“I don’t think we could have taken Amanda out.. Howard and Candice had to go” -Helen

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


8:33pm hot tub Helen, Andy and McCrae
Helen says she never was targeting McCrae. MC says he understands.

Helen says the only votes she has are MCrae, Andy and Elissa. She says that is enough to stay she double checks with McCrea if she has his vote.
McCrae says of course but what has him worried is Elissa.
Helen: “I can control Elissa.. Elissa wants Amanda out to.. I will not have her going after you”
MC: “ELissa is a loose canon”
Helen says she’ll make a deal with Elissa to not target McCrae if Helen stays in the game, “She is not coming after you.. she doesn’t know about the three of us”
Helen: “Nobody knows what we have.. McCrae you keep me you are playing your own game”
MC: “Amanda will be pissed if I don’t vote her way”
Helen: “Ultimately you need me to get to her (Amanda)… If I leave who is going to go after her.. I will control Elissa’
MC: “Ya.. . yup.. ”

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8:45pm HOH Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae
MC relaying his conversation with Helen, he says Helen is claiming she controls Elissa as long as she stays this week. He say’s he’s working on getting her to tell him who the MVP really was.
Amanda: ”You’re cute I am very sexually attracted to you”
Amanda: ”Why do you care it was them”
MC: “I dunno I Want to know.. them saying it was me drives me nuts.
Aaryn leaves.
McCrae is worried Elissa is going to put them up if she gets the power next week. Amanda says they just need to get the power. McCrae asks if they can get closer to Elissa to influence her nominations.
Amanda says she is getting close and so is Andy she thinks Elissa will put up Aaryn and Spencer or GM.
MC:” I’m super worried about Elissa.. “
MC: “If I get taken out by Elissa i’ll go Ballistic”
A:” you are not going to be taken out by Elissa”
Andy and Aaryn roll in
Andy says Helen is taking Amanda and her conversation well she knows she needs Andy And MCcrae’s vote.
Andy points out she’s doing a lot of back peddling.
Amanda tells them Elissa hates Aaryn she going to want to take Aaryn out.
Andy: “the only way one of us goes up is if Elissa win’s HOH”
Aaryn: “And backdoor me”
They tell Aaryn as long as Elissa doesn’t put up two of them they are safe. Andy says he’s working on Elissa hard now he has her trust right now.


9:31pm Hammock McCrae and Amanda
MC is worried about Elissa wining the wall HOH Endurance challenge. He thinks it would be a good idea for him to get into a fake fight with Aaryn and tell Elissa he is targeting her.
Amanda: “Elissa still won’t come off”
MC: “She will if it’s this cold out”


9:34pm HOH Gm and Aaryn
Andy saying that Helen has been playing her since the beginning, “Three out of the four b!tches are gone. (The B1tches are elissa, Helen, Jessie and Candice)
GM points out that Now that they need the votes Helen and Elissa want to be their best friends.
Aaryn: “Amanda pissed me off a lot to .. but she talks game to us.. and the game she talks to us is real.. “
Aaryn says Spencer is a shady f*** She wants him gone after they get rid of ELissa.

Aaryn says she will vote for Amanda and GM if they make it to the final 2. She would not vote for Mccrae because he’s been playing everyone in the house. He’s lied to Aaryn many times, he may be telling the truth now but in the beginning he lied adn continues to lie to everyone in the house.

Aaryn: “ I have watched McCrae lie to people.. I’ve watched him say the same lies to other people that he said to me”

Aaryn says Andy is sitting in a very good spot and the only reason he’s still in the game is because he’s such a good social game. She comments that being gay is an advantage in this game because the girls aren’t worried about him stealing their guys and the guys aren’t worried about him stealing the girls.

Aaryn explains that during her first couple of HOH’s Andy would sit up stairs with them eat all her food and act close to her. All he was doing was running downstairs and telling Amanda and MCcrae everything.
Aaryn: ‘Do you know why everyone knew all their moves.. Andy told them all our moves”
Aaryn tells her how close she is to GM.
GM: “I swear to god if I marry Nick you will be my maid of honour”
Aaryn: “I feel like I have a sister for the first time. “
Aaryn adds that Jessie lives 20 minutes from her in texas. She really wants to be her friend but she’s legitimately worried that Jessie will try and steal her boyfriends whoever that may be at the time.
Aaryn jokes that Jessie will greet her future finance with her vag!na .


9:54pm Hot tub Helen and elissa

Elissa saying that everything is going according to Amanda’s plan. She’s trying to keep Elissa/Helen against Aaryn and GM. Helen was going to confront Aaryn about telling Amanda her plan but she doesn’t think that will solve anything.
Helen says Amanda and Aaryn are working together Helen thinks Amanda will target Elissa next week not Aaryn.
Amanda joins them.. they talk about how bored they are.


10:03pm Storage room Specner and McCrae They get a bit of Alcohol for the night. Spencer and McCrae slam a beer each.

10:13pm Kitchen everyone but Helen and Elissa Andy asks them where the mom squad is. Amanda says they are out in the hot tub plotting to back door me.

