Turner “A good flower can still grow bad petals.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany Kyle
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Micheal used the veto on Brittany. Turner nominated Kyle.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation – Kyle has been making the rounds apologizing and crying. Kyle staying hinges on Monte’s vote and that is not happening right now.

6:40pm HOH room. Monte listening to Turners HOH music.
6:50pm Bedroom – Michael and Brittany.
Michael – if we can get through next week winning one competition one week in a row is doable. Brittany – yeah. Basically in my mind its Monte if we think he is going to turn on us. I think he is the biggest competitor in the way of us being able to increase our chances of winning. Or Terrance because we know he is after you, he is after Taylor and me too by association. Only thing that I noticed this morning are that people are keeping the channels of communication open.. they know if you were to leave .. I’m a free agent. Michael – yeah. Brittany – I think a lot of people think they could win against me and my whole game is going to be well Michael saved me. I told Alyssa.. I told her I am only going to tell her things that I can promise her. And I think at this point, if I won HOH I could promise her that she would not be my target. I think that is a fair enough promise. I didn’t promise her that she wouldn’t go up on the block but I told her you would not leave on my HOH and she said the same to me in return. We can’t do Turner.. Michael – unless he gives us a reason to go back on it. Brittany – that is true. I really think it would come down to Monte or Terrance. Michael – yeah. Brittany – because I don’t think Alyssa.. like Alyssa hasn’t said anything about specifically targeting you only that she was in on the plan ..and we know she’s been lying to us. She finally did come clean to me that she did know more about Kyle. She knew more about Leftovers from Kyle. Michael – which we knew. Brittany – she wants me to promise her something more long term .. and be like lets strategize. She wants to play but sorry there is no more playing at this point. We just have to make sure Monte and Turner don’t make a final two. Michael – yeah, Monte can’t really believe that Terrance would want to go far with him.

7:05pm HOH room. Turner and Monte.
Monte – this constant issue that I have as a man of color in the world is like wanting to feel free. Free to trust anybody. Feeling as though I could do that and stick around in the show and then to realize that wasn’t reciprocated. I have people at home that unfortunately have a jaded mindset towards white people because of experiences where they’ve been wronged. Just because of the color of their skin. Having to go back home and try to say again.. give white people as a whole some grace .. this was an isolated incident. That sort of sh*t is going to be tough for me. You know!? Turner – yeah. Monte – but I told him (Kyle) I will vouch for you 100% after we get out of here regardless of what happens. He asked for advice from me and I said just try to learn more about us. Like people who don’t look like you. I think he feels very comfortable seeing a white face and having that relationship established to try and trust them. I don’t think he felt that comfortable with anyone outside of his own race and maybe hasn’t had that experience before. I have just been a little bit to myself today because of all that. I had a conversation with Terrance and then a conversation with Kyle .. and we balled our eyes out together. Its deep stuff. I think right now he feels like sh*t because I thought this way. Turner – a good flower can still grow bad petals. Monte – wow, wow man. That is pretty good. Monte – I think his speech could be.. Turner – I think he should use that opportunity show what he has learned. It will be his last big platform. Monte – and what we had said in our conversation is that a lot of people get out and then get bashed. But he has had the opportunity to be aware of what he did that he could be bashed for. This whole thing being uncovered attaches me to a wound of do I trust white people.

7:25pm – 7:50pm Backyard. Alyssa and Kyle.
Alyssa – how did your conversations go? Kyle – it was great honestly. It went really well. Everyone was so understanding and so kind. Like everyone has been amazing. Alyssa – good. I just wanted to check in and make sure you were good. Kyle – its been better than I ever could have expected. Alyssa – I am happy to hear that. They talk about relationship red flags and what they want to do for work. Kyle says he has no idea what he wants to do when he gets out. That’s probably a huge red flag isn’t it? Alyssa – no.

7:55pm HOH room – Monte and Turner
Monte – I think you have already been spending some good time with Michael and Brittany ..maybe just staying in their good graces. Turner – I am trying to hang with them more. Monte – I think just staying in their good graces is helpful and I think it is going to help us both stay safe. I am hoping.. hoping by virtue of this final four which could be nothingness. Whatever they’re saying with this final four and I am safe and then you coming in to good terms with them by doing this with Kyle (renom) and staying in good graces with them. And if in the following week they win HOH over you, you’re still at least solid and whoever is still remaining Alyssa or Terrance is the true target.

8:35pm – 8:50pm Bathroom –
Monte and Taylor talk about the Kyle situation and the conversations he had today.
Taylor – I am sure there are people that want me to be mad. I know there are people that want me to be angry and mad and F**k this guy .. or crying or more reactive but maybe if it was explicit and intentional. Monte – yeah, overt. Taylor – an overt intention to harm.. racism. I hate people saying there are levels of racism .. but there are. And I would much rather him acknowledge and learn from his progress so that he doesn’t become the poster child of Hitlers dream or something. Kyle is not Hitlers poster child for his utopia. Monte – he will be okay if he does the right things from here on out. If he learns and takes some initiative in supporting initiatives for diversity and inclusion afterwards. There are plenty of people that have made up for some really foul sh*t that they’ve said. Taylor – and I can see him doing it in real tangible ways. We need more examples like this. Monte – and I don’t think we went backwards from The Cookout… Taylor – no, yeah it was just a different lesson.

9pm HOH room. Turner and Kyle.
Turner has wanted to shower alone in his HOH room all day and is trying to kick Kyle out so he can use his HOH room alone. Kyle – when Michael and Brittany were laying out all the information to you.. Turner – when they told me alone? Kyle – yeah. I am curious how connected my comments about The Cookout when that alliance of five was presented. How connected was that comment to me… Big Brother switches the feeds. When the feeds switch back. Turner – I think it was more of wanting us to work together and then .. and it is interesting because I know they mentioned it and I don’t want to misinterpret what they were saying. Kyle – I am just curious because I felt like I always wanted to work with Alyssa and I am just scared that it is like hey I am afraid of this alliance forming so lets go make this alliance.. Turner – oh yeah it didn’t seem like that at all. Kyle – okay. Turner – yeah they didn’t present it like that. Kyle leaves the HOH so that Turner can shower.

9:20pm Bathroom – Taylor and Michael.
They talk about all the drama that will be on the episodes this week. Taylor – the blow up that Kyle, Monte and Terrance had in that room while we watched the movie. Michael – I didn’t know it was a blow up. Taylor – well Kyle was deny, deny, deny… and Terrance and Monte were like this is some bullsh*t. Like we can’t have this conversation until you.. Michael – he denied everything!? Taylor – He was trying to explain it all away. It wasn’t racism, it wasn’t racism, it wasn’t racism.. And they were like we cannot have this conversation until you acknowledge that. And all that happened while we were watching the movie. And then Kyle went downstairs and blew up on Brittany.. all of that has got to be in there (the episode). Michael – I wonder if the house meeting will be in there .. I haven’t been talked about it. Taylor – I have.

9:40pm – 10:55pm Backyard – Monte and Kyle.
Monte – when I think about their (Michael and Brittany) gameplay I can’t help but be just a tad bit.. Kyle – yeah, you don’t even have to say it. Monte – Granted I am never going to make any excuses for how things went down but you weren’t bring up invalid points about their… how they’ve responded to things and then also like the timing of all of this is what keeps driving me F**king nuts. Kyle – yeah. Monte – what I am trying to say is Michael is going to win the game if no one takes that shot. I’ve talked to Taylor about it. I’ve talked to Brittany about it and they’re pretty aware that they’re going to get second place, or third. But neither one of them seem to be active about thinking about what is next. So that is a bit concerning. They seem like a very strategic .. I don’t think there is anything he does that is not calculated. Taylor joins them and plays Monte next.

12:30am Backyard – Playing Chinese Checkers – Taylor, Turner, Brittany, Monte and Michael.

12:35am – 1:08am Bedroom – Kyle and Alyssa.
Kyle – when we go back home we can binge watch the season. Alyssa – Am I going to hurt myself? Kyle – I don’t think so. Alyssa – do you think this is the first time ever that we made Big Brother history? That we were in a big brother showmance and .. Kyle – me basically lying to you. Alyssa – and be in separate alliances I guess? Kyle – yes for sure! And for me never to tell you about anything for sure. I don’t want to talk about it. Alyssa – wow, that’s cool. Kyle – I don’t want to talk about it. Alyssa – we don’t have to talk about it. Kyle – based on conversations I’ve had the narrative has been my entire game is tied to you .. and I don’t know maybe I could be completely wrong when we get home and watch it. Alyssa – I don’t even know if I want to watch it. Kyle – and if its like screw Kyle. I don’t know either. Alyssa – do I binge watch it or do I get home and ask friends, hey what did you think about Kyle? Kyle – ask your friends.

