Slowly figuring it out “Amanda’s manipulated Me, Elissa and Aaryn this whole time ” Helen

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


4:35pm HOH Aaryn, Andy and MC

Andy:’ This week is showing you how committed I am to 3am because Helen will take me to the end
MCrae this has to be a unanimous vote
Aaryn about Helen: ” she thinks GM will keep her.. she’s been telling GM all these weeks that she likes GM more than me”.
Andy tells them how hard this week is going to be because Helen honestly thinks she is staying.
Amanda rolls in.
They tells Amanda their biggest concern that Elissa wins the HOH and puts up Amanda and Aaryn.
Amanda thinks it’s going to be Specner and GM or Spencer and Aaryn. They worry about the 3am getting exposed after this vote. Amanda says this week they can still hide it as long as they stay unanimous.

Amanda: “If Elissa gets HOH they need to talk Elissa into backdooring Aaryn” They will tells ELissa they promise to all use the Veto. Amanda says they will get her to put up GM and Spencer. With GM and Specner up it doesn’t matter who goes up as the 3am controls the vote.
Andy: “The only person that Elissa will listen to is you and me”
Aaryn leaves

MC: “Spencer wants Elissa out then Aaryn.. and he wants Final 5 with us and Gm”
Andy :”We’ll we’ll just let him think of that”
MC: ”He wants me to take him to the final 2 and he wants us to go to final 4”

Andy: “I still think we have our hooks in people that we can make it work”
Amanda: “Who to get out.. Spencer or Elissa”
MC: “Spencer is more loyal ”
Aaryn comes in says no way Spencer is loyal.
Amanda: “Lets look at his track record.. he’s a really good liar and he’s not stupid”
MC:”Elissa is a wild card and he knows there is nothing else he can do i this game”
Aaryn leaves
MC explains that Spencer has accepted the type of game he’s in. He has to stick to a strong group and hope they take him along to the end. MC adds that the fact Spencer isn’t winning competitions or making any plays is making him look like a great person to drag to the end.

Amanda says she wants to keep Aaryn until the final three. Andy agrees. Amanda explains why she is nervous about Spencer because he knows Aaryn is a strong comp player and will take them to the end. MC: “he knows she can win everything from here on in”

Andy says the OTEV didn’t require a lot of Skill he thinks it was a crapshoot , “Sorry Elissa”
MC: “I agree.. “
MC: “Either way GM and Aaryn will have to be broken up soon”
MC: “Aaryn wants GM here for a long time” MC says he wants GM gone after Elissa.
Andy: “The thing is I trust GM more than I trust Spencer and Elissa.. to be honest”
Aaryn rolls back in
MC: ‘Elissa has to go next week then spencer”
Aaryn: ‘Elissa is more likely to put me up against MC”
MC: “I Agree she doesn’t trust me at all”
Amanda: “And if Aaryn comes down I go up”
Andy: “Not next week’
Aaryn: “next week I really think she would put me and GM up or spencer.. “


4:53pm Helen GM Kitchen making slop balls
Helen: “You me, Aaryn and Elissa need to Talk”
Helen saying that Amanda and MCcrae are going to get them to kill each other off. They have been doing it all season. Gm and her need to flip the house and vote out Spencer then get the HOH and split up McCrae and Amanda. Helen says it’s up to her and GM because Elissa and Aaryn do not get along. THey need to come together and get Spencer out.

Helen: “They’ve been with me the whole game and now that we’re low on people i non the outs.. they will use Aaryn to do the dirty work”
Helen says Aaryn and McCrae talked Aaryn into putting them up together so the one surviving person would target Aaryn and GM.
Helen going on and on about how she’s worked so hard to keep Amanda in the game and now that Helen needs Amanda the most Amanda wants nothing to do with her. Helen says they need to show Aaryn that MC and Elissa are lying to her and using her since the beginning.