10:20pm Hot tub Helen and Elissa Helen says if she stays this week they will have to win HOH next week or they will both go up again. Elissa says she’s grossed out by the thought of staying in the house with Amanda and GM. Helen:’ This is the moment for McCrae if he doesn’t go after Amanda now he never will”
Elissa says that McCrae is Amanda’s little puppet.
Helen: “I don’t think we could have taken her out.. Howard had to go.. Candice had to go.. ”


10:25pm Backyard Aaryn, Elissa and Helen
Aaryn joins them tells them about Jessie making David rub lotion on her back.
Helen: “Which guy was Jessie not into… seriously David was only here for 13 days”
Aaryn thinks Jessie will try to hook up with David at the finale. She wonders who else he would hook up with. Helen: “I don’t know a producers’
Aaryn tells them about the “Dirt Clot” thing with David. Apparently in High School he was messing around and threw s clump of dirt at a kid and the kid went blind.
Aaryn:’ They sued his family and bankrupt them”


11:06pm HOH Andy and Aaryn

Andy:” I think Amanda and MCcrae will want to be gunning for GM to go.. and I want GM to stay.. that will be our next challenge”
Aaryn: “Don’t tell Amanda and McCrae this.. I would rather take you and GM to the end than them” Aaryn explains that almost anyone would win if they are up against GM in the finals.
Aaryn says GM will be receptive to a final 3 deal
Andy: “OK perfect we need to figure out a time to talk to her “
Aaryn: “They want elissa because she is coming after us and not them”
ANdy: “I know I know.. my main goal is you.. I Will take you to final 2 instead of GM because that is a bigger game move”
Andy: “Amanda and McCrae have been with me since night 5.. this is real” He explains to her that they all have their own selfish goals in this game but what they have going right now is good they have to stick with it.
Amanda comes in ‘Are you mad right now”
Aaryn: “No.. I came up here to take a pee and I have a buzz and started talking”
They start clearing the air.. (Aaryn and Amanda are having a little mini fight… Aaryn is a bit tipsy and Amanda is being as sassy as ever)


11:21pm HOH Aaryn and Andy
Aaryn is pissed that Amanda is making her the pawn and telling everyone to target her. Aaryn is questioning Amanda’s loyalty in the game.

Andy says he really thinks sticking with Amanda and McCrae is their best play at least for the next 2 weeks.
Aaryn points out all the things she’s done in this game for Amanda and McCrae, all the evictions to get the people out that they wanted out. Aaryn doesn’t want to be used as a pawn and knows if she goes up against Amanda she will go home.
Andy: “no you won’t Hell no you won’t.. do you know having me in your corner I can sway people.. if you go up against Amanda she will go home”
Aaryn: ”Not with Spencer here”
Andy: “Believe me Spencer is listening to me.. i’m telling you every single week what I’ve wanted to happen has happened..”
Andy says that Amanda and McCrae will not win this game.
Andy: “As long as you me and Ginamarie are still in the game theres no chance”
Andy says Amanda and McCrae are the most trust worthy people in the house he knows amanda can be a pain sometimes but they are loyal to the group.
Aaryn mention how much MC lies, she points out how he lies to other people in front of her using the same lies he used on her.

Andy knows they lie but they know about all Amanda/MCrae’s side deals so they cannot pull the wool over their eyes. Andy adds they will take out Amanda and McCrae but not until the time is right. Right now working with them is benefiting their game. Andy swear to her that he has gotten even the slightest hint that Amanda and McCrae are thinking of taking Aaryn out before final 4. (It’s andy they want to take out before final 4)
Aaryn goes to the bathroom
GM: “comes in.. “
Helen comes in..”
Andy: “Aaryn might need a little second.. it’s fine”
Helen nodes and leaves the room.
Aaryn comes back from the bathroom.. crying up a storm saying that she has done everything in this game for Amanda and Amanda is treating her like sh!t.
Aaryn lists off all the things she’s done for Amanda.
Aaryn mentions how JUDD wanted to work for her for real and she got him out because Amanda wanted it.
Andy you can’t be mad with what happened because we’ve made it very far. Andy says JUDD was setting up the game to take him to the final 2. Andy knew JUDD wasn’t good for the group so he cut JUDD loose. Andy: “Getting rid of Helen this week is going to be the hardest thing in this game”

Andy: “I would very much like to offer you a deal to go to final 3”
GM: “Fu-** ya right on.. I like the both of you”

Aaryn says Amanda shouldn’t be acting like she is because Aaryn has the power to put her up tomorrow and get the votes to evict her.

Andy heads to use the bathroom. Aaryn tells GM that Amanda and McCrae want to separate them because they are so powerful


11:59pm HOH Aaryn and GM

Aaryn says that Amanda was trying to influence her to build up her and GM during her nomination speech. She never noticed it before until she got a buzz..
Aaryn: “Andy told me that they are targeting you”
GM: “Who Amanda McCrae .. ok… “
Aaryn: “The fact that he brought up you name doesn’t sit well..”
GM: “They are fu**ng scared.. Amanda doesn’t win anything she b!tches all day”

GM thought Amanda and MCcrae were serious about the final 5
Aaryn did too until Andy told her they are targeting GM.. “He shouldn’t have let that slip”
Aaryn: “If I put Amanda up”
GM: ”Do you think they will vote out Helen”

They run through scenarios. Aaryn says right now she doesn’t have McCrae coming after her if she put Amanda up then she’ll still have Elissa against her and now would have McCrae.
GM is very much wanting to get Amanda out this week. She thinks they guarantee a power couple gets split up this week. GM says if Aaryn goes to Helen with a legit deal she would take it. GM: “She will kiss your f*** a$$ hole and lick it dry”

Aaryn counts out a new five person alliance, “Me, you, Helen, Andy and Spencer.. the only other people are Elissa and McCrae.”

Aaryn is pretty sure they can cut a deal with Spencer and have the votes to get out Amanda. She suggests maybe putting up McCrae but doubts Spencer would will vote him out. GM says Amanda and Helen up either way you are getting out a queen.