1:15am Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – I can’t believe… ah too many people know that we had S-E-X. Alyssa – in this house or America? Kyle – America. Alyssa -for sure! Kyle – you think?! Alyssa – at least we could be famous. Kyle – the shortest stamina of all time.. Kyle gets gold metal. Oh my gosh! Its whatever .. it was worth it. How many times did we have sex .. three? Alyssa – more. Kyle – no I think it was three. Twice in there (the other bedroom).. Alyssa – twice in the havenot room. Kyle – yeah so four I think. At least I didn’t cry.. I think. Alyssa – what?! Has that happened to you before? Kyle – no .. I just think people do that. Alyssa – I cried the next day. Kyle – you did? Alyssa – yeah to Turner. Alyssa tries to kiss him. Kyle – no don’t do that because I wont stop till the end of eternity.

1:20pm Backyard – Turner, Michael, Monte, Taylor and Brittany.
Turner – well not me. In the havenot room. This season. Monte – there are camera’s in the havenot room. Turner – I am not saying I agree or disagree but the peoples decision. Taylor – are you suggesting or do you know?! Turner – we were all there and we all saw… I wouldn’t just say this. Taylor – I didn’t think it was sex! Michael – people had sex in the havenot room. Turner – no wait .. this wasn’t the goal!! I have gone to far. Michael – you can’t un-ring the bell Turner. Taylor – are you speculating or do you know? Turner – alright .. listen yes I know. I did not mean to OUT this! Taylor – its fine. Turner – under a pink blanket first. Under a comforter second. I don’t ever want to know the details of the rest. I didn’t even want to know those. Michael – like FULL on?! Turner – yes. Michael – ahhhhhh!? Oh my gosh. Taylor – its not a sex-less a$$ house! Taylor – there are an uneven amount of box of condoms. Turner – I said this because I thought we all knew. Michael – no I thought something was going on but I didn’t know the full extent. Monte – floatie? Michael – it had to have been the butterfly.

1:35pm Things start heating up and Big Brother switches the feeds..

1:45am Bedroom – Kyle and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I want some privacy from the cameras. Kyle – this is going to get so hot so fast.. we have about 20 seconds in here. Alyssa – 20 seconds is enough for you babe. Kyle – I am out. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

1:52am Kyle and Alyssa
Kyle – was that okay?! Are we okay? Alyssa – of course. Kyle – okay. Alyssa – thanks for asking. Kyle – yeah, after the fact. Like was that good?! (Kyle jokingly asks) I don’t know what has been shown. They talk about the cameras being on them or not. Alyssa – Sorry grandma Pat. We just can’t talk about it after the fact. Kyle – she was doing CPR to me. You made my day a lot better. Thanks for that.

2:13am Backyard – Alyssa, Taylor, Brittany, Michael and Turner talking about past seasons / past house guests. Taylor and Alyssa head inside. Turner, Michael and Brittany are talking about Jasmine. Michael – She was mad or upset if she got picked for veto competitions. Brittany – you should want to play and save yourself. Michael – that pissed me off Taylors HOH week. She literally jumped off the wall without trying. She got annoyed that she got picked for the veto and then ended up with a trip to London and didn’t have to worry about having to go up at all. I was so over her that week! I think I would like Jasmine outside the house but inside she was not my favourite person. She is obviously not a bad person.

2:23am – 2:35am Kitchen – Alyssa getting ice cream. Alyssa to Taylor – I had some cheese and crackers. I am like ravenous at night! Plus I’m getting my period so that doesn’t help. Alyssa – You’re not going home this week. Taylor – I appreciate that. I know an argument has been made not by Kyle to keep him. Alyssa – My mind is obviously pretty made up. Its definitely not an easy decision. And its not because I am a big brother savage who wants to do that. Let me make that clear.. because I am a human and I can make my own decisions. I know right from wrong. I told him that. He knows that. He respects that decision. Taylor – he has been really good about .. I am very proud of him. He is doing what you would hope someone would do. Alyssa – which makes me think that maybe outside of this house we could handle maybe later on.. but for now just put things on pause (what that putting things on pause half an hour ago?) Taylor – that makes me happy to hear. Alyssa – because I really do like him a lot. Taylor – for him to grow in the way that he needs to .. a relationship or other would be distracting. Alyssa – I have spent my entire life raising grown men and I cannot do that anymore. I think I could help him a lot. I grew up in very integrated schools. Like I could help your but that is not my job to do. Taylor – lovingly ..figure it out. Alyssa – I know right from wrong and what I support and don’t support. I am so sorry for because this is not easy. Taylor – I would have a different reaction if he acted or reacted differently. If you’re willing to respond and react responsibly then I am not going to ostracise someone who is asking to be brought in.

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Can you believe all of this happened during jasmines birthday month (and mine btw)

The Corey's

Social media ruined big brother. Oh the irony.


100% True – the show piggy backs off what the majority say on twitter to guide which houseguest is the consensus favorite to center the show around.


Yep, like Production saved “the favorite of Black Females” Taylor from early eviction.


That’s a racist comment please stop


Alyssa and Kyle talking about red flags, just screams lack of self awareness on both of their parts, honestly they might be perfect for each other.

Don’t watch if Kyle goes

Why can’t they put it together that Michael and Britney put this whole thing together they said things as well for them to cause someone to feel so bad is a scumbag move. Can’t stand them
Turner and Michael are in lala land how can they not see the big picture


So much yes. Divide and conquer. Their game would have been to stick to the plan and maintain the alliances. They had the numbers and Michael knew it. That’s why he had to “blow the game up.” What an ass.

I Spy

I00%! I don’t get how people don’t understand Michael made a game move. He’s trying to win the game. Blowing up someone coming after you is smart. Kyle provided the ammo and loading the gun himself.


Absolutely right! When Kyle betrayed the LO by outing them to Terrance, Michael knew Kyle would evict him as soon as he could. Kyle did it all to himself.


Because to cry racism is about as bad as crying rape in todays environment outside. It’s one thing to play a game and dick a competitor over, it’s another thing to make allegations and allusions to someone that transcends the game into the outside world. Being as he’s a lawyer, you think he’d know about defamation and if he profits off of Kyle’s detriment, that might qualify as unjust enrichment.

E. Wood

Except that Kyle knew what he had done was racist or prejudicial. There was a feed of Kyle (after Brittany approached Kyle about the alliance and his inappropriate comments), where he said that he had cleaned up his social media sites before coming on the show related to Brittany’s conversation with him. He also then decided to pull Terrance into the alliance. Kyle may be sheltered but he is not that naive.


Total ass. And so proud of himself for being so awful to any and everyone because he thinks he deserves to win this game. And also so proud that he actually says he’s more than happy when he lies and cheats and it works out. Must have learned that in law school. Can’t stand this guy.


I guess Michael is the only one that isn’t allowed to lie.Every HO in there has lied though their teeth,EVERYONE, so there must be a additional reason why you dislike him so much. And even Monty said Michael DESERVES TO WIN,when he was talking to Turner.

Joel Mammah

Because he’s scum, who shows zero hesitation ruining someone’s life for almost zero strategic advantage. This was some straight sociopath shit.


The general public has a very short memory. 6 months from now 99% of the county will say KYLE WHO! The majority of people don’t even know what BB is,or care. So, I doubt very seriously that Michael has ruined Kyle’s life. I think Kyle is going to be just fine.


I believe Monte has and has had that conversation with others. Their intentions/holding on to this information just to win a game is very transparent. Monte for the win!!

Game fan

monte did that. but its too risky for him to keep kyle. he would go for sure after michael the second he can.

Roll Tide

I disagree. They should vote Taylor out. She is their #1. Then Mike and Brit are on their own. I see Taylor coming in 2nd maybe 1st. Monte hasn’t won anything yet bc so I would not put all my eggs in his basket.


Good for them! If it wasn’t for this week’s fiasco, Kyle would be running around spouting all kinds of lies, throwing anyone under the bus that will get him further. Would he have admitted to outing the LO minutes after the split? NO, he’d still be saying that Joe squealed. Would that be wrong? Probably not. All seems to be OK in BB.


True that


I wish I could see everyones faces when they watch back what kyle actually said and can add context to it. Monte seems to grasp why he would think that a cookout 2.0 could form but then said he thought kyle treated him differently because of his skin color. I wonder if he would have thought that if none of this came out?


