Tom Searches for the Diamond Power of veto “I’m going to go Osama Bin Laden on his A$$”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


9:40AM backyard Random Chit Chat

Lots of gambling talk.. Andrew about gambling with rich guys “I’m not going to get a boner.. I’m not going to do anything with your boner”

Talla mentions that they were given a stern warning from Big Brother about not waking up on time, “THE ALARM WILL GO OFF UNTIL EVERYONE IS UP”

There’s a lot of joking going around between Andrew and AJ. Andrew jokes that Aj has never been with a girl. AJ says he has the receipts it’s proof.
Andrew adds that AJ is the most shallow person in the house “What is the most important quality you see in a women .. Aj said ASS “
Talla: “I don’t have a big butt so I’m Gooood”

Andrew references mean girls, “Frenemies”
Aj: “Oh 38 years old man referencing a movie for 17 year old girls”
Talla laughs says the banter between Aj and Andrew is hilarious
Alec: “They are engaged in a battle of wits and AJ comes unarmed”


Andrew takes the pool noodle and starts playing with Talla’s foot.. she pretends to have a “Foot Orgasm”

Andrew see a bird in the backyard. Talla starts to scream. Talla: “Wheres the bird… You guys there’s a Bird or a Bat in here.. you think that is what I felt when I was sleeping?”
Talla is screaming like a fool.. Alec asks her to please be quiet. Talla grabs the pooll noodle to go scare the bird away. She says she is too scared and decides to leave it alone.


10:30AM Aj and Talla Smoke hole
Talla says if it’s endurance HOH she’s going to throw the comp to Jillian again. AJ: “Thats the smart thing to do make a deal and let Jillian get the blood on her hands”

Aj is thinking that the HOH is going to be quick. AJ: “They want the HOH to end during the Live Show” (What the hell what live show.. you mean production is still telling people this lie) Talla doesn’t think so.

Aj and talla start talking about todays competition and whether it’ll be endurance or a quiz. Aj mentions it could be double eviction but it’s a bit early for that. Aj adds that all his speculation about the show is going by Big Brother US not Big Brother UK.
AJ: “As much as people think this is like the UK it’s more like the US.. Almost nobody in Canada watches the UK.. Peter and Alec are the exception”
AJ believes Big Brother Canada is modelled much more after Big Big Brother US, “There are a slight UK resembles because of how the Fans are involved they have never had a power play for example”
Talla agrees says she never watched Big Brother UK but she says more people in the house think this season is modelled after Big Brother UK.
Talla: ‘I think Liza is going home”
AJ: “SHe’s definitely going.. she’s not campaigning. she even said herself”
Talla: “I asked Gary if he was going to cry and he said yes”
AJ says In all fairness she’s not the person I wanted to see go this week but she played poorly. (WOW didn’t know Talla and Aj still thought LIza was going home,..,,)

Aj and talla finish their smokes, Talkla says she now has to go to the bathroom


11:00AM Hot tub Emmett, Tom, Andrew

Tom talks about Andrew’s knees and how freaking they are. He’s glad to see they are getting better.

Tom jokes that he’s had that before (The Zombbie rot knees) “Around my penile area but that was crabs.. Kidding”
Andrew: ‘And the cameras zoom in on Toms Dong”
Tom: “I’ve never had anything a little pill can’t cure”
Tom starts pretending his “Dong” is his arm (See screencapture above)
Andrew mentions Willie during Big Brother 14 who got removed from the game. Tom jokes that he should get Talla mad at him and slap him.

They start joking about Emmett and Tom fighting in the house. Tom says he would kick Emmett in the balls and run.
Tom: “I’m going to go Osama Bin Laden on his A$$”
Andrew: “Into the cave… Into the Cave “

Tom says he was warned about getting involved with girls prior to coming into the Big Brother house. Andrew notes that it’s weird there is so many people “Hooking Up” in this season because normally there isn’t more than 1 couple.
Andrew: “AJ and Talla.. it’s going to happen”
Tom and Emmett: “REALLY?”
Andrew: “MR sarcasm.. remember me”
Emmett thinks Talla likes Peter.
Tom: “I don’t think he knows what to do with her.. Bless his heart but we’ll need to give him pointers”
Andrew about Aj “he’s my buddy and everything.. he says she’s (Talla) so pretty.. He’s as shallow as a mouth full of spit” .. Andrew says they all know each other now and it’s a totally different “Ball of Wax”. Andrew implies that Talla may be attractive but isn’t really a interesting to talk to.

