Tim “You haven’t even seen me in full power yet.. thinking strategically & pulling a crazy move”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-20 09-33-30-766

12:35pm Hot Tub room – Cassandra asks Dallas who he would rather stay Kelsey or Raul? Kelsey’s my home girl. Dallas says to be honest I don’t know. Cassandra asks I wonder what Joel would want? Dallas says he don’t care. Cassandra says I figure you’re closer to Kelsey. But you’re going after Jared. Dallas says it doesn’t matter, its a win, win for me. Raul’s a better competitor. Cassandra says Raul wants to be here so bad. I feel like Kelsey is ready to throw in the towel. Dallas says I don’t know who I like more. It might just come down to that. I laugh at Raul more. He’s funny. Kelsey is better to look at. I thought about this last night … nominations are going to stay the same, unless someone tells me something out of this world. I would like it to be a majority vote. I want people to tell me what the house wants. Cassandra says I like both of them. Dallas says there’s speculation going around that … Cassandra says they made a deal and left me out of it. That’s why I was on the block and they weren’t. Dallas says you’re on that team and because you’re so close to Tim its almost like he’s on that team too. Cassandra says I feel safe with you and Maddy.. like if you or her won HOH you wouldn’t put me up. Dallas says and that’s 100%. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Dallas says if I vote out Kelsey and Raul wins then I have to worry about Raul and Jared gunning for me. Cassandra says Kelsey would do whatever Jared wants .. its like they’re one person. Dallas says with two votes. Dallas says I think Jared might be a more reckless player if Kelsey walks out the door… I don’t know. Cassandra says that Kelsey was about to tell everyone to vote her out and throw in the towel. Why would you do that?!

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-20 09-54-55-921

Dallas asks what do you think of the brothers? Cassandra says I don’t know where they stand. Dallas says They are playing everybody. They take, take, take and never give any information. Cassandra says she thinks Loveita has a deal with them. Tim joins them. Dallas tells him he is keeping the nominations the same. Tim says if Jared is a threat.. Kelsey is his biggest weakness. He is going to balance him out. Dallas agrees and says he’ll become reckless without her. That’s why I’m thinking of keeping her. Tim says with Jared and Kelsey you know their two votes will be the same. Dallas gets called to the diary room. Cassandra says that Loveita is going to fall under the radar. Tim- She has managed to get to that point where she has become the Sabrina. Tim reveals to Cassandra that he watched the entire Season 2 of Big Brother Canada before coming into the house. Tim says I haven’t decided yet if I want to win. If I get to a final six and they’re a bunch of jerks, I will fight to win. You haven’t even seen me in full power yet in terms of thinking strategically. And pulling a crazy move. That will get people thinking what the hell. I want to do that. If there is someone that we want gone I am more than happy to volunteer myself as a prawn… pawn I mean.

High Roller Room – Maddy, Ramsey, Loveita and Nick are hanging out chatting about random things.

In the backyard – Raul continues to rope the bull.

1:10pm In the kitchen – Joel tells Mitch that he isn’t sure if Dallas isn’t going to use the veto or not. I won’t be 100% sure until the veto ceremony is over. Joel telling Mitch that he wants to warn Tim that he might go up as a pawn if Dallas for some reason uses the veto. Mitch says I think that Kelsey is the person to go for. I think its better if she goes. Mitch says Kelsey going is better for us but other people may realize that and keep her because of it.

1:10pm – 1:40pm In the high roller room – Loveita and Maddy are talking. They talk about forming an alliance later tonight with Joel, Dallas, Ramsey and Nikki. Maddy says I personally want Kelsey gone. Loveita says I really do think she is bad for my game and your game. Maddy says if Kelsey wins HOH, it is me and you on the block. Loveita says I know that. Maddy says I would rather be final two with Cassandra than be Final 2 with Kelsey. Loveita agrees. Loveita says the first week everyone wanted Kelsey up and now this week everyone who wanted her to go wants her to stay. I think we just need to lock in our votes and have a good rest of the week. Ramsey joins them. Loveita tells him about forming an alliance tonight. Loveita says Nikki has already told me she’s voting for Kelsey to go. They agree they have five votes (Maddy, Dallas, Ramsey, Loveita, Nikki) with Joel as the tie breaker.

