Amanda to Helen “I wasn’t coming after you.. I am now.. it’s not a personal thing it’s game”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


6:28pm Cockpit Elissa and Helen

They are agreeing that McCrae and Amanda’s vote’s are out of reach for them right now.

Elissa: “I think Aaryn is the most dangerous for my Game” Elissa says she knows they want Amanda out but for her she wants Aaryn out first.
Helen: “I agree we have to get her out to.. “ Helen adds that Amanda is the more dangerous player. Helen keeps repeating that Aaryn is happy if Spencer goes home. In order for Helen to stay they need to convince Aaryn they will work with her and spencer is the biggest threat.

Helen says she made an alliance with Amanda and McCrae to try and get JUDD out. Ever since JUDD has gone she really doesn’t talk much to Amanda.

Elissa: “Do you have loyalty to Aaryn”
Helen: “well if she keeps me safe this week.. You’re always more important to me”
Helen says it’s going to drive Amanda and MCcrae crazy when she stays and GM, Her and Aaryn start working together.

Helen: “Amanda was hoping if I go she will get you on her side.. you have to be careful to not get manipulated”
Elissa: “i have my own mind.. I might play into it for my own game but I can see through it”
Helen: “Now i’m starting to worry about Andy.. I love him to death I hope I still have him”

Elissa says she likes Amanda personally but thinks she is supper manipulative. Elissa: “Amanda would deserve it over Aaryn”
helen:’ Well if she makes it to the end without winning a single competition that’s an amazing game”
Elissa: “She is a master manipulator.. She’s super smart.. like really really quick”

Elissa more or less tells Helen they whould have taken out Amanda when they had the chance back when they had the numbers. Helen says Jessie was targeting her.
Elissa: “She hated Amanda”
Elissa explains that Jessie only started targeting Helen because it was her only chance at the time she knew she didn’t have Helen’s vote.

Helen: “If I leave I want you to know.. you have to see through.. I think you can trust Andy.. “

Helen: “If I leave I want you to fight to stay in this house.. fight your butt off.. “
Helen: ‘I want you to be there at the end”
Elissa says she doesn’t want to see a Spencer or GM making it to the end because she doesn’t think they played the game.
Elissa: “I got three huge players out and I have set up this game”
Helen: “MVP was so effective.. amazing how we got them out BAm bam bam.. it was used so well”

Helen: “I just need to lay low until after the Veto ceremony.. If Aaryn wants Spencer out they might just vote Spencer out”

Helen: “Ginamarie might be my ticket to staying in this house.. which is crazy.. I have a really good relationship with her”

Helen compliments Elissa on her yoga pants
Elissa says they are lu lu wunder under pants, “I have like 10.. you can never have enough”


6:51pm HOH bathroom GM and Aaryn
they find Clownie in the tub with a hairdryer wrapped around him.


6:58pm HOH Bathroom Aaryn and GM
Talking about scenarios where Spencer wins the HOH and puts them both up on the block. Aaryn says if the Veto is used Elissa will go up and Elissa will got home. Aaryn stresses if Spencer wins the HOH they must win the veto.

Aaryn says if Elissa wins HOH she will put up GM/Spencer or Aaryn/GM and Spencer would be the replacement and Spencer would go home.

Aaryn: ‘The scary thing is Elissa wins HOH the following week. the scenario she explains has Spencer going home next week and Elissa winning the HOH. Elissa would put up her and GM. If POV is played a pawn would go up and either Aaryn of GM would go home.

Aaryn tells her the next isn’t as important as the one following as long as Spencer and Elissa don’t win it they don’t want it either.

Amanda joins them

Amanda: “Elissa and Helen are being shady f*** in the cockpit”
Aaryn says they came up to them and told them they are going blindside Amanda and MC they want to flip the house. aryn adds that they think they have Andy, GM and Elissa’s vote. Aaryn adds that GM and Andy are not voting to keep Helen.

Aaryn: “that is what they want to do.. Helen made me swear not to tell anyone so please don’t say a thing”

Amanda: “is Elissa in on it”
Aaryn: “Yeah.. she just came to us and said the plan was to blindside McCrae and Amanda and vote out Spencer”
Amanda:’ I want a fight around here… maybe i’ll tell them i overheard it..”
Aaryn explains how Elissa and Helen are going around telling people they need to flip the house she’s come up to GM, Andy and Aaryn today. They are campaigning hard.
Amanda: “How stupid are they.. they are nasty to you and you (GM/Aaryn) and they think you are going to save them.. how stupid do you think we are.. “
Amanda: “Keeping Spencer and Helen together is the stupidest move”
Gm: “Ya”
Aaryn: “Did you hear that Helen is going around saying she liked GM more than me”
Gm: “Ya.. i never thought anything of it..”


7:10pm Backyard Amanda, Andy, Spencer and MC
Amanda: “OMG.. Elissa and Helen are trying to flip the hose on use right now”
Andy: “Just let them think that”
Amanda: “It makes me mad they are saying that”
Amanda: “How many different alliance is she going to try to make to save themselves.”

