Tim “I don’t want to work with Maddy. She’s not playing big brother she’s playing high school.”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-23 07-14-36-134
9am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Out in the hot tub room – Tim is talking to Mitch about his lifestyle. Tim tells Mitch that its very refreshing he doesn’t wear homosexuality as his personality. Tim says that when he was younger people used to think he was gay which made Tim wonder if he was even though he knew he wasn’t just because I wasn’t the normal straight. Dallas joins them. Tim gets called to the diary room.

10:25am By the pool – Tim and Cassandra are talking. Cassandra talks about this being a tough situation having two friends on the block. Mitch asks her if she’s made up her mind? Cassandra says its 50/50 .. Raul is very smart but some times I think he doesn’t trust me. Kelsey said he does so that clears that up. I know Kelsey trusts me 100%. Mitch says that Kelsey makes Jared a bigger target but she also make you look like a bigger target. You don’t want to be the victim of association. If they’re up and one wins veto, who goes up .. a victim of association. Cassandra says for your game its probably better to keep Raul. Mitch says and that’s what I think I’m going to do. Mitch says for the next 4 or 5 rounds I think its important that we have the same goals in mind. Tim joins them. Tim says I think this vote comes down to Jared. Ball and Chain or whether you want to free him up. It will change his perception to people in the house and the people watching. When things stay the same its a known entity. It’s predictable. Mitch says his gut tells him to vote out Kelsey but if Kelsey stays it will take the attention away from me going up. Mitch says he thinks the brothers fall more to our side. They’re emotional players that want to be with people they like. I don’t see them having a strong relationship with Dallas, Loveita or Joel. Tim says this is the first week I am picking a side. I don’t want to work with Maddy. Its not to say that I won’t work with Dallas or Loveita. I just can’t work with that type of player. She’s not playing big brother she’s playing high school. Tim gets called to the diary room. Cassandra and Mitch continue to talk and then she leaves and Phil talks to Mitch. Phil says that he would be friends with Tim and then take him out later because that would be really great for the show.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-23 08-01-14-266
10:45am Havenot room – Kelsey says I am over all the fake b***hes! I am so tired of Maddy. Jared is really into this and I do think its better for his game if you stay. If you have Mitch, he would campaign for you. I don’t mind if you campaign. I am honestly just over it. And Loveita acting crazy and having all these fights with people. I am just over it. Raul says I am getting to that point too. Kelsey says people don’t pick on you like the girls pick on me. I want you, Jared and the brothers to do really well and I feel like I brought you guys together. I’m not giving up, I’m taking the situation and making the best of it. I just do think its better that you stay. Why does she like that duck so much. She likes a plastic duck more than she likes people. Its in a really great hiding spot right. Jared said it was in a whole in the bed. Raul says yes. Kelsey thanks Raul for stealing it. This is what happens when you make good friends in the house. Kelsey gives the middle finger.

11:25am – 11:45am By the pool – Tim says that what Cassandra does is tell me things that others say about me. I don’t like that. Mitch asks what do you think is better for your game? Tim says my game is very different.. well everyone’s game is different. I’m not afraid to go home. I would be fine to be a pawn. Mitch and Phil tell Tim that he would be a good pawn during a double eviction.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-23 09-07-49-810

12pm Loveita and Dallas are talking in the hot tub room. They agree they need to win HOH this week. Joel joins them and tells them he’s depending on them winning HOH. Dallas says we need to take out the rest of the 3 headed monster. Loveita says that we’re becoming the 3 headed monster. Its been a massive advantage that people don’t think I’m with anyone. Loveita tells Joel Jared says you’re gullible but that’s good they think that. Dallas says the only people I am uncertain with are Raul, Jared, Nikki, Tim and the brothers. Joel says same for me. Dallas says the floaters are the brothers, Tim and Nikki. Loveita, Joel and Dallas agree to being in an alliance. The COG’s “The Canadian Original Gangsters”

12:25am In the high roller room – Ramsey tells Maddy that he would put up Raul and Cassandra. Maddy gets upset that he had said he would put up Jared and now’s changing it. Ramsey says I’m not worried about Jared he will get taken out by me or someone else. Maddy says he won’t get taken out by you. Ramsey says don’t worry. Maddy asks did you make a deal with him? Ramsey says no! Maddy asks why?! Ramsey says because he wants Raul and Cass out of this house. I feel that Cass and Raul are gunning after me and that’s also bad for you and Dallas if they get me out. I’m just talking out loud with you. Maddy says you’re not talking out loud, you’re telling me. Every time I’ve heard information from you lately its been from Jared. Maddy says I can’t wait for you to save Jared and then for him to bulldoze over me, you and Dallas. Ramsey says so two more weeks till Jury. Maddy says we don’t know that dude! Kelsey is going home regardless. Ramsey says she’s not though. Maddy says 8 out of 10 people told me they’re voting her out. Ramsey tells Maddy he’ll boink her in Toronto. He then tells her to get her leg off him. People will think we’re in a relationship. Maddy says oh my god! Ramsey tells her he has a sicka$$ balcony that he wants to boink her on. She asks him to describe it and then she tells him she’s definitely coming to Toronto then.

12:30pm – 12:45pm Storage room / Backyard – Nick says we can’t say I don’t know. Phil tells Nick don’t lie because that will come back to us. Phil says fine I’ll try it your way. Phil says let me do the gaming. If you have something important to say then tell me. I’m certainly not going to talk to Maddy when she is public enemy number 1. Nick says you’re not thinking about what will go back to Love. Phil says I’m not playing scared. You’re scared of people. Nick says I’m not scared. Phil says

1:25pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lockdown. Kelsey tells Jared not to trust Ramsey or tell him any more information.