Helen: “She’s manipulated me Elissa and Aaryn this whole time.. I want Aaryn to see that”
GM:’ I don’t know why aaryn listens to her all the time if bother me.. she’s a f*** rat Amanda”
Helen: “If I won HOH next week who do you think Amanda will hang out with”
GM: “You”
Helen: “Exactly”

(Helen is doing the same thing that Candice and Jessie tried to do the only difference is Helen doesn’t have the numbers anymore)

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5:20pm Photobooth time

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5:52pm Kitchen GM and Helen

Gm is afraid whatever she tells Aaryn will get back to Amanda. GM brings up how Amanda was telling her that Aaryn is saying the GM doesn’t like her. GM: “Do I find her annoying YA but I never said I didn’t like her”

Helen: ‘She wants Aaryn for for her self”
Gm agrees says Amanda isn’t like them she’s not blonde and she’s double the size of them, “Go Away”
Helen: “She doesn’t want you and me and ELissa to be friends and unfortunately because Elissa and Aaryn have been at odds for so long.. You and I have to do it for them.. “

Helen and GM talking about Gm and Nick’s wedding. Helen says they should make the invitation a Big Brother Key.

GM: “Om my god I’m totally going to marry him.. “
GM: “Howard is going to be there because I need a token black guy..” She laughs Says she’s joking she has a girlfriend back home she will pair him up with. She’s going to invite all the production people, all the cast will be part of the wedding party

GM is counting who is in the wedding party.. She quickly corrects herself says she’s jumping the gun a bit she needs to count in Nick’s family.. Feeds flip to the backyard.

(LOL OMG too funny)

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

6:06pm CHit chat in the backyard Elissa doing her elissa yoga


6:16pm Elissa, Aaryn and Gm
Elissa smiling says they need to beat Amanda at her own game. They need to all vote out Spencer but make sure Amanda doesn’t know about it. Elissa adds that Amanda wants them all to be fighting with each other that is why it’s so perfect that they work together nobody will suspect them.
Aaryyn just smiles and agrees.. she heads up to the HOH.

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127 thoughts on “Slowly figuring it out “Amanda’s manipulated Me, Elissa and Aaryn this whole time ” Helen

  1. did anyone else fall out their chair dying with laughter when they showed that picture of baby aaryn with the sheepskin and everyone started shouting goat?

    1. See ladies….here are the flaws in this plan:

      1) Aaryn is wishy-washy… Andy, she appears to be loyal to the 3am alliance
      2) There is a twist come Thursday
      3) Amanda, McCrae and Andy will not be on the block this week…, talk is cheap.


      NOW…..A venting moment….I am sooooooo annoyed that Andy and McCrae have YET to be on that damn block…even as PAWNS!

      SMH…..I shall continue to sound like a broken record when I say this…..

      I am STILL waiting for Andy’s eviction!

      As for Aaryn’s HOH….I don’t care. The main players to really take out are still in that house.

      1. The Howard comment Gina Marie made was racist ? Why would she say a joke like that ? A toe kin black guy ? Takes me back to 1962 in Mississippi . Jokes like that ripp my heart out . None of you even know who i am and what i fought for . I helped change this country .

        1. James Meredith!!!, I know who you are and all about your history at Miss. State. A former University President here in Virginia told me all about you and those horrendous days in Mississippi of which parts he and his wife shared with you. In my opinion you are a true American hero and a very important social trail blazer. My uncle speaks of you fondly as well. It must be an extreme disappointment for you to observe the same “hate-speak”, social biases and self-proclaimed hierarchy based on skin color and attitudes you personally encountered more than half a century ago still exists in people 2 generations later. I only continue to watch as I am full of optimism that these few socially inept dinosaurs will find themselves as socially deficient in this civilized world where there are consequences for their actions and comments that they feel are just trivial. I feel privileged to respond to your comment. Respectfully submitted, Michael

      2. Helen is still being too careful, what she needs to do is get Spencer’s vote, then convince Aaryn to put up Amanda. The only problem is that Aaryn won’t do it because of her alliance to Amanda. but if Andy could convince her it would be possible.