Tom leaves on his way out he “wishes there was secret door containing a Diamond Power of Veto


4:00PM HUSH HUSH The live feeds will most likely be down until at least the middle of the “live” episode if not after it. With the double eviction there is a lot going on inside the Big Brother Canada house.
5:30pm HUSH HUSH

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Simon wrote, “What the hell what live show.. you mean production is still telling people this lie” I agree! I think’s it a big steaming pile of you-know-what that they tell this lie to the HG’s and to those watching.

As for Talla and AJ still thinking it’s Liza going home…I love how Andrew covered his butt last night with AJ.

Andrew is well aware it’s Tom going home and even lied to AJ earlier in the evening when he was in the shower. AJ asked, “It’s still Liza?” Andrew said Yes. So, to cover his butt with AJ, last night when they were talking in the “smoking hole”, he told AJ, “If they tell us last minute it’s Tom, I’m voting Tom.” This way, AJ won’t get mad that Andrew voted Tom out, and even if someone tells AJ Andrew knew all along, Andrew can simply say, “Of course I knew…at the last minute, just like you did.” Smart, I thought.

I think it’s clear by now I’m an Andrew fan. Lol ;) As much as I enjoy listening to Andrew and AJ banter back and forth, I think it’s time for Andrew to start distancing himself a bit more from AJ. Andrew is seen as a bit of a threat, but AJ is seen as a bit of a joke. I don’t want AJ to pull Andrew down with him (guilty by association?)


Watching the live feeds has made me love Andrew more. I think hes a funny guy in a sarcastic way, which I can really appreciate. I hope he makes it far.


I really hope Andrew sees this week as a chance to step up, get over the grumps and be a pirate after the loot.
I would’ve said “booty” but….


I am an Andrew fan too..he is very funny.


About production: last night Topaz said to Alec that she was glad that they do the eviction first so they will know right away.

That made me go Hmmmm

About AJ and Talla: topaz is supposed to talk to them today at about the 4 hour mark (before the show?) to get them on board. Alec said if you (gary) want a 9-0 vote they have to be told. And they can’t tell Talla too soon because she has a big mouth!

And i don’t think Andrew hanging with AJ will make Andrew guilty by association. If AJ is a joke that doesn’t make Andrew a joke. But isn’t that the whole idea? for ppl to not see how big a threat you are? Hmmm


Sorry for the double post!

I also wanted to add…I’m glad Tom opened up to Liza last night (in the hammock.)

I’ve always felt that Tom was not the evil guy a lot of people think he is. I think he’s just an immature 25 year old, who can be a bit of a “knucklehead” at times, doesn’t always think first and is a bit shallow…but, he’s also got a big heart, especially for his family. He’s just got some more growing up and maturing to do. He did let Liza get into his head (started thinking with the wrong head), but he’s not wholly bad. Some people relish in their villian status, I think he’ll actually be upset to realize how he was seen by Canada.


I don’t believe one w ord Tom has said about his life – NONE OF IT. The guy said hopefully there will be “titties” in the BB house, then said his mom had breast cancer? Something doesn’t fit. He’s a very small boy who tells us what he would “like to be” in his real life. Firefighters make very good money yet he says he doesn’t have a pot to piss in?


Apparently he was only a firefighter for 2 years. He said he made it all the way up thru the ranks, was in charge of men older than him. Then he went on to something else. Some ranger gig. And now he is bartending. He was telling Liza his life story when he made her that chicken and salad dinner the other night (among all the other times they have been sharing their life stories)


And Tom is more multi-dimensional crazy than Liza!
That’s fun.
I wish they could both stay. Sort of.


Long day.

Liza opens hear mouth and says the wrong thing –
like a tigress La Topaz is ready to spring!
But Jillian shows what East Coast girls bring –
Out go the lights! Liza hears birdies sing!

Honestly, (you can trust me), I’d trade Wallpaper Pete for either Liza or Tom staying.
I’d like to see him hurt himself making the Shield gesture.
Or Alec blindside him.

Tom’s strategy may be one-dimensional, but The Madness of King Tom is golden.


simon, it’s past time I said THANKS to you and DAWG !!
Can we POWERSHIFT so DAWG wins a poll?


Reading the comments has me wanting to put my two cents in.

First of all, this is Canada’s first Big Brother and and I for one am glad to have Canada included in the global variety of these reality shows. People making comments should be glad to have the show in Canada instead of tearing it apart for insignificant problems that don’t affect the show very much. When cheating was discovered and people objected, the production fixed the problem but little things can’t all be changed as dramatically. I’m sure as time goes on, production will learn and correct things.

