Alyssa – “I accept your apology but I don’t forgive you” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany Kyle
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Micheal used the veto on Brittany. Turner nominated Kyle.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation – Kyle has been making the rounds apologizing and crying. Kyle staying hinges on Monte’s vote and that is not happening right now.

2:45 pm Kyle and Alyssa
K – I’ve never been good at expressing myself.. I am sorry
Kyle cries “I’ve cried so much I’m so sick of it honestly”
Kyle – I am so sorry Alyssa.
Alyssa says she’s been talking to the therapist as well she’s helped her organize her thoughts.
Alyssa – I need to watch the show and see what has happened. what was said.. I need to decide if this is a relationship I want to be in. When I tell you I love you I don’t say it lightly I’m a very intense person outside of this house. I know sometimes you speak without knowing what you are saying.
Alyssa – I love you a lot and I am happy I met you want. No matter what happened in this game doesn’t have to do with things it has to do with like.. YOu never fought for me. I know you didn’t use the veto but at the end of the day you would have picked yourself over me for sure. That is not somebody I want to have babies with. I deserve someone better than that. It’s really really hard for me and will be hard for me for a really really long time.
Alyssa starts to cry “I’m not okay.. like I’m not okay at all I won’t be okay for a long time. I really thought I like finally met my person” Maybe I did maybe I didn’t
Alyssa – Everything I said to you I meant. I don’t want to lose you as a person.
Alyssa – I Don’t think I can stand behind someone that won’t stand by me.

Alyssa – I am sad and disappointed how does that make you feel?
Kyle – I don’t know
Alyssa – was our relationship real to you?
K – yes. That is why I wanted to hold out until after to say I love you. The things I said were 100% true.. I’ve lied so much in this game but my feelings for you and what I think of you as a person were genuine. I hope there’s a chance outside of the game where we can explore something.
Alyssa – I hope so too
Alyssa – I don’t think we should leave this game in a relationship.

A – I’ve spent my life trying to fix grown men
K – I’m a broken 29 year old
Alyssa – if you can do anything for me game-wise.. tell Michael and Brittany I didn’t know about the leftovers. They are so fixated on this. Terrance told Brittany that you told him about it.
Kyle – Ohh shit I’m not even thinking game right now.
Kyle – I can’t keep lying .. I can’t lie. What do I say?
Alyssa – just say you did say every detail keep it at that.
Kyle – I’m out I’m done with the game I can’t. I completely forget there’s a game going on. I’m not going to talk any game.
Kyle says he’s going to avoid it “why would I tell Terrance who I have no relationship with over the girl I’m with”
Kyle – I’m sorry game wise Turner and Terrance are not in a good game position
Kyle says for her to do something with Terrance, Turner, and Monte.

Alyssa – I am glad I met you I would have preferred you didn’t lie to me. The month we had was the best month of my life.
Kyle – it was pretty fun.. wish we could have just gone to Jury.
Alyssa – I feel like I should be loved one day I will find someone that loves me back. You started this alliance and you could have chosen me. You gave speeches ..

Kyle – do you want to know? I remember during Jasmine’s HOH. I asked you about the girls and everyone in the house assumed there was a very tight group of girls. GIRLS GIRLS or whatever I mean I could have been wrong I thought there was a group of girls and you mentioned Old Skool forming. You told me about Old Skool when I asked about Girls girls.. you said yeah it’s no big deal it was something Paloma started. I thought there was something more than what you were telling me. That is when I had hesitation.
Kyle – it was a mix of Joe telling me how bad our relationship was for the game that drove a wedge in. I prolonged anything physical as long as possible because I thought eventually I would have to vote you out.
Alyssa – and you would you have?
Kyle – at the time I would have.
Feeds flip for a couple of seconds. when we’re back Kyle is saying the best week was Dyre week and the first couple of days because they were able to actively work together.
Kyle – I’m sorry I played a very selfish game.
Alyssa – I accept your apology but I don’t forgive you. We can talk in a month and a half.
Alyssa – I will always care about you but I’m still freaking angry at you. So.. Even though I am feeling so many feelings I will still be there to comfort you I will sit with you in silence I’m more than happy to do that. I actually enjoy doing that.
Kyle – really?
Alyssa – it makes me feel good.