        1. YESSSS Helen is an idiot! That should be her one and only mission right now. Get the target off your back. Put them in the hot seat.

        2. Seriously!! How ridiculous is it that her plan of action is to vote out Spencer when it should be to first have Aryn put Amanda on the block AND then rally votes to have her evicted! Forget Spencer! These people are SO DUMB! They’re giving Amanda the game! Helen deserves the boot.

  2. drip, drip, drip…helen, the pov ceremony is tomorrow, you don’t have much time left to figure this out.

    looks like amanda has gotten her way, again.

    1. Amanda is running the game! I hate how she is letting us know that things are going HER WAY week after week at the end of each episode. It’s kind if like
      CBS preparing us for the final. Aaryn has her reservations about the “couple” and Helen didnt take advantage of that. Her biggest mistake
      Was talking with Andy. Didnt Aaryn said to her “the couple and Andy” are working together. What’s her deal with spencer? He is a
      Weak player. Go and ask him, that should have been your inner circle not Andy. Why target someone like spencer who will never
      Win a competition. I hope jessi comes back and play with Aaryn, GM and spencer to take out the couple and Andy. Grrrr

  3. It would be funny if they all aligned together to get spencer out! Then jesse could return and team up with them and succeed in finally getting Amanda and mcpussy out!

  4. nothing is going to save helen (even though I don’t like her) because aaryn is now andy 2.0 since the 3 am alliance to fruition. she’s gonna run up and tell the king, amanda, everything elissa and helen are saying.

  5. Still stuck on Spencer when it’s Amanda they need to backdoor this week.

    Spencer would jump at the opportunity not to be on the block so he would vote for whoever Aaryn tells him to, GM and Elissa would vote for Amanda to go over Helen.

    All they would need to do is avoid talking to McRae and Andy about it.

    Aaryn could pretend Spencer would be going up and at the ceremony, put Amanda up.

    Amanda would still think she has the numbers but they would be voting her out.

    Of course wont happen, but would be the big game move everybody expects at this point

    1. Zath, you hit the nail right on the head.

      Helen needs to stop worrying about Spencer and they need to backdoor Amanda this week. .

      But evidently Helen is not as smart as everyone thinks. She is still willing to keep Amanda for one more week. Enough with the pussyfooting around, take a stand and say let’s get this b**ch out now. Break up the power couple; who have not won anything since week 1 and is running the house and having everyone evict their own alliances.

      I guarantee that GM, Elissa and Spencer would vote to evict Amanda then.

      Now that would be a big move…flip the house and take out the Queen B by backdooring her….

  6. I think Aaryn is smarter than people give her credit for. (which is why Mccrae is worried about her) She may be listening to Helen, but dont mean she is buying it.

    Helen is doing whatever she can to stay in the game.

    “Gm agrees says Amanda isn’t like them she’s not blonde and she’s double the size of them”

    Newsflash Helen you aint Blonde and neither is your Puppet Elissa.

    1. arryn takes Adderall to my son took that in highschool normally he wasn’t very focused when he took that he could disarm a nuclear weapon they better be careful game wise she deserves to win over everyone else but she will probably in reality win hoh or veto every week

  7. And you are only realizing this NOW Helen? Ugh. What a waste of a season. If I hear one of them say “it’s what the house wants” one more time, I’ll lose it. SHUT UP AND PLAY YOUR OWN GAME!

  8. @this season blows:
    yes it does. but you’re making assumptions… there are many ponds, depending where you look at it…
    where i am or where i come from… bb does not exist… so, i don’t know what the f you’re talkin’ about.
    and again, i agree… derogatory comments, should not be accepted in ANY media. gfy? does that mean: go f*** yourself? or go masturbate?

    @ex fan:
    everyones talking about this-and-that-person is evil and/or said this-and-that-about-other… haters/lovers of these so-called real people, in a so-called reality show… unfortunately it is a world-wide phenomenon… i can’t help it, and neither can you. i’m sorry. nothin’ personal.


