Tim “I don’t like self righteous people. You can’t go around saying you don’t play dirty & then play dirty”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 14th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-13 07-36-04-598

10:30am In the bedroom – Cassandra says the doctors told her she has a sprained ankle. Cassandra says that she went and talked to Loveita and asked who her target was. Loveita said she wasn’t going to say but said she was pretty clear in her speech. Cassandra says so your target is me. She says Loveita said yes. Tim says I just don’t like self righteous people. You can’t go around saying you don’t play dirty and then play dirty. Cassandra asks do you think I should be worried? Tim says she has it over Dallas. How is Dallas letting her rule her. Tim says we just need to keep you here and then put her in her place next week. I did a big poo in her toilet. Cassandra asks we can trust Raul? Tim says 100% Cassandra says I don’t want Jared or Kelsey going up because then my votes are gone. Tim says I want Jared to win it. Wouldn’t that be funny if it went back and forth. All I need are six votes. Kelsey and Jared said they could probably get the brothers to vote for me. Tim says If the brothers think Dallas has a plan to get rid of them, then it would be in their best interest to vote for you. She (Loveita) just likes having all the power. I don’t trust a word out of her mouth. I think she is a lot smarter than people give her credit for. Cassandra says I think she’s smart but she’s a batch! Tim says you can’t say that, that’s what got you in this position.

11am Tim and Nikki are talking. Tim says I don’t want to say any more game to Loveita. The only people I can trust right now is Joel, you and Mitch at this point. Loveita’s game isn’t to align its to use and switch to whoever she can use. Next week Kelsey and Cassandra will gun for Loveita hard next week. I think we just stay silent again this week.

HOH room – Loveita and Joel are talking. Loveita says I just can’t stand Kelsey. Her and Raul. Jared just goes with the which way the wind blows. Loveita says maybe he should use the veto and we backdoor a big player. There’s a huge backdoor setup here. Loveita says If I get out Cassandra, Christine has to work with us and not be a fake phoney.

11:40am HOH room – Loveita, Jared, Maddy, Nikki and Ramsey are chatting about school and other random things.

In the bathroom – Tim is talking to Mitch, Phil, Joel, Nick and Cassandra about the Australian season of Big Brother. Tim says that played big brother where he was fully in it. He didn’t play with one foot in and one foot out. I made it so I was big brother. I made sure I was involved in every story line.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-13 08-48-09-463

12pm In the bedroom – Kelsey is talking to Dallas with Christine and Cassandra in the room. Maddy comes in and immediately leaves. Kelsey says Maddy had the look of disgust on her face seeing her talk to Dallas and then left. Kelsey says I thought we were fine. Dallas says he’ll talk to her because he doesn’t want to be a part of that. Dallas, Cassandra and Kelsey leave the room. Jared talks to Christine about her accident in the challenge last night. She says she fell straight on her back. She says she thought they would stop it or a medic would come out but they didn’t. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jared says he thinks Loveita is completely by herself. Christine says yeah. She’s just toxic. Dallas joins them. He talks about how Loveita doesn’t care the girls are becoming extinct in the house. I had to calm her down a few times. I think the brothers are working with Joel and Loveita. Jared says I’m not going to talk to her about them any more. Jared says he was talking to Phil asking who he didn’t want to win. He says Phil won’t give any information and then said I guess I’m working with you, so them. Jared says we can go at each other all we want but lets make sure we get the brothers out first. Dallas agrees. Jared says they’re trying to play nice with everyone. I think we should definitely deal with this the next couple weeks when we get power.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-13 09-09-20-501

12:50pm HOH room – Mitch asks Loveita if she knows if he is going to use it or not? Loveita says she doesn’t know. She says that she’s just going to wait till everyone’s talked to him first. Mitch says I don’t know if he’s working with them or not. Loveita asks you haven’t told them about any of our conversations? Mitch says absolutely not. Loveita says there are enough floaters to get together and work together. Mitch asks are you afraid of that or want that to happen. Loveita says she wants it to happen. Mitch says if Jared won I think you would be fine. Mitch says that Jared is trying to keep Raul and Kelsey in check. I don’t think they have your best interest at heart. And they’re in the position with 3 people. Mitch tells Loveita to be prepared if Dallas does use it so you’re not put on the spot. Mitch says you and Joel I feel the most connected and honest with. I feel less connected to Jared, Raul and Kelsey will cut me when the time comes to it.

Tim says once the line is drawn do you think we’ll get our own room. Whoever kills the first b***h. Kelsey or Maddy. Cassandra says that Maddy is just so negative. Cassandra asks if I win HOH next week what if I do a Ramsey & Maddy and then backdoor Loveita. Tim says I love that. And don’t tell anyone. Don’t even tell me. Just be Cassandra slayer. I would rather someone from their side going. They’re too strong and with the brothers in the middle. They’re very crucial votes. Christine needs to go this week and then Dallas and Ramsey need to be broken up. Cassandra says I think the public likes me. Tim says yeah, oh yeah.

1:30pm HOH room – Joel asks Loveita who she wants to work with? Loveita says I want to work with Mitch but he doesn’t seem to want alliances. Do you think we should backdoor one of the… Joel asks powerhouses? Loveita says yeah. If I backdoor Kelsey then everyone will be happy because I got rid of one of the powerhouses. Loveita thinks the POV ceremony and movie premiere are tonight. They start to head down stairs. Joel says that big brother gave him some candles for his brother.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-13 10-40-38-189
1:40pm Jared asks Loveita if Dallas has talked about him using the veto. Loveita says she’s had a few converations but wants to wait to be the last conversation with him. Its his choice to use it. Phil asks who she would put up? Loveita says she doesn’t know and wouldn’t say. Loveita asks who would you put up? Phil says I know some people you are safe with. Me and Jared. I just heard some things in passing. I’m not going to name names that’s not what I do. Its someone you’ve had issues with before. Phil says if you think about it, it would seem obvious. I’m not going to name names. Jared says you kind of have to now. Phil says people from the pink room. Loveita says she already knew about that. Everyone leaves. Phil says she’s so f**King psychotic! She’s so f**ked up! (Loveita)

1:50pm HOH room – Loveita asks if Raul wins HOH would he put me up? Jared says no. He would put up Dallas and Maddy. Jared suggests that they all sit and talk (Loveita, Jared, Raul and Kelsey). Take the time where we can just hangout and have fun. Loveita says if you guys keep your word then you know you have my word. Ramsey joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-13 11-13-10-573

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Those who say what a great, sincere, genuine, loving, caring person they are constantly…generally turn out to be the exact opposite! =



as bruno often said last season…exaaaaaaaaaaactly

sunny dee

pov hasn’t been played yet and she goes right back to making the exact same mistake as before, and says you my target. unbelievable.

when she was on the block she wanted people to make deals, then why isn’t she putting others in a place where they can come to her to make a deal? if she took that angle with christine and cassandra, she’d be in a better position. instead she assumes that cassandra will be voted out and that will mean christine has no choice but to come to her and work with them.

i guess Tim really likes cassandra, if he is trying to flip nikki away from Loveita’s ideas. but even that is a mistake, people need to be in discussions with her and give her other ideas if they really want to show some support. watching after dark Loveita talking to Nikki, as she says, those guys all said yes, put up kelsey, yes we’ll vote her out, then completely flipped over to leave her in the house. basically lovelta needs two people on the block where she just doesn’t care which one leaves, forces the house to pick one, but telling them all which one she wants out is a sure way they will vote the other way, especially once she makes it clear if they keep cassandra, cassandra will be working to get loveita out, meaning her target will not be on them.

if she instead tells them after the veto, like jared did, that she doesn’t care which one goes out, or she strikes some deals with them both, then she may escape being targeted. but if she thought keeping the 3 off her back by this move meant she was going to be in a better spot at the end of the week, she is delusional. she just managed to turn more people against her in favour of some who probably won’t bat an eye to vote her out at any opportunity.

An ornery mouse

Has anyone actually laid eyes on the top of Loveita’s head yet? What’s the deal, bad weave or something?

That’s gotta be really stressful to be on a TV show in which you’re filmed 24/7 and feel like you’re going to have to hide the top of your head at all costs for the entirety of your stay…… potentially for months.

I’m a guy with short hair and know nothing of weaves/extensions. What were her options before entering the house? Could she have not just cut it short a la Halle Berry? Or had the bad extensions removed or something? Just seems unduly stressful to put yourself through that.

sunny dee

i agree, this is the last place someone should be getting weaves and extensions for. there is no way to keep them intact, and this is exactly what happens, the thing gets ratty and the wearer wears hats 100% of the time, which covers the head and hair and makes you wonder why they got them in the first place if it wasn’t to show the hair?>??

BBUS had the same thing with shelly, she used the tape in or clip ins all the time, which end up really making the person using them look dumb. victoria same thing, but her issue was she went way overboard, too many, too long. too much hair, and overly concerned about it because it isn’t real, and there is no way to replace it if it gets lost or damaged.

Tim is confusing, i don’t get why he’d be that upset with the current noms other than he seems to be bonding with cassandra and he knows cassandra is who loveita wanted out. he’s correct in thinking cassandra is on his side, but he lacks the ability to see that neither christine or cassandra are on loveita’s side. on the other hand, loveita seems to think the 3 are on her side, when she should have simply tried to prop up her support with just about anyone other than those 3, since as we all know they really are not. well, except for jared, i mean, he is making it clear and laying down the law, to keep loveita safe until jury. i don’t see anyone else doing anything like that, so really in the end, who made the smarter move? and i would have to say based on that, probably loveita is right

plus, no one on either side is going to miss christine enough to go after loveita, and very few will use cassandra going out as a reason to go after loveita. can’t say the same about taking out a Three or the brothers.


I don’t want the brothers to go home! If they do get evicted from the house, big brother should make all the house guests vote again between Nick and Phil so that only one of them goes home, not both.


Has Kelsey fallen for Dallas (they cuddle)…again? Ha Ha Haaaa


There most be some kind of twist with Loveita and her hats. I need to get better at paying attention to which hat she’s wearing when she has moments of clarity and which hat she’s wearing when she’s on her “woe is me” gripes about people bullying her, and what hat she’s wearing when she has absolutely gone Loveita loca.

Tim is the epitome of a wildcard. If I was in the house I’d be as confused by him as Mitch is. To his credit Tim is a phenomenal social player, and is so unpredictable that you have no idea where his loyalties really lie. I do get the feeling that he and Cassandra have a special bond, though whether it stops at platonic or crosses over into romantic is hard to tell. They seem to really understand the others humor, and just click in a way I didn’t expect them to. Despite him saying to some people he wants her gone this week, I actually think he does want her to stay.

Hopefully noms stay the same, and Cassandra stays. I can see Christine go, because just about everyone else in he house, minus Ramsey (which is good, people may forget about him like Mitch), are incredibly entertaining with their scrambling and in-fighting.

Caren in Canada

Ok so I was open minded about the international wildcard, and knew of three of the four noms! And I grew to like Tim and to love Nikki and then week three it all went downhill Paaaleeease Tim, do not talk about people playing self righteous when you are mastering the art right now! Last week he chose to side with Cass (if it is a showmance great ) but you aligned yourself with an evil batch! At fist I thought well maybe he is not seeing her as we are but come to see through the feeds not only do you know the real Cass, in certain ways you are a lot like her She makes fun of people and you add to it! Do not get me wrong I know this is how BB s played but do not get all righteous on the feeds when you are not I am sorry just venting lol We have a group who get together for every episode and it has gone from loving Tim, to get Tim out in all but one of us! And Cass please stop with the pity me play, you made your bed (or n he case floor) lie in it, you are a very nasty person!


whoa your last line is a little extreme – i have absolutely no issue with anything cass has done or said

but good to see the characters of the show getting some strong emotions from fans, it means at least some of the houseguests have been cast well

still trying to figure out why ramsay is there ha ha

Caren in Canada

I said it and I stand by it, you can bad mouth hgs without some of the vulgar comments her and Christine used the other day! You can get upset about being nominated yeah I get it but some things said this year are way beyond!


everyone is different, i dont see an issue, but everyone has different sensitivity to things

youre saying someone is “very nasty”, and from what ive seen and heard i cant agree

sabrina from bbcan2 or amanda from bbusa15 i think could be deemed as very nasty, but nobody on this cast is anywhere near very nasty, but thats just my opinion, and i would say dallas, christine, maddy would be the ones on this cast who cross the line at times

Caren in Canada

This is fine, if you believe *(check the feeds, nom day pink room, Christine and Cass calling another hgs the C word and breaking out in laughter) not beyond well then we are completely opposite people! I was raised to believe that words like that were NEVER acceptable! And I do happen to agree!


i dont regard swearing as very nasty

pushing someone down the stairs would be very nasty


christine said the c word, not cassandra


Loveitas’s not so bad, it was the 2 that she put up that treated her like crap, she had been respectful to them. I hope everything works out well for her. Cass is a snake, and made her own bed and Christine is a b!t@h.


Loveita is honestly awful at this game…


where is Nikki? She is almost never shown on live feed. It’s boring that they show 2 cams from the same room ans some rooms never shown.


I can’t handle Kelsey’s infantile conversation – like, like, like. Who says ‘full-blown surgeon?’ I can’t imagine her job interviews.

Imposter !

l o l funny!


*****DAWG ******
I didnt write that i love levita!
i wrote the imposter thing and this…why is it allowed for people to use other peoples nic names?
that potentially could do damage…now im sure the idiot will submit something else under my name..is there no way to control that?
and why would someone even want to do that?


k thanks…i wrote the 1st comment too but im thinking i may have been a little harsh…
she is trying so hard to not be a target…and its making her more of one!
She should have went after Kelsey i think.. as Kelsey plans to still get rid of her.

team tim

Tim what are you doing?? I am so confused….I feel like he is going to get himself evicted…he is all over the place….first tells loveita that he wants to work with her and then goes and tells cassandra and Nikki to not trust her. I am so confused as to what he is doing but it’s not looking good for him. I think he is the type of person who does not want to be stuck to an alliance and do what they r told…he wants to be solo and do whatever he wants and I don’t think he liked the convo he had with loveita now that he wants to get rid of her…I mean I don’t care what he does as long as he stays in the house till the end


Tim just confuses the people. When they will see it and come to understand he is not to be trusted, Tim will be out of the door.


Can someone fill me in – what comment did Cassandra make that pissed off Loveita?


I hope the noms stay the same and Christine goes home. Cassandra is way more entertaining. I don’t want Kelsey to go, I feel like it’s not her time yet.


for sure, without cass the feeds would be alot less entertaining

like or hate her, she is well cast in my opinion and i like watching her

sure there are better players but alot of those people are a little boring for me

loveitas holier than thou attitude

im the biggest hypocrite in the house

do as i say, not as i do


You love sarcasm.

phils inflated ego

“im playing a flawless game while you do nothing…if you combine dan, dr will together that is me x 1000…my game is so flawless that i tell joel that every single thing i do in the house is calculated, including where i sit…nobody would ever think to nom us as we are too well liked…so to make it fair on the others i made sure maddy hates me by not allowing you to hang out with her anymore…do something useful nick, go make me a sandwich, im done with this conversation”

nick, looking sheepish with head down reluctantly goes to make his bro a sandwich


History repeating itself? Seems to be what Cassandra wants when she tells Tim Loveita said she was the target. She didn’t. It’s just a lie so she can pull a Kelsey and get people to support her.