What did he say? (Not being a dick here I really dont know


Gist of it was his paranoia took over around when Taylor’s HOH started. He kept having convos, caught on the feeds with Brit and Mike that they should be proactive and work together because People of Color and foreigners (Joe/Indy and all the black people seemed to be spending so much time connecting and so why not have Alyssa, Kyle, Turner, Brit and Michael be together. If the Cookout could be a thing, why not them. Because as a straight white male, he – Kyle – was also actually a minority, so why not? And even when, on more than one occasion, Brit tried to shut that down and say it wasn’t a thing and optics weren’t good, and no, the people of color were not all going to unite in an alliance, Kyle still keep working to start those convos on the feeds. BB apparently had at least one diary session, but I guess they figured the house guests could sort Kyle out. Michael chose the point when Kyle betrayed the alliance, and Turner put Taylor/Brit up – the point when he knew Kyle was now his enemy in the game (after Michael won the veto), to let people know what Kyle had been saying about the non-white houseguests.


Lol. And that is the Michael/Brit spin. Bravo. That’s not how it exactly went. I will go as far to say that’s not how it went at all.


Curious how you think the conversation will go between Joe and Kyle, when they meet in the jury house, since, as you point out, poor Kyle is innocent and has only been scapegoated by others. So sad.


When Kyle referred to “those six with that background “ it was not innocent. It was creeping in racism and if it had been allowed to escalate it would have gotten uncomfortable and then ugly. He is racist in thought.


Omg, enough with the racism. This was a decent season until it descended into this mess.


What was the Cookout?

Joel Mammah

We JUST had a season where the final 6 were an alliance based purely on race, who formed strong relationships in the house only to betray all of them in favor of the Cookout. It would be STUPID of Kyle not to consider the possibility we’d be doing it again. It was naive of him not to realize how it could be spinned. M&B not only participated in that conversation, they actively guided it in that direction (then said nothing for weeks before pretending to be outraged and offended).
Kyle is a pussy whipped sheltered child but he’s not any more racist than most. This season highlighting the bitch in all y’all


Kyle litterally stated exactly what Joeseph stated. It’s BB NO ONE is innocent. That does not make them racist/bias/etc as a human being. At what time is game play ok but suddenly it’s taboo? So expect the unexpected but if you are white, And specifically white male, you aren’t allowed to take things I to consideration that are real And have occurred? Or at least not allowed to voice them. FACT- Terrance did bring up another Cookout type alliance. FACT Indy did say she wanted to be the first Brazilian winner (Fun Note- Indy is white by US race categories. Us Hispanics don’t have a brown box to check. It’s the white box. Where “whites” check the white non-Hispanic box. This is how absurd the notion of race is). Fact Joseph did say he wanted more middleastern representation on the show (Another fun fact- Middleastern check the “Aisian box under race. That’s if it’s there. Funny how that’s the only box generally under race that actually isn’t race but ethnicity. Aren’t the US race categories great? NOT. FACT- BB pounds in everyone’s head to “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”. There was zilch that Kyle did wrong in that conversation, which is the one Michael Amd Brittany have twisted for their own selfish gameplay. Take that back. He failed at the golden rule by not expecting him playing the game to ruin his life and be casted as a racist.


How come the Cookout didn’t go through this ???

Regina Malaska

Also u forgot to say Taylor said she wasn’t going to vote a black women out .how come no one is saying that.if I was in there I would have said the day thing Kyle did after hearing what Taylor said.

I Spy

Sounded accurate to me. How did it go then?


Short and concise. I like it!


Exact verbiage- “That possibility of those six with that background, I mean, it looks very similar to the Cookout with a very diverse background.” He added, “They’ve all expressed why they’re in this game. Joseph, more Middle Eastern representation in TV. Indy, there’s never been a Brazilian contestant or winner. “Everyone has those strong ‘why’s’ that all coincide. I look at our alliance and it’s like, it was great because it was based out of necessity and our backs were against the wall and that’s what brought us together,” Kyle told his castmates.

I Spy

You conveniently left out the part about “the silent majority needs to rise up.”


It would be minority not majority silly. And no didn’t conviently leave that out. I literally copied and pasted his conversation with Michael. And he was part of a silent minority. Read again what he said. His entire concern were people banning together who had very vocal causes where there were others who were…….wait for it……silent on being there for some sort of greater good. Another words Michael wasn’t walking around saying he wanted to win for the LGBQT community. Kyle wasn’t walking around saying he wanted to be the first Non practicing Mormon (insert whatever agenda here). That’s why he said silent minority.(that’s even if it was said as such). You are essentially just repeating Michael and Britney’s version.

I Spy

Let’s focus on what KKKyle actually said, not what you think he said (listen closely…it’s at the beginning of the video):


Maybe you’re more familiar with it in this context:

Silent as in not loud (like poc), majority as in…wait for it…white people

And copying 1 conversation from a broader discussion is selective editing. Convenient…silly.

The Beef

And you keep leaving out the logical explanation of why when the Cookout did the exact same thing Kyle proposed, they are viewed as HERO’S not only to the black community, but by most of America in general, but Kyle is vilified for being racist/biased! If he is racist/biased then so is every member of the Cookout – simple logic makes that true and no amount of justification will change that. Anybody who denies it is a hypocrite.

I Spy

Simple. The Cookout happened because the members (and ultimately CBS) wanted to make a broader statement on racial justice at a time needed.

Kyle was just looking for a pretext to form an alliance to include slutmance. What he chose was a false narrative to target poc.

If you think about it, homogeneous alliances (white) existed for the first 22 years of BB’s existence. No one had a problem with that homogeneity until in year 23, the composition was different (black). You see that, right?


Exactly! Thankyou!


Of course not, because he wouldn’t know what was said behind closed doors. He had a really deep trust with Kyle,maybe the best out of anyone in the pound really,and Kyle chose to just throw it away along with his winning position in the middle of the leftovers because of his internal biases. Monte have every right to feel betrayed and upset about it.


Didn’t Monte say to Taylor when she tried to warn him is this a cookout 2.0? So when Monte went to the HOH room and repeated what Taylor was saying(his take or version of what Taylor said), maybe Kyle ran with that thought? I don’t remember if Kyle was in the room.


Monte is breaking my heart.


I have been really impressed with Monte over these past two weeks, he’s a really good, genuine dude. Last week when he sat down and had that talk with Taylor, showed how sincere he is and how he felt bad about things that were said and done to her, and his part in all of that. The grace and empathy that he has shown to Kyle, is just beautiful. He truly listened and empathized with Kyle, and then opened up and had moments of raw emotion when discussing his life experiences that he had been through. He never once tried to tear Kyle down, but built him up and even told him he’d stand by his side after they leave this house. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.


Yet, in conversations between him and Taylor and him and Terrance on multiple occasions he mentions how “strong black people” need to work together. And that’s ok? Then Kyle makes a valid observation and it’s soooo hurtful. He’s no better than Kyle, worse in my eyes.

I see it all the time, black people interact with black people differently. Then want to high horse when white people interact differently based on race.

Trenton Makes

I see it all the time, some random white dude paints a broad brush of an entire race as having the exact thoughts and feelings. Basically saying all Black people think the same. And all the like-minded folks who upvote a blatant, inaccurate, racist statement. Pathetic.


Interesting. Like you said “impressed last 2 weeks.” Before this he was ok but not really memorable (although for me, none of the hg are). Now he’s everyone’s fave. I just find this all very suspect from BB and CBS.

The Beef

I’m disgusted by every single one of them at this point.

Michael and Brittany hold this information until it suits their game play, to blow up the entire house, totally paint Kyle as a racist, when he was only trying to act DEFENSIVELY to what he thought might be happening in the game, without regard for how it may impact his life outside of the house.

Turner turned on Kyle so fast because he’s a woke SJW, and was unwilling to risk even being remotely tied to someone who might not be progressive in their thinking.

Terrance doesn’t give a shit if Kyle is racist or not, he just needs the numbers, so he’s willing to keep him around to ensure he still has those, even though all he really has is himself.

Alyssa is so desperate for attention (and to stay in the game) she first dumps Kyle, because he refuses to commit game suicide and take himself out of the game before her (and yes he lied to her, but that was early on in the game and their relationship), but then 11 hours later proceeds to have S-E-X with him once again in the house. Has she no shame?

Taylor I felt really bad for early in the game, and was really pulling for her, right up until her HOH. Then she came up with the monumentally BAD idea of putting Monte and Turner OTB, just to curry favor with the women (most of which were OUTSIDE her alliance), and flat out refused to nominate the black woman who had nominated and targeted her only 3 weeks earlier! Her target then changed to Terrance then Indy and the HOHitis kicked in and she tried to change it to Alyssa because of the whole London trip flap, which was the beginning of the end of the LO’s.

