right behind you…. you’re the new Amber.
ALL thanks to Ameerah. Thanks Ameerah.
Problem… Kyle doesn’t even know / realize Alyssa is going stage 5. He still thinks she’s sweet. it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

un autre nom

Personal Opinion:

Ameerah went for verification on Michael’s story from Daniel.
Daniel confirms Michael was not present in the meeting with Brit and Daniel.
Ameerah now knows Pooch proposed alliances to her, to Jasmine, to Alyssa, and to Michael.
However she believes Daniel saying Britt went to Pooch looking for an alliance.

The confused look on her face tells me she realized in that moment that the answer to 2+2 is not green…. but also decided so what, Daniel and Nic are better allies.
I believe she caught on, and will go with that verson, but knows it’s crap.


Poor Pooch. Taylor would have gone home had he just not volunteered… Jasmine probably would have put up Terrance again smh so he’s going to really regret trying to help everyone else out..

un autre nom

A guy with alliances with only 1/3 of the house volunteered for the block. Not 1/2, but 1/3.
No sympathy. Maybe a remedial math book… not sympathy.
I still think tptb wanted the gender numbers even for the week three twist. Just my tinfoil hat saying that.
Was he trying to help? I think he was trying to make the big gesture for ego posturing. He said himself to cams that this is a big move to present to the jury. When he realizes that trying to be the coach instead of a team mate is what was the initial turn off… i think that’s what’s going to sting.


So does this mean that the Oasis has indeed run dry?


Awww, that’s sweet…Joe and Pooch trust Ameerah, lol


What type of sleep schedule is Turner actually on? He seems to be the last one awake at 7 am EST


I rarely see him and when he is on the feeds I avoid him.


He is like watching rocks.

un autre nom

Joseph is having his who flipped time one night early.
Alyssa outed Old Skool to Kyle. Outed Ameerah and Monte’s final 2 talk too.
Kyle told Michael. Both talked to Monte.
Kyle and Michael think Old Skool is all Nicole, and it’s exactly why they didn’t want to pull her into POS People.
Ameerah is now being tested. If she doesn’t reveal Old Skool she’s in shit.

Michael covered for Britt to Dan and Nic, saying Pooch went to everyone looking for alliances today, and everyone said okay, even Britt was approached by Pooch.

Michael backs down in protecting Britt to Monte, saying he is more with the men, if Britt has to go she has to go, he gets it. This is just after Monte has told him who the others in the alliance prefer stay until jury (they get untouchables? he doesn’t? is that what that meant?) i dunno.

aaand… Britt talked game to Terrance. well Britt hasn’t learned. She just got nailed. And RIGHT back at it. Like Terrance isn’t going to squeal? Oi.

So. Ameerah, Nicole and Jasmine are on Michael and Kyle’s list.
Alyssa has been exposing everything tonight. Meatshield girl did NOT like the alliance with Evilelvis and grumpy old man as the only meat.
Old Skool was exposed right quick. Oops. But then Alyssa was also unhappy Nic replace Paloma. She wanted Jasmine.
Josephessie still thinks there’s a chance to save Pooch. Who flipped?
Turner has an inkling. He scoped Ameerah and Joseph.

IF EVERYONE has to choose pairs after eviction…. is it going to be awkward when nobody wants to pair with any of the discussed targets?


I think the pairs will be chosen for them for the drama so that most of them. Expect either Alyssa or Jasmine to be paired with Brittany while the other one is paired with Taylor.

un autre nom

I’m expecting Male/ Female pairings.

The Beef

Gotta agree with you Another Name. When Pooch goes, that will leave 7 males and 7 females, so it only makes sense. I still think they’ll do the racial “random” pick thing too, like they did last year with the team picks, as in you don’t get to pick from the entire cast, but only select players production decides are on “your” list. Maybe not since we had a black winner last season, but the reaction to two POC on the block during the first week of this season from the Twatter community may drive TPTB to once again try to “mix” things up, in order to keep two POC from hitting the block at the same time.