GM says she likes Helen but doesn’t want her near the end of the game. GM is nervous about how smart helen is “She can definitely over power me with those smart minds in the end”


12:19AM HOH Aaryn and Helen

Aaryn: ”This has got to be full on between us”
Helen says she’s not mad at Aaryn this is a game she’s talked to Amanda.
(Cut to fish for a bit)
Aaryn says that Amanda has been trying to get the house to go against Helen.
Aaryn: “They are playing the house”
Aaryn says Amanda and McCrae are trying to break up her and GM.
Aaryn: “Just so you know they have Andy.. just so you know they have Andy and you don’t”
Helen says that is tough for her to hear..
Aaryn: “If that gets back i’m so f***”
Helen:” This is you and me.. you and me…”
Aaryn: “I think they have Spencer to.. they have four and if he goes up tomorrow you are going home”
Aaryn says she’s seen McCrae and Amanda lie to everyone in the house “The deals we have with them are all fake”
Aaryn: “If I put Amanda up tomorrow would Elissa even vote her out..” (LOL no she’ll vote out helen)
Aaryn: “I know I can get GM.. but I’m afraid I can’t get spencer.. so how do I do that“
Helen: ”Oh my god I will have your back to the end of the game. I will give you my vote”
Helen says Spencer needs a lifeline and Andy will flip once he hears the house is.
Helen: “He will vote any way you want to keep him safe”
Andy joins them.
Aaryn: “If I say something to you If i put someone else on the block like would you do what I want you to do”
Andy: “ya who would you put up”
Aaryn: “i’m afraid to say anything.. “
Helen: “listen who in this house.. you have had my back all this game if you had my back I need you to vote that person out”
Andy: “Ya.. what are you thinking”
Helen: “How much do you love me (helen starts to cry see image above) if you want me to stay I know where you are from.. I’m going home andy if you don’t vote out that person “
Aaryn who is stronger Helen/Elissa or Amanda/McCrae
Anady: “I know what you are saying”

Aaryn if I put Amanda up on the block i have Elissa, Gm and..
Andy: “And me”
Aaryn: “I feel Helen and Elissa have your back more that amanda and McCrae“:
Andy: “I know this woman has my back more than anyone in this house”
Helen: “I do”
Andy: ‘If Amanda goes up i’ll vote out Amanda”


12:38Am Amanda storms into the HOH

Amanda: “lets just squash this shit.. right now.. I love you.. I wasn’t pissed off at you I was pissed off at McCrae”
Helen and Andy scamper off.

Amanda doesn’t want Elissa and Helen to use the opportunity to try and get her nominated, “as if that would ever happen”
Aaryn: “I know you are targeting GM..”
Amdana: “RIGHT THERE.. I am the one trying to keep you in the final 4.. I’ve known I could trust you”
Amanda: “No I don’t want GM before Specner “
Aaryn: “Between you and I don’t tell Andy.. he told me that ya’ll are targeting Gm before Elissa”
Amanda: “absolutely not I don’t trust Elissa I want her gone next week”
Amanda says she’s shaken that Andy would even say that.
Aaryn: “Everything Andy does shakes me.. because I see him with other people and he lies”
Amanda: “Doesn’t make any sense.. I am the one that wants Spencer gone.. McCrae and Andy want him around because they have a fake alliance with them.”

Amanda says she cannot read Spencer and Elissa at all but she knows that Aaryn can control GM so that is why she wants GM to the final 5.
Aaryn: “I feel that McCrae and Andy has spencer’s back over me”
Amanda: “Nope”

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151 thoughts on ““I don’t think we could have taken Amanda out.. Howard and Candice had to go” -Helen

  1. AARYN has finally figured out that ANDY is a RAT and is jumping from one SIDE to the OTHER!! Telling everything that she is saying and planning to BOTH sides! I CAN”T wait until he gets blindsided by HER!! BOOTED out of the HOUSE!!! w/ JUDDS and GM’s help!

      1. Every time Helen and GM made some progress influencing Aaryn to make a move to boot that slutty bitch Amanda, Amanda uses her bewitching powers to persuade Aaryn not to!!

      2. This is just production’s way of setting up a serious blindside, backdoor, betrayl…whatever you want to call it…so that their “twist” of an angry Amanda coming back into the house comes to fruition. Why do you think she hasn’t won anything all season? Go ahead…give it a minute.

        It’s because no one will suspect she can! Just think of the drama it will cause when she WINS the comp to return to the game with blood in her eyes. Ratings gold!

    1. IKR. Put aMANduh on the block and evict her, she can’t win to save her life anyways, hahaha. Please Aryan, grow a brain for once and use it!!

  2. this is painful to even read. kudos to the people that watch it and double kudos to dawg and simon for not only going through the torture of watching those people, but reporting about it like they do.

    1. It really has been a torture thus far for us viewers….I am ready for the boxing match. If Amanda gets put up, I want to see a fighting match!

      Then, I will be tuning in for Thursday”s drama. This WEEK can FINALLY redeem itself after months of disappointments.

  3. Such Is Life. Girls Go After Girls. That’s Why Mccrae Continues To Float Under The Radar. Put Both Amanda And Him Up And Vote Him Out Already.

    1. Well, McCrae does look like a girl. The way Amanda walks around and sits in the house with her legs open i would say she is more the man in the relationship. Vote both of them out. It’s like watching two pigs in a pen. Them two make Spencer look good. Btw, Spencer and Andy are related right? Those ginger boys are getting offly close.

  4. I’m now convinced this show is not rigged…there is now way the writers could write such a pathetic and boring storyline…

  5. Helen is in denial!!! They could, and they should of taken Amanda out. Helen cannot face the fact she is wrong. Hopefully Elissa does not take any advice from Helen.

    1. He should consider witness protection!! She’s already started talking about who’s going to be invited to their wedding. She’s f***** nuts!

    2. He loves that she is keeping him relevant. He takes pictures of crazy gm and post them on twitter.
      He is not stupid. He knows she is keeping him alive in the Big brother world. He is probably obssessed, watching the live feeds to see if she says
      His name.

    3. Nick is smart enough to have contacted an attorney to protect himself.
      GM is nothing but a low life vile and disgusting TURD.
      It is sad how she is showing her delusional self to all of America.
      Her family has moved, taken the house, but left the basement.

  6. Helen is so dumb but whatever I kinda hope she some how gets back in the game either Helen Candice or maybe Jessie not Judd no no no

    1. God, don’t get feeds. I get all the good stuff here. TANKS! So sad for all these fools. They get paid what? Was it worth it for their real lives to implode?

