Phil “People said that you said I should go up” Cass “Me?! Should I get a house meeting?!!”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 14th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our alliance help guide.

1:55pm Bathroom – Phil and Cassandar are talking in the bathroom. Cassandra asks what more is there to talk about. If she’s HOH she wants everything to be LOVEITAS! Guess what that’s not how it goes. People don’t say where they’re standing, they’re a SUSS! Cassandra asks who are you voting for? Phil says I don’t know at this point. I’m worried about myself at this point. People are throwing my name out. Cassandra asks who? Phil says people said you. Cassandra says I didn’t say that?! Phil says people said that you said I should go up. Cassandra asks that it was me?! Should I get a house meeting right now!?! Phil says no. Cassandra leaves and heads to the bedroom.

2:10pm Havenot room – Mitch asks is it best to take out Cassandra and work with Loveita. Joel says the more I think about it Loveita’s nominations make sense because it keeps the two sides going at each other. Joel says that Kelsey and Jared are much more capable of winning. Mitch agrees they’re more well rounded. Joel says I’m not threatened by people like Ramsey. Mitch says that even Jared said that if one of them (Kelsey or Raul) goes it might be better for his game. I think he could come around. Its just the risk of them knowing we’re entertaining this and then it not happening. Joel asks do you think if Raul won HOH would be put me next to Loveita because people know we’re connected? Mitch says maybe. Joel says I think if it did happen, I think I would have the votes. Mitch says right now its Dallas and Loveita’s decision right now and we need to decide how much we try to influence it.

Phil tells Nick that he wants Dallas’s blood. At this point I seriously hope they do it! So we can make them scared of us. If we escape a backdoor we aren’t going up for weeks. I f**king hate Loveita. She’s a rat! She’s going to need to check into a psycho ward after this.Joel and Mitch talk about the possibility of there being a secret room. Mitch tells Joel that the rocks near the kitchen could hid a secret door. PHil talks to Tim and says if the veto is used and I go up I am going to make it so clear who I am going after. Phil asks would you vote Cassandra out over us? Tim says yeah.

3pm HOH room – Kelsey and Loveita are having a girl talk. Loveita says my huge reservation with Cassandra is her friendship with you. When she was campaigning for me last week and then she made that comments when I won. (“That b***h won again”) She also wanted me to win the veto and that she didn’t care if I used it to backdoor you. If she was truly your friend she wouldn’t say that. Kelsey says that Cassandra says whatever she thinks everyone wants to hear. Loveita says I don’t think that’s a friend. Kelsey brings up how Cass told Jared he needed to keep me in check. I’m my own person.

3:15pm Havenot room – Joel talks to Phil about his brother and tells him that he and Nick are always there for him if he needs to talk. Joel tells Phil that his relationship with Nick reminds him a lot of how close him and his brother were.

3:30pm Phil tells Joel that if Loveita does put me up I’m going to make a loud statement. I do like and trust Loveita but if I go up I’ll have no choice. Joel says I understand. Loveita joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-13 12-28-07-877

4pm Jared tells Kelsey that Phil asked to talk to him. He asked if Dallas talked to him. He said we should stick together.
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-13 13-12-03-090
4:10pm – 4:30pm In the kitchen – Nikki gets annoyed at Tim saying he’s been at her all day. Tim says I’m sorry I waved a pickle in your face. And stole a mushroom. Nikki says you’re always trying to get a reaction out of me and I’m tired of it. Tim says he’s sorry.

4:35pm Bedroom – Cassandra tells Tim that Loveita was worse the first week. Tim says so last week when she was all nice, that was fake. People have such a short memory. I don’t, I remember everything. Cassandra says she feels this Thursday will be a double eviction. I can just feel it. Phil says that Jared is a standup guy, just the way he handled every thing. Phil asks whos a lone ranger? Tim says I thought Loveita was but she’s in bed with Dallas. Cassandra says I’m at rock bottom. Tim says no not yet. Cassandra counts her votes and thinks she has enough. Tim says you’re right, you’re staying.

4:50pm Tim, Maddy, Cassandra and Phil. Tim asks if they think Phil and Nick will separate. Phil thinks he and Nick will be given the option to separate or not. It would be good tv. Maddy says they won’t give you the option.

5pm – 5:15pm Joel says today would have been my older brothers 35th birthday and passed away in October 2011 as an artist in New York. On his birthday my family and I like to have a drink and celebrate his birthday. Joel says that they’re all his family in a way. Joel says he got a lot of dates and was very popular. I was always jealous of how he was able to do that. We were always together growing up. He always encouraged me to go out and talk to people and not be antisocial. His name was Mathieu. I was going to light a candle and maybe we can all sing happy birthday. They all sing and then hang their heads in silence.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-13 14-02-17-746

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why does Phil keep calling Loveita psycho? its getting very annoying. I liked the brothers and I was cheering for them to win, but I cant stand Phil right now, like why was he threatening Loveita when she told him people wanted him up? she was just warning him who is enemies were and then he said she wouldn’t have the votes. He’s just getting frustrating to watch, he’s playing too hard right now.


I feel like if someone takes this information to Loveita…he might bury himself…Loveita is an emotional player, so who the hell knows…it’s not like she isn’t good at making enemies….


phils got a point

the majority thinks she is a bit crazy

Good Grief Eh

I don’t like how condescending Phil is to Nick. I think Nick would make it further than Phil if they were playing separately.


its funny at times but quite mean at other times

im surprised a guy of that age would allow himself to be treated like that on tv

i get theyre brothers but its pretty harsh from phil

White iverson

I miss Sharry
Does anyone else here miss Sharry?
Can we vote her back in to replace Nikki or Tim? They aren’t even Canadians


I’m just curious did has anyone been watching the side show? I really am liking Sarah on the show over Gary and i liked hearing from Godfrey this week. I want Peter Brown to leave the show though i can’t stand him, he’s annoying and his level of arrogance is irritating as hell, every word that comes out of that guy’s mouth is painful to hear.

sunny dee

i like the side show i think it was a great idea, and something they should do for BBUS tho i guess they put people on The Talk? it isn’t the same at all, i’m not watching the Talk ever, since it is boring and they deal with BB for about 2.5 minutes. while announcing it for 45 minutes

i much prefer Sarah on the show, i don’t even mind Peter there with her there. I think Gary had some good ideas and presentations, but the nervous laughter after each one detracted from it (like when they did the peter says, Gary says prerecorded stuff. which obviously sarah and peter should be doing the same thing, sarah has a better ‘show’ in other words that Gary does, his nervous self conscious endings to his rather funny quips is awkward to watch).

i really liked that Godfrey was on the last episode, it is always great to catch up with the top players. he said that he contacted the show when it was sharry/loveita on the block, to be there for sharry i think, tho maybe he’d have said that if it was loveita out of the house too.

anyways these shows are what has always been missing from the BBUS, including what happens after the winner is announced, i find that both series are really lame about that. annouce the winner, and then there is no post show interview with them? no, the side show really helps a lot with that, consider this kind of show, we watch feeds, or after dark there are 3 episodes a week, this is not something like any other reality or game show, we as viewers spend a lot of time and weeks with these people. then at the end a winner is announced, and …………….. that’s it. it has always fallen flat to me, wasted opportunities.


You can hate Peter Brown, but he is entertaining.


He’s a try-hard narcissist who always gives out crappy opinions. I don’t know about you, but i certainly don’t find that entertaining.


add to that he shout talks for no reason

and was not very good at the game, so should not be on a tv show giving expert analysis


Today’s feeds are somewhat surprising from what was going on last night. Not such a surprise that I’m wondering if I missed an entire day, but a really weird reaction.
Loveita asks Tim if he’s stirring the pot. They converse about an alliance. Next morning Tim is telling Nikki he won’t talk game to Loveita anymore, and he’s team Cassandra?
Loveita warns Phil that people are gathering against them. Next morning Phil is saying Loveita is phycho and doesn’t want to work with her.
Dallas makes a deal not to go after the brothers, says he won’t use the veto. Next morning it’s back to veto use.
It’s like they are all so stuck on maintaining the status quo that they can’t help themselves. What the heck did they eat for breakfast?


Tim is just screwing with everyone.


At the beginning of the Mitch and Joel game talk clip when Cass leaves Phil and Kelsey in the bathroom I honestly laughed out loud.
Kelsey is about to get into her ‘woe is me, I was the first person nominated and I live in fear’ sympathy speech. Phil gets up and starts to leave. Kelseys ‘I thought we were chatting,’ with Phil saying ‘It’s not important.’ was marvelous to me. Her reaction sigh made me start laughing. Sure, it’s poor social skill on Phil’s part, but somebody shutting down that whole speech that will go around in circles like a flushed toilet was great to see.


Agree with the above Anon comments regarding how messed up the house is today and I’d add in Maddy is about the most annoying person ever. I can’t wait for her to go on the block just to see how she deals with a little pressure. She gets saved by Love twice and yet is ready to put her up and out the door, ditto with her cuddle buddy Nick. That girl is the most narcissistic to ever be on the show.

I wanted to like Christine (since she’s the elder female), but her constant foul mouth and calling Love a C you next Tues is disgusting. Nice example she’s setting for her children. Christine says she can’t stand how Love played but as soon as she thought Dallas wouldn’t use the POV she was saying her BFF was faking the sprained ankle.

As for Phil and Tim both turning on Love I think it’s the fact that Joel/Mitch haven’t solidified their deals with Love or the middling group i.e with Nikki, Tim and the Bros. Until they do unfortunately Love seems to be paying the price. In the absence of something solid to form to they are all blindly wanting to align and follow Jared. Both Dallas and Phil seem enamored with Jared and yet they are the 2 he most likely wants out first. Where is your logic boys? Perhaps we’ll luck out with Jared winning HOH this coming week and putting them up (Dallas/Bros) then maybe both will realize Love was telling them the truth the whole time!

It’s unfortunate, but the fact is as well as Love reads the players true intentions, she has zero ability to gauge how she is perceived. She can’t back away to think of how she is speaking or her constant need for reassurance coming across as her being sketchy . What she should do is pull the trio in a room & say I honored everything I said I would yet you two still can’t look me in the eye, so that’s why I keep asking you if you can be trusted.

Her greatest issue is convincing people she is loyal/trustworthy and can relax into a group. I think it’s b/c of what happened in week 1 and 2 and until they each end up on the block they won’t understand. Only Mitch seems to understand her and doesn’t take things personally. What Love (and any hamster for that matter) never seem to remember to say is “I can tell you until I’m blue in the face what I will do and who I am, but my actions will prove my intent” That is a viable argument she hasn’t utilized enough and it doesn’t have to be rubbed in by saying “I saved you” when all it would take is saying “my actions are payments of my words being reliable and trustworthy.”.

I wonder if Dallas used the POV if Love would put up Raul or Kelsey …. she says Raul. OR would she stick to her word and then put up Tim as a pawn to ensure Cass left?

Something tells me there will be a push to keep Cass but that she will lose it and end up ticking off too many people as her double dealing becomes common knowledge. I was laughing at her telling Phil she’d call a house meeting as it would have exposed her for all the side dealings she has. Wait until Christine starts telling people what Cass is about…if noms stay the same I’m not sure Cass isn’t gone.

Oh and how many times in this very short season have we heard a hamster say how well they are playing/and/or safe they are only to immediately be in danger the very next day (Sharry, Cass/Christine, Phil/Bros) SMH!

Tim/Nikki are great and I really like Mitch and Joel but I have to say, so far this season has more annoying hamsters on it (READ: hard to find endearing qualities of) than all 3 previous seasons combined.


loveita trying to force girl talk with kelsey is cringeworthy

she actually thinks she can force kelsey to be her friend the rest of the game just because she won a comp

loveitas relentless pursuit to go after cass is really odd, trying to say anything she can to try turn people against her


I agree that Loveita and Kelsey should just not be left to converse alone. Their body language to each other is just too cringeworthy.
Loveita is trying too hard to break up the Cass and Kelsey bond, but, she didn’t lie. Cass did say all of those things to Loveita in front of Joel.


i wouldnt be trusting anything loveita says in there wether its true or not, especially someone that put me on the block…while cass may have said that to gain some trust with loveita, its quite clear people say that type of thing all the time, it doesnt mean cass would actually want kelsey on the block this early

also loveita claims to be very sincere and genuine but she is sitting there with kelsey in a very forced awkward convo that seems unnatural, she must be able to feel that kelsey dislikes and distrusts her, its almost like she is saying to kelsey i didnt put you guys up so you have to talk to me now and be my best friend, its hilarious


mitch and joel even considering keeping christine is strange as they would give dallas crew a number as well as lose cass and the trust of third wheel

that would be dumb at this stage

tim should convince nikki, brothers to keep cass