Power of Veto Competition Results! “Girls are becoming extinct in this house”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 14th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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4:15pm – Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the power of veto competition to take place. The POV players are: Loveita, Cassandra, Christine, Dallas, Ramsey, Jared. The host of the competition is Tim.

Power Of Veto WINNER: Dallas

11:30pm Feeds back Dallas wins the Power of Veto

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-12 20-31-40-029

11:33pm Bathroom Dallas, JAred and Kelsey

Sounds like they want to try and get a brother put up.
Dallas – “Girls are becoming extinct in this house”

BBCAN42016-03-12 20-30-48-945

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-12 20-51-17-194

11:40pm Maddy, Loveita and Dallas
Dallas asks her if she’ll be happy if he “Shakes it up a bit”
Loveita says no cause it’ll put blood on her hands but ultimately it’s up to him she won’t tell him what to do.
Dallas tells her not to worry he’s run it through the house and she will have back from both sides. It’s unanimous.
Dallas – Girls are becoming extinct in this house
Loceita – OK
Dallas – cool breezes baby

Loveita leaves.
Maddy asks him if he’s brought up the Brothers yet. He says no he’ll do it in private. They agree the brother know. Maddy says she’s excited.

Sounds like they are going to use the Veto on Christine to pull her in.
Dallas – we did give out word to Chrsitine
Maddy – we did

bandicam 2016-03-12 20-52-23-196

11:51pm CAm 1-2 Joel and Loveita

bandicam 2016-03-12 22-17-36-195

12:00am CAM 1-2 Loveita and Tim

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-12 22-00-18-949

1:33am Joel and Cassandra in the Have Nots

2:00am Dallas and Loveita

2:39am Phil and Loveita

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-12 23-42-04-231

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-12 23-43-04-423

2:43am Joel and Cassandra

3:00am Have nots CAssandra and Joel

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I’d hate to see the brothers go this week. They’re some of the more interesting HG. Hopefully Mitch and Joel can push Loveita to nominate someone else to go up if Cassandra (or Christine) comes off the block. There’s Maddy, Ramsey, Kelsey (which I kind of doubt), Nikki (who definitely wouldn’t go home against anyone right now), and Tim. I don’t see Jared or Raul going up as replacements, but hey you never know in BB. Tim would be an interesting replacement because Loveita, Mitch, and Joel seem to be the only three people really one to Tim’s gameplay of divide and conquer. Loveita tried explaining this to Nikki, but I’m not sure if she got it. I don’t know if the votes would be there to successfully BD Tim at this time.

And as if Dallas cares that women have left back to back.

tims glaring white chicklets

Put up Raul please.


Let’s be honest though lol. The chances of Raul being evicted pre-jury are slim to none. He’s not a threat to anyone in this game, and the only people who have seriously talked about even putting him up and getting him out are Tim and Nikki.

Oh course anything could happen, but I have a hard time picturing people taking out Raul before Jared or Kelsey.


He is in for a big shock Love just said to Mitch that she would never backdoor the brothers and it doesn’t leave much options she won’t put up Jared,Kelsey,Raul,Mitch or Joel and she can’t put up Dallas and I doubt she would put up Niki so that leaves Tim,Ramsey or Maddie


Maddy is ‘excited’ to see Nick/Phil go up, like all the time she spent with Nick never even happened. Wow, she is such a bitch.


I’m not sure what she meant by that. maybe they are trying to get rid of Cassandra? I dunno I always thought her and Nick were really close so i’m surprised as well.


yesterday or day before she did say she wanted brothers out! i was surprised too!


I think Nick actually was a little too transparent about Phil being upset by their togetherness, he may have actually told her Phil thought they were too close a couple of days ago.
Phil was a little too obvious that he didn’t seem to like her to her face when he walked in the pink bed room and gave them dirty looks and snotty talk when they were on the bed. Add to that, in her ear she has Dallas saying they’re snakes don’t trust them.


I think it would be hilarious if Dallas did take Cassandra or Christine off the block and then Maddy went up as the replacement nominee. Maddy would literally explode, and Dallas would be even more dumbfounded than he normally has been throughout this game.