3:08 pm Monte and Taylor
Monte crying “My little brother he’s umm.. Damn, I miss that kid”
Monte – we’ve been talking about this shit with Kyle.. My little brother when he was serving in the coast guard he was deployed and he had so many bad experiences with racist folks on the boat that never got addressed. For me it was tough to hear that I can’t do sh1t about it I can’t.. you know there’s is nothing I can do there was nothing he can do. He just had to deal with it by himself.
Feeds flip ..

4:55 pm Monte and Kyle
Monte brings up going to a prep school and everyone there assumed he was playing sports. “I wasn’t doing as well as I was in school beforehand.. it’s a college prep school so I have to do homework beforehand now.. ”
Monte – as I progressed I figured out ways to learn more about them and their culture. Never felt like my culture was appreciated or anybody was curious about me. A lot of the friends that I had from Highschool I don’t really have the same relationship with them. There was always something said or done that ended the trust. It always sadly had something to do with my race. I never really looked too deep into it.. I just thought those there were THOSE kids.
Monte – Even in my college experience I tended to hang out with people that looked more like me it was more comfortable. As you could imagine, right?
monte says when he did internships he was one of the few African Americans in the corporate setting.
Monte says it was hard to get to the point where he would have a white friend whom he completely trusted. “Like a true friend”

Monte starts to cry “you know about my little brother umm.. the f***er means the world to me. when he joined the coast guard.. he was deployed a couple of times.. when he’s deployed he’s on a boat with no contact with me outside of emails.
Monte – he said there was so much racist stuff on those boats man.. he was by himself.. AS A older brother that wants to protect him.. that sh1t it f***ed me up all the way..
Feeds flip when we’re back. Monte is saying coming into the house he didn’t want to base anything off gender he just wanted to play with people that were true and honest.

Monte says he would never want to do what was done last year because everyone would suspect it.
Monte thought they were the mirror version of each other “we both came from a sales background we know how to read people”
Monte – I know we never had an official final 2 lets’s shake on this to me it was always when me and Kyle talk we can be very strategic
Monte – it hurt a lot man to hear the reason why you wanted to work with … for it to be attached to my race that’s the part I … I now have to like..
Monte – I don’t care about Twitter it’s my little brother I really got to try and figure out how to explain that. This was a unique situation. I know us being in this game and how paranoid we can get can factor in. That is the hardest part for me man I got to convince him that this was a one-off thing not everyone thinks that way.

Monte says that based on last year with the cookout he can see how Kyle would have been lent to the thoughts he has. “It was the follow-through that hurt me the most”
monte – I don’t hate you It’s not even that I dislike you.. I dislike your thought process in going into that. as a person and a human, I love you. You are a solid dude you are fun to be around. You had relationships with everyone on this house because of who you are. it had nothing to do with Skin colour or whatever. Maybe some people were more interested because you were handsome.
Monte is going to stick up for Kyle out side “I’d be damn if someone will bash you”

Kyle asks for advice on how he can move forward and make amends and continue to learn “Is there anything I can do? I don’t have much time. In the next few days if there is anything you can think of or share. I just don’t know what to do. I feel like it’s this dark cloud weighing over me.”
Kyle – I appreciate you 100% man..

Monte – I think what I shared, Taylor has her own version Terrance has his own version and you know for the folks in Jury they have their own stories.
Monte – I know this stuff is weighing on you about POST SHOW the biggest thing I think that will help you is not only what you do here but what is seen by the people outside. They will have a lot more respect for you for coming to terms with it (You haven’t met BB twitter)
Monte – try to find ways.. sadly man there will be people that offer you opportunities that give you support who are in that line of thinking that you were in at that time. There are people still out there that vouch to that line of thinking. I would love to see you to do as much as you can to step into these conversations and support diverse groups of people”
Monte – it will be a testament that white America can come into this space we can do so much damage together as opposed to as apart.
Kyle – cool.. I appreciate it man.
Monte – well cool man.. Lets hug it up man.