  7. I was watching after dark briefly and they were discussing a tragic event that happened to David, can someone tell me what it was?

    1. It’s stated above, but – when he was younger he threw dirt in a kids eyes and the kid went blind. The kids parents sued David’s family which ended up making David’s family file for bankruptcy.

      1. So David made a kid go blind….and Aryan feels sorry for David’s family being …..PLEASE Aryan….If Howard made a Kid go blind…Aryan would be saying Howard belongs in jail… he deserve the death penalty…….

        1. Helen: “Oh i wish David told me that he made a kid go blind…and his family was sued and had to file for bankruptcy …..Ah man…i wouldn’t had sent him home First….ah man i feel bad”….

          SHUT UP HELEN……

          Im sure the kid would preferred his eye sight , than any money in the world..

          Since Aryan always blames others for the sh*t she does,,,,,she probably blames the kid and not David…and think it was wrong for the kid’s family to sued for the medical bills that would incurred because of the incident….

          SHUT UP AARYN

        2. Did you not read the words ” when he was a KID”. So being a kid and throwing dirt ( like 99.9% of kids did at some point in their childhood) makes him a horrible person? Yes, this one time it ended up in a horrible situation for not only the poor child who lost his site.. but for david and his family, but he was a CHILD. Seriously, what are you thinking with judgeing him with that?

          1. Aryan said the David situation happen in High School………PLEASE…Aryan types would label young black male in high school as fully grown adults……

            But a High School David is label as Kid…..at little 5 year old….PLEASE….double standard……like i said if this was Howard back story…Aaryn, Amanda, GM would say Howard belongs in jail…..and deserves the chair…

  8. What is David’s “tragedy” Helen and Elissa were talking about in the hot tub. I missed the first part of BBAD.

  9. Helen continuing to fool herself. Accepting the truth is like cancer to her bones. Glad she’s going, can’t wait to hear her blame David and Jeremy for her ouster.

    1. But then again I’m not surprised after Ahandjob basically outed Andy(no pun intended) and that went completely over her head. That is really one thick headed bird.

  10. It’s sad that they think that they can control Elissa……… Elissa just stares at them when the speak….. says “mmmm” and is thinking “these people are disgusting, i don’t believe what your telling me”….She was right when she told Helen that this season is the worst..the people in the house are so disgusting, they say the most vile things…..

    1. I hope El wins HOH, guarantee Keychain, Ahandjob or Aaryn will be packing up and leaving. Dude cracks me up “If I get taken out by Elissa, I’ll go ballistic” Sure you will Keychain, sure.

    2. Your giving Elissa way too much credit. The girl spaces out so often during conversations that when she has that blank stare she is really thinking “……..” She lacks the ability to find a gear and get going. This is a game for half a million, you have a 1-16 chance and you decide to pout and cry because you don’t like the people in the house? This isn’t a vacation…. And I do agree that she was spot on as this being a bad season just that she helps shape it rather than be a lone bright spot. Only way Elissa wins HOH is the production team shapes a game to be in her favour, watching her stumble around on the log challenge was hard to watch.

    3. No, no, no what Elissa is really thinking is “uh, duh, duh”. “Duh, I need more botox, I am so pretty. My daddy said I was a pretty girl”. “Duh, duh, duh is somebody talking to me”.

  11. Aaryn is obsessed with Jessie

    Jessie went to University of Texas, not crappy community college quality Texas State so I think the bitterness starts there

      1. What the bleep are these people doing all these days. Until thursday. Get no live feeds. The game is all caught up for them. Nothing new until thursday. God bless it,I would lose my mind before then!

      2. After seeing the clips of Lynsey Lohan with Oprah and admitting to drinking and taking too much Adderall. ( plus some other substance) It all makes sense with Aarryn and Amanda!! The moodiness that is. (I can’t explain the rest of their horrible behavior) Maybe they should not be allowed to drink and take their ADHD meds. These two switch off and on with the tears then they are angry then they are nasty. It’s like watching 2 Sybil’s in the house.

  12. It looks like Helen is shooting herself in the foot for “playing a heavy hand” at getting Howard and Candice out. I know when she thought about it and tried to justify why they had to go … Helen is feeling that piercing ache in her foot. Oh Helen, your game was blown when you picked the wrong side of the house to empower and roll with … namely Aaryn and Amanda. Like Candice said, the last two power showmance are still in the game (Amanda & McCrae). They should always be your bigger target. Let you didn’t shoot first. Buh-bye.

  13. amanda has everyone in this house wrapped around her finger. do they not see that she is going to win the game by basically having no blood on her hands ……….. except for her own but of course. >.< bad joke.

    1. Many web sites say this icky lady will win, that it’s pre-determined. If true, how the bleep did BB get away with this?Amanda winning???

  14. Why should we expect anything but fake ass face to face encounters, denial of common knowledge, and endless verbal diarrhea from somebody in politics?

  15. “Aaryn says Andy is sitting in a very good spot and the only reason he’s still in the game is because he’s such a good social game. She comments that being gay is an advantage in this game because the girls aren’t worried about him stealing their guys and the guys aren’t worried about him stealing the girls.”

    Aaryn’s not a bigot at all…

      1. you people drive me crazy. LIES AND BULLSHIT ARE HOW YOU WIN THIS GAME!!!! if you don’t realize that then you’re more ignorant than the people in the house. get a clue. if these sites existed when Dr. Will was in the house (without question the best Big Brother player in history) you people would be wanting to crucify him.

  16. The thing that pains me the most with these last few blog entries is that it sounds like the HGs (especially Aaryn) are FINALLY realizing and openly acknowledging that Andy is a rat and can’t be trusted. They also seem to be fully aware that Amanda and McCrae have not only had them (once again, mostly Aaryn) do their bidding, but they’re running away with this game and straight to the F2. AND YET, they still do nothing. Aaryn is still 100% committed to her final two with Andy and the 3am alliance, and Helen still refuses to as knowledge her MASSIVE role in creating this mess.

