Big Brother Canada 4 March 25 Nomination Results

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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Nomination results Dallas and Ramsey

Feeds from 7:00pm to 10:10pm

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Dallas needs to win veto and nominate Fatssandra and get everyone to vote to evict her.


That is not what fat is.


Tim there is a reason BB Australia was canceled!!!! You’re here to Play BB Canada NOT the canceled BB Australia, got that Mate? GDay!!!


tim playn it safe because he think he knowe lovelita is gettn back know!


Kelsey is the biggest bitch. She was talking about Loveita’s hair the other day. She’s being the biggest fake right now with Loveita. Neither one of these two has to stick to any deal they’re making in this room because only one goes back in anyway.


There’s no reason for either one to be fake. Like her or not Lovieta is flat out annoying. I’d like to see her come back in the house. I definitly don’t hate on anybody that gets fed up having to stroke her game talk 24/7.


There is one big glaring reason (that you seem to be ignorant of?) – they are being watched by people who are probably going to vote one of them back in based on their behaviour that’s captured while they’re in there. Duh.

BBcan is baaaaack

@Anonymous that’s kinda cold don’t chu think? Making fun of someone’s weight…. very mature of you, did that comment make you feel better about yourself?? Don’t think her weight has anything to do with the game

Karma Electra

Thank you! I wanted to say something but you beat me to it. No wonder women have image issues in this world because of cruel and hurtful comments such as his/hers.


It made me feel better, but do not worry she has The Aussie…Hah

BBcan is baaaaack

@Anonymous that’s kinda cold don’t chu think? Making fun of someone’s weight, did that comment make you feel better about yourself?… Her weight has nothing to do with the game…. Asshole


dallas was playing good game until he volunteered to go on block…same shit as jordan offering to be a pawn..
bye dallas dummy


In general, I agree it is a dumb move to volunteer to go on the block. I think Dallas knew (I might be giving him too much credit) that he had a good chance of going up, so ensuring he got nominated lets him play for veto. And I hope he wins it and takes himself off the block. (I don’t believe Tim will go through with letting him pick the replacement nom. It falls outside his passive/aggressive nature. Unlike his wimpy noms process, he can’t be sure Dallas will do what he (Tim) wants,) Backs that up with winning HOH and puts Tim and Cass up. There is no one I like this season, but I am starting to dislike some, especially Cass,

another name

My logic in case of voting one of K or L back in:
-voting in K hurts Joel’s chances in final two if he gets there. His big move is negated.
-voting in L hurt’s Maddy’s chances in final two if she gets there. Her big move is negated.
Tim has been flip flopping on his big announcement for pov. He told Nikki he wasn’t going to take the chance of Dallas winning and naming the new nominee.


Finally the show is picking up!! Dallas finally on the block thank god even tho tim’s strategie was kinda cowardly it works & i hope Dalllas does not win POV & i hope who ever does keeps the NOMS the same just like he did both times see how he likes it cuz he thinks ge’s the shit but his shitt stinksss & he needs to go!!!!!!!


Joel thinks he’s not in anybody’s top 3 when Raul clearly still has a vendetta against him (is he really blind to this?)

Mitch thinks he’s not in anybody’s top 3 when his game because ever more transparent (Jared and Kelsey were questioning him before Kelsey left, and if Kelsey gets back in she wants to take Mitch out).

And both are oblivious to the fact that Tim wanted to put them up against each other (which honestly would have made this week even more interesting).

If Joel and Mitch did end up getting evicted it would be very interesting to see where the game twist and turns next. After them, I’d say Cassandra and Tim and the two Snake like players who have the ability to twist players perceptions of other people in the house. Phil/Nick and Jared seem to be currently falling for what Cass is selling (final 2 deals). Tim also has Phil and Nikki wrapped around his finger.

I’m still rooting for Mitch on the basis of his strong gameplay, but I’d like to see Mitch and Joel finally in the hot seat. It’s one thing to plan in the shadows and another thing to adapt once you’ve been dragged into the light.


How come these people don’t compare notes about these fake deals Cassandra has made with them ? If they don’t get rid of her for being completely useless for their game, they should do it for her squalid personality.