They hug it up.

5:12 pm Kyle taking a break

5:50 pm Turner and Terrance
Terrance – I’ve been preaching about what we’ve talked about.. what I came to you with seeing how to navigate .. he’s in a better situation if he walks.
Turner brings up his conversation with Kyle “I let him talk I said You have a friend in me as well as everyone else in the house”
Terran ce- I don’t want him to feel any way that he doesn’t have anybody. With me it upset me and it did bother me but a lot of it is.. I see it on a normal basis with driving the bus like you know when you drive up a black neighborhood or a white neighborhood the people are different. You expect certain things. He hasn’t had that experience being in other rooms. That’s all it is..

Turner – yeah. it was good to hear him out. I was telling him however this week works out like just know I don’t feel any different of you as a person all that.. This week I had no other option I could not put you up but me sending you home is not personal at least for me. I was taken aback by the whole thing. our relationship took a hit.. but relationships do that.

Terrance – it’s easy to love somebody and care with somebody when they win and doing good. when you struggle with loving someone is when they hurt you or disappoint you. That is when I feel the most love is needed in that situation.
Turner – I had not option this week it felt like. I don’t think I would have done any differently if I had people say we don’t care let the market speak for itself
Turner says going into next week he feels he’s good no matter who wins because he did “The houses dirty work”
turner – it’s going to hurt if Kyle leaves.. it’ll hurt if anybody leaves but I felt very close to Kyle this entire summer. It’ll be an emotional day when he walks out the door.
Terrance says he felt the same way when Daniel left.
Alyssa joins them.
Turner brings up that he talked to Kyle for 40 minutes. “he told me how he was feeling explained everything from his childhood and how he got here and the situation and I just told him. You’re my buddy and I don’t judge you although I wouldn’t have done what he did. As long as you take this time it’s okay.

Alyssa – I Broke up with him essentially
Turner – are you okay?
Alyssa – I’m fine.. no I’m not but I will be.
Terrance says Turner and Alyssa have been consistent with him. “You three are the only people I truly have been able to depend on in this house and that I feel that hasn’t really done anything against me ever since I walked through this f**ing door that is why I feel so protective of you guys. ”
Alyssa – I appreciate that.. I don’t know about his conversation with Monte but I assume he won’t stay this weke
Turner – yeah.
Terrance- Nawh I don’t think so. A lot of things have happened to different people. There was things that happened to Monte’s little brother. When you

6:25 pm Brittany and Kyle
They are saying they trust each other. Brittany says Taylor thinks Monte might take a shot at Michael before final 4. She thinks once he wins Hoh he’ll take the shot.
They agree it’s come down to winning competitions.
Michael – after Kyle leaves you will have the second most comp wins in the house.
Brittany – Technically more than Turner.
Michael – Terrance is one and a half..
Brittany – I have two. we can do it.
Britt – I thought at least we would have Monte till four.
Britt says it’s tough to hear the entire outdoor plan including Alyssa and Terrance was to get Michael out. “we know you were the plan with turner.. now to hear that Monte recognizes. According to Taylor Monte wants to go final three with me and her”
Britt – I don’t think Taylor would put you up she’s set on us final 3 more sod than her, me and Monte.

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I can not believe what these self righteous, arrogant, disgusting buffoons are doing to Kyle. They have convinced him he is a vile unworthy racist that they are graciously forgiving. HE DID NOTHING! This is America today, you must bend the knee even if you are innocent. #onlyreadingthefeeds


Stop. He already admitted everything. You would know this if you watched the feeds or actually read the blogs


I was watching the show when what is alleged happened. They have totally twisted what he actually said. He is isolated and being bullied at this point into making a false confession. You stop


Yes just stop Kyle screwed himself out the door. Weeks ago when he was making his plans with the others he didNOT include an African American not ONE he didn’t know what was going to happen to him at this point when Michael and Britney spilled Kyle’s game prior. So why didn’t he choose Taylor, Monte, Terrance, Jasmine or Joseph? Joseph was blamed for Kyles stupidity and now what? Noticed no one said their farewells to Kyle, hmmmm Wondered why it probably would’ve bad real bad and cause a lot more damage to Kyle outside Big Brother, just my thoughts no one elses just mine.
Im hoping Taylor takes the Win!!!