2pm Loveita and Maddy are talking to Joel. Maddy tells Joel that she has come to the conclusion about the brothers. When they’re in a room they’re like sponges. They’re the ones not on a side. Maddy explains how Phil hangs with Jared, Kelsey and Raul. And Nick hangs out with our side getting all the information. Loveita says that Nikki, Ramsey and Dallas are locked in to vote out Kelsey. Joel says and us.

2:10pm All the house guests gather in the backyard for Rual to finish completing the 1000 lasso’s of the bull.

In the storage room – Phil tells Tim that Raul and Kelsey are going to decide what who stays and who goes between themselves. Tim says then people would do the opposite. Tim says that Nikki wants Raul to stay. I think its best if Kelsey stays. Phil agrees. Jared joins them. Tim leaves. Phil tells Jared he’s in a sh*tty situation. Jared says what I want might not be what’s best for the group. We basically have to do what’s best in the group.

In the HOH room – Loveita tells Joel that she doesn’t know if Mitch is truly with us. Joel says if Mitch had won the rock, paper, scissors I don’t think he would have taken a shot at Jared/Kelsey/Raul. I think he would have gone the other way. Loveita talks to Joel about making an alliance with Maddy, Dallas, Ramsey and Nikki. Joel says he wants to. Loveita says we need to warn Mitch that he needs to lay low with his game play cause other people are starting to get suspicious.

In the high roller room – Jared talks to Mitch. Mitch says the reason people might not want to keep Kelsey is because you and her are more of a threat. Jared asks who Mitch would vote out right now? Mitch says probably Kelsey. Jared says I honestly think it would be better for my game if she goes. Jared tells Mitch that Sharry told Kelsey their (Loveita/Sharry) game plan was to leach on to a floater and then when they get to the end say this person is just a floater I made all the decisions. Its just kind of funny that that’s what’s happening (Loveita & Joel). Mitch says that he feels so alone in the house. Jared heads to the havenot room with Kelsey. Jared tells Kelsey logically you leaving the house is best for my game.

3:15pm – 3:30pm Phil says that Loveita and Joel are acting so weird in the HOH. Loveita is so poisonous. Nick agrees. Phil says that Nikki said she would vote with us. Nick says we just have to stay off everyone’s radar. Phil tells Nick to not just talk with Maddy. Divide your time. Phil says don’t kiss her (Maddy). Nick says yeah. Phil asks have you ever? Nick says yeah. Phil says she will sewer our game if anyone else gets in power.

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lovevita needs to go ASAP. she is trying to control everyone in the house


You know she’s playing big brother right?

lol what?

You know you get people out when playing big brother right?


So is Tim. So is Cassandra. So is Phil.
Loveita’s just the most visible.

I see through the BS

It’s just that everyone has been out up get Loveita since day 1


I personally can’t stand her, but that’s why she’s great for the show. Imagine being stuck with her for a couple of months.


Some are saying loveita smells bad, does she ever shower or bathe?


Where are you on the poll dawg, you’re my #1 to win this season


I love mitch. Hes gonna win ????


Yass! Totally!
Rooting for him since the beginning!


Why does the cactus look more like a walrus?


What is today’s feed telling me?
Tim is letting too much slip to Cassandra.
Maddy of all people is on to him, probably because they have such limited interaction.
Many people are coming to the conclusion that his antics are actually manipulations.
It’s a mistake to bring Nikki into an alliance deal. She doesn’t want to play the game. That’s her game. Just talk to her about options as a friend and lock in her vote. Once she’s locked in she stays locked in. Because honestly she doesn’t care.
MItch could actually get away with voting out Kelsey. Blame it on Tim. Tim has set precedence once already for a wonky vote.
Why is it that everyone has to sit down together and come to a consensus as Jared wants ? They were sadistically entertained and seemed perfectly comfortable with making Loveita and Sharry squirm on the hook, but now the house has to agree so that Kelsey and Raul don’t have to. More double standard.


Big Brother Canada 4 is the reason the leopard is now considered a threatened species on the cusp of being endangered.
I’m so sick of the leopard print.


If and when Dallas does use/doesn’t use the veto, he holds the votes in his hands. If he doesn’t want Kelsey to stay, he can use the veto and he knows Joel is considering Tim. Noone is going to vote Tim out over Kelsey. Dallas has a lot of power with this one. I kind of like this guy – he’s a straight shooter.