I’m not saying that’s a bad idea – I just don’t like it when production gets involved and doesn’t let the players decide on how to play the game and who they want to play it with.

un autre nom

I’m not overtly getting my bb18 sense yet (d/r telling HOH’s not to nominate Nicole multiple weeks as discussed on feeds by disgruntled house guests)… nor am i getting my bbcan6 sense yet (d/r calling HOH’s out of their one on one meetings any time Paras was suggested as a target, returning a half hour later saying anyone but Paras).
I do realize that the cast has been warned or informed of week one’s reception.

un autre nom

Spoke too soon. Monte Michael and Kyle talk more. Michael is suggesting bringing Britt in with the three of them. Monte admits she’s on the outside looking in everywhere, it might be an idea.
Michael tells them winning ANOTHER comp like HOH might put an even bigger target on his back… but if he has a chance to throw it to them he will. Monte thinks Michael has been protecting the 6 long enough, it’s time for Monte to step up.

Well that’s going to be disrupted by Joe panicking. Turner is getting suspicious. Turner entered and all talks ended.

Days events wrapped up:
Nightshift formalized (Nic, Terr, Dan).
Dan outs OASIS.
Old Skool formalized (Nightshift plus Jas, Am, Aly)
Burn the witch talk resumed about Britt
Pooch starts hunting for votes.
Dan twists his Britt conversation into kindling for the witchtrial.
Monte apologizes to Taylor (it wasn’t sincere as much as don’t target me imo).
Everyone buys the Dan version.
Ameerah confronts Britt.
Alyssa outs OASIS to Pooch.
Pooch spirals trying to make more alliances to get votes.
Alyssa outs Old Skool and Ameerah and Nic to Kyle.
Men begin the restructure.

Dangling Plot threads to watch for:
Does Taylor get invited to Outsiders?
Does Monte or Joseph?
Will anyone catch broken telephone Alyssa?
Will anyone catch 1/2 the truth Daniel?
Will Jasmine compete in any comp… even the mentals… ever again?
Will Festy Besties twist screw up all of the momentum…
Will Turner shower? I think he’s had 2… and still hasn’t done laundry.
Will Britt EVER realize that she sucks at ratfloating?


I want to know why Jas couldn’t compete in POV. Didnt have to stand, just wear a mermaid tail. She is horrible, feels like her HOH is never ending. Laying in bed just watching every move anyone makes. Get off your butt and “scoot” on down the stairs!!!

Palm Oil's Meds

Ikr! I was thinking the same thing! I honestly think the producers modified the POV for her to participate in, but she’s too lazy. She is really milking the sprained ankle situation! I still can’t get over Nicole wiping her butt! Everyone is making her food but she complains about it. Alyssa’s hot dog was overcooked. Taylor’s shrimp rice was too salty. Terrance’s steak was undercooked. What a brat!

un autre nom

The comp, right down to the mermaid tails was the same week one veto comp from BBCAN 4, only made easier. It was a longer course, involved using a line to hook starfish with letters on them and completing a puzzle with about 30 letters (meaning 30 trips up and 30 down the course).

Max Max

Don’t forget she is practicing her “southern” accent! What a pathetic player!


I’m in the NOT a fan side of the equation but in fairness to Jasmine it’s a grade 3 sprain so she really could’ve hurt it in that comp. Sure the tail isolated their legs but she could easily bang it going over the course and/or on the ground.

I think she’s a mean girl & milking this injury for everything it’s worth but I can’t blame her for not competing in the POV.

That said, she needs to stop laying on her back – massage the ankle, do isolation movements of the joint etc.

Paul Sucks

Gosh Pooch is really bad at this game. Perhaps putting him out of his misery is good for him.

Can we end Jasmine’s HOH already? Tired of he fake accent in the DR.

Can these people stop picking Daniel to host things? If his Elvis impersonation is like his acting during these comps, it’s aweful.

At this point it is really hard to route for anyone to win this game.

Done complaining now.


OMG! I said the same thing about Jasmine’s fake accent! She is an annoying, jealous, mean girl!!!!


I agree, listening to this Dollars Store Elvis host these comps is getting on my nerves. Jasmine and her sometimes accent is just as annoying. I’m also sick of the wanna be chef and her know it all input!

Not Jasons Holly

I think Indy’s accent is over the top, too. In the first episode, there were times in her video she sounded American to me.

Backseat Driver

They will probably begin the block feeds when they do the eviction……

Feeling normal

I’m sure to hear about this, but, does this house come across as more of the Big Brother we love? Alliances are beginning to set in, yes, but it really doesn’t feel as predictable at this point in this year’s game as it has at this point the last few years. Maybe it’s just me. I am liking the show better this year than I have in several, and I was a big apologist for those seasons, trying to find the fun.