Amanda: “I want to start something.. “
Andy: “I think if you get in a fight with Helen she won’t be like Jessie.. she will cry and you’ll feel bad”
Amanda says she just wants to sit Helen down and tell her look Helen I was on the fence but now that you are telling everyone I am da threat I feel that you need to be evicted.
Andy: “Don’t that will f*** me”
MC: “Don’t say anything”
Amanda: “UGH I want to”
MC: “You say something it’ll be mad
Andy: “Me to


7:20pm Backyard Amanda, Elissa and Amdan
Helen: “I heard from Aaryn Spencer is the target.. should I believe that”
Amanda: “I don’t know now.. I heard everything when jessie was up why don’t you think I would hear everything when the tables are turned”
A: “My target was always Spencer”
H: “We’ve been loyal since the beginning.. we’ve kept you safe”
H: ‘Each week when you were the MVP nominee Jessie would come up to us telling us to target you and I kept telling her lets do it next week.. to be honest that is why you stayed”
A”: The reason why I stayed is Andy.. he is the reason I stayed.. and I think if you stay this week the entire house would be targeting me and McCrae am I wrong”
H: “No “ She wants to stick to their Final 5 plan.
H: “I am worried you are getting close to Aaryn.. we can stick to the five or we can go after each other and cause chaos”

H: “You and I have been together this entire game.. Jessie was coming to me”
Amanda:’ I think you found out you didn’t have the numbers that is why I wasn’t targeted”
Andy, MaCrae join them. Helen:” “Great all 5 are here”

Helen says if she lobbied hard she could have gotten the votes to evict Amanda, “A lot of people wanted to send you out… I never had any intentions of getting you out until final 5”
Amanda: “Right”

Amanda: “What does Gm want to do what has she been telling you”
Helen: “GM says she support me I’ve been trying to get her vote.. it’s up to you guys you know.. if you want to keep me here awesome.. we can come together like last week when we stayed true to the 5”

Elissa: ‘I feel that as far as the big brother game goes we have fought to be here.. “ Elissa points out that GM and Spencer do not deserve to be in the game. Elissa: “Wouldn’t that suck if Ginamarie goes out before you”

Helen: “Amanda together we are unbeatable.. it’s up to you.. if you keep me it returns the loyalty from when you were the MVP nomination”
Amanda: ’I’m going to do what the house wants to do”
Helen: “Lets just do it.. we can do it.. I mean.. we can just stop the BS.. you know”
Helen: “we have a way it’s worked really well so far.. “
Amanda: ’if you win HOH who do we go after”
Helen: ‘Whoever we as a group goes after”

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Helen: “people are trying to pin us against each other”
Amanda: “you are trying to get the house against McCrae and I”
Helen: “I’m not”
Amanda: ’So you are not trying to ally with GM and Aaryn to come after me. c’mon i’m not stupid i’ve heard everything”
Helen: “I’m trying to stay in the game i thought you were coming after me”
Amanda says she knows Helen was targeting her and didn’t go through with it because she never had the votes. Now Amanda is hearing she’s trying to flip the house.
Helen: ”I thought you and Macra were targeting me”
Amanda: “Why did you think that”
Helen: “You stopped talking to me:”
Helen says she will not go against Amanda and MCcrae if they stay loyal to their final 5 deal.
Amanda: “Why would you think I was turning on you”
Helen: “I don’t know why I did I felt like you were distant to me.. I was wrong”
Amanda: “It’s alright it’s just a game”
H:” I was worried you were getting close to Aaryn and Aaryn was targeting Elissa and I”
A: “You were never Aaryn’s target”
Helen: “I was wrong i’m, sorry”
Amanda: “Don’t be sorry you make choices in this game.. “
Amanda: “I don’t think Jessie was lying”
Helen: “You’ll see the tapes.. I think if I really wanted to do it I could get the votes”
Amanda: “Put yourself in my position.. what if it was Spencer and me were on the block.. what would you do”
Helen claims she would vote to keep Amanda.

Heleen calls Spencer over asks him if she ever talks about getting Amanda out. Spencer : “To be honest up in the HOH room you and elissa both said you wanted her out before Jury and there was one more time you said you wanted her out then a third time when you said you wanted her out once we got to Jury” Spencer sums up there was 3 times.
Helen: “Ok thanks Spencer”

Amanda says the GM, Aaryn, Elissa and Helen alliance will not happen. Amanda: “That was a slap in the face”
Helen: “Again I thought you were coming after me.. they didn’t make me think you were not”
Amanda: “I wasn’t coming after you.. I am now”
Amanda tells her was on the fence but is now voting Helen out. Reminds her that there is still a lot off time .
Amanda: “I feel like I can trust Elissa more without you here.. it is not a personal thing it’s game”

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7:38pm HOH MC, GM, and Andy

MC telling them that Helen and Amanda are talking downstairs he says Helen is trying to get the final 5 solidified. He explains the them the final 5 includes, Elissa, Amanda, Andy, McCrae and Helen. Aaryn and GM laugh they say a hour ago they were telling Aryan and GM to flip the house on Amanda and MCcrea.

7:50pm Spencer joins them

Spencer: “Helen was like did I ever want Amanda out.. I was like Yes.. “
Spencer explains that he told the truth says Helen had brought up 3 times that she wanted Amanda out.
Aaryn:’ She’s trying to flip the house on Amanda and McCrea so everyone is Team Helen”
MC: “The way she talks is so degrading.. “
They agree every two hours Helen makes up a new lie and Alliance.

Aaryn says getting Helen out is HUGE .. bigger than getting out Jeremy.


8:11pm Backyard Andy, Elissa and Helen
Helen says Amanda isn’t voting for her. Helen: “Andy if Amanda and McCrea want you to vote me out will you” Andy: “all you need is 3 votes don’t worry about us” (Elissa and Him) Helen says she needs to work on McCrae.

Helen tells him he’s not going to lie to her it’s going to be tough to get McCrae’s vote. Helen says it sucks that she cannot trust GM and Aaryn anymore. Elissa:’ So they ran up to Amanda and MCcrae.. which one first” Helen: “Probably Aaryn”

Helen says she’s going to talk to McCrae wants Andy to join them. helen leaves. Andy tell Elissa if Helen goes home they have to stick together there is only so much they can do to save her but regardless they need to have each other’s back. Elissa agrees.