  9. Can you imagine what GM would be like if Nick was in the house a week or two longer, Holy Toledo this girl is off her rocker.

    1. her’s julie during the next q&a comp:

      houseguests: between 1 & 5, name the number of boroughs in which nick has filed a restraining order against ginamarie!

    2. i think its kind of sick that helen is encouraging her and talking about her and nick’s wedding just to get information out of her and sway her to her side.

      1. Helen needs Gina’s vote really bad. Hence, she has no qualms about feeding into that girl’s delusional behavior.

  10. Helen will go down in BB history as the worst player to ever play the game.

    No other player in BB history has expended so much energy for such little return.

    The poor woman has ran her mout non-stop for an entire month and has nothing to show for it except knowing the fact that she helped advance her nemesis Amanda’s game without Amanda having to win a single competition.

    What a historical season! The supremacists in the house used the Asian-American to turn on all the other minorities and non-supremacists untill they had superior numbs and then they eliminated her! Brilliant!

    Amanda, Aryan and Ginnamarie may be the axis of evil but they gave us an insightful case-study on race-relations, and assimilation.

    Let this season be a lesson to all you non-whites who think cooking, cleaning, pep-talks, and ass-kissing can get you somewhere in an environment of intolerant whites.

    1. “Helen will go down in BB history as the worst player to ever play the game.”

      Sadly, she’s not even the worst player on this season. Still horrible at this game, though.

      1. Can you name me another player that has talked more “game” and been manipulated this easy after a hundred warnings?

        I have never seen somebody constant brag about their “game” while being played by a rat like Andy and not have one single clue about what’s going on, even Jessie had enough sense to see what was going on.

        Helen Kim is the most delusional and clueless player to ever play Big Brother.

      2. I agree that Helen has played a bad game. It has gone downhill since her HOH, but the honor of worst player ever still belongs to Lawon!

    2. That’s true, it’s amazing the amount of energy she put into the wrong approach. She clearly doesn’t have any street smarts as far as reading people correctly. Some of the situations that have went down almost seem obvious. But they were probably only obvious to the people who are now gone.


  11. Elissa has the weirdest facial expressions. On a different note I’m really glad to see Helen leave this week, the same thing she’s done to her so called friends is being done to her.

    1. Her face is so plastic she can’t do real facial expressions. She looks very strange. In this picture she looks like the joker.

  12. Is it me or has this season been the most info sharing ever on BB? The way information is told from HG to HG gets shared faster than a grumpy cat meme on Facebook.

    1. It’s because that slimy rat snitch Andy has managed to stay this long. Anything even remotely strategic that gets mentioned around him is immediately relayed back to Demanda.

      1. this season blows:

        you are correct about how Andy the Rat should have been gone a long time ago. He reminds of BB 3 seasons ago when the heavy set you kid with classes thought he would play both sides of the house against each other. the house guests found out and booted his butt out fast. What was that guys name?

        1. It was Ronnie from BB11 that Andy the Rat reminds me of in all his lies and playing nice and fake! I couldn’t stand that guy and I dislike Andy the Rat just as much if not more because no one seems to piece together just what a rodent Andy really is.

    1. I’m not so sure Judd would be useless. He’s not dumb $ is likely to much less trusting & more wary than before. Spencer or Elissa or even Aaryn may be able to clue him in on the reason for his demise. He is well aware Aaryn was used to get him out & at this point she may need him to get out McCranda & even Andy the rat all of whom she thinks might beat her at the end. She’s not as dumb as she seems :) Going to the end w/ any of Judd//Spencer/GM/Elissa is far more likely to be a win for her rather than Amada/McCrae/Andy. We shall see.

      1. Judd has a better poker face than Jessie and Candice. It was so good Amanda and Helen couldn’t tell what he was up to. Jessie and Candice are so easy to read and they’re bad at comps and have NO social game…Why would you pull for someone who can’t WIN? Dude.

