Big Brother Canada 4 March 23 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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So who is Maddy calling a whore?


Loveita because she asked if she could sleep with Nick.
With have nots ending a day early, she’s being relocated. her choices were Dallas (sleeps naked), Raul (death bed) or Nick because Maddy was going to sleep with Ramsey.


God, I can’t watch maddy for more than a minute without wanting to slap her had. She’s such a nasty, pessimistic human being. 10 times worse then Kelsey. Kelsey is not even that bad, she’s an angel next to maddy.


Personally I don’t understand the Kelsey hate (or any hate for that matter, these are characters to me and it’s hard to say what any of them are like outside the house). She made Joel’s meals for him when he was on slop for those two weeks, and he most certainly wasn’t in major power during that time. What kind of “mean, b**chy, etc. person makes people meals for no reason? Seems like a lot of people are projecting their frustrations with other people or themselves onto her.

Maddy on the other hand has not done much of all for anybody in the house. I’ll give her credit for being nice to Ramsey on a few occasions when he’s been left out of things by the other HG, but besides that she’s constantly complaining about someone. I couldn’t even finish her video when she’s talking to Nick, but I did lol at the title Simon and Dawg gave the video. I’m only disappointed that she’ll probably make the jury because she was dragged along. I don’t why she thinks she’s playing some phenomenal game either…


Why do people not like Kelsey? Have you heard her bash & bad mouth the rest of the house? She thinks because she made slop cookies for Joel & she was nice to him, she shouldn’t be put on the block? Is she forgetting that she’s playing Big Brother & sometimes that’s what happens & it’s not always Loveita’s fault or doing? She really reminds me of the “mean” girls in high school.
As for Maddy, I agree with you 100%


The original Kelsey hate came from Maddy and the cheesy edit Kelsey got.


Haha I also stopped watching her video..could only take so much of her my friend’s dad’s dog is a Sargeant so I know the law. ..irritating! She sleeps with both Nick and Ramsay and calls it strategy. She changes her stories left and right..not sure how this one made the cast..AND Jared…get that boy some otravin! I Love Bb can over the American one but this year the cast is the worst of the 4 seasons.


So have nots end a day early. That’s nice.
Remember week two the way Jared Kelsey Raul the brothers and Cassandra treated Ramsey after he straight up told them he voted against Kelsey. Remember how rotten they were to him, how they threw him out of the room and ostracized him, and how much they laughed about it for two days after?
I know it makes me a bad person, but I’d be bringing that up when I told Kelsey how I was going to vote.
Wish List: make the vote for the fake eviction open public vote like last year’s instant eviction.


LMAO Maddy is unbelievable!!! I actually can’t stand this girl. Why does she think she knows everything? Why’s she so smug when she speaks? Why do people like her in the house?? She should have been gone week 1…


Less videos of Maddy…what a putz!


Kelsey’s Dr Evil pinky-in-the-mouth pose is starting to irritate me. Remember when she said she was a mastermind a couple of weeks ago. Hey, Kelsey; exits are to the rear.


these houseguests are not even playing big brother they are all on spring break young dumb and full of c*m lol Very high school like alot of he said she said foolishness like grow up & wake uppp!!!! I haven’t even heard an alliance name yet honestly these guys are just chilling like villains & loafting like bread! I don’t even have a favourite cuz nobody’s that impressive game wise no big moves are being made these guys r sleeping on the job the house is soo flashy but the guests are soo lame like lets get this show on the roadd already !!!!!


dawg, can you enable the comment section on your utube vids. i want to comment on maddie’s vid,


Sorry but the comments get really out of hand on the videos as they’re not moderated which leaves us no other choice than turning them off. If you have comments please post them here in the post so that others can reply.


she literally is the worst


What a horrible cast. They don’t campaign because of their “friendships”, they don’t want to lie, they don’t use the veto, they’re ok with going home…like who cast them? Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey or Loveita better start going home because I just can’t bare watching them any more.

Maddy's Boyfriend

When did you become such a bitch?


Yo, she’s been cheating on you, mate. Sorry to break the news… lol


Omg this house is a SNORE!!!! Zzzzzzz


So, a few houseguests have complained about women becoming an endangered species.
ask those same houseguests who their target is.
yup. It’s going to be pretty testosterone heavy soon.


I appreciate the fact that Kelsey realizes that Jared could (and probably would) play a better game without her in the house. He should capitalize on his likability, and with Dallas out of the house, I feel like Jared would be in a relatively safe position for weeks because there are so many players that want to keep him in the game and work with him (Mitch, Cassandra, Joel, Phil, Tim, etc.). I think he could strum Maddy along fairly easily as well, because she’s wanted to pounce on him since week 1. He should also continue to foster a relationship with Ramsey and dare I say Loveita. Just about everyone else has been trying to play multiple angles to cover their a**es so Jared may as well too. Let the nobility go, and turn on your deviousness, but do it with a smile.