8:23pm HOH Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, GM
Comparing notes.
Amanda:” I’m not believeing a f*** word they are saying”
Aaryn says Elissa is saying that Amanda and MCcrae are trying to get Elissa and Aaryn fighting..
Amanda:” They are trying really hard”
GM: “Helen I liked her but game wise.. she a walks around with a big head.. you know.. walking around like she the queen of Sheba.. ”
Amanda: “She’s a flip flopper”

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145 thoughts on “Amanda to Helen “I wasn’t coming after you.. I am now.. it’s not a personal thing it’s game”

    1. I expect an evicted HG to return to do the following:

      Put up McManda. If one of them wins VETO, put up Andy.

      Of course, this is what I would prefer, BUT… Julie says….expected the unexpected.

      1. I agree that initially placing Amanda and McCrae on the block is the best move to evict Amanda. You can’t be sure one of them will win the veto, so a backdoor attempt easily be thwarted. Because we now know Andy is expendable to Amanda and McCrae (I believe they were discussing it with Aaryn either yesterday or Friday), I question if he has enough “staying power” to send Amanda packing. He’s probably the best secondary choice, though. Anyone else against Amanda, and it seems her minions will keep her. My question: Do you think if McCrae won POV, he would take Amanda off the block instead of himself? Would Amanda sacrifice herself by taking McCrae off the block if she won the veto? Are either of them that altruistic? My initial thought is that both would save themselves, but who knows? Seriously just wondering…

      2. I’m starting a petition for CBS to require Julie Chen to change her catch phrase for the remainder of BB15 to, “Expect the expected.”

    2. i would hope Helen comes back before Candice she is an idiot if candice comes back she would just pput up Gina and aaryn

    3. Helen go home….she is the worst judge of character…….all her assumption about the people in the house and how the season is being view by totally OFF base…

      Helen:(1) I know America is thinking this is the best big brother season ever (2) GM will be Americas Favorite(3) America can’t be the M.V.P. America loves you Amanda.(4) I believe you never said anything racist Aryan..Candice is lying (5) I believe Amanda is telling the truth about Howard(5) Andy is the person i trust most in the house.

      Helen go home… screwed Candice and Jessie…..and threw Elissa under the bus when she tried to keep Kaitlin over Aryan N.

      1. First Howard warned Helen and others about Amanda and MC and too get them out they are running the house, but no one would listen.
        2nd Candice warned others, but no one would listen
        3rd Jessie no one would listen
        4th Helen No one would listen and it is karma for your ass!!!!!!!!!! You had plenty of chances to flip the house and have the numbers to get the showmance out, but NOOOOOO!!!! you wanted to wait. Well Helen the wait is over and you have been evicted.

        Those of you saying BB is rigged might be right, but BB didn’t have to do much to make Amanda the winner because these spineless people is more than happy to hand her the money………..I really don’t like Amanda, but she played big brother while MC played submissive house boy and everyone else played let’s follow the leader.

        1. Like you said even if its rigged these people they picked for BB15 are just stupid ? Helen had so many times where you got Amanda on the block . Elissa even asked ? Do we vote Amanda or Howard and she picked Howard who never won any competitions or veto’s ? They hem and Candace could have easily been kicked out after Amanda ?

  1. You want to know how good Amanda really is?

    After 45 minutes of Amanda telling Helen why she is not going to vote for her
    to stay, and explaining how she knows Helen wants her out….Helen then says
    after Amanda walks away “I should have gone to Amanda at the beginning of the week and talked to her”.

    LOL ohmy effing gods…..How do you turn someone inside out so much they blame
    themselves for being a target??

    I am sorry, but Amanda is a master in that house.

    1. “I am sorry, but Amanda is a master in that house.”

      Ehhh, she hasn’t really played the game very well in weeks. The rest of the house is just that dumb.

        1. To be fair Amanda seems to be running the game because Andy has been totally loyal to her. Helen did want to put Mcranda on the block last week and if Andy was loyal to Helen one of the Mcrandas would be gone and it would look like Helen is running the game. Hate to say Andy is the determining factor at the moment.

    2. No , Helen is just that lousy at the game. She has no common sense. Tell Helen half a truth and she will believe it.

    3. DAMN….. U know what…..After reading that….Forget worrying about GM with Nick. We bloggers were not looking at the biggest psycho in the house.


      Amanda can manipulate a homelessman into giving her his last spare change.

      RUN, MCCRAE RUN! AND DON’T LOOK BACK! This b!tch is good at twisting facts.

      I SOOOOOOO want her to be evicted. I want to look at my television screen and go, “So….you did all that and you only got jury? Damn, you were cheap.”

    4. That whore Amanda needs to learn to close her mouth when she chews and sit with her legs closed. Total classless bitch. She’s disgusting. She has a mouth like a sailor.

    1. Helen i got one shot to blow Death Star up should i take the shot ? Helen answer me answer me ? Helen to Luke you must wait the time is not right ? Wait till next week ? Next week comes . Luke Skywalker is put in a JEDI PRISON . And Darth Vader is never defeated . Han Solo to Helen where is LUKE ? Luke is in prison she tells Han Solo . Helen i am in my MELIINIUM FALCON right now i got a shot i can blow the DEATH STAR UP I can do what Luke couldn’t ? Han solo asks Helen should i take this shot now Helen ? Helen to Han Solo Do not take the shot Han Solo we must wait till next week ? Han Solo to Helen . F$UCK you Helen i am taking the shot . Han Solo blows the Death star up