He’s growing on me. I like the adjustments he’s made. He’s painting a huge target on his back, the other HGs may want to use that target as a shield.

sunny dee

i don’t get why Nikki being English would have such a hard time with Joel’s Canadian style humour. I saw what he did on either a video here or After Dark, and he was in no way being upset, angry or whatever way she seems to be spinning his joking. He wasn’t mad coming out of the HOH, unless it was just trying to get away from Loveita, which didn’t work anyway since she trailed along behind him.

i realize she has been in some tough high profile spots, but a lot of why she ended up on the block in week two was because she hid in the HOH room 24/7 when HOH. Then when on the block, hid in the Have Not room and didn’t come out. Then when HOH again, hid in the HOH room, and now she is hiding in it during this HOH, which is not hers.

again, i get it, she feels like she needs a shield or buddy when she is out there, given that when she was sitting out with the others, jared actually did attack her and accuse her, she’s got some valid reasons there.

I wonder how they are going to spin Jared coming to Kelsey and telling her that she being evicted would be better for his own game hahaha. is she and others going to find a way to suggest Loveita did that too?


I’m having an off day in my feelings about Tim. I’ve decided to drop the international twist / bb celebrity consideration from my analysis and just look at him as another player.
So, if another house guest complained about somebody stealing his alliance idea, I’d say you snooze you lose. How many times was the hand extended to Tim? But he was unwilling to commit. Instead he’s going to three different sections of the middle ground all overlapping so that they all think he’s on their team. Meanwhile he commits to none of them. At the same time he’s stroking his ego with everyone’s attention and gaining the social climbing “nice people” as well.
His entire if I were head of household there would be no game talk in hoh b.s was just too much. The only reason he would ever want that, is because game talk he’s not part of could mean people compare notes and find out he’s been shining them all on for two weeks. It also sets up a paradigm where he doesn’t have to take anyone else’s wishes into consideration because he’s quadruple dipping in the alliance pool. This whole equality in an alliance talk is the same. Equality while everyone is trying to jockey for position up his butt that he completely encourages with his fame stories… how is that setting up equal footing? He’s against elitism, but far too fond of his own voice and importance right now. He likes the attention his status gives him a little too much for my taste. I’m annoyed by it today. I’m sure it will be hated, but today that’s how I feel.


I’m kind of in the same boat with you. I’ve liked Tim immensely (LOVE Nikki) b/c he keeps things interesting, but lately he has been really annoying in that he is constantly working everyone. His game seems to be to turn everyone against everyone. Case in point running in to the HOH and saying to Phil “why did you tell Cassandra I tried to get her voted out?” And then telling him Cass said it. She’s suppose to be his home girl so why do that?

From what I’ve observed he’s been working extra hard to turn a ton of people against Love which tells me he feels the most threatened by her. I’ve also caught him trying to plant negative seeds against Mitch and Joel as well.

He definitely has a narcissistic personality.

If Love & Joel successfully get Dallas, Maddy, Ramsay and Nikki to lock into a voting alliance and move ahead with keeping Raul then Tim’s plans to oust Raul & keep Kelsey sure won’t happen. The question is can they keep the group from telling anyone (which would be ideal, so Tim can’t back peddle to work Dallas & co to vote out Raul).

Mitch has already said he wants Kelsey gone and even told Jared as much. Showcasing how much respect Jared has for Mitch’s game he immediately told Kelsey it was better for his game if she left.

Now what I’m anxious to see is what happens when Tim doesn’t get what he wants for the first time in the game (Kelsey staying).

The other question I have is this fake double eviction on Thursday. Is it just the 2nd person evicted that doesn’t really leave or is it both evictees? I’m assuming it’s both and they’ll end up in the High Roller suite where they’ll observe the house and then at some point either both will return or Canada will vote one back in. Sure will be interesting if Jared wins and evicts Love & then she is the one to return. Hmmm


I’m under the impression that the first eviction on Thursday is real. The instant eviction on Thursday is false. I feel that person will be put in the high roller room for easter weekend while the feeds are down.
I could easily be wrong.


Go Joel and Loveita! The rest of the house is trash talking Loveita ALL the bloody time and always underestimate Joels intelligence and independence. It’s disrespectful to the max.