    I can’t believe that even with Helen’s imminent eviction that I’m still bored out of my mind. These people make watching paint dry sound more appealing.

    1. As much as us viewers would love to see power moves/shifts and drama. The fact is people are playing a safe game, since Nicks eviction the house has been led to believe if you stick out and want to divide the house with sides that you will be gone next week. If anyone really wanted to stay they should grab their nuts and draw a line in the sand and say on this line your not low man on totem pole and I’m gunning for the top dog Amanda and mccrae. Nobody has done a forceful play against her to be her equal so nobody wants to flip in fear of her.

      Helen’s downfall is that she lies so much she actually believes it. She believes she evicted everyone and had control over Andy and that everyone would do what she said. She wanted to be a power player without actually being one. One HOH win does not make you a force (ask GM) and even now she is afraid to stand up and be against Amanda even after Amanda said I’m voting you out….. Keep working that in the shadows shady whispering Helen and when confronted lie and cry cause that worked well for everyone else before you.

      I’m dreading another HG coming back, making this train wreck of a season that much longer. And none of the evicted HG besides the first four weeks deserve a chance back in this game, that’s like saying “sorry you didn’t understand the game when you entered for the first time, hope your second chance goes better”

  17. Ill be the first one to call BS out on David’s lie to Aaryn about his family going bankrupt due to throwing dirt into someone’s eyes…. Just makes no sense as the School districts insurance will cover that type of event……I bet David at home atm is trying to hide his face about what he said..

      1. David’s family file for bankruptcy, but I’m sure they’ve accumulated wealth since then. Because the kid was talking about winning the money so he could maintain his “carefree” lifestyle, surfing and shit.

  18. Have you ever noticed how Andy drinks from his straw? He takes these tiny sips over and over again. He looks like a real hamster getting tiny drips of water from the bottle in his habitrail:)

    You’ll never be able to watch him drink from his bottle the same way again!

    1. WTF does The way Andy drinks have to do with anything? If Amanda or Aaryn or GM said this, a bunch of you would be freaking out, calling them a bully or a racist or a mean girl or whatever, as happens over and over again. Yet another example of some of the many hypocrites posting comments. Should apply to be on BB16 so you can show your faces and get called out by viewers hiding behind their keyboards. Get real. Go look in the mirror before you start typing…

      1. This just shows how boring the house is when how someone drinks from.a straw is interesting enough to write about.

    2. Lol… I noticed that too last night watching after dark…. between the way he dressed and drinks from that cup he looks like an oversized toddler lol… I swear his clothes look like geranimals…. they were a clothing line for little boys when my son was little lol

      1. Omg….I usually don’t comment Diane, but that shit is too funny! Your right….he does look like an oversized toodler wearing geranimals…..hahahahahahaha…

    3. That is just the way Andy is. He sips from straws and sits to pee. He’s a real woman……this is the ‘twist this season’!!!

  19. Oh my god that story about David is disturbing! I got chills down my arms. To blind someone, how awful! They really did cast the most horrible people. It really makes me tear up. What kinda of people did they cast? Horrible.

    1. Are you really calling the careless actions of a child disgusting? He wasnt a grown man who intentionally caused harm to someone. He was a child who threw some dirt and accidently caused serious injury to someone. Do you not think that it gives David pain as well to know that he did that to someone as a child? Get your head straight and find some empathy.

      1. To be clear about my reply, I don’t really personally care what David did as a child. Freak stuff happens. I just hope the story isn’t true because that would surely be a tragedy for the person blinded having to live with it.

  20. Idk why ppl want Judd back!!!! That’s like adding another minion for Amanda to toy with. If Judd returns…..Amanda may actually…..WIN! Ugh!

      1. Keep aaryn in the house… I know a lot of people dislike her, but fact is she is the only competition champ and is trying to fly low till she can strike at Amanda. She will be the only HG to put her up, as she was the only one so far to even put Helen and Elissa. She was the only one to blindside in a Double eviction. You want Amanda gone? Hopefully aaryn stays

  21. The title made me want to vomit.

    Is Helen being her true delusional self or is she feeling guilty for booting Howard & Candice out the house while Amanda was on the block with them?

    Helen had squad, she had Elissa, Candice, Howard, & Jessie.

    Spencer & Howard would have gone after Amanda together but after Howard got evicted Spencer had no power and now he’s just the weekly pawn every week….

    Elissa was ready to ride for Candice and she had Jessie on deck and they could have possibly worked a deal with Judd but Amanda had to get rid of anybody close to Helen so she could reduce the house to just the hate-mongrels.

  22. These guys are really dumb. As bad As I want Helen gone, El winning OTEV should’ve been a red flag for everyone. That comp is physical and mental and from they were saying, she just tore it up. These dummies don’t know that yoga takes some serious physical and mental strength. She’s been playing possum the whole time. If she flips the house like her sister did, that’ll be legend— wait for it—-dary!!!

  23. Oh Helen, why did Howard, Candice, and Jessie have to go again? Oh, that is right, they wouldn’t do what you said immediately and tried to rally to get Amanda and Aaryn gone. I guess you will be blaming them for messing up your game at the jury house. LOL. There problem was not ditching you and going on their own with Spencer and Elisa and letting GM know that she was free to vote the way she wanted because there wouldn’t be a “House Vote” aka Amanda decision.

  24. Amanda may be a skank. But Helen is a snake and one of the phoniest people I’ve watched on TV. And she’s ignorant. Too bad Elissa can’t see it. They are uncomfortable to watch when they are having conversations with each other. Glad she’s leaving and the only other thing I would like to see is Amanda give it to Elissa straight sometimes after the POV ceremony. And tell her the Helen that she sees and hopefully it will land but I don’t think it will fully until she watches the show back or someone tells her. Amanda is a lot of things but she can read people good and knows who and when to take advantage the openings that are handed to her and her lazy boyfriend.