Amen, couldn’t agree more.. and this is coming from somebody that wasn’t much of a Kyle fan before all this. But wtf?


I agree, I believe he is just an immature 30 year old. He was making an observation and was worried about a repeat alliance from last year. He was not being racist in his comments and I have lost all respect for Michael’s game after that move. He can say all he wants about why he told people but the timing is a little suspect to me. My heart is hurting for Kyle, they should be ashamed of themselves. What they are doing to him is just as bad as what they are claiming he did.


It’s ridiculous to think Kyle is a racist because he wondered if there was another alliance like the Cookout like last year. Why is it okay to have an all black alliance but not all white alliance! If it is racist to have an all white alliance, it’s also racist to have an all black alliance. Fair is fair. I am white, really white haha, but my spouse isn’t, and my children are only half white. This was simply a game play by Michael and Brittany who knew he was not being racist. They are truly the bad guys. They started this hole situation to further their game. Shame on them.


There has been all white alliances for the past 22 seasons. The cookout was not an alliance that felt superior to white people, it was not an alliance to oppress white people. The cookout was an alliance formed to ensure that for once after 23 seasons, all black members wont be alienated and discriminated against, then voted out early on in the game. It was an alliance to ensure that for once a black person could win. Kyle is not a racist for wondering if there was another alliance like the cookout. He is racist for explicitly grouping together the POC in the house with absolutely no bases. For stereotyping the POC and for actively targeting them because of his fears even when some of these POC were good for his game.


Stop with the all white alliance for 22 years! Everything isn’t always about race. It’s a frigging game. Stop with the race card….its taking the enjoyment out of the game. Nobody in 22 years was alienated because of color on big brother, seriously.! We have become a world of cry babies, not happy unless we have something to cry about. Name me one season where a person of color was discriminated or alienated because of race…it was usually because of behavior or game play.


I’m not going to go back and forth with you. If you haven’t witnessed any discrimination or racism on Big Brother it sounds like you are privileged, and you navigate this world from a privileged lens, congrats! Either you get it or you don’t. But back to Ckmail’s question why is it okay to have 1 black alliance? Because of the 22 white ones that came before it.


Such BS. In 22 years of BB NOTHING was ever said about let’s have a white alliance. Proof in the pudding is last year’s season. No one other than POC brought this shit up.


No alliance in the history of BB was formed as an all white alliance.


Why is it when a person doesn’t agree immediately I’m privileged? Hate to disappoint, so, I need to understand, if there is an all black alliance it’s not racist, but if it’s an all white alliance it is racist? Why can’t people just play the game…does everything have to be about race…I really don’t believe Kyle meant anything by it. He was just commenting that it could happen this season.


I don’t care if you agree, thats the privilege the ability to not agree. Black people don’t have that privilege because we are living it and experiencing it. It is our reality and as a white person looking from the outside you can have opinions. It’s a blessing and I’m happy for you. Let me ask you this, why is it okay to have white alliances and when black people come together to combat the white alliances, now the black alliance is racist, but the white ones weren’t? The one season there is a diverse alliance the white person wants to create another white alliance because of fear of a black alliance. Why weren’t the black people afraid of a white alliance when there have been many white alliances before?

I Spy

You obviously have only watched other seasons through your privileged lens. If nothing else, this controversy will make people watch future seasons through a different lens and be more sensitive to exclusionary tactics.