I seriously can not understand why Jared so easily tries eat the s**t Dallas is tries to feed him. Is it because Dallas has no chance of hooking up with Kelsey while Phil might lol?

sunny dee

i assume dallas is just setting the stage with his comment, so he can then introduce the idea of putting the brothers up. I just don’t see her doing it, since she doesn’t know what they talk like when she isn’t around. i imagine if she still wanted cassandra gone it wouldnt’ be that big a deal if christine is taken down. in any event, i somehow doubt he will use it since he doesn’t have a clear idea of who she is going to use as a replacement. if he thinks it will be one of the three or the brothers, he’s going to be surprised. if loveita had more sense, she would know who to put up as a pawn who will not go home against cassandra, but i doubt if she knows who that would be or who should be risked.

i suppose the best way to ensure 2 votes to evict cassandra would be to put up kelsey. i imagine that the brothers would not vote her out, joel will, dallas will, maddy will, tim would, nikki might do what tim does, and ramsey will basically everyone will do the opposite of what she wants. even tho the saved the same person in week one lol


This is THE perfect time to put Jared up….everyone knows he’s running the house and he’s got maybe two people who will vote to keep him for sure? Thoughts?


SO he’s gonna use it on Christine. If Loveita wants to claim people’s respect again she would backdoor one of the trio. Her kissing up to them is starting to make me not care of her. If this backfires its well deserved.


SMH if Loveita doesn’t reconsider putting up the trio… hunny you can goooooooo.


Also she’s literally digging her own grave by pissing off multiple people who trusted her, even if she was using them as a pawn, pawns are never guaranteed safety. I hope this backfires on her.

The Holy Veto

Lol Dallas you don’t care about the girls going up. Ol’ fake ass.


every player, especially females in there should be considering that for nominations and votes they are 3 weeks in and not one guy has seen the block out of the 6 nominations, its never happened until now in 20 north american seasons

the likes of dallas and the remaining girls need good male players out next few thursdays


Watching Mitch/Loveita talk in the kitchen, Mitch wants Tim gone, Mitch knows he can manipulate Loveita, Tim will go up as the replacement nom! I dont want Tim up!! I love him, he’s pure entertainment! But the bedroom convo between Tim and Loveita was good. I really don’t want him to go up. If the brothers do go up, I really hope people make it clear that it was Phil’s fault they’re up and not Nick’s because otherwise Phil will go fucking off at Nick for no reason and it will be hard to watch because Nick is legit the sweetest guy and never says anything back.


I agree about Nick being super sweet. It’s sad how Phil treats him. You can tell that he is less confident when Phil is around and during their conversations. I hope that they get to play their own games eventually and that Nick makes it far.


With the way Loveita’s mind works, if Dallas takes down Christine, I think she’d put up Tim.
As a pawn to guarantee Cass goes home, or as a target because he’s been stirring the pot.
It’s a prediction. Not what I hope happens. But given loca-logic…


I don’t think production would let Tim go this early.


Exactly. But imagine the commercials and publicity if he’s put on the block?
“Will Wildcard Aussie Tim be able to charm his way off the block? Or will Princess Cassandra be able to charm the kingdom? Find out on this week’s Big Brother Canada on Global.”
I can almost hear the promo-guys voice.
No, I don’t think they’d let him go home yet. But they might allow the drama of putting him on the block to be saved before the usual week four stir up (instant eviction last year, Canada’s hoh the year before).


if tim is up next to anyone they would be incredibly stupid not to vote him out


If I was Mitch I would be soooo pissed at Loveita right now. They just had a conversation this morning about Tim stirring the pot, throwing her under the bus to people, and taking what Tim says with a grain of salt, and she went and told Tim she is working with Joel and Mitch. Who does that?! Oh my gosh! You have to be kidding me!

I’d say kuddos to Tim, but Loveita is really just not a good logical thinker some of the time.

