Big Brother Canada 4 March 22 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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10:10pm Cam 3-4 Jared and Tim

Kelsey and Jared agree Kelsey should have Maddy’s Duck in her bag and wave bye with it at the top of the stairs if she’s voted out.
Phil and Cassandra both agree to keep Kelsey.

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I ask this because i can only take listening to Cass in short increments anymore:
Did she just tell Phil it’s a good idea to keep Kelsey because then Kelsey and Jared, TIm and Cassandra will get closer and become a 4 instead of the 3? What’s Phil’s incentive in that?
What did the scout do this year? Find one person from the prairies and creep their social media? Cass knows Jared. Jared went to the stampede with a guy Kelsey knows. Kelsey’s aunt does theatre with Joel. Now Loveita and Ramsey have family friends in common. What’s next? Was she evicted before it could be revealed that Christine is best friends with Maddie’s aunt who is Dallas’ Girlfriends Godmother?


the biggest snake in the house goes to loveita hands down. cant wait for this girl to get evicted

Right on the head

People talk so much crap about Loveita and talk about how annoying or crazy she is, but she is the only one who has a clue about how people are playing this game (judging by her conversations with Joel). She’s definitely on to Mitch, just like she had clued in on Tim. And the brothers are on her radar too. And she’s been wary about Cassandra.


She may be a good judge of others but she has no self awareness. She complains about bullies, but she is a bully. All she’s wanted was to be part of the cool clique. She’s an insecure judgmental mess. She should also just shave her damn head already.


She is a fine judge of others however she lacks self awarness. She complains about bullies, while bullying joel to tears. She threw the house on its head last week just so the cool kids would accept her. Loveita is loveitas biggest threat, she’s way too insecure.


I wouldn’t say it’s a lack of self awareness, she’s just not influential and manipulative enough.
It’s great that she is intuitive, but she can’t seem to rally up the votes to get what she wants done.


Watching Joel’s face while he and Loveita talked was entertaining. He looked like he was starting to sweat. I think he’s realizing his talks with Cass may be the leak that Loveita is talking about.
Another layer to the 5/6 vote last week is revealed, but I’m not sure if I believe it or not. Is it just Mitch shading Phil, or did Loveita actually get to Joel after Tim got her to pressure him? A test to see if Joel would be broken?
The stand up guy vs. Frankenstein idea Tim is talking about that Phil believes is about him and Jared? Seems to apply to Joel and Cassandra as well. he could run that line to any pair of players in the house and they’d identify with one or the other. Fact is, they’re still morons for not getting rid of him.

another name

with things standing where they are, why would brother number one and princess think the best bet would be to swing loveita and dallas?
what’s cassandra going to say to loveita? hey, remember the good times when we all backstabbed you after giving you our word and chose to save her? remember how that led to you being a pariah and going on the block? remember how her bf called you out saying this is all your fault? weren’t those good times? let’s keep the party going 120%.
what’s phil going to say to dallas? hey, you’re close to maddy, betray her and keep her rival in the game. c’mon bro, it’ll be fun.
if you’re going to truly attempt to sway a vote, you go to ramsey. But apparently they’re blind or one of them really doesn’t want kelsey to stay, but wants to make it look like he put in the effort to gain standing.
Even then, they still have to convince Joel. by playing on sympathy because he knows her aunt? That’s a winning tactical argument. The pre-existing connections are starting to get a little too much.


Cassandra is medicated on something. Its hard to watch her. How is she keeping track of all the conversations?


i thought maddie was done with nick? did this kissing clip happen before she got his brother to humiliate him further? wow! is she just trying to make sure the brothers dont vote to keep kelsey…?


too many hints/slip ups…as to Nikki having an end date. It seems pre-determined when shes actually leaving ..i guess she signed up for just a specific amount of time? will BB throw in Jace or the Italian girl to replace her?
Tim said “i hope i get HoH before you leave” to Nikki….but there is numerous other times it was mentioned about when she leaves.


Nikki also slipped when talking to one of the brothers saying she was happy she would still be here for his birthday. My feeling is both Nikki and Tim are here for a specific time only and the twist will be they leave sometime before jury. Possibly linked to this fake eviction. Nikki doesn’t seem to be engaged in the game and while Tim is, he has also stated that he feels like an adviser to the others. Tim is more engaged but that is his nature, He likes to be entertaining, creating excitement, and generally stir things up.


Why does Kelsey get a pass for being a mean girl? She is the worst type because she gets support from the guys. They don’t call her out on her cattiness.


I think we all know why.


so how are the votes going to fall this week? are they voting to keep kelsey? has tim gotten in enough ppls ear?


My guess today was the same as my guess post pov. If they voted now:
Evict Kelsey: Love, Dall, Madd, Nikk, Mitch
Evict Raul: Tim, Cass, Jar, Bros.
Monkey in the middle depending on if he stays with Maddy, jumps to Mitch, or jumps to the brothers: Ramsey.
In the event of a tie, I think Joel would be more likely to keep Raul. Only because hoh votes in front of the house. Voting to save Raul keeps his trust with Dallas and Loveita, and helps Mitch. It keeps more of his hidden partners safe, only damaging Cass superficially.


Whether Kelsey stays or goes Phil will not ever be on Jared’s good side. Jared’s jealousy is insane. He acts like a 16 year old boy with raging hormones because Kelsey will not stop flirting with Phil. Phil is not aware of the problem this is causing. Now add to that the fact that Raul wants to work with Jared but stated he also wants to work with the brothers. Jared is taking every little thing and blowing it up to giant proportions, and this will be his downfall with people. Phil probably will not know how the conversation with Loveita and Nick yesterday could have possibly given them some extra time in the house. Loveita likes Nick and last night stated to Joel that the brothers were not the leak in the house. Joel must now know that the leak is Cass. Loveita could possibly help keep the brothers off Dallas’s radar.

sunny dee

Phil is not aware because he is crushing hard on Nikki, he lost interest in Kelsey weeks ago. Jared can’t even recognize that fact, even tho even Nikki has brought it up as well.

I hope the brothers get split, and Phil gets out. nick seems like a nice enough guy really being pushed and bullied by his brother. I am embarrassed for him the way he treats his brother, on TV like that.

The brothers have been shady voters from week one, i don’t trust them to do anything helpful. they are into keeping bigger targets in the house, which is why they kept her in week one. this week won’t be any different, tho maybe they’ve learned to manipulate people into making deals in exchange for their votes. they seem to pick the wrong people tho, better to make deals with the other side right now and vote her out, stay in good with them, since it clearly doesn’t matter to the 3, who’d already decided kelsey can go.

it’s always surprising when people run around telling others what they want to hear, but when a story comes back to them (like Dallas saying to jared let’s put up the brothers, telling the brothers let’s put up jared), and it doesn’t even occur to them this is Dallas telling people what they need to hear. he is unlikely to tell jared to his face, yeah jared, you are the only one i’m putting up, so let’s work together on this ok?