Kyle was absolutely DUMB to bring up the formation of an alliance based on race, and now he’s going to pay for that for the rest of his life most likely. I don’t think he’s racist, but everybody knows a white person just can’t do that, and especially not a white male. It’s not fair, especially given what the Cookout did last season, but it is what it is, and life isn’t always fair, so he’s screwed.

Monte to me is playing the best game right now – at least the best among those not playing dirty or who are at least playing. That’s why I’m pulling for him to take out Michael and win.


Kyle painted himself that way. You have to think before you speak especially in a setting such a big brother. Y’all need to stop making excuses for him. No one in the house called him a racist. They repeated what he said and how they took it.

The Beef

If Michael and Brittany thought the information would be viewed in a favorable light, do you think they share it? No, they KNEW it would be viewed as “racist” or at the very least “biased” and that’s why THEY are the ones who shared the information – not KYLE. Others knew and kept it to themselves. Kyle didn’t say it until he was basically forced to do so by production and apparently by the others, if he was to have any chance of either being “forgiven” or to stay in the game. What other choice did he have at that point? Only two – Tell them to stick it up their asses or to self evict. I think he made the wrong choice because he’s likely going to be paying for it for the rest of his life, but we’ll see what the episode shows tonight. Him admitting racism or racist thoughts in any way is not going to be good for him and his future employment possibilities, but we’ll see how things go.


I personally think they should have shared it earlier, however it is an awkward situation especially when you understand what can transpire on social media when you’re in the bb house. Michael and Brittany both understand being fans of the show. If I were M/B, I would’ve 100% made sure I was separated from his comments even though I don’t think the comments were meant to be malicious, just as Michael said. BUT you do understand people can take it that way. You have to use your head and think before you speak. Also the racist aspect of this was trending for like 2 weeks before so idk why people are acting like it’s M/Bs fault. Kyle was already set to face backlash once he’s out of the house. If anything they probably did him a favor, now he can address it before hand


M and B popularity in the poll continues to drop Michael now down to 4th place. Could it be the savage use of this opportunity? btw Turner and monte also have figured that out also. Im not sure this is good jury management.


heh heh – and how do you think Kyle is going to be greeted by Joe when he hits jury


Joe – welcome to the jury forth looser. But Jury will hear Kyle’s spin of whats happened with a Kyle spin . I’m sure the dicussion of the timing of how Michael Brittney released their disturbing info will be a big part of spin.


Joe is such a stand-up guy. I’m glad he gets to see the guy who betrayed him, hit jury next.


Completely agree. I had so much respect for Joe when he said he would not play the game the way Kyle did. Kyle showed his true slime when he outed the LO and then got Joe evicted. Yeah, he’ll spin it to Joe in jury but Joe is sharp enough to see it’s just Kyle being Kyle.


Actually, someone asked him what he was going to tell the jury house & he claims he’s going to be honest with them. Now, his idea of honest may be different from mine.

I Spy

If Michael makes it to F2, this perceived lack of jury management will not hurt him one bit.


Well recall Russell Hantz in survivor. He was another Michael and dominated the game won everything. Jury voted for the bring along to win. Brittney just might win BB24 by doing nothing but taking orders from Michael.


I was thinking the same and about Russell Hanz too. He brought his “goat “ to the end and she won Survivor.

I would love to see Michael win..but I don’t think it’s going to happen.


Simon – Dawg

“Lock your ranks in before midnight.” Which midnight? Newfoundland? Atlantic? Eastern? Central? Mountain? Pacific? I recall you’re on an Island, so, yours?


I was sure that it happened in our time zone. Thanks for the confirmation.

BTW, there is no “Vancouver Island time” zone. We’re both stuck with the Pacific.


Dawg! I did not realize you lived so close. We live on South Vancouver Island…would not live anywhere else!


Now you’ve gone and done it 🙂 . Police: Where did all these people come from? Neighbor: Dawg accidentally created an island level block party where everyone that visits his blog decided to come and visit. lol


Didn’t know you’re in my part of the country. I’m in the Fraser Valley. Try to keep Trudeau off the waves the last weekend in September, eh?


Hearing Monte and Terrance’s thoughts after this definitely makes me regret defending Kyle at first and thinking it wasn’t that big of a deal

Joshua Martinez

This just totally ruined the season for me. Racism is used way too much in our society. The Cookout from last season was an all black alliance. Kyle was simply saying there could be a Cookout this season like last season. Lasts seasons performed perfectly by playing all sides of the house and staying together as a unit. Having a thought in your head and saying that thought about a potential all black alliance is not racist, it is suspicious. So, Michael and Brittany using that against him when their backs were against the wall was dirty and caused this season to now suck! I was hoping Michael would win before, now I hope he eats shit and ends up in jury, just like that coocoo coattail rider Brittany. They both suck and so does this entire season, thanks a lot for making a good season a shit one!!! I’m out! Thanks Simon and Dawg for your hard work, tug make each season enjoyable, it’s not your fault the cast screwed it all up this year.


Exactly. Here is the exact words he used.

Exact verbiage- “That possibility of those six with that background, I mean, it looks very similar to the Cookout with a very diverse background.” He added, “They’ve all expressed why they’re in this game. Joseph, more Middle Eastern representation in TV. Indy, there’s never been a Brazilian contestant or winner. “Everyone has those strong ‘why’s’ that all coincide. I look at our alliance and it’s like, it was great because it was based out of necessity and our backs were against the wall and that’s what brought us together,” Kyle told his castmates.


Totally agree! Michael and Brittany are just disgusting to turn what Kyle said into racist remarks. Kyle was not being racist! I just hope karma for the scum bags M and B.


Funny how you use the word scumbag for Micheal when that’s exactly what Kyle called Joseph. He called him a scumbag and Monte a Villain. I would not be surprised if TPTB enticed Micheal and Brittney to do this to save Taylor (she was going to be evicted) and make this all a “teachable” moment. Twitter has been very vile over all this, especially after Joseph got evicted. Just my opinion.

Big Sister

Kyle himself said it was “rooted in racism” (his exact words)! We can stop saying he would never or he did not mean. He is getting a long overdue reality check. Let’s hope he comes out of this a better person than a lot of us making comments.


What you don’t understand is that Kyle wanted to pursue an all white alliance. Add to this his comment about “the possibility of those six with that background “ and you have obvious racism. If this had taken off, the season would have turned cringeworthy. BB needs to vet for racism and have sensitivity conversations before the season begins.


Nice try LC. You’re grasping for straws and you know it.


Imagine a season without the Michaels or Brittanys or Turners or Nicoles, etc. where the concept of an all white alliance would have taken flight? BB would had to shut down this kind of racist game. I understand that CBS made Kyle apologize. Apparently they thought it was real!


Imagine a season where people could just play the game and not worry about having their lives torn to shreds because people want to politicize their gameplay. Manipulating their statements as though the devil himself was present. We will never learn from the dispair of actual racism by the standards we are going by today. That’s the worst part of this. People are actually being more racist because they either feel entitled or feel defeated. That applies to ALL. Not just white people or perceived white. If Indy were to say let’s form an all white alliance would that have been ok because she comes from a minority ethnic background? Remember by US race definitions- Indy is white. Do t confuse ethnic categories with race.


What you don’t understand is that an alliance that just happens to be all white because I don’t know – That’s all that’s left, does not mean he said “hey let’s form an all white alliance and knock this game out of the ballpark. But guess what was said. “Let’s form and all black alliance so we can win and have the first black personal win”. If such things are taboo, CBS NEVER should have allowed it last year. FYI- I can’t stand any race definition. I don’t think anyone should be defined by race. By all means associate with ethnic background. The two do NOT equate to the same. You can be white an Brazilian. You can be black and Brazilian. You can be Aisan and Brazilian. Guess what, to us Americans, all would simply be Brazilian. Unless we find the need to see them all as colors. My son appears more “black” then his father. He is Half Brazilian and part Mexican (my side). By skin color skin- he is considered black. We have a very messed up ideology.


Why is an all black alliance fine but and all white racist….. Seriously it’s such a b.s.

The Kats Meow

Taylor, Terrance and Monte really showed Kyle kindness and a graceful path forward in his quest to learn about cultural differences. They all also said once out of the house they would support him and speak out about who are so angry in the social media world. This is a good thing for someone who so immature.

Joshua Martinez

That’s an absurd comment. Kyle never said anything racist!!! They showed him grace for thinking there could be another cookout this season? What’s racist about that? Wtf is wrong with people?!?!? Quit calling people racist all the damn time, it weakens the meaning of the damn word!!!!