It is more enjoyable in parts as long as one can separate personal from gameplay. I am just happy that there are not a group of lemmings this time around. Now just hoping that Joe realizes that you vote for the one that you want to evict, not the one that you want to keep, lol

Feeling normal

LMAO. I just wish they would have vetted Paloma better. She was real fun to watch, but losing her in the first week that way, sucks. And, who knows if there is any lasting affects.

un autre nom

Paloma’s been on social media.
There’s five feeds, we don’t see everything. The narrative doesn’t always match reality.
She got sensory overload and had a mental break.
Going with the you don’t see everything on live feeds line. who would have guessed. But hey, maybe own what people DID see.

After seeing Jasmine’s foot uncovered last night… yeah the bruising is bad, but some of the bruising is actually from the boot/wrap. She should be doing some rehab exercises by now. She isn’t. Why help yourself when you can milk it?

Daniel thinks he’s out of Taylor’s league…. in other words she doesn’t look 18.

Nicole revealed that Britt didn’t try to start an alliance with Pooch, Pooch tried to start it. (Because Michael came to them last night and told them the facts that Daniel already knew). The girls don’t care. Gotta have a woman to target.

Joseph has proposed an alliance to Ameerah. It’s Monte, Joseph, Indy plus the three core girls. Yeah, Ameerah had been saying she’s all allianced out… but is she? I mean… Joseph, Taylor and Turner are the only people she has to nominate without breaking an alliance (technically she’s declared girls girls dead, but Indy and Britt don’t know that)… but somehow she’ll end up allianced with every member of the house and get more busted.

Nicole and Ameerah are sure that Monte will remain loyal to POS people. Too bad Monte, Kyle and Mike don’t think Nicole and Ameerah are loyal to POS people after Alyssa’s exposures.

Britt is still playing dumb about the eviction plan to Joseph. Overacting her shock that Pooch could go home.

Kyle is telling Alyssa he wants Taylor out next (because Alyssa went apeshit to multiple people last night after Kyle and Taylor talked in the bathroom for 2 minutes…. while Alyssa was present).

Turner has said he wants to vote with the house… to Joseph. crickets.

Anyone else get the feeling Jasmine wants whoever wins HOH to voluntarily give her the HOH room because of her life threatening injury?

Julie Chen

Where have you seen Paloma on social media?

un autre nom

She’s left comments on tik tok videos about her.
The account holders have posted screen shots of her comments to twitter.


Jasmine’s going to use that foot injury at every chance. I’m looking forward to it.

un autre nom

She had somebody wiping her ass on the toilet.
With a sprained ankle.
Who wipes their ass with their feet?
OF COURSE she’s going to milk it. LMAO.

Palm Oil's Meds

Ugh. Daniel is so gross. He’s one of the ugliest guys in the house. Pooch, Joe, and Kyle look much better! Taylor may not be his type but she’s a very successful business woman and Miss Michigan USA , which is not an easy title to get. All Daniel is an Elvis impersonator with a bad haircut and no muscle definition.


Ok, the feeds are down now (just a tad early) so they may actually be back up by 10 PM EST

un autre nom

Tech rehearsal for camera angles.
Possible HOH comp practice (we’ve seen that before), even on feeds a couple of times.
Production Note meeting? 21 proved those are a thing.

Any of those could contribute to the tad early.

un autre nom

Pairings that could be funfeeds and evil entertainment:
Kyle and Taylor (watch Alyssa explode)
Indy and Turner (watch Indy force him to shower regularly)
Daniel and Britt (watch daniel try to eat his own hand)
Ameerah and Terrance (she doesn’t actually want to be around him)
Nic and Monte (watch the dick measuring contest all week)
Michael and Jasmine (… well nobody would nominate him, but he might nominate himself)
leaving…. Alyssa and Joe (she spills everything and he still won’t get it).


Disagree partially. Have Taylor with Alyssa and Britt with Jasmine; Nic and Monte can be paired up. Also I was thinking Daniel and Michael so that they could be paired up. As far as Turner maybe pair him up with Joe (so Joe might learn the game better)

un autre nom

Because I’m joking about male female pairs, which pairs give us the most entertainment as feed watchers.

un autre nom

Imagine where this season would be if:

  • Pooch had believed Britt.
  • Monte didn’t create the Taylor lie.

Think about that for a second.

