Tim “I’m ready for a bit of a shake up!” Mitch “A shake up will come soon”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-24 06-22-07-461

9am In the kitchen – Jared says I know Kelsey said that she wanted to go but I think for your game its better if she stays. She didn’t want to rally against Rual which I think is very noble of her. Joel says that Raul didn’t either. Tim joins them. Jared asks Tim where he’s getting all the eggs from? Tim show him a drawer where he hid the eggs. Jared takes the last two and says good I just don’t want Maddy to have any. Tim says that’s why I hid them. She’s going to flip out! Jared says I don’t give a sh*t.

In the kitchen – Tim says I’m ready for a bit of a shake up! Mitch says a shake up will come soon. Tim says or some kind of new fact about the game. I would love it if the winner got the option .. double or nothing! That’s how you would get people to tune in .. so they get $100,000 and then the chance to double or nothing on red or black. Would you do it?! NOBODY in this house would do it but me. Cassandra says you would do it! Tim says I would 100% do it!! But which would I choose? BLACK.. always black! I’d feel red at the time I think. Love .. red is love.. THE LOVE OF MONEY!!!!

9:35am In the bedroom – Raul and Kelsey are packing. Raul says I hope there isn’t a double eviction today. Kelsey says it would be so weird to have a double eviction today .. to have two people gone. Kelsey says we need to get that duck out eventually. (The duck Raul stole from Maddy)

9:40am – 10:45am Big Brother has blocked the live feeds..

11:30am Still blocked…

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-24 10-05-26-610
1pm – 1:15pmThe live feeds return with Kelsey talking about her makeout session with Jared yesterday. Kelsey asks Cassandra why don’t you just make out with Tim. Having s#x with him would be like having s#x with a wild animal. Cassandra says she’s not attacted to his body. He’s too skinny. Kelsey wonders what she’s going to do if she leaves. Cassandra says well you could do what you did before and then when he gets out you could continue .. he wouldn’t ever have to know. They talk about how Kelsey is going to pull out Maddy’s duck on her way out the door. Kelsey goes up by the door and pretends to hold the duck and then gives the middle finger. Kelsey then goes into the bathroom and jumps on Phil hugging him. Mitch and Phil tell Kelsey if she is going to pull the duck out then do it right and make it a good tv moment. She heads into the bedroom and gets Raul to get the duck out from its hiding spot.

1:40pm In the bathroom – Cassandra tells Mitch that she is voting out Raul even though she knows he’s staying. I’ve already told Raul and hopefully he’s okay with it. Kelsey would do the same for me. Cassandra asks Mitch if he’s going for the HOH and he says yes.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-24 10-43-08-105

1:50pm Joel is in the storage room crying. He wipes his tears and then goes to have his lunch.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-24 10-49-41-868

2:45pm The live feeds are blocked and likely will be until after tonight’s “fake double eviction”..

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So both evictions are fake, so this week was a huge waste of happinness, just when I thought Kelsey or Raul were FINALLY leaving… UGH.


no I’m pretty sure the first eviction will be real but the HOH, VETO and EVICTION on this episode will be fake.


i dont think both are fake..one is legit.
feeds prob be down most of this weekend eh?


Arisa tweeted yesterday that the feeds will be up this weekend!

Sask fan

I hope only the second one is fake, therefore a fake double eviction. The first one should be real or they’ve just wasted an entire week and Joel’s HOH. They have to start getting the numbers down!


What????? Where did you hear that???

Caren in Canada

Well if the first is fake it will justify my speculation as to why no hints or rules about how it works were given until today! They had to wait to find out which week Kel was up so that they could try and save he and get her back in! It is all just a little bit too convienient(sp) if you ask me! I really wish BB would go back to old school and stop interfering so much in the game! #sosad


Actually, if you listen to Kelsey , Jared, and Cassandra at 9:10am yesterday they were telling Tim how big brother made sure Loveita didn’t get any water on her when they played the first comp for HOH and Cassandra got 3 fire hoses on her, 1 from back, 1 from top, and1 from the front hitting her, it was quite funny, so I do hope the first eviction is a fake because Kelsey deserves a brake, love her, she’s kind and gorgeous and Cassandra is the only other girl in there who’s not jealous ! 🙂


They posted on the Big Brother Canada Instagram “Kelsey or Rail? Who do you want to be fake evicted? #BBCAN4”

Making it more than likely that the first one will be the fake eviction… I’m not sure if the second one will be also. I guess we’ll all find out tonight.


Where did you hear that both evictions are fake? I haven’t been able to find anything about it.


I really think it’s two people that will be evicted and one that will be voted back. They will hang out in the HHR for a couple days and spy on people. Kelsey would lose against most people I think. Maybe she’d win against Dallas although people are starting to like his antics. She could win against Maddy. I just don’t think she’d win the vote back in against any of ‘The Middle’.


I love how Jared threatens people, but not confrontationally. Saying to Joel this morning that “it would be better for your game if Kelsey stays.” In other words if the vote is 5/5 he better save her or else. In the first few weeks I really liked him, but now my opinion has changed. He has this spoiled brat attitude now that only gets reinforced by the actions he does. Add to it the fact that he is so jealous of others. He wants the limelight to himself and doesn’t want to change. He and Cass knew each other before coming into the house and he whispered to her the first night to pretend they don’t know each other. He (to my knowledge) has kept this even from Kelsey. Cass is also one that I liked early in the game. Just shows I am not a very good judge of character when first seeing people I guess.


Agree! i had to mute all 3 last night. Every time they talk they’re just whining and bitching that its not fair. Its a F***ing game, not everyone one is going to do what you say. Get used to it or get out! I expected it from Kelsey & Raul, but not this “alpha” who thinks he’s got everyone wrapped around his finger.
And Cassandra doesn’t bother me that much. Sure she thinks soo highly of herself but there’s always 1 of those in the in big brother house, she’ll be more entertaining when she realizes her double stories can’t save her ass anymore and she’s eliminated.

sunny dee

i think their whining is ridiculous, yet revealing. If they had fans before, the way they dealt with the noms would easily have lost many of them. For one thing that poor me, it’s so unfair, i can’t understand why he thinks we (the set of 3 people who have backstabbed those they had agreements with and vote as a pack ) deserve to be nominated and evicted, oh poor us poor me poor whatever.

if anything, Joel is probably regretting now not backdooring Jared, he thought he could work with him? well, look how that turned out for Loveita.


sounds like Sara always bitching, moaning, crying, whining, and complaining


If you consider that threatening by Jared with those comments then I would venture to guess from your POV that 99.9% of people threaten others…


Are both evictions fake ? Or just the second one ?


Whichever it is, we’ll find out for sure tonight!


Guessing is good! 😛

I figure like many both are “fake” and the 2 will sit and watch while Canada votes. Though if only one returns then it really isn’t a fake double as 1 won’t come back. LOL Remember no ones truely awful and voters may include a majority of TV watchers. Kelsey’s edit isn’t terrible, She appears more disliked by feeders IMHO.
Truth is that production will just lie to get the result they want. I agree with those who think the show might go black over Easter accept it’s so freaking early game wise. Best guess is the 2nd evicted gets voted out by Canada and Kelsey/Raul will return. The start to another sucky season if true.

Hey I haven’t picked a long shot horse to win yet…..
I don’t see a front runner but I think Mitch is positioned well and seems logical. I’m picking Cassie as my long shot this season. Logically with the numbers it should be a guy. Think it might be “keep her as a target”, she gets to 6 and strange things happen. I’ve lost my mind…ROFL

Happy Easter everyone!!


LOL Shake things up. If something gets shaken, then Mitch and maybe the rest of his “middle”, will be falling out of the sky and into the open. Exposed. Hmmmmm, then what will happen, I wonder?


There are multiple ways they can go here and from the things I’ve read I don’t even think production knows what it’s going to do. The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that they won’t allow them to listen in on the HG’s conversations (there’s too much gameplay in the US/Canada versions to allow that and would give the listening HG’s a massive advantage as they would know pretty much everything)

– Easiest answer would be that Raul/Kelsey get evicted, they do the HOH & Veto comps tonight as well and the next person is fake evicted (the door is locked when they try to leave the house)

– Raul/Kelsey could be “evicted” and sent into the high roller room. The next houseguest evicted also gets put into the same room with Canada voting who to keep and they come back tomorrow night.

– Raul/Kelsey could be the one fake evicted. They are put in the high roller room and the next HG is really evicted and then Raul/Kelsey are brought back in.


The more I think about it the more I would like the format of the second eviction tonight to be similar to the instant eviction of season three with a season two twist.
The instant eviction vote is public. They all have to expose their vote to the nominees with no advance preparation on alliance lines (the naeha eviction in season three). The evicted house guest leaves and is sequestered in the high roller room overnight to complete a task to win immunity for the week (the cindywithans return type challege in season three). If they complete the challenge they get immunity and are able to watch what is going on in the house without sound overnight on the high roller tv (like neda in season two in the hidden room overnight). When the door opens in the morning the celebrations become a shake up because the evicted house guest is inside the room. The houseguest then has seen who celebrated, who chatted up with whom all night, and how the lines are drawn, with the possibility of immunity for the week to make the night a complete shake to the system.


I’m actually looking forward to kelsey’s exit so she can flip off Maddy. MADDY IS SO DISGUSTING, I HATE HER AND WANT HER OUT ASAP. NASTY HUMAN SHE IS. What kind of parents raised that piece of shi*.


Are you trying to sound like her? Because you do.


The twitter for big brother canada is doing some retweet if you want kelsey saved / retweet if you want Raul saved stuff right now.
Are they trying to wind up the viewers for tonight because they’ve kept things so under wraps and unexplained?


Perhaps they are just trying to hang on to viewers. I’ve been a big brother fan since season 1 in the US and I’m tired of twists like this which give the appearance of producers shaping the game how they want it to (whether they are or not, it’s the appearance that bugs me). Of course sometimes it turns out that it works in the favour of people I like (i.e. Brit and Sara last season), but either way it’s just annoying. I don’t mind twists – I just hate the appearance that the producers may be dictating who stays and who goes based on the stories they want to tell.

Since I’m ranting now I may as well continue… I also hate this concept of recruiting people to play in the Big Brother game. Thousands of fans would love to take part yet Canada goes out and recruits someone like Kelsey who has never watched a season of Big Brother prior to being recruited.

Finally, one more rant (thanks for bearing with me if you’re still reading), I hate how they pick veto players in Canada and the US — goes back to rant #1 regarding the appearance of producer involvement. I highly doubt each house guests names are in the bag each time – they should have a more transparent process.

Okay, that’s all. Let’s see what happens tonight – my guess is Canada will get to vote 1 of the 2 evicted houseguests back in and Kelsey would be gone. That should knock some sense into Jared once he realizes Canada doesn’t like the people in his crew.


nice comments 🙂

A couple things in particular. Yeh I don’t think anyone buy the name bag for POV isn’t rigged. It just so happens Jared gets chosen…..yeh right! What was VERY interesting was he had a wild card and 3 7’s which would have been 4 x 7 beating Dallas. He chose himself and threw away the wild card to play next HOH. Bet Kelsey would not be happy to know that.

The point about requited HG’s is very well taken. It’s been a regular topic with the US show in particular. A season where only folks who apply and stand in line would be refreshing for sure.


just remember no one goes home this week!

White iverson

They should really bring back Sharry. I miss her.



another name

Remember the twistos power of veto flop last year? the choice of void the nominations or save one of the nominees that later had the added caveat (added the day after voting began) of or do nothing (bruno in the safe).
That happened week four (johny went home).
They’re at it again.
Same type of indecisive unexplained plot hammer twist that’s only being used so that production can advance their storyline. And I have the feeling I’m going to end up being Kathy Bates in Misery yelling, “That’s not what happened last week! They Cheated! He didn’t get out of the cockadoodee car!”


Could someone post the link to watch tonight’s show on livestream? Much appreciate it.


whatever happens in the game til the end people will blame Loveita for it.


This season has been terrible so far, all characters are boring the alliances are boring. The only way they could keep things interesting is if they keep both alliances alive which is still boring….

another name

Earliest spoilers I’ve seen all season.
And yes. I am doing the Kathy Bates from Misery.


They talk about Maddy being high school, and I am not saying she isn’t, but they all are. Stealing that stupid duck was probably the most immature act I’ve seen in a long time! Your going show some class and walk out the door. For all they said about Loveita she can hold her head high with how she walked out the door. Kelsey’s should be hiding in shame.