I Spy

Kyle admitted what he did was racist…and unlike you, he was there.

It's me

Cbs made him apologize to calm things down. This now made him guilty.
It’s like someone on trial who pleads guilty for a lower sentence, even when not guilty


Exactly! Perfect way to explain this. He is not racist and he was just being paranoid. M and B knew this and twisted it for game play. Yes it is BB and part of the game is lying and changing
people’s words, but what M and B did was down right disgusting. They (M and B) must be awful humans in the real world. They crossed the line.

I Spy

Made him? Not sure they could force him to say something he didn’t want to (and I’m sure that kind of thing is not required under the contract).


At this point, Kyle has been brainwashed into thinking he’s guilty. He’s being railroaded and scapegoated.

The Kats Meow

Slow your roll there Skippy. He had no reason to believe his paranoid thought processes about the minorities in the house were working against him. Their nominations and voting record proved that. He was also warned why the optics and thinking that way without evidence would look bad and could follow him outside the house. Did he stop? Noooo he didn’t. It was his responsibility to stick to the reality of his house mates behavior, not make up nonsense in his manbaby mind. He’s 29, not 9. Sometimes people have to own their crap.


Alyssa expects someone she met a few weeks ago to love her unconditionally and put her before himself. Is she really naïve or just hopelessly romantic!? Would she do the same for him?


Alyssa has no clue how Kyle repeatedly stuck his neck out to keep her there. Everyone kept saying how he was using her, but it was really the opposite. Now that his game is tanked, she is questioning their “relationship”.All she wanted was a warm body to lob onto and drag her past jury. He can’t drag her anymore and now she’s done (well…aside from their escapades tonight). I wonder what Kyle’s game would have been like had a) he not made any comment about the cookout (obviously) and b) not gotten involved with Alyssa. Regardless of what anyone says, Kyle maneuvered his way through the game pretty well. He may have had a solid chance. But once he said that L word he got messy trying to keep her safe.


I’m done with bb. People are sick of the political billsh*t. If kyle is racist then so are jasmine, taylor and the cookout people from last year. Racism isn’t just about black people. Cbs wants to carry the narrative that white people should be ok with being treated differently (bc they are white) and just accept that they are racist just bc they are white. I hope bb ratings plumit.


So much yes!


Sounds like Monte is ready to flip. I can definitely see him voting out Taylor to keep Kyle around in an attempt to get Michael out of the house. Crazier things have happened before.


If he’s smart he will and they will see thru M/Bs BS to tear them apart. Kyle came close to winning the veto from what I recall. They need strong competitors. Beating Michael in competition is their only hope of getting him out.


I know it might seem he’s leaning that way but I’m doubtful. The only logical game reason for Monte to keep Kyle would be if he planned on taking him to F2 & felt he was getting the same offer in return. Your logic of helping to take out Michael makes sense IF Kyle still had his head in the game – but from what I’m seeing he’s already checked out – he won’t even lie for Ally to help her moving forward.

I can’t imagine how the POC in jury would feel about Kyle being awarded any money, especially with Monte enabling it — he’d be doing precisely what he told both Taylor & Turner he’s disgusted at Terrance for doing. To wit, Terrance was apparently the most demonstrative in the have not room argument with Kyle/Monte & in the house meeting but quickly shifted to keeping Kyle “so he could learn & grow” when the reality is Kyle being able to go to the jury where he could get some therapy & have time to mentally recover is the better option. Terrance only wants Kyle to stay bc it gives him the advantage in numbers whereas voting him out means he’ll likely go OTB.

While Monte & Turner both brought up being annoyed that Michael didn’t pull down Taylor THIS is precisely the reason why. Michael knew if he left Britt OTB it was highly likely the house would’ve shifted to keep Kyle whereas Monte/Terrance voting out Taylor to keep Kyle would be highly SUS.

Nor can Monte ever trust that keeping Kyle would result in his safety – he has F2 with Turner, a showmance, F3 with Ally/Turner & F4 with the After Party.

In contrast, Monte has a new F2 with Turner (which gets jeopardized if he keeps Kyle), has safety with After Party (except with wild card Terrance) & F3 with Taylor/Britt. He made a F4 with Michael which will be tossed since Monte is being too aggressive about spotlighting the need to take out Michael – he’s got Taylor on board to cut Michael before him & that’s all he needs.

Monte already has to deal with what he did to Taylor early in the game to put a target on her back (let’s be clear – he was as guilty as the mean girls who ostracized her & was the main person who got Daniel to put Taylor OTB).

I could be way off base but this feels more like TPTB trying to stir up the possibility for Kyle to stay. Monte voting out Taylor could very well jeopardize the majority of votes from the Leftovers (& POC in the jury) after the events of this week.


You might be right. If Monte feels safe for a week or two, he won’t make a big move like that. I just think Kyle is still in it despite what he is saying. He has plenty of time to find a way out of this mess.


It feels like when Alyssa is talking with Kyle, supposedly letting him know how disappointed she is with him, and feels used and abused, she makes sure that she throws in, but I still don’t want to lose you as a person.

Alyssa is on her high horse, but she’s not being 100% up front and honest with Kyle, about her romantic situation outside of the house. In my opinion, Alyssa would still be hugged up and laying around with Kyle if she could.

She has known Kyle for a month or less, and she’s talking about him being her person, and about having kids ? Don’t forget, Alyssa is mad at Kyle, she’s hot & cold with him, Alyssa is still giving Kyle the green light for when they are outside of the house.

When Kyle was having his cit down with Alyssa, trying to discuss what has taken place, she had the nerve to ask him to lie to Brittany about no knowing about the leftovers. Kyle told her he’s not talking game, he’s not going to lie to anyone for her, just goes to show, Alyssa is all about Alyssa, but gives Kyle a hard time for him just thinking about himself.

Alyssa have a seat, you are still hung up on Kyle, stop playing with his emotions, you have your own skeletons in the closet in the real world, you are involved or use to be involved, so get off of your high horse, you are not completely innocent when it comes to being upfront and honest with Kyle.

Michael Two Wrongs

Simon and Dawg,
Is there any chance you could run a poll on whether or not Kyle’s punishment (being voted out) fits the crime (alleged racism)? So many people on your website have extreme to moderate views on both sides of this issue, so I think it would be good to know exactly how people would vote on this topic. Just a suggestion.


So we finally got clarification on the Have Not room meeting between Kyle, Terrance & Monte (no thanks to Skippy who kept cutting feeds any time this came up).

Per above Kyle denied saying anything & was defensive then went downstairs & blew up on Britt while the movie was on. But later, he changed direction apologized & owned his choice to base decisions on race.

It still seems like Kyle is leaving – so I’m trying to figure out what Monte is doing with his chats – he spoke to Turner (being annoyed Taylor wasn’t more offended & did she know more prior to the date MB exposed) then immediately after Taylor gave him the perfect reason why she was handling the situation the way she is.

Monte is also looking to ensure Michael is the target with EVERYONE & isn’t getting the answers he wants from Taylor & Britt. It makes sense bc if Monte can get Michael out next then he has the best shot of winning bc Turner made a F2 with him, he has the After Party wanting to work with him (but Terrance is a wild card) & has a F3 with Taylor/Britt.

Simultaneously, we FINALLY have Britt exposing to Michael that Monte wants to take him out & isn’t committed to the F4. A notable comment in their talk was when Britt said ‘Turner is safe next week’ that Michael responded with ‘unless he gives us a reason to go back on it!’

I doubt Monte will switch to keep Kyle – rather I think he’s just looking for some Michael dirt he can use to turn Taylor or Britt against him should they win HOH next week. I also don’t think it’s wise for Monte to want to keep Kyle when he knows Taylor’s preference is to go to F3 with him & Britt – both of whom he should easily beat in comps & should beat in F2 (Taylor might be close).

Monte typically keeps his cards close to the vest and one of his weaknesses is tending to open up at the worst time. See last week while he was OTB pushing Taylor about striking at Michael (even before learning Joe was gone). She, in turn, told Britt who fortunately for Monte kept that intel to herself or Michael might’ve decided to switch things up & strike to take him out instead of Jasmine.

It seems like he’s making the same mistake again pushing everyone he talks to about Michael & bc Taylor again told Britt this time she didn’t keep it to herself. Why? Bc Britt now sees how easy it would be for Monte/Turner/Taylor to drag one of (or both) Ally & Terrance to the end as their goats instead of her.

The question is whether Monte will gun for F7 HOH – – I think he’s doing all this digging for dirt & seed planting bc he’s all too aware the F6 HOH could be a double so he’d rather not win F7.