Has Maddy dumped Nick ? I see her cuddling with Ramsey.


tim just likes chaos what a dumb hoh gummie bears really?? he basically just stirred things up causing a war while he sits pretty with his goldie locks & the house falls for his tactics like can’t they see they are all being played ughhh Reallly stupid cast overalll


Why is Cassandra wearing that thing on her foot every other day? Sprained ankle? What’s her deal? I can’t wait until she goes; she’s not interesting enough to even hate.


I want to like Tim but all he does is trash talk everyone in the house and I have no clue what side he is on. I find Cassandra so fake and I cant believe he is falling for her act. She clearly makes up lies about everyone and tries to make people feel like they owe her, like with Jared when she said she was the one who brought up the idea to backdoor Loveita. Its getting very annoying to watch her especially when she begs for compliments, how does Tim stand her?!? I would go insane.


Might be a long comment… apologies in advance. I’ll try to edit.
I usually like a good villain type, or underdog type, or strategic type house guests as my favorites. It’s always based on their game, and a feeling of excitement or dread i feel for them when successful or endangered. They can all be in different alliances, that never enters into my equation. I always have three picked by the end of fifth week.That’s been my pattern since bb4.
This season I just don’t like them. For the first time ever, my gut is telling me nothing. I don’t feel any excitement or dread. Well that’s not completely true, i find myself excited when they are evicted, and filled with dread when they talk. But I’m still invested in watching the train go off the tracks this season.
So I’m lesser of evilling them. Halfheartedly I prefer Loveita to Kelsey. Mostly because I can feel how hard production is gunning for people to want Kelsey to re-enter the house. The signs are there, and I don’t feel like being manipulated in that way.
In the game I was starting to almost not totally hate the brothers until they started playing their game from up Tim’s sphincter. They lost me.
I can’t actually divide between Mitch the snitch and Joel the mole enough, they’re a toss up. I don’t hate either, but i am not rooting for either.
If I could tolerate Cassandra for longer than two minutes I could appreciate her game. I know the way she’s playing, and she’s doing it well, but I feel that she is the production pet of the season and I just don’t like her. I can’t separate game from dislike with her. And I am disgusted by the platinum and diamond edit she gets in episodes.
Oddly, I almost want Dallas to stay this week. Words I never thought I’d write. He’s a pig. He’s a fool to declare a target when he doesn’t have power and is fighting against a larger force. Bigger fool not to use power when he has it and has a declared target. He won’t win the game. He 80% won’t even last after the week right now. But for the sake of not having to deal with Tim and his cult followers circle jerking their egos for the next 6 or 7 weeks, I sort of want the buffoon to stay.
I’ve decided I don’t like Tim. Or Jared. Or Maddy. I’m more than mildly annoyed by Raul and Ramsey, but not completely to dislike yet.
That leaves Nikki. Nikki pass the vodka, it’s going to be a long season.


Dejavu all over again!

You summed up the season for me so far. I’d add time to get that Aussie clown back to his own continent. Throw another shrimp on the barby and get rid of that 80’3 hair! Your observations regarding Kelsey seem spot on as it pertains to production. They definitely have an agenda for her. Poles seem consistent online Love wins a “Canada Vote” if it was honest.(production are cheats so don’t expect honest from these frauds IMHO). Thus I expect no vote but rather a comp. Personally I don’t see Kelsey as evil.


Leading into a 90 minute episode again this week. I’m guessing a real instant eviction episode to make up for the hoax. I’m also guessing that the Canada vote mentioned in the leaked facebook and twitter post applies (possibly to the returning house guests), or if Tim wants to recreate BBAU then the public votes on the nominees (but how would they know Tim would be HOH three weeks in advance).
Won’t happen but a possibile fantasy if I was production would be:
Dallas wins veto. Tim doesn’t allow Dallas to pick, instead picks the next in cue in the nominations to be replacement: Maddy.
Maddy and Ramsey on the block.
votes against Maddy: Nikki, Joel, Mitch, Dallas, Phil (Bros.)
in the instant eviction someone unaligned with the Jared camp wins.
Production would value this for one reason: It resets the sides in a way for when the returning house guest comes back into the house.
Maddy sees Loveita or Kelsey go back into the house.
Maddy is on the sideshow being called the biggest moron of the season by Peter and Sarah. The other one is given the usual good game instant evictions are hard speech.
If I were production… this is what I’d want to see.