Secondly, saying “THEY” lie when they say “LIVE” show is pretty common in all live shows. Some things can’t be done in the time frame of the hour show, which is even less with time out for commercials, so pre-taping them makes sense. And, seeing as this will be their very first double eviction, the production team might be seeing how long everything takes, as well as having time for recaps, goodbye messages and other live filming. The LIVE show is when the audience is there, the evicted hg walks out to be greeted by the host and sees the people there.

Thirdly, BB Canada shouldn’t be compared to BBUK or BBUS or any other BB. We are unique here and don’t need to follow the pattern of any other country. Canada is doing a good job, mishaps and all but none of the other countries run a perfect game so ours is GREAT!



I agree with Simon. Having a new cast with no veterans is a breath of fresh air. Gary is sooooo funny he keeps it light and I love his craziness, he will be a star after this show. Someone needs to take out Peter soon because he will win the entire game. Can’t stand the muscle heads and Jillian’s voice….what’s with the cookie monter talking? Liza needs to stop picking her disgusting teeth, and close her horse face more often. Does anyone else feel like Alec used to be one of those turbo nerds in grade school, the one with the really thick glasses which make your eyes look bigger (not to mention the retainer). Andrew and AJ are actually entertaining on the feeds eventhough AJ is annoying as hell. I can’t stand listening to Talla rant about nothing, half the time I have no idea what the hell she is talking about! I know I’m making fun of the houseguests but that’s what this show is all about :)



I agree with Simon and I think we have mentioned before that this is actually better than the US. Totally agree and understand that they are just learning how to walk with this being the first year.
My only problem with production is mostly on the live feeds. Where camera is on one group of people but the sound is on another group. Or that damn Ramada commercial comes on and scares the crap outta me because my volume is on max so I can hear them whispering! lol


I smell the stench of some who is close to production!
PS lying is lying no excuse for it


Does it really matter if the live eviction isn’t live and filmed earlier?? I don’t care when it happens as long as someone leaves the house and we get to watch it all unfold!!


I actually like Liza because she plays the game. Yes, she overplayed it, but I think that if she makes it past this double eviction, she’ll have a good shot of going far. She has Peter, Talla, and maybe Andrew and AJ. My prediction for tonight is Tom followed by Alex, Topaz, Gary, or Emmett.


Alec is not going anywhere any time soon. He has the votes to stay. I think we will see the Tom / Liza eviction play out as planned. It’s the easiest on the house


I am worried that if Alec is up against Topaz that he will leave.


OK, so why do I get “awaiting moderation” after every comment?


I actually want her to win HOH just to balance things out. I like Gary, Topaz and crew but I don’t want any alliance to get too powerful even if it’s an alliance I like.
A powershift week to week is what I wanna see.


Quack Quack


Talla is now set in my radar as one heck of an irritation. The gas coming out of her mouth is equal to the gas coming out of her butt! This girl is incapable of stringing words together in any logical combination to construct a full sentence and no matter how much I listen to her I can’t make sense of anything she says. Just one big jumbly twitch from her hands, her feet, her flailing arms, her lap dances, her squirmy eyeballs. One very strange chick. And she doesn’t seem to have any kind of strategy while being in the BB House unless she thinks that being a goofy twit will give her some sort of protection and longevity. I wonder how long can she last and how far can she go in this game?


Thank you for this Comment about Lala, as i thought it must be a lack in my knowledge of proper english, that i couldn´t understand what she is brabbling all the time.
I would like to thank Simon & Dawg for all your hard work_Greetings from Vienna, Austria :-)


I hope BBUS takes notice and realizes that this first season in Canada is going pretty well so far….Please let there be all newbies this summer!!
PS – I don’t mind that it’s not live….My kids love BB and there have been a lot of “cussing” that should be bleeped on the tv episodes….So if they can bleep out those, I will be happy. My kids know what they mean and have heard them before but its nice to kind of keep it clean on the tv shows…On here, on the live feeds and BB afterdark, I don’t care.


Thank you for this wonderful website! It is very helpful when I go to work and come home to read all of the events I have missed.

I would much rather see Liza’s skanky ass out of the house before the Double than Tom. I don’t like the way she leads Peter on and how she can be so “loyal” to Tom when she hits on other guys all the time. If she had just lay low and not played too hard too fast, maybe more of Canada would like her more.