On the other hand, my guess is Michael is in the opposite boat, especially with the confirmation Monte will gun for him (and push everyone else to – HEY if he’s pushing this with Taylor then Michael knows he’s pushing it to everyone).

He’ll gun for HOH (unless he can throw it to Britt or Taylor) & put up Terrance & Ally as initial noms. Post POV would be the most interesting if Michael wins HOH & neither Turner/Monte wins POV as I suspect he’d lay it out on the table to Monte that everyone has told him he wants Michael gone so he had no intention of honoring their F4.

Ditto for Turner – as Michael repeatedly asked him about the Pound (to his repeated denials) & even after Kyle went OTB he was still trying to push for Taylor to leave. Michael would likely point out to Turner you’re upset at Taylor for wanting to target you first in the LOs but you had the same intentions but didn’t own them.

Not sure who Michael views as the greater threat to his game & again I’m guessing – but whoever promised on everything they value to keep him safe at F6 is likely who stays.

If Britt wins HOH I think she’d follow a similar path as Michael with one of Monte or Turner leaving (although I’m sure her preference will be Terrance). Taylor MIGHT be convinced to put Turner up as the re-nom depending on the dirt they can unearth.

I don’t see any way that Taylor would strike at Monte – then again if she has another HOH like the last one who knows?

With news, the backyard will be open until early Wednesday which seems to hint at a Q & A or skill comp for F7 HOH. If it’s something they can study for it’ll favor Michael & Britt who will KNOW WHAT to pull from any pictures/videos to study. They’ll have to be careful bc anything they share with Taylor she could then share with Monte so let’s see how this pans out. Side note: Alyssa has a good recall of the numbers of items in the house & could be a dark horse to win an HOH of that nature.

I’m thinking it’ll be before & after (favoring Michael/Britt).

I Spy

“Kyle denied saying anything & was defensive then went downstairs & blew up on Britt while the movie was on.”
Was any of this on the feeds?


NO it was not. I’m reiterating what Taylor & Michael discussed. Although Monte & Terrance REPEATEDLY referred to what happened in the Have Not room they kept cutting feeds every time it was brought up. So that convo between Tay/Mich was the first time we got any details. (see above)

Michael Two Wrongs

Too Controversial?

Michael Two Wrongs

This was posted a half hour after I asked if Dawg would run a poll asking if Kyle’s punishment (being voted out) fits the crime (alleged racism), which he apparently didn’t think was appropriate since it was not posted. Just clarifying.

Michael Two Wrongs

So sorry Dawg, I thought you didn’t want to post my poll suggestion, which was fine. I just wanted to clarify my comment of “too controversial” to anybody thinking “what the hell does that mean”. A more subtle poll topic could be: Who do you want voted out on Thursday, Kyle or Taylor? Please go back to sleep as I think we are the only 2 people up anyways. Sweet dreams Zombie!


Get your sleep dawg! Love ya! Thanks for your hard work!?


Oy. Can they just move on so WE can move on. This is getting tiresome.


So let me get this straight…Last season the POC formed an ALL BLACK alliance called the Cookout. And if YOU were not BLACK,YOU were getting EVICTED because YOU were a different RACE.This season,Taylor said multiple times that she will NOT nominate another BLACK girl.That is clearly RACIAL.I don’t understand why there was ABSOLUTELY NO issue or controvery about that.Help me out people.CBS,production,casting and house guest..Most important social media…YOU RUINED A ONCE Good and fun Show


I’m glad you self -dentified your affiliations, so that everyone can see that the anti-Cookout rhetoric is truly rubber-stamped with racist conservative delusions of a narcissist madman criminal insurrectionist. Good job, he also lost this campaign!


Correction: he was robbed of a campaign

Trenton Makes

The random ALL CAPS gives their cover away every time.


I’ve seen this viewpoint (argument) on so many platforms and at this point.. If you don’t understand the difference…it’s as almost as if you choose not to understand…And that’s okay. I think Monte said it best when he stated “I just want to be free”. Free to play a game not based off my race but my character. And I have seen that desire in all of the POC cast this summer. Wanting to work together with similar characters on the show. So it comes as another crush when you are transparent with this desire and then nope, a HG is still clumping you together based on race. It’s like “here we go again”. After watching 22 previous seasons of the show, I understand why the CO was formed, but I also understand why the desire for another CO will not be desired in future POC casts. Everyone just wants to be seen by character, not their race. My hope is that future casts will understand this and move forward.


One big question in my mind is – if there was never a cookout last season, would this have even been a thought in Kyle’s mind? I actually think no. I don’t think it would have become a thing at all since that piece of the paranoia wouldn’t be there. Once again showing how it’s not odd that Kyle thought it could be a possibility – just an assumption but pretty confident that things would be different if there never was a Cookout type alliance to begin with.


Neither you or I are in Kyle’s head so I will not speculate what he would or would not do if the CO did not exist. I will say based on watching previous seasons that the difference between Kyle and other previous excluded POC alliances is that Kyle said the quiet part out loud. So for that… appreciate Kyle’s honesty instead of viewing what the previous alliances used to do …which was act out on micro aggressions. What Kyle did is beneficial for change and growth to happen.

Michael Two Wrongs

Oh, to be young and in love. Best feeling in the world. Showmances never bothered me. So glad to see Alyssa finally supporting her manboy. I think when she sees the entire season when she gets home, she will understand the conflict that Kyle went through. He does really care for her. Sounds like they’ve been busier in the house than we thought. Good for them.
So Terrance has made it clear that he is not opposed to keeping Kyle, and it sounds like Monte might be considering it, although I find it hard to believe that he will actually vote out Taylor. But like I said in my previous post 2 days ago, wouldn’t it be something if 2 black guys voted out a black girl in order to save hopeless Kyle. No better way of forgiving someone with not just your words, but with your actions as well.
For those of you who think I just want Kyle to win, your wrong. I just don’t think Michael’s attempt to eliminate Kyle in the manner he chose is justified. It was classless, and if he really cared about racism, he would have brought it up much earlier.
This brings me to Brittany. She is feeling guilty for being part of what happened on Sunday, as she should. But then I see her talking to Taylor and having final 4 discussions. I heard a lot of people earlier in the season talk about how good her intuition is. Hopefully it’s good enough to realize that her shield is about to be attacked from all sides. Good luck Brittany, your gonna need it.
And Turner, please stop worrying about what other people think of you. Forgiving Kyle will not hurt your standing in the house. Your a good soul!
In case anyone is wondering, I don’t care who wins. I just like watching Big Brother being played with integrity and smart, fair gameplay. The best and most deserving players usually win ( that’s why they have a jury).


Michael did not bring it up earlier because he was being loyal to his alliance. Kyle OTOH threw the LO under the bus in a blink when the snake slithered over to Terrance and outed them. Michael knew Kyle had betrayed them and that he would be Kyle’s first choice for the chopping block. Michael then played the game.

Big Mac

Let’s just put it this way, everyone’s a snake in that house . Kinda hard to win without being one at some points.


Definitely! On BB everyone turns eventually.

I Spy

This 1000%!!!

It's me

CBS “made” Kyle apologize. Now Big Brother is becoming preachy.
After the Cook Out, why wouldn’t Kyle think the same was happening again.

Throwing someone “under thd bus” is part of the game, just like being a floater is part of the game, or being loyal is part of the game. Different stragities. All part of the game. You may have to do all to get to F2 and win the money.

I don’t like Showmances because I’m not interested in seeing kissing, sex, cuddling, however,
A Showmance is two strong, just like a duo, is two strong. When you know who they are, best to get rid of one and ideally before jury as they are a vote for the other half remaining.

It's me

Cbs made Kyle apologize to calm things down. This now made him guilty.
It’s like someone on trial who pleads guilty for a lower sentence, even when they are innocent.


Alyssa – I want some privacy from the cameras. Kyle – this is going to get so hot so fast.. we have about 20 seconds in here. Alyssa – 20 seconds is enough for you babe.

LORD. What have I just read?! O_O

And damn they have no shame… We literally know, because they divulged this information, that Alyssa has had 40 seconds of bliss? with Mr. 10 Seconds.

I really cannot.


Kyle and Alyssa live in your head rent free. If you really cannot, then stop watching BB and the feeds. Your life would be much better 🙂


I know!!!! I just read it too and couldn’t believe it! Is this the depths BB has stoopef to? Could it possibly get more disgusting? I guess time will tell..

Mad Max

they are obviously two rabbits in heat……UGH….”you lied to me but you can bang me for 10-20 seconds”…..Girl you really need therapy more than Kyle!