      1. November 22nd 1963 Dallas ,Texas -Helen come in . Helen come in Helen this is FBI AGENT White . I have a situation the President is being targeted i believe i have a shot to take out the guy that looks real suspicious . Helen should i take the shot he is aiming something at the president ? Helen to FBI AGENT White . You must wait he is just a big fan of the president that’s all . FBI AGENT no no something gonna happen . Helen says That is a order don’t take the shot . FBI agent to Helen I have my gun aimed at the guy i cant tell what he has Helen i need to shoot this guy. Helen says the time is not right to take this shot ? Helen to FBI AGENT White do not take the shot . FBI AGENT WHITE says but Helen Helen HELEN the President . Helen says to agent the guy is just a big fan . 1 HOUR later John F Kennedy is shot and killed . Secret Service to Helen come in we need to see you . This FBI agent just said you were the reason he did not take the shot . He says you said it was a big fan of the President . Did you tell him not to take the shot that could have saved President John F. Kennedy . Helen responds I did not speak to this man at all on this day i never lie . Arrest the FBI agent he had something to do with all of this . FBI agent White to Helen nonooooooo no no please Helen tell them the truth Helen no no noooooooooooo . Secret Service agents say Helen never lies we trust her . 5 YEARS LATER Helen is over secret service agents that are watching Martin Luther King on April 4th 1968 . FBI AGENT BLACK to Helen there is a guy that looks like he has something aimed at Martin Luther King should i just shoot the guy i have a real good shot . Helen to FBI agent Black He is just a big fan says Helen . Helen says just wait .1 hour later . FBI AGENT BLACK says to Helen Martin has been shot . Helen asks is he alive ? NO we think he is dead . Helen says to agent Black i do not know you anymore . What he asks she says I DO NOT KNOW YOU ANYMORE .

      2. And….Helen’s reply to you will be……drumroll please…..

        Helen: “It’s not time yet. We have to wait until Amanda makes it to final 2 before we can evict her.”

        Meanwhile, GM will be saying, “And America thought I was the only one that lost it! I think not!”

    1. spencer cracked me up:

      helen: have i ever talked about wanting amanda out?
      spencer: yes, 3 times, it was here, here, and here.

      too funny!

      1. Typical Spencer, only thinking of his own game and not Helen’s. When Helen asked him that question, he was supposed to have Helen’s back so they all could vote out Spencer this week.

        1. Seriously! When you’re on the block campaigning for votes, do you ask the other person likely to be sitting next to you to back you up? Of course not! What did she expect would happen?

  2. The Howard comment by Gina Marie was racist ? So she only saw him as a TOEKIN BLACK GUY ? But he has a college degree and she doesn’t ? How was he just a TOEKIN BLACK GUY ?

    1. GinaMarie has made the most offensive racial comments in the last few days… the different species comment ( she’s right, we are all human, she is gutter trash), token black guy( I am sure Howard would love to celebrate your stalker, love wedding with the cardboard Nick at the alter!)… if Nick hasn’t got a restraining order in his back pocket at the end of this, I am afraid for his life. He might have to give up on New York and move out west.

      1. Pleaseeeee, I bet nick is loving this lunatic talking about him 24/7
        She is the reason why his one minute if fame turned into 15.

    2. Gina from Brooklyn is trying to say something outrageous every day in order to be relevant. Gina thinks she is being funny, but it’s just insulting her comments. Criticizing Gina’s comments every day is just a waste of time. Gina is who she is and she has a whole lot of mental issues. Now she’s planning her and Nick’s wedding. For me who wins BB is not the highlight of the finale. I want to see Nick’s body language when Gina goes to hug him. I want to see his facial expression when Gina tires to kiss him before the cameras. I want to hear his answer to Julie’s question concerning Gina’s dying devotion for him.

    3. Apparently the people that thumbed you down are racist too, what a shame, i don’t understand why people defend the ignorance.

  3. Helen is learning the hard way, when you choose to be a sheep, you can’t ever go against the sheep herder, or you will get slaughtered and turned into “lamb chops”.

  4. Candice and Jessie will get a kick out of seeing Helen get evicted, using the same tactics of getting votes to stay in the house. how you like them apples Helen?

    1. Well she is flip flopping. Helen wanted to work with GM and Aaryn against Mcranda, now she wants to work with Mcranda against GM, Spnce and Aaryn. Nothing worse than a flip flopper unless it’s you. Not so easy is it Helen when you’re” allies” betray you and you don’t know where to turn.

      1. So has she forgotten Howard wanted her to help them take down Amanda ? And Amanda was on the block 2 times . Howard went to Jessie that night and Candace went to Helen and Elissa . Together they could have taken them down ? And it could have been a level playing field a fair fight for everyone again ?

    2. I think Helen is probably a very good lobbyist. She manipulated pretty much the whole house for most of the game. I am just being real. Helen’s problem was she thought everyone was buying the BS she was selling. Definitely, Candice, Elissa, Judd and Jessie bought it lock stock and barrel. What Helen didn’t anticipate was that Andy was just as devious as her. For some reason everyone trusts the gay guy. I think if I play next season in BB16, I would pretend to be a gay guy. Yep, for a chance to win half million dollars I would totally fake gay for 10-12 weeks. However, it would just be my luck they put another gay with me in BB16. That would be the twist, two gays in one season. BB Production would be hoping for the first gay showmance. There is only so much I am willing to do for a half million dollars and that’s not one of them. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Its just if I had a choice between Andy and Kait. I am choosing Kait. If I had a choice between Candice and Andy, I am choosing Candice. If I had a choice between Aaryn and Andy, I am choosing Aaryn. If I had a choice between Gina and Andy…..and that was my only choice……I would choose Andy. I would rather go with the gay guy then that delusional psychopath

  5. Why did Helen set herself up for Spencer to expose her lies? Did she think he was going to protect her? Her ship is sinking fast…

  6. SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION…….THE PERSON FROM BB…Allison Grodner – white ? OR black? Can’t see why CBS does NOTHING about ” racist ” remarks going on daily – in the BB house? This is beyond crazy – and needs to be dealt with. ASAP!