  13. Someone needs to tell AA to listen and not make the same mistake Helen made. I hope AA is smart enough to keep this to herself and watch. She wanted Spenser out why would she let someone else make whats’ best for her game. Anyways, Helen will be voted out but guess who will be coming back??? Hope it’s Helen really can’t see the others doing anything. Judd, will continue with Mc and Spenser and will get burnt. He will put up helen and AA only a good move for Am.

  14. Helen, you dumb ass, you are going home! You are only making a bigger fool of yourself if you think GM is going to work with you after you just told her you wouldn’t keep her in a final 2 between Aaryn and her. Plus they all know you’d keep Elissa over both and that if Elissa won HOH she is gunning for them not Amanda and McCrae. Your manipulating is over Dictator Helen. And you can no longer bully Aaryn because you don’t have the numbers to back it up. Just admit you played a shitty game and now it’s come to an end. Bye bye Helen. You egotistical rat.

    1. I do hope no one is falling for Helen’s crap….I hope she goes this week….I am so sick of her and how she thinks she is a Dictator. This year has been the biggest gossip group ever

    2. Yeah Elissa said something about Jessie getting evicted because she was after Amanda. Helen no Jessie was after me and Elissa disagreed. So for three weeks Helen ran around saying Jessie has to go for trying to get Amanda out and now Jess was after Helen because she can’t fathom that this is her own fault and SHE played a bad game. It’s not much but I’ll give Elissa this, she sees the game better than Helen. Besides knowing getting rid of Jessie was a mistake, she knew Aaryn would put them up together. Helen seemed, well clueless.

  15. why is helen and elissa trying to get spencer out , the pov hasnt even been used yet , they should be trying to get amanda up as the replacement

    1. Par for the course with this season and they way they attack. It’s no wonder they are handing Amanda the game each week.

  16. I can’t believe they are figuring it out now that Amanda is manipulating people I mean come on she hasn’t won s*** and everyone does what she says these people are something else

  17. Everything Helen is saying about the way Amanda is treating her now is exactly the same way Helen treated Jessie & Candice…When Helen, Elissa, Andy, Aaryn & GM were talking, instead of threatening GM & Aaryn with Elissa putting them up if she wins HOH, why WHY didn’t they say Elissa would put up Amanda & McCrae! And Helen runs & gets Andy first thing??? Stupid!!! Her whole pitch was twisted…

  18. Amanda talking smack at the end of CBS episode about Helen saying “Don’t feel too safe Helen, because there’s nothing better than a good old fashioned blindside”. Hopefully It will be Karma next week and the very words Amanda spoke to Helen will come back her in the big a**

    1. There’s a chance since Aaryn can’t compete for HOH. But Elissa, GM, and Spencer haven’t exactly competed well, themselves…..nobody has except for Aaryn.

  19. Sigh. The sad thing is, Amanda really hasn’t manipulated anyone…at least she hasn’t had to make any real effort. They have pretty much volunteered to do what Amanda wants for no apparent reason. I have never seen a person do so little, yet find themselves consistently in such a strong position as Amanda has this season. Helen should have been the counter-balance to Amanda, but instead chose to work with her to her own detriment. That is what has been so maddening for us fans this season. Rather than having two or three or more alliances working against each other, we had two working together to empower one. Just stupid gameplay by Helen for the last several weeks. She is trying to blame Jessie or Elissa, when it is her own lack of foresight that is about to get her eliminated. Had she listened to Jessie a couple of weeks ago…maybe the power structure would be a little different.

    1. Exactly, that’s why nobody with common sense takes Amanda’s game seriously. All she did was make simple suggestions and these idiots went with it without thought like sheep.

      Helen had the influence to twist this game around in her favor, and took the “house” but she willingly chose to be a sheep.