    1. Amanda can’t read people….she believe Howard was some big brother genius that control the house…believe Judd was MVP and plotting to get her out…,,,
      She is always high on medication and booze……All she does is corner you,,,ask you a million question and yells alot to intimidate you…..it’s bully tactics…and since the house is full of weak people….. it works…..

      1. My comment wasn’t and O’ Hail to Amanda. Like or dislike her she’s reads people and the game much better than Helen. Being able to read people or a situation doesn’t mean you are exact all the time. She may have been wrong about Howard as far as his abilities but she wasn’t wrong that he was an obvious threat to her game. Which he and Spencer both would have been if they were able to win at least on HOH. She wasn’t off base that Helen was throwing Elissa on the bus. And she wasn’t wrong in thinking that Helen would actually fall for a fake alliance with McCrae and Andy to get Amanda out. I know she’s a bully but those tactics only go as far as the other adults allow her to use them on. She’s pretty effed up like the rest but she’s been able to facilitate some moves at really good timing and make use of the weak minded people going against their own interest so far. It all may bite her in the ass but that’s going to be up to the flighty ones getting a clue and going after she and McCrae both.

  25. Seriously. Helen KNOWS Amanda is the mastermind coming after her but still thinks they need spencer out of the house?! GAH Helen you’re killing me!!

    I like Andy personally and think at this point his rat-like social game is working for him. We will see how long that lasts.

  26. Helen got way too cocky. I will rejoice when I no longer hear her phony cheers and her constant lies. EVERY person on the BB house knows shes lying, poor typical politician. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL I HEAR REAL TEARS

    1. id lik to pak helens cocky. dey no how to getz it dun fur $10 or lez.goze ahed andz giv me da tumbs down now cuz id still spunk dat azz

  27. Helen is in such denial it’s actually pathetic to see. I never thought I would say this, but it’s almost borderline retarded how badly her view of the house is. Aaryn is playing a much better game than Helen. As smart as Helen has played, she’s actually pretty stupid and easy to manipulate. Amanda turned her head in circles.

    Nobody is going to ever vote out Amanda because for some odd reason they are afraid to. Everybody in that house is afraid of her wrath, therefore they create fictional reasons as to why it is best for their game to bring Amanda further and further. The truth is, nobody will just come out and say “I’m a coward and I’m scared of her”

    In all honesty, if Amanda and MC make the final 2, this cast will go down as THEE stupidest cast in the history of Big Brother, and I’m not just saying that because I don’t want them to win. It’s true, every interview they give, every TV appearance they make, every fan they meet, and every question they ever face surrounding the game will be “Were you crazy letting a showmance go all the way to the end?” Amanda and MC make final 2, and the reputation surrounding the entire cast will always be known as the morons that let a showmance get to the end. Genius.

  28. On the David story Aaryn told…
    HELEN: Ah man ..i wish David had told me this….i would of not evicted him first….Ah man….he wouldn’t had been the first…ah…ah…


    Im sure the kid would rather have his eye sight than money

    Since Aaryn always blames other for her actions…..she probably blames the kid for getting blind and not David…..and is probably mad at the family suing to pay for the medical cost because of the incident.


    1. Quit posting your same comment, we got it the first time you posted it on previous page…..as you’ve done before. You’re more attetion-seeking than some of the HGs.There’s enough comments to read, we don’t need to read the same thing twice.

    1. Aaryn’s putting all the pieces together and holding Andy to the fire. The HG that comes back is gonna change everything now.

  29. At around midnight BB time (Sun into Monday), Aaryn and GM in HOH. Aaryn talking about putting up Amanda! What!?!?!? The light bulb finally went on. This would be a mega move, just what the game needed. But will she have the guts to carry it out?

  30. STFU STFU Andy. I want to slap Andy! SHUT UP!!!! Pleaseeee bb gods put your hands on Aaryn and let her put Amanda up! But she won’t cause she’s stupid.

  31. STFU STFU Andy. I want to slap Andy! SHUT UP!!!! Pleaseeee bb gods put your hands on Aaryn and let her put Amanda up! But she won’t cause she’s stupid.

  32. Ugh! So frustrating. People see right thru Amanda yet still do nothing.

    Also, it drives me crazy when Helen says that the reason she is being targeted is because of Elissa. She can’t admit to messing her own game up.

  33. I think Amanda fight with Aaryn is to let her know that she is still the biggest bitch in the house…so respect her…..Amanda knows she can build Aryan up and tear her down when she wants to……if Aryan wasn’t Afraid of her she would put her up as replacement nom…but she’s afraid…..,,Amanda always checks Aaryn…

  34. Ummm…why are you calling david horrible? Aaryn said it was when he was a kid. He threw some dirt and it went in his eye. Must have been sand. The little rocks can do that. He wasn’t intentionally trying to blind a kid. All kids throw sand or dirt at some point. One kid starts the rest follow. It was a terrible accident I’m sure. He was in the house a short time and u don’t have the right to judge him based on a part of a story you heard from another person who may not have all the facts. And why do u find it necessary to compare the situation to a black person. Not everything is about race. You people make it worse with your contant racial references when nobody says anything about race in manycases. You look for trouble when there isn’t any and that makes the situation worse. No wonder people are still discussing race on here. You people bring it as much as the house guests

    1. Very good points made. People just love to judge others. And if they are judeging others about judgements they made, its even better.
      People are hypocrites till the end.

  35. See?! All you people and your conspiracy theories running around saying th game is rigged for Amanda she’s going to go home this week. watch what I tell you. maybe now people will stop crying on this board so much.