tim is a jackass

I hate this jackass. hes just a carrot top wannabe. how the hell did he win big brother austrailia. and how he says he penny pinches his winning. its cause hes selfish. the guy wouldnt even treat his best friends he didnt see for 3 months to dinner. you can tell hes a goof. and on the apprentice. how the hell did he make it so far. cause hes a snake too harsh ratting ppl out to save his own ass. he really needs to get his ass kicked to bring him down to earth. cut your hair u look like a woman. and lose the ugly hat. i never met someone so annoying and undeserving of his moment of fame. so what is he supposed to be. some sort of kiwi surfer goth stoner. all i see is a sissy little bitch that needs to realize he is a not so funny clown. who goes to a red carpet event with no shirt on in a cave man outfit. thats not style. thats just stupidity. get off tv and go back to whatever dead end job you came from. your heads too big thinking your a multimillionaire. and that slut your dating is using you. she is already cheating on u. next time you kiss her your gonna taste some other guys germs


germs? lol…i dont think Tim is that bad…u sure seem to be full of hate towards him…
did you watch his season of BB? was pretty great..
he himself admits he hasnt grown up or is stuck in life
i really think behind all the showy jokey stuff..hes actually quite depressed and has low self alot of BBers…and superfans..
just my opinion..


So sick of Tim right now, He was cute and great for a hot minute but now his act is seriously getting tired. He really thinks he’s god’s gift to the BB world. I hope he see’s the backdoor soon!!


The gummies remind me of the skittles debacle. Anyone remember that lols. Got someone kicked out pretty quick.

Whatever Tim

Tim stated that he doesn’t want it to seem like he’s chosen a side. Yea, ok. What did you think would happen when you decided you were gonna let “the house” vote for nominations? He knew damn well, Dallas and Ramsey were the favorite to be put in the hot seats. He just used this gummy votes BS as an excuse to not make it seem like he’s not playing the game or on any particular side. It was the weakest way to be HOH. And now he’s flipping on his original idea to let the POV winner choose the replacement nominee cuz he fears Dallas will win and he doesn’t wanna have to put someone up from the other side. Sounds like Tim is team Jared/Cassandra to me. *rolls eyes*


Are there not eight votes this week? If the house was smart they could get together and split the votes so that Tim would have to be the tie breaker thus showing his true colours a bit!! So much for his little plan of not being the one choosing who goes on the block, he’d be the one sending someone home which is worse!

Solomon Grundy

Im loving the fact that Dallass and Ramshmear are up on the block. I cant stand either one of them. Dallas is a total pig burping and farting and eating like a slob. His game is sloppy and he was playing all sides up to last week. Are people forgetting this? I think the jealousy he has for Jared and the brothers grim ( I actually like them a lot) is so apparent. Over Maddy even? She was all over him for the first little while and then she started jumping around…he knows it and thinks if they are all out he has a chance?

Ramsey is a gross ego maniac. The tears were awesome I gotta say. He deserved it and maybe he should watch what he says about women in general if he wants to ever get laid again after the show. Hes a little gossip hound that doesn’t know when to hear something and when to listen to something, Idiot.

Also the way Dallassole talks to Cassandra is totally rude, I don’t care who likes her, its rude all the time. Even when he thinks hes being funny hes a dick head.


ramsey is a muslim – you do know what they think of women don’t you?


They think the unbelievers need to submit to them or convert. However women need to keep submitting after conversion too on top of getting punched when they “misbehave”.


ramsey is a muslim – you do know what they think of women don’t you? Before all you P.C. people start sounding off at my post, facts are facts. Educate yourselves.


Are you people idiots? The original post has nothing to do with Ramsey being a muslim. Dallas isn’t a muslim and acts the same way, rude and talking like a dumb shit to women and about women. Leave his religion out of it. Wow its about his shitty game play leave it at that. You sound like hateful Americans. Get over yourselves. Im pretty sure I am educated enough about things to know your a wanker to begin with.
Game people Game.

Happy Easter eh!