    1. Alison Grodner is a large Jewish woman who should have handed over the reigns a long time ago… she is bored with her position and can’t bother putting down her fork to get ahold of this crew. SEE-B.S is making money and media exposure from this catastrophe, so they are hoping to keep these foul thinking jerks on t.v. for a lot longer. I did not watch the show tonight, for the first time ever…. didn’t even DVR it! Read the comments from the east coasters, could not be bothered to watch a rehash of Amanda gloating while floating.

      One thing though, I wish they would have a clothing comp or 2 mins of free shopping so Amanda can return her stolen clothing to the Senior living center laundry room she stole them from, McCrae can give back Andy’s orange striped wife-beater, Aaryn can give the purple t-shirt a rest and Spencer might find a new blue t-shirt to wear… Andy, you are going to have to go to ToysRUs for your new wardrobe, we can wait!

      1. Why can’t you make your point without referring to her religion & size. Learn something from this show at least – you can criticize effectively & fairly without resorting to personal insults and bigotry.

    2. She is white. From San Diego. But asking this makes me realize… Do you think only people of a specific colour can be racist or tolerate racism? Do you think all white people agrees with bad comments that were said in the house? Really, if you wanna preach by giving the example, you are doing it the wrong way…

  7. I would feel sorry for Helen, but she is the one that dug her own grave. She had her chance to get out Amanda, but she didn’t do it. Maybe if she wins the comp to get back in the game she will be able to open her eyes and see where the loyalties lie, but I don’t know.

    1. I’m not sure she will EVER see the truth. Seems to be talking too much, listening to her own voice, can’t see what’s right in front of her. UGH I agree with you 100%….she totally dug her own grave.

    2. Helen would not be in this position if she had just a little bit of doubt about her trust in Andy. But NOoooo. She thought Andy was on her side and now she is going to pay the price for not thinking and truly listening what Andy was saying to her for the past 3 weeks. So long Helen. We won’t miss you.

    3. If she is able to hear the goodbye messages before that competition to return to the house, she’ll have a better idea of who she can and cannot trust. Not sure if that will happen, though. The vote will at least give her an inkling of the posture of the house…

      1. Are you kidding? Andy is so concerned with not ruining his chances for her vote his goodbye message will be” So sorry, I tried but had to with what the house wanted”

    1. And as if on cue botoxed duck lips is cramming food in her pie hole. Elissa you skinny phony rat, stop eating when BBAD is on. It just adds to your unattractiveness (along with your fake eye lashes, fake eyebrows, hair extensions, and shitty stuck-up disposition.). Better yet, production should turn down the volume on all these hogs eating. The noises are disgusting!

    2. I really hope whoever comes back returns as the HOH. If the don’t, they are heading right back out the door!

    3. Elissa has done nothing which would qualify her to win this game. Unless you count yoga, in which case we should just give her the money now. She has got to be one of the worst BB players ever. Rachel must be having a hissy fit if she’s watching the show.

  8. Damn these people are stuck on stupid! Congrats Amanda and McCrae! You will win by having total control over the weaklings and doing absolutely nothing. Oh well the dummies had their chance!

  9. I’m tired of seeing Amanda control this house and having Aaryn and Andy give her information like they need to to help their game…. NEWSFLASH if you know Amanda is running the house why wouldn’t they want to be the one to get her out and take her spot. These people need to wake up and listen to Helen who in a sad twist of irony is being put through the same troubles of Candice and Jessie who “dared” to speak there minds and think logically concerning Amanda’s dictatorial and evil plots in the weeks past. I really would rather Helen stay, at least she is making it an interesting game and at least she isn’t like most of the people who are really trashy and disrespectful to women, people of other races, and each other. Amanda needs to go, what are you waiting for people the time is right RIGHT NOW while you still have votes against her. It is making me so annoyed watching them go to Amanda like they need to tell her everything, if Candice or Jessie comes back now that would be a show.

  10. I really enjoyed watching that Have Not Competition. Too funny!
    Helen is just embarrassing herself. Spencer completely screwed her over after she asked him if she tried to get Amanda out. I couldn’t help but laugh as I was reading it. I still want her to stay though solely for the purpose of pissing off Amanda.

    1. Go back to the bottom token black fish… you will get whatever floats down from the top, and you will like it. What species are you anyhow?

  11. It’s gonna feel good watching Helen flounder but I want to throw rocks at these people’s faces I hate them so deeply the way they run and tell Amanda and McCrae EVERYTHING. I fall for it when they talk as if they’re considering this big move to flip the house around and then it never fails, less then an hour later they’ve gone and told McManda every little detail and laugh about it.

    I hope the returning HG is granted HOH automatically.

    1. See B.S introduced a bounty this season… whoever can run the fastest to Amanda and deliver information gets a pay increase for the day. Andy’s winning, but Aaryn is coming up quick for the win.

  12. At Helen’s eviction:
    Helen hugs Elissa and whispers in her ear: “Stay strong. You need to win HoH.”
    Elissa: “Do I backdoor Amanda?”
    Helen: “No it’s too early.”

  13. I think I’m going to read this article again…its just soo beautiful to look at..especially when the name HELEN right next to the phrase VOTED OUT.

    Oh happy day…(Oh happy day) OH HAPPY DAY!!! (oh happy day) WHEN HELEN IS VOTED OUT!!! (when Helen is voted out)

  14. Also, it’s really getting so annoying reading any of these conversations with Andy and Aaryn. I can’t f***ing stand Andy. After every conversations he’s in, I’m like let’s see if he will break his record of how fast he will run to mommy Amanda and tell her what they said. Can’t keep his mouth damn shut. So many plans that we could look forward to have been ruined by him. Ugh!