    1. BD22 …I hope you are right, but by 4 am Amanda had fixed everything with Aaron and spent a while making sure Helen didn’t get alone time with Aaron..they had a 3AM meeting and smoothed everything over. I was really hoping that Aaron would just make the big move for her own game. I just want them to finally get Amanda out of the house. And I’m not sure who I want to win, I guess I will cheer for Clowny to make it out of this house in one piece. Can they vote for Clowny to win the grand prize and then he gives it to a charity that he sets up for the health and well being of stuffed clowns around the world. He would get my vote….hahaha

  36. Without knowing who is coming back in the house… its hard to decide who would be better to put up next to Helen… it doesnt seem fair that the person who will come back in the house isnt made apparent to the house guests prior to the veto ceremony. It would make a huge difference in everything. If they return prior to the eviction and get a vote… especially it will make a huge difference. When does the jury member get to come back in the game… before or after eviction?

  37. Really? could it really be happening? Amanda going to jury? is Aaryn finally wising up? is Andy really seeing what Aaryn put in front of him? OMG this is GREAT!!!

    1. No, it’s starting to look like Aaryn just made some noise to A- throw suspicion off the 3am alliance, but B- at the same time letting the 3am alliance know that she’s more than just a pawn and you better start taking her seriously and C- putting Andy in check. Seems like she’s tired of him skating and wants him to feel a little heat. She has definitely started playing her end game.

  38. I hate myself for this and I might have bad mouthed this girl but Aaryn might win bb15 if she stayes on the streak that she’s on

  39. So Amanda said McCrae lost Judd, that aaryn will lose GM at some point, Andy’s losing Helen and spencer eventually.

    It’s hard to know what these idiots are thinking without the insight of DR sessions but the first thing that would pop in my head is when does Amanda lose mccrae?

    Prolly at the end of the game when he wins half a million and goes home to girls more than willing to throw them self at him.

  40. I think that Amanda is a witch and put some kind of spell on these people. Every time somebody gets close to wanting to evict Amanda, they change their minds or say the time is not right. Seems very odd and strange to me. Or, maybe she put a spell on herself to win. Either way it goes, something spooky ookie is going

  41. Without any confirmation I think it is safe to bet that the David story was fake, just a ploy for sympathy so people like Helen would be “Oh I will vote David to get the money. His family really NEEDS it!”

    1. Oh get real – not everything is a conspiracy – she’s got more important things to worry about than getting votes for a guy she knew for a couple of weeks.

  42. If Aaryn puts up Amanda as the replacement, I will forgive everything else she’s done this season and will actually start rooting for her…

    1. TOTALLY!!! I just hope they don’t start “flip-flopping” and doubting themselves…Come on Aaryn, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Could you imagine!?!?

  43. Everyone knows the power couple in the house and the who the at is but yet know one wants to be the ones to take them out.

  44. Still hate aaryn – but this move would finally save this season. If she pulls this off this may finslly change the predictsble winner of BB15 (McrAnda). Thanks Andy.

  45. I think these HG (guys included) are just afraid of Frankin-Manduh. Both phsyically and psychologically. She’s big, talks loud and stares them down to intimidate them, and it works, each of them cowers down to it. Although she was set back on her heels when Spencer told her to “shut up”, she didn’t expect that and it momentarily put out her fire. If more people started calling her out she would lose her “power”. Too late for that though, not many people left, just sheep.

  46. McCrae telling Helen that Amanda will be mad if he does not do what she said ! WTF ! McCrea she could DROP a house on your head and that would be okay with you too! Amanda and her need to CONTROL everyone in the BB house – bc – in her “real world” she is WEAK and gets WALKED on CONTROLLED by ex-boyfriends – family – friends (if she has any?) Btw…isn’t the head dog at CBS also Jewish and married to Julie Chen ? N O! This show rigged? Imo. Y E S!

      1. What a fine collection of “blame the Jews” types we’re getting. Black Lion, Buddhistgirl, Betty Boops. Who’s next? C’mon, haters. show your true selves.

  47. How the heck did amanda storm into the HOH??? I thought they had cameras and always knew who was at the door or coming up the stairs. Did someone tip amanda off to let her know what was going down. Or was this just something fake that was concocted by 3AM ??? When I first started reading it my heart was racing and I was hoping that Aaryn had finally grown a pair. Then later on it says all is well with the 3AM alliance. Man, my heart sank.

  48. Helen will STILL be saying it’s “too early” to get Demanda out on finale night! Honestly one of the most pathetic cowards to ever waste a spot in the BB house.

  49. Hate on her if you must, but Aaryn is the only one in that house who deserves to win. She’s actually played the game brilliantly, winning competitions when she needs to and bringing herself from being the house pariah and a sure eviction to a position of power in the house. If she gets Demanda out, production might as well cut the check for Aaryn immediately.

  50. For everyone saying that David was a child so he shouldn’t be held accountable sound stupid. It clearly states that this happened in high school. Where I’m from high schoolers usually know right from wrong. It might not have wanted to blind the kid but he had to know that it would cause harm. Point blank

    1. How sad that all is ” right” in the world with the 3Am crowd again. But at least we now know that Andy’s dirty little secrets are recognized & coming out (so to speak).

  51. This season hasn’t had any good players with the exception of Aaryon, but what keeps me coming back is the absolute hatred for the idiots in the house.

    Like many people, I just don’t want to see Amanda, Aaryn, GM or Helen win. I’m rooting for the lesser of the two evils.

    I’ll be interested to see the backlash against Amanda. Her family must be so ashamed of her. GM’s family probably don’t care given her ghetto upbringing.

  52. Interesting turn of events.

    Now let’s see if Aaryn has the conjones…to either put up Amanda/McCrae (preferrably Amanda):

    All she need is three votes to evict Amanda: Elissa, GM and Spencer

    This would really put Andy on the spot to show where his true alligance is. But no matter what he has been finally exposed as the sniveling little weasel that he is (I’m being really kind here)..