They had all white alliances for 22 seasons now lmao I don’t think Kyle is racist for being observant of what he watched last season and I’m sure Micheal spilled the beans at the correct time it’s game but I don’t even remember anyone calling the all white alliance racist when clearly some seasons they were #jusysaying

America’s Favorite

Why is it racist to make Black people sit in the back of the bus but not racist to make White people sit in the front of the bus?

BBFan Gurl11

I agree! I think it’s best that he leave that house and get away from everyone who is making him feel that way and so isolated. He needs support from his family and friends.

I Spy

Yea, good thing he’s going to the jury house where there currently are only poc. Maybe he will learn something.


You are a silly person. He pitched an all white alliance because he assumed all the black people would be working together. Then admitted he was getting close to Monte because of Monte being black. Its racist maybe Kyle didn’t mean it racist but it’s still racist he should get some shit for it apologize and learn from this. And also not accept advice from people like you

The Corey's

Pitching a all white alliance isn’t racist you moron

I Spy

Just make sure you’re there for KKKyle when he gets excoriated outside the house post game. Maybe you can be a tic toc follower, He’ll need them.


Maybe you should do a little research. A lot of people are upset with Brit. and Michael for the way they twisted this. Such BS

I Spy

And more are not (81.2M > 74.2M).


I agree Chica! Michael and Brittany twisted his words. He was just rightfully concern about a possible cookout brewing. While I know this is BB but stooping as low as M and B did to play a race card just for game play is wrong on so many levels. I just hope karma catches them. They are by far the lowest of low HG ever. They must not be very nice people.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

kyle alyssa soap opera

Mad Max

nope, even soaps are more realistic than this “romance”!


Fauxlissa would have been gone long ago if she had glommed onto Kyle. I really hate when some women play that part. She should be apologizing for manipulating dumb Kyle with her body. Pathetic!!

Terrence’s big crack

Dayum…..Monte is such a good man

un autre nom

Okay, I’ve been really trying.
I’m really trying to catch up while also staying current.
It’s sort of doing my head in… so I’m hoping someone can explain this.

Why is Turner telling Terrance this week has been hardest on Turner?
I’m feeling like i missed something, because that sounds pretty damned entitled privileged dink says what?

Thank you in advance for any help you an offer to me so that I can understand the level of trauma that Turner has experienced this week.


I missed that exact comment. It could be a couple things 1) Megan who he has talked about a little and 2) the events literally spun everything out of his control and made Taylor’s HoH week look like rice pudding in comparison to his (since both were messy from start to around the veto ceremony)


The best explanation that I can give you is that Turner is the new Jasmine. His self-pity is incessant. Although I might argue that Brittany is even more relentless than Turner in her self-proclaimed pain and suffering over the past few days.


He said “Kyle has been his boy from day one and having him go out on his HOH is really hard. He says he can’t support that kind of talk though”. Here’s the thing though, what Kyle pitched to Micheal and Brittney about the cookout 2.0 is exactly what he pitched to Turner, he went even further with Turner by saying Monte, Joseph and Taylor were all loud and scary. Not giving any opinion on the matter, but you asked.


Because he had to put his F2 on the block when he really didn’t want to.

No Name

No you nailed it.


When Kyle talked to Alyssa, did Kyle still lie about him telling Terrance the Leftovers?
If so, I seriously have no words for this guy.

Lisa Hornaday

No Allyssa knows that Kyle told Terrance, but earlier today she told Kyle that she was hurt that he lied to her and didn’t bring her into the leftovers alliance and there’s one thing he can do for her game wise is make sure that Britney and Michael doesn’t know that she knew that he had told Terrence about the leftovers cuz she has lied to them and said that she never knew, oh and she also told him that she can’t be with somebody that wouldn’t fight for her in this game like she would for him I’m like are you kidding me I cannot stand her she’s all about me me me I hope she goes out next can’t stand her she used him she chased after him till he give in, shes disgusting, I mean he did everything he could to protect her in this game and get her he’s the reason she’s sitting where she’s sitting right now or her ass would have done been gone.

October Reign

He already told her outside about the LO and that he outed them.