    1. Agreed!! I wish people would hate on Andy more as he is a huge part in the unprecedented success of the very useless, pompous, and disgusting Mc%@#Dah. His RAT A@S!!!!!! has single-handedly ruined BB15 for the fans. I pray he does not get rewarded for this type of game-play.

      1. User1,

        You are exactly right. I have been wanting Andy the Rat to be evicted for 3 weeks. He would be number one on my hit list. I would put him and McPussy up next week if I were Elissa (HOH). If one of them wins veto, then nominate aMANda. At least aMANda and Hellllllen stop talking to you when you are the target. Andy the Rat befriends them then talks shit behind their back as he helps to bury the knife in you.

      2. No Shizo! Someone plz..quick..throw a dick in Andy’s mouth so he can stfu and stop being a lil ugly red headed fire crotch rat! Ppl do not and will not respect his game play! It’s the worst kind. I rather a floater win than him. He is a floater but mixed with rat dick. Mmk great thnx!

  15. Also, I feel some vindication from this last conversation after thinking about the way Jesse had to feel last week when Helen left her stranded and alone and smashed a hole into her boat for good measure.

  16. I lost count of how many times Helen said “I’ll be honest with you” today. Just add that to her “okay” and “ya know” and “I love you” annoying Helenisms.

  17. So Amanda is whining about them trying to flip the house on her? Does she know she is playing Big Brother? Or, was she assured by AG that she will get a free pass to Final 2 and can’t believe that anyone is going against the game plan? What an entitled BI*CH! I am not a big fan of Helen, but I would love for Helen to be the one that comes back into the house as she is the biggest threat to Amanda. Then I would love to see either Helen or Elissa win HOH and out McRanda on the block. Then, we will see if the fix is in. If neither of them goes home because of some special power – then it is a lost cause and the season is over – the check already written to Amanda.

  18. Amanda annoys me. She needs to go she is running this house and hasn’t won anything. If a houseguest says they want her out like Helen did then that person is on the block and goes home. This season is so predictable it annoys me. If Helen gets evicted which she will i hope either her Jessie or Candice come back and hopefully get out someone from the 3am alliance. I hate when they say this is what the house wanted so that’s how they are going to vote its not what the house wants its what Amanda wants she has the most blood on her hands and no one knows it. I can’t wait til Amanda watched this season back and sees that America is the one who put her up on the block.

  19. wow.. dirty tricks, lies, deceipt.. Now I understand how Republicans actually get elected.. – stupid, angry people vote and support the worse excuse for a human being. Same thing happening in BB 15.

  20. Holy shit….there needs to be like a time limit on how fast things can get back to Amanda. At least 5 minutes for someone to sit and think about what was just said to them. Man! The squealing right away is so annoying. I wish these people would play for themselves already.

    1. Agreed. There also needs to be a limit on the number of players CBS recruits that are there to play the SCUMBAG RAT role.

  21. Amanda: The reason why I stayed is Andy.. he is the reason I stayed..

    Did Amanda just rat on the rat? And if so why didn’t Helen pick up on it?

  22. OBVIOUSLY …. McCrae – has – read the book (from the BEST player EVER in the BB house)….Dan Gheesling !!!! imo. Should have never let the whore “suck” you into her “onion” patch – pizza boy. Big Amanda is gonna bring your ass down! LOL. And no one to blame but YOU.

  23. I really can’t stand GM she is too comfortable and I hate to say this but because no one had the balls to get Amanda out when they had the chance I think Amanda will win this game.

  24. Helen, it’s not like Spencer will be put on the block or anything. It’s not like you’re trying to get him evicted, ok? He should defend you and sacrifice himself since you let him into jury you know. Why would he ever say you were targeting Amanda?

  25. I’m still watching and will continue to but the only thing that will revive this season for me is if McCrae realizes that he doesn’t have the votes if he and Amanda make the final two and forms a final 2 alliance with someone else like Andy or Spencer or GM or even better Judd. Then he blackmails her by voting her off. It would be even better if both of them made it to the final four and if McCrae won the veto and sent her packing with the only vote.

  26. When Howard was on the Block with Amanda and Spencer that’s when Helen should have made her move.

    She had Elissa, Jessie and Candice against McRae Ginnamarie and Andy with Judd as a wild-card and Aryan as HOH.

    Didn’t Helen still have her hooks in Aryan that week? Why go after the non-threat Howard when you can take out a power-duo like Mcranda?

    Howard would have remained loyal to Helen but she chose to trust Amanda and the supremacists and now she’s begging to stay.

  27. Amanda told Helen that Andy was the reason she was able to stay in the house not her,Helen. I bet this went all over Helen’s head. Read between the lines Helen, Andy is the rat

    1. Hellen did not hear the remark about Andy, she does not listen to anything anybody else has to say. If she did , she would of heard Jessie and Elissa talk about Andy, she would of also followed their advice about voting Amanda out. Of course Andy and McCray didn’t hear Amanda say she wants to take Aaryn to the final 3. These numb nuts make Amanda look like a genius, I would of loved to see Amanda try this garbage with Dr. Will, Boogie Dan or Memphis, she would of been out the door before she could crawl onto the HOH bed.
      I am watching BBAD and Elissa just told Helen the public does not like them, look at the food they chose. Like I said before, Elissa is not as dumb as she puts out there, she playing them. If she wins HOH, I am going to laugh, because Andy thinks he can control her.

  28. My big question is whether or not Andy and Aaryn are so brainwashed they will worship Amanda forever? Will they choose 4th or 5th place and vote for her to win as their loyal leader?