    2. Exactly, and I had high hopes for Helen which were deflated the day after she won HOH when she started to insert her brand of politics into the house culture. And sadly, the one is is benefiting the most from it isn’t her because she seems to be a condescending know-it-all and a control freak.

  20. Here is amanda’s resume info listed under special skills. Google it yourself. She has worked with CBS and is in Reality Production as well as real estate. Bb is fixed for her to win. I am done. I have stopped watching. I never knew this show is rigged till i read that article and just checked out her s.florida resume.

  21. at the finale…

    julie chen will pull a plug…

    all the house guests will wake up… as will all viewers.

    “inception america…”

  22. All of you guys are so right! You must be BB experts! Gee! Anyone who can manipulate everyone in the whole house into taking down the people she wants without having to win….idk….ANYTHING???? They are for sure AWFUL BB players.. You’re right, her attitude sucks! She says mean things and acts like a skank. But she’s a good player. She knows what she’s doing.

  23. Helen’s time is running out… I’m still waiting to hear the “Elissa you miss your family and you should be with them and use the Veto on me” speech

    Elissa: (In a typical response to Helen) Yeaaaa

      1. You think so? Convincing someone who can’t think for themselves who is home sick to leave the game? I think Elissa would be dumb enough to do it.

  24. AMANDA HAS GONE BEYOND being the “deep throat” in the BB house! BITCH IS THE WORST OF THE WORST …. “cutthroat”!!! Is there nothing she won’t do?…the BITCH sits on her crusty ass and ORDERS the HG’s around like they R dogs – do this!…do that! If I was in the house for a day – I would KNOCK her Fake Ass Down…HARD! If anyone had her for a Realtor…better check your mortgage papers – she probably “screwed” them up!?!

  25. The show is already pre planned. Amanda and Elissa will be in the final 2. That is how CBS wanted it. Just wait and see, those will be the ones sitting in the final 2 chairs.

    1. Of course it is rigged.

      Rachel is the second most popular player to ever play Big Brother only after Big Jeff. The Brenchel Army would be pissed if Elissa went home. Production will try their best to rig it in Elissa’s favor. Amanda is a friend of the producers, so production will also try to help Amanda.

  26. Love them or hate them (and believe me I hate them!) but Amanda and mcdick have played a perfect game. They have Undercover Andy and CompMaster aaryan doing all the dirty work and they just sit in the hot room disgusting the viewers. I can’t think of a better played game. They have never even been considered to being put on the block and if they have within minutes knew about it. Honestly, I hate them but I do have to hand it to them. I can’t see this going any other way. Whoever comes back will be gone in the shortest time possible.

  27. Its hilarious hearing Helen talk about who knows how to “Play the Game”.

    This idiotic woman just told Elissa that if she leaves then the only person to trust is Andy! GTFOH!!
    Has there ever been a more clueless and delusional HG than Helen Kim?!

    This woman literally Ignored every warning from her friends and then threw them all under the bus and got them evicted just so she could give the sole remaining member of her alliance the worst advice in BB history!

    I would gladly pay a months rent to see the look on Cadice & Jessies face when they first see Helen with tears in her eyes walking towards the Jury-House for the competition.

    1. Don’t forget that she is the one behind back-dooring Judd, too. Judd was more or less aligned with McCranda, but probably not so strongly so that he wouldn’t have flipped as the numbers started to work against him. Helen saved Aaryn. She had Helen’s back early. That is when Helen should have made a “big move” and gone after Amanda or McCrae. Now is three or four weeks too late.

  28. Did Amanda really say in front of Andy and McCray that she wants to keep Aaryn for the final 3, if I was Andy and McCray I be worried, this means one of them is not in the final 3, and guess what boys it is going to be Amanda and AAryn in the final 2, she just slipped up. The question is, did either of the boys hear it and understand what it means for them.

    1. I was wondering the same thing, I figured it was just a typo? Does not matter if she did say it, if they actually caught it (unlikely as they are supremely stupid), Amanda would just bully her way out of it, or better yet get Helen to back her up.