Kyle is a 30-year-old, unemployed TikTok-er who lives in his mother’s basement, but it’s his failure to prioritize Alyssa in BB gameplay that made her decide she doesn’t want to have babies with him. Zingbot’s jokes write themselves.


It was more than that though. I think she realized that she has a “type” because she specifically mentioned going for guys that “need saving”.


It is true. Just based on what I have been able to hear Taylor, Monte, and Terrence have all had different experiences making them who they are today: Monte being very empathetic & Taylor coming off hard (notice how she thanked Brittany for explaining some stuff to Kyle because she wasn’t sure that she would be able to) (I am not being able to figure out Terrence)

Only Reading Feeds

I’ve been watching the feeds not just reading them today. And I must say BB did cast some good hearted people. I did want Michael or Turner to win. But am hoping Turner or Monte win. It really seems Kyle wants to learn and grow from this. He has done the hardest part which is taken accountability.

Trogdor the Burninator

I think it’s pretty admirable of Monte, Taylor and Terrance to all sit down and talk to Kyle. All 3 walked away saying they forgive him, and that they wanted to be his friend. I truly think Kyle will walk away a better person because of their grace towards him. BUT shame on Alyssa. How can she sit there and say she doesn’t forgive him for the lies, but yet she still has never told him she had “her person” back home. She admitted to Brittany that she had someone, but she’s gonna hold that from Kyle and pile on to his week. Then ask him to still help her game after all that?

Drew dog

I agree that it was good people forgave him. I think it was paranoia or subconscious. I don’t like how Alissa is treating Kyle. He protected her through the game and she just turns on him dumps him. She actually had a person outside the house when she came.

Lisa Hornaday

OMG she pisses me off she is the one that chased after him after him rejecting her time and time again he finally given went against his alliance to keep her in the game she wouldn’t be there now if it wasn’t for him and she wants to tell him that he wouldn’t have her back that he would have thought about his self first are you kidding me she discusts me.

Big mama

Can anyone?

No Name

I can.

I Spy

Me too.


Is it now from her conversation with Taylor where Taylor seemed measured in the “thank you for saying some things to Kyle so I didn’t have to” or something else she recently did

Only Reading Feeds

Wish she was out before Kyle,, even before Jasmine


Oh my gosh, same. She reminds me of one of my sisters-in-law, one that I grin and bear it with while enduring long conversations at family gatherings. I was talking to my daughter about how much Brittany bugs me, and my husband walked in and kept saying how much she reminded him of his sister, when he left the room my daughter asked me, “so, does this mean that Aunt —— bugs you too?” Awkward…but the answer is YES!!!! I’d never tell my daughter that though.


She reminds me of the girl from the “Overly attached girlfriend” meme.

The Kats Meow

First people rage that he didn’t say questionable things. Then it changed to even if he did, what about last year. Now today it’s people have forced him to feel bad about himself and to apologize. Make up your minds viewers.

How is him actually learning that his upbringing has probably steered him toward conclusions that weren’t base on the behaviors of his roommates, a bad thing? Growth as a person comes from periodically reevaluating yourself. If giving the chance to do so helps him as time goes by, awesome.


Because it validates what racism is! People defending Kyle are in denial over their own racism. Okay, dry your tears Kyle fans, build a bridge and get over it.


If you think you’re a nail because you have been persistently told you’re a nail and that you’re disadvantaged because your a nail, then everything is a hammer.

Big mama

I was soooo enjoying this season and then……..
Why? Why are they doing this to me? It sucks so bad!


My heart breaks for Kyle. He was done wrong!

Big D

Did your heart break for Joseph when Kyle wronged Him?! Karma always comes back around. Kyle dug his own grave.