    Will they have the guts to put McManda up?

  29. All this “coming after you” business is crap. That’s a given in the game. How is it a strategy point? Also all this vote with the house–what the house wants is still going on. Was Amanda trained by the mafia?

  30. Elissa had better clue in. She needs to now be putting in her vote to cast out Helen and let the others know it. She can’t talk the way she is and hope to stick around. Helen is ruining her game. Helen’s got to go.

    Andy and Aaryn are still being tattle rats.

    McCrae is still sliding through as Amanda’s pet.

  31. Watching BBAD…. Aaryn just said she wants Amanda to win the game. What the hell is wrong with these people??? There is no doubt in my mind that Amanda the pig Zuckerman was picked to win this game!!! It’s not fair and CBS and Allison Grodner better watch their backs cause they really wronged us BB fans by rigging it for that manly Sasquatch Amanda. She is the most repulsive human being I’ve ever seen!

  32. ok i know she had many chances to take amanda out but right now i feel sorry for HELLEN i was actually crying my heart is bleeding she was on top of the world now she has fallen so low …… cbs always give a helping hand to the under dog ( HELLEN ) SHE will return she is wounded badly …. ANDY is the cause of all of hellens problem and hellen needs to take some of that blame she waited too late and she doenst have the votes …. candice howard and jessie were votes for hellen but she couldnt see that …… I want zzziinngbot blow up this whole game especially andy’s …….

    my heart is so soft even though i was hard on hellen many times i feel her pain . HELLEN WILL RETUNR WITH A HOH WIN TRUST AND believe… YOU people will be right here on this forum kissing her ass even though many of u rejoice now because she’s down ……. I will keep posting this in every thread until thursday ….. i feel sorry for hellen …. IF JUDD retuns he runs right back into the arms of AARYN , macrea to be sent to jury again ……

  33. I am tired of people thinking Jessie and Candice had the same game or knowledge.
    Jessie was smart and came closer to winning comps than Candice ever could.\
    Candice was a useless player who has been credited as sniffing out the first alliance – BS people.
    She couldn’t sniff out her own clothes.
    She went out a clown with a loud mouth.
    Jessie was greeted with such a loud round of applause from America. She showed guts and integrity.

  34. This is the worst BB. I dislike everyone except Elissa. Helen gets on my nerves with her loyalty BS when she has been the most disloyal person. Amanda/MC don’t do anything yet run the show, Spencer is so gross and derogatory, Andy is a complete flip flopper, GM is an idiot and Aaryn I cannot see why she made it past the 2nd week!

  35. You could slap Helen with a fricken clue and she still wouldn’t understand it. Let’s see:

    1. McCrae is joined at the hip with Amanda and other body parts, so why even bother approaching him. (just idiotic)

    2. Amanda just admitted to you that you don’t even have Andy’s vote, but you still approach him (just stupid)

    3. Amanda is confronting you in front of Elissa and you talk about sticking to the F5 deal, but your on the block (just delusional)

    4. Amanda just told you don’t have the numbers and she knows everything, you are the target (slap with a clue)

    5. Well you waited to next week, then the week after and guess what you are being evicted (knocked out by a clue)

    Turn out the lights, the party is over…….

  36. Is this the godfather Big brother style. Like who made Amanda the leader. Just call her Don Amanda. Everything she does says is right, you must be loyal to her or you will die. They all run to her with information. Grow a pair of balls Aaryn, shake up the game. You aren’t winning against her or mc Andy in the end. Which is fine cause I hate her but still this is just way to predictable and boring. There hasn’t been amazing game play and plotting. It’s all Don Amanda’s orders.
    I hope Helen gets evicted only to come back into the game bitchy ninja styles.
    That my friends would be entertaining.

  37. “If you want to eat a frog, eat a fat and juicy one” Chinua Achebe
    Same case with big brother, if you want to make a move, make a bold and an open one. Helen wanted it all. .remember the hyena that was holding a huge bone and looked into water and saw an even better bone and jumped for it, only to lose it all. BB is a game of numbers and probabilities, at some point, some people will lack the numbers and will be looking for where to legitimately align themselves to, at this point if they trace any bit of shadiness, and trying too hard, then you will lose such people. Amanda dishes it as it is, and she is loyal to pizza boy but she tries to only lie to fake alliances, and not to her true alliances. .I know it may look like Andy is stupid..but he is not..actually keeping helen would be better for his game but helen doesn’t come off as “real” as Amanda does. Amanda is more selfish than Helen, but Helen comes off more selfish than Amanda.. she tends to loby and gives all these pep talks but all people see is how she is trying to get to F2. I would feel more safe on Amanda’s side than Helen’s. Okay I don’t believe all these people are stupid, I would bet on my money that half of you people inside would be on Amanda’s side than Helen’s. Look at where Spencer is leaning. Even if Amanda is looking out for only herself and her pizza boy, but there is just this honesty with her that people in the house like about…ooohh and the fact that she has not won any comps. .hahah #TeamJudd #TeamJessie

  38. I have been watching bb faithfully since season 1 and I can honestly say I’ve never hated a cast off house guests more than this one! Amanda is the most bullying disgusting person they’ve ever had on the show. She obviously thinks she’s better than everyone else, as you can tell by her dr sessions. I can’t wait till this season is over and these other fools look back and see who she really is and how badly they’ve been played by her. Helen may not be my favorite but if these others would atleast listen to what she’s saying they might wake up and realize that their days are numbered also!! I hope this game follows these disgusting people through life and causes them to reap what they’ve sown. I wish I could just stop watching it because it literally sickens me but it’s like any other addiction.. you want to quit so bad but just can’t

  39. Elissa is such a complainer. She claims to have a food allergy and its possible but from listening to her complaints I think it has a higher probability of being a food intolerance versus an allergy. I really just think she is looking for special treatment and another food choice.