Taylor would have been the renom anyway. The men had already pushed Dan to put her on the block. They were frightened by her. However, the season tone wouldn’t be everybody gang up on one person. The women would have still been catty about other women, but the entire house wouldn’t be holding witchtrials constantly.
Pooch would have realized he’s not the untouchable House Coach calling all the plays.

un autre nom

Rewatched the Nic and Michael exchange. Storage room.
re: police officer reveal.
I don’t think it was intentional. It sounds like it slipped out in front of Joseph and Michael. Either Nic or Daniel slipped it out. So the reveal wasn’t intentional?
Nic and Daniel mentioned wanting to test Michael to see if they could trust him.
But why Joseph at the same time? Hmmm. Yeah, I don’t buy that as a test because how do you know which one revealed if both heard it?
So now my big question… which one let it slip, Nic or Daneil?


when did this happen? I’d like to watch it while feeds are down


when did this happen?

un autre nom

It was after tech rehearsal feeds returned. the conversation couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes before the feeds went down again for the last time.
Storage room/Pantry.
Conversation begins with Nic feeling Michael out about how he feels working with Monte and Kyle and the alliance named after Paloma. The police officer part is near the end of the conversation.

Just a viewer

How can anyone believe Monty? His poker face is a joke. He’s the one that told Ameerah about the Oasis. But Alyssa is also a horrible player. Ameerah, Jasmine and Nicole now know she’s giving out information to the guys and know for a fact not to trust her.


I mean, considering they are all “vibing” with evil elvis, do they also find his hosting shenanigans fun/humorous/entertaining?! Maybe not having FAR superior commentary from Simon/Dawg they have nothing better to laugh at?! Nails on a chalkboard that says “I wish these fools were more likeable” 100x! I’m rooting for Mr. Cat Shirt. Chirt?! I might like him too much to give him a nickname. Snaps to all of you filling us in – I LIVE for this site!!! You are the BEST bbfans!!!

un autre nom

Kittyshirt. Kitty Litter (if he did drag?).
But man that’s one HOrrendous shirt. Designer definitely hates their customers.


Turner is the HOH!?! Hilarious!!!!


I know. totally not expecting that. Not a Turner fan but I’m excited no idea what will happen.

No Name

Vengeance on the girls who put down his pooch.

un autre nom

If I’ve got the besties in the correct places…. here’s the grouping.
Jasmin has safety… uuuuhgain. So we get a twist to give her safety? eyeroll.
Some pairs are mixed, some are same gender.
I may have nicole and Monte in the reversed spots… I’m not 100% there.
Most at risk at present: Michael and Brittany. But… does Turner still think he has something with them? I dunno. He told Pooch they approached him week one so he might have them.
Turner. Who is Turner going to be most pissed with?
Hmmm. And Jasmine is going to think she’s controlling the week. again: eyeroll.

BB24 WEEK3.jpg

I think Taylor/Nicole are the most in danger. Especially b/c Turner is still close to Kyle & I imagine he’ll be trying to focus Turner elsewhere (possibly even Ameerah/Terrance) initial noms with Tay/Nic backdoor.

Although it sounds like if one wins POV both safe so maybe they don’t put Tay/Nic straight up BUT…

I just have a feeling Monte/Kyle will push for Taylor and while it seems highly unlikely b/c of the Old Skool reveal I wouldn’t be surprised if they adjust mid-week to try to take out Nicole instead.

And it could be a close vote where depending on how they set it up. As it stands they have 5 votes to evict Nic already if they want: (Monte, Kyle, Michael, Brit & Joe). The latter would be the case once Kyle/Monte reveals she was the one who pushed for Pooch to go.

Theoretically, Taylor also has 5 against her with the Old Skool alliance leaving Indy as the deciding vote BUT — I think Kyle could get Ally to vote with them while Joe/Monte would work Indy but they only need one of those girls to get the flip. AND if Ally keeps spilling secrets about things Dan/Nic are saying about her then it would be easy to get Indy to knock out Nic instead of Tay.

Probably won’t work out that way but my guess is – as this OS alliance reveal seeps in with Monte & he ponders on that Storage Room altercation along with neither Nic/Amee being forthcoming about OS while simultaneously expecting him to be it won’t sit well.

Also of note – Turner has already told Kyle & Ally they are safe (which means no Evil Elvis or Indy OTB either) & presumably Monte/Joe are the safest duo in this HOH.

That only leaves Ameerah/Terrance, Britt/Michael & Tay/Nic. Imagine if Kyle convinced him to keep Michael/Britt safe & put up Amee/Ter to back door Nic/Tay but POV kept noms the same. Would the house really keep Ameerah over Terrance if they had a shot?

Not a big fan of this twist, but it will make for an interesting week.