Hey there SCHMUCK – so what’s your problem? You shouldn’t be telling people what they can or can’t post – last I looked we have free speech here . Canada takes care of almost anybody and we taxpayers even support them, is that why you came here? IMBECILE


Why do you call Americans hateful? Won’t they let you in?? You are so disgusting, punk and ignorant – go back down to the basement and wait for your welfare cheque.


Tim ruined himself and lost my support when he went down the Cassandra route, and turned his back on Loveita and Joel. He realised how persective she was and also how Mitch saw through his bullshit. Sad to watch him turn into somebody he said he never wished to be…


The thing about Tim is he likes to surround himself with worshippers. Mitch and Joel was right, Phil would walk through a wall for Tim. He is also in awe of Jared. Most of them would do whatever Tim wants and has been for a while now. Joel, Mitch, Loveita and Dallas has seen through Tim early on in the game. I think secretly Tim was in awe of Loveita because he said to her how smart she was and how couln’t almost follow in her future analysis of house happenings because she was several steps ahead of how people thought about the game. He also said after her eviction how smart she was. Too bad he felt so insecure by it and turned away from the misfits.


It’s ok for you to call Tim insecure, but someone calling cass fat is a no no? You are a know it all hypocrite. Get a life.


I wasn’t aware that fat had become a nasty adjective. Someone fill me in. Did short become one, skinny, broad shouldered, stalky. People who are fat know they are. Why is it not ok to say that fat girl (in private of course), or that skinny girl. People have their panties in a twist over an adjective? I’m short and soon people will feel like banishing that word too – let me know so I can find a place where freedom of speech still exists. Oops!!! it still does. exist.


it’s not only rude but unfactual. She is not fat.


Freedom of speech according to idiots, is only for them. If they don’t agree with what you are saying, you don’t have it. Think about all the protesters that show up at things they disagree with, who protest their moronic a$$es off: but, dare to disagree with such idiots and your freedom of speech is totally pi$$ED on. Maybe these people who don’t appreciate our freedoms, should move to a country where there isn’t any!

BBcan is baaaaack

It’s so frustrating how ignorant you are. There’s protesting and then there’s calling other people down. So different in many ways. Omg.

Nice try.


You think I’m ignorant? That’s you buddy, you don’t even know me, so who’s the ignoramus? You don’t make any sense, go have another beer. omgwhiz!!


Dallas would not have been on the block if he didnt tell everyone to give him 4 points…he screwed himself..cant blame Tim…Dallas wont win a 3rd PoV in a row..odds are against it..nobody to blame but himself..haha lol


The fix was in with the Jared side of the house to get Dallas on the block. Of the 29 points he received, he would have still received approximately 17 of those votes. Even if the member of the opposing side with points (Jared) had received the maximum number of votes allowable considering how those votes where sitting, he would have been at a maximum of 12 with 5 votes going to somebody else (in the case of people that voted dallas jared as their choices, they couldn’t transfer all points to jared). This means Dallas still would have had the highest number but Jared would be the other nominee.


Indeed Dallas deserves it. Surly, nobody liked how Tim is handling this HOH, but the majority of the people have chosen to suck it up, but not Dallas. Dallas’s mistake has been going against himself as a sign of protest. And he will likely pay for it.

sunny dee

Tim was always going to put Dallas up, that’s a given. No way he’d touch middle or the 2/3 headed monster. The bears is just an excuse. He would be guaranteed that Cassandra would run around telling people be sure to put their votes on Dallas, but she wouldn’t even have to do that. the majority were always, like her, going to put up to 4 out of their 5, since they had to do two, onto Dallas anyway. Now he actually claims he doesn’t understand why they would all pile on one person, well seriously, they did because Cassandra told them to do it that way.

i just think Tim would have preferred to get Maddy up there on the block and that would only be possible if people hadn’t piled onto dallas, with very few left over ‘bears’ to go anywhere else. now he claims he is taking away the key point of his veto winner names the replacement, which is more BS, maybe production told him he couldn’t do that, but who cares if he is the one who has to announce it not the veto holder? it is very often a decision made between veto winner and HOH anyway. and it wouldn’t matter if Dallas wins it and puts Jared up there, for example, because the majority as the bears tell us are still going to vote out the remaining nominee, in this case Ramsey. and if Ramsey wins or doesn’t win, he isn’t going home before Dallas or if replacement is maddy, not before Maddy.