BB fan 4 life

This for real made me LOL


She really does. I hope the counselor in BB gives her some numbers to colleagues of hers that can help her after she gets out.


To say she had low self esteem is an understatement.


I feel bad for Kyle, I don’t see how he did any different then the cookout, but no one has ever called them out.


I’m going to take a leap here by saying that members of an all white alliance would never have felt life in society the way The Cookout did. Monte expressed it as never feeling free to some degree. Paraphrasing as I don’t remember his exact words.


What he did was out of paranoia. There was no evidence that what he thought was actually happening


That’s the whole point! Unconscious Bias is real and it hurts. Kyle is butt hurt. Kyle is not a racist. He has unconscious bias as we ALL do. The only way to face it is to talk about it and become aware. Whenever a POC attempts to explain their experiences, that is a time to listen and not insert your thoughts and make it about you. The point gets missed and then everyone gets defensive. I am a POC and I have unconscious biases. When I am faced with them, they are hard to reconcile but to be a better person, I have to remove myself from the equation and listen to the experience of others. I do believe Michael used this as a game move but it wouldn’t have worked if Michael didn’t have the words that Kyle spoke from his own mouth. Kyle even says he regrets what he said and is willing to explore his thought process so why is everyone else so angry?
BTW, Robert, I am not accusing you of anything or saying you are wrong. You are one of my favorite commentors


This is 100%!!! Kyle is not racist he needs to learn and be aware about his unconscious bias and white privilege. He needs to grow. What bothers me is how he is being viewed as a racist (by twitter) which is not fair and a big claim. I know KKKyle was a thing before Michael and Brittany spoke to it, but I also think how they phrased it and proposed it did did make it seem more racist than it was. Kyle has a lot of growing and learning to do, but it could have been a much better conversation if wasn’t using it for games sake.


4.5% of BB seasons, 1 out of 23, has been won by a person of color. That’s only because the CO formed. If last is prologue, it could have been 0% without the CO. If you can’t/won’t understand why the CO formed, I don’t know what to tell you.

Kyle, from his sheltered upbringing, etc., let his mind go there without any cognitive deduction. Okay fine, his grouping them together… seriously, Indy and Jasmine in cahoots with Taylor?? Everyone was loyal to LO except him. He destroyed his own game with the showmance and scapegoated Joseph. Kyle is a snake. I know backstabbing is “part” of the game but he does it in a cringy way.


Jun (S4), Josh (S19), and Kaycee (S20) were all people of color who won the game before season 23. The Cookout formed specifically because there hadn’t been any African American / Black winners in the 20+ years of the show’s existence. It’s still not many PoC that have won the game, but we also have to remember that casting was much different before S23 and I think that was a big part of the reason why there were so few minority winners.


Duh me. I didn’t use the proper terms. Apologies. Thanks for correcting me! It’s a shame they had to actively make changes to casting and that it was just always like that. Variety is always good!

I Spy

Yes, because if black folks are represented in the house in proportion to the general population, they are ostracized, cast off and eliminated just like real life.

Big Sister

Let the church say”Amen!”


Interesting Taylor points out this is “a different lesson from the cookout.” Staged by CBS? To keep “teaching” white america about racism? Monte now gets to tell all America his racism stories, Terrance and Taylor their perspectives. And the white person learns their lesson and acknowledges their Privilege and biases.


BB absolutely has a hand in this. They told M and B about what was being said on Twitter. The feed cuts was them trying to cover what they didn’t want us to hear. There were a few times, I believe Monte and someone else said “I don’t care about twitter”. What a random comment when they are dealing with a situation in the house. I can’t wait to see the spin they put on it when it airs. It is absolutely a teaching moment for BB and CBS!

I Spy

And MAGA couldn’t do a damn thing to cancel it! Ain’t that great! Listen and learn.


What the hell does MAGA have to do with any of this?? This is the crap that makes us all so divided.

I Spy

100% agree! The MAGA crap does make us all so divided.


“unless he gives us a reason to go back on it”

Cringe ?


I believe that Kyle should stand up, give his speech, and then immediately say “there is no need to cast any votes. It has been a pleasure being here getting to know you and I’ve learned a lot from each and every one of you & I love you all like no others”. It’ll be emotional, hug everybody, and then leave. No diary room votes. Why make it asinine by wasting literally every single ones time.

Mad Max

sorry the Man-child isn’t mature enough to do that!


Why waste our time with the asinine? He wanted to self evict and should have then & there but CBS did their “See…BS.” This is about production.


Ten seconds? What is he, twelve?


You are not the only one who thinks this 🙂


I think Taylor has things to learn cause some of the things she has said I could say she may be racist. I just laugh at how they all seem to think they are all innocent and Kyle is the only person no one should associate with. These people are the worst players ever on BB. Also is it just me but doesn’t Taylor remind you of Neytiri the blue girl character in Avatar especially her face. Alyssa has sex with Kyle then goes and talks about him behind his back and assures Taylor she is voting him out. What a disgusting person and to stupid to see she is being used by Taylor Michael and Brittany. Hope she goes next then Taylor.


It’s a game. Chill. They’re there to lie and cheat to win money. CBS doesn’t look for saints when casting.


Alyssa and Kyle deserve each other. Alyssa needs to see a therapist herself, I do not think she has a very high self awareness of who she is, or what she will and won’t accept from a man.

Alyssa to me gives off the impression that she always needs to be in a relationship to feel that she matters.

That conversation between Alyssa and Kyle regarding his sexual stamina, just goes to show you how immature Kyle really is, 10-seconds, 40-seconds, whatever, dude, no man would want that information leaked out about his sexual performance.

Alyssa saying all you need is 40 seconds, that is just down right embarrassing, Alyssa is really a lost person in my opinion, she can’t be around Kyle without wanting to make out, Alyssa reminds me of someone who will do what everyone else is doing, so that she does not look bad.

Look at how she’s sneaking around and still making out with Kyle, does this idiot not think about the cameras? you are just hiding from the people in the house, everyone watching the live feeds, we see you still lusting and wanting Kyle.

Both Alyssa and Kyle are immature, Alyssa needs to stop doing what she thinks other people expect from her, be yourself, stop bringing up all of the things Kyle has done to you in this game, but then throwing yourself at him, onto him, you expect honesty from Kyle.

Alyssa needs to be honest and tell Kyle about the guy outside the house that she was messing around with, Alyssa in my opinion is just as sleazy, asking Kyle do you think our showmance made big brother history, yes it did, with your 10-second intimate sessions, with you chasing after Kyle, Kyle throwing you under the bus, then Kyle protecting you so he’s able to continue his 10-second sexual sessions with you. You both need help.


>Snicker< Ten second Kyle must sin in his pants every time a girl looks sideways at him.

un autre nom

I still snicker at the odd parallels between bbcan10 and bb24.
The final 2 of a man named Kyle puts him on the block for gameplay that disturbs the rest of the house.
Come on red gummi bears: big money, big money… no whammies.

un autre nom

Reactions and Reactions to Reactions
Terrance, Monte and Taylor have had varied reactions to the Nuclear Reveal.
Terrance: He wants to keep numbers. He compartmentalized and disregarded for game, going so far as to say Kyle, now that he knows the motivation and desire were wrong, should be kept and he should be rewarded with the opportunity to continue in the game… so they should evict Taylor. He doesn’t like how Monte hasn’t compartmentalized.
Monte: He is relating the reveal to personal history. He’s been emotional. He doesn’t like that Terrance is so cavalier, and doesn’t like how Taylor has not been emotional. Instead of dealing with it on a game level, he is upset with the timing of the reveal.
Taylor: Hasn’t afforded herself the ability to be emotional because, if she’s emotional then she’s regarded as unstable and Angry Black Woman. Monte, even when he hears this, doesn’t actually get it. Terrance doesn’t care because…. Terrance has a hate-on for Taylor.

None of the reactions are right or wrong per se. The difficulty that is added is that they are not allowing each other to think, feel and process. Each one basically questions how the others are reacting because they aren’t reacting the same.
This? This is actually quite common. How individuals deal with unsettling information is often judged by others.

Game level, how does this effect?
Terrance is pissed that Monte most likely won’t keep Kyle. He’s not a team player, he’s putting emotion first, blahblahblah. Terrance is game first in reaction.
Monte is thinking Terrance is untrustworthy. Monte is questioning Taylor’s trustworthiness as well for their compartmentalizations. Monte is using this as game to direct attention at Michael and Britt.
Taylor is trying to stick to previous loyalties. This is what concerns Monte, because let’s face it, Monte has final 2 plans with Turner, and wants Michael out. Taylor isn’t as enthusiastic about Turner (she’s on the block on his HOH), and isn’t jumping up and down to take out Michael.