    But maybe the producers and production is trying to keep everyone satisfied with just the drama…We shall see….

  53. I am new to this show (second year rookie), but why does this feel like a CBS drama? I feel like the villain Amanda will now shockingly get backdoored, causing all kinds of fights and drama, gets evicted (the crowd goes wild! hehe), goes to ‘jury’…then they bring everyone back for the return comp, and BAM!! Amanda, who hasn’t won a damn thing finally wins her way back in…n all hell breaks loose!!! PLEASE NOOO!!!!

  54. I can’t understand for the life of me why are these ppl afraid to put Mrs & Mr. McNasty’s asses on the block, they’re going to regret it if they both make it to the final 2!!! Aaryn’s not sure if she’s going to back door Amanda she only brought that up after a lil liquid courage, then told Amanda not to tell Helen what she told her & a few minutes earlier told Helen not to tell Amanda that they spoke, Helen you’re delusional to the 10th power if you believe they’re going to vote to keep you the only chance you have is to win against the other jury members & I hope you don’t because like everyone’s been saying you had your chances to get Amanda out but your response was it’s too early but guess what now it’s too late!! Now your ass will be in jury with the ppl you shldve kept if you come back in the house you’ll prbly be voted out the next wk & you have nobody to blame but yourself!! Ellisa needs to win HOH or POV if she wants any chance of staying in the house after this wk, Andy they’ve finally figured you out so stop thinking you’re in a good positon your ass will be in jury in the next few wks, * Gm & Spener are annoying as hell!! with that being said I wish these ppl would grow a pair & put the McNasty’s in the hot seat of not you might as well write them their checks!! These are the dumbest group of pple ever in the history off BB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Simon or Dawg,

    How did Amanda find out what was going on with Aaryn in the HOH room?

    12:38Am Amanda storms into the HOH

    Amanda: “lets just squash this shit.. right now.. I love you.. I wasn’t pissed off at you I was pissed off at McCrae”
    Helen and Andy scamper off.

    1. Yeah….I was wondering the same thing! For her to storm in and instantly go into this tirade of …OK, let’s squash this….how did she know what was even being talked about unless she just assumed that Helen and Elissa would probably be trying to save Helen with Aaryn or to put Amanda up and the latter is more than likely what she…Amanda…knew they were doing in the HoH room.

  56. I think most of us will support her putting up Amanda. But Helen needs to go next. I’m glad they finally see that including GM.

  57. It’s also more safe to say if Amanda goes now she is unlikely to win a competition that brings her back into the house.

  58. If Amanda goes, McCrae will finally get to play by himself and we’ll see what he’s made of. He’ll probably have a moment of clarity (hopefully).

  59. “Aaryn joins them tells them about Jessie making David rub lotion on her back.”

    She “made” him? How did she do that, I remember correctly, she ASKED him to rub lotion on hr back and like ALL men would be did. Nothing wrong with that, not sexual in any way.

    They need to stop making up shit about the girl, she’s gone.

    She wanted a showmance like every other women in there, she just didn’t open her mouth and legs like some of them did, she was just being flirty.

  60. “Aaryn tells them about the “Dirt Clot” thing with David. Apparently in High School he was messing around and threw s clump of dirt at a kid and the kid went blind.
    Aaryn:’ They sued his family and bankrupt them”

    So David was a bully? Some boys do crazy shit to get attention.

  61. Holy Toledo….what if…big if…Aaryn were to put up Amanda, get her evicted, and then Amanda turn around win the jury comp to comeback and walk back in that door…ooh weee…the drama that bitch would bring would be priceless!!! Of course, she would have to win the comp to return and we all know she isn’t any good at comps….unless this was part of the plan all along….hmmmm!!?!? Although she got off on the wrong foot in the beginning of the game, Aaryn has changed her attitude and even tho allowing herself to be manipulated by “Nasty Mandy,” she is strong at competitions, and I’m actually hoping she wins the game.

  62. “Aaryn comes back from the bathroom.. crying up a storm saying that she has done everything in this game for Amanda and Amanda is treating her like sh!t.”

    She better wake the fuck up and put Amanda up… if she wants to win this game, stop being a damn sheep.

  63. have a question for simon or dawg this is my 2nd season watching has anyone every won the whole thing after winning the first hoh like mcCrae

  64. This is awful. I’m sure I will get lots of negative feed back but. First of all it’s a GAME! It’s all about lying and deceiving. Why they take it personally is beyond me. That being said…..how CBS could let someone like Amanda win this game is absolutely horrible. Being a “good” person should always be the most important thing. Game play is one thing and OK. But bullying, racism, nastiness and being mean spirited is wrong! And it shows your true character. Amanda winning would only show that meanness and no morals and bad character will get you ahead in this life! It will show that doing the “wrong” this is the way to succeed. And it is the WRONG message to send society at this point!! My teen age son watches this and it is not what I have taught him nor what I want him to learn. It would be disgraceful. Only my opinion!

  65. Id lik to putz sum streeks in her indurwearz. id teech her a cuple of tings bout sum BBC! and dat aintz no big brother canida eider! yallz no wut BBC standz fur? helz ya i gotz me 8″ big faty fur dat plum azzweez can mak uz sum 1/2 breed babiez lik candice. dey be wite wit an afro helz ya. she be a hore to my BBC!!!

  66. OK, all you gullible pple, now tell me have you ever seen an hand full of dirt at your middle school that’s enough to be scoped up to blind someone ? i guess not, if he had said grass i would believe easily!! dirt lol!!!

  67. TWC has pissed people off !!! BUT those with cable from TWC and not able to get BB on CBS…should be glad for the break – bc this season of BB is going to go down as a SLOP – FLOP! These HG (some) may have college degrees BUT they fail from ” common sense”! Does not matter color of skin OR gay or straight…imo!

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