Good for Kyle for recognizing he has lived a privileged life and wanting to learn and do better. He is an immature manchild; however, I think nothing he did or said came from a place of hate or malice. Just pure ignorance from having no exposure to people other than himself. Tough way to learn a lesson but I give him props for wanting to and I expect he will have a very hard time when he is out of the BB house. Good luck Kyle. I mean it. On the other hand, I cannot stop thinking back to horrific, ugly despicable things Terrance said about Taylor (called her a hoe, a mfbitch, and if she won Miss Wisconsin it had to be Ms. Wisconsin of the grocery store, etc., etc., etc.) Just mean, nasty stuff, which to me did seem to come from a place of malice. Is he also going to apologize for his wrongs? And although I do think Monte is a good guy, his hands are not clean either. He turned on Taylor on a dime and talked badly about her as well. Then don’t even get me started on the mean girls – Jasmine, Indy, Alissa, who were so awful to Taylor. They need to look at themselves in the mirror to see how ugly they were. They need to apologize as well. And lest we forget the cruelest of them all – Nicole and Daniel. Lots of apologies needed here. So yes, Kyle’s ignorance caused genuine pain to the POC in this cast, but at least he is willing to look at himself in the mirror, admit he was wrong and show a desire to learn and do better. Hopefully this will turn into a positive for him down the road. Rough life lesson. But will the others be so brave and honest? Kind of doubt it. As I said, no clean hands here…



Lisa Hornaday

Just a couple of days ago Alyssa was having a conversation with Turner Kyle and Terrence in the HOH room before all this stuff come up about Kyle and she’s laughing they’re all laughing about the big lie that she told Taylor about Joseph and she added a little extra lies in there just a piss tailor off and it really hurt Taylors feelings really bad but then in another conversation she’s telling Taylor that she’s sorry that she had to go through all the mean stuff that all the other girls were saying about her in the house I just want to slap that b**** she’s disgusting, she’s so jealous of Taylor.

I Spy

That was cruel. And Kyle and Turner were there for it, with Kyle instructing her how to be more cruel.That’s why I have NO sympathy for any of those losers.


Thank you for transcribing all the conversations. It’s quite interesting to see how the HG are navigating this situation. Wow Monty seems like a real standup guy. I feel so terrible for the pain he has felt over the years for his brother and for himself through all those experiences. It must’ve been so hard. I feel terrible how POC have suffered so much and still continue to suffer just in every day-to-day living. It’s really sad and I really pray for a day when no one hurts in this way.


Is it just me or does anyone else think that Michael and Brittany were told by production to expose Kyle’s prior comments? The Twitter comments have been so anti-Kyle, I’m wondering if CBS felt that they needed to have the opportunity to try to show Kyle in a different light before he left the house. He’s now leaving as a person who wants to learn, has been shown understanding by his BB cast mates and so on. A whole lot better than the nasty stuff on Twitter that he is going to face when he leave the house. I see productions hands all over what’s going on right now.

Lisa Hornaday

Yes I totally agree I was thinking the same thing how all the sudden everyone in the house wants to forgive Kyle and Kyle is really learning from this and I didn’t want to think it was just me thinking this but now that you mentioned it I think production has a lot to do with this and all the talks that the house guests are giving to him and advice and so forgiving and Kyle just really wants to learn from his mistakes so yes now I really do think productions twisted this.

No Name

Production was actively trying to sanitize Kyle,So,no.

un autre nom

I had a slightly different take away from what was going on.
Given what had been occurring between feed cuts / switches and previous weeks, it seemed more like production was trying to save Kyle from himself, but he persisted.
Admittedly, this is supposition (gleaned from watching when d/r calls happened and subsequent cam talks / behavior shifts)

  • For four weeks we had Kyle discussing an alliance of himself, Alyssa, Turner, Michael and Britt to stand against the others that he determined all had different social causes… so must be working together.
  • He was called to d/r, given a heads up on how his plan might look racially motivated. He then had his cam talk in HOH (these cam talks ALWAYS happened after D/R visits where he was given a heads up on how his game play might be considered problematic) where he talked about hoping he didn’t say anything cancellable.
  • Immediately he’d go right back to business as usual. This shifted when Britt and Mike’s reactions to similar d/r visits weren’t go back to business as usual, but more like: I don’t want to be involved in something that looks racially motivated.
  • This led us to the House split where suddenly the dream group included one person that might have had socially determined agency (who he immediately was plotting to oust from the group).
  • Target suddenly shifted to the people that said they didn’t want anything to do with his grand plan.