  40. Watching Elissa and Helen try and figure this out is pathetic. No one has your back bitches. Lay down and wait for thursdays jury comp. Ya fools. And Elissa, you are disgusting with allergies. hey honey, I’m allergic to your face and holier than thou disposition.

  41. I know we complain about something or someone every year and CBS probably thinks, “Well, we’re never going to make everyone happy…” BUT OMG THIS SEASON SERIOUSLY SUCKS BALLS!!! I don’t think I can watch seeing anyone in there win the money. Its disgusting! I would hate to be part of the BB15 cast, which will go down as the MOST HATED CAST IN BB HISTORY EVER!!!

  42. This is the first season of BB I have ever paid attention to, and quite frankly, I’m already bored with it. These sheeps are all so annoying. I will pay attention this week to see who comes back to the house but will probably not watch anymore. Amanda and Helen has made this show so freaking boring to watch. This whole communal kumbaya, vote with the house BS is boring as hell. Who will be the house in the finale? Will they all share the money? These sheeples have no character or intellect whatsoever. I hope Helen does get evicted. She will have many weeks to cry in the jury house. Same goes for the sheeples who gets evicted the next few weeks. Worst show on TV right now.

  43. I’m trying to figure out who production chose to put on the show that they thought was likeable and America would root for? I wonder who that person was supposed to be? Howard? Judd maybe? It’s certainly not any of the people left in the house. Although, I’m on the fence about Elissa. If she starts winning more comps and really gets her head in the game I may be able to root for her. Elissa is a better judge of character then Helen is. Listening to them talk on BBAD and Elissa has put together more than we’ve given her credit for. She’s now talking to Helen about how she doesn’t believe Howard said those things to Amanda whereas Helen is still defending Amanda. Even after everything that’s gone down today. And Helen is also still telling Elissa to trust Andy when Amanda told her Andy tells her stuff. Geez, this woman is so stubborn with her thought process.

  44. Andy is a faggot tattletale, Helen needs to go now, I remember everything she said snd done, Amanda can go after, this is the weakest bb ive ever seen, Andy’s mouth has this game where it is…..

  45. CANNOT wait to see these fools faces when one of the evicted houseguests comes back. I really like how Big Brother US has set this up compared to when Big Brother Canada elected to make this twist happen, at least there are enough people in the house and not a full jury house to use to your advantage, as well as the playoff and not the fan voting.

    For the love of God someone PLEASE see through ANDY and get some balls to put him and Amanslut on the block.

    Spencer NEEDS to go too! Big hillbilly psycho pig is so pathetic, he just gets more unbearable by the second.( LET’S GET A TRIPLE EVICTION WEEK)

    Last night’s big brother after dark was soo pukening to watch, Amanslut is just repulsive, I mean laughing with Spencer at the thought of him hurting Elissa ( in the POV competition) to a point where she would need medical attention and possibly have to leave the game, just wow, what mental hospital did you escape from?

    Then for Amanda, Spencer, Aaryn, Andy to EVEN SUGGEST that Elissa’s POV win was pure luck is absolutely hysterical, like rolling a roulette ball isn’t luck for an HOH or pressing the right buttons or rotating a ball into the right cup isn’t luck!

    Aaryn’s back to her old bullying ways, maybe she be on more than just adderall, never knew exaggerated fictional characters in the movies and novels ACTUALLY existed. Still WAITING for the day her ass gets evicted LOL.

  46. Helen & Elissa were in the hot tub tonight on BBAD and they were discussing some thing about David’s past that made them feel sorry for him. I missed what it was. Did anyone else catch that conversation?

  47. I have a black friend who calls himself the token black guy and he likes it. Why is this such a bad thing. If it was reversed would it be a bad thing? Shut up already!!

  48. Omg Sunday BBAD Amanda’s but crack in the kitchen walking away from the counter & smacking her loud mouth! Can she not eat with her mouth closed? Pl make her put on sm clothes that don’t look like she is homeless! I hv always looked forward to BB , this is the 1st yr that I truely don’t want to see anyone win the money. If Judd can get back in hopefully he will win the cash. Otherwise I will be very disappointed to know 1 of these ppl win the money !!

  49. I D O N O T F E E L S O R R Y F O R H E L E N ! ! ! Im a broke jobless guy from Louisiana, if I had one wish it would not be for MONEY, I would wish for 40 seconds with Andy to do as I please, and then I would send him back into the bb house, you have no idea how the game would change…..

  50. I bet if Helen came back into the game she’d go running straight back to McCrae and Andy. She ven told Elissa to trust Andy if she’s evicted.

  51. For those of you who want Helen back to cause an uproar… She is there now and knows what is happening and doing nothing but crawling up Amanda’s a** why do you think if she came back she would do anything different? She would be like your president and go on an apology tour which no one would believe or respect. This season is over, McRae and Amanda finals and Amanda telling them to vote for her because that is what the house wants. I love Amanda if she can control the game and have a little fun poking you all in the ribs with her comments she deserves it. Now everyone back to Maury to see who the father is…

  52. Helen, waited too long to attack, Amanda, and McCrae, she should have gotten her troops together when Howard and or Judd were still in the game. McCranda, has the power, with Andy and the racist Aaryn, and unless Helen, can get Aaryn to flip on 3am, her goose is cooked!!! Three weeks ago, they should have put McCrae up, and Amanda would have crumbled, then Helen would have had most of the power in the house. It sucks because everyone is scared to make BIG MOVES this season!!!!!! Pulling my hair out!

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