What does this mean?
Terrance, having tasted power (even if it wasn’t the feast he thinks it was), doesn’t want to give it up (it’s already gone).
Monte, always his boys first, is back to telling people what he wants and expecting them to just support and follow what he says.
Taylor? Still more loyal to those that showed her loyalty until they cross her. She knows Michael logically has to go, but I don’t think the WHEN is as important to her as it is to Monte.

Mad Max

well said sir!

JR Thomas

The cookout was made up of all blacks with the intent only to voting out all white house guests. That was stated from the cookout during the game. Kyle just stated the truth. Kyle is no worse than the cookout . My opinion only.


It’s okay for Taylor to say she won’t vote a black woman out, but you all ignore that! Kyle is not a racist. I don’t like his ruthless gameplay, especially with Joe (who I loved), but he’s not racist. He was literally flirting with Taylor the entire first week. If he was racist, would he be doing that? Michael is a shit-stirrer and will throw anyone on a fire to save his and worthless Brittany’s asses. He’s literally going to destroy this kids life. Michael is a horrible person!


If Monte wants to win he has to ask himself who helps his game more: Taylor or Kyle. Michael only exposed this because of strategy reasons. He had plenty of time before to do so. Kyle will not win Big Brother. He needs to get out Michael. Keeping Britney and Taylor only helps Michael.


I am from India and did not grew up here.
Can someone explain to me why, race based COOKOUT is OK but what race based proposal by Kyle not OK?
I think both should be wrong, because as a brown person, I am excluded from both because of race.

un autre nom

Kyle’s worry in itself wouldn’t be an issue in week one and two when Terrance was trying to get an understanding going between black houseguests.
To me, and I can only speak for myself:
His fear crossed from reasonable to paranoid delusion because his theory had to presume that Jasmine, Indy, and Terrance were working with Taylor. When it was brought to his attention that the presumption of Taylor and Jasmine being aligned was ridiculous (Alyssa in week 5), he continued with the theory. When told by Michael that Jasmine and Terrance were both pushing for Monte to be evicted (again, Michael week 5), he still persisted with the theory. Even when confronted by Britt plainly saying this looks like it’s a skin thing, his answer was but the cookout (bathroom convo in episode). So even acknowledgement that his theory didn’t hold water because of house dynamic, Kyle was still pushing the theory in week 6.

In relation to the cookout (this is where i could get some boos, but screw it), each member of the cookout acknowledged that they were playing a biased game, and worried they’d be labeled as prejudiced when they ended the game. IF you look at the season as a stand alone volume, it’s clear that they did play a prejudicial game. The fact of the matter is that the season isn’t viewed as a self contained volume, but an answer to 22 seasons of biased casting and gameplay. For production’s part, I have long stated that production had a different horse in the race: Now when racial tension was sited in the game, production could point to the cookout and say it’s totally reasonable to think racially because look what happened in season 23. After the debacle of season 21, and the failed attempt to sanitize Jackhole and the Gr8ful alliance, the network and the production company had to find a way to legitimize… and just look at how well that has worked.

I Spy

That can only mean one this. His objective was to target poc and the cookout narrative was him trying to conjure a justifiable pretext. Fail.

un autre nom

I tend to think of it slightly differently: He was trying to find a way to break the Leftovers while maintaining his standing, and suffering no consequence.

I Spy

A reasonable pov, but you cannot discount his desire to form an alliance including his showmance. I mentioned earlier that I’d never seen a season where members of a showmance were not part of the same alliance.  I believe that’s why he had to go nuclear. Just bad gameplay on Kyle’s part.


It is taboo to even answer this question. If I answer it I am labeled the R-word so I will refrain.

un autre nom

Grain of salt to be added to this post.
I have no insider information. I’m spitballing scenarios in regard to the episode edit.
There does exist the realm of possibility where we get something that is going to resemble:
Michael (previously got the devil music for his sympathy vote to Indy when he actually had permission) decides to out Kyle’s cookout 2.0 theory in order to save both Britt and Taylor as well as get back at Kyle and Turner for turning on him.
Michael and Britt reveal (ominous devil music behind them again)
Kyle is confronted in a house meeting. He comes to the conclusion…oh i didn’t realize i’d been doing that.
Tinkly piano as Kyle d/r comes to the understanding that things looked bad but he had no idea, now he’s heartbroken.
Boys will be boys moment of the house understanding and realization is enough of a consequence. Terrance d/r of wanting to keep Kyle. Monte d/r of why did Michael and Britt choose this moment. Negotiation for Safety deal with Turner for renomming Kyle. Turner d/r saying he hates to do this but for game it buys him another week. Michael d/r of made the deal, but if we can find a loophole, it can be broken (devil music).

To me this is a cbs flyonthewall type of edit that fits with all of the cuts we’ve been seeing when anger or certain words hit the feeds, but feeds continuing when the house says it’s bad but at least he has come to realize it’s bad so boys will be boys.


un autre nom

I looked at twitter updaters accounts for a second to see if there was any mention of the episode and house meeting.
The talk i’m seeing is most believe the episode will cliff hang, and Thursday’s episode will start with house meeting and then go into Veto meeting.

un autre nom

My worry that it will be a boys will be boys edit is exasperated knowing that 30 minutes after a d/r call about breaking up with Kyle, Alyssa is having sex with him again.


Let’s hope we get more of the Monte & Taylor talks with Kyle which IMHO offer context for why Kyle’s presumptions were hurtful. Unfortunately, I’m afraid Terrance’s session will be what gets aired & is dubious in that he’s only having that convo to set up keeping Kyle for the numbers.

Monte had the strongest ties to Kyle, was the most loyal to him & was also the most hurt by his actions. He was in tears several times yesterday as it opened wounds about his little brother’s time in the Coast Guard when he endured racism & left Monte feeling helpless bc he couldn’t do anything to help him.

I found one comment from yesterday (Monte said to Terrance) very poignant & I hope it makes the show:

‘I hate being told what to do when I live in a country where freedom is preached for everybody, not for one type of person or this type of person — for every person. Why am I in the freest country in the world but mentally I am a slave?

As for what should be part of the Wednesday & Thursday edit are segments of conversations that fans were denied on Sunday including the Michael/Britt convo with Taylor/Monte, reactions by Monte, Taylor & Terrance in the immediate aftermath of the reveal, the supposed argument in the have not room between Kyle- Monte & Terrance followed by Kyle blowing up at Britt, the house meeting and subsequent reactions to that meeting.

That’s what CBS held back & if they wanted to be transparent the edit would include a subsection of each (plus Kyle’s convos on Tuesday that the feeds weren’t as quick to cut). I’d love to believe there will be an accurate reflection offered but like you, I feel like CBS will simply edit what happened to fit whatever fits the narrative/direction of the plot.


Hmmm. So far everything is on point but that Kyle D/R revealed that Turner was more into Monte as an ally than Kyle (if the Sunday blowup didn’t happen this would be a point of contention later)

Mad Max

Is there nothing happening in the house today?


It’s a lot of chit chatting


Best season of BB in many years. It’s been unpredictable all season


I’m done with BB. No entertainment value. No moral lessons if players are lying or bending the truth to their benefit. Racism is not a subject to manipulate to win a game. Lies are part of the BB makeup but this is too much! The country is in such a fragile state right now this all seems wrong! Big Brother should be on it’s last season if they don’t do a better job casting and vetting. The show premise is great – casting not so much.

E. Wood

What I find offensive is Terrance’s preaching behavior? He made a very derrogatory remark about Taylor that had nothing to do with game play, lying or trying to make her look bad. It was wrong and I am sure his religious parents and wife are appalled by what he said. He has never apologized to TAylor nor BB fans for saying what he said.


Honestly Taylor was the first to throw the racist card out when she was on the block saying how her childhood was and how people made fun of her about her skin color blah blah blah. Then when she was hoh she wouldn’t nominate jas because she said she refused to put a black woman out but she nominated Terrance, a black man……. can’t people see that Michael started this mess because he wanted to save his game because truth be known the only ones in this house that likes him is Brittany and somewhat Taylor. Brittany is only using him as a shield anyway to further her game.


Michael and Brittany went to far. They blew this way out of proportion. Now they want to believe what they said and don’t believe what was really said. That is why Taylor did not blow up.


Michael and Brittany are the snakes in the grass. They have said just enough to twist what was said and sway the other peoples thoughts without specifics
Let’s face it Michaels a lawyer and he studied to be able to do this


Funny they brought it to everyone’s attention when it was convenient for them.