  29. GM, don’t fall for Helen planning your & Nicks wedding, every “friend” Helen has she turns on em & evicts em…Oh, it’s happening, here we go on the feeds! Helen just asked Amanda if she’s gonna vote Spencer out & Amanda said “I was going to but I’m not now”……………

  30. I do want Helen to go this week but as a lesson learn. She will understand what it felt like for the others. She still has not learn the lesson yet. She will once she walks out the door and face Julie Chen. She will have the look of disgrace on he face. However, I think out of all 4 evicted Helen has the most infor to come back put everything aside
    And go after Amanda.

    She will take Amanda down and the rest will follow out of embarrassment. She will have the mental controll and info to do it, where as Candice , Judd , Jessie lack.

    1. Gotta win a HOH first, probably. the 3AM alliance is pretty well established and known, now. Whoever is left will want to break them up. Aaryn and Amanda are likely the top 2 targets remaining if GM, Spencer, Elissa, Helen, or the returning juror win HOH. No reason to expect any out of that group to win anything when it matters, though….they haven’t all season.

  31. Helen: “If I won HOH next week who do you think Amanda will hang out with”
    GM: “You”
    Helen: “Exactly”

    Too late Helen, you sheeped when you should’ve been thinking about your own game, Howard,Jessie, and Candice told you what was going down and you wouldn’t listen, and continued taking out guaranteed allies.

    Excellent work protecting glorified floaters, Helen, now you’re being taken out by them.

    KARMA is indeed a BITCH.

    1. Honestly, everyone left is a floater except for Aaryn. Nobody has won more than one comp except for Andy’s HOH/Veto the same week. Every competition that excludes Aaryn is wide open.

  32. “Amanda says she wants to keep Aaryn until the final three. Andy agrees. Amanda explains why she is nervous about Spencer because he knows Aaryn is a strong comp player and will take them to the end. MC: “he knows she can win everything from here on in”

    Now, color me “stupid”….but if Amanda wants to take Aaryn to the final three and this is what she said in front of McCrae and Andy. Then, WTF, why did McCrae and/or Andy say, well who do you think is going to give up there spot Andy or McCrae?

    Amanda is overplaying her hand now and it may bite her in the ass. Andy should be nervous because I don’t see Amanda foresaking her boytoy…..

    1. Wait a minute, she told Andy that she wanted to keep Aaryn til final 3, does this fool not know that final 3 doesn’t include him?

      I’m starting to believe they’re being paid off and are supposed to carry Amanda to the finals, I just can’t believe these people are that dumb.

  33. Aaryn seems to have Amanda and McCrae figured out. Let’s see if she is smart enough to deal with that properly. Or maybe it’s just an act for Helen.

    I am having trouble figuring out what is good about keeping amanda and mccrae for Aaryn’s game. How do they benefit her game more than helen?

    And if Spencer is out floating in a boat by himself (or at least he was, now they got the geeky males alliance), why is he such a threat? Even Helen has to know that getting him out wouldn’t be a big game move.

    … and Helen keeps telling Andy stuff. oh boy, she’s dumb

  34. Would like to know what McCrae had planned for his game?BEFORE becoming-pussy-whipped by Amanda and her vixen…WAYS? He has MORE than blood on HIS hands-now! He has been too distracted bc of that BITCH and it most likely will cost him $500 K. Oh well! He has to be crazy and hard-up to ever see her after BB?

  35. dawg why do we got to listen to amanda every time at the end of the show america dont like her in she will no it when she get out in ask do you want me to sign your shirt an the america people say why we hate you we know she going to win for cheating thats what make america mad to be on a show so somebody could win is unfaire she probaly going to have a party in a good time we all know you ant the best you suck amanda

  36. I love how Helen is obsessed with getting the one last person actually interested in getting Amanda out…just clueless.

  37. since amanda going to win this rig show that dont mean mcrea should be the final 2 it could be gm aryan elssia spencer but i bet they make it mcrea i belive next year nobody will watch big brother us they will watch big brother canda you kow dawg

  38. I honestly believe GM doesn’t care if she wins or not. The only reason she wants to stay in the house is because Aaryn is in the house and she gets to see Nick’s picture on the memory wall. She really thinks she has won Nick, so the money doesn’t matter to her.

  39. I despise Amanda and have never felt this away about a BB contestant before. She is a vile human being. At this point, I could only really hope that Elissa or McCrae (who hid behind Amanda all summer) win. I also hope that McCrae dumps Amanda after the show. Now that pretty much all of half way decent people have left, the rest of the season is a waste! UGH!

  40. Its funny how elissa always looks like shes doing the duck face……..i hope final 3 is mc aaryn andy even though aaryn has made some stupid racial comments she has played the best game

  41. Isn’t it jumping the gun saying you are going to quit watching because it’s rigged for Amanda to win, when she hasn’t even won yet?

  42. awwww, Helen says Amanda hasn’t been paying her enough attention & she didn’t like it that Amanda was getting close to Aaryn… wow! I wonder if at any time Helen in honest with herself & realizes she is saying exactly what Jessie & Candice were saying…Helen now throwing Aaryn & GM under the bus to Amanda, Amanda tells Helen she’s just gonna go with what “the house” wants to do….HAHAHA

  43. And I just thought of something. Whoever gets evicted Thursday won’t be going to jury because they will likely hold the competition for a jury member to re-enter the house, right away. That means if the newly evicted HG wins the right to go back in, then they had no chance to compare notes with the previously evicted HGs. So nothing would change in that situation. That kinda sucks.

  44. I guess they gave Ginamarie a letter with Nick’s name to get her to shut up. Lol. Look at the picture of her in the photobooth

  45. I love it! Helen just told Amanda she kept her safe all those weeks & Amanda said “no you didn’t Helen, you didn’t have the votes”…..Helen called Spencer over & he just totally outed Helen, said “Yeah, she has been saying she wanted Amanda out…

  46. Isn’t Amanda related to someone in production ? That is why the big-mouth, big a** is still on the show. If she cries one more time for losing a comp, I’ll scream.
    She’s so bad at this game, it isn’t even funny

  47. Ya’ll think if we let GM know we are on here talking about the show WE can get invited to her & Nicks wedding….wouldn’t that be FUN!!!, maybe a nail party afterwards……seriously though, can we discuss GM & that constant head scratching?

  48. Glanced at Nick’s twitter…. very little BB talk. I didnt see any Gina Marie talk. Something tells me the feeling are not the same for the both of them.

    Nick had Jessie following him around the house. Who would of thought at that time she was the normal one out of her and Gina Marie.

  49. I am not a fan of GinaMarie, but I’m really concerned about her obsessive delusional preoccupation with Nick. Don’t understand why BB doesn’t get her any psychiatric help for this unusual obsession and her bulimia. She really needs to be removed from the game for her own sanity. The other HG’s seem to think that this is funny and encourages this behavior. It’s very disheartening to hear her talk about wedding invitations and Helen encouraging her to make wedding invitations in the shape of a BB key just to get a vote to stay in the house. No integrity whatsoever

  50. Annnnd….Helen crumbles. She’s smoking, it’s over Johnny. Amanda now has more power than before! Like a mafia don

  51. This season is a disaster, make it stop. What I would like to see is what happens to these morons when the show is over and they go back home. Lots of surprises in store for them.

  52. Did I miss something that went down between GM and Nick? What on earth is she clinging to that makes her think he was into her? I wasn’t reading the spoilers at that point so maybe I missed some big moment between those two. Gosh if it’s this bad and he was only in the house for a few weeks, I wonder what it would be like if he was still in the house at this point.

  53. I would literally LOL if they all voted Helen out, and then Helen walks back in to play the game! I don’t want Helen to win, but it would be pretty funny to see her get to stick it to Amanda.

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