Tonight is gonna be crazy!! Who cares if it isn’t taped live.. They don’t have to lie about it but the only shitty thing is that it means less feeds for Thursdays :( boo!


How come the shows are never live? Isn’t that false advertisement? And I think once they announce it’s a double eviction, Tom will be evicted.


Also, there are rumors of BBUS this summer bringing “some new faces and some familiar faces.” Thanks, BBUS, for bringing us the same thing we have been seeing for the past two years!!


And it’s not even true. A fresh, new cast is always better because they bring the drama. We don’t want to see everyone against the vets again -____- gosh that irritates me so much.


Did someone say “ratings”….

The Big Brother Network! 365!
Contestants need only prove their alive!
Big stadiums needed for audition herds!
You don’t have to talk sense, just use actual words!
Big Brother Brainiacs! Big Brother Geeks!
Big Brother Bimbos! Big Brother Freaks!
BB Anorexics! BB The Obese!
BB Dyslexics! BB Welfare Cheats!
All Women! All Men! Big Brother for Vets!
All Gay and Transgendered! Big Brother – with Pets!
BB Dads and Moms! Big Brother Ex-Cons!
Homeland Security versus Hookers and Johns!
The choices are endless and I could go on.
Point is, it’s just Product and we are all pawns.


In the UK they have a Celebrity BB series followed by a regular season series.

BBUS could do an All-star Series followed by a regular series with an all new cast.


I really hope that TOM will stay tonight and that Gary or ALex will end up leaving the bb canada,for they are they bullies in the house, Gary is tomuch of a show-off and he deserve to go…………………….Hope Tom as enough votes to stay

Mike Piff

Is it not a live eviction if there is a live audience witnessing what is happening??


Can they just get rid of Suzette already? Hell, yeah! This “aboriginal, plus-size, mama bear (ick) of three”, is one of the most annoying humans on television.




Liza’s surname is STINTON.

The Watcher

BBCanada is pretty great for a first season. Even better than some of the past BBUSA seasons.

My only problem is how hard the production have been so far with already a Powershift and today a Double Eviction. I thought these thing would come later on during the season… they cant give us all the twist and turn from the start because as the season goes on and house guests are being evicted we need to keep the game interesting with the different twist. But other than that. Great season so far Canada :)

They should make a season BBUSA all star Vs BBCanada all star XD ( but of course this is to early to make a show like that) I think Evil Dick would terrorize every Canadian in the house lmao!

Glad to see I am not the only one being bothered with the Ramada ad I also sometimes have the volume to the max to hear them talk and then BOOM ” YOU DO YOUR THING AND LEAVE THE REST TO US” Jesus it gets be every time!!!!

Andrew is super funny and seems like a nice guy all n all. He should get far if he start playing for real.


Although I’m sure their sponsorship has helped keep this year’s feeds free for us, I curse the Ramada Inn commercial every single hour!!!

I wouldn’t mind if they could somehow adjust the volume level it came up on, because I’m sure everyone watching the feeds does what I have to do – crank the volume to max to hear the whispering.

I can’t tell you how many heart-attacks and spilled coffee I had when I first started watching the feeds. Now, I just make sure to time when I opened the feeds and then 55 mins. later I refresh. It usually works, altho sometimes one does sneak by me.


Ann & The Watcher – OMG that Ramada ad is annoying the crap out of me. I think I’m going to have the visual of that dude on the table in catwoman pose etched in my brain forever, along with my ears being out of whack because of having to turn the volume up and down all the time.


K live means tapped in front of a live audience… What’s wrong with ppl how could they edit live!!!
Look up what live means!! Even big brother US does so live means LIVE AUDIENCE ppl


Pre-taping the “live show” just gives Simon & Dawg a chance to show off their worldwide, underground BB connections, and get us the spoiler results before airtime!


Live doesn’t necessarily mean love audience. Even sitcoms are taped in front of a live audience but they don’t advertise the show as being live… Live normally means in real time as if its going on as we are watching… BBC is definitely not live


“Live” means it’s happening in real time.

What you described (and what they do) is “Taped live” or “Taped in front of a live audience.”

I would have no problem if they told the truth – that’s it’s Taped Live. (Same goes for BBAD…which is also not “live”.)

George BBUS 1-14 fan

why does it matter live or taped eastern or west its still BB sheesh


We are too brainwashed with the US show, even though we know BBCanada is different.

I went to and could find nothing on those webpages that identified the Thursday show as being “live”.
I apologize for my earlier comment where I indicated that Slice was lying. I am disappointed that I did not check the website first.