With this in mind, Theoretically:

  • I think it is FAR more likely that Britt and Mike were discouraged by production from saying something to the others, and they pushed back.
  • If production were involved at this point, they would have negotiated with Michael and Britt, telling them what they were allowed to say and what they weren’t (keeping in mind how they would edit it to be a “teachable” moment).
  • Look at how the feeds have been cutting since the revelation. Notice the pattern. The cuts have been very one sided. When there is fear in the d/r that certain words or anger are going to be expressed toward Kyle, there’s a cut. When everyone is supportive of Kyle and understanding and forgiving, those feeds roll.
  • With the four minute lag between live and feeds, production does have time to cam switch or cut to WBRB messages when the discussion isn’t going to be favorable to the narrative.

The Tinfoil Hat conspiracy theory part of my brain concludes:
While I agree that production ALLOWED Michael and Britt to expose their nuclear option, I have been of the belief that they negotiated how and what would be revealed. They tried for weeks to protect Kyle from himself, that part I agree with. What I want to know is what happened in the dyrefest feed cuts and d/r visits that we aren’t privy to, and HOW LONG Michael and Britt had been negotiating what could be revealed. Check d/r calls last week then they discussed revealing it then. There were a couple fishy d/r calls in there.


Very good points!! Somebody needed to save Kyle from himself.


Alyssa is disgusting pretending she is so innocent and trying to make Kyle feel worse than he already does. Acting like he isn’t good enough to be with her when she was the one throwing herself at him to begin with. Trying to make him have sex with her when she has someone back home. Then she tells all the details about their having sex so people can make fun of him. He tried to be honest with her and not betray his alliance and then he loses their trust by trying to save her from Taylor wanting her out for taking her trip. Kyle can do better than her I think she likes to play games with guys and she could care less about Kyle. Trying to play the victim like alot of others in the house. I wish Kyle would just evict and not let these people keep using him to get what they want.


Now I am certain that Kyle is racist, however it’s not just against one group. In the feeds he spoke of “all six with that background “ and included Joseph in this too. If his his proposal of an all white alliance had materialized, it would have become a cringeworthy microcosm of racism.

BB needs to do better vetting and pre game conversations.


Monte for the win!! I’m so proud of how Monte and Terrance talked it out and stepped up their leadership and reached out to help Kyle grow.


This is gone wild! I’m not even sure if I want to watch this show. The way the twisted everything, we should have freedom of speech and for people to think everything is racist. This happened last year Ofcourse people in the house would think it might happen again. Why didn’t they say something last season

Joe Schmo

This has turned into such a soap opera. Where’s the appreciation for the strategy? Ya’ll can be mad at Michael and Britt if you want to, it’s OK to have your feelings. But the fact is that all they did was kick open the door that Kyle opened himself. Kyle isn’t being bullied. People are saying their genuine feelings and to be honest, I’m pretty sure that everyone has been pretty respectful to him. Wah Wah Wah. What a bunch of babies. PLAY BIG BROTHER!

Deloris McConnico

I think the way they did Kyle was wrong, and for Alyssa to call it quits shows what a vixen she is . I guess she needs to understand what the word love means, it does not mean to kick the person you confess you love when they are down. I hope she goes next!


The fact that they would allow Michael and his witch to lie and accuse someone of being racist who isn’t is sick. They should have played back the conversation for all the house guest to watch. Britney cried because she knew what she had been as part of. Will never watch this show again unless they make this right by playing the video of the conversation for all the house guest to see. I do not care if it is after the game or not, but they need to have all the house guest watch the footage of the conversation between Kyle, Michael and Britney. I think Michael has no moral or ethical code and would do anything to win. He is one sick puppy. Big Brother has played a role in all this and if they do not make it right I will never watch again. Michael you are pure evil dude.