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I don’t want Kelsey to go, I mean girls are literally becoming extinct in that stupid house…Raul is more annoying and I feel like he brings nothing to the table. So over Loveita and Dallas…if Kelsey goes, I will be rooting for Mitch and Phil and if they go…screw this season.


Maddy is something else! Doesnt she realize shes on television? She supposedly has a boyfriend but kisses & cuddles with Nick and then cuddles with Ramsey & basically plans to screw him in Toronto after the show! Shes coming off pretty slutty in my opinion. I dont agree with people calling houseguests names and having so much hate towards them, Im just saying what she is making herself look like!


So disgusted maddy is the best they could find in Vancouver – please give her a punishment, maybe that will shut her filthy mouth for awhile


Phil is a bully. I really can’t stand the way he speaks to his brother…he needs to be turfed somehow while Nick stays…
Hoping for a Kelsey eviction, despite the scarcity of women left…(girls, that is…)

Tim and Mitch, (and even, slightly Nikki) are sitting in the best positions…Nikki keeps claiming she’s not interested in winning, (and she’s clearly unable to win any comps) so she will continue to float along under the radar…Tim is well liked and able to draw info out to use to his advantage…Mitch also. Each group thinks he’s ‘with’ them…well played Mitch

sunny dee

i agree, about the brothers.

i wish Phil would go home or they could be separated, it is painful to watch how he treats the poor guy. i doubt if the production knew what he would be doing, but that is pretty abusive imo

i guess nikki has a 4 week contract, if she’s not on the block or evicted or whatever, she gets a bonus. as mentioned, maybe the fake double eviction will be those two on the block and voted out. who knows. It seems like a lot of BBAUS elements are being used this year for BBCAN which i don’t really think translates that well. tim said there were sisters playing, this fake double sounds like it comes from AUS, etc etc.


I agree – I simply cannot stand how Phil treats his brother … it is simply downright disrespectful! And ironically I think Nick is actually playing the better game …


Phil’s ego gets in the way of his advantage in the game. He was given a very trusted perspective who shares the same goals, it’s a shame he can’t listen to it.


Is Maddy playing highschool? In a lot of ways yes. But she also doesn’t fall at his feet and gaze up at him in adoration every time he speaks. Oh, there’s the real problem.
Tim is conveniently overlooking that he had the same thought about the trio last week. Jared, Kelsey and Raul were a highschool clique and he couldn’t play with those kinds of people and didn’t want them to win.
More Tim bs. Tell everyone what they want to hear when he’s around them.
By next week at this time he’ll be sitting on a couch with Maddy saying I can’t stand these stuck up fake people either. I know, that’s improbable, but look at his pattern; not impossible.


I cannot stand Phil tho. His ego is wayyyy to big, and he’s just clueless. Kelsey needs to go, because it’s apparent she’s not really playing the game. All she cares about is hooking up with Jared and possibly Phil.


… and, to add insult to injury, she says she wants Raul to stay over her which makes me wonder why did she apply for Big Brother if she doesn’t want to go to the end no matter what

Valid Points

Yea, Mitch is good. Except, Loveita has caught onto his game play and was trying to fill Joel in. I don’t know how receptive he was though.


Just me that’s tired of the “nice” people / I can’t stand liars crap?

I just don’t know what game they thought they were coming to play, because the rest of us are here to watch Big Brother.
If it were coming from people that weren’t absolute hypocrites, it would be one thing, but
it’s like they are buying their own character edit so much that they think their poop doesn’t stink. Meanwhile they’ve clogged the toilet and it’s overflowing. It’s like i’m having a flashback to bbus season six. If the fake hair girl and the catty gay guy have an argument while drinking a bottle of wine I’m going to start feeling really trippy.


Phil does bully Nick, and I like Nick a lot, but Nick wake up! You are here to play a game, not hook up with the skank that cannot wait to get rid of you. He has lied continuously to Phil and Phil knows it. He spoke with Phil the other night about his previous relationship with a girl, and how Phil had been right about her. He acts like he is on vacation, and even in his conversation with Loveita yesterday, showed he is a nice guy. Maddy had Phil tell Nick she didn’t want to have a relationship with him, and he agreed. I would be over-the-moon frustrated to go to bed the next night and find her once again in bed with Nick. He has no awareness of how things look, and obviously needs to be led by the nose.


Arisa cox tweeted that the feeds will not be blocked on the long weekend this year. That’s a first.




I dont necessarily agree with how Phil talks to Nick bc he is kinda a jerk to him but I think that Phil is playing the game & he’s taking it serious. Whatever nick does is going to effect Phils life in the game and I dont think Nick is very worried or concious of that. Nick seems pretty irrelevant since he’s always up the easy girls butt so I appreciate that phil is at least playing! Im excited to see how this fake double goes and excited to see how Jared is going to play without Kelsey. I really like Jared I think the whole kelsey showmance thing made him act like someone hes not and also handicapped his game. Now he is going to be free of her and ready to win!! He seems to have a pretty good idea on how to play the game (besides getting into a showmance). I was kinda hoping him & Dallas were going to agree to team up and actually be serious an loyal about it. They would be a force to be reckon with!


up her butt? He didn’t put his finger down for that in “never have I ever” last night.


lol I knew someone would give Mitch a backhanded compliment to promote his covering *see Kenji Yoshino*