Maddy “Tim & I used to talk and now after he hit me with a baseball bat he doesn’t talk to me”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-23 10-41-34-141
1:40pm Hot Tub – Phil and Tim talk about how Phil likes Nikki. Tim says you like to fix people, so do I. Phil says I think its because I see the beauty in her. Phil asks does she even want a good guy? Tim says probably but she probably thinks she doesn’t deserve it. Phil says its kind of sad. Tim says some times people leave period stained undies on your bed. Phil says there’s no reason to freak out over that. Tim says oh you don’t know the story. Nikki found period stained undies on … big brother blocks the feeds. Tim says girls change as they grow up. They don’t muck around and play with guys hearts as much. Cougars do.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-23 11-13-24-819
2:10pm Backyard – Loveita is talking to Maddy about her theory that Tim and Nikki might be told what to do by Canada. Maddy says I doubt that. Maddy says Cassandra is voting out Kelsey. I believe her. Loveita says she is going with the house. Maddy says and the house is voting out Kelsey. There is no physical way she is staying. Tim and I used to talk and now after he hit me with a baseball bat he doesn’t talk to me. I see right through him. Most of his stories are lies. He is going to win the game. All these stories of spiders, rhinos and celebrities. As soon as I get a chance I am putting Tim up on the block next to someone that would never go home like Mitch. I think Mitch is in a bad situation by being trapped into being on that side. Loveita asks does Mitch like me? Maddy says he doesn’t really talk about you. Loveita says I like him. Maddy tells Loveita that she lashes out way too f**King much. Loveita says I don’t think I do. Maddy says you had 4 fights in one day. Two with Cassandra, one with Jared and one with me. Cassandra and Joel join them and the conversation ends. Maddy starts talking about her dating horror stories.

2:20pm Hot Tub – Tim talks about how before he had money he used to donate his time to charities. He says after he won he donated 20% – 50K to charity. He says he then kept the 200K in the bank and its still there because I’ve been lucky enough to have money come in since the show.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-23 11-25-36-870

2:40pm – 4:15pmBig Brother blocks the feeds. When the live feeds return – All the house guests are coming out of the diary room. They got to eat and listen to music while answering questions in the diary room.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-23 13-17-16-247

4:30pm Jared and Ramsey clear things up after Jared thought Ramsey had told Maddy their hot tub conversation when Ramsey hadn’t.

5:15pm HOH room – Joel, Kelsey and Jared are talking. Joel says the vote seems to be 50/50. Kelsey tells Joel that out of her and Raul she is at peace with leaving. I’ve gotten everything I needed out of this experience and he wants this to further his career. If I do stay I am still here to play but if it comes down to it I’m okay with leaving.

5:30pm In the HOH room – Kelsey and Jared realize that all of the HOH camera’s point towards the ground. They think Big Brother is giving them time alone. Jared and Kelsey make out behind Joel’s stuffed dog. When they come up for air they realize the camera’s are glued on them.

5:50pm – 6:10pm Phil and Ramey have a conversation and then Phil and Nick get into it about Phil not sharing information and filling him in on what’s going on in house.

6:30pm Living room – Nick says its hard sitting back and doing nothing. If that’s the case I would rather take my half of the money and run. Ramsey says you definitely have to figure out a way to work with your brother rather than stepping on each others toes. Nick says I know, it’s hard because he’s a hot head. Coming into this I didn’t know if it would bring us closer together or push us a part. Ramsey says I think it will bring your closer together. Nick agrees.
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-23 15-30-58-234

6:20pm – 6:50pm Loveita says she loves her boyfriend and says If I was single everyone would never guess who I would go for on day 1. Dallas says Me, Joel and Ramsey. Loveita says you’re wrong about one of those. Phil says its me. Not Ramsey. Loveita says its not Ramsey and not Phil. Loveita says for me if I’m good friends with someone .. I’m curious about dating them.

7pm The hosue guests are hanging out chatting about random things.. Mitch and Ramsey says they’re voting for Raul to stay. Phil says he’s pretty sure that’s what he’s doing too.

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Eddie Haskell… oh I mean Phil is so transparent. Says he wants Nikki when he just wants to be attached to her “celebrity”, and sucks Tim’s d at every opportunity for exactly the same reason. Do they call guys gold diggers?


He talked to his brother about how famous she is, how much money he thinks she has, and how much property she owns in the kitchen about a week and a half ago. That’s what made her cool to him.