In the words of Nikki: “Who is she?!”


loveita is not a good player, as soon as she is not hoh her “alliance” will be nowhere to be seen

almost everyone she talks to, it seems fake and forced, making most of the house uncomfortable


i dont think producers will want to lose the love v cass drama, its great tv

with quite alot of boring players i think cass is awesome on feeds and i dont want to see her leave this early, the boring people like christine and ramsay etc need to go quick and i would like to see cass at least make jury, being the only female with any strategic and social game

dallas should be worried about female numbers decreasing as his chances decrease going against a bunch of much fitter, stronger, and more intelligent dudes, he needs females in the house

if dallas uses veto, perhaps maddy goes home

if noms stay the same, christine goes home

listen for and watch loveitas nervousness any time she looks at, talks to, or talks about cass – at this point loveita is so fueled by jealousy of cass that she is obsessed and she is derailing her own game in her attempt to get her out…loveita is jealous of cass social game, her friendships with third wheel alliance and particularly the kelsey and cass friendship, and also the cass friendship with joel and tim

loveita thinks third wheel alliance will continue to work with her but she doesnt see that they are uncomfortable in her presence, and joel doesnt want people associating him with loveita and mitch would jump ship from loveita in a second, she is in an alliance with herself and has tried to bully others into her supposed alliance for the week but she will soon be gone – she is not well liked, has poor strategy and bad social game

mitch should really be trying to get a male backdoored or if it stays the same it should be clear most of the house should keep cass, because christine is a number for dallas crew

i like that joel is giving cass some good info, straight from loveita right to cass


Why wouldn’t she want to pull Tim in the fold? Pretend to at least. The point of this HoH was to build relationships and reduce the likelihood (as much as she can) of her being a huge target next week. I think she’s done a good of that. Brothers will at least pretend to trust her. She could always tell them about the people gunning for them this week if things get dicey.Jared won’t put her up bc he’ll look bad/sneaky which will give everyone the OK to go after him openly (they seem scared to atm; no matter what all these people pushing Love to put the third wheelers up,so she gets all the blood, keep saying. I don’t see most doing it either, especially during the earlier evictions). Let’s be real everyone just wanted Love it to take the fall. Christine says Loveita made a spineless move. The person who’s use of the veto hinged on flipping a coin and who is openly hostile towards her. Cassandra is angry bc her plan to use and control Loveita backfired. She never gave a crap about Loveita so this whole uproar (from fans especially ) and fake shock is really grating. Cassandra is not as good of an actress and should have tried to fade into the background after trying to help Loveita last week.That’s on her. Sorry but I wouldn’t want to keep someone either who went from trying to help me to calling me a dumb b*tch when at that moment she should have been one of the safest in the house. She’s just extremely manipulative (which is fine its a game) but it caught up to her earlier than expected. Loveita’s relationship with Maddy, Ramsey, Dallas might be the same but Maddy/Dallas already proved it would be risky clearly aligning with the way Maddy stired the pot (while she was on the block no less?!that one still confused me) and the way Dallas tried to throw his “people” to the wolves last week. She was at the bottom of that and knew it. Either way Maddy/Ramsey/ Dallas now have to go after Kel/Raul/Jared on their own. The brothers might be in trouble next week but if everyone was smart they’d just let those 2 groups go after each other and enjoy the show. Oh, and I just wanted to say that maybe shes a nicer person outside of this but Christine sucks! lol that’s it


With the amount of time the feeds are off, it seems to make more sense to come here and get the vids offered. Better than wasting my time (and bandwidth) on a site that rarely produces. Feeds have always added another dimension for those that watch. This seems lacking this year. It’s ridiculous imho.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am having a harder time this year getting invested in these people. I seem to be missing so much – there seems to be almost a deliberate attempt to disrupt the continuity. Maybe I am just imagining it. I still don’t have a hard and fast fave – but am leaning toward Joel and Mitch.


Is it my imagination or are you guys not posting as often on what’s happening? I’m used to coming here so I don’t have to watch the live feeds so much, but several times already I’ve had to go to the live feeds b/c BBU doesn’t have any updates. Ditto for jokers. Are you not updating as often this season?


I can’t speak for S & D but I personally would get really tired of watching aa black screen for hours on ends – or feeds broken up so much, you can’t follow a complete thought (strategy)