It would have been interesting to see how Jared and Kelsey would have played on their own, but between production and Loveita’s declaration of them being a showmance week 1 (which only served to push them closer together), it was already stacked up for them to align.


Is anyone else besides me getting tired of looking at the crack of Tim,s ass?


Someone get Jared some Otravin please.!

mr. ed

Dallas is all talk and no action! Going to make these big moves as POV and then gives some bullshit excuse not to use it.What a buffoon !!!!!!


I hope Kelsey, Raul, Jared, Cassandra and Maddy are booed when they’re evicted. I don’t reallly care who agrees or disagrees. All they do is literally smack talk people and play the game emotionally. They blame literally everything on Loveita. And Kelsey needs to stop obsessing over Loveita. It’s creepier than Caleb’s obsession with Amber. She literally should be grateful Loveita kept her ass of the block. Otherwise, Jared would have left that week and she would leave this week. She’s an insecure and ugly person. Jared is literally a bully and I don’t see how people like him. He likes to blame nobody but himself for his actions. Raul is a sore loser who can’t win anything. Maddy is the most annoying intolerant brat this season. She literally complains about everybody and everything. It drives me crazy. Cassandra is the biggest hypocrite. 1 hour….”Let’s form an all-girls alliance. I’m tired of girls getting picked off one by one. 1 hour later…..”OMG I want to evict Loveita and Maddy you guys.”. She’s so annoying.


AMEN ????????


you are just as fake as loveita


And i thought season 3 house guests were wackk but this bunch is even worsee!!!!! Nobody is playing big brother they alll stuck in high school with antics & nobody knows whats really good really bad mix of energy!! Kelsey is flopping the show i hope she leaves cuz all she wants to do is lounge, make tea & play with her water bottle like she actually has no real game talk she’s surprizingly dead weight! Allll the guys are annoying jared is cool but who knows if he’s got game since kelsey is a distraction….Dallas is all bark no bite except when he’s chowing down always eatingg Seriousley these seasons are just getting worse & worse no respect for the Game


with the fake double eviction i am done. who thought this assinine twist would be a good idea


They should try casting way more older more mature players, I would be curious to know they average age of the viewers, that could give a better idea of casting range.


like Christine?


I hope Maddies parents are watching the feeds and seeing what kind of monster they raised.


i saw Maddie pick her ear and eat it once..a couple weeks ago..anyone else see that? lol…maybe better than slop?


Lol I totally saw mad dog maddy pick her ear and eat it and was disgusted ! I wonder often how she was chosen for this show ! I think the trailer park boys would be a more appropriate show for her ! Her and her greasy hair need to exit this show asap !


WOW, Maddy really is the worst. That was just vile.


Ok this show is not even big brother it’s more like spring breakers like they all suck at this game!!! The hole house is intimidated by Raul Jared & Kelsey like they don’t even have an official alliance. Kelsey is totally in the way & she’s the most hated at the same time Dallas is All sass no substance he does nothing when in power y does he bother trying hope that comes back to bite him he’s also kinda gross!!! I hope Jared wins the next HOH in fact I hope he wins the hole game & him & Kelsey go on that trip together & the rest can just watch & hate like they’ve been doing!!!!

That's her

The “hole house?” Lol.
Ps: keep dreaming. Jared ain’t winning $hit!


Did anyone else hear Joel say that he wants a woman with “fully developed ovaries?” That may not sound so bad except Nikki doesn’t have “fully developed ovaries” due to her struggles with anorexia. It baffles me that Joel thought that was an appropriate thing to say especially since he knows Nikki’s story. How do I know he knows her story? Because she told the whole house her story the other day and feeds were down for about an hour and a half because she didn’t want it to be on the feeds.

It’s in the Nikki Loveita bathroom HOH video at around the 19:10 mark.


It’s very nice for Nikki that they blocked feeds so she could tell her story to save her from public embarrassment. Wish she and the man at the switch had perhaps given the same consideration to others before making Loveita’s underwear a joke around the house and on the feeds that’s now on the third leg in the rumor mill.


maybe ur right but trust me once kelsey leaves i think jared will step up his game & re focus but if not then i dunno this group has no game really i don’t get it !!


maddy is an ugly porcelain doll who’s so insecure and keeps eating her ear wax and boogers, disgusting