I admit it. I’ve never been a fan of showmances. The attention given to them with the sappy tinkly music and attention paid to the make out sessions. I could not care less.


Maddy is full of crap – she didn’t ever used to talk to Tim before the baseball bat incident. She makes up her own stories in her head and then expects them to come true. The guys are treating her like a tramp telling her they want to boink her 4 ways to Sunday and she thinks it’s cute. She is gross. I would be remiss not to say the guys are not gross for doing it to her.


I don’t ask to be argumentative, I ask because i don’t understand.
It’s bad to be a tramp, it’s not bad to fool around with a tramp?
Is that what the last sentence means, because I’m not sure i get the meaning.


Yes my comment does need clarification. I mean to say the guys who fool around with tramps are also tramps. If you’re sticking your body part in somebody who’s (for lack of better word) dirty, then you become ‘dirty’ too.


Thanks for the clarification.
I didn’t want to jump to a conclusion when i didn’t understand without asking.


Get a room you two!


The only time Phil is ‘real’ is when he is talking to his brother and he talks so horribly to Nick. Nick isn’t the brightest bulb in the box but you don’t have to be a vile human being to get your point across. The guy’s true colours are ugly.


Here is my take on the houseguests:

Joel: Not used to getting attention from the opposite sex, will do anything for Loveita.
Phil: Thinks he’s all that, but in reality he’s nothing more than a bully.
Nick: Doesn’t seem to want to play the game, would rather let his brother do the heavy lifting.
Kelsey: One of the pretty, mean girls from high school.
Cassandra: Wants to be one of the pretty, mean girls from high school, but in reality is just mean.
Mitch: Strong, mostly silent type, doesn’t like drama.
Ramsey: Sexist macho-type, uses others for his bidding.
Maddy: Confused and immature people-pleaser.
Nikki: Been through lots, uses her emotions to get what she wants.
Raul: I hate saying this, but drama-queen.
Dallas: Thinks everybody loves him because he’s an east-coaster, reality is he’s quite insecure.
Loveita: Definitely thinks she is the smartest in the house, far from it in reality.
Jared: Quote-unquote good-guy, thinks with his wrong head, which gets him aligned with the wrong people.
Tim: Thinks he’s a bigger celebrity than he really is, enjoys having his ego stroked.

Agree or disagree, as I said this is my take…

Anyhow, this should get interesting after this fake double-eviction!

sunny dee

Joel: if that were true, he would have voted Cassandra out of the house. the reality is, he is more interested in Cassandra that way, and ends up doing what Cassandra wants in many ways. He hasn’t voted Loveita’s way once when she has been HOH.

Maddy: definitely not interested in pleasing anyone but herself. She doesn’t even tell people what they want to hear, for example. She is bitter, argumentative, & petty, and has a real chip on her shoulder along with a lot of arrogance. I think someone else summed it up well when they said she thought she was cast as the ‘hot blonde’, with the showmances. it seemed clear early on her mouth and foul attitude wasn’t likely going to make that happen. can’t be cast as a sweetheart the way she is.

Dallas: expected to be the goof who doesn’t get very far. Ends up being the guy who most people like, easy to get along with, and have a joke with. Consistent, which makes him reliable and a good ally.

Loveita: misunderstood, in fact is not doing 90% of the things she’s accused of doing, while the other 10% seems to involve her confirming that she is doing those things because she is just bad at communicating with people. seems oblivious to the fact that Joel needs his own HOH room back. On the other hand, Joel is encouraging her to stay because she is one of the few he can really dive into game talking with. Both of them love doing that, as does mitch, which is why they should be able to work together really well, however, joel is stuck in the middle since Mitch doesn’t really seem to be on board with Loveita. not her doing, his own doing, btw.

Jared, put in to be the hot guy, fan favourite, ends up being a petty, mean guy. Ends up not being the Emmett, but actually being the guy from the First Five alliance in BBCAN2, who thought Canada loved him, right up until the time Canada was HOH and put him on the block. canada don’t love you, Jared, you too focus on mean girl.

Tim: seems to be telling all the stories about BBAUS, because i think this BBCAN is emulating BBAUS, and he’s there to prep everyone for all the twists and turns of it. he’s also there, as we’ve seen week by week, to ensure things do not go as planned for the other houseguests expectations (i.e. the Christine/cassandra vote. he instigated the noms, he instigated the drama, he sent loveita in for airtime with Joel by telling her what was going on with the voting, and that now joel was going to be the real swing vote.

This Could Be Fun

which is why I am doing this

Maddy- hugely insecure, two-faced, hypocritical, fake, nasty, manipulative
Dallas- easygoing, insecure, partyboy, wannabe,
Kelsey- attractive, cliquish, gossipy, mean, emotional/takes things too personally
Cassandra- insecure, wannabe, cocky, gossipy, people pleaser
Rail- sensitive, funny, good friend, sassy
Nikki- loony, caring, extra sensitive, unstable, super emotional
Loveita- moral, crazy, hypercritical, emotional
Mitch- most intelligent in the house, calm, adaptable, trustable, under the radar
Phil- bully, condescending, rude, confused, attractive
Ramsey- loyal, to the point, under the radar
Joel- independent, poser, underrated
Tim- wannabe, spontaneous, wildcard, goofy, silly, unpredictable, entertainment
Nick- level-headed, not the sharpest tool in the shed, nice, good listener, girl crazy
Jared- thinking with the wrong head, nice, alpha, needs to blow his nose (jk), strong, adaptable

Straight facts

Joel: Not used to getting attention from the opposite sex (nor same sex) , will do his coming out sometme during the season .
Phil: Thinks he’s all that, but in reality he’s nothing more than a bully.
Nick: Trust too much on big bro and doesn’t realize they are not playing the same game . Would be better by himself
Kelsey: One of the pretty, mean girls from high school.Really likes to play the victim ….like really really like to .
Cassandra: Worst first impression of all the cast , somehow she seem to turn things around . I fear we’ll see her true self if somehow she gain some kind of power in the game .
Mitch: Most levelled headed guy , he secretly got a thing for Jared and it’s clearly showing , that will be his own undoing .
Ramsey: Typical muslim guy .
Maddy: She’s jealous that Kelsey got more attention than she does . She will only get worst once Kelsey is gone
Nikki: Bat shit crazy . Period .
Raul: bitter gay who think everything revolve around him and that everything his own to him because he’s gay . Glorified bully who will play the victim card whenever things are not going his way . horrible person .
Dallas: Genuine , doesn’t take BS kinda guy . Doesn’t have a filter and tell it like it is . that will bit him in the ass eventually .
Loveita: got portrayed as the bad girl who’s leading . Fact is she’s an horrible player who get alot more credit than she deserved (aka she’s not in control at all and when she get control , she’s not controlling anything) .
Jared: typical jock glorified bully .it’s is way or the highway he can do no wrong kinda guy . very mean person to anyone who doesn’t agree with him (and since he’s all that and some more in his “humble’ opinions , he’s always right ) .
Tim: wannabe celebrity that’S actually a wannabe celebrity . think he’s a genius mastermind . I’m sure he’s fun to be around at least .


I sense some biase in this comment lol


Maddy is so annoying. They really picked an irritating cast this year


Maddy has to be one of the biggest cast mistakes in Big Brother Canada history. I don’t want to watch her at all.


Tonight’s episode. I knew it was coming when Raul was conveniently in the bathroom crying. I said to myself, yup prepare yourself for the piano interlude. I thought i was prepared. Nope. Still did the eyeroll and sigh. At my most cynical i wonder, do they call them to the diary room to inform them where they’d like them to cry?


From the episode #2
Oh so that’s how it is. Now i see the edit. Joel never came up with the possible backdoor of Tim and didn’t discuss it with Loveita and Mitch before the nominations. Mitch thought it up.
And nobody is sketched by Tim at all yet. And no mention of offering Jared a no back door deal.
And now we have musical interlude number 2 with the Jared and Kelsey. Forgot about that one. Kelsey, you’re a flight attendant, did you bring any barf bags with you?
Okay. Now I see how they’re putting together the story they want from the feeds.

another name

Jared strikes me as the nice guy as long as he’s getting his way. When Jared isn’t getting his way, he drops the act and whines, tantrums, throws blame and argues. Don’t even get me started on the whole jealousy thing.
Did Mr. ‘hates fake people’ tell his cohorts that he threw away the veto?


Some time i want to turn on my closed captioning for a conversation between Nikki and Raul.
It’s like an entire furless bat conversation on both sides.
Please Big Brother Gods, let them throw a tantrum at each other. Just once? Please?


This is the worst season for alliances, haven